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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 25, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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left in a strip mall parking lot. his father is under arrest. we hear from the man who discovered the baby. a music teacher under arrest, accused of sexually abusing a student. the latest on the healthcare debate as republicans begin a crucial vote. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> a 2.5-year-old ---week-old baby is on hot -- is in stable condition after being abandoned at a strip mall in suisun city. >> the father has been arrested. alex savidge is in suisun city with more on the employees who found the little boy outside their business. >> reporter: an incredible story. i just spoke with the employee's from j's barbershop in suisun city. they found this baby yesterday who had been abandoned and got that little boy somehow. the little boy was still strapped into his car seat which was left in one of the
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parking spaces at the shopping center. those employees grab the car seat and brought it inside the business. they then called 911 for help. these were some of the photos they just gave me showing their paramedics arrived to check out the baby boy. the little boy was eventually airlifted to children's hospital in oakland as a precaution because of some redness and one of his eyes. one of the stylists at the barbershop, who is also a mother, told me she cannot believe someone just left the baby sitting in the hot sun. >> i was shocked. i was sitting there checking the baby to see if he was okay. he was very calm and peaceful. he was not crying. i was more shocked than anything. the guy must be dash if he was going to come back him he must be drunk or something. after couple minix we said he's not coming back. does a couple minutes, we said he's not coming back. >> reporter: this is the surveillance video from the neighboring shop that shows the
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man leaving the car seat in that parking space yesterday afternoon. the man just drove off. suisun city police were able to identify the man asked the father of the baby, 18-year- old, daniel mitchell. he was arrested after being involved in a hit-and-run crash in fairfield. he is now facing charges of child endangerment and child abandonment. another barbershop employee who found the baby yesterday afternoon told me he was stunned to learn that the child was left behind intentionally. >> i have a child myself. i my father. it's hard to see somebody leave a kid. like i said, i thought he was moving at a fast pace and left him outside. apparently it was something different. >> reporter: according to authorities last month, the father of the baby was arrested in suisun city on gun and burglary charges.
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investigators say they have spoken with the baby's mother. she is not facing any charges at this time. in the meantime, that 16-day- old baby who was abandoned at the shopping center yesterday afternoon remains at children's hospital in oakland in critical but stable condition. >> it's a good thing that baby got help your california safe surrender law allows a parent to give up a baby within the first three days of life with no penalty to the parent. we are thankful the little boy is okay. we are hearing from a man who says someone shot at him saturday night and concord and he reported case of road rage. the man was to be identified as joe, recorded the aftermath on his cell phone and said a man driving a white mercedes benz cl e250 was weaving in and out of traffic on northbound 680 near the 242 split just after 9 pm. he said with the mercedes pulled over to the right shoulder, he rolled down his window and talk to the driver.
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>> i rolled down my window and said, you almost hit me. what's wrong? i turn to look back at traffic and a split-second later, dang, glass shatters and i know i'm being shot at. >> joe said he was not hurt and describes the driver as a white man in his early 20s with short, dirty brown hair driving a newer model mercedes with paper plates. start police need your help finding -- solving a homicide. kelly freeman was shot and killed the morning of may 20 while he slept in the marina district. he was on the steps of a building on alhambra street. camera captured images of two men in the area. one was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a black jacket. the other, here's the picture, wearing a purple hoodie, black 10 assures -- black tennis shoes. please call police if you know these men.
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a trial is set to begin tomorrow for the man accused of killing an off-duty richmond police officer. robert vega made an appearance yesterday in solano county superior court. he is charged with murder and kidnapping and has entered pleas of not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity. he allegedly shot augustine vegas at his home in vallejo in february. vega had been dating vegas's daughter and had a child with her who he allegedly kidnapped after killing vegas. the child was found unharmed. the trial is expected to last two we expect palo alto police announced an after school music teacher has been arrested on suspicion of sex crimes against a student. investigators say john patrick route was arrested last week accused of sexually abusing the teen student of the past few months. he worked as a part-time music teacher at the school of rock in palo alto and is facing four felony counts. a san jose man is in custody come accused of exposing himself to children. police said wellington potter was arrested near cw hayman elementary on thursday.
