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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 31, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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a police standoff in san francisco is still underway. nearly 12 hours after it started, we bring you the latest in a live report from the scene. and the search is on for three robbers after they smashed display cases at a costco. and breaking news after another shakeup at the white house as anthony scaramucci is ousted as the white house communications director after just 10 days on the job. >> ktvu fox 2 at noon starts now. >> we begin with breaking news out of washington dc. fox news reporting communications director anthony scaramucci has been removed from his position. there are also reports that this came at the request of new white house chief of staff general john kelly. this comes just a week and a half after scaramucci was appointed to that position. >> joined now on the phone by political professor james taylor.
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let's talk more about this development that came in recent minutes. john kelly, anthony scaramucci, very different operating styles. do you think that in fact kelly had a hand in this? >> absolutely. first of all, thank you guys. yes, to answer your question. kelly obviously a military general demands a certain chain of command and the chief of staff is literally the chief of the president's staff and should act as such. you karen goh briefly back to rahm emanuel and democrat and republican, and chiefs of staff make demands that they are the last person that speaks to the president every night and the first person to speak to the president every morning apart from his spouse. this is an important move for kelly to make. >> do you think the tirade we saw last week against reince priebus, that the new chief of staff saw that and took that into consideration when making this decision connected to scaramucci here?
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>> it had to be. it's really a rebuke of the president, and his sort of haphazard way of appointing people and being spiteful and his way of appointing people that don't necessarily have ways -- grade qualifications but they represent messages to people and political people. the fact that scaramucci lasted 10 days after the way he sort of became less caricature of himself, in the last few days, and took reince priebus out with him is almost an episode from you know celebrity apprentice, where you had somebody stay on the island or stay in the office for 10 days until they got ousted, and now kelly comes in trying to establish order. >> the president is tweeting no chaos and pointing to the strong stock market, low unemployment numbers. how do you compare and contrast those strong economic data with what appears to be another major shakeup at the very top? >> well, because he likes to
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give obamacare responsibility to obama six months into his presidency and won't take ownership of it, maybe he shouldn't take ownership of the economy either, maybe he should give obama and his administration credit for what is happening in our economy even though the stock market clearly has responded more positively to donald trump himself as a political figure because it benefits mostly the market class. so that's why think that represents. jeb bush told us he would be a chaos candidate and the chaos president. so far so good. >> still not clear whether mr. scaramucci will be employed at the white house in maybe another position or if he is just going to pack his bags and go. do you see him staying around? >> the people he replaced are gone, federal prosecutors are gone, james comey is gone. they've all gone, comment gone much like television.
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we are being subjected to celebrity apprentice as a way of governing and administrating and appointments. this is a real problem in terms of carrying out a presidential agenda. scaramucci might stick around to save face but more likely he will go away into the footnotes of history like these other people have, as a part of the failure to launch and instability of this presidency. >> usf fossa james taylor. thank you for joining us on the phone to help us dig through this breaking news. other news in the bay area. we are following a developing story out of san francisco where people are being told to shelter in place in a neighborhood located north of the castro district because of a standoff between police and the shooting suspect that has been going on for more than 12 hours. ktvu alex savidge joining us with the latest. >> reporter: the standoff going now for 12 hours here.
