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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  July 28, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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another nuclear test. north korea launches its second ballistic missile in 24 days. prompting japan to call a national security meeting. >> this launch clearly shows the threat to our security is real and severe. bail request rejected. we are in court as attorneys for a man charged in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire is trying to get released. his bail is reduced to zero. >> it is unjust to have him subject to any bail amount at all. 4 on 2 starts now. on the hot seat for months. today reince priebus got what he is out in another cabinet matter -- members and. >> i want to congratulate john kelly who is done an incredible job as secretary of homeland authority. >> there it is. prays for homeland security director. he made the change official. welcome to 4 on 2. i am frank
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mallicoat . >> i am heather holmes. the announcement just came and it still developing a major shakeup in the west wing. reince priebus is out as chief of staff . it was after public attacks from the knook medications director, anthony scaramucci. he was with the president for a speech in new york. reince priebus give his resignation yesterday. the president thanked him on twitter for his service and dedication. republicans are trying to regroup after the defeat of legislation and the repeal to the obamacare. as senator john mccain cast the deciding vote just days after being back. president trump seemed to threaten to undermine the current healthcare law. >> at was keeping -- reporter: president donald j. trump was given a close eye on the vote.
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three republicans and everything that failed the american people. it was now time to let obamacare fail. >> mr. president, this is clearly a disappointing moment. reporter: after seven years of promises to rollback obamacare and three failed votes this week, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, threw in the towel. the early friday morning vote was 49-51, after hours spent trying to win over skeptical republicans. such as john mccain. who in and, voted no. >> let's turn the page and work together, to improve our healthcare system. reporter: apart from healthcare, at also has his health -- cancel with his own demonstration. >> it is hurtful, but the president of the united states is a strong leader. reporter: attorney general attorney general jeff sessions spoke to his counterpart in el salvador. >> the pleasure of the president ? he was to make a change and he can certainly do so. i will be glad to yield in that circumstance. no doubt about it reporter:
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meanwhile, cart's new communication director, anthony scaramucci , is an up power struggle with chief of staff, reince priebus. he made how different headlines for his profanity laced tirade with a reporter. >> he is a passionate guy. sometimes that passion gets the better of him. he used colorful language that i do not anticipate he will do again. reporter: it is worth noting, that during the briefing at the white house, sarah huckabee sanders would not say if president donald j. trump has confidence in his chief of staff. you will remember the last time that happened was with fbi director james comey, who was fired not long after. in washington, garrett tenney, fox news. for more now, we are joined by our political analyst for ktvu . let's start with the chief of staff, reince priebus. he is out and john kelly is in. >> john kelly is a four-star
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marine. someone well known in washington dc. he worked with people like leon panetta and other people. he will make a great chief of staff on condition. that his boss allows him to rule the way he is supposed to. with discipline and getting everyone in line. being a gatekeeper. >> how much of a role do you think anthony scaramucci played in this ? we all remember the tweet yesterday which he later deleted. he tagged fox 2 news at 4 p.m., saying he would contact the fbi about leaks. >> sadly, we keep hearing that there needs to be an adult in the room. there needs to be an adult in the room and kelly may be it. when you talk about anthony scaramucci , they spend more time trying to climb on top of each other to get ahead, then they do taking care of the nations business. that has been bothering me since day one. the answer to your question is
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maybe it has of the to do with it. i think reince priebus was on the hot seat for long time. >> how about healthcare ? they go into the wee hours of the morning. a republican senator was diagnosed with brain cancer, and he was the deciding vote. can work something out ? >> etiquette is take a break for a while now. let cooler heads prevail. i think republicans have to get over this very significant loss. this was one of the cornerstones of the president's campaign. after seven years, they cannot get it done. democrats, for their part, they have to come to the play at some point have to be part of the solution. they can't be part of the problem. eventually, if they can finally get back into the room and start talking about this, that would be great. there are so many other things on the docket that require bipartisan operation. tax reform, national security, social security, healthcare -- at some point. it requires someone getting
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along. >> it seems like no one wants to get along. no one wants to give trump any credit. and they don't want to give democrats credit. >> that is right. to your point, the idea that someone who is ill with advanced brain cancer flies out and cast that vote. it speaks to who john mccain was in his career. he was happy to vote and have a debate. he never said i am voting for the skinny repeal. >> what kind of message is it when the president continues to fire staff member after staff member ? >> it is total chaos. i was kidding with somebody earlier. it was great political satire with automobiles. i saw a bumper sticker and it said, let the clown expect the circus.
