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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 24, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the driver of this suv didn't stop in time. the car hit a mother pushing a stroller. the stroller was then sent 40 feet down the road. fortunately both mom and son will recover. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. that driver stopped and no one was killed but it's the type of accident that's become a growing problem in many communities. today's collision took place in petaluma at 4th and d streets. the victims were in a marked crosswalk. new at 10:00 tonight, ktvu's debora villalon is live in petaluma where the toddler's stroller likely saved him from more serious injury. >> yeah, julie, because the little boy was strapped in, not just seated. so when the stroller was hit and went flying, he stayed in it. >> a mother fell to the ground right here. that's where the vehicle stopped. >> reporter: a walk home from the park might have ended tragically for a 33-year-old mom and her toddler. hit a few steps in to this
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crosswalk. >> stroller ended up stopping down there where the exit is. >> reporter: the stroller flew at least 40 feet. the mother knocked down and knocked unconscious. she awoke to see strangers tending to her son. >> he was locked in which was good. >> reporter: people ran from the restaurant across the street. >> this child was about 18 months. not able to tell you what hurts, where it hurts type of things. it's nerve-wracking. >> reporter: 57-year-old linda jacobson of petaluma was driving the hyundai santa fe. she told officers she didn't see the two as she turned. she couldn't explain it. she was distraught afterward. >> she was very emotional, upset. i don't think she'll forget this. we investigate a lot of collisions where people for whatever reason don't see pedestrians. >> reporter: one street over on petaluma's main boulevard, some crosswalks are equipped with flashing lights, alerting drivers someone is stepping out. the city of 60,000 is more congested than ever, especially as drivers take surface streets to avoid a backed up 101 freeway. >> last year we had three fatal
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collisions involving pedestrians. >> reporter: police are stepping up enforcement. already this year they've seen 18 collisions injuring pedestrians. that's one more than all of last year and seven more than in 2015. the driver making the left today didn't use her blinker so the mom assumed she was going straight. >> i always make eye contact with the person that seems to be in conflict with me to make sure they know i'm there and they see me. >> a lot more cars. a lot more people. a lot more problems. >> reporter: those who walk downtown explain close calls. >> if he wouldn't have pulled me back, i probably would have got hit. he was watching more than me. >> we do have a lot of pedestrian traffic here. >> reporter: traffic engineers may examine whether this system needs a warning system. but the best life saving strategy, paying attention. >> any time you're hit by a car and able to walk away from it,
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you're extremely lucky. >> no ticket for the driver, at least not yet, although she could be cited at the conclusion of the investigation. the mom and baby were treated and released from the hospital. some scrapes and bumps and bruises but fortunately not anything worse. >> so lucky. since the pedestrian has the right of way, isn't it an automatic violation? >> it is a pretty clear violation because they were in the crosswalk and it's the driver's responsibility to see you and to yield but there's no rush to write that citation, police say, because she wasn't reckless. she wasn't speeding. she wasn't impaired or distracted, wasn't on her phone, nothing like that. they can come around to that later. she was clearly very remorseful. >> debora villalon reporting live tonight in petaluma. thank you. the chp is looking for a driver who opened fire on another driver saturday night an interstate 680 in concord. ktvu's rob malcolm tells us the victim says the bullet missed him by inches. >> there's no question he was
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trying to take my life, looking at the way gunshot hit in the car, he was aiming at me and he was aiming inside the vehicle. >> reporter: joe c didn't want to reveal his last name but shared this video of the shattered glass on the back seat of his toyota prius after he was shot at while driving on 680 north near the 242 split saturday night just after 9 p.m. >> i look in my rearview mirror and i see a guy driving absolutely erratically, swerving through traffic. he pulls up alongside of me, cuts me off, and slams on his brakes to the point where i actually had to skid to a stop. >> reporter: joe then tries to follow the driver. >> he actually pulls over to the right shoulder. i rolled down my window and i said you almost hit me. what's wrong, man? >> reporter: then the unthinkable happens. >> i turn to look back at traffic and it literally a split second later, bang. glass shatters. and i know i'm being shot at. >> reporter: the suspect sped
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off using the shoulder and the chp is now trying to track him down. >> the only identifying information we have is from the victim himself which identifies a white mercedes-benz cla250 with paper plates. a newer cla250 with paper plates, with a white male adult. this is what the victim is saying. about late 20s to early 30s with short dirty brown hair. >> reporter: there have been dozens of shootings along bay area freeways, leaving dozens injured and eight killed. the majority have been in contra costa county. recognizing a problem, the state funded a network of cameras along highway 4 in pittsburg, a hot spot for violence. >> the freeway cameras in pittsburg have been terrific actually. >> reporter: officer correa advises drivers call 911 but make a quick assessment, knowing your surroundings, and leave the rest to police. >> maybe it was provoked by the actions of each driver but it's a problem if one happens.