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>> looks like we may have lost signal. what we can tell you is it is a police standoff now in its 12th hour. it started overnight just after midnight. police responded after learning a woman had been shot in this neighborhood. they have taken her to the hospital where she is being treated for safety. we find alex in the castro district. throughout mornings on 2, he was bringing us reports. things haven't changed much. police are staged in the neighborhood, communicating with the person inside one of the homes there. we have yet to see that person come out. we will bring alex back. stuck police are looking for three men who smashed a jewelry case at a costco yesterday. police say they entered the navaros store wearing surgical masks right after it opened at 10 am and smashed the jewelry case, taking off with an
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undisclosed amount of jewelry. they left the scene in a getaway car that was outside waiting for them. >> we want to think the public for the phone calls we have received so far. we will work with outside agencies that have experienced the same incident to see if we can collaborate. >> if something like that happened here, in navarro, which is supposed to be really i mean safe, it's scary. >> police say they are investigating whether or not this robbery is connected to similar robberies that other bay area costco stores, one in foster city and another in danville. police say those robbers left in a black chevy sonic with paper license plates. police are investigating a fatal crash involving a pedestrian. a woman was hit by a car just before 5 am near atlantic avenue and railroad. a 35-year-old woman from antioch suffered severe head,. the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. neither drugs or alcohol more distracted driving appear to be
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factors. palo alto police arrested a man on suspicion of setting a string of fires. terri hill junior is facing four felony counts of arson. four fires were set in the downtown area early friday morning between 2:00 and 5:30 pm. a car was set on fire in a calteron parking lot and a dumpster was set on fire on palo alto avenue and just about an hour later there was another dumpster fire on high street and a small brush fire on a small bike path. on saturday, an officer took him into custody after recognizing him from a surveillance photo. back to developing news in san francisco where a standoff has entered its 12th hour just north of the castro district. we will bring in alex savidge for a live report. >> reporter: good afternoon. 12 hours here now and a good section of this neighborhood remains on lockdown. people are being urged to stay inside their homes. a number of homes have also been evacuated as well as san
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francisco police continue to negotiate with an armed man who has been barricaded inside his home and police believe that man shot and wounded a woman early this morning. we want to show you the scene on fifteenth street amiere castro. that is where this is all playing out at a home that is right near corona heights park. thus far, we're not sure if police have been able to get this man to surrender but we did see a man holding a phone step out of the front door of this home just a short time ago. it is unclear if he has been taken into custody. this standoff first started about midnight last night when police responded to a call about a shooting at this particular home on fifteenth street. outside the home, they found a woman who had been shot one time. she was taken to the hospital. we do not have an update on her condition but we do know the
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man who was believed to have opened fire on that woman went inside the house and ultimately refused to come out. >> the police have a hostage negotiation team communicating with the suspect and we are asking for the suspect to come out, give himself up, and maybe bring this to a peaceful resolution. >> reporter: we also saw this morning, the san francisco police department bomb squad was called out to the scene as well. we were not given any further information about why the bomb squad was called out, what prompted that decision. we also do not know yet the relationship between the armed man who has been barricaded inside this home and the woman he is accused of shooting. we don't know what prompted the violence here at this home late last night. those are all questions we are still trying to get answered from san francisco police but we can tell you the standoff has been going on for 12 hours here on fifteenth street. anyone who lives here near corona heights park near the tennis courts where this is all playing out is urged to stay inside their homes. anyone along 15th near beaver
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street and buena vista terrace should stay indoors for the time being as san francisco police continue to try to get an armed man to surrender to them, a man who is accused of shooting and injuring a woman last night here at this home. >> alex savidge live in san francisco. thanks for the update. your weather may have some people looking for relief at the beach but there is a warning for beachgoers. >> kristin captain has warning -- a warning for beachgoers. >> we are starting to see more people coming to the beach as those in went temperatures start to build. he will likely see more and more people looking to come out to the coast looking for relief from the heat. possibly looking for a dip in the ocean, the beach at san francisco might be cooler but a trip to the bay area beaches especially in the south facing beaches comes with a warning. strong rip currents, sneaker
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waves, and waves as high as 9 feet are all possible through 11 pm tonight. that warning covers all beaches from port reyes to the big sur coast. the biggest dangers are on south facing beaches including stinson, santa cruz. meteorologists say tropical storms to the south are causing dangerous ocean conditions here in the bay area. we talked with one surfer who has battled out in the waters for 30 years. he says he can see the effect those storms are having in the bay area. he says particularly ocean beach can be very dangerous for those who are not experienced with these conditions. >> it is like the whole current is moving north so there is a bit of a cell flow coming down but like right there if you were to get in the water, it's going to pull you over past that fishermen and suck you out. >> reporter: while the beaches are under that each hazard warning, the national weather service is also issuing a hazardous weather outlook for today, tomorrow and wednesday as temperatures are expected to climb. steve paulson told us these -- this morning temperatures are
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expected to climb for the coming days. a warning to be especially mindful for children, the elderly, and pets. those temperatures could reach into the 90s and possibly as high as 100 degrees. you can see the sign here at ocean beach, warning people about rip currents and saying bluntly that people swimming here have drowned, so simply a warning for anyone who is looking to get some relief from the heat, especially those looking to hit any south facing beaches. ktvu fox 2 news. some more breaking news here in the bay area regarding the oakland a's. ken rosenthal with fox sports reporting that indeed pitcher sonny gray has been traded to the new york yankees. more on that coming up in the newscast. still ahead, parking changes for ferry commuters. after the break, what you need to know if you take the ferry from alameda to san francisco. and we are getting ready for another bay area warm up. steve paulson will have details.
