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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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shake up. president trump announcing on twitter that reince priebus has resigned as chief of staff. more upheaval at the white house. >> president trump has chosen retired marine general john kelly to take over as chief of staff. he's expected to bring a military sense of order to the chaos and end fighting in the west wing. we have more from washington. >> reporter: a massive shake up at the white house. president trump is getting a new chief of staff. just a week after shawn spicer resigned as press secretary. >> i resigned, he accepted it. >> reince priebus is out, and general john kelly is in. president trump announced friday he was appointing secretary kelly to be the white house chief of staff taking over from
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former rnc chair reince priebus. >> reince was a good man, john kelly will do a fantastic job. >> i think going a different direction hitting a reset button is a good thing. the president did that. i think he's happy. i have to tell you it's always a little mixed when things like this happen. i generally feel pretty good. >> this news comes after a particularly rough week for the white house. new communications director anthony scaramucci openly criticizing priebus on twitter and the press. and republican lawmakers failing once again to repeal obamacare. >> very clear the president wanted to make a change with the health care bill going down late the other night and coupled with all of the stories we've seen for a long time the president was resolved in the fact that he wanted to change the direction of the administration within the white house. >> the situation in the white house, we saw this last week it's unsustainable. running the government is not running a business that's been very clear. >> at 189 days in the white
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house priebus was the shortest serving chief of staff in modern history. >> president trump expressed disappointment today at the republicans failure to pass a health care bill. >> we'll get it done. we're going to get it done. you know i said from the beginning let obamacare implode and then do it. i turned out to be right. let obamacare implode. >> on twitter the president said he was disappointed in the three republicans and all 48 democrats who voted against the so called skinny repeal of obamacare. but a path forward for republicans now appears unclear. after his decisive no vote last night arizona senator john mccain tweeted skinny repeal fell short because it fell short of our promise to repeal and replace obamacare with meaningful reform. >> this is a big night for tesla motors. the bay area company officially launched its new mass market
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electronic car the model three. >> those are actual owners getting actual production. >> the first 30 customers got keys to their new model 3's at tesla's plant in fremont. at $35,000 they call it the company's first affordable car. about half the price of the model s. the company says it's received 400,000 orders for the model three and the challenge for tesla will be to meet that demand. >> i want to just say those that have lined up to buy a model three and that in some cases spent days outside out of our stores to be first on the list i want you to know that really matters to us. we really care. and we're going to do everything we possibly can to get you the car as soon as possible. >> so far the company has only made 50 model 3's.
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the ceo says by december they hope to make about 20,000 by month. if you were to order the model three right now you would probably get it by the end of next year. and if you haven't made a reservation already don't count on getting a federal tax credit that's because the credit runs out once the manufacturer has sold 200,000 vehicles of any model. at least 400,000 have been preordered. they offer a tax credit for electronic cars amounting to $7,500. many states including california offer additional tax credits. >> a vehicle fire spread to nearby brush in pleasanton late today eventually burning across 44 acres. it was reported about 4:00 this afternoon at highway 84 not far from the ruby hills country club. sky fox was overhead as helicopters were dropping water on the fire and helped get it under control. no injuries were reported. >> in palo alto, police are
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asking for help as they investigate four small fires sparked overnight that all appear suspicious. the fires were all near the downtown cal trans station and started within a few hours of each other. police have a photo of a person they want to talk to. >> reporter: police have little to go on but this grainy surveillance photo of a person of interest. a charred sign, and burned out dumpster are evidence after four fires were reported in downtown palo alto between 2:30 and 5:30 friday morning. >> two of the cases the fires involved dumpsters, one case involved a vehicle that was fully engulfed. >> four fires in the span of less than four hours. 2:30 a.m. a vehicle was torched in the cal train parking lot. 4:25 a.m. this dumpster fire in the 100-block of palo alto avenue. >> i'm hoping it's a random act. i don't want to feel nervous about it. but i'm a little nervous now now
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that i'm realizing its right outside my condo. >> police were called into a dumpster fire inside this parking garage. while responding there another fire broke out on this bike path south of the homer avenue tunnel. >> fire calls are rare. so based upon the number we received during that time and then that they're all in the same vicinity we're treating them currently as being reality and had investigating them as possible arsons. >> no one was hurt. the only property damage the car that was lost in the cal tran parking lot. this could have been much worse. >> i feel like it's just a dangerous place to start lighting stuff on fire. it's just so much dry tender around and a lot of expensive homes as you can imagine. so pretty dangerous. >> this man captured on surveillance video in the 100-block of alma street wearing a beanie, light colored long sleeve shirt, dark pants, and
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backpack may have the answers police are looking for. >> we don't know if that person is involved. at this point he's just someone we'd like to talk to to see if he saw anything at all. >> right now police are still reviewing other surveillance video from businesses in the area. they're asking anyone with information to call the palo alto 24-hour dispatch line. in palo alto rob malcolm ktvu fox two news. >> bail was reduced for one of the two men charged in the deadly ghostship warehouse fire. the bail was lowered for max harass. he's charged with involuntary manslaughter in the warehouse fire that killed 36 people. the judge was concerned with how much he's traveled. the judge lowered bail from $1 million to $750,000. but the defense says that's still way too much. >> he's not happy about today. you know he's not going to be able to afford.
