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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  July 31, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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schools, that family versus job opportunitys and seeing pay checks grow. >> the congressman will hold two more town hall meetings next weekend. today at 9:00, new parking restriction goose into effect tomorrow at almeda harbor ferry terminal. >> and we update the story about a baby sitting company accused of owing thousands of dollars in wage. >> >> plus, the new service from the museum of modern art that's bringing fine art to your fingertip. >> last day of july, coming up on the beginning of school from kids out in byron going to schoolyard and sitting at desk. >> can you believe that. >> what. >> do you think they're happy. >> i imagine they are. >> i love the start of school. i really co. i was one of nods kids who couldn't wait. i have a question for you, gentlemen as we think about sumer and school, when it comes to back school. >> a pop quiz right after the top. >> back to school, back to
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school shopping what was your favorite thing about back to school. >> getting school mris,. >> paper and pencil. >> a lunchbox. >> a new lunchbox every year. >> some theme. >> sports, star wars. >> i don't think i ever had a star wars bag but i should v. usually a sport on it. >> back then they were $10. the average family spends $687 will you believe or back to school supplies, this is from k- high school. >> what. >> every year. >> $687, about $240 close to clothing the rest is electronics which we never bought for school because we never useed and needed. also shoes. i love paper, just big thick reames of paper. i have a thing for paper. i love it. if you live? byron and your kids are back in school, congratulate. >> three ring or spiral. >> i love eight it all, paper, paper paper, some kids head
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back to school. for you we're on top of news we have been following for you throughout mornings on two in san francisco. >> people are being told to shelter in place because of a stand off. 58 exhas the latest. good morning to you guys. this is still unfolding in this san francisco neighborhood, a swath tamine gauche y'alling with an armed man refusing to come out of his arm. they're trying to end this stand off peacefully: ly step out of way for you to get a live look. this man inside this home, barricaded inside this home, we understand according to police that he shot and wounded a woman over night. this may have been a woman he knows. he refused to give himself up to an officeer and went back inside his home and that's where he has remained, ever since. this home is on 15th street, between beaver and boina vista terrace. this is next to the tennis
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courts at corona heights park. here is say video from a short time ago. we saw san francisco police department bomb squad arrived here at the scene. we don know exactly why they are here, but we also can tell you that several neighbors homes have been evacuated in this area and anyone who is living here on this stretch of 15th street is being urged to stay inside as this stand off continues. this all started just before midnight when san francisco police got a call about shots being fired, at this home. they arrived and that's when they found a woman who was wounded and had clearly been shot, but the man believer today have shot her went back inside the house and would not come out. i talked a short time ago for the spokesman about the strategy to get him to give himself p and end this all peacefully. >> to let to let them know we
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want this to end and comply with our commands, and let this end as soon as possible. >> so far police have not been able to tell us the relationship between that man and the woman who was found shot and wounded this morning but according to the neighbors that we spoke with there is certainly a rerationship there they may be family members but we're working on information as far as that goes, we don't know what prompted it shooting here, and just before midnight, here in this neighborhood, close to deboss triangle and you can see we're look at 15th street blocked off entirely between boina vista, and next to ca row in heights.