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no offense. the point is, it is speaking to what is going on in the white house. there is now a semblance of order. john kelly, i think, can bring order. >> we want to bring up one thing a lot of people are talking about. the president was at long island. during his speech, he seemed to suggest it is okay if police rough up gang suspects. >> we are getting them out anyway. we would like to get them out faster. and we you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon, you just see them thrown in. rough i said please don't be too nice. like when you guys put someone in the car and you protect their head. the way you put the hands -- like do not hit their head. and they just killed somebody. i said you can take the hand away, okay ?
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>> it seemed to be suggesting the police not worry about any potential fall out if wrapping up suspects. >> this is classic donald trump. someone may see i've seen when they do the head thing and i ask why are they so nice ? he is a guy who is not subtle. you know what ? he appeals to a lot of people because he does say what a lot of people think. >> his whole campaign was based on that regular guy side. this is what we will do. >> yes. and half of america at that time voted for him. and i am sure, a lot of those people still believe in what he talks about he still has the chance, by the way, to turn this thing around. and get people working together. he has to lose that twitter account. >> we will see if john kelly gets some of that done. >> thank you brian. we move on to the ghost ship fire case. one of the two men charged had
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his bail reduced today. he was not happy about it. henry lee joins us live in the newsroom. reporter: max harris described as the da as the second-in-command of the ghost ship. he wanted to be set free with no bail. he did not get what he wanted. he wants out of jail. he is one of two men charged with involuntary manslaughter in the oakland ghost ship warehouse fire that killed 36 people. on friday, even though his bill was reduced, he is not rejoicing. >> he is not happy about today. he will not be able to move forward. we will try to raise the bail. we will try our best. he is not happy. reporter: cameras were not allowed in court. as the attorney asked his judge to release him on his own recognizance without bail. has no criminal history. just kevin murphy declined to release harris out right. he was concerned over whether he had a regular job.
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the fact that he traveled to the virgin islands and to los angeles where he was arrested the judge did reduce his bail from over $1 million to $750,000. the defense says, that is too much. >> i disagree respectfully with the judges decision. i am not sure how he arrived at the amount. it is obviously a series thing that 36 people died. in my opinion, it is not a factor that the judge was considering. truck alameda -- reporter: ballymena district attorney multiplied the 36 people by an amount to account for the amount. the defense said that was nonsensical. and the fire should be considered a single event. the district attorney said harris helped create a fire trap at the warehouse. according to his attorneys, harris is innocent of the charges. he is an artist who tried to put out the fire and save lives. >> he is incarcerated with rapists and people who hunt the
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people down and killed people. people who rob banks. those are the conditions he is in. it is unjust to have him subject to any bail amount at all. even one dollar bail is too much. mark my words, we will get max harris out for trial. reporter: eric l mena the manchester -- the master tenant, is expected to make a similar pitch for bail. five of the six defendants held in -- held for the murder of miss flow appeared in court today. prosecutor say all five played some sort of role in the killing of miss flow last september. they say johnny brown a 19-year- old zachary q and into the woman's home as part of the robbery and burglary. they beat and assaulted that 88- year-old woman. they are both charged with murder. brown's mother is being held for harboring a fugitive.
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another is being charged with hiding evidence. a friend, willie king is being accused of being an accessory to the crime. it is important to try all of the defendants at the same time. >> we have to prove this case and their roles together. the evidence affects all defendants equally. it is important for the community, in order to expedite and make sure that justice is found for this family and the community. >> the five defendants in court today will enter pleas on december 8. a six person charged in the case, 19-year- old jennifer human is is being tried separately and will be back in court on august 10. police arrested a juvenile accused of stealing a passenger cell phone. police say the juvenile suspect and victim were at a valley station around 7:30 pm when the suspect grabbed the phone and try to run away. police say they found the suspect with three other young people, but they were not involved with the theft.
