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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 26, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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military people -- in the military. also the trump administration bowing to crack down on disclosure of sensitive information as the attorney general begins to investigate leaks in the white house. and a woman arrested talks to ktvu from jail. >> ktvu , fox 2 talks to you. president donald trump is starting up new debate after sending out a series of tweets this morning saying the united dates government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the military saying the military must be focused on decisive and victory and was not be burdened by the medical costs transgender in the military would entail. >> reaction across the bay area has been primarily against the president's villanelle -- the
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president's military ban. >> we are live with reaction from the lgbtq community as well as the impact the decision may have on the military itself. >> reporter: well, the impact really is unclear moving forward. good afternoon. i just got done speaking with the president of mills college here in oakland who is a former air force officer and a prominent military scholar. she says today's announcement from the president creates quite a bit of uncertainty for the future and shows a lack of respect for transgender servicemembers. >> disappointment that the president would make so many statements not rooted in reality and also reflect such disrespect for the transgender individuals who are serving because trans people have been able to serve openly for a long time. >> the president of the university has studied equity
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issues in the military for years and says there are no exact figures but most studies suggest there are several thousand transgender people serving in the military right now. under current policy enacted by the obama administration, the pentagon pays for medical treatment related to gender transition. in his twitter announcement this morning, president donald trump said the military cannot be burdened by the tremendous medical cost and disruption caused by those who are transgender. doctor hillman says that suggesting simply doesn't ring true. >> there is little evidence that this would be much of an additional burden economically. in fact, it seems bizarre that at a time when the military is
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increasing its budget for recruiting that they would be rejecting applicants and actually trying to uproot persons who have already served and are already trained and serving effectively to try to get them out of the service when the army is specifically in a big increase and trying to recruit more soldiers to its ranks. >> reporter: president donald trump's surprising decision today is a complete reversal from the obama ad -- obama administration which just last year declared transgender people could serve openly in all branches of the administration -- the military. into the castro district, there was strong reaction who -- from those who view this as a direct attack on the lgbtq community. >> this is incredibly unwise. this was an announcement made without any kind of dignity for the thousands of people who are affected. i should say i always used to think about one of the great things about being day was that you didn't have to serve in the military or get married and that you could live a more liberated lifestyle but we still deserve those equal rights. there are people whose lives are being torn apart by that decision. >> reporter: even though president donald trump said in his twitter announcement that this decision was made after consulting with his generals, the announcement seems to have
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caught the pentagon off guard. now, there is the practical question of how this policy will be implemented, especially given the fact that the military does not keep data on whether or not a service member is transgender or not. so that will make it difficult going forward to really implement this sort of policy. a lot of questions are surrounding the president's announcement this morning on their. i will send it back to you guys. >> thank you. lawmakers have certainly been speaking out at -- out about the president's plan., harris issued a statement saying the president's decision to force transgender individuals out of the military is discriminatory, wrong and un- american. we should not punish or turn away courageous people who are willing to risk their lives to serve our country. we should embrace them.
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>> the president's announcement comes amid a debate over policy from the obama administration, in which the pentagon was required to pay for gender transition. republican representative vicky hartzler out of the state of missouri recently up -- proposed a -- an amendment to bar money on hormone therapy or gender assignment surgery. she treated "pleased to hear that president trump shares my readiness and cost concerns. and will be changing this costly and damaging policy." >> president trump also criticized attorney general jeff sessions. the president tweeted "why didn't a/g sessions replace acting mccabe? he got big dollars. $700,000 for his wife's political run from hillary clinton and her representatives. drain the swamp." last week, president donald trump said he likely would not have chosen sessions for attorney general had he known he would recuse himself from the russia investigation. the justice department says cities that do not share information with federal authorities about undocumented immigrants will lose out on law enforcement funds. attorney general jeff sessions says unto them cities that get
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federal counts -- grants will have to get federal immigration authorities access to local jails and prisons. they would also have to give the feds 48 hours notice before releasing undocumented immigrants wanted by federal authorities. sessions has spoken out this past week about why he feels it is so important to crack down on sanctuary cities. >> we want to reduce crime in america. we want to affirm local and state and law enforcement officers in the dangerous and important work they do every day. >> meanwhile, sessions has been under increased pressure from president donald trump, who has been questioning his ability to serve as attorney general. so far, the president has not said if he is going to fire sessions and sessions has not indicated any intention of stepping down. now to breaking news we are following from milpitas, where crews are firing a now 10 acre grass fire. ringing you live pictures thanks to sky fox.