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>> the white house has a new chief of staff this morning. >> it does. to bring more stability to a shake up. >> we have more on what to expect when the most reconference move. >> trump supporters hope it will bring in the chaos. >> if we can have protocol and a chief of staff that empower it is staff to succeed i know the general kelly has done that and we have great faith at that will be done. >> he was forced out of job. he was the administrationest point man on health care. >> the senate failure to repeal obama care early friday morning was a blow to white house and program it is last straw for president trump who is
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signaling he's not giving up. >> that's why it is coming back to this and saying look, do your job. and ableists conclude most of the us u.s. is now in range. >> open, and there is speculation that president trump could move jeff sessions into the spot. >> mr. trump is openly ridiculeed and mocked it attorney general angry that sessions has recused himself from the investigation san bernadino alleged russia connections with the trump campaign. >> there has been sufficient opposition for the president not to do so putin is
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retaliated for new u.s. sanctions requiring u.s. diplomatic to cut hundreds of staff members. on the phone, brian, if you for joining us, and good morning, gasia. >> good morning to you. with north korea, health care, north korea, russia, is this new chief of staff's goal to maintain order and then. >> he has to do some things simultaneously. john kelly is very well regarded in washington dc a four-star, former four-star marine and what he is very good at is organization and discipline. so he is bring avenue bringing discipline to chief of staff's office, and he's going to 5:00 as a gate keeper, gasia for people trying to get into the oval office so that these other
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issue can say be dealt with. >> i heard kelly ann say order discipline andicking order, and these may ere make my believe there was a problem with that before and these might be fix window mr. kelly. >> everything we're hear as good that it lacked and people were wondering in and out with their own issues and that sort of thing, and every chief of staff at the white house who i have ever spoken with says that has to be brought under control as job one. >> new chief of staff, new communications director, new press secretary, the president insisted in morning there's no chaos, i guess, you could say, do you think this we have heard, do you see the president moving on awe from that, and more border security, the budget, spending bills,
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whatever it may be. >> you can hope you can handle one more than issue at that time, and how things are debated in white house will lead to more order, to the white house can -- and a lot of it is the president's own fault, on issues that are side bars to the important issues facing that county. >> john coal mri the president, the president insisted about could being the stock market, unemployment, right. >> is he correct, those are all in the positive. >> and they're all responsible for that. >> i think if the president is responsible for things that go wrong, he should be given credit for things that go right. and frankly, the stock market has been going crazy, business seems to be doing well, by
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many, many metrics and so you know, he has to get some credit for that. >> okay. brian is here, the dow jones is up against that 22,000 mark up 73 just this morning. thank you for ginning us on the phone this morning, brian. >> my pleasure. chat with you soon. >> coming up, the new app launches today, how it is intend today prove the quality of life in the regions biggest city. >> new safety measures for people trying to cross the street. up next what he recollects is changing and how drivers will be affected.
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>> the dow jones is up by more than 70% getting close to the 22,000 number, the s&p is flat and the nasdaq is losing about 25 point. >> more employees are losing smart fons at -- using smart phones at work doing things other than work the new survey shows employees are spending
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five hours a week on personal devices to go to office-banned sites, shop online, watch sport, i don't the social media, it says smart phone use is cost businesses $15 billion every single week. the study found 32%over male workers more: ly check the nonwork e-mail while 3% of females more commonly check social media net works. the question of the day, is how often are you on your personal phone at work? here are the results right now. 3%, say every few minutes, 52% say a few times a day, 15% say absolutely never. >> it just depends on your job. >> we need to take a mental break from the tech world and social media. >> good luck can that. >> i spent the better part of my day answering polls like this at work, when i am not --
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everyone is on facebook. >> checking responses throughout the day and we will share them with you here at 9:30. thank you for using the # ktvu dot come and if i linger ten minutes at the coffee machine with you, how is that different than wasting ten minutes doing this? you can't really -- >> if you do this, something else pops up and it is like conversing with you at the water cooler. >> i like that the viewer said about down thyme. i mean you are waiting for something, why not give it a quick look. >> if you have downtown could you be making more wing etings or writing more stories. there's always a topic of more. >> again,ly circle back to this question later on on the 9. >> now to palo alto, police have arrest aid man in connection with a string of fires. terry lee hill junior was's ared about 9:00 saturday night and was booked on four counts oversoon. they believe she's responsible for four fire, the first
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damaged a parked car and then a dumpster and then a parking garage the fourth car did damage to trees and bushes along the bicycle path. >> especially for the elderly and disabilities. ktvu spoke with one group who trying to make the city's cross walks safer. >> it is one of the most dangerous in terses in san francisco. >> [horn blows] >> now imagine crossing it with a walker. >> they blow the horn, it is like and they yell and say get the yell out of the way. >> or what if you were nearly blind? >> i am trying my best not to get kill. this group from walk san francisco say it is city needs to give seniors and those with disabilities more time to cross the street. it is scary when people are pushing you, you get more and more nervous with the honking and driving fast. >> more than 20 pedestrians are killed by cars each year in san
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francisco. they stet timing the for signals in the city, it is a process of working with them to convince them to get the time lengthened. >> 4% of all people killed in city traffic were 65 or older and yet they only constituted 15% of the years population. >> my car was hysterectomy by a car when she was parking. >> her mother judy suffered brain damage as a result of the accident and gnathus have around the clock care. >> she has severe depression, posttraumatic stress disorder. >> she made it her mission to make the streets safer for everyone. >> they're improving cross times from four feet to three and a half feet and improves in this particular intersection are already underway. >> once the light turn green you have a tendency step on the pedal and go, you may not be looking at someone who may not have been able to cross. >> one of nods people is gene who today, was not able to cross the street in 20 second.