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investigators say he exposed himself to two girls who were walking. he is suspected in a similar case in santa clara and other cases at ski resorts in placer county earlier this year. the berkeley city council is scheduled to review the findings of a report calling for police reforms. a law-enforcement social science group called, the center for policing equity, publish the report. they say they have uncovered incidents of racial disparity in the berkeley police department and recommended changes in the training program. several council members say they are concerned about the use of force by officers. the council is considering an measure similar to the one approved in oakland that created a new and powerful citizens police commission. president trump is continuing to push forward with it effort to get healthcare reform pass through congress. >> senate republicans say they are making an effort to show they are determined to move forward with plans to get there legislation passed and to the president's desk. >> reporter:
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>> every republican running for office promised immediate relief from this disastrous law. >> reporter: president trump split s remarks come as gop leaders in the senate pushed toward a crucial vote on a procedural motion that would open debate on their health care bill. they will be getting a last minute boost after learning senator john mccain, who has been recuperating in arizona after being diagnosed with brain cancer, is returning to washington in an effort to secure the vote needed to pass the latest total. >> conservatives are getting nothing. there is no promise of a clean repeal vote. if we are going to be excluded from the process, conservatives don't need to participate. >> reporter: the president is also coming out his attorney general, jeff sessions, tweeting this morning that he has taken a week position on hillary clinton. the new white house press secretary confirming president trump is indeed frustrated with sessions but she stopped short of discussing his fate. >> i was not part of any conversations discussing potential replacements.
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remit all this as the presidents son-in-law returns to the hill for a second day of testimony before congressional leaders where he is expected to have to answer more questions about his involvement with russian officials during the 2016 election. >> we need to get all the facts out. it's serious but we need to get this behind us and move on. >> reporter: kushner continues to deny he colluded with russian anyway during or after the 2016 election. tomorrow his brother-in-law, donald trump junior, will meet with the senate judiciary committee in regards to that now notorious june june 2016 meeting with a russian lawyer. rear monitoring that both on healthcare going on right now , bringing you live pictures of the vice president. according to reports, two senators have voted no on whether to debate the bill.
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we did see senator john mccain moments ago. he arrived to a standing ovation. the associated press is reporting senator mccain has cast his vote to move forward on repealing obamacare. at this point, mike pence just broke the tie. that means he was the deciding vote. it now moves forward. senator john mccain came back for the first time into public view. here is a live picture of the senator from arizona. the first time we have seen him since his diagnosis of brain cancer. senator mccain said he will come back to fight and it looks like he did. also want to mention another happening in dc. this morning, the senate judiciary committee issued a subpoena for president trump's former campaign manager, paul manafort, to testify tomorrow at a public hearing. the leaders of that committee say they were unable to reach an agreement with paul manafort to submit a voluntary private interview with the committee.
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the committee says it wants to ask him about his contact with the russians during the campaign and his business dealings with them leading up to the presidential election. start congressional democrats are discussing their economic agenda. the latest effort to take back blue-collar voters the party lost to donald trump house and senate democrats have launched a better deal economic agenda. it calls for talker support and job training. it's a similar message to the one president trump used during his campaign. >> this is really a reflection of the american public. for us to acknowledge that the economy is not working for a lot of people out there. and we know that we have to offer a better deal. that's what this is about. >> we need meaningful action to provide the american people with a better deal. not just words. that's what our agenda includes. we certainly would be willing to work with republicans to advance any of this. this is an agenda for the american people and i encourage them to look the actions taken. >> democratic lawmakers hope
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the agenda will swing district victories in the 2018 midterm election to regain majority in the house. china is beefing up its military presence along the korean border after the the prey. what they may be preparing for and the latest on the increasing tensions with north korea. things are warming up around the bay area. one south bay city explores a new way to handle its growing homeless population. the proposal to construct new buildings to help the homeless.
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is cities grapple to deal with increasing homeless populations, san jose is considering a plan to build small homes for the homeless. the project is in the planning stages. here are the details. >> reporter: this is what those tiny homes would look like. it may be more accurate to call than sleeping cabins. it's not clear if they would have private bathrooms and kitchens but san jose would like to build 250 attend different sites throughout the city by next year to provide temporary housing for the homeless. would you rather live in a sleeping cabin? >> yes. it's better than what i'm living in now. i believe roof out of a bunk bed. an actual house from junk around town. >> reporter: this vacant lot is on a list of 100 possible sites for the tiny home community.