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it has launched a public awareness campaign to help prevent theft. the thefts continue to happen. >> within the bart system , we are still seen a large number of cell phone pocket that's. we will continue to stay active and enforce on the trains. >> we spoke with the victim will have the story coming up at 5 pm. sadness in london and beyond. the british baby at the center of a legal battle that captured the world attention has died. coming up, a 2 investigates update. while a babysitter filed for bankruptcy. a bit of a cool down across most of the area we are talking about a warming trend as we head into the weekend. triple digits will return in the five day forecast.
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weekdays at 5 pm we are ready for you.
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a 2 investigates update. dozens of people who say they were victimized to be area babysitting agency me needs -- never see the money they are owed. >> we told you about the investigation against wonder center by the san francisco da office. 2 investigates found out the company we filed for bankruptcy. >> since the agency operates each -- statewide, agents are looking into wonder center.
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they got a call that wonder center hired a new attorney and is filing for bankruptcy. wonder center is based in san francisco . currently the company and its owner are being criminally investigated for owing local and out-of-state babysitters tens of thousands of dollars of unpaid wages. parents say they are not getting their money back. the babysitters have denied speaking with 2 investigates. so far more than 90 have come forward saying together they are more does record more than $85,000. we have tried to contact wonder center. the last time we saw the owner she ran from our cameras. >> will you pay the babysitters ? >> what is going on ? reporter: you sound angry. >> i am angry. >> many of the sitters are frustrated and angry. will they get paid ? it is still unclear in terms of bankruptcy, wonder center has not filed anything official yet. if this company calls for bankruptcy, it becomes much
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more complicated. a third-party legal expert tells me the victims would have to hire attorneys and go to court. something many of them say they cannot afford in money and time. >> candace, if they cannot go after the company, can they go after the owner ? >> heather, it would be externally difficult. wonder sitters is an llc, a limited liability company. it is structured in a way that protects and vigil members. we move along now. firefighters in antioch are investigating three more suspicious fires. leigh martinez reports that fires could be the work of a serial arsonist. reporter: behind these houses on gary avenue, that is where the fire was burning. we talked to one neighbor that says the fence is blackened behind his house. if you turn over to the right side, there is a hill that leads to behind these houses. you will see the railroad tracks. fire officials say the fire started in the grassy area.
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luckily a vacationing colorado firefighter saw it first. the off-duty colorado springs firefighter, matthew chavez was in antioch visiting grandparents. he jumped into action. here is what a garden hose. it was a good thing he was there to help. the fire was not far from the home. >> we stopped the fire spreading to my grandmother's house and the neighbors as well. you have to do it safely and make sure it is not getting to the trees. make sure it is not coming in behind you. you to constantly check that. since it had burned it black, i was able to jump into the black. reporter: one fire was reported on sunset drive off of highway 4 yesterday afternoon. the other two were near hillcrest avenue. our investigators are under the assumption that it has been -- it is arson. it is all under investigation right now. there is no suspect at this
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time. reporter: there were seven fires last week, coming dangerously close to buildings, such as a school and a church and apartment complex. they were set within one mile of each other. and within one hour. the fire officials say crews were rushing to get from fire to fire. which gave the next fire more time to burn, before firefighters could attack it. they have a suspect description they are working off of. so far, no arrests have been made. all of these fires are within close proximity to each other. fire officials say they have looked at and eliminated all possibilities that these were naturally occurring fires. they believed they were intentionally set. in antioch leigh martinez fox 2 news. we will turn things over to meteorologist mark tamayo. warm days lined up. >> they are stacking up into next week. next week could be hot inland.
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thankfully, we have fog around the bay. this is capping the temperatures along the shoreline. this is good news. if we do not have this, the entire baywood heat up. with micro clouds and fog. another camera. the extreme looking out toward mount diablo. things have dried out with the grass. temperatures will be in the 90s. eventually approaching 100 degrees as we head into next week. on the satellite we have fog in the southern half of the california coastline in the bay area. down toward central and southern california are closer to los angeles. was to have dodger breeze as well. near portions of the coastline. other parts of the area have cleared out nicely with warming amateurs. today, not too hot. comfortable toward santa rosa. 87 degrees. most areas a bit cooler temperatures down by dij to 8 degrees.