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so when one happens, we have to make a point to get throughout and prevent this and stop this kind of thing from happening. >> joe says his training as a 911 dispatcher helped him give police a detailed description but as you heard from chp, that suspect vehicle had paper dealer plates and because of that, they have little to go on and that's why they're relying on witnesses. in martinez, rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 10:00 tonight, an 86-year-old store owner who was armed with a bamboo stick fights off an attacker who was holding a knife in san francisco's chinatown. the store owner says the man came in to his business on grant avenue at about 4:00 yesterday afternoon and began to create a disturbance. when the owner asked him to leave, the intruder began hitting him on the head. he noticed the attacker was holding a knife so the owner grabbed a bamboo stick and began hitting the man until he dropped the knife and ran from the store. >> the report indicates a small crowd was gathering at the store, perhaps on the sidewalk
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or out in front of the store. 911 was called. officers responded. additional officers were searching the neighborhood, looking for the suspect. >> 49-year-old thomas baker of san francisco was located a few blocks away. he was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, elder abuse, and violating probation. the store owner suffered a head injury in that attack but refused medical treatment. arizona senator john mccain surprised his colleagues tonight by announcing he plans to return to capitol hill tomorrow in time to vote on a republican backed healthcare bill. senator mccain sent out a tweet after 6:00 tonight. it said look forward to returning to senate tomorrow to continue work on healthcare reform, defense bill, and russia sanctions. senator mccain was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer just days ago. his return to washington comes on the same day that the senate is expected to vote on whether to begin the process of repealing obamacare. senator mccain's vote could be crucial but it does not
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guarantee passage of that gop bill. fox news reporter joel waldman is in washington, d.c. tonight where the president is pressuring republicans to tow the party line. good evening, joel. >> good evening to you, frank. with that critical vote coming tomorrow, president trump is calling on republicans to get results, but he's also trying to sway the conversation away from that ever present russia controversy. >> there's been enough talk and no action. now is the time for action. >> reporter: the president telling republicans to get onboard with repealing and replacing obamacare, even joking with health and human services secretary tom price that his job is on the line. >> by the way, you're going to get the votes? he better get them. he better get them. otherwise i'll say tom, you're fired. >> reporter: vice president mike pence heading to capitol hill for more talks ahead of tuesday's procedural vote. >> the only way we'll have an opportunity to consider ideas is
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if senators are offered to debate them. >> reporter: president trump's son-in-law jared kushner meeting with investigators in closed meetings monday about his contact with russians during the campaign. >> the record and documents i've voluntarily provided will show that all of my actions were proper and occurred in the normal course of events of a very unique campaign. >> reporter: kushner also releasing an 11-page statement detailing the campaign meetings. democrats calling for him to lose security clearance while analysts say he's playing it smart. >> very smart to get that statement out and now he's challenging those who may have questions about what he said. he challenging them to come up with some reason to show he wasn't telling the truth. >> jared kushner is not finished with those meetings yet. tomorrow he'll be back on the hill meeting with the house intelligence committee. that's behind a closed door. meanwhile, as you mentioned, senator john mccain says he's going to be back in washington
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to vote on that healthcare measure, but as we talked about earlier in the day, some lawmakers say they don't even know what they're voting for. >> joe waldman in washington tonight. thank you. president trump is reportedly considering the possibility of replacing attorney general jeff sessions. the washington post is reporting that the president and his advisors are looking at who would replace sessions if he's fired or if he resigns. the post says the move could be part of a strategy to fire special council robert mueller who's in charge of the russia investigation. earlier tonight university of san francisco professor james taylor told us he thinks sessions' days in the administration are numbers. >> if he has any dignity, he'll resign and that will be his last power move and he'd have the last say. i don't think he has a future in this administration. >> today the president once again seemed to criticize sessions on twitter, referring to him as our beleaguered attorney general. tonight at 10:30, a special
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screening of al gore's sequel to his first documentary on climate change. and ktvu's paul chambers spoke with the former vice president beforehand. what gore says has changed over the past 10 years since his first film. >> we've got the forecast, definitely cooled off today and it's going to stay that way for a little bit. i'll have the details. >> also ahead, dozens of people stuffed in to the back of a sweltering big rig. new information about the driver and how he defended himself in court today. >> and instagram tonight is responding to a viral video of a suspected deadly dui crash. coming up, the concerns being raised tonight over violence live streamed on social media.
