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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  July 31, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and in fact portland, oregon, could hit 107 degrees which is amazingly hot for them. that will be wednesday and thursday and we have heat advisories starting tuesday for the diablo range in the santa cruz mountains. we will ease into that toward tomorrow. suffice it to say that august is getting chewed up with temperatures warming up today. at least the lows will cool off, 50s for some and 53 in san rafael, even 60s but of warmer on some temperatures. los altos hills is 59 and 60 for stanford. west southwest with the wind at 23 in gusting up to 30 for the strong delta breeze. a lot of monsoon moisture in southern california and arizona with thunderstorms over the sierra. for us sunshine and warm temperatures from 60s to near 100. it is 5:00.
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we have a pretty big backup and you can see on the map the backup is growing and it could be up to the downtown as we take a look. i will say that the detour is still there on 880 and people are being taken off the freeway and getting on at 29th. there is a lot of traffic in the morning and people don't realize how much until you get caught in this backup. to avoid this use eastbound 580 instead of southbound 880. westbound 580 is slow at the altamont pass into livermore, slow on tool five as well but getting better from livermore into dublin. 880 northbound looks okay up to the toll plaza and the bay bridge is moderate. it is 5:01 am. a warning you need to know
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about if you are heading to the beach, christien kafton is at the ocean beach in san francisco. a lot of people maybe going there because it will get really hot this week and good morning.>> reporter: good morning. i was talking with a fisherman heading out talking about theáconditions at the ocean beach. he says that in his experience he has seen tourists coming out to the beach that have been surprised by the wave, and they turn their back on the ocean and they tell you never to turn your back on the ocean. the warming temperatures could mean more likely people will be out here at the ocean beach looking for cooler temperatures. that comes with a warning, strong rip currents, sneaker waves with waves is highest nine feet expected through 9 pm -- 11 pm tonight. that is the national seashore's
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and the big sur coast but the biggest danger including stenson and santa cruz. the hurricanes to the south are causing dangerous ocean conditions, and the national weather service is issuing a hazardous weather outlook today, tomorrow and wednesday with temperatures climbing. the warning is going out especially to be mindful of the children, elderly and pets in these warm conditions. inland topping out at the 90s with possible 100. that brings increased danger and keep in mind that these increased temperatures come with that weather warning and the surf warning along the beaches. this is that perfect storm with those warmer temperatures driving people out to the beach, and now the beaches could be more dangerous because of the high surf warning, sneaker waves and of course the warning here at the ocean beach, especially important with a lot
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of people coming out to the ocean beach because it is a beautiful be. -- beach and a lot of people don't realize this is not a safe beach for people to swim with no full-time off guard on duty. i have been warned in years past by the fire officials in san francisco that anyone swimming at the ocean beach, they are taking their life into their hands because conditions can get dangerous but remember the high surf warning and effect for the southern facing beaches including santa cruz, simpson, maverick beach, and pacifica to the south, so keep that in mind in the bay area affected by this warning. >> that is good advice, thank you. the novato police are looking for the man that smashed the jewelry case that cost goes and that entered the novato's store wearing surgical mask at 10 am yesterday and they matched the jewelry case
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with a hammer taking an undisclosed amount of jewelry in the left the scene in the getaway car waiting for them outside. >> we want to thank the public for the phone call and we will do what we can to identify the suspects and work with outside agencies to see if we can collaborate. >> it is scary that it would happen in novato which is supposed to be really safe. it is scary. >> the police say they are investigating whether the robbery is connected to similar robberies at other bay area costco stores. there have been jury thefts -- jewelry thefts and the suspects left in a black chevy sonic with a paper plate. we know the name of the cyclist that died saturday in collision with the light rail train and 26-year-old paul candelaria died not far from
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interstate 280. investigators say it looked like he was trying to cross the tracks ahead of the train going about 40 miles an hour. the railroad crossing arms were down and the signal was working. at least one person is in critical condition after the van crashed into a crowd in la and it happened yesterday afternoon injuring several people. they do not know the cause but it appears to be an accident, possibly involving another vehicle and the driver was arrested for hit-and-run charges. the police in pleasant hill are searching for who stole the valuable electric train worth $60,000 in a trailer parked on vincent road. the owner said he noticed the trailer was gone yesterday morning and inside was the colorful train used by the company, backyard carnivals, to give rights to families. if you have any information call the pleasant hill police. early morning concerns
