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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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muni tracks. police are not saying a whole lot about the suspect in the case. this is where all of this is going on. here is our map for you. it is at the intersection of 19th and church. rob malcolm is at the scene. >> reporter: good afternoon, frank and alyana. as you saw from skyfox a large police presence here at dolores park. we are on the west side of dolores park at 19th and church street. as you mentioned, frank, a lot of the police activity and the investigation is taking place with investigators focused on that footbridge. i had to walk on the other side of this crime scene here. as i walked past that bridge i noticed a large bundle of bloody clothes and police marking evidence in that area. meanwhile, as you look here on church and 19th street you will see officers focused in the middle of 19th street just beyond that at 20th is the command post. i am told from san francisco
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police that church street will be closed between 18th and 20th for the bulk of this evening while they conduct their investigation. once again i did notice officers going up and down the street checking these apartment buildings for surveillance video. again we can tell you that the call came in at 3:05 for shots fired. we know we have three victims. all three have been transported to area hospitals. one of those victims has a life- threatening injury. they don't have much to go on in terms of the weapon who they are looking for and the suspect vehicle, but police do have an idea of who is responsible for this, and they are not releasing that information at this time as they investigate. here is what we were told this afternoon. >> there is one individual with life-threatening injuries and two individuals with nonlife- threatening injuries. at this point we're not releasing vehicle information because it is crucial to our
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investigation. we have officers now looking for the suspects. >> reporter: so as you heard a lot of that information that you heard from san francisco police is the information i just gave our viewers, and they tell me that this entire area from 20th to 18th is considered a crime scene. and again this person, this suspect, is still on the loose, and they are talking to witnesses right now, just appealing for any information from the public as they try to get an idea of how this all started and what took place here this afternoon. guys. >> rob, i know police aren't saying a whole lot but do we know at all whether the gunman knew the three people who were shot, or was this some type of altercation or a robbery or something of that nature? >> reporter: yeah, we don't even know that, frank, because when i talked with the public information officer, she wouldn't really disclose anything. just basically she said we have a suspect, we're looking for a suspect, and we're looking at
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surveillance video. what's surreal, frank, if you walk to the other side of the park you will see people lounging around like it is a regular day. lucy parents with their kids in the playground. so a lot of folks didn't even actually know that a shooting took place. it happened that quickly. and people are coming up to us here as we stand here and asking us for information, trying to figure out what happened. >> that's what i was wondering. dolores park, so many people go there, how far is the actual park where people put out blankets from that pedestrian bridge where the shooting happened? >> reporter: basically, frank, as we went to air you showed a map of the muni tracks. it is just on the other side. the area that is cordoned off here with police tape is very specific to where investigators are working. so beyond that, there hasn't been a large impact on the park with this investigation taking place. >> we can see now from skyfox just how close the grass there is, the park there, to where
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that shooting happened. rob malcolm in san francisco, thank you. also in san francisco police are investigating a shooting near golden gate park. this is video from skyfox over the shooting scene. it happened about 2:30. police say the victim is a man who suffered nonlife- threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital. from the ground you can see police officers inside a mcdonald's there, police tape stretched across the street from that mcdonald's to a whole foods, but it is not clear yet where the shooting actually took place. the crime scene, the overall crime scene is at haight and stanion. no word on why the shooting happened. we're following developing news out of our nation's capital. there's new evidence that the investigation over possible ties between the trump campaign and russia is ramping up. there are reports that a grand jury in washington, d.c. is now hearing testimony in the probe.
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>> we are getting word that special counsel robert mueller has impaneled a grand jury here in washington to investigate russian interference in the 2016 election. that's according to the reporting of the wall street journal. mueller is also investigating whether president trump's campaign colluded with the kremlin. the president has called the investigation a witch-hunt. this news comes as the washington post has published transcripts of president trump's phone calls with foreign leaders including one with mexican president enrique pena nieto from january. it quotes mr. trump assaying, i have to have mexico pay for the wall. we should both say we will work it out. the apparent deal making comes after trump spent months on the campaign trail promising mexico would foot the bill alone. >> these people should be fired. they're disloyal to our government.