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it's located next to a neighborhood with hundreds of traditional homes. >> you don't like the idea? >> no. no i don't. >> reporter: the communities would have to be on city property and have requirements like being close to public transit and infrastructure. >> we are in the initial process stages. we are trying to reach out to community leaders and folks who may be interested to say, what you think about this idea? >> reporter: the communities would be temporary. by state law they would need to be torn down in five years and would only house a fraction of the estimated 4000 homeless residents. he knows it will be tough to get neighbors to go along with the idea. >> they have not talked to us. they are looking so far and sang, great, we have some of those dirty, homeless people over here. great. they are being judgmental. >> reporter: the project is very much in the planning stages. it's not sure where these communities would go or what
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the criteria would be for people to apply to live in them. city housing officials are planning to have more meetings with the community in the coming months. the santa clara county water visit is considering an $800 million proposal that would expand its water supply. the reservoir expansion project is in its initial stages. the plan would double the water district office storage capacity, along the reservoir to hold around 116 million gallons of water per the expansion would guard against a water shortage in the case of a drought. the water district will take up the expansion proposal at its meeting tonight. plans to rebuild the apartment complex that burned earlier this month is moving forward. anderson construction notified neighbors the company is clearing debris at the scene near downtown oakland. this comes as federal investigators finished their tour of the area last week that have not said whether or not the fire was arson. the developer said it's hard
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more security guards to watch over the property. if everything goes as planned, the complex could open by 2019. before the fire, it was supposed to open this february. let's check in with rosemary orozco. i popped out to get something to drink and i could feel the warm up. mostly sunny skies. partly cloudy on the coast. temperatures are rebounding during this noon hour. santa rosa, 74. 60 in san francisco, oakland, 70. upper 70s and areas of her san jose. you can see toward san francisco with good to moderate air-quality here's a view of the system that remains in place keeping temperatures where they should be for this time of the year the onshore breeze and the marine layer and as i move closer, you can see we have an onshore breeze that continues at this hour. fairfield reporting 16 miles an hour. no bottle, 5 and oakland reporting west and northwest at 10. here is a look at the cloud
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cover. it is backed off the coast. mostly sunny skies. partly cloudy in santa cruz. for the afternoon, it's going to be nice. low 60s at stinson beach. upper 60s in sausalito. upper 60s for nevada. further inland coming 83 four santa rosa. 80 in napa. the east bay looks good. 75 in hayward. 85 in walnut creek. upper 80s for antioch, rent would. into the south bay, 84 san jose. upper 80s and gilroy. santa cruz, upper 60s. on the peninsula, 79 near redwood city. 75, san mateo. dixie five, san francisco is a look at your extended forecast. today will be the coolest of the next several. temperatures warm-up as early as tomorrow. into thursday, friday and the weekend, continuing to climb.
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mild at the coast with 60s expected around pacifica and half moon bay. upper 70s to low 80s for bayside communities into the weekend. mid to upper 90s expected for inland communities thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. not as hot as this past weekend but it will heat up. the giants game tonight will be cool and breezy. i will look at that forecast coming up. the parents of a terminally ill baby in the uk are asking a judge to let them bring home their son. yesterday charlie gard's parents drop their legal better to get him experimental treatment in the u.s. the judge that he wants the family to come to an agreement with the hospital that they have been battling with. the hospital is suggesting a hospice option. the family says it will have to find a doctor to watch over there 11-month-old at their home. he was navy patrol boat
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fired warning shots near an iranian naval ship during an encounter in the person call. an american defense officials said the incident about the uss thunderbolt a patrol ship. it was conducting an exercise with american and other vessels in the gulf. the iranian naval vessel came within 150 yards of the thunderbolt it did not respond to radio calls, flares and warning sirens. tensions in korea escalated overnight with new reports of the chinese military massing his forces along the northern border. >> as greg powell cut reports, experts believe the move may be a response to new reports of another upcoming north korean missile test. >> reporter: as tensions continue escalating on the korean peninsula, china could be preparing for a worst-case scenario. holding up its military forces along the korean border including nuclear proof bunkers, 24 hour surveillance and thousands of new border guards. hoping to avoid a wave of north korean refugees in the event of an economic collapse or another
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war. >> north korean people men who legally entered are not legal. >> reporter: the bullet comes as north korea prepares for another missile test. following its first successful launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile in may. the south has been urging the leader to stop the tests and come back to the bargaining table. >> north korea has not replied until now so it is hard to open a dialogue. it is an urgently needed task for peace and stability. >> reporter: tensions are also rising between the usa and chinese militaries. on sunday, two chinese fighters intercepted a u.s. spy plane in international waters or south korea. the pentagon said the chinese pilots were operating dangerously. but china is pushing back, demanding the u.s. stop flying surveillance planes in the area.