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>> i have had back surgery. i have a vision problem. i got a lot of problems but i want to keep moving. >> in san francisco, ktvu fox new. >> they're launching the new app today it will giver a way to report problems from potholes to illegal dumping. residents can send photos and tag locations so city staff can know what and where the service request is for. the city says in most case it is problem will be taken care of quickly, the mayor received a big -- and other quality of life crime. >> >> what's unique about it is that it allow it is resident to directly connect with the crew that is going to do the repair. so, it is very fast way, efficient way, and it is a streamlined way for residents to reach the people who are
9:18 am
actually going to do the work. >> besides the poted holes, other hinges that can be reported include apan donned vehicles and street light outages. >> an update to report we had about the wonder sit e coming up what the company is now doing as dozens of people still wait to be paid. and the bay area city rich in film history, up next the ties to hollywood making it a favorite location for the entertainment industry. t indust
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tim & charlie, 4th graders.
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lazy 3rd graders. they even have those new easy open gogurt tubes. we used to struggle 20 minutes to open our gogurts. we were on our own. and when we finally got those things open, we'd be overcome with the sense of accomplishment no 3rd grader today will ever know. hi guys. get a job. you believe this guy? new ez open gogurt. kids never had it so easy. it is going to get sunny. >> that's correct. we also have bay area baseball tonight. >> that's right. we will see if there's any change in starting pitching. >> sunny, gray day. >> i hope he stays. i need to throw it. you know, better do that. >> the talent. >> maybe you should have that with billy about this.
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>> we we will talk. >> the forecast looks god. >> i don't see any issues here weather wise, it could be some clouds but i think overall tonight it is pretty nice and comfortable. if you are inland it will get really hot for some here, again, yes, again, and now again, this is not coast, it is not bay. this is those away from coast but 106 to 107 on tuesday and wednesday, and around clear lake, maybe out to antioch, it would not surprise me one bit, 110 plus, livermore looking for 102 tomorrow, 96 wednesday, and only 96 on thursday, and it'd looks like we will peak out but again, the coast and the bay and then inland temperatures are continuing their march up again, it has been is this way for six weeks, there's a lot of fog there, it is not making an impact but if you round that fog bank i don't think you will warm up that much, 60s, some, 76 in lakeport, 77 already in kelsey, it will be very warm, and also to no valley but 55
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point, 54. so so much clearer, the sea breeze, the delta breeze is collapsing as we thought it would. high pressure will build in here, sierra nevada. thunderstorm watch that. if you are going up there, be careful. watch things and a lot of moisture creeping up to the south, and also from the southeast, and again some of that could play into the forecast starting on wednesday i think, fog if you have that it will be nice, if you don't, it is going be warm to hot, and in fact the temperature it is next few days inland are going to be very warm to hot, yet the coast, no change you guys, kind of been this way since about june 12 or 13. a long time. >> you bet. thank you, steve. >> the bay area, and san francisco in particular have been the setting for some of hollywood's most memorable films. now as ken williams reports the city of -- is making a mark with the flurry of filming, much of it brought about by one man. >> grab the special one and jump into your candy coated or your scream machine and cruise downtown and catch graffiti. >> they put them on the map in
9:23 am
the 1970s. >> no an iran immigrant is keeping that spirit aleve today. >> i they people here so awesome and all of my friends and family that have helped and just been off the chart, i can't i can't think them enough. >> he grew up and is shooting his 7th film in the former hometown for a midwest based company iron,ly named lucas oil. the company wants family oriented movies they say may cause a tear but lever you with a smile. >> all the residents, the politicians, the government officials, the business owner, everybody is so welcoming and so open, they just open up you know, the whole lives to us. >> sharon stone and john are among the star, this movie is a sequel no a film based on the wrestling days at casa grande's -- it is for part two. >> we become hometown kids and hang out with them,.