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>> reporter: the transcripts are made public just as the president is pushing a new senate plan that would cut legal immigration in half. democrats are already attacking the bill. >> his immigration policy has a stunning hypocrisy at the core of it. the president criticizes and seeks to limit almost every immigration program except the one that benefits his own business. >> reporter: aids say president trump is angry over the transcript leak. tomorrow attorney general jeff sessions holds a briefing on how the leaking of classified material is threatening national security. in washington, caroline shively, fox news. more details now. sources tell reuters that subpoenas were issued in relation to that trump tower meeting between donald trump jr. and a russian lawyer during the campaign. trump junior later admitted the meeting was not about adoption but aimed at getting information on hillary clinton. there are also reports the mueller investigation is
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widening to look although financial ties between the trump organization and russia going back several years. joining us more to talk more is a law professor at uc hastings. professor, what is the significance of robert mueller calling a grand jury, and what potentially, if anything, does this tell you? >> so the grand jury is essentially an investigative process. it is a process for gathering more information, and the grand jury also decides whether to indict, which is to say whether to file criminal charges against anyone involved in this. my sense is that in a case of this magnitude in this public importance, if mueller didn't have certain confidence that there is a "there" there, and that there might be indictments that he wouldn't have convened the grand jury. >> you are saying this investigation is ramping up. as you say it means that he has something. >> in general, federal grand juries are pretty much controlled by the prosecutor. the prosecutor is the one that
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initiates and pushes the process forward which is possibly why 99.9% of all grand jury processes end in indictment. we don't know how it is going to end but i suspect if there weren't substantial things gathered already and evidence this process would not start. >> what is the significance of calling a grand jury? this now allows robert mull tore subpoena -- allows robert mueller to subpoena people? >> it requires not only that people show up and testify but also that they bring documents and evidence. as is the case in police investigations, people can then claim their privilege against self-incrimination and say i don't want to respond to questions because it might incriminate me, in which case the prosecutor sometimes offers immunity deals. so we might be seeing pretty
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interesting trajectory here where some people testifying might be receiving immunity deals in return for them then providing information about people that are higher up in the administrative chain. >> we have been waiting to hear reaction from president trump. i know he is holding a rally in west virginia. we've been told this isn't going to be happy news to president trump in that there's been talks about possibly firing mueller in this investigation. what are the implications of firing mueller, and what is the process? we have talked about this before, but now this is coming to a head what is that going to look like? >> essential mueller was appointed by the department of justice. we know that jeff sessions is out of the game because he has recused himself from russia investigation entirely. we also know that rothstein has declared that he is not going to fire mueller. now that trump is growing impatient with jeff sessions and there's indications he might get rid of sessions he could potentially appoint an attorney general who would then fire mueller. however, there's strong congressional a pressure both
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from the right and the left for that to not happen. there are two bills making their way through congress both of which would require certain process of judicial review before firing a special counsel, and i think what is interesting about this is that they are bipartisan bills. so they are supported by republican congress people as well. >> professor, just very quickly, if, by chance, robert mueller was fired what happens to the grand jury? >> that's a good question. in that case there is a question of whether the department of justice would appoint another special counsel. this will essentially kill the grand jury but it would also cast an incredibly grave shadow on this administration. we are already seeing republican dissenters creeping out of the fold because of the implications to the legitimacy of what's happening. >> professor, we appreciate you coming in tonight. thank you. today we learned that this fire that burned in the oakland hills is under investigation as a possible arson. the last update from oakland fire officials is that the fire is about 50% contained.