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we're going to try to raise the bail, try our best. but he's not happy. >> derek almetta the other man facing the same charges is expected to request reduced bail in court next week. >> a bart passenger is speaking out after he says he was robbed of his cell phone while commuting to dublin. the man didn't want to be identified but described how his cell phone was stolen by a teenager who was sitting next to him. he says it happened just as the train was pulling into the castor valley bart station about 7:30 last night. police arrested the juvenile and returned the phone to its owner. >> they're just out there looking for a crime of opportunity and just looking for people that aren't paying attention that aren't securing their cell phones, ipads, and computers. it's something that's going to occur and continue to occur until we continue to educate our public. >> bart police say the number of
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electronics thefts has gone down steadily from 58 in march to 27 in june. but statistics show overall crime was up 23% from this time last year. >> health officials are warning about rabies after a rabid bat was found at a park in clayton this week. health officials say don't touch bats, especially during daytime hours. >> if a bat is out during the day usually there's something going on. >> here's the bat on rival at the clinic after someone spotted it on a path near the splash zone in this downtown park. a skinned knee is normally the biggest danger here. so a bat crawling on the ground in the middle of the day. >> they look very threatening when they're showing you their teeth but really they're just scared. >> this bat was not only scared but sick. i declined and died in about a week. turned out it had ray bee.
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>> bats are the most likely animal to be found rabid. this year we've had three bats test positive for rabies. >> health officials say the other two rabid bats this year were in a yard and in a home also in east county. >> people don't often see bats. when they do see one there could be some curiosity. >> it's fortunate the latest bat wasn't near the park's play structure and children. this breed dubbed the big brown bat is the most common in california roosting in tree, barns, and under roofs. it's nocturnal, rarely seen in daylight. >> seeing a bat could be pretty neat and they may want to come up and touch it. we want to remind people that bats could be rabid. and if bitten by a rabid bat you could develop rabies. >> now that i have kids i'm worried about them touching things they're not supposed to. >> those who come to this park often appreciate the warnings but wonder why here. >> it seems like an odd spot because i didn't know we had any bats around here.
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>> the bat came into the lindsey wildlife hospital during its busiest time of year, overwhelmed with birds right now. staff wishes they could have saved the bats insisting the batted insist critters get a bad -- insisting the critters get a bad rap. >> mostly they eat the bugs for us. >> bats are our friends except when their rabid and then they're dangerous. rabies is fatal in human services unless it's detect and had treated. a treatment is a series of five shots in the arm a bit of an ordeal too. >> still ahead a warning for women about rape. why police say it's usually an acquaintance, not a stranger. >> up next a bay area rapper opens up about being robbed of an expensive camera on the street. >> the weekend is here, we'll line up the saturday, sunday
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forecast and beyond.
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a bay area rapper says he was robbed by filming a music video. he says someone robbed him and his film crew while shooting a new music video in oakland. he says one person held a gun to the head of a cameraman while another took the 90 thousand dollars camera. the robbery happened on july 10 near willow and 11th street in west oakland. >> despite being robbed of the camera and all of that we are
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committed to finishing this project and we're confident that you can help us make it. >> he says the music video is about the lack of opportunities in some communities. he has now raised more than 5 thousand dollars to help cover the insurance deductible and refilming costs. >> a word of caution from san francisco police for women who are out on the town. ktvu's amber lee tells us most rapes in the city's northern district involve aquain answers not strangers -- acquaintances, not strangers. >> information that rapes that occur in this year often involve people who know each other is not surprising to some. >> it's the people you trust. they might figure that you trust them so you know they might try to loosen you up to get you to relax more and then maybe kind
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of come on to you. >> that's what makes sexual violence so scary is the reality, the sobering reality that any and everyone could be vulnerable at some point. >> bay area women against rape says more than 80% of the time rapes happen between coworkers, acquaintances, people who meet through online dating and even family members. rarely is a stranger responsible. rape is a crime that often goes unreported because of the shame the victim feels. >> often times there's so much victim blaming and stigmatizization around what women do to be vulnerable to sexual assault. but the only person who can prevent a rape is the rapist. >> rapes are often between two people who know each other evidenced by the fact that the victims are able to name the suspect. >> you never know what the
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person's intentions are. always go with a friend to see if you have a way out. or call the police to say you feel threatened so we can go and show up and see exactly what's happening to you. >> you think you know somebody but you never do. it's always good to be cautious. >> these two ladies say when meeting someone they always have an exit strategy. >> i'm always in control of myself. i need to know i have the means, and the way, and the support to get home. >> also another tip buy your own drinks and keep your eyes on it. when you know someone your guard tends to come down. in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox two news. >> the federal agent whose gun was used to kill kate steinle will be allowed to testify at her murder trial. the defendant is accused of shooting her with a stolen gun that belonged to an agent at the bureau of land management. the department of interior had originally barred that agent from testifying, but a judge now