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>> this is not conducive to mutual trust between chinese and u.s. militaries and constitute a threat to china's legitimate security. >> reporter: a hearing on tuesday will look for new ways to increase the pressure on north korea. a grocery store, food shop and a new movie theater. what we are learning about changes to the macy's store at san francisco, stonestown galleria. ♪ seed to the oat to the o, to the bowl to the spo♪n
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google has a feature to offer help for people looking for help after a crisis or natural disaster. it's called sos alerts. it displays information and search results in google maps to help those affected by a crisis. it will show an overview of the situation, maps, relevant news stories, emergency bones and other information. we will send notifications to you if you're close to an air where disaster has struck. 500 cafeteria workers are unionizing at facebook and they want higher paper they are the latest to unionize following workers at apple, twitter and yahoo. the cafeteria worker say they are struggling with the high cost of living in the bay area. >> and all these folks are struggling to survive here. and this path forwarded euthanizing and being able to provide -- forward unionizing and being able to provide for the middle class. the cafeteria workers have
12:26 pm
to follow the lead of facebook's shuttle bus drivers are recently unionized and want a higher raise picture developer seeking approval from san francisco to convert the macy's store at stonestown galleria into shops and a movie theater. macy's has not officially announced it's closing the store but did sell the building in january. the developer owns stone town gallery and said it's too early to reveal an overall vision but the center is a great asset in a great location. the plan i filed calls for a grocery store, food shops and a movie theater. to make luxury brands are looking to join forces. michael kors is offering to buy jimmy choo in a $1.2 billion deal. michael kors has struggled to maintain its high end brand image with some of his signature purses now selling for half their earlier prices.
12:27 pm
michael kors stock has lost about two thirds of its value since 2014. jimmy choo is considered a more luxurious line and some stockholders could reject the deal and demand a higher price. stocks returning to their winning ways today. higher prices for oil and other commodities helped lift energy companies you can see the dow jones is up 96 points. governor brown is in the bay area. the important legislation to reduce global warming he just signed during a news conference on treasure island. a civil suit filed against the golden state warriors star draymond green pick the allegations of assault and battery against a two-time all- star. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world.
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so find a venus smooth that contours to curves, the smoother the skin, the more comfortable you are in it. flexes for comfort, and has a disposable made for you. skin smoothing venus razors. governor brown signed a cap and trade bill to extend the state carbon emission limits until 2030 per >> he did that on treasure island, the same spot where governor arnold schwarzenegger signed the original bill in 2006. that is where we find tom bay car for today's signing. >> reporter: this was the backdrop 10 years ago. the same background today. that is a beautiful, slightly windy day when then governor schwarzenegger signed the bill. this law renewed and will slowly but surely continue to require excessive polluters to reduce their emissions. 10 years after california's cap- and-trade law was passed and
12:31 pm
signed into law by former governor arnold schwarzenegger, governor jerry brown signed into law a 10 year extension that was soon due to expire. under the law, those who cannot meet increasingly strict pollution standards such as refineries, can purchase who those who meet or exceed pollution standards, credits they can use to offset their excessive carbon emissions. make no mistake, this is a direct challenge to president trump's administration and policies which were frequently called climate change and global warming everything from fake news to a made up chinese can perusse. in this case, the bill passed handily because even eight republican state legislatures sided with extending the law. brown called this an example of true compromise and cooperation. >> people representing oil, agriculture, business, chamber of commerce, food processing, foster farms, winer is, the whole crowd.