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new parking restrictions go in effect tomorrow for people who take the harbor-based ferry. >> anthony bass must joins us to explain how those changes will impact commuters and the hundreds of homes near the terminal. >> reporter: alameda has two ferry terminals. the one that will be impacted by these talking -- parking changes is the harbor-based
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terminal. you can see from the parking lot, it's not very big. it only has 250 spaces. the demand for parking far exceeds the supply. the ferry-based terminal fills up fast, and usually when it does, drivers park on the residential streets in the neighborhoods nearby. >> we live a couple of blocks down the street. there's always a lot of cars. >> reporter: starting tomorrow, commuters won't be able to do that. drivers will made residential permits to park for more than 4 hours. transportation officials urge commuters to rely on buses, bikes and ridesharing to get to this terminal but some residents argue it's not an option for everyone. >> it's totally packed and people are lining the streets so if they want to encourage public transportation they need to consider that people need to drive to get to the public transportation. >> reporter: heather lives in the neighborhood near the ferry terminal and takes the boats to
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work. she empathizes with commuters who will struggle to find parking. >> it's just taking away the means from people who absolutely need to go to work. >> reporter: so a parking website called parking angel ran south driveway spaces in the neighborhood. the goal is to help commuters in a pinch at a cost of about eight dollars a day giving an option to the people who need it. >> i would rather have my driveway space open, but there are people who needed more than i do. >>todd: and the hope is that ferry commuters will only use the website to find parking in those driveways in an emergency, not on a daily basis. she says she has about eight other neighbors that she is working with who are willing to rent out their driveways so that commuters can find parking. the website goes live tonight and parking changes go in effect tomorrow morning. >> eight dollars isn't exactly gouging the people who drive in. it's somewhat reasonable.
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>> reporter: right. well, she said eight dollars every day, she wanted to price it at a rate where people hopefully wouldn't rely on it on a daily basis but eight dollars is what they are charging for this service for the month of august and then next month it goes up to i believe $10.99, so the price goes up but she says they did it so people would use it on an emergency basis. they just don't have the supply of driveways to make this regular. >> good to know for tomorrow. thank you. parking also going up for people taking the ferry from vallejo to san francisco. signs for the vallejo ferry terminal warned passengers of the charge tomorrow going from $5-$6 and the price of a monthly parking pass doubles from $20-$40. happy monday afternoon. it's a tale of almost 3 different forecasts. one for the coast, one around
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the bay and one inland. let's focus on some baseball tonight. it's the giants and the a's. looks pretty good to me. sunny, northwest breeze about 15 miles per hour. we might have some tropical clouds but that wouldn't be until wednesday or maybe thursday. the big message here is we are starting to warm up with a cool down until last week. but then we started to warm up inland. sunday, today, peeking out tuesday and wednesday. this is all inland and some of this will be very hot. for others it won't be that hot but a warmer forecast will be kicking in. tomorrow looks to be very warm to hot. not just us but all the way into northern california, oregon and washington. to be honest i think this week looks pretty hot for anyone away from the coast. clearlake tomorrow, 106 to 110 degrees maybe by wednesday. it's going to be well above average as the excessive heat warning is out. livermore, 92 yesterday, 96
12:20 pm
today. 102 degrees tomorrow. 99 to 100 on thursday and mid to upper 90s on thursday. i don't see much of a break it must you are by the coast where they are still dealing with 60s. inland, 90s to 100s. san francisco going 70 and 55. the average is 67, 55. the record low 45. still some fog already retreating pretty rapidly but over by the coast, you know don't let this fool you. there is a high surf monday for some strong swells coming in. some dangerous rip currents as well so remember if you are heading over there. not too high, 3 to 4 feet but we expect these to build later on as the water temperatures have come up. 56, 56, 58 degrees. but about average. overall clouds confined mostly to the coast. temperatures because of some fog, napa airport off by 12
12:21 pm
degrees. i find that hard to believe but most areas 1 to 4 degrees warmer than normal. the breeze was howling earlier but now it is tailing off. monsoon moisture goes bonkers down into arizona. some of that moving toward southern nevada, southern california, and ia -- our fair share in southern nevada. showers today. moisture from tropical storm erwin. see how this is taking a jog to the right, i think that plays into our forecast. maybe late tuesday, wednesday, thursday. some of this moisture could pull into the forecast. if you are inland, warm to hot. 90s, starting to warm up again after a brief break. but i will tell you if you are well away from the fog bank,
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market. stocks are mixed. media companies and banks on the rise. on the flipside, some tech companies are down including facebook and twitter. the dow jones is up 84 points, the nasdaq down 18. >> when was the last time you got something meaningful or thought-provoking in your tax? the san francisco museum of art is jumping on our use of emojis and love of texting to bring fine arts to your phone. even with its recent expansion, the san francisco museum of art only has the space to display about 2000 pieces out of its collection of 34,000. you could get art you might never see otherwise delivered to your phone. the head of digital for sfmoma says almost 3/4 of 1 million people have texted send me sfmoma to 7251 and received a text of a piece of art from the sfmoma collection. >> they are asking for landscapes, flowers, dogs, cats, colors, emojis, and then it gets more about love, home, family when it's after dark.
