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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  July 28, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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warehouse fire. struck the federal agent whose gun was used to kill a woman in seven cisco two years ago will be allowed to testify at the murder trial the department of interior had originally barred that agent from testifying. a judge now says the agent will take the stand to testify about his gun. the defendant, juan francisco lopez-sanchez , is in and document it immigrant accused of shooting the woman with a stolen gun. it belonged to the agent of land management you are watching ktvu fox 2 at 6:30 pm. the police department and texas has taken all 40 spores out of service. after three officers got sick with what is believed to be carbon monoxide poisoning the department is in the process of switching out its patrol cars with older existing cars in the department. >> federal auto safety agency is expanding the investigation of possible carbon monoxide leaks and explores. especially police vehicles.
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>> our reporter made inquiries a police agencies that use the ford explorer. reporter: ford explorer suvs are among the most common please vehicles in the nation. based on more than 2700 police and consumer complaints, the national highway traffic safety in menstruation has decided to expand its investigation into whether some of the explorers have dangerous carbon monoxide defect leaks in fact, the austin, texas police department is pulling all 439 of its explores from service. after one of its officers felt ill from carbon monoxide poisoning. and dozens of other officers in several departments complained of ill effects. >> we know that it is unsafe. we know how unsafe it is. we know that the outside -- that they could die. >> it is an issue that over my 30 years in law enforcement, that we have never faced an
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issue like this. reporter: initially, ford denied any knowledge of the problem it said it is creating with the federal -- cooperating with the federal education. ford suggested police may have affected the cars as they added equipment to them for law enforcement. until this is all figured out, richmond police department are by cheap insurance and effective insurance. carbon monoxide detectors. richmond is the latest department to install detectors as san francisco already has. >> we have not had any problems with them . there have been reports from other law- enforcement agencies and individuals that use this vehicle. of carbon monoxide poisoning. and an abundance of caution, six months ago, sf pd decided to install alarm systems that would alert the driver and occupants inside if the levels of carbon monoxide were high. reporter: the chp, would neither confirm or deny a problem. the issue that they issued a statement saying like all vehicles, occasionally
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complaints arise and the chp takes them seriously. and addresses them on a case-by- case basis. tom vacar, ktvu fox news. struck a short time ago, ford issued the statement we have not found elevated levels of carbon monoxide and regular ford explorers. to address police customers who drive modified vehicles in unique ways, we will cover the cost of specific repairs in every police interceptor utility that may have carbon monoxide concerns. two men and two teens expected to break into more than 50 cars in just one night last week, have now been arrested police arrested 20- year-old john robertson and 20- year-old brian randall. the 16 and 17-year-old were also taken into custody their identities are not being released because of their ages. the four suspects are accused of breaking into 17 cars. at a hampton inn parking lot in brentwood.
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last friday. stealing one of the cars. investigators say the suspect smashed the windows of another 36 cars in livermore a few hours later. police say they were looking for valuables and car keys. in berkeley, police are asking for the public's help finding a shooting suspect. no one was injured. to homes near ashley were hit by bullets. it happened last month on saturday, june 24 around 4:30 pm. investigators are asking anyone who may have seen anything, or anyone with security camera footage from the afternoon to give them a call. in san francisco, it can be dangerous for pedestrians to cross the street . for people with disabilities, it can be even more dangerous. >> one group is working to increase the amount of time on pedestrian signals across fox. reporter: it is one of the most dangerous intersections in san francisco that -- masonic and gary. imagine crossing it with a walker. >> they blow the horn and they
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yell and say get the hell out of the way. reporter: or, what if you are nearly blind. >> i tried my best not to get killed. reporter: alice and this group from san francisco says the city needs to give seniors and those with disabilities more time to cross the street . >> it is scary when people are pushing you. you get more nervous when people are honking. reporter: each year in san francisco, more than 20 pedestrians are killed by cars. >> the seven cisco municipal transportation agency needs to add timing. it is a process of working with them to commence them and see where we can get the time length and. reporter: last year, 44 percent of all people killed in city traffic were 65 years or older yet, they constituted 50 percent of the population. >> six years ago my mom was hit by a car as a pedestrian when crossing. reporter: jenny's mother judy, suffered brain damage as a result of the accident now she has to have round-the-clock care. >> she has severe depression
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and ptsd. reporter: she has made it her life's mission to make it safe for everyone. the city says it is improving cross times from four feet per 2nd to 3 1/2 feet. for this particular intersection, and permits are underway. >> people have a tendency to step on the pedal and go. and do not look at front of them. reporter: one of those people is jean francis lynch. who today, was not able to cross the street in 20 seconds. >> i have had back surgery. i have a vision problem. i have a lot of problems. i want to keep moving. reporter: in san francisco, tara moriarty. items considered priceless by one collector have now been returned to the rightful owner. the items seen in the photo, tweeted by tacoma police were stolen from a storage locker. investigators were able to track down the goods.