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the area burning here is a remote area close to monument peak. you can see from the wider picture we were bringing you a moment ago, no homes or structures nearby. we can see some active orange flames on the left side along with active smoke. we know fire crews are on the scene. they say the fire is burning at what they call a moderate rate of speed. some people here have hiked to this area. this is not directly along a hiking trail so that is good news but really any sort of conditions given these very dry conditions, with this low grass, is not good news. we are staying on top of the fire and we will bring you more information as soon as we get that. happening today in just about over an hour, a fourth person is about to be arraigned in the deadly beating of an elderly woman. she was known as miss flo. >> allie rasmus spoke to the fourth suspect, johnny brown. she joins us live with the
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story. >> reporter: 19 old johnny brown is now the fourth person arrested in connection with the beating of flow douglas. he agreed to sit down with us for an interview at this santa clara county jail. brown says he was arrested for a crime he didn't commit. he claims he is arrested in a case of mistaken identity after charges of elder abuse and attack and robbery. flo douglas, affectionately known as miss flo two friends, is under allegations that intruders beat and assaulted her in a home invasion robbery. she died from her injuries a month later. shortly after the attack, zachary cuen was arrested for the crime. 19-year-old jennifer jimenez and area arriola were arrested for hiding evidence. brown was arrested just yesterday, 10 months after the attack. in his interview with us, he said he had never been interviewed or even contacted by investigators on this case and tell he was contacted yesterday and arrested. >> i don't know why they were charging me with the murder of
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that lady you know? >> did they go to your house? what did they say to you? >> no, i was at a gas station and they came out of nowhere and they tackled me and arrested me very viciously and they also arrested my mother for harboring a fugitive and she didn't even know i had a warrant and neither did i. we didn't know that i had a warrant for this. >> reporter: do you know zachary cuen? >> no. >> reporter: zachary later clarified he had mutual friends but did not know miss flo, does not live near her and only heard about what happened through news reports. >> i think it is pretty sad because the same thing happened to my grandmother. my grandmother was also robbed and beaten but she did not pass away. but the same thing has happened. whoever did this, they need to
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speak up, and speak up and say what they did because i was not there that night and this is very sad that i am being arrested for something i did not do. >> where were you that night? do you know? >> yeah, i was at yale. >> reporter: sheriff's spokespersons would not give information on what they believe brown did that night of the attack or the evidence they have against him. >> they both are complicit in some way in the murder of miss flo. what you have is these are 18 and 19-year-olds. they are callis, brazen, they have a disregard for life and a lack of empathy is what speaks to the nation -- nature of this crime. >> reporter: brown says he knew one of the two women implicated in this case. arriola was his ex-girlfriend. santa clara sheriff's deputies confirmed that brown's mother was also arrested at that gas station last night for harboring a fugitive. she is being held at half $1 million bail in santa clara county jail. brown is being held without bail and about 90 minutes from now is when his arraignment is
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scheduled to take place. we will have those updates and more coverage in our later newscasts this afternoon. back to you. a former high school life coach in san jose is accused of raping a 21-year-old developmentally disabled woman. anthony valerio was arrested on monday night. investigators say he met the woman when she was a student at color high school, an alternative school. the parents of the alleged victim first notified parents -- authorities in october. >> anyone can be a victim but someone who is developmentally disabled is a special kind of predator. it was a horrible crime and those of the victims that we need to protect the most. >> the santa clara county sheriff's office is now investigating whether there may be more possible victims. valerio is being held on $20,000 bail. the father accused of abandoning his newborn in a parking lot is scheduled to appear in a courtroom. surveillance video shows a man driving into a strip mall parking lot monday afternoon and leaving the baby carriage on the ground. the 2 1/2 week old boy was
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eventually airlifted to children's hospital in oakland where at last check he is listed in critical but stable condition. investigators say the child's mother will not face any, will charges. we continue to monitor breaking news of a grass fire in milpitas. we will bring you another live look from sky fox. there's an awful lot of charred black hillside. it's at least 10 acres large. close to monument peak. the good news here is no homes or other structures are being threatened. fire danger could be on the rise here as we are expecting a warm-up getting underway in the bay area. we are going to check back with our meteorologist for more details. also, lowering the cost of prescription drugs. what the fda says needs to happen to bring those prices down and when we could see an executive order from president donald trump. ktvu fox 2 at 5:00 and 6:00, weeknights on fox 2. ♪
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this morning, a british judge ordered the charlie gard will be challenged -- transferred to hospice care if an end of life agreement has been reached. his family and the hospital have until noon tomorrow to come up with a plan. little charlie's parents give up their fight to bring him home and asked to have him transferred to a hospice but they have not been able to find a medical team for a few days.