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ktvu's leigh martinez joins us live from grizzly peak. what can you tell us? >> reporter: there hasn't been much news since this morning. as you said they are still just at 50% contained. as of this moment the winds have picked up. but oakland fire says it is still very confident in its approach to this firefight. >> the majority of our work now is on the east side of grizzly peak in the contra costa region. >> reporter: now, it's the university of california berkeley police that opened the investigation into possible arson. however, the cause of the fire is going to come from cal fire and oakland fire, and they have not said whether they have pinpointed the origin of this fire or the cause of this fire. >> we have a good handle on this incident, and we are projected to work throughout
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the day so we're projecting to have a 12-hour operational period. >> reporter: they say lessons were learned after the oakland hills firestorm that started from a grass fire and grew rapidly claiming 25 lives. when the grizzly peak fire was reported wednesday afternoon oakland fire immediately called cal fire for help. >> so they get to ramp up and put people ahead of the curve as opposed to waiting for us to even get on scene to confirm anything. it's a big change. >> reporter: 160 fire personnel from multiple agencies moved into grizzly peak boulevard and plan to stay out here until 8:00 p.m. included is a tree removal team. 10 trees with fire inside the trunk or in danger of falling are slowly being brought down. >> it took just a few minutes to take it down. breaking it down to the pile you see here is another hour and a half to two hours. >> reporter: the fire marshall confirms this is the second fire in the area in a week.
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a fire was fought tuesday at 1:00 in the morning. the fire marshall says the likely cause was kids playing with fireworks. now, the uc berkeley fire marshall says that the fire that happened tuesday morning is not connected to this fire, the grizzly peak fire. however, they are investigate all three of the fires since july 3rd. at this time they are still full capacity until 8:00, then they are going to change over to their night operations which could be different. at this time we know that grizzly peak boulevard is going to remain closed from centennial to south park drive. >> leigh martinez, thank you. we have new information about a deadly police shooting in richmond. the man was shot and killed by vallejo police and has been identified as 45-year-old jeffrey barboa. investigators say was wanted for an armed robbery in el cerrito last month. police say they tried to pull over his car. when he didn't stop they chased
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him to richmond where a police car crashed right into his car. investigators say after the crash the man got out of his car holding a machete. officers ordered him to drop it. he ignored the command. police say five officers in fear of their lives opened fire and killed him. an alert airport passenger on the way to san jose helped catch a couple on suspicion of sex crimes. we're following breaking news in dubai. one of the world's tallest apartment buildings is on fire. details coming up next. and we are tracking the weather. it definitely cooled off today so we will talk about the cooling trend and the weekend. d.
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we have breaking news out of the united arab emirates. a fire broke out in the 86- story torch tower in dubai. fortunately the city's civil defense team was able to vac you wait the building. you can see how major that fire is. the tower is one of the world's tallest residential towers. it is also the second time that this tower has caught fire. now to oroville where they have released a lot of water from lake oroville this year to keep the dam from overflowing but farmers claim that flooding has created a massive heartache and financial burden on walnut farmers. that's why they have filed a lawsuit. tom vacar has more on the claims. >> reporter: i will tell you this. it is not just walnut farmers.
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not by a long shot. but it is proof that failure to properly maintain infrastructure, no matter what it is, is a promise of a financial disaster, even to the state of california. >> to my left is our client, the farm manager. >> reporter: the lawsuit was filed on behalf of a large oroville area walnut farm. >> the claim was filed because it was not a matter of if the oroville dam would fail, just a matter of when. there was a certainty of failure with respect to the oroville dam. >> reporter: the farm claims it lost 27 acres. >> the land we speak of, it's gone. it's ire irrecoverable. >> reporter: the price tag for just that, $15 million.