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continuing coverage tonight of a video that's gone viral for all the wrong reasons. an 18-year-old woman suspected of driving under the influence arrested after a car crash that killed her 14-year-old sister near los banos. most of the incident live streamed on instagram. azenith smith is in downtown palo alto tonight. the video is raising serious questions about social media tonight. >> i spoke to a tech expert who says the video is raising security and ethical concerns. i also spoke to a mother who now limits her family's use of social media given all the violence. >> reporter: it's video that has people around the country talking. 18-year-old abdullah sanchez from the central valley is the driver.
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in the video sanchez is seen smiling and throwing up signs, focused on her phone and live instagram video. moments later the car has crashed and she's standing next to her 14-year-old sister's body. >> [ bleep ] >> reporter: madelyn hill harper saw the instagram video in its entirety. >> the saddest thing ever. my concern is that there needs to be some type of restrictions in regards to snapping and live shows. i think that was very disrespectful toward her family and it should have never aired. >> reporter: it's the latest in a troubling trend where tragedies are captured, at times live. last week five teens in florida recorded a drowning man but didn't try to help. back in april, a cleveland man broadcasted a killing of an elderly man on facebook live. >> nobody thinks about the negative consequences when they create these tools. they're thinking about all the fun positive things but increasingly as these tools are being brought out in to the world i think people have to think through what are the worst case scenarios? >> tech expert bob o'donnell says moving forward, tech companies will likely address
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this growing problem with realtime monitoring, using artificial intelligence based tools. cutting off feeds in advance. >> companies are spending a lot of time, a lot of money. they're putting a lot of people on it. they're trying to apply some technologies to these issues but they really aren't easy things to solve. >> reporter: she also saw the instagram video. she doesn't blame the technology. >> i think it's not instagram. i think it has to do with more education. parents have to be more involved with their kid's life. i don't think we should blame the media. >> reporter: instagram provided a statement that said in part, we're deeply saddened by this tragedy. we urge people to use our reporting tools if they see any content or behavior that puts anyone's safety at risk. we want to interrupt those streams as quickly as possible when they're reported to us. >> and instagram went on to say that live video is a new and growing format and they will continue to make improvements in the next coming months. it also removed the original
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video because of its graphic nature and it will also remove any additional up loads. >> azenith smith in palo alto tonight. thank you. a new report appears to uphold the long held belief of an oakland mother that her daughter is not brain dead. jahi mcmath has been on life support for the last three years after she experienced complications during throat surgery at children's hospital in oakland. at the time doctors declared the 13-year-old brain dead. now a retired neurologist at ucla has submitted a report to the superior court of alameda county. he claims the teen no longer appears to fit the criteria of brain death because she's shown the ability to respond to commands to move her hands and feet. in his report, the doctor who examined 49 videos of the girl, said, quote, jahi mcmath is a living, severely disabled young lady, who currently fulfills neither the standard diagnostic
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guidelines for brain death, norcal's statutory definition of death. the girl's family is suing. the judge is expected to rule in the next few months whether the suit can go forward. a man from florida is facing the possibility of life in princess after investigators charged him with smuggling nearly 100 people across the mexican border in the back of a boiling hot big rig. 10 of those people have died and the death toll could go even higher. >> these people were in that trailer without any signs of any type of water. >> reporter: as outside temperatures soared above triple digits, witnesses say up to 100 illegal immigrants were crammed in the back of this semi, riding from lorado to houston. court documents say the victims struggled to get fresh air from a single hole in the trailer's wall because they were locked in with no air conditioning. >> this happens quite
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frequently. fortunately we came across this one. >> reporter: authorities made the discovery in the san antonio walmart's parking lot after an employee noticed people in distress and searching for water. when the police arrived, eight victims were already dead. two more died at the hospital. more than 20 were transported, in critical condition. >> i pray, i just want them to know we cared about them. >> reporter: while the community gathered to hold prayer vigils for the victims and their family members, federal law enforcement and immigration officials interviewed this man. prosecutors now believe 60-year-old james matthew bradley, jr. of clearwater, florida was behind the wheel of that semi. today he made his first court appearance before a federal judge. bradley claims he did not know he was transporting human cargo. >> this is not by happenstance. this is organized. that's why we have to shut down that safe haven for people to come here illegally. >> reporter: the lieutenant governor of texas wasting no time to bring politics in to the
10:19 pm
discussion, saying this is why sanctuary cities like san antonio need to be shut down. acting i.c.e. director thomas holman released this statement, which reads in part, by any standard, the horrific crime uncovered ranks as a stark reminder of why human smuggling networks must be pursued, caught, and punished. police tracked down the owner of the truck who claims he sold it to a man in mexico a few months back. he says bradley was supposed to be dropping it off this weekend. in dallas, fox news. a little drop in temperatures today. 5 to 10 to 15 degrees, even a little more than that. the weekend was hot. temperatures have trended down today. tomorrow about the same and then wednesday not much difference. just a little bit warmer. we get this nice little break in here from bad air quality, high fire danger and extreme heat. we're going to kind of cool off.