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the couple says it would be brutal to move him to hospice to have him die shortly after. president donald trump has been vowing to lower drug costs since he was out there on the campaign trail and now some say we could see an executive orders targeting drug prices in the coming weeks. >> doctor scott gottlieb is the head of the fda and he says it's all about supply and demand. more drugs means more competition and lower prices, but most brand-name medication manufacturers don't want to share their formulas with generic competitors. >> if we are able to get generic competition onto the market sooner for certain drugs right now that don't face generic competition, there is no question that will affect overall drug prices and spending. >> the white house and the fda says they are also focused on fighting the opioid epidemic. doctor gottlieb calls it the biggest crisis the agency is fighting and says the fda needs to implement more regulations to make sure that people who are prescribed opioids, are being prescribed for "legitimate medical purposes." just a minute ago, we brought you pictures of a fire burning in the milpitas area. thankfully, away from homes and
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structures. >> reporter: a lot of open space and current temperatures in the low to mid 70s and winds gusting around 12 miles per hour. humidity levels, and moisture levels are out there. i am getting a lot of fog this morning around 60%. here is the latest on storm tracker 2. the storms out here in the area popping up in nevada. there is the fog blank -- bank clearing up. it took some time but here we have some of the overcast closer to half moon bay, pacifica, portions of the golden gate bridge come out for the merrin headlands and the bay area's as well. around 12:00, starting to warm up near livermore, walnut creek, and walnut creek just switched live to 79 degrees. fairfield 80 degrees, santa rosa 82 degrees, san francisco don't forget the coat and sweater, lower 60s. a bit of a breeze out there that will likely strengthen over the next 2 to 3 hours. winds are seven to 10 to 15
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miles per hour and sfo out of the northwest around 10 miles per hour and san jose a little bit weaker. here is this cooler weather pattern. this puppy relief from the inland heat from monday and tuesday. this will begin to kick out. today is not hot but we are going to gradually warm up with those numbers beginning today and the day you will notice the bigger change is on thursday. that will translates to some mid to upper 90s and went. around the coast, mainly in the 60s so i think that once we have that peak away from the coastline tomorrow, temperatures kind of stabilize as we head towards friday. the upcoming weekend, it looks like temperatures should be above average. we are not talking about any sharp cool downs in the future. temperatures this afternoon, santa rosa 86 degrees. still lots of 90s up for clearlake, fairfield, and vacaville as we move toward the bay. oakland, partly to mostly sunny skies, 76 degrees. head inland and you will find some 90s toward concord, antioch, brentwood, and then aho
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-- san jose 95 degrees. san francisco, 69 degrees. the coast mainly in the lower 60s. here is a look ahead. your 5-day forecast with temperatures pumping up at least into the upper 90s. around 97 to 98, possibly 99 degrees inland tomorrow. and then we are just kind of going to hold onto the same old pattern through the weekend friday through saturday with no sharp drop-offs in those readings. parts of the bay area reading climbing up but we have a microclimate so if you don't like the readings, just change your location a little bit. >> sometimes it gets hot along the coast but it looks like a nice stretch of the 60s. >> that usually happens late august through september. we will be on the lookout for that. >> thank you. if you're heading to the beach, there is a warning for you whether you are surfing or swimming, you are asked to be extra careful this weekend because strong sneaker waves and rip currents are expected