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but taxpayers, brace yourselves. >> this is just looking at one slice of the damage. it is much larger. there are other walnut farmers. there are olive orchards, wineries, the city of oroville, and, of course, the residents of oroville and the surrounding area. >> reporter: the lawsuit alleges that as far back as 1998 the state knew the spillway was cracking and opted to make only minor repairs. seven years later private organizations raised the issue of the likelihood of the emergency spillway failing but nothing serious was done despite the presence of wet spots on the dam and plant growth that weakened the dam. >> the saddest part of this situation, it was entirely avoidable, had the state heeded the red flags. >> reporter: this is an enormously complex case that involves, among other things, so-called acts of god. it likely will spend years in
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the courtroom. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> tom, thank you. breaking news right now. a fire that is burning in oakland is burning on east 19th street. these are live pictures from skyfox. this is near 18th avenue, and it is right across the street from san antonio park. it is also right across the street from roosevelt middle school. you can see the school there at the top of the frame. we don't know if this house is abandoned or whether there are actually people who live in the house but it looks like there is substantial damage. again this is going on, on east 19th street in oakland near san antonio park and roosevelt middle school. we are working to get more information. when we get that, we will bring it to you. >> we're also look at some flash flooding here in southern california. you can just see that truck there. it is nearly halfway submerged that in flash flooding. we're taking live pictures now of the waters pooling into that truck. it looks like there are people
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on top of that truck. it is difficult to tell how many. it looks like one person right to you laying down on top of the truck, possibly on a cell phone. doesn't seem to be in major distress but obviously as that water continues to rise he will need to get out of that truck immediately. hopefully there are crews on the way to rescue that man in southern california. we're taking a wider look. wow, take a look at that. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist. bill, what is going on down there? >> that's thunderstorms and high rainfall rates. >> is that unusual for that area? >> yeah, it is. well, the flash flooding is really not unusual, because they don't have a lot of rivers for runoff. so when you do get a heavy downpour -- in other words, we have a lot of rivers. they only have the l.a. river down there, basically. so when it rains, you've got all that concrete, all that suburbia. >> could one thunderstorm really do that? >> absolutely. >> how much rain would that be?
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>> if you get an inch of rain an hour, rainfall rates like that, it's very compelling pictures. >> looks like this might actually be a rescue helicopter coming to help that guy who is stranded on top of the truck. >> where in l.a. are we? >> all we have been told is that this is in southern california, but you just don't think about flooding and thunderstorms and rain in california this time of year. >> well, that's what we experienced today as you watched this live rescue. >> that's the chopper. >> we've just been told this is act on, california -- acton, california. >> it's rolling right off the hillside, so it's very muddy. it takes about two feet of water to float a truck, a truck of that size. they're up to about two feet of
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water so that truck is not far from beginning to float. the front is not quite as deep. but it doesn't take a lot of rain, especially if it comes down all at once. so he is rigging this guy up. >> the sun is out, you don't see any precipitation. >> this particular thunderstorm, he's wearing a task top now. it could have been rang five miles from where he intersected this flooding. >> this is near 14, near palmdale, near the angeles national forest and san gabriel mountains. >> that would make sense. it unloads on the mountain, comes rushing down into the flat lands. i'm just making assumptions, but usually a large topographic feature like the san gabriels will generate heavy monsoonal moisture. this is what you get. >> i've always thought of -- growing up in northern california i have always thought of thunderstorms or
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rain in the summer very unusual. is it not so much the case down in southern california? >> exactly right, frank. we're dry in the surges wet in the winter. mediterranean climate. they have a similar climate but they will get thunderstorms in august, september, october from this monsoonal flow. that was a quick hit. they got him out of there. >> those power lines are making me nervous. >> you've got to wonder what got him into that situation. what i noticed is just how muddy that water is. it is some big mountain. maybe the san gabriels induced this funneling of water. >> i imagine it was one of those things where you see the water, you think, i'm in a pickup truck, i can make it, i can make it, and then all of a sudden you realize, i can't make it. >> it happens all the time. even if you have a big burly truck like that you're not supposed to drive through standing water.