12:26 pm
which is interesting. >> i said send me livermore and i got a picture of someone leaning up against an ice cream truck with a sticker about livermore so sometimes it can be literal. >> that's right. one of my favorite ones is send me taxi. sometimes you will get some inhaling a taxi or a literal taxi. each person gets a different response and get the different way of looking at art and a different artists that maybe they have never heard of. >> reporter: the program throws open doors to the museum and its vast archives. at one point, sfmoma was sending 70,000 texts an hour and the website saw a jump in traffic with people wanting to learn more about an artist whose work they just saw in a text, so gratifying for the direct or who says the art world has been working to make itself more accessible for decades. >> i love the robot search because you always end up with something new and they are just fantastic. we are coming our collection and we send you a new work.
12:27 pm
isn't that cool? >> is this on display right now? >> it's somewhere in the depths of the museum. >> reporter: not every word or emoji results in a successful search. >> i think waffles and got we could not find any matches. but i did send me fries. >> reporter: up pops a sculpture by viola frey called fortune's glove. one of the food darlings, the donut would have a match. i did make waffles that night for those of you who doubt me. the head of the program directs the digital aspect. i asked where these texts coming from? do you want to ramp up your
12:28 pm
advertisement? he said none of that is happening. it's all been collected anonymously and he is just thrilled that this point to get art to people's hands. >> and not everything is on display? >> correct. i didn't know they have 34,000 works of art and even as big as the museum is, they it -- they can only display about 2000 at a time. so i am seeing things that i would never otherwise see. >> does it get someone like me who doesn't get enough museum like in my life to get to the museum? >> that i think is the ultimate hope. there is an admission charge for sfmoma but children are free sodas reaching out to those who want to go to the next generation to try to pull them in. it is such a jewel. people fly across the country to see it. >> thank you for the story. a southwaste city is launching a new app today. how residents can now report crimes with just a tap on those smart phones. and also reports about a stolen train that went missing over the weekend. stay with us. rethink what's possible. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills
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we continue to follow the latest development out of the white house where anthony scaramucci has been removed from his position as communications director just a week and a half after being named to that position. there are also reports that this came at the request of new
12:32 pm
white house chief of staff general john kelly. >> and now we are hearing from the white house itself. the white house press secretary said anthony scaramucci will be leaving his role as white house communications director. mr. scaramucci felt it was best to give chief of staff john kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team. we wish him the best. we hope you stay with ktvu and as we follow the breaking news throughout the day. an investigation is underway into the death of a man who died after he went swimming near a north lake tahoe beach saturday in this and harbor at the northeast end of lake tahoe. that man's identity has not been released but he is in his mid-20s. lifeguards pulled him from the water and perform cpr but he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. officials say the drowning appears accidental but it will not be determined until the investigation is complete. now to berkeley where police are investigating a shooting that happened near the foot of the berkeley pier. when authorities arrived they found an suv had left the road and run out into the sea wall. this photo was given to us by a witness. you can see the vehicle close
12:33 pm
to the water edge. police tell us he is expected to survive. a morgan hill man has been arrested on suspicion of trying to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex. 42-year-old josi francisco toledo contacted an undercover officer posing as a 13-year-old girl on the internet last month for me agreed to meet at hidden lanes park on the martinez pleasant hill border. when he showed up, investigators from the crimes against children task force arrested him. he is scheduled to make his first court appearance today with bail at $2.5 million. san jose city leaders launched a new app to give residents a new way to report crimes. >> it will give residents the opportunity report everything from potholes to illegal dumping. >> when it comes to quality-of- life crimes, san jose residents can say there is an app for
12:34 pm
that. the my san jose app launched today. it's part of the way to combat illegal dumping, graffiti, broken streetlights, potholes, etc. the city has crews that routinely go out and remove graffiti. there was a rash of crimes last year on city hall and neighboring buildings. private business owners to their parts to remove the blight as it goes up but the cost can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and in some neighborhoods, residents are fed up with illegal dumping, abandoned chairs, mattresses, next to no dumping signs. we showed you a few days ago despite fines ranging from $2500-$10,000 for a third offense. today, the city unveiled my san jose, which allows people to