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from sonoma county to moderate be. a beach hazard warning goes into effect saturday morning through monday morning. the growth of the big dettwiler fire near yosemite national park has slowed down bring less than 2 mi.2 yesterday according to the latest report from cal fire. that brings the total acres burned to 80,000, 250 -- 80,250. the fire remains 60% contained after destroying at least 60 homes and at least 70 structures. cal fire says 1500 structures still remain threatened. the mariposa county sheriff's office arrested these three people who face charges of stealing fire equipment from crews battling the fire. two men and a woman in the modesto area were taken into custody after a traffic stop on sunday. deputies say they found power tools and other firefighting equipment inside the vehicle. the suspects also face charges of possessing a pipe used for smoking drugs. the white house crackdown on leaks as senators crackdown
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the white house is working to stop leaks as senate leaders crackdown on election meddling.
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>> meantime, republicans continue to debate on health care reform after reaching a majority vote yesterday. ellison barber has the latest. >> knowing exactly who was acting on behalf of the russian government is vital. >> reporter: the senate judiciary committee hearing testimony on russian agents working in the u.s. as senators were to stop meddling in u.s. elections. >> unbeknownst to many americans, a threat posed by our foreign adversaries is growing. >> reporter: not in attendance, donald trump junior and paul manafort, who had an called to testify but negotiated with committee members to reach ritual. >> i am satisfied with the fact that these investigations are moving forward and i think the committees are gaining what they need. >> reporter: this is the president's new communications director says the trump administration is cracking down on leaks inside the white house. >> you are either going to work
12:25 pm
inside the culture the way the president wants it or you are going to be on pennsylvania avenue out here selling postcards to the tourists. >> reporter: with calls from the president, urging him to take a tougher stance, jeff sessions is said to be preparing his own investigation into how sensitive information is leaking out. meanwhile, mr. trump firing off more tweets this morning, further criticizing sessions as questions mount as to whether the attorney general will continue to keep his job. >> i think what you are seeing is an expression of frustration, not a decision. >> reporter: and after yesterday's vote to proceed with vote on health care legislation, senators are discussing legislation to see if they can try to come to an agreement. in washington, ellison barber, fox news. >> president donald trump says apple plans to build manufacturing plants in the u.s. apple is not commenting that the president told the wall street journal he spoke to ceo tim cook who promised three "big, big, big plants." tim cook has fox, in china that builds iphone -- iphones. >> scone is expected to make announcements for wisconsin and michigan. starting next month, ridesharing company uber plans to begin charging customers to
12:26 pm
return any items left behind in cars. drivers will not be able to charge a $15 fee when they successfully return a lost item. uber has already rolled out the policy in chicago and boston and plans to roll it out nationwide by august. meanwhile, -- meanwhile, hewlett-packard ceo meg whitman according to bloomberg is a candidate to lead uber. she has reportedly been meeting with members of their leadership team as part of a short list of six being considered for the job, which uber hopes to fill up by september. an alleged member of a street gang and oakland is now behind bars. officials say his social media post may have led to his downfall. illegal dumping at lake merritt. why officials are warning residents to stop dumping turtles in the lake.
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we have breaking news out of san francisco where we learned a san francisco police officer have been a writ -- has been arrested on child pornography charges. so far, his name has not been released but sfpd sources confirm with ktvu that the officer was arrested by an east bay agency. fox 2 cristina rendon is gathering more information on the story and we will have a complete story for you in our later newscast.