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it takes two feet of water. a foot will knock you over. two feet will float a car, even float a truck if there's big current with it. frank, for instance, it's hard to tell, but you don't have to -- it could have been dry in this area. they may not have had any thunderstorms. the thunderstorms could be five miles away up in the san gabriels. it doesn't look like it is that we have. i'm looking at some of the concrete structures. a lot of people may not have seen this coming if it was up in the hill. i'm looking at some of the thunderstorms that were in this area. you can see there a whole complex of thunderstorms. i'm looking at one right here. those are the san gabriels. okay this is making a little sense now. i'm just looking at a map. most likely these thunderstorms, up tin san gabriels, right at the base of the san gabriels. right at the base. so you've got those things going up a few thousand feet. they generate thunderstorms, or rain, and then the rain just
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gets flushed down through these cul-de-sacs. again, they don't have a lot of rivers. they don't have a lot of creeks or streams. l.a., you know how it is. they're not set up for rainfall. so when they do get a dump like this without a good channel for the water to go into, this is what you get. rainfall rates with this storm had to have been over an inch an hour, maybe two inches an hour. it didn't have to rain right where they were. it could be a couple miles up the hill. >> there was a flash flood watch that remains in effect through today for the san gabriel mountains and the antelope valley. so that would be the area near where acton is. as you can see, that's exactly what happened there. >> that helps right there, frank, to see where it is. eventually you will see the san gabriels if they keep pulling out. this water came rushing and funneling down this low lying area. there must be a little creek or something there that was capturing the water. >> well, they say that there
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were downpours in lake elsinore, paris, and temecula, and that that's what led to the situation here. >> i'm looking at heavy rain right now in wrightwood, just to the east of acton. these hills have really been firing up near lancaster. this area, it's like phoenix. you have the same kind of landscaping. remember that flash flooding? this is very similar in topography. it's not really l.a. well, it is l.a., but you are on the east side of the san gabriels. you know that area, right? it's on the other side of the hills there. >> yeah, from what we understand, i'm just looking at twitter and on tv stations down in southern california, their facebook pages, they're saying there are other cars, and you can see another one there, caught in this flash flooding. we did see that one gentleman who was rescued.
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>> that would make sense. if you can visualize this, it didn't have to emnature here. in other words, it's like right here, right now, you're outside your house, it's dry, and all of a sudden you start seeing water. it's raining five miles away. you don't know that in a thunderstorm. and so perhaps, i would imagine people getting caught in this, like in arizona, the storm was way away from them. this storm may be mimes away from where -- miles away from where these cars are impact. >> and that flash flooding came so quick in phoenix. they weren't expecting it. >> i'm reading a tweet from one person that says watching the horrible flooding on tv. it is not surprising there are massive thunderheads above and behind the mountains. presumably he's talking about the san gabriels. >> maybe do a double box. take my radar, and leave the live picture up, and i will show you where they are. okay, they are working on it
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now. i've got it dialed in with the radar and the top 0 graphic map -- topographic map. this area is a lot like phoenix. you have the same type of landscape. you have some of these washes, they call them, and this is probably one of the lowest lying areas around, and all the water funneling off the san gabriels, which is a large chunk of mountain with some big elevation and all that water funneling down. in a thunderstorm it is not hard to get an inch and a half of rain, even two. >> bill, i know we're going get our radar up in a minute but i'm looking at radar on-line, and there are yellow, orange, and deep red -- well, there we have it on your screen behind you. >> i'm actually going to load this up a little bit more here, because we've got -- >> can we just listen to the helicopter for a second
5:30 pm
describe this? >> what they did was give them life preservers. you see some red in there. not 100% for sure but these guys right here, that's going to be l.a. county fire rescue workers. there's a firetruck nearby. these guys made their way over here. and they are basically just keeping an eye on this car. but you have to understand how much water is rung down these hillsides this afternoon. as we get a little wider it gives you an idea of what we are looking at, all this water rushing down the hillsides, getting on the roadways, and basically just being funnels on these dirt roads. l.a. county, they're basically going around, seeing what aid they can give to anybody who might need it right now. but it is still very -- it is a large area, a lot of homes in this area, a lot of businesses in the area, all completely flooded. and the water, i was thinking this would pretty much slow down or get less and less, but this water is continuing to funnel through this neighborhood this afternoon.