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about the dockworkers and 28 other west coast ports approving the three-year contract extension and the warehouse and longshore union says it appears it was endorsed by two thirds of the voting members and full results will be reported on friday and they say the contract extension will raise wages, maintain health benefits and increased pensions. remember the contentious contract negotiations disrupted work at the ports for months. it is 5:07 am. the faa is considering ways to reduce the noise of the planes at the sfo. here's a live picture over the sfo and for three years people have been complaining about the jet noise and most problems are long the peninsula but people as far away as santa cruz and pacifica having complaining about the noise. the faa is hoping by the end of
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2019 they will figure out the best flight path to reduce the noise and maintain efficient the for the jets. students can get more sleep thanks to the new law making its way through the legislature and the legislation would not allow middle schools and high schools to start any earlier than 8:30 am and the bill sponsor says it is in response to studies that show that students are not getting enough sleep and causing them to fall behind. proponents of the bill say it would disrupt the family schedules with the families starting work earlier and the time change could come as early as next month. the house pricing going up but not sales with those listed at 500,000 or less dropping 70% last month because there are so few of these houses on the market at. in the bay area sales grew 9% for homes over that price even
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though the housing supply could be at its lowest level ever. the job growth and mortgage rates are fueling the housing demand and the median price for home in the bay area set a record high last month, $735,000, up 7 1/2% from last year. it is bao bao 9 am -- 5:09 am. a terror attack in australia and how they planned on bringing down the plane. candidate could be giving up on the keystone pipeline and the company that was supposed to build it is having second thoughts. construction delays on interstate 880 southbound and getting better and opening up the lanes a little while ago, and you may want to avoid this for the next few. avoid the heat and go to the coast but be careful about those sneaker waves and rip tides but otherwise 60s instead of 100 degrees.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the president still trying to push the healthcare reform and demanding another vote before voting on any other bill and threatening that if a new healthcare bill is not approved quickly they will allow for
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insurance companies and members of congress he says the bailout will end soon. >> nancy pelosi says that if they want the healthcare reform they must include the democrats in the negotiations. >> when the president went into the office there was an opportunity for him to say how would you do this but instead he said we will repeal the whole thing with 22 million people off, cost up and benefits down but that's not the way to go. >> it is unclear whether republicans will continue to try to pass the healthcare relations and the majority leader mitch mcconnell says it is time to move on but we don't know whether he will stick with that and go along with the white house to try again to pass the republican repeal and replace plan. the white house has a new chief of staff with retired general john kelly trying to bring more stability to the administration that is seen a
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lot of shakeup in turnover. caroline shively has more on what to expect from the new white house chief of staff. >> reporter: trum supporters hoping a new direction at the white house can reign in the chaos of the last six months and general kelly moving from the cabinet to the west wing this morning. >> if we can have the protocol, pecking order, chief of staff to empower the staff to succeed i know that general kelly has done that on the battlefield.>> reporter: the former chief of staff ryan priebus forced out of the job as the point man on healthcare and the senate failure to repeal obama care early friday morning was a blow to the white house and perhaps the last straw for president trump signaling he will not give up. >> he keeps coming back to this to tell them to do their job.>> another challenge is the north korean nuclear missiles and the u.s. military tested the anti- ballistic missile system following the north korean second test of the
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intercontinental ballistic missile and analysts have concluded that most of the u.s. is in range of the north korean weapons. >> the error of strategic patience is over. back the move of general kelly to the white house leaves his job as homeland security advisor open and they could be moving jeff sessions into the spot since the president has openly ridiculed and mocked the attorney general angry he recused himself from the alleged connection between russia and the trump election. >> there is opposition for the president not to do so unless the intent on ending up firing robert mueller which could be the end of his presidency. russian president vladimir putin retaliating for the u.s. sanctions requiring u.s. diplomatic missions to cut hundreds of staff members. >> thank you. the controversial keystone