12:35 pm
take a picture and report graffiti or illegal dumping or a street light that is out or potholes all in a matter of seconds. >> this is a very innovative platform and what is unique about it is that allows the resident to directly connect with the crew that is going to do the repairs so it is very fast, efficient, and a streamlined way to -- for residents to reach the people doing the work. >> reporter: the san jose mayor is having a news conference today at about 12:30 pm for the official -- official unveiling. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. santa clara county is getting a new solution to public drunkenness. a state-of-the-art sobering station set to open in september in me reentry center. it will have comfortable furniture and a laundry service. it is expected to reduce the number of intoxicated people in holding areas at county jails, milpitas sandel might. they hope the sobering station will be a less expensive cost to taxpayers compared to jail or emergency rooms. it's a site coming -- becoming increasingly similar, drones hovering over crime scenes. as more and more police agencies use the devices. >> henry lee talked to the alameda county sheriff's office about how it is using drones to fight crime. >> reporter: the alameda county
12:36 pm
sheriff's office gave ktvu a close look at its fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones. these high-tech remote control devices have been used at crime scenes, s.w.a.t. team rates and fires including the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland and an emeryville building that twice went up in flames while it was being built. >> anytime first responders can benefit from an aerial perspective that they normally wouldn't get, we have found them to be beneficial. >> reporter: these drones are very maneuverable and can look behind trees and rocks. they have been able to track fleeing suspects and help deputies recover evidence. >> it's all gps driven technology and if you let go of the controls, the device just hovers so you can give it small input, move it up a foot or two, to the side, up and down. it is really forgiving. >> reporter: at a recent sell the jared fire in san leandro, a hazmat sensor was flown into the plume to take an air sample. this video shows the thermal image of a fire allowing firefighters to monitor
12:37 pm
hotspots. >> to have an aerial view of the current state of a fire is helpful for the incident commander and all of the parties involved. >> reporter: drones have also been used to look for missing people including along the ocean and wreak -- creeks and rivers. when the sheriff's office announced the plan, critics blasted it concerned about invasion of privacy but officials say those concerns seem to have eased. >> initially there was a misconception. there was a conflation of the idea of public safety using military style drones. that is incorrect. that is not a fact. i would say that many first responders are using uavs that you would see hobbyists using. >> staying 150 feet above ground. >> reporter: a former oakland police officer and chief pilot is manning the drone program. >> it's easy to fly and it's very accurate in its flight
12:38 pm
path so we can fight manually to where we want or we can preprogram a profile for it to fly. >> reporter: the sheriff's office gave us a demonstration for finding missing children. >> the kid is near a rock pile. >> reporter: pilots and two drones into the sky. back on the ground, deputies could see what the drones were seeing. before long, the two kids were found safe and unharmed near the tunnel. sheriff's officials say they have about six operational drones that they will continue to use for search and rescue, firefighting, and crime scene photography. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. new information about a missing train in pleasant hill. it's been found. the owner told police the 25 foot train was in a black trailer but disappeared yesterday morning. the train sits about 25 people and is used primarily for
12:39 pm
parties and festivals. the train was spotted several exits away from where it was taken. officers needed help -- got help after an alert woman posted a photo. researchers at the university of southern california analyzed the most popular 100 movies every year from 2000 to could last -- to last year and found latinos, women and the disabled are the most underrepresented groups in popular movies showing that more than 70% of speaking characters in popular movies were white and that women only made up about 31% of speaking characters. the bay area and san francisco and -- in particular has been the setting for some of hollywood's most memorable films. >> the city of petaluma is making its mark with a flurry of filming, much about one man. >> jump into your screaming machine, crews downtown, and catch american graffiti. >> reporter: george lucas's american graffiti put petaluma on the cinematic map in the
12:40 pm