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not only does it help us out, it helps out the big fire up in the foothills because cool moist air is moving in to the sacramento area. just in the low 90s. so what you can't see here is the fog overhead. the marine layer is very, very deep. this system here has stretched it out so we're getting this massive push of cool moist air that will set us up tomorrow in the bay area with basically what we had today. almost same thing, maybe a little bit warmer and in the inland valleys, they'll have that opportunity to cool. right now it's 10 degrees cooler in concord. that's because of that big marine air push. san francisco tomorrow morning. there's lots of fog when you get going. by lunchtime it's partly sunny. patchy fog. 62. then 65 degrees and mostly sunny by the end of the day in san francisco. so just like today, but things do change. starts to warm up toward the end of the week. we'll put that together when i see you next. coming up at 10:30, vice president al gore in town talking about his new film. >> the climate related extreme
10:21 pm
weather events have become far more common and unfortunately far more destructive. >> a special screening in san francisco tonight attracts a sold-out audience. >> the giants are hoping to turn things around the pirates in town. mark has late night action from at&t coming up later in sports. >> a terminal here at sfo may be getting a new name soon. find out who it may honor and why.
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more than 500 cafeteria workers at facebook have joined a union and pushing for higher pay. they're the latest group of service workers in silicon valley to unionize, following workers at twitter and yahoo. they say they're struggling to make ends meet, dealing with the high cost of living here in the bay area. >> all these folks are struggling to survive here. this path forward of unionizing and being able to provide for their families is one way they're able to inch forward
10:24 pm
toward the middle class. >> the cafeteria workers say they hope to follow the lead of shuttle bus drivers at facebook who recently unionized and won a higher wage. new at 10:00, san francisco city leaders will hear a proposal tomorrow to rename a terminal at san francisco international airport after harvey milk. ktvu's amber lee is at sfo. this comes after opposition a few years ago to naming the entire airport after harvey milk. >> that's right. we're at terminal 1 and this would be the terminal that would be named after harvey milk if this measure passes and there's hope and confidence that this time around harvey milk will be honored here at sfo. >> reporter: harvey milk's presence is present in the neighborhood he represented as san francisco's supervisor. there's an elementary school named after him. his image is painted on the building where he ran his old camera shop. he also lived above the business. >> harvey milk was the first
10:25 pm
elected lgbt person in san francisco, in california. and this year makes 20 years since his election. >> why shouldn't san francisco be that city? >> reporter: four years ago there was a push to name all of san francisco international airport after milk, led by then supervisor david campos. but there was opposition from some who named the airport after others and an advisory committee scaled down the effort and instead named a terminal after milk. >> we're done waiting. we want this to happen. the reason we want this to happen is it symbolically is going to make a big difference. >> reporter: supervisor hillary ronin plans to introduce the legislation tuesday. she says terminal 1 at the airport is an ideal place to honor milk. >> it is a way to give people who are shunned by society and other cities and towns in this country hope that they are welcome here and that they are welcome to be who they are.