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oil pipeline may not be bill afterward and the trump administration gave permission to build the project but the company scheduled to build it is were there could be not enough interest for them to carry the line. that would carry the oil from canada to the texas code and the president approved the march ending the long delay under president obama and they hope to have a assessment by the end of the year. let's get you moving and a lot happening on the roads already. is everybody behaving? >> we are off to a decent start on monday and you are looking to see if there's anything unusual as we starting gilroy up through san jose and morgan hill. traffic is moving nicely and the road sensors show a clear commute with no major delays for the construction or anything else in the south bay. looking pretty good and 280 in
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san jose, northbound looking good up to highway 17. 880 in oakland remember we had that slow down and now they opened the freeway southbound with light traffic. you can take the straight shot to the airport from downtown oakland. here is a look at the westbound bay bridge, not a big backup. throwing in the richmond bridge, traffic light and off to a good start. it is 5:17 am and let's bring back steve paulson. are we off to a good start? >> i think so with my couple coffee. >> a big difference in temperatures, and the cooldown only last about two days before we get back into the 90s which happen for some yesterday, certainly north of santa rosa, concord, livermore, antioch and brentwood. today still dealing with thick fog but inland temperatures are
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on the way up and jumping up today. looks like tuesday is the hottest and still warm on wednesday. tuesday is projected, 92 yesterday livermore, 96 today and 100 to tomorrow and 99 wednesday and 96 on thursday. this high pressure will build in and not that warm, and a decent delta breeze but the fog bank is much lower making for thick fog so be careful. 50s and 60s on the temperatures inland and 60s for others, 55 at morgan hill, and everyone is pretty close. santa clara and saratoga running a little bit warmer and 59 in cupertino. still a good breeze at the napa airport at 12, with southwest but i think this in travis will weaken rapidly.
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61 from ukiah to sacramento and nonstop monsoon moisture going crazy and arizona and some of it working its way back into southern california. thunderstorms have erupted over the sierra and dying down overnight, and thrust staying too far to the east and south with some moisture working its way in later in the week. except for the coast and bay, sunny and warmer inland with 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. warm to hot wednesday into thursday with gradual cooling but not until the weekend. it is 5:19 am. stuck in germany on the aerial tram hundreds of feet above the river with dozens stranded. robots taking over and many u.s. factories and one industry group says it may create more manufacturing jobs.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:22 am. the federal government is changing the rules on how addictive cigarettes can be and creating new regulations to reduce the amount of nicotine in cigarettes. tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable heart disease, cancer and death in the u.s. with over 400 and 80 -- 480,000 deaths every year.
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they help to reduce the addiction that comes with smoking as well. the silicon valley leaders want companies to do more to close the gender pay gap and charles samburg told the bbc that public and corporate policy is needed to make sure that women are paid equally to the men saying that the girls and boys should be encouraged at an early age to be leaders. samburg is the chief operating officer of facebook and considered one of the silicon valley most powerful executives. there new report showing factories adding more robots to the production lines but not all bad news for the workers. according to the trade group, letter a 3, they have added 136,000 robots to the factory floors over seven years but there have been 894,000 new manufacturing jobs added. the teachers and technologies
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say that the increase in automation and the workforce could present more opportunities in robotics and programs. >> we still have to have someone to operate the robot, program the robot and someone to work on the robot. >> according to the 83 -- letter a 3 report they are having a hard time finding qualified job applicants and they say that technical training in schools and cross training is key since more jobs are more high skilled and high- tech. the new electric suv could be hitting the market, and the new concept by the start up company, bollinger b1, and the top can be removed to convert it to the pickup truck. there is not a traditional engine so they have a front storage under the hood and it can carry long pieces of lumber down the middle of the vehicle with an estimated range of 200 miles per charge.