12:30 pm
don't forget, you can always follow us at, twitter and facebook for updates anytime. we are learning more details about the arrest of a suspected gang member by atf agents. >> as amber lee reports, the 21- year-old man posted on facebook leading to his time in jail. >> reporter: he is suspected of leading a street gang that is responsible for a series of robberies in the criminal complaint, federal investigators detail how his online postings helped them build their case against him. agents found pictures of weapons, money and messages boasting about criminal activities written in streets line. >> it helps us make more accurate decisions. >> reporter: former police chief anthony bara runs the criminal section at the ff and says it's extremely helpful to enforcement that arming officers with smart phones and laptops helps solve crimes. >> a lot of people who engage
12:31 pm
in criminal conduct feel they will never be caught. and you know, eventually people and their luck runs out, especially if they are sharing information. >> reporter: agents compared photos from previous arrests and alameda county to his online photos to confirm he is the person they suspect. atf raided his home late last month using the online postings to secure a search warrant. he was arrested. atf agents seized a gun and ammunition leading to an a tight -- indictment. >> they got a want from a judge and they did it the right way. i think it will probably stand up in court and it will do well. >> reporter: zack tutu mapp faces up to 80 -- 18 years for illegal gun position with no bail. during the past 15 years, social media has helped agents solve crimes from recovering stolen items to homicides.
12:32 pm
amber lee, ktvu fox 2. an 18-year-old woman accused of live streaming during a fatal car crash is scheduled to appear in court. obdulia sanchez is touch with vehicular manslaughter and other charges. she is expected to arrive in about 45 minutes. police say she was driving drunk while light sleep -- live streaming on social media when she crashed. her 14-year-old sister was killed after being thrown from the car. another 14-year-old girl, who was also in the backseat survived. in brentwood, police are searching for a group of young people who have been throwing eggs at homes and vehicles. surveillance video shows some of that activity as it happened. police report at least 20 homes
12:33 pm
have been hit in the last month. several homes have an vandalized several times. one person living in the area knows of at least 50 incidents recently. police say the vandals usually hit homes between 1 am and 4:30 am. >> it has created frustration and you know, some of these victims that have been targeted or have suffered the damage that these suspects have caused, we are fully aware of that. >> every act of vandalism is a misdemeanor and a chargeable offense. any incident that causes $400 of damage or more is a felony. if the vandals are juveniles, their parents could be liable for those damages. now to oakland, where police are warning of damages at lake merritt where pet owners have been dump internal -- dumping turtles. >> but those turtles are dying because of something in the leak that many may not notice is there. >> reporter: lake merritt may seem like paradise to some but for many turtles, perhaps including this one covered in algae, the leak becomes an enticing looking deathtrap. >> as the summer comes and less
12:34 pm
runoff is coming into the lake, then eternal will probably have health problems. >> reporter: james robinson, the director of the nonprofit lake merritt institute, which cleans the trash from the lake says want tears have consistently fished out dead and dying turtles and that most are likely former pets dumped here by their owners. >> i saw a total dead right next to the shoreline and he had all of his extremities out and he just wasn't moving. >> reporter: what pet owners may not realize is this is not a freshwater lake. saltwater from the bay runs through here and the salt content is enough to overwhelm freshwater turtles. >> they become dehydrated from the salt water because they are freshwater turtles in the may start having organ failure and it is a slow and unfortunate way to go. >> reporter: robinson says most of the turtles dying in lake merritt are sliders such as these we found out hoffmans reptile store. the owner says most people buy them for their backyard ponds. the sliders are popular in --
12:35 pm
and china experts say they are extremely aggressive, breed rapidly and in freshwater can decimate the populations of pond turtles. at the lindsay wildlife museum, specialist say dumping turtles and improper places is a bay area wide problem. >> kids get them as pets, they go to college and don't want them anymore, plus they get big. having a turtle in your house it takes the appropriate set up. >> reporter: expert advice is to never release a pet into any lake, stream or pond. instead, contact a wildlife rescue organization and let them take it from there. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox 2. next door in berkeley, a woman whose fianci was killed four years ago is fighting to keep his memory alive as a proposed development threatens his memorial. amber nelson was walking home with her fianci adolfo. they had just celebrated his 35th birthday when they were robbed at gunpoint. he was shot and killed.