9:24 am
>> the producers say that the surrounding area offer a wide array of filming options. >> you kin of get the best of both worlds because we do a lots of stuff that's rural and you know, dogs and horses and raises cars. >> i want to make movie, a great person. go. >> it is like a little norman rockwell town with farms on an un-- to be honest i am ready boy a house out here. >> he estimate it is 7 movie versus at least $20 million into the local economy. >> >> it is kind of fun. >> the director is from chico. >> everything is about respecting the familys and
9:25 am
communications and the people. it has been a wonderful experience and i really would like to shoot here again. >> it is definitely on the movie making map. >> one of the biggest we're at warner brothers now is the ceo warner brothers is raised. >> american wrestler the sequel is wrapping up production. alley says he will be back in i a cup of months to begin production on the next film with another to follow shortly after that. so bowel movementing in the north bay. for the alamo fda county, and unmanned vehicles, first. where you might pick up a
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. >> we have been talking about a new study that finds workers are using their personal devices for thens such as shopping online, checking out social media when they're at work and really shouldn't be. the study found that it adds up to five hour a weekment we asked you through how often are you on your personal phone, 32% say every few minutes and 53% say a few time a day. 15% of you say never i have a couple of nevers on my twitter feet here i will share. a couple with you. never during my time, and employee means trading time for money. i think everybody in world juans to hire chris. he tweet for personal reasons, no unless the boss okays it for for emergencys and he adds a key phrase, almost everyone is expendable.
9:29 am
>> interesting. >> sadly at least once per hour, have to check messages to make sure my kids, nieces and never rue ewes are okay. certified soup woman says the same thing, checking ton kids. >> go back to chris' point. >> go to your boss and say do you mind if i take a personal phone call after the newscast today. >> have i ever asked for a -- no i haven't. >> but then i know when the break times are during -- i am not clocking in and out. i know when i have ray few minutes here, and i go back to if i am a cashier at the supermarket. have you ever seen them and they're like doing this, you want want to what? okay let me get that for you. i have seen that and it rubs me the wrong wrong way. it depends on the job. >> this job we have to be on our phones; right. >> right, but if you are like playing on twiter and take funny selfies, is that really working. thank you thank you for using
9:30 am
your cell phone to talk to us. starting that week it could be a lot more difficult for people who take the ferry to find parking. ktvu joins us live to explain the changes. alley. >> reporter: the changes go into effect here at the harbor bay terminal, important to make a decision, they have two ferry terminals, harbor bay is the one we're talking about, no ferry here right now, but if you take a look at the parking lot right next to it, it is pretty small. there's only 250 spaces here, it is completely packed, and usually when this lot fills up, drivers end up parking on the neighborhood streets. you can see from the homes here there's a lieutenant of residential neighbors next to the ferry terminal. starting tomorrow, people won't be able to do that anymore. drivers won't, will possible be able to park for four hours in the neighborhood next to the terminal, unless they have a residential permit. people who live here say the ferry is an increasingly popular way for compute force get to san francisco, and that the city of almeda in san
9:31 am
francisco need to figure out another way to accommodate commutes with cars. >> the ferry is packed and they need to consider that people actually drive to get to the transportation. >> city transportation officials say people should rely on buses, bikes and ride sharing to get too this terminal since there's such limited parking here. again, you need a residential permit to park nearby this ferry terminal. no overflow parking for more than four hours unless you want to get a ticket. >> returning tomorrow. hey. a sum that in the neighborhood. >> bell well, there's going to be, in fact there are some signs kind of warning drivers, and people with have potentially parked in this
9:32 am
neighborhood street, one thing that we do want to note, we did have just before a live shot a neighbor who lived nearby, saying that some of the neighbors are working together to try to maybe decree kuwait some sort of system that they can rent out their driveways, to some of the ferry commuters. >> wow. >> who are in a pinch and maybe need a parking spot. >> there you go. >> we will meet with her get more information about that later and we will have an update at noon. back to you guys. >> how mump would you charge. >> as much as you can. >> all right. thank you. here are some of the top stories we're following. if you are heading to beach to beet the heat there's a warning from the nationalling wither service, it is about strong rip currents along the beach, nine foot surf and sneaker waves from monterrey until 11:20 night. the beaches face south, the biggest danger because of the storms just to south of us.