12:32 pm
plus we have environmentalists. some people say, oh my god -- we don't like those people. well, let's face it, this is california. our industry, our wealth, our well-being is the product of all these different individuals and companies and organizations and cultural organizations and nonprofits. the whole thing. it wasn't just one, one person. it was all these forces that exemplify california. >> >> reporter: what it was was not an all or nothing kind of situation. it was let's compromise and see what we can do that we used to do regularly in california and across the nation. coming back lila want to show you one thing. in the situation when we were here, this oil tanker was sitting at anchor behind where
12:33 pm
the governor signed this bill and oil is a big part of the u.s. economy and a big part of the bay area economy in terms of the refineries that import and export products. not only from all over the world but to all over the world. that is the situation here. we will have more on this at 4:00, 5:00 in 6:00. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. last night, former vice president al gore was in the bay area to promote his movie called, an inconvenient sequel: truth to power . the special screening was held at the castro theatre. this film comes a decade after his original movie, an inconvenient truth. he said the latest movie shows a lot of positive change since the original film was made and it gives an up close look at his continuing efforts to fight climate change. >> and this film you see al
12:34 pm
gore go behind the scenes and actually get the raw material that goes into his slideshow. anyway, it becomes a personal journey for him. >> the climate related extreme weather events have become far more common and far more destructive. that's waking a lot of people up. >> the new movie opens worldwide on august 4. we are hearing from a man who says draymond green punched him in the face during a dispute at a bar in east lansing, michigan. today that man filed a civil lawsuit against green. cellphone video shows police handcuffing and arresting green. jermaine edmondson, who was a michigan state football player, claims he and his girlfriend are victims of assault. he said the incident started the night earlier when greene bumped into him. then shot a profanity before the two men with green grab 10. >> i told him that he could of said excuse me. instead he asked people around me who i was. like i was not worthy of talking to him. these two amend who were following him around grabbed me, choked me against the wall.
12:35 pm
when i finally got free, i heard my girlfriend crying and calling out for me. she told me that one of the men had turned around and choked her off though. >> green accepted a plea deal that reduce the charges. edmonson's lawsuit seeks unspecified damages. thomas baker is in jail, accused of attacking and 86 or old chinatown store owner with a knife. the store owner says baker came into his business on grant avenue around 4:00 sunday afternoon and begin acting erratically. police said the owner asked him to leave, the man punched him in the head repeatedly and he noticed the attacker was holding a knife. he grabbed a bamboo stick and began hitting the man until he dropped the knife and ran from the store. >> the suspect is in his 40s. the shopkeeper is in his 80s.
12:36 pm
the suspect was six feet tall and approximately 200 pounds. the shopkeeper was smaller in stature. the suspect had height and weight and age, perhaps, in his favor. but it just worked out. >> police say they found baker a few blocks away and arrested him. he is charged with aggravated assault, elder abuse and violating probation. a mother and her boy are expected to recover after they were hit in a crosswalk on a busy street in petaluma. the child was in a stroller as they cross the street yesterday but the impact knocked the mother to the ground and left her unconscious. the baby, still in the stroller, flew 40 feet down the rope a little boy was trapped in tight and was not seriously hurt. the driver stopped and told police she never saw the mother and child in the crosswalk. >> we investigate a lot of collisions where people do not see pedestrians. >> i always make eye contact with the person.
12:37 pm
i need to make sure they know i'm there and that they see me. >> at this point the driver has not been cited. city and traffic engineers may examine this intersection to determine if a warning system is needed. oakland city leaders are trying to figure out how to deal with the cities growing homeless encampments in the increasing number of fires in those camps. officials say there have been about 60 homeless campfires. while most fire started accidentally, some have caused damage including destroying traffic signals. >> what i have is right here in this tent. that's all i have. i would not want to come back and see my tent burned down or anything like that. >> oakland has a homeless encampment management team that includes public works, police and fire departments monitoring some of the large camps in the city. authorities determine whether the areas can be cleaned or closed because of public safety. start alameda county leaders
12:38 pm
are looking for ways to improve programs for the mentally ill, especially those who end up behind bars. to make as rob roth found out, not everyone agrees on the best options for treatment. >> reporter: to many people with mental health problems in alameda county are ending up in santa rita jail instead of getting the treatment they need. that was the opinion of those who spoke today at a supervisors committee meeting on mental health and public safety. >> jail is not to be the warehouse for the mentally ill in our community. >> reporter: he serves on the county mental health task force print >> instead of arresting them and putting them in jail, divert them from jail and not bring them to jail in the first instance but take them to a respite or crisis stabilization center. >> reporter: he said many who are in mentally ill end up released from jail with nowhere to go and end up on the streets adding to the growing problems of homeless encampments.