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incredible pace. basically crown valley that would be one of the center roads that takes you through this area. right now that's where we're panning down. just completely moving with water as you make your way down towards soledad canyon. there's a market area, a great barbecue restaurant. all of this, this is all flooded right now. you can see that truck moving around but you also see firefighters. >> so we're going to continue to monitor this situation. this is in southern california in acton near the palmdale area. flash flooding creating some very hazardous swaightsz. as i've always heard in the south, turn around, don't drown. and that's in flat lands. you don't know how deep that water. we will continue to monitor that situation. >> in the meantime as we go to break there was also breaking news in oakland. a house fire near east 19th street. i think we have some pictures there. there we go. this is the firefight there, trying to put out this house
5:32 pm
fire. it is right across the street from san antonio park not far from roosevelt middle school. we have just been told that all of the firefighters were told to get out of the house because they are concerned about the integrity of the building. we don't know if this was an abandoned house or if people actually lived in that house. we are working to get more information but you can see here that fire is still going strong there on east 19th in oakland. more information on that coming up after the break. this busy mom spends her days driving all over town. so why is she smiling? because she shopped during the safeway anniversary sale and filled up her trunk with grocery savings,
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we want to update you on another breaking news story. san francisco police say three people have been wounded in a shooting at dolores park. it happened at around 3:00 this afternoon in the mission district. witnesses say the gunfire sent panicked parents and children scrambling for cover. all three victims were taken to the hospital. it is not clear what led up to the shooting. there have been no arrests so far. rob malcolm will have an update at the top of the hour. an airline passenger on her way to san jose helped rescue two young children from possibly being sexually abused. according to police the woman happened to see a man texting. she alerted authorities. maureen naylor is at mineta san jose international airport where one of those suspects was caught. >> reporter: frank, that man
5:36 pm
was arrested shortly after landing here but today i spoke with longtime investigators who say this case has deeply disturbed them. they cannot credit enough that seattle area teacher for her heroism saying her quick thinking likely kept these kids from being sexually assaulted in the future. this couple from tacoma, washington is behind bars after investigators say the man, 56- year-old michael keller, was caught texting about sexually molesting children. >> she is my hero. >> reporter: that hero is a seattle area teacher who happened to be sitting behind keller who noticed him writing disturbing text messages and was able to see the conversation because of the enlarged print on his large smartphone. >> the conversations were very particular in regards to sex acts that were to be performed on a child, on children. >> reporter: police say the passenger was able to take
5:37 pm
pictures of the texts and alert the flight crew. when the plane landed, san jose police and the fbi stepped in. police say during the investigation keller freely allowed investigators to view his phone where they uncovered several incriminating conversations he initially told them were fantasy and role playing. >> extremely disturbing. some of the sex acts talked about not only molesting the children, but performing beastiality. >> reporter: police say keller was texting with this woman. investigators say he would make a sexual request which she would perform on the children and watch it. police say the couple had a future event planned where keller would be involved. >> if it wasn't for this young lady's actions, another sexual assault would have occurred. >> reporter: the woman was arrested in washington and backed on felony charges. keller has been backed at the
5:38 pm