10:26 pm
>> reporter: supervisor jeff sheehy, who's openly gay, represents the castro district. he says the time is overdue to honor milk, a hero who fought for the lgbtq community's civil rights. >> we've been through a lot as a community, to be able to marry, to be in the military. we lived through the a.i.d.s. crisis. >> the board of supervisors is expected to vote on this measure in september. both supervisors tell me they anticipate it will pass. if that happens, the new terminal will be called harvey milk terminal 1. live at sfo, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. new b.a.r.t. train now rolling through stations on test runs. at 10:45, we'll take you onboard to see what's new and see how soon they'll be introduced in to service. >> plus, marketing marijuana. the bill working its way through sacramento that would snuff out
10:27 pm
certain kinds of pot-related advertisements. >> up next, we'll take you to san francisco where al gore appeared for a special screening of his new documentary.
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new at 10:00, former vice president al gore in the bay area tonight to promote his new
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movie. it's called "an inconvenient sequel, truth to power." it comes a decade after his original movie introduced the concept of climate change to many people. paul chambers is outside the theater tonight. you spoke to the former presidential candidate before the special screening this evening. >> that's correct. the screening is just wrapping up. people are leaving behind us. al gore did say this movie shows a lot of change for the good since the one that happened a decade ago. he goes on to say even though mr. trump doesn't agree with climate change, the rest of the country does. >> what were you thinking? couldn't you hear what the scientists were saying? couldn't you hear what mother nature was screaming at you? >> reporter: an inconvenient sequel, truth to power gives you an up-close and personal look at former vice president al gore's continuing efforts to fight climate change. >> the climate-related extreme weather events that become far more common and unfortunately far more destructive and that's waking a lot of people up. >> reporter: in the movie, gore points out how 10 years ago people didn't believe him when he said the 9/11 memorial could
10:31 pm
be flooded with sea levels rising in storms. but in 2012 his prediction came true with hurricane sandy. the movie takes you places with gore that many have never seen. >> in this film you see al gore go behind the scenes and actually get the raw material that goes in to his slideshow so in a way, it becomes a very personal journey for him. >> reporter: a journey that many at the castro theater decided to take with gore. long lines wrapped around the theater which hosted a special screening. many here say they saw the first movie and hope the sequel will inloyaltyen others. >> hopefully no matter how you sit politically, how you feel about the climate, there's a lot we can do as a human race. >> i'm hoping for some call to action. each one here, there's going to be 1400 people in this theater. everyone walks away with a sense of what they can do personally. >> use your voice and use your vote. use your choices in the
10:32 pm
marketplace. we can solve this. >> reporter: gore says after meeting with mr. trump, the president doesn't support his fight against climate change. >> i thought there was a chance that he would come to his senses and stay in the paris agreement but i was wrong. >> reporter: other countries agree with gore who says he'll continue to lead the discussion in hopes that many people will come together and work toward a global climate policy. >> i was worried other countries might follow his lead but actually the entire rest of the world immediately redoubled their commitment to the paris agreement. >> the people we talked to say the movie is very good. they also said it's sad a sequel was needed but they're happy to check it out and say it's very educational and opens worldwide friday, august 4th. >> very interesting listening to him speak. paul chambers in san francisco tonight. thank you. a bill that would limit the marketing practices of recreational marijuana businesses is now making its way through the state legislature. the legislature would prohibit licensed cannabis businesses from giving away or selling t-shirts, hats, or other merchandise that bears the
10:33 pm
business name or logo. the bill is meant to protect children from harmful marketing practices. business owners say it violates their first amendment rights. >> it's completely legal to have a shirt that says smoke weed every day and hand it over to kids. but if you had a shirt that said sativa on it, that would be against the law. >> the sale of recreational pot becomes legal in california next year. the bill to limit exposure of brand names has passed in the state senate and is under consideration by the senate appropriations committee. a california supreme court decision issued today will make it more difficult for some third strike inmates to get their sentences reduced. proposition 36 was the voter approved reform to the three strikes law, allowing third strike inmates to petition for a reduction in their sentence if their third conviction was not a serious or violent crime. but today the justices ruled that a third strike cannot be appealed if the defendant was