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they plan on taking deposits next year and plans to deliver the vehicle in 2019. twitter is testing a program to promote the 1000 tweets for $99 a month, businesses or individuals that sign up will automatically get the first 10 tweets of the day pushed to the top of the feed. twitter has been struggling to make a profit and they want to expand the revenue beyond advertisement. the program is still being tested and intended to be used by small to medium-size businesses. it is 5:25 am. a moment out of the horror movie and this scary 911 call from a woman in ohio about a big snake wrapped around her neck and biting her face. the bay area congressman calling out president trump over healthcare and concerns of the south bay congressman and what he is saying about the action on capitol hill. good morning.
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nice looking commute for the most part in the bay area on 24 westbound as you drive up to the tunnel. another big difference on the temperatures from the coast to the inland, and inland temperatures jumping back into the 90s for many.
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♪ ♪ ♪ this is ktvu mornings on 2
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. >> welcome back to mornings on 2 on this monday, july 31, and i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook, and coming up on 5:30 am as we welcome back steve paulson. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> you left us in good hands but we come back with more heat . >> it has been a bad summer for some and inland you know what i'm talking about, a tremendous difference between much of the coast, the city and the bay has not been that warm but inland, if you are far enough to the north and east, in the 90s and today warming up even more so. that heat advisory away from the coast, tuesday and wednesday the warmest days with a few near 104. of lake county, cloverdale and calistoga and at toward antioch, brentwood, concord and
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livermore, and possibly the santa clara valley. we will tackle that tomorrow. this fog bank is getting chewed up and to the north getting wiped out the 50s and 60s on the temperatures. 50s, calistoga at 53 and sebastopol, 60s for some of toward lake county. 23 gusting up to 30 which is impressive. thunderstorms over the sierra, nevada, and tropical storm irwin falling apart with a lot of monsoon moisture near arizona. some of that will be flirting with us later in the wake of this high cloud deck. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 100 well inland. is it crazy busy? >> not crazy busy but we do have slow traffic. things are beginning to heat up.
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looking at solano county first we start off with westbound 80, traffic moving along pretty well of on 80. continuing to the venecia bridge and southbound 880, a crash near the industrial area and the traffic will be slow so give yourself extra time or use 80 as the alternate route, and then use 780 to get around it to avoid the crash. looking at the commute on interstate 880 north and southbound, looking pretty good in both directions. the metering lights are on with a five minute to 10 minute delay. it is 5:31 am. a developing story in san francisco with police activity in the area of 15th street and beaver street, and people are told to shelter in place at this point and alex savidge has
5:32 am
arrived on the scene. >> good morning. s.w.a.t. officers from the san francisco police department are on the scene right now trying to end the standoff peacefully. we understand there is someone that is potentially armed and has been barricaded in the home on the right-hand side of the street. we are looking down 15th street between beaver and buena vista terrace. anyone in this neighborhood is being asked to stay inside of their home and not to go outside. this standoff continues to unfold. we do not know how it started and we don't have any information on the person inside the home that the police are trying to obviously get out of the home. we are working to get more information from the san francisco police about how the standoff may have started. i can tell you that we are about a half block from where this is playing out.