9:33 am
>> meantime into walamy county, they're making progress battling two wild fires in the sierra foothills the jacksonville fire now 73% contained, and it started on saturday afternoon, it has burned almost 700 acres, and the twist fire started yesterday. it has burned 180 ache, it is 15% contained and the causeover both fires are under investigation. a only terrorist plat to blow up a plane. four people were arrested during raids. the police also seized materials that they say could have been use today make a bomb. >> >> security is much tighter at airports, and they go out and
9:34 am
the luggage go out, and there have been four terror attacks mr. last four year, 12 terrorist plot versus been disroughed since 2014. >> those are some f the morning head lines. >> thank you are being used by law enforcement to make certain jobs a little easier. chase down suspects, and -- >> almeda county sheriff office gave ktvu a look at the unmanned vehicles or, and fire, including the ghost ship warehouse fire, and an emoryville building that went up in flames while it was being built. >> any time a first responder can benefit from an ariel if they normally would get, with
9:35 am
very found uva to be very beneficial. >> they're maneuverable and look behind trees and rocks, they have been able to trackfullies suspects and recover gun, drugs and other evidence. the tech technology so good, it is deliver&if you look at the controls, the device just sit there is and hoover so you can give it small input, move it up and down a foot or two, to side or up and down, so it is really forgiverring. >> at a recent sal salvage yard it has attach today a drone and flown into the plume to take a sample of air. this video shows athermal around of a fire allowing fire fight terse monitor where hot spots are. >> if you have a have you of what, of the current state of a fire, and when the sheriff office first announced they
9:36 am
blasted it, those concerns seem to have -- and there was inflation of the idea of public safety using military-seal, and that's incorrect. that's not a fact. i would say many first responders are using uavs. and chief pilot, the department helicopter, he's now a -- >> it is fairly easy to fly and accurate in the flight staff. and we can preprogram a mission profile to fly it. >> the sheriff office gave us a demonstration of how the drone can say be use today find missing children. >> the search team we have the kids near a rock pile.
9:37 am
>> they sent two -- and before long the kids were found safe and unharmed. officials say -- for search and rescue, fire fighting efforts and crime scene photography. in done lynn, ktvu fox 2 news. they say are owed money from the baby sitting agency wonder sitters: they're baseed in san francisco and right now is being criminally investigated for local and out of state babysitters tensover thousands of dollars in unpaid wages. >> so far, more than 90 baby sit verse come forward telling two investigates that together, they're owed more than $85,000. >> a couple of morning update,
9:38 am
they are -- and it is planning to file for bankruptcy. that's a big concern for babysitters, are we going to get money, if you are going to do that, hearing back from the owner of course, and it said wonder sitter is determinantly closed and this is the first too many we have seen confirmation that they're permanantly close. criminal not several penalties put actual criminal charge. >> either now the criminal investigation is underway. no chan versus been filed as par as we know no one has been arrested put san francisco, the internal attorney is -- there's possible charge. >> it is not looking good for the people who want their money back. >> it depends on the -- a chapter 7, pretty much means
9:39 am
the company dissolves,. >> thank you for the clarification, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up next on mornings, and that would mean no classes earlier than 8:30 a.m. >> the also, fine art at your fingertip, next the san francisco museum of modern arts new delivery service that is a high-tech first.