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saturday, 78. oakland, 75. san francisco downtown, 78 degrees. 7 am tomorrow, 66. lunch time, partly sunny with 60s 68 emma with fair skies and patchy, coastal fog. closer to ocean beach. here is the plan tomorrow. with coverage, 8 am, half moon bay and ocean beach and extending across the bay out toward oakland, berkeley and hayward. the clouds clear back to near the coastline by 4 pm. like today. we are thinking 90s and land toward antioch and livermore. it is pleasant around the bay. santa rosa, 90. a stretch of hot temperatures and land, headed our way. temperatures close to 90 degrees. we will talk about the big warm- up in the five day forecast in a few minutes. the terminally ill baby have died -- has died.
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charlie gard, the terminally ill british baby at the center of a legal and ethical battle that attracted the attention of pope francis and u.s. president donald trump, died friday. the doctor said the treatment would not help them and might cause him to suffer. yesterday, the judge moved that charlie be moved to hospice and taken off life support charlie would have turned 1 next friday coming up next, chilling details emerge about a murder on a cruise ship off the alaska coast. white one man says he snapped, killing his wife. that is next.
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a utah man allegedly killed his wife while on a cruise ship in alaska, and told a witness he did it because she wouldn't stop laughing at him, the fbi said. a criminal complaint that she may have died because she was laughing at her husband. reporter: laughter is what may have led to the death of a woman aboard kenneth ray manzanares, 39, was a cruise ship off charged thursday in the killing the coast of of his wife kristy manzanares alaska.while aboard the emerald princess cruise ship. according to the fbi, he said she would not stop laughing at me. when asked by someone what happened ? >> christie was a beautiful girl. she would light up a room whenever she walked into it occur smile just put people at ease. reporter: christie suffered a severe head wound. blood was found throughout the cabin.
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and on her husband. who told authorities, my life is over, as he was being searched. the criminal complaint also says he was seen trying to drag his wife -- weiss body to a balcony. >> we do not know what he intended to do once he got her out there. reporter: the emerald princess carries 3400 passengers and 1100 crewmembers on a weeklong trip. passengers were kept on board for hours as the investigation was underway report say a murder mystery dinner show was going on the night of kristi's death. and some passengers initially thought the situation may have been part of the show. a preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled for next month. the fbi is leading the investigation because the killing happened at sea. in los angeles, jonathan hunt, fox news. there certainly is a lot that is new about the
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49ers. coming up, we will talk with our sports anchor. about the fresh start as 49ers begin training. >> i think every thing about this team. world leaders are reacting after north korea watches another missile. it touches down in japanese waters. more when we come back. more news and more ways to watch. that is the power of 2.
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tensions continue to go up
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on the north korean and insula. another ballistic missile was put off. reporter: north korean -- north korea lunches the missile flew into space before landing in the sea of japan. this launch clearly shows the threat to our security is severe. this is the second launch since july 4, when north korea launched a ballistic missile the first time. >> this is an extremely problematic action, as well as a clear violation of united nations security council resolutions. reporter: earlier this week, the house passed sanctions against the regime in light of the growing threats. house speaker paul ryan issued a statement saying, north korea is a global mass. is pursuit of nuclear intercontinental intercontinental ballistic missiles pose a clear and immediate danger to our national security. a comes on the heels of the
4:32 pm
army's top officer, discussing the danger the u. s. faces with north korea. >> we are at a point in time where choices have to be made. one way or the other. none of these choices are particularly palpable. reporter: this comes as united states is getting ready to test the anti-ballistic missile for the second time this month. the system is aimed at shooting down short and medium range missiles. not long-range missiles. and london, greg hawkeye ktvu fox two news. and a report shows traffic on bay area bridges are starting earlier than ever before. the number of drivers crossing the bay bridge at 4 am has gone up 36 percent, over the past couple of years. on the san mateo bridge, researchers found traffic to the 4 am in our has increased 31 percent of the last two years. the dumbarton bridge has seen a