santa clara county main jail on charges of attempted child molestation and solicitation of a sex crime. the children have been taken into protective custody, and police say this just shows how an average person in their daily life can actually help prevent the exploitation of children. back to you. >> maureen, these children were five and seven? >> reporter: that's correct. we're still trying to get an understanding. they say that the woman was actually their childcare provider. it appears the children lived with her. police also say they're looking to see if there are more victims. but like i mentioned, deeply disturbed longtime investigators what do this for a living. they say it's just hard to stomach. >> yeah, it's very hard to stomach when you hear that they were five and 70. maureen naylor in san jose, thank you. san francisco leaders spoke up today in favor of a project that would turn the balboa park
5:39 pm
parking lot into 100 units of below market rate housing. >> we cano longer do things the way we have done them in the past. we no longer have the luxury of having a half used parking lot every day of the week right on top of one of the richest and most utilized transit hubs in the bay area. >> if state lawmakers pass this legislation funding for the project could get it off the ground in just six months. police have identified three burglary suspects who led officers on a chase that ended in a crash into a home in fremont. it happened on tuesday on isherwood place. no one was home at the time. investigators say a 25-year-old and a 20-year-old face charges including two counts of burglary and a charge of
5:40 pm
attempted burglary. police say they think the men may also be linked to additional home break-ins. they were arrested along with a third suspect, 23-year-old marshawn roland. he faces one count of attempted burglary which investigators say happened a short time before the chase and crash. anchorstein beer in san francisco is widely credited with starting the craft beer movement in the united states. anchorsteen has been a powerhouse for generations but now it has been sold to a company overseas, a japanese beer maker. frank mallicoat spoke to the ceo of the company. he has the story. what did he tell you? >> reporter: they're pretty happy about it. anchor brewing has been doing business in san francisco for more than 120 years. it is best known for its popular beer. the company's ceo tells us this huge deal was more than a year
5:41 pm
in the making. >> saporo shares our values. they appreciate our unique approach to brewing. >> reporter: he says anchor beer will still be brewed at the company right there in san francisco. there will be no changes to its very popular beer recipes. >> we spent a long time talking to many other brewers around the world and across the u.s. and out of all the ones we spoke to, saporo stood out head and shoulders above the rest in terms of the respect they have for what anchor means to san francisco, recognizing it truly is a part of the fabric of san francisco and it meeds to be
5:42 pm
made in san francisco. >> reporter: price of the deal was not revealed. it sparked a huge industry with craft beer. as we go to break, fire crews are working to put out a fire across the street from san antonio park. rescues are underway in acton, california. flash flooding there has streets underway and motorists stranded.
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business is booming for the san francisco bay ferry. the company announced an all- time high in ridership. roughly 288,000 passengers in july. the company attributes its popularity to the fact that many bay area commuters are tired of getting stuck untraffic. commuters are turning to ferries as a convenient and enjoyable way to get across the bay. elon musk's vision for a super fast pod-based transportation system came one step closer to reality today. a start-up says it successfully conducted its first trial of a
5:46 pm
futuristic transportation system. the company says the system hit 192 miles per hour during a test run and is now ready to break ground on a full-scale project. the big decision, though, is exactly where to build it. >> we proved the technology works. that's a big deal. a lot of people said this isn't going to happen. now we've done that. we need to prove where will it work. we need to work with governments. we need to work with states and a federal regulators to actually regulate it. >> colorado, texas, florida, and ohio are all competing for the opportunity. the hyperloop will be able to transport people or cargo with maximum speeds of 750 miles per hour. so it may be used at first for cargo. another win for cleaner water in the bay. coming up next, the milestone reached today in a massive recycling project that has been years in the making. and we are tracking that flooding down in acton,
5:47 pm
california. heavy rain from thunderstorms producing flash flooding in the town of acton. when we come back we will take that live. we will talk about your weather and what you can expect up in the mountains where we have our own thunderstorms.