12:36 pm
to cope with his loss, she covered the crime scene with a mosaic painting and followed it with a mosaic garden. but now a five-story residential property is planned for the site of the mural. >> all of this will be bulldozed and more or less right at this spot will be the driveway to enter into the garage. and so that is a very hard thing for me to take because right at this spot is the heart of the garden. >> nelson plans to reach out to the developer and the berkeley city leaders in hopes of coming up with a solution. in the meantime, there is still a $20,000 reward to help catch the colors. in the south bay, the city of san jose is dealing with a spike in illegal dumping. >> maureen naylor shows there are new tools the city is using to try to clean up the problem. >> yeah, it's common. >> reporter: homeowners around buena vista park in san jose are fed up. >> dressers, sofas, mattresses. >> reporter: where abandoned chairs and mattresses seem to mock the no dumping signs. >> i see people who don't feel
12:37 pm
comfortable putting their name on craigslist dumping their stuff. >> reporter: one help not -- one home owner says things have been put in front of her house for about a month. >> it's frustrating. we have a park across the street so kids play there. every week it's something. >> reporter: other neighbors say home surveillance video caught several people illegally dumping junk in your neighborhood and they want the city to do more. >> it's just getting worse and worse and worse and all they have done is come and remove the items. i mean, that is useful because they remove the junk, but it is just letting more people put stuff down. i mean i know there is laws against it but nobody is enforcing it. >> reporter: so we reached out to the city of san jose. two years ago, the county increased illegal dumping fines from $2500 for the first offense up to $10,000 for the third offense. the city says it has issued 21 citations in the last two years. san jose is trying to let people know about a newly launched program that allows
12:38 pm
residents free, unlimited large item pickups. the city also installed five security cameras in highly dumped areas. it is rolling out a new app called my san jose where residents can report illegal dumping along with other problems. >> we need the evidence. that is where we need help from the residence. so if they see anything, they should contact the city. they can help us and -- in catching these illegal dumpers. >> reporter: san jose says it has a team out every week collecting jump and -- junk and so far has amassed 2000 mattresses, 1200 couches, and about 900 shopping carts just in the 2nd half of last year. >> it should be the city's responsibility to get rid of people's stuff, but people should be more responsible. >> reporter: again, the city of san jose once to stress for free it will pick up large
12:39 pm
items. you just have to schedule it. they say they have increased scheduled pickups by 400% in two years. in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2. the san jose area is third on a new list of the most educated cities in america. wallethub ranked 150 major metropolitan areas based on the percentage of people 25 and older with a bachelors degree. ann arbor, michigan was ranked number one followed by the washington dc and virginia area. san francisco, oakland, and hayward were grouped together on the list. it's almost back to school time and families in the east bay are getting much-needed help buying school supplies. the target store in emeryville donated $100 gift cards to 100 elementary school kids in the oakland unified school district. this morning, they loaded up on paper, pencils, backpacks, clothes and one woman said her family is very grateful for the help. >> it means a lot. for me and my family. we have like eight kids in my house. they are all going together to
12:40 pm
school and we are really grateful for this. i don't have the words for it. i am so blessed to have this opportunity. >> the students were chosen to get gift cards by the oakland education fund and staff. richland hilltop mall is set for a major makeover. according to reports, investors have purchased the struggling shopping center and they have plans to redevelop and rebrand the site. immediate plans include adding lighting to parking lots as well as interior upgrades. the long-term plans include adding 9600 housing units, office space and even hotels. hilltop mall went into bankruptcy four years ago because of high vacancy and a drop in choppers.