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39 percent spike. >> early in the morning now. around 5 am it is backed up. before, used to be on here at 5:30 am and it was clear. now at 5 am, it is backed up already. >> it is hard to pinpoint why more people head out the door earlier. researchers say the growing economy is a factor. on the bay bridge, the toll jumps from four dollars to six dollars and 5 am. the golden gate bridge district will have a remodel of the toll plaza. it calls for a redesigned toll entry for the structures the hangover that each lane. the old entry was built for the toll takers, who do not do it anymore. new designs do not have booths between each lane. so there is more room for the car and the risk is lower for
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crashes. the new look for 49ers opens training camp. >> a new gm and head coach. hopefully, a new attitude. the only one 2 games. >> when you come off that season you want everything. now reminders of what happened in the past. the 49ers took the field today for their first full practice of the summer. they were without one player. it was an important part of the future. about halfway to practice, the defensive line man wearing 94, jogged out onto the field. to join the new phil -- team. the third player pick overall. they agree to a four-year contract. thomas join a group that should make up core strength for years to come. three straight drafts, 49ers have taken a defensive line man in first round. eric arms dad and now thomas. he played college ball down the road at stanford. he knows the challenges that
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face the new team. he was standing by waiting for word from his agent that his deal was done. >> i ran down to the locker room at the majority on real?. i just got out. >> everyone wants to get out and rebuild this team. it is great energy. being out there today on the first day, i could tell there is energy. we are ready to compete. i'm ready to add what i can. >> we have a lot of talent up front. it is exciting to see that this year. being able to see that you can come out and the bar does not drop. it stays the same level. knowing that you have guys that will be able to rotate with you. it brings a lot of confidence. within each other. trusting each other i am really excited for this season. >> what is the old saying.
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defense wins championships ? the 49ers have addressed that in the last three drops. not only have they taken three defensive lineman in the first round for three straight years, they also took a linebacker. foster is another first round pick this season. they are inexperienced, and young. they hope they will be much better than they were. >> this is the fourth head coach in four years ? hopefully, shanahan will hang around. >> you cannot judge much at this time a year i have been around a long time. you get a vibe and a sense when you're in the building. you get a sense on the field. you also get a sense of the support people. what is their attitude ? do they have a spring in their step ? >> is that what you are seeing ? >> yes you got it right with the gm and head coach. last year, they had the weakest roster in the entire league. you nate allen also. it feels like they have taken the proper steps. >> great players make great
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coaches >> rebuilding is a process. >> yes, and it is a culture change it is a difficult thing. >> the feeling is oh, here we go again. it is hard to change that if you see good teams come by -- from behind in the fourth quarter, having those guys pull out a good one it is because they believe it. you can look at franchises. we have seen it over long periods of times in the bay area. the raiders were a dysfunctional organization a short time ago. look at the season they had. the warriors, you can make the same case for them. they are a model franchise. it can be done. changing the culture is the first thing. >> i am ready for football. the president taking a major crackdown on gang violence. saying we will destroy him as
4:38 pm
14. -- ms 14. and whether, a bit cooler portions of the bay area. fog and tracking a big warm-up. triple digits will return to portions of the area ♪
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traveled to rhode island to
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announce united states will take a hard line on a violent gang. he announced please should treat suspects roughly while in custody. his appearance was met by conflict. reporter: according to the justice department, the ms 13 gang has grown to have 30,000 members nationwide. over 70 living in the u. s. >> we will find you and arrest you. we will address -- jail you and support you. reporter: president donald j. trump and as in united states is cracking down on the brutal street gang, and fy13. is site of his declaration was intended to send a message. long island, said to be the epicenter of ms 13 violence. it is a -- it is particularly affected by the streaking. >> they have transformed pizza parts and beautiful, quiet neighborhoods into blood stained, killing fields. they are animals. reporter:
4:42 pm
combating ms 13, was a key talking point of his campaign. hundreds showed up in protest. they said we are saddened and outraged to have president donald j. trump seek out these opportunities for political gain. and an anti-immigrant agenda. the director of ice weight and with a message. >> it is not okay to violate the laws of this country. we will enforce the law. reporter: the president going off topic. i said from the beginning, let obamacare implode. reporter: the president renewed his president to build a wall on the mexico border. this week, the house allocated $1.6 billion to pay for the construction. and ministration officials say in the coming months, they will make a major push for that funding in the final budget. in washington, carolyn shively fox news. there is new fall out from the record drought several years back. a uc davis study finds a number