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the suspect has been arrested. police say the items were part of a 20 year collection. coming up, tesla ceo elon musk goes on twitter. the release of the brand-new model 3.
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it is a big night for tesla motors. in just a few hours, ceo elon musk plans to hand over the first model three electric cars to the new owners.
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it costs about $35,000. it is the first tesla card they plan to mass-produce. they have set a goal of delivering 1 million model threes over the next three years. 3 to 50,000 people have arty put down a $1000 deposit to get one. some of the first owners even keys tonight are tesla employees. they are being asked to help the company work out the final bugs. this weekend marks the 38th annual toyota and hr eight national races in sonoma. it kicked off today with the qualifying races. the races will continue through sunday. if you are traveling near the sonoma raceway. you may want to prepare for expert -- extra traffic on highway 37. gates open at 8 am saturday and sunday. and the south bay, the gilroy garlic festival is underway the three-day festival will have garlicky pickles, fries, steak, calamari and more. entertainment on three stages,
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like cooking contests, arts and crafts, winetasting and a children's area. the festival runs from 10 am through 7 pm today through sunday. tickets cost $20 per day for adults and food and drinks cost extra between two dollars and $15 at each booth. coming up, the faces of the homeless are not what they used to be. >> i am embarrassed. because i do not want to be looked down upon. or talked about. after the break, we hear from a woman who works at facebook. she still cannot afford a home. how she things tech companies can help. we are tracking the fog and the heat. all that after you get back from the break. k.
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with rising rent and one of the nation's most expensive real estate markets, many people around the bay area struggle to find ways to keep a roof over their heads. >> and ruben tells us even a job at facebook is not enough to keep one woman for maine homeless. reporter: unique portions nickname is pinky. a pink hair, pink car and a pink dog. things are not as rosy as they appear. back i tell people all the time, stop looking at what people has a what you see on the outside. on the outside, she is a model facebook worker who runs a nonprofit in her spare time. the reality is she lives out of her car. since april. >> everything i do is hear.
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this is my life. this car means everything to me, because it is all i have. reporter: except she has student loans and medical bills. even with her salary, and apartment can run more than $2000 a month it is just out of reach. >> i don't want to be talked about are looked down upon. reporter: until now she is not told her coworkers at facebook she is homeless. it is a matter of pride. >> they see me smile at work. i peer to be happy and look normal. reporter: she decided now was the time to talk about the situation. in starting a dialogue with the high cost of living. >> i think companies need to look at the salaries that we are paid. enough money to survive. reporter: tonight she broke down renting a hotel room. so she could get a light sleep. she says she is trying to stay positive and she desperately wants a home.
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and a sense of security. >> my peace of mind. reporter: she is been working at facebook for two months. already she is looking at getting a second job to help and meet. ann rubin ktvu fox news. was get a check of the weather. the weekend is here. >> a little amped. a little cooler today. temperatures inland state hot. temperatures along the coast will be cool if you go to sacramento, chico and modesto, it will be really hot. the weekend will be beautiful. what ever you like about today, you would like saturday and sunday. sunday will be warmer. there is fog along the coast. the winds are working out of the north. that sets us up with a high
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building in. current temperatures -- this is the story. as you look at the excessive heat watch for next week. the weekend will be nice. the headline to me is this south bay heat 100 degree plus temperatures every day. starting pretty much tomorrow and taking us through next week. that heat is brutal. excessive heat watch for the folks and read.  that does not mean sacramento to stockton. as i have said millions of times, of all the weather events, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, it is heat that takes the most lives and causes the most devastation. to people. as we go into tomorrow, the heat is linking into that valley mainly on the east side of the valley. this is for us. minor cooling for us.
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sunday warmer. monday a little warmer. tuesday, it will be mild around here. we will have a persistent fog offshore. and consistent sea breezes. that is the plan for now. if you are not involved in the sea breeze, you will be hot. especially in writing -- the areas in the valley. if you think about hot being the most ever stating to folks. and wildlife and animals. domestic animals. and kids. we are talking six or seven days in a row of hundred plus. in the valley. it takes a toll on people. especially the elderly in the sierra, the best skiing and snowboarding season in years is finally coming to a close. squaw valley, alpine meadows close july 15. after being open for 200 days.