5:33 am
we had an officer come up to us a short time ago to tell us that we needed to back up some in order to make sure we were not in the line of the fire. you can probably see from the shot even though it is dark, you can see the s.w.a.t. team from the san francisco police department on the scene. they will be doing negotiations and whatever they have to do to get the person that is inside the home to give themselves up peacefully. the belief is that the person potentially is armed. we are trying to get more information from the san francisco police. in terms of what the public needs to keep in mind, if you're in the area of 15th street between beaver and bonavista terrace, you are being urged by the city to remain in your home until the standoff comes to a conclusion. >> i know there are so many questions on whether there is someone inside with the person
5:34 am
that is being hold up but did they indicate to you when they might come over to give other information for the neighbors and others affected by this? >> reporter: no. the street right now as you can imagine, it is pretty quiet which is part of the reason i am keeping my voice down a little bit because it is pretty quiet on the street and we obviously have a s.w.a.t. operation taking place nearby. not a lot of people are up yet but we don't know when we will get an update from the police department. >> thank you, and we will check in throughout the morning. it is 5:34 am. the congressman eric swalwell led a group on a walking town hall meeting with one people joining the congressman on the two mile hike in castro valley and they were asking a lot of questions about many things including the
5:35 am
latest missile test in north korea with sanctions in russia and the trump administration, however the congressman eric swalwell said the voters are still very concerned about the local issues. >> it is what are we doing to make sure that the kids have the best schools, families have job opportunities and they want to see the paychecks grow. the congressman and sunnyvale holding a town hall and standing room only inside the sunnyvale community center and expressing their concern about the state of the government and is deep. they expressed their frustration saying that with congress divided nothing is getting done and one man said he is been following the current health debate closely and he is concerned. >> i don't mind having the health plan we currently have
5:36 am
amended or changed but i don't want it eliminated on the promise that the republicans might provide something in two years. >> he is messing with people's lives, and i hope that he would have a sense of compassion as the elected leader of the country and say, look, we may have ideological differences but i will not hurt families that are relying on these insurance exchanges.>> the people in the audience also expressed concerns about threats from north korea and reports of the russian interference in the elections. it is 5:36 am and we are finding out more about the alleged terror plot to blow up a plane and authorities say they found out about the possible terror plot that could involve a explosive device being used to bring down a plane. four people were arrested during the reads and they
5:37 am
confiscated materials they believe could be used to make a bomb. >> we have a number of people in custody and we are confident we have mitigated the risk to the community but the investigation is ongoing. >> the security is tighter at the australian airport meaning travelers and baggage go through extra screenings at the major australian airports. >> there have been four attacks in australia over the last several years and they have disrupted 12 terroristic lots since 2014 -- plots since 2014. the olympic velodrome had some drama after a small hot air balloon or lantern of some sort fell on the building and burned for hours. that was specially built for the 2016 summer olympics in the small hot air balloons are common in brazil and they often cause fires when they land. in cologne, germany almost
5:38 am
100 people had to be rescued after the car on the aerial tram ran into the support pillar and the public transportation authorities said that 32 cars were operating yesterday when one of the cars ran into the pillar and all of these cars came to a stop and passengers were stuck 130 feet in the air. rescue crews had to make their way across the wires to bring them down safely to the ground. almost 100 passengers were rescued and luckily no one was hurt. right now it is 5:38 am. they are battling new fires in california and coming up we have the latest on the containment numbers and we will show you where they are drop missed its target -- air drop missed its target. a preview on what to expect from the stanford cardinal football team. on the road and on the rails, northbound 280 looking
5:39 am
good and there goes the train and they are also looking good on caltran this morning. more on your monday morning commute coming up. dear son,
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the jury will begin deliberating on 34-year-old martin shkreli, accused of lying about the performance of his investments and defrauding the drug company he founded. he is accused of using the company stocks and cash to pay back investors and he is best known on a separate case in which you raise the price of the life-saving drug by over 5000%. two babies have died in phoenix, arizona in the hot cars and only one day apart. on saturday the father left his one-year-old son in the car parked at the church parking lot for several hours and the
5:42 am
baby died of heat stroke. one day before that the seven- month-old baby died in the sweltering car while being cared for by his grandparents. arizona ranks fourth in the country and children dying in the hot cars with temperatures in the phoenix topping more than 100 degrees over the past several days.>> we ask you to take time and look inside your vehicle before putting it in driver going anywhere to avoid these tragedies. >> so far no arrests have been made and the police say both cases they are investigating, and both deaths are believed to be accidental. it is 5:42 am. a woman in ohio made a call for help after being attacked in her home by a snake. >> 911 what is the location of your emergency? >> please, i have a boa constrictor stuck to my face. >> you have a white?