4:43 pm
of dead trees in the lake tahoe basin has doubled to 70,000 in the past year. researchers are blaming the drought environmentalists say trees are prone to disease and beetle infestation. meantime, researchers detected a growing number of invasive species in the water. including degraded clarity of lake tahoe. are you ready for a road trip ? >> sign me up. tahoe will be beautiful this weekend. they have gotten thunder storms this week. in the bay area, we have clear skies. except fog near the shoreline. keeping those temperatures on the cool side. in lens, a different story. today, we cool off a bit. look what is headed our way. a stretch of 90s near livermore. triple digits toward tuesday, wednesday and thursday next week close to 100 degrees. that is what is headed our way
4:44 pm
for the inland section. another round of heat. the fog will be up and down the coast. central and southern california, coming closer. we also have onshore winds a westerly wind in place, keeping temperatures comfortable coast side. we should be thankful for this onshore wind. otherwise, hot temperatures across the entire bay area record high for san francisco , 103 degrees. can you imagine making the city like that ? that is not the case right now. 61 right now with onshore breeze. 90s out toward concorde and fairfield. livermore at 90. santa rosa upper 80s. this is what will develop next week. excessive heat watch. not posted for the bay area. just out to the east and north. we could have temperatures easily topping 100 degrees, possibly 112. this is for an extended period
4:45 pm
of time. monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. it could be extended to include more of the bay area into next week. the 112 is not for us, but to give you an idea of how extreme it could be for northern california. high pressure is in charge of the weather pattern. it is sticking around. the only thing that dictates our pattern is a onshore wind. it can cool things off. that is what happened today. for tomorrow, not much change. warmest locations is mid 90s. we will warm things back up by sunday and into monday and tuesday of next week. tech on wednesday and thursday. still hot inland. thankfully, the onshore breeze will temperatures coast side the microclimate is kicking in next week. here is the forecast model, showing some of the fog tomorrow morning. imagine and iron -- and iron. reduced visibility for the golden gate bridge around the bay bridge. 8 am tomorrow morning. cloud near the coastline.
4:46 pm
familiar summertime weather pattern. bringing brighter colors to reflect the hot temperatures inland. not extremely hot yet. santa rosa at 90. fairfield, 92 right around the bay, comfortable in 70s for oakland and hayward. inland, mainly 90s. san jose, 83. cal raleigh, the garlic festival. 92 degrees. san francisco , upper 60s. coast main to low 60s. here is a look ahead. five day forecast. talking about the hot temperatures inland. thankfully, numbers tell a different story. if you want cooler temperatures, you know the drill. drive west. from garlic to music and art, there are plenty of ways to entertain the family this weekend. >> a busy weekend. here is rosemary orozco with
4:47 pm
weekend watch. reporter: the weekend is near and here is what is happening around the bay area. and san francisco enjoy a unique, free outdoor jazz concert. sf jazz and the golden gate national park conservancy join forces to bring you the event starting at 1 pm. in the east bay, went to the sky and you will find the berkeley festival for kites. you can make a free kite or buy one at the festival which includes music, food and a kid zone. there also kite flying demonstrations at berkeley marina with a free show in the parking lot at golden gate fields. or head to alameda for the art and one fair. complete with arts and crafts and food and beverage vendors. a kid zone and live music on stage on park street. and the south bay, get your fill of garlic at the annual gilroy garlic festival this weekend. the outdoor festival has garlic pickles, fries, day, calamari and ice cream. less entertainment on three stages, like cooking contests,
4:48 pm
arts and crafts, wine tasting and a children's area. fitness fans can head to the fitness expo in san jose. the martial arts, powerlifting, strongman and wrestling competitions. +200 vendors of fitness products and services at the san jose convention center. in the north bay, it is the fort rock festival at fort ross historic park on saturday. featuring live music, a multicultural bizarre, beer garden and children activities. is our homes -- i am san jose's diridon station and that is your weekend watch. frank in the newsroom with a look at what is coming up. including more coverage of the biggest white house staff she got yet reporter: presidents chief of staff reince priebus is out. he just to the media about what happened. will have part of that interview coming up tonight at 5 pm >> it proves that people with good jobs are struggling to find a home. >> we were going to talk to eight big area woman who is
4:49 pm
living -- a b area woman who is living out of her car. she hopes by sharing her story it will open a dialogue about the lack of affordable homes in the bay area. >> we will see you at 5 pm. next, the power of kindness spreading and one e. bay city. how rocks with a positive message painted on them are popping up in parks. more, when we come back.