10:34 pm
armed with a deadly weapon. the case involved a man who robbed a radio shack store in los angeles county. the sentencing judge refused to allow his release. the judge cited testimony that a handgun had been used in the commission of the crime. the state supreme court upheld that decision today. the ruling was unanimous. alameda county leaders are looking for new ways to improve programs for the mentally ill, specifically those who end up behind bars. but as ktvu's rob roth found out, not everyone agrees on the best options for treatment. >> reporter: too many people with mental health problems in alameda county are ending up here in santa rita jail instead of getting the treatment they need. that was the opinion of those who spoke today at an alameda county supervisor's committee meeting on mental health and public safety. >> jail is not to be the warehouse for the mentally ill in our community. >> reporter: brian bloom serves on the county mental health task force. >> instead of arresting them and putting them in jail, to divert them from jail and not even bring them to jail in the first
10:35 pm
instance but to take them to some kind of a respite or crisis stabilization center. >> reporter: he says many of those who are mentally ill end up released from jail with nowhere to go and often ending up on the streets, adding to the growing problem of homeless encampments. some argue the $54 million the county received from the state to expand, would have been better spent on community-based programs. >> it's hard to say whether or not it's going to increase or improve the level of healthcare inside the jail and we know that if we focus on prevention, it will be less money for the county and will be better for the entire community. >> >> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's office said it needed the space for administration. he says having more satellite treatment centers would be a better alternative for police who often take mentally ill people to santa rita because there's no other place to take them. >> dilutional thinking, hearing voices. that causes them to commit
10:36 pm
crimes while they're really not in their right mind. and the problem with that is that there's not enough solutions. >> reporter: the advocates are hoping that come next year the county will be spending more money on community-based mental health programs and be sending fewer mental health patients to jail. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. coyotes, where you might not expect them. a warning to pet owners following an attack involving a pet cat. >> and we've got the forecast set up for you. it's going to be much cooler than it was over the weekend. >> and new developments following a big fire at a construction site in oakland. what the developer is now saying after the atf's on scene investigation has finished.
10:37 pm
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10:39 pm
niles canyon road has reopened after a deadly crash has closed the road for much of the day. sky fox was over the scene at 12:30. one car flipped over and was on the side of the road. the other car went down a ravine. authorities haven't told us what caused the crash. niles canyon road was closed in both directions to accommodate the investigation. it reopened before 7:00 tonight. a small plane made a hard landing this afternoon at the
10:40 pm
hayward airport. it happened around 12:40 today. the faa says the plane's nose gear collapsed when it was trying to land. the four people onboard were not hurt. police have arrested a driver after he allegedly hit a pedestrian and then took off from the scene. the incident happened about 2:25 this morning. a crown victoria taxi is suspected of hitting the pedestrian. the victim later died at the hospital. authorities have arrested simon hernandez gonzalez. they did so at his home in redwood city. a construction company now says oakland's waverly project that burned down earlier this month will be rebuilt by 2019. anderson construction notified neighbors today that the company has started cleaning debris at the site in downtown oakland near broadway and grand. the atf finished its investigation last week but has not said whether or not the fire was arson. the company says it is also hired more security guards to watch over its properties.
10:41 pm
u.s. stock markets ended the day mix would the nasdaq hitting a record high while the dow industrial and s&p 500 closed lower. the dow dropped 66 points. nasdaq gained 23 to close above 6400 for the first time ever. the s&p was 2 points lower. a warning tonight for pet owners in sunnyvale. they're seeing an increasing number of coyotes. this morning a cat was attacked and killed near remington and spinosa drive. only let animals outside when you can watch them and keep pet food and water inside. coyotes are most visible and active during breeding season which runs from the spring through the fall. still ahead tonight, a test ride onboard a new b.a.r.t. car. how cal trans is changing california highways. >> a warmup in our weather. bill martin will show us where temperatures are headed.