12:39 pm
some argue that the $54 million the county received from the state to expand santa rita would have been better spent on funding community-based programs. >> it's hard to say whether it's going to increase or improve the level of health care inside the jail. we know if we focus on prevention it will be less money for the county and it will be better for the community. >> reporter: the alameda county sheriffs department said it needed the extra space for treatment and administration. john knowles, who runs a nonprofit mental health services program, says having more satellite treatment centers would be a better alternative for police who often take mentally ill piece -- people to santa rita because there is no other place to take them. >> delusional thinking. hearing voices. that causes them to commit crimes while they are not in their right mind. the problem with that is there is not enough solutions. >> reporter: the advocates are hoping that next year the county will spend more money on community-based mental health programs and send if you are mental health patients to jail.
12:40 pm
rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. a california supreme court decision will make it harder for three strike inmates to get their sentences reduced. the proposition was approved to reform the three strike rules to allow inmates to petition for a reduction in sentence if their third conviction was not a serious or violent crime. the justices ruled that a third strike cannot be appealed if the defendant was armed with a deadly weapon. the case involved a man who robbed a radioshack store in los angeles county. the sentencing judge refused to allow his release. the judge had a testimony that a handgun had been used in the commission of a crime. the state supreme court upheld the decision. the ruling was unanimous. a bill is making its way through the state legislature that would limit how recreational marijuana's businesses market themselves. this would prohibit license cannabis businesses from giving away or selling t-shirts, hats or other merchandise with their business name or logo.
12:41 pm
it's meant to protect children from harmful marketing practices but owners argue it violates their first amendment rights. >> it's completely legal to have a shirt that says smoke weed every day and handed over to kids. that's legal. if you had a shirt that just said, kiva, on a. that would be against the law under the spell. >> the sale of recreational marijuana becomes legal in california january 1. the bill to limit exposure brandon ames has passed in the state senate and is now under consideration by a state assembly commission. new state-of-the-art cars are rolling out in a few weeks. we was show you the changes riders can expect to see and how much faster those cars are expected to travel. we are gearing up for another bay area warm-up. here is a live picture of the golden gate bridge. rosemary orozco is back with the details.
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in a few hours, san francisco leaders with revised proposal to rename part of san francisco international and owner of civil rights icon. >> justine damond has details on the proposal and why this newer version has a better chance of being approved . >> reporter: we are at terminal one dig at sfo. if organizers get their way, it could soon be known as the harvey milk terminal. legislation will be introduced today terminal one is an ideal place to honor harvey milk. >> it is a way to give people who are shunned by society and
12:45 pm
other cities and towns in this country hope that they are welcomed here and they are welcome to be who they are. >> reporter: this is not the first time the idea has been floated. there was a push to name all of sfo after milk four years ago led by david compos. but there was opposition from some who wanted the airport named for others. an advisory committee was formed to get on the effort and instead name a terminal after milk. passengers flying today had mixed opinions. >> i think it's fantastic. he was a political genius and the way he reform san francisco and the bay area. and they initiated a stature and start to gay-rights. >> i prefer leaving at terminal 1. i think it's very easy to remember. why not have 1, 2 and 3. >> reporter: the supervisors
12:46 pm
are expected to vote in september. supervisors who spoke with ktvu say they expect it to pass. bart says commuters will start writing a new state-of- the-art cars weeks from now. we received a preview of the fleet of the future during a ride from the south hayward station to the new warm springs station and fremont. one thing riders will notice is that there are fewer seats and more standing room with straps and poles. these cars can also travel 10 miles an hour faster than the trains currently the plan is to have these cars running by late september. officials say that could change if there are any major problems with the cars. caltrans is getting ready to prepare roads for self- driving cars but the lines that separate the lanes will be waterpik right now they are four inches ride but that will expand to six. many self-driving cars have problems following dinner or dotted lane markers. the changes will also help people.
12:47 pm
>> not only will they be wider, they will be more retroreflective. they will be reflecting back the light that showing on it. they will be broader lanes, thicker striping. it will be easier to see where those lane lines are. >> the changes are part of a $285 million would be payment project paid by the state's gas tax hike that takes effect in november. those changes will start of the next few weeks. you will not get coffee, didn't you? >> i walk. you should've told me. >> did you stay with your double cappuccino? surprised he did not go for something iced. >> it's a good day for an iced coffee. not a hot one. temperatures are a lot like yesterday. upper portions of the north bay are a few degrees warmer. east bay, slightly cooler.