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9:41 am
. >> congressman held a town hall meeting to hear the concerns of the people he represents. it was standing room only inside the sunnyvale community center yesterday. they held the concerns about the current state of government in washington dc. people expressed frustrations
9:42 am
saying with congress so divide nothing gets done. one man who has health care through the affordable care act says he has been following the current health care debate very closely and he's quite concerned. >> i don't mind having the health care, but i don't want to eliminate it on promise. >> he's really messing with people's and say we may have differences i'm not going to hurt family who is are lying on his insurance exchanges. >> >> east state congress mayor led a group of people on the hike for a walking town hall
9:43 am
meeting, about 100 people joined them with a they asked questions about the -- sanctions against russia and did trump administration. >> they said votes are are still very concerned abissues here in the bay area. >> it is really kitchen table issue, what are we doing to make sure kids have the best school, that family versus job tunes and seeing pay checks grow. >> the congressman says it will hold two more traditional meetings next weekend. home sales are up in bay area but not if you look at anything under half a million dollars: according to the core logic real estate, the sale of single family homes listed at 500,000 dollars or less fell 17% last month because there are so few homes under that price point on the market. >> across the bay area, sales grew 9% for homes over that pies price mark even though housing supply may be at the
9:44 am
hest level ever. job growth and the median price for a home in the bay area also set a record high last month at $7,350,000 up 7.5%, from last year. >> there's nothing out there on the market. >> under a hundred thousand. >> right. >> when you driver around on sunday and see the open signs here and there. >> i would say in east bay i see the neighbors cashing in on a pretty hot housing market. come to this side of the bay. what do you think lowest, what's the lowest that you can get a house for the immediate bay area. >> oh. >> i would say you can -- >> a house or a condo. >> a single family home. >> i would say there's probably 450 x 500ish. >> yeah. yeah a good starter home. >> if you can't afford it and you are thinking about renting it oakland is one of the worst places. >> you are stuck either way. >> in country. wallet hub looked at 150, and ranked them from best to worst
9:45 am
scottsdale, you can see came in at no. 1. and freemont. the two city, considered worse place, detroit and cleveland. >> all this makes me happy to bring you something, that's free and meaningful in the form of a text message. to your fingertips. >> even with the -- >> the museum of modern art only has pacespace to display ab2,000 pieces from the collection of 34,000 works, now you can get work delivered right to your phone. >> followed by a word or emoji,
9:46 am
to 57251 and receive a text from the collection. >> in the middle of day they're asking for listen capes and also colors and e mojos and then it gets a bit more about love and home, which interesting. >> i said send me hometown of livermoore and got send back a picture with a sticker about livermore. sometimes it can be very literal. >> that's exactly right. sometimes it get around image or someone hailing a taxi, each person will get a different response and a different way at looking and a different outlook that maybe they have never heard of. >> they said the program throws open the doors and the area lives. at one point they were sending
9:47 am
70,000 to learn more about an artist they saw just in a text. so grass identifying for wine smith who say it is art work is working to make itself more accessible. >> i love the robot search because it is with. >> send me robots. >> with a collection. >> wow. >> it is like oh my goodness. >> the pike, entitled big light robot. >> isn't that cool. >> is this on display right now or somewhere -- it is in depthsover the museum. >> not every word or e moe gee results in a successful search. >> they just send me this. i did not have any matches. it may be but i said send me fries. >> up pop it is culture by fryfrye of course one food darling of social media, the doughnut would have a match. >> monitoring or tracking where
9:48 am
these are come prosecuting. he said no they're not collecting any such data, by doing this the number is 567251: a long list of searches here. >> one thing they have to take pictures of everything which they probably did for other reasons and they had to get key words. >> yes. >> on all of them. >> labor intensive. they have done it all. >> it is very labor intensive and i texted the name offish sciatica go expecting a deal. they text me back something old time radio that would made in chicago illinois so it is a little key words, and what i like is you have to think how does this picture chicago and i zoom in and it is like that's why. it is not always overwhich is better. >> the goal also is not only do you get it in your hand with your phone but to get them into the actual museum. >> ultimately, yes, they're
9:49 am
already seeing a big jump and they're saying tell me more about this. >> right now it is just the awareness level. when is the last time we did a story about fine art in a san francisco museum, and it is nationwide. >> coming up next, the shots continue between the cavs, up next, a viral video that many people say is aimed at lebron james.