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4:51 pm
people enjoying a summer afternoon at livermore city park may find themselves on a treasure hunt. >> some people are painting and hiding colorful rocks with positive messages painting on them for others to find.
4:52 pm
>> the idea came from a local resident. the power of kindness is contagious. [music playing] >> we are teaching children about kindness and how to spread kindness. how finding the perfect message at a perfect time can change the trajectory of your day, your week or your life. >> teaching them very young how a word has power.[music playing]>> this feels good. i am happy. >> i found my rock. >> i am hoping our rocks can go beyond random acts of kindness. to change so with confidence. dropping a note at the cancer
4:53 pm
center. something that meets people where they are. they do not have to go looking for it they are just finding it. >> i found it. >> sometimes you just need those positive words. to let you know you are doing great and hanging in there. it is just so important to me. we do not have enough of it around. >> a few little rock stars. very cute. a big day for tesla motors ceo elon musk. he is handing over the first model 30's to their owners. at around 35,000 apiece. the first car tesla plans to mass-produce. the goal of dealing 1 million -- delivering 1 million in the first three years. the first owners are tesla employees. also today, elon monk is expected to deliver the vision for the future. it is a dream come true. >> this ever happened to us.
4:54 pm
teachers in the marion county school district and florida are being told not to assign homework for students in elementary school. instead, students must read or have someone read to them for 20 minutes a night. the superintendent says research shows reading has more of a positive effect in homework. some parent support the concept, others are against no homework policy. they say children will forget what they learned in class if they do not follow it up afterward. >> this brings us to our question of the day. you think schools should do away with homework ? >> this is a close one. 57 percent of people think homework should stay around. 43 percent of people agree with the decision to just get rid of it. >> you can take the poll on our website, or honor this book or twitter pages. more to come.
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russia hitting back at the u. s. after the senate approved new sanctions on moscow. >> as andy kellogg tells us, russian did something -- russia did something similar last year. reporter: russia is pushing back foreign ministry ordering america to reduce the number of demo crowds -- demo diplomats in the country. >> we are measured in our
4:58 pm
reactions. at some point we will have to respond. it is impossible to endlessly enter affective behavior toward our country. reporter: the move comes a day after the senate approved the new package of financial sanctions on the country. as well as iran and north korea. is meant as punishment for a russia interfering in 2016 election. as well as military action in ukraine and syria. the sections are meant to be against russian president vladimir putin. >> united states of america needs to send a strong message to vladimir putin and any other aggressor that we will not tolerate attacks on our democracy. >> any further attempts to degrade our democracy will meet further sanctions and actions. reporter: if russia's retaliation seems familiar. it is. late last year president obama and expelled 35 russian diplomats and u. s. other countries are getting caught up
4:59 pm
in the legislation. the eu keeping a close watch on any potential economic impacts on your. amy kellogg, fox news. ktvu box 2 news at 5 pm starts now. chief of staff reince priebus is out president donald j. trump has replaced him with homeland security secretary general john f kelly. more upheaval of the white house as we head into the weekend. good evening, i am julie haener. >> im frank somerville. at announced the departure of reince priebus reince priebus said he gave his resignation yesterday after six months on the job. all of this comes after some very harsh public attacks for the presidents knook medication director, anthony scaramucci, who called reince priebus paranoid . today, cart thanked reince priebus for his service and dedication. just before the news broke, president donald j. trump had prays for general john kelly,
5:00 pm
who will take over the job. >> i want to congratulate john kelly, who has been an incredible secretary of homeland security. one of our real stars. truly one of our stars. >> in an interview with cnn in the past hour, reince priebus said he would stay on for a couple of weeks during the transition. he refused to discuss the circumstances of his departure. >> i want to congratulate john kelly, who has done an incredible job as secretary of homeland security. incredible. one of our real stars. truly whatever stars. >> in a brief statement this afternoon, general john kelly said he is honored to be asked to serve as president trump's new chief of staff. >> this news comes hours after the gop effort to repeal obama care failed to win passage in the u.s. senate. today president donald j. trump


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