5:43 am
>> boa constrictor. there is blood everywhere. >> the frantic call happened last week when a woman rescued a six foot long boa constrictor the day before but that snake later wrapped itself around her neck and bit her face. the first responders arrived in minutes and kill the snake. the woman was taken to the hospital to be treated. the neighbors say she has several snakes and walks around with them wrapped around her neck and shoulders. in that case, the snake bit her. >> okay. it is 5:43 am. time to keep your dogs, cats, fish, turtles and pet out of the heat. >> okay. let's take a look at westbound 580 with slow traffic this morning, and we can see by
5:44 am
looking at the road sensors that it is pretty slow starting off your morning commute. everyone is back on the roads. let's talk about the speeds, 11 miles an hour at the altamont pass and that is pretty slow. it is good after that but there is slow traffic at 238 and 880 southbound. it will not be that bad. looking at 880 northbound and southbound at the coliseum, a nice-looking drive. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge with a 10 minute delay in the san francisco. it is 5:44 am. let's talk about the weather . >> here we go again, the coast is not bad, inland warm to hot with the fog banks getting chewed up quickly today. building back in from the desert southwest and it could
5:45 am
send in some of those high mid- level clouds over the next few days but today we have a shallow fog bank. warm to hot inland and temperature topping up today with tomorrow the hottest, still warm on wednesday and thursday, and warmest temperatures north of us up toward seattle and portland. they are looking for 107 degrees in seattle 100 bite wednesday. we will have company. 50s and 60s for some but temperatures not too bad in to the north 53, 53 san rafael with sebastopol in there as well along with calistoga. the delta breeze kicking up its hills and -- heels and ceric dealing with thunderstorms in the afternoon but dying off at night. lots of moisture swinging into arizona and parts of southern california as they have this tropical systems, and some clouds on its way wednesday and
5:46 am
thursday. the next couple of days are sunny and warm with 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s to near 100. inland hot and along the coast and bay not bad. 60s and 70s on the coast and 90s to 100 inland.>> cooler sounds good but hot even for those of us that don't live in a typically hot area. it is 5:46 am. the training camp starts for the stanford cardinal football team and this will be the seventh season for david shop as the head coach -- and they are loaded with experience and they are calling on stanford to finish second and the first game is august 26 against rice in sydney, australia.
5:47 am
we will take a look at the team and the coach. the giants lost 3-2 to the dodgers hitting a new low this season.>> gillespie since the fly ball deep to the right field and it is gone. it was just beyond the outstretched glove and the giants have taken the lead. >> the giants had the lead into the 9th inning and then sam gives up the hit and chase utley scored. in the 11th joe panik gets his third hit for the game and driving in tomlin son. they had another chance to close it out but kyle farmer hit it down the right field line and knocked in two runs in the dodgers took it, 3-2. they swept the giants. the a's beat the twins in extra innings, six often five. >> -- six-five.
5:48 am
>> here comes davis and this ballgame is now tied. >> after that they get the job done by tying the game and 8th inning and makes a great catch in the foul territory, top of the 10th inning it goes 12 innings and alonzo incidents -- ended it with the swing of the bat.>> it is to right field and this baby is gone.>> alonso it is 22nd home run of the year and the a's ninth walkoff win tying them with the dodgers for the most in baseball. they are celebrating here with the a's and giants beginning the annual bay bridge series today with the first pitch at the coliseum at 7:05 pm. the bay area sports legend bill kane honored for his long career as the voice of the raiders, the warriors and the
5:49 am
a's with several bay area representatives there to see bill king inducted for his excellence in broadcasting in the cooperstown new york and is very unique style was the bay area staple for over 20 years with the warriors, the a's and the raiders and bill king died of a blood clot following hip surgery in 2005. it is 5:49 am. there is a bay area town increasingly becoming the backdrop for the movies and we take you behind the scene of the city that could be on its way to become the hollywood north. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:52 am . the city needs to give seniors and people with disabilities more time to cross the street with 44% of the people killed in the city in a traffic related incidents 65 years or older. crossing times and impatient drivers making some of these intersections dangerous in san francisco. >> they set the timing for the signals in the city so we need to work with them to convince them that we need to get the time length and. >> -- linkedin.