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says the agent will take the stand. lopez sanchez is an undocumented immigrant who claims he found the gun and it accidentally went off killing her two years ago as she walked with her father. >> a muslim leader from davis is apologizing for comments he made last week about jewish people. the imam is asking for forgiveness following an hour long sermon where he responded to the violence in jerusalem referring to a temple as the temple mount. >> i let my emotion get the best of me and cloud my better judgment. >> no matter what the context was it came out as hate speech and that was condemned in
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israel. >> religious leaders came together to try to ease tensions. people of the jewish faith said they forgive the imam but that actions speak louder than words. >> the international bird rescue center center introduced 19 birds into the wild today. today the handlers released the birds into the marsh area at the martin luther king shoreline. >> these birds actually came from urban areas where they often get into conflict with human services because they're nesting in downtown street trees particularly in oakland. and that is not really a safe spot for these birds to raise their young. >> the marsh area where the birds was released was saved and now provides a habitat for ducks, shore birds, and other
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wildlife. >> you can see this from the growing up in this area you see how much the shoreline has change and had how many more shore birds and water birds we're seeing with the cleaning up of the areas around berkeley marina. this week will be a good one, it's going to be nice around the bay. it's going to be nice everywhere but it's just going to be hot as heck well inland. temperatures today look like these, temperatures tomorrow look like these. temperatures sunday a little warmer than these. then after that it starts to heat up in the central valley. that's the weather headline 100 degrees plus temperatures from redding to bakersfield. that's day after day after day. that's going put a real strain on the power grid, it's going to put a real strain on the elderly, and small kids and domestic pets and things like that. if you have relatives or business in the central valley be prepared for day after day of real heat. for us we're on the edge of that, the heat is coming from
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the east. so it's going to really heat up the central valley. but for us with these persistent sea breezes and fog we'll have our livermore valley that will be warm or hot on monday and tuesday. but if you go 5 miles or 8 miles or 10 miles to the west it will cool off rapidly. forecast highs tomorrow and mostly what i'm talking about is for next week. the weekend will be similar to today. temperatures like these tomorrow, sunday just take these. sunday a little warmer but you get the idea. 93 in antioch to 73 in alameda. there's your nice 25-degree temperature spread. 83 in sunnyvale. a nice pattern. air quality a little sketchy, it will this week as well because the high pressure will hang around. the more it hangs around the more commutes particulate and exhaust get stuck around it
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without getting mixed out. tuesday and wednesday probably the warmest days of the week right now. but we'll watch that central valley because fire and air quality, there's already a heat warning for the north valley for next week. >> going to be a long and hot stretch. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> the a's were hosting the twins tonight at the coliseum. the highlights coming up in a moment. >> honolulu is the first u.s. city to do this, you'll find the story at news continues in just a minute. ♪
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giants dodgers, twins, a's didn't work out well for either. >> the giants dodgers things is most perplexing. because so many great games between them, a lot at stake. tonight absolutely nothing at stake except pride maybe for the giants. the dodgers are maybe having their best season since moving from brooklyn. they're 41 games over 500. they've got this kid alex wood, lefty who's been just about unbeatable. and brandon crawford got to him for a homer earlier. then hernandez with a shot over peterson in center field. he's a kid from the bay area, peterson. 4-2 lead for the giants. bottom of the 7th inning however
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they tie it and then on one swing of cory seager's home run bat it's gone. man did he hang one in his wheel house. two run shot. the giants have won only 40 games this season. take it to oakland where you know what the deal is with the a's. bad defense rears its head again. alonzo to the plate they've got their man but just up from the minor leagues he botches that play at the plate. in comes a run with dozier. as close as the a's would get. khris davis rbi single to left center. cut the deficit to 6-3 against the twins. that's as much as they would get offensively. connolly the number one draft pick for the raiders but he has a pending lawsuit against
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him a sexual assault case back east. apparently the raiders feel pretty good about it not coming to fruition as they signed their number one draft choice today. meantime good news for the san francisco 49ers as they ink their number one choice the lineman solomon thomas. number three pick in the draft overall. lineman out of stanford, four-year deal. he joined his team mid work out after it was announced that the signing had been consummated. he's a kid with a lot of charisma. >> i just ran down to the locker room and threw my jersey on real quick. laced up some new cleats and got out there. we have an amazing defensive line right now. it's going to be fun. it's going to be a pretty dangerous d-line so i'm excited to be a part of it. >> dangerous d-line that would billion good news for 49er fans. meantime we've arrived in the point in the evening we must
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check this out, frank's hero growing up. rick flair doesn't look like he has much of an arm. we talk about when these players get traded look at this lucas duda of the mets and his buddy of the team curtis granderson don't leave, don't leave. in the meantime deep to right home run gone. that is jason heyward with the beautiful catch for the cubs. >> thanks for joining us, have a good weekend. good night. whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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