12:41 pm
several suspicious fires burning dangerously close to homes in one north bay neighborhood. the latest on the investigation and what a witness saw just as those flames broke out. and bay area temperatures are slowly starting to warm up. we are going to check back in with meteorologist mark tamayo. ♪ seed to the oat to the o, to the bowl to the spo♪n ♪ bowl to the spoon, to the mouth of the boy in the room ♪ room for that goodness... inside him to bloom ♪ ♪ good goes around... and around... and around ♪ ♪ seed to the oat to the o, on the first day of school ♪
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♪ schoolin' your sister on why...and just how to be cool ♪ cool if she hangs, you can show her what's go♪d ♪ good goes around...and around...and around ♪ ♪ good goes around and around ♪
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some tense moments in the south bay after a brush fire broke out near the boulder ridge golf course just after 8:30 pm yesterday. fire crews say about 4 acres burned a barn and may have caused damage. fire crews were able to quickly get it under control and there are no reports of injury.
12:44 pm
now to the north bay where fire crews are investigating a pair of suspicious fires that occurred shortly apart from each other. >> those fires got dangerously close to homes. >> reporter: this resident has her suspicions about what ignited the grass in open space near her house. >> we heard fireworks about 15 minutes before the fire occurred. >> definitely these fires are a concern of ours. >> reporter: no fireworks were found but the fire burned a third of an acre next to this footpath parallel to highway 12 and a witness did see someone leaving the area in a hurry as flames bloke -- broke out. that was saturday afternoon. and just past midnight on sunday, another small fire on the same trail hundred feet from the first. >> in this particular case, we had two really strange fires essentially and then it has stopped for now.
12:45 pm
so now we are back in the monitoring phase to figure out what our next step is going to be. >> reporter: this street, 15 minutes away also lit up 911 on saturday with its own scare when a makeshift camp caught fire. it was deep in the brush and difficult for engines and fire crews to get water hoses into. >> likely a homeless camp. we found cooking materials and propane, butane fire stove that was still burning underneath the tree here. >> reporter: whoever was at the stove had fled. fire danger among homeless campers is an ongoing danger in many communities, especially so when neighborhoods are nearby. >> yeah, that could kill somebody, you know? that could cause damage to the homes. that could hurt somebody. so there should be some kind of oversight. people going back there and breaking up those camps. >> reporter: the overnight fire on the highway 12 footpath
12:46 pm
burned this hardware store and might have taken more but for cool, calm conditions and the fact that dry grass had been mowed. >> the last thing we need is an arsonist. we experienced that a couple of years ago, somebody lighting they can't wants on fire. >> reporter: residents are concerned if there is a fire bugs, he will hit again. >> we use this path all the time so for it to be that close is scary especially because i have children in the house so we are obiri about what goes on. >> reporter: debora villalon, ktvu fox 2. and with temperatures taking up this weekend, there is increased fire danger. >> we are warming up this weekend as we head towards august and september heading toward the peak of the fire season. we have a long way to go over the next few months. at least today, no major heat but still a bump in the numbers compared to yesterday. the other extreme, the cool temperatures keeping things cool near the immediate coast. coming in close, there is the fog from monterey bay. some clearing of the san mateo county coastline. some stubborn overcast out for the golden gate bridge and out toward the moraine headlands, and bolinas as well. it is taking a while for the
12:47 pm
clouds to come back to the coast. current numbers in the 70s toward livermore, concord, walnut creek and fairfield. both 80 degrees right now. san jose 73, san francisco 62, and santa rosa in the lower 70s. a little bit of a breeze out there that will likely strengthen over the next three to 4 -- 3 to 4 hours. out fort fairfield, some more for you. northwesterly at 10 miles per hour and san jose a little bit weaker. this area of low pressure developed near our coastline over the weekend. this will gradually scoot out to the north and east. so with that, we're going to warm things up a little bit today and then into your thursday we will have more pronounced areas as this high pressure returns. thursday is when we are talking
12:48 pm
about mid to upper 90s for the hottest locations and went. getting hot there once again and then the coast mainly in the 60s is the one constant. the beaches haven't warmed up too much yet. we typically warm up via offshore winds that kick up usually late august and september. at least for the coast, temperatures in the 60s. forecast highs this afternoon, once again no major heat, no heat advisories or heat warning >> still some 90s toward fairfield and vacaville. clearlake, mid-90s, santa rosa, mid-90s. lots of 70s here and head inland, you will see those temperatures into the upper 80s to the low 90s toward livermore and antioch, brentwood. san jose, forecast high of 85 degrees, santa cruz 72 degrees and san francisco 69 degrees. the beach is mainly in the low 60s. some patchy fog nearby. here is a look ahead at your 5- day forecast. around the bay, 80s. the beach, 60s. looks like a nice, stable weather pattern with no temperature patterns in the weekend. we will be talking about that a
12:49 pm
lot in every newscast. unfortunately, they can pop up quickly. >> thank you. in san francisco right now, the giants are looking to string together another win following last night's victory. madison bumgarner looked good in his third start after returning from the dl. he allowed 6 hits, one run, struck out four. the giants got out to an early lead. buster posey drove in a run to right-center field and then later in the third, the giants would load up the bases for joe panic. >> osuna, can he get there. he is not going to get there. this is going to clear the basis. joe panic is on his way to third. he makes it. >> nice triple. nunez off the right-field wall. scores a couple of runs. the giants win big. can't say that often these days and that begins the matinee.