1970s. now, an iranian immigrant is keeping the movie spirit alive today. >> i just think the people here are so awesome and all love -- all of my friends and family that have helped have just been off the chart's. >> reporter: alley was born in iran but grew up in petaluma. he is doing his fourth film for lucas oil. the company wants family- oriented movies that they say may cause a tear but leave you with a smile. >> all of the residents, the politicians, the government officials, the business owners, everybody is so welcoming and they have opened up their whole lives to us. >> reporter: sharon stone and john voight are among the stars he has brought to work. this move is a sequel from casa grande high school. the star of his first film is in petaluma for part two. >> we've just become hometown kids. all the extras are usually really cool. >> reporter: the producers the petaluma and the surrounding area offer a wide array of roaming option's. >> you get the best of both
12:41 pm
worlds because we do a lot of stuff that is kind of rural and dogs and horses and race cars and all that but then you can also be urban. >> reporter: it's a long way from the soundstages of l.a. or new york. >> i pay my own way to come out here because i want to make ways -- make movies. go petaluma. >> it's like a little norman rockwell town with farms. i am ready to buy a house out here. >> reporter: estimating his seven movies have pumped at least $20 million into the local economy. >> a lot of extra hours. >> tiring. >> very. it's fun now. >> i have never met so many people on one set that are all from northern california. >> reporter: the director is from chico. >> everything is about respecting the community, the locations, the people. so it's actually been a wonderful experience. i really would like to shoot here again. >> reporter: deloma may not be
12:42 pm
hollywood north yet but it's definitely on the moviemaking -- petaluma may not be hollywood north yet but it's definitely on the moviemaking map. american wrestler the sequel is wrapping up production now. alley says he will be back to go petaluma and a couple of months to begin production on his next film with another to follow shortly after. playwright sam shepard has died. also an oscar-nominated actor and author passed away at his kentucky home from complications related to lou gehrig's disease. shepherd grew up on a california ranch and wrote a number of books, memoirs, short stories and plays. his play very child won the pulitzer prize for drama. as an actor, sam shepard was nominated for the right stuff, his most recent work in the series bloodline. sam shepard was 73.
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home sales are up in the bay area not under half-million dollars. the sale of single-family homes listed at $500,000 or below fulfillment in % last month largely because there were so few on the market. the sales grew over 90% for homes over that price point even though availability may be at its lowest point ever. job growth and low rates have fueled demand. sale prices set a record high
12:46 pm
of $735,000 median price. you can always rent but a new list shows oakland is one of the worst places to rent in the country. wallethub looked at 150 city sam brincks from the best to worst based on affordability, safety, quality of public schools, coming in at number one scottsdale, arizona. oakland came in at 148. no california city ranked in the top 40 but san francisco was the highest ranked bay area city followed by san jose, santa rosa and fremont. the two cities considered the worst to rent in in the country, detroit and cleveland. happy monday afternoon everybody. it's the last day of july and it's pretty much like the entire month. if you are by the coast it's not bad. inland, it's hot or getting hotter. but first we have the baseball forecast. the a's tonight, not too bad. 70 degrees. i think again the only issue
12:47 pm
this week would be some high tropical clouds. otherwise looks like no issues weatherwise for the forecast for the giants, the a's, and a little morning fog continuing to play into the forecast. it's getting shallower and thicker. everything is staying warmer. certainly a lot by tuesday into wednesday as temperatures willie bacon to warm up. the hottest temperatures for those well in lindor out to the valley. clearlake maybe up to 110 degrees by tuesday or wednesday. certainly out to the sacramento valley all the way up into oregon and washington. portland 100 6107 degrees by wednesday. livermore looking at 102 degrees tomorrow. 100 degrees on wednesday. still 90s later this week. another pattern over by the coast. 60s and wind. fog bank is there. there's plenty to work with. over the be burning back rapidly. most locations are running one to 4 degrees warmer than 24
12:48 pm
hours ago. the delta breeze will not save us. a lot of tropical moisture moving into southern california and over the sierra nevada. that has fired up some thunderstorms today into tomorrow and less there is a cap of too much heat. there's also moisture coming up from a tropical system that is falling apart. some of that could play into our forecast but the main message is the coast is not too bad. debate, not too bad, inland warm to hot, getting harder -- getting hotter. 60s, to 90s, to 100 degrees. tomorrow looks one of the hottest this week. gradually maybe a little cooler weather inland towards the weekend. the commercial salmon fishing season is about to get underway and local fishermen are already gearing up. fisherman's wharf in san francisco is busy as crews loaded up with ice to prepare for their first trips out, looking 1st and 1 tomorrow.