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5:50 pm
and roosevelt middle school. from what we understand this is an abandoned house. there are some wires down and firefighters who were inside the building have been told to get out of the building. it does look like firefighters are making some progress on this fire. we are continuing to follow this situation, working to get more information. but again the headline here a house fire, an abandoned house on fire burning in oakland on east 19th street near san antonio park and roosevelt middle school. if you have not seen it lately the once massive fleet of ships in the bay has shrunk, and that's good news for bay waters. tom vacar was at the departure ceremony for one of the last ships that was once a part of a group of 100. >> reporter: this cargo ship docked here is the last of 59 such ships of this class to leave the dwindling mothball fleet in the bay over the past
5:51 pm
seven years. now, such ships which can be readied for sea in just a few days carry vital supplies when war arises. in fact, this ship took supplies to the first gulf war. this now leaves just 13 ships in a mothballed fleet that once numbered 340. in 2010 the court ordered the u.s. government to clean up this rusting lead and toxin laden ships. at a cost of roughly a million dollars each, much of it paid for by the value of their own scrap metal, the ships went through a rigorous cleanup process. >> 34,000 yards of asbestos, 38,000 cubic yards of pcb. over 14 million gallons of waste water and oils. >> nearly 400 tons of lead- based paint and other toxic debris was removed and kept from spoiling the bay. >> reporter: after the court order, instead of engaging in an endless appeals war, the government and the environmentalists who sued
5:52 pm
engaged in a kind of partnership to get the cleanup done as soon as possible. >> can it really improve water quality here? it's documented. we're able to prove it. congratulations to everybody on a job well done. >> it has been a very cooperative partnership. we have been working well together, mainly because they have accepted that they have a responsibility for these vessels. >> reporter: the ship will be towed through the panama canal to be dismantled in brownsville, texas on the gulf coast, ending its long service and history. >> and the recycling process is a reencarnation, if you will, to a different type of history. that steel that you see right there could be in the next ship that we build, could be in the next bridge that we build, could be in the next tank. the history still keeps going. >> reporter: the mothballed fleet space will remain as just one of three ship storage facilities along with ones on the atlantic and gulf coasts. but as ships age and the need for storage arises, this and
5:53 pm
only two others remains. >> let's bring in chief meteorologist bill martin. it was interesting, tom saying at one point there were 340 ships. i remember going by there as a kid and it was massive. now it's down to 13. >> it's crazy. things are changing out there, but it's good because they're cleaning all that up. all right, let's talk about the situation down in southern california. some pretty serious flooding there in acton. they've gotten some serious downpours there, some serious thunderstorms. now you see some of that flooding as drivers are trapped. bill, what's going on? >> here's the deal on acton. they have flash flood watches in this area. they're at the base of the san gabriels. this area that we're looking at is just a trough, if you will, the bottom of the bowl. it's very low lying. the mountains, the san gabriels, go up over 5,000 feet. so heavy rainfall rates of one to two, even three inches an
5:54 pm
hour occurred up in the mountains. not necessarily in acton but in the mountains, and then comes racing down into the town. this town sits at -- i imagine this isn't the first time acton has had an issue like this because it is right at the base of the mountains, but probably not a lot of warning on this flash flooding. not an unusual thunderstorm by any means. it is just the way the water flowed and funneled into this town. in the rainfall, as you see it right now, it is sunny outside. so these thunderstorms are sort of coming and going, hit and miss like we're seeing in our mountains. but it is funny -- not funny, but since we've been watching it the water has come down. when we first started watching it -- see, right now the water is in that drainage basin, but prior to that it was coming up over the drainage basin into the road, and that is when the flooding occurred. so you see the main canal earlier. it was being overflowed. and so we're looking now. we just see lots of small
5:55 pm
rescues here and there. so let's take a look here at the situation on the radar here and we will show you what we have in acton. if you come in closer, there's the san gabriels, and there's acton right in that little bowl right there. you can see it. it just sits at the base kind of in a little trough. there's our rain, thunderstorms around lake that home. second day in a row. we even had some sprinkles around here today. and as we go forward, there is a live camera shot. we will get you right to the five-day forecast. there you go. temperatures are going to start to cool down. they actually cooled down quite a bit. they are going to cool down even further this weekend. we will get more on that flooding the next time we see you. >> lots more coming up after the break. and, of course, some more breaking developing news at the top of the hour. stay with us.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a teenager from massachusetts who sent texts to her boyfriend urging him to kill himself will now serve
5:58 pm
jail time. today she was sentenced to 15 months in jail. but that was much less than what prosecutors were hoping for. fox news has more on today's sentencing. >> reporter: sentencing day for the massachusetts woman who sent her boyfriend dozens of text messages urging him to commit suicide. michelle carter was found guilty on june 16th. today judge moniz gave cartary two and a half year jail sentence but said she had to serve only 15 months of that. he also sentenced her to five years of probation. the prosecution wanted cart tore