12:50 pm
nunez was getting ready to hit in the bottom half of the fifth when he was called back to the dugout. he hugged his teammates and then went back to the clubhouse and returned. the giants are getting a couple of pitching prospects. >> as for the oakland a's, is continues to be a waiting game to see if they will trade sunny gray with the trade deadline approaching. the jays scored 12 unearned rate -- 12 unearned runs. igaz couldn't find an answer. chris davis ran in but davis squashed any hope of a rally. >> here it is. what a play by donaldson. that's the ball game. >> josh donaldson made a great play to end the game. first pitch at 4:07 pm. steph curry starting the third straight summer on tour with the under armor company. he has been taking pictures
12:51 pm
with fans, signing autographs and holding basketball clinics. it has been a busy trip but he and his wife and his brother slowed things down a little bit by practicing tai chi. they will wrap up with a stop in south korea. coming up, filming of the show 13 reasons why is underway. the traffic impact it could have. ♪
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we are working to learn more about a san francisco police officer who was arrested for allegedly possessing child porn. officers tell ktvu the officer was taken into custody by a law enforcement agency in the east bay. >> also continuing in-depth coverage on the transgender band in the u.s. military announced by president donald trump. we will speak to people both for and against the ban on ktvu at 4:00. taking a look at earnings. solid earnings from boeing. suddenly, the dow jones up 87 points. the nasdaq slightly up just more than 5 points. film crews are hard at work in martinez working on season 2 of 13 reason why. >> the film may mean difficult traffic patterns. >> filming is underway in martinez for the second season of 13 reasons why.
12:55 pm
we have been watching them do take after take here in martinez. that means some of these streets between main street and fort street will be shut down until 8 pm this evening. crews are working on the second season of 13 reasons why, the netflix hit which chronicles 18 suicide in the tapes she leaves behind detailing why she ended her life. the season was well received but not without controversy because of its content. some say it explores important issues while others think it glorifies suicide. we don't want to reveal spoilers. that is one reason we're not showing you what they are actually filming today because we don't want to be spoil sports. keep in mind this does mean there is going to be intermittent traffic problems throughout martinez and specifically on main street and port streets until 8 pm this evening. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 .
12:56 pm
the creator of the simpsons is getting a new show on netflix. the latest project is an animated comedy series for adults called disenchantment set in a failing medieval kingdom and it follows a princess, her personal demon, and their elf companion. it's expected to debut on netflix sometime next year. tonight, the u.s. men's national team will go for the gold cup in the finals of a major soccer tournament at levi stadium. police and transportation officials are urging soccer fans to take public transportation to limit traffic. extra light rail trains and buses will be running. it's the men's team versus jamaica for the 2017 gold cup. the tournament features countries from north and central america, and the career -- caribbean. >> there will be detours around the stadium for the game starting at 6:30 pm. a lot of roadways will be closed. you can watch the game on fox sports 1. >> thank you very much for joining us. much more news coming up for
12:57 pm
you right now on as well as ktvu on facebook and twitter. have a great day. get out there before it gets too warm. be back here for the 4 on 2.
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