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mammoth mountain is closing on august 6. there were rumors that because it has been a banner year filled with plenty of snow, some of the ski resorts may actually stay open year-round. that is not the case. the state parks system is launching a new online reservation system for its campgrounds next week. the current system is off-line until august one. that is when the new reserve site is set to launch. the state parks department says the new site will allow users to reserve campsites and lodging at 40 additional locations. and up to six months in advance. in response to the failure of the orville dam, california is now ordering 93 dam statewide to be reinspected. the department of water resources will release a list which includes some dams here in the bay area, among them the san andreas dam in san mateo county, alameda county and contra costa county. operators of the dams have been told to check the facilities and determine how well each
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spillway will hold up during heavy rains. still ahead in sports, 49ers opened up camp today. and the number one pick. >> coming up next. xt
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football is here. a lot of optimism for the 49ers have a long way to go always optimistic at this time. >> the way they are going with the giants, a lot of way -- people are ready for football. we will start with the 49ers. they have news happening today. down at training camp the second day. one of the guys they really want to get a look at is that young man thomas, number three pick in the draft. defensive lineman out of stanford. he has not been able to get his contract worked out. finally, settled today. the niners had started their workouts for the day. it is a four-year deal. he will play catch-up as he missed a lot of the off-season workouts. the deal was struck. he could not participate. weird rules the nfl has.
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here is his reaction when he got the news today he was officially ready to go. >> i ran down to the locker room and through my jersey on real quick. got new cleats and got out. from brooks to jones. they are all veterans. it will be a pretty dangerous eel. i am excited to be a part of it. >> we have a lot of talent up front it is exciting to see that this year. we will be rotating. it brings a lot of confidence. within each other and trusting each other. i am excited for the season. >> meanwhile up in napa, it is safe to say there is anticipation and high expectation with regard to the readers. since they last went to the super bowl they arrived in napa today a lot of players coming in different styles. someone left via bus.
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lots of stuff to talk about during these workouts. the arrival of marchand lynch. beast mode. and the big contract signed by derek car. and the offense, which will be high wire excited. cooper talking about his relationship today with derek car. how they are getting worked out. >> we have definitely grown in our relationship. i feel that he trusts me more. i definitely trust him more. i know how he will do every route. it is not that hard to get 1000 yards in a 16 game season. i had a lot of games where i did not produce like i thought i should have. i definitely have a lot to improve on. i feel like i can make that improvement. >> he is good already if he improves much more obese of the to watch. meantime, the walk-up home run. one of the most exhilarating moments in a baseball player's life.
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last night we had extracurricular activity. it can actually be a problem. check out rhett gardner of the yankees. he hits the shot into the bleachers. to give new york a victory. as he comes into the play. somehow his helmet collides with that of aaron judge. if you look closely, his tooth the parts his mouth. he will be okay. i am sure it was painful. it brought back a memory of this. 2010. morale is who had a bunch of homers against the a's. he walked off grand slam. watch him as he comes to the plate the angels were celebrating. he jumps on the plate and his teammates dump all over him. he winds up going down watch it closely. he will go down and sustain a severely broken ankle. he was carried off on a
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stretcher. he missed more than a year of time in his career -- and his crew is up in the same. you have to be careful. here he is earlier in the week against the a's. a home run. watch how they clear a path for him. a walkoff homer. they take it easy on the celebration. all very aware of his past. they did not go bonkers. he sustained and nearly career ending injury. the walkoff homer, it can be a high point and low point all in a matter of seconds. >> no kidding, from grand slam to a broken ankle. and he missed a year. >> his career nearly ended. it was that severe. >> i did not know that. it is good to see him playing again. >> the a's probably wish he would have cooled off. >> he hit three homers against them this week. >> coverage continues on ktvu
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plus. fox ktvu plus next.
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i'm just gonna run to the store and get a few things. i'll pick you up when you're done. okay. i like it a little better when you stay, but all right. hey, sheldon. hello. i'm here for my haircut with mr. d'onofrio. i'm sorry, uncle tony's in the hospital. he's pretty sick. oh, dear. mr. d'onofrio's in the hospital. why do these things always happen to me? i can cut it for you. you're not mr. d'onofrio. i get my hair cut by mr. d'onofrio. you believe this guy? excuse us for a second. sheldon, it's okay, he can do it. he's a barber. he's not a barber, he's the nephew. he's an example of the kind of nepotism that runs rampant in the barbering industry. besides, mr. d'onofrio knows exactly how i like my hair done because he has all my haircut records from my barber in texas. what are you talking about? when i first moved here, i was nervous about finding a new barber, so my mother had all my haircut records


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