12:48 pm
that has to do with the weather pattern that has not changed much in the last 24 hours. he was of you of the system that continues to bring us the onshore breeze. this disturbed the low cloud deck. if we move closer you can see we have sineace clouds at -- sunny skies on the coast. partly cloudy from point raised north. santa cruz it looks like it's thinning out and you should have partly cloudy to mostly clear skies this afternoon. for today, 60s at the coast along the stretch here. santa cruz will get closer to 70. 70s around the bay. 80s inland. look at where that shed is -- that red is indicating 90s. were not likely to see much if any today. maybe brentwood. upper 80s and low 90s inland. livermore, 76. chances are you will be 86 with
12:49 pm
the second half of the day. 74, santa rosa. 66, san francisco. upper 70s and san jose. 80 degrees in danville. 83 and antioch. 76, pittsburg. afternoon highs feel pretty good. 80 degrees in napa. 83, santa rosa. 69, sausalito. low to mid 60s on stinson beach. 74, san leandro. upper 80s for danville. 86 and livermore. south bay locations, 87, morgan hill. 68, santa cruz. on the peninsula, 79 in redwood city. san mateo, 79. if you're going to see the giants play, bring a jacket. it's going to be cool and breezy. 61 degrees with a west breeze around 20 or 25 miles an hour.
12:50 pm
temperatures will continue to cool into the evening hours into the upper 50s. here is the extended forecast. we have a warm-up coming our way. a minor change for wednesday. thursday and friday and the weekend, inland communities will feel it once again. mid to upper 90s and the forecast. around the bay, covetable and warm. at the coast, just right for most. the last full week of july. >> school will be in session before we know it. >> august 1 is tuesday? >> somewhere in there. i think i'm going to cry. >> after the break. the heartfelt message of gratitude for firefighters in the north bay who helped save homes on the fire lines. ♪
12:51 pm
what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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cal fire is that the detwiler fire burning unit so many is only two thirds contain. the burn zone health study overnight at 123 square miles. that is 2.5 times the city of oakland. cal fire flew over the fire hours ago this morning. they say it's the first time since the fire started. that the fire did not grow. they still do not have full containment but expect that early next month. and voicemail message from
12:54 pm
a woman in oro bill has gone viral after her home was almost destroyed in the wall fire. >> the woman reached out to marin county firefighters with a simple phone call to thank them for their service. >> chief weber, my name is luis and i'm calling you from oroville california. >> reporter: lois nearly lost everything and the wall fire, a 6000 acre fire that ripped through southeast oroville like a tornado in early july. 41 homes were destroyed but all the houses on miller's street were spared things to butte county fire, cal fire in marin county fire pit two i'm sorry. i good emotional. anyway, they state the houses on our street and we would really like to thank them. >> reporter: she left a voicemail for the marin county fire chief, commending crews, particularly from the throckmorton station.
12:55 pm
>> they literally fought that fire to the front door. >> it's a heartfelt message and i thought it was great to pass it along to the firefighters. >> reporter: chief weber posted it on social media and not only did they strike team know of the appreciation but nearly 40,000 others did as well. >> it was very touching. it's not that we ever want to be recognized for anything because it's our job but it's nice when people notice that you are out there, trying to help them period them or instructing was called to the wall fire on july 7. on very little sleep, they fought for six days straight leaving a lasting impression on the folks on mount ida road. >> anyway, thank you so much for sending your troops appear. >> reporter: two firefighters on the throckmorton engine that they spoke to miller by phone today. >> i think i'm going to cry. you saved it. i don't know how to thank you guys. >> it's nice to be appreciated, for sure. obviously we impacted her and her community. that's what we are here for. >> this thank you, to me, is
12:56 pm
broader than our department or that single engine company. this is a thank you to the california fire service. president trump praising the senate for moving forward on health care overhaul, calling it "a big step." we will go in-depth today at 4:00 speaking with our political expert on what comes next for the potential repeal of obama care. more and that's coming up on the 4 on 2. here is a look at the stocks before the closing bell. the dow is having a positive day, up 97. the s&p 500 is also up nearly 7 points. disney is using technology to gauge the emotional response of filmgoers. they used artificial intelligence and spotted 16 million facial responses from 3200 test subjects. scientists say after a few minutes they could reliably predict the facial expressions of viewers for the rest of the movie. the subjects were watching films such as the jungle book and the animated film, inside out, as well as star wars: the
12:57 pm
force awakens which i don't consider a tearjerker but you say in your household, it could bring a few tears. >> my goodness. that last one -- i was more choked up watching my son. we will be back in 4:00.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
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