12:49 pm
local experts say salmon has been scarce the last several years. they are hoping this past year's rainy weather will lead to a bigger crop of salmon. >> fortunately, we had a lot of rain this year. that should help everything. it should be nice if we could get for your four years of decent rain. we would be back in business. >> fishermen are advising anyone who wants to help local businesses to look for wildcard king salmon which should show up in supermarkets the next couple of days. coming up in a second, sunny gray of the a's is on the move. >> we will speak with jason nopah bomb about where gray will suit up next. the major-league trade deadline is approaching.
12:50 pm
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we have continuing coverage of the latest shakeup in the white house where anthony scaramucci is out. >> the white house is speaking about the change in leadership during a press briefing. this was the picture when scaramucci took the job. again, the news that he is out. we will bring you more on the developing news on the 4 on 2. the faa has ordered airlines reconsider their decisions about these seats on planes. the faa had said it was a
12:53 pm
comfort issue, not a safety issue but a passenger group challenged that saying smaller seats that are closer together could slow down emergency evacuations. passengers also said the smaller seats pose a health risk because they can increase the likelihood of deadly blood clots. the faa has not said when it will look at the issue again. just a few minutes away from the closing bell, taking -- taking a look at the market. the dow jones up 84 points. 7 minutes to go as we get down to the final minutes before the major -- major- league trade deadline. >> the a's made a minute -- move about 45 minutes ago. sunny gray is out. we have been on the sunny gray watch for a long time. not totally unexpected. he figured his days were numbered when three different new york newspapers put him on the cover of their sports sections today. here is one here. sunny gray is headed to new york for three minor leaguers.
12:54 pm
i will talk about those guys in a second but first, at age 27 he was the a's first-round selection in 2011 so he has been with the a's for five seasons. 44 and 36 lifetime, .342 e.r.a., outstanding in his first three seasons, but a bit injury plagued and not nearly as good the past two. the a's will get outfielder dustin fowler, infielder jorge mateo, and james cumberland right-handed pitcher, all ranked in the top 10 in the yankees farm system although two are injured. fowler with a ruptured patella and n with tommy john surgery earlier this year. so they've got some prospects back. that's what the a's do but they did have to part ways with sunny gray. adam rosales was treated to arizona for minor-league pitcher jeffrey mateos andrew celis you may remember was treated before
12:55 pm
by the a's. he was treated previously, came back for a second tour of duty. he is sort of a career minor leaguer who goes back and forth between the minors and the majors. batting this year, not so hot, just .234. so he is one of those guys that pops around from team to team. he has gone and in return, jeffrey mahay a -- jeffrey mahay. treated for making some moves. some folks we're hoping this year might be different. that they could still build around this guy. have gotten walkoff hits in a couple of glimmers of hope as the bay bridge series starts tonight with the giants. the a's fans are obviously thinking these four games they could really show their true colors and maybe sweep the giants because there has been help with the a's whereas with the giants it just been down, down all season long. >> just hearing from our producer klay thompson will throw out the first pitch tonight. but when they built the new
12:56 pm
ballpark, the talk is this kind of wheeling and dealing will come to an end eventually and that they are going to build a team to keep it here. >> billy beane has been on record saying they want to change their ways and keep their homegrown talent a little bit longer with the stadium. now, we don't know much about the stadium yet. we know it's down to 2 to 3 final sites but they haven't made any announcements yet. but yes, you are correct. maybe the a's will change their ways when they start moving towards the stadium. >> klay thompson, what about his little buddy steph curry? having a little fun. >> enjoying himself. >> if you missed this over the weekend on saturday he was having fun at harrison barnes. you might remember barnes from the warriors. they were at his wedding. here is staff having -- steph curry having some fun at lebron james's expense i might add. so what he is doing is pumping
12:57 pm
iron and if you didn't see the video of lebron, by the way that's kyrie irving egging him on. i will show you what lebron was doing. that is what he was mocking. the day after the season ended for the cavaliers when the warriors beat them in the finals, lebron was saying i'm right back at it. but staff, changing of the guard, steph curry can mark lebron. >> did lebron left? >> i don't know but kyrie irving did. >> the 4 on 2 is the next broadcast.
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