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summer things are heating up on the wta time to play when the us open series hits stanford... for the bank of the west classic, join the celebration of summer. where the action off the court, is just as hot as the action on it. july 31st through august 6th join us monday, july 31st for net generation kids' day. the ultimate family tennis experience! don't miss the wta action while it's in stanford. california highways are being updated to prepare for self-driving cars. cal trans says they're expanding the width of lane lines on highways from 4 inches to 6
10:45 pm
inches. they say many self-drive cars have trouble following thin or dotted lane markings and the change will help improve the safety of the roads. >> not only are they going to be wider, they'll be more retro reflective. they'll be reflecting the light that's shown on it so there will be brighter lanes, thicker striping. it's going to be easier to see where the lane lines are. >> cal trans says the change is part of a road repavement project that's funded by the state's new gas tax. b.a.r.t. commuters will soon start riding in new state-of-the-art train cars possibly as early as next month. >> these are the first of a new generation of cars that will replace the current fleet that's more than 40 years old. tom vacar got to climb aboard a train today for a test ride. >> reporter: at noon today the media got a chance to do what's now only weeks away for riders, the chance to experience b.a.r.t.'s new fleet of the future. we rode south from south hayward station to fremont's new warm springs station and back. the five cars, fresh with that fresh new train smell, are much
10:46 pm
quieter and smoother riding than the current aging fleet. they have top speed of 70 miles per hour, 10 miles per hour faster than the current fleet. but after a year of testing, these highest of all high tech trains are still on shake down test rides. >> we've made 3,000 modifications on the cars since they arrived here. a lot of that is software, little tweaks and so on. none of these are really huge things. >> reporter: most of the modifications are being made by the manufacturer right onsite in the bay area because b.a.r.t.'s unique track width is not compatible with the many tracks at the manufacturing site back east. but grade-wise, according to a veteran operator, they're way better than when the first car showed up more than a year ago. >> it was a pretty car that didn't move-to -- didn't move, to now a car that moves pretty smoothly. >> all operators, everyone is
10:47 pm
just -- can't believe how much information they need to learn. >> one of the things you'll notice is the new cars have way fewer seats. but they have poles in the center and a lot more straps which means they can get a whole lot more people on each car and capacity is huge when it comes to commutes. >> or to put it another way, there's plenty of room on these trains for lots more standees. >> reporter: b.a.r.t.'s growth projections requires seating and bike space be limited, but not eliminated. for those concerned about security, there are cameras. six of them on each and every car. the new proposed passenger start date of late september, while likely, is not set in stone. what is set in stone is that the new cars won't run until all the major glitches are resolved fully. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. so we're definitely cooled off today. 10 to 15, even 20 degrees in
10:48 pm
some places. the marine layer just stretched out. that's why it had trouble holding together today. we've got a marine layer, the top of it is around almost 2,000 feet deep. that's what we're seeing now. it's all stretched out, getting up over the coastal hills and cooling the inland bay valleys. and cooling the fire zones up by mariposa. today was the cool-down. tomorrow temperatures about the same and same amount wednesday. minor fluctuations. after that we warm up again. the up shot to these three days, monday, tuesday, and wednesday, is that it's not a high, high fire danger environment. so in the mariposa fire, the detwiler fire, cal fire will have an opportunity to get a handle on it with good overnight humidity recovery. they're getting good traction on that fire because it's been cooler overnight and because of the moisture atmosphere. for us it's fog at the coast, patchy at times. tomorrow it's going to be in many bay area neighborhoods then it's going to retreat back
10:49 pm
around lunchtime but a little slower than today. with that said, it will be a little bit cooler tomorrow in many places, especially around the bay and at the coast. minus 10 degrees in concord. here's the fog footprint in the morning. there's a dose of it in the north bay. that just serves if the model is correct, it will have a cool start and a mild day, end to the day and you see the 90s getting pushed to the east when that happens. most of us tomorrow are 70s and 60s. there will be a couple 80s but in our inland valleys, mainly mid to upper 80s like today. couple low 90s. you get the idea. 87 in brentwood. 86 in livermore then good air quality with this. just a nice little pattern and it's along the coast, jackets out there for sure. a little bit of wind. and the 5-day forecast. here it comes and here it goes.
10:50 pm
plenty of sunshine. warmest day of the week looks like it's going to be friday and saturday. let's pop sunday in here as well. you'll see we got a little bit warmer on sunday. none of it is crazy heat, just kind of a nice little setup. >> 96 is pretty hot. [ laughter ] >> it is but that's concord. so your house is going to be 75. >> probably 95. usc is naming a new dormitory after a famous alum and former football player, al cowlings. he grew up in san francisco and probably best known as the friend of oj simpson who drove that white bronco during the famous slow speed chase before simpson's arrest on double murder charges in 1994. the undergraduate dorm will be the name cowlings residential college as a result of an anonymous $15 million donation given to the university in cowling's honor. a baby in a car seat abandoned in a parking lot. coming up on the 11:00 news, how
10:51 pm
the surveillance video led to an arrest. >> next in sports, the giants take on the red hot pittsburgh pirates at at&t park tonight.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
mark is here with sports. kind of a double dose of bad news. as and giants not doing so well.
10:54 pm
>> we're used to it, right? rolling with football training camp. [ laughter ] the giants 25 games under .500. dead last and sinking like a stone and the beat goes on. not a whole lot of fun when you're playing like this. so when you're out at the ballpark, you've got to provide your own fun. at least somebody out there, nonsell-out crowd enjoying themselves. but back to another dog. matt cain gives up four unearned runs early. this error by eduardo nunez actually starts it. pirates in business. rbi single follows. not long after that matt cain disputed a strike call and then andrew mccutchen makes him pay with a three-run homer, pretty much the end of the story. bruce bochy, he's like seen enough. you don't see too much emotion out of bochy but he wound up getting the ejection there.