5:53 am
>> they will blow the horn and tell you get the hell out of the way. >> the city said they are increasing crossing time at some intersections. in the movie theaters "dunkirk" coming in number one in the box office again.>> [ video playing ] >> "dunkirk" taking in another $28 million for the second weekend based on the world war ii event where 420,000 retreating soldiers were trapped along the beaches of dunkirk and civilians were called in to rescue them. he continues to get the positive reviews from the critics and the fans. the new "emoji movie" put
5:54 am
up a solid ticket sale and the first weekend. and the r-rated comedy, "girls trip" took in another 20 million in sales. the bay area and san francisco in particular have been in some of the most memorable movies and now petaluma is getting more of the movie spotlight, and ken wayne tells us about the moving making activity and petaluma and the man behind most of those projects. >> jump into your screening machine and cruise downtown to catch the "american graffiti." >> reporter: george lucas, " american graffiti" put petaluma and on the map.>> i've thanked all of my friends and family that have helped, off the charts.>> reporter: ali afshar born in iran and growing up in petaluma and shooting his
5:55 am
seventh film and his former hometown and the midwest company ironically named lucas oil and they want family oriented movies that will cause you to tear up but leave you with a smile. >> the residents, politicians, officials and business owners have been so welcoming and open, and they have opened up their lives to us. >> reporter: sharon stone and john boy among those -- john bought among those he brought to work here and the star of the first film of ali afshar is in petaluma for the second part . >> all the actors are very cool so we and up hanging out with them. >> they offer a wide array of options. >> we do a lot of stuff in the roll areas, -- rural areas but you can also be urban.>> i pay
5:56 am
my own way to come out here because i want to make movies and i want to be in petaluma.>> it is like this norman rockwell town with farms. i am ready to buy a house out here. >> ali afshar estimates that his movies have pumped in $20 million to the local economy. >> a lot of extra hours and very tiring but it is a fun thing because ali afshar is a good guy. >> i have never met so many people on one set from northern california so this is fun. >> everything is about respecting the community, location and people. this is been a wonderful experience and i like to shoot here again. >> reporter: petaluma may not be hollywood north yet but it is now on the moviemaking map. >> our offices at warner bros., and the president and ceo of warner bros. was raised in petaluma.
5:57 am
>> that is so cool what is being done out there. coming up, we are following a developing story in san francisco, an early-morning standoff between the police and the suspect, and there is a shelter in place. alex savidge is on the scene to get more information would will check in. a very unusual investigation into pleasant hill where the thieves stole the train. the morning. traffic moving along pretty well on the bay bridge into san francisco. we will take a look at the toll plaza, your wait time and the other commutes. the last day of july looking much like most of july, warm to hot inland and not bad by the coast.
5:58 am
5:59 am
a warning for anyone that is going to the bay area beaches over the next couple of days, beware of the dangerous surf conditions. breaking news in san
6:00 am
francisco with a shelter in place and a lot of police activity as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2 . >> good morning and thank you for joining us on this monday morning, july 31. i am pam cook. >> good morning. i am dave clark, and let's check on the weather with steve paulson. you are back. >> it is about the same as when i left with fog on the coast and inland temperatures warming up again with a high building back in. the biggest jump in temperatures could be in the pacific northwest and more than here. thick fog and 60s by the coast, 70s, 80s and 90s inland with a few near 100. we have more on this coming up but we do have a high surf advisory on monday with these dangers rip currents and tropical activity on the south facing beaches that could cause issues.


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