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live, learn, and get luvs. . >> not only is it the last day of july, it is time to win a fox 2 news mug. i hope you enter, through 1:00 this afternoon. don't miss your chance to win. these are the mugs we're talking about. they have fox 2 on one side and you flip it over and find ktvu plus. if you are the big winner we would love if you take a picture and send us to us and we will feature your mug shot. >> not while you are at work. >> don't do this while you are on the clock. >> you have to be making more widgets. >> the general intents hit a new low after losing a tight
9:53 am
one, 3. >> >> and on the drag. >> score. >> -- the joints are taking the lead. >> all good. they carried a 1-0 lead into the ninth but sam gave up a hit and chase scores from 7, and jump ahead to the 11th inning, they record the third hit of game as they did i haves in tomlinson, the join versus another chance to close it out but albert gave up a hit to right field line, two runs score, the dodgers go on to sweep the giants and mike, they could have won at least one of those games. >> they're interested in the bull pen with three hours left here. the oakland a's come up with more late inning magic and beat
9:54 am
the tens 6-5. >> one run scores and davis goes and this ball game is tied. >> and then made a great catch at foul territory. >> love the effort. this game would go to the 12th and lonzo ended it with one swing of the bat. >> the walk off win which ties them, the a's and giants begin the annual series today first pitch at the coliseum, it is at 7:05. fan can say come out a little earlier ahead of tonight and tomorrow's game, food trucks and djs will go head to head, on the championship plaza, before first pitch.
9:55 am
>> okay. >> food trucks will feature oakland themed with the north side, representing san francisco, and also both cities per farm from 5:00 to 7:00. >> the a's will host a digital calf trade where fan can say turn in giants hats for trading at atlantic with the team number. >> i was noticing video of chris christy, he's making head lines because of the video that's gone viral. you can see him confronting a chicago fans cub on sunday, he gets up in his face. he leans over to the man and christy apparently says you're a big shot. it does not show what causeed it confrontation but he told reporters he heckled christy and called him a hypocrite right before that happened. >> got in his face there. >> curry. >> right in his face. >> curry is enjoy a break from basketball with golf and he's poking fun at lebron james with
9:56 am
this video. check it out. ♪ [ music ] music ] ♪ james recently posted in workout video and over the weekend at the wedding, curry did this impurse nation of it. he starts off by giving a ferocious look to a lebron. lebron wasn't at the wedding but his teammate was and eninjured the impersonation. >> students could get more slope thanks to a new law, bill making its way through the legislation. it would not allow middle school and holists start any earlier than 8:30. it is in response to studies that show -- that would dices respect the schedule especially if pans start work early. a final vote could come next month. >> i totally support this. it is based on science. we need to give the kids a
9:57 am
little time to match their body -- to rest the body. >> you say. >> that's not real world. >> it is. >> go to bed earlier. >> it is not like 11:00 a.m. >> wait until lunch. >> have a nice breakfast at home. >> >> are we done. >> we we are. >> 14 seconds left. our coverage goes to >> get up early. >> it is science. it is not a whim. >> in my day. >> science is science. >> thank you. >>
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