10:55 pm
later giants try to rally. two on, one out. buster at the plate. more bad baseball. >> no catch. why did he do that? man. i don't know what he was doing. >> perfectly described by john miller right there. perfectly exemplified, the mood by that fan right there. double digits for the pirates. 10-3 final. the as, things not exactly going swimmingly for them either but at least there's hope because they've got young ball players on the squad that are making an impression up in toronto. this is one of them. ryon healy tonight shot to left. bounds over the head of steve pierce. as lead it 1-0. pick it up in the 4th, 1-1. bases loaded for ezekiel carrera. didn't overly hit it against smith but got himself an rbi single, 3-1 lead.
10:56 pm
here's more of the young crew making an impression. matt chapman. he's a great gloveman but finally starting to hit the baseball for distance. this is his fifth of the year, dead center. and the as are within 3-2. matt chapman could do it with the glove at 3rd base. beautiful play. jays threatening to get a big bunch. double play started by chapman at 3rd who has just been making some sensational plays over there and there's a slo-mo look at that thing. the as did not pull it out, losing 4-2, but it could have been worse had it not been for that particular play. beat goes on for stephen curry living the life right now in tahoe, shooting a 68 in the celebrity tournament and now over in china and they love him to say the least over there. steph curry with underarmor behind him and his brothers
10:57 pm
beside him. seth curry and good friend jeremy lind over there in china and promoting the great game of nba basketball in particular. you know he's having the time of his life. >> it's been a really cool experience and we try to get even more emersed in the culture of each city and try different things in our downtime. last night going to get some hot pod and things like that where you can understand the characteristics of each city you're going through and really get that experience. >> looks like he packed that trophy with him as well. meantime, all the other teams scurrying around, trying to make moves, figuring out how they can get close to the warriors. rumors flying in cleveland where kyrie irving says he wants to get traded. boston rumored to be in the business of making that deal happen. while the cavaliers fuel the rumors by signing derrick rose, one-time mvp with the chicago bulls, played with the knicks recently. it's a one-year, $2.1 million
10:58 pm
veteran minimum contract. kyrie irving is still the starting point guard with rose right behind him. we've come to that point of the evening where we do need to check this out. some of the finer moments around the major leagues tonight. we're talking about the as' young 3rd baseman. how about nolan arenado. he sets the standard in the national league. brooks robinson was the guy in baltimore when we grew up. manny machado at 3rd base with a beautiful play right there as he has the gold glove. making it look easy. check this out. this is machado handling a lot of room very calmly. makes up pretty good play but you've got to watch it in slow motion. he's blowing a bubble while he's chasing that ball. not overly concerned about making the play. just making it look easy. manny machado at 3rd base but we still remember brooks robinson. time for a little foul ball activity from the fan who gets so excited about this fine
10:59 pm
catch, he just gets what he wants and leaves the premises. [ laughter ] that is a good catch. why he decided to depart so quickly, who knows. [ laughter ] >> back to work monday. doing a victory lap. that's probably it. that's the sporting life for now, monday. more news at 11:00. get back over to you. >> i'm wondering how many people are going, who's brooks robinson? >> that does make you feel old, but there's so many great 3rd basemen right now around the major leagues. nolan arenado for my money kind of making you forget brooks robinson. more news with you guys. coming up next at 11:00, a driver's frightening encounter. >> bang. glass shatters. and i know i'm being shot at. >> an apparent case of road rage leads to gunfire on a bay area freeway.
11:00 pm
that driver says the bullets missed him by inches. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the chp says they're looking for a white mercedes-benz in connection to the shooting. the victim says he's incredibly lucky that he wasn't injured or even killed. >> there's no question he was trying to take my life. looking at the way the gunshot hit in the car, he was aiming at me and he was aiming inside the vehicle. >> reporter: joe c didn't want to reveal his last name but shared this video of the shattered glass on the back seat of his toyota prius after he was shot at while driving on 680 north near the 242 split saturday night after 9 p.m. >> i look in my rearview mirror and i see a guy driving absolutely erratically swerving through traffic. he pulls up alongside of me, cuts me off, and slams on his brakes to the point where i actually had to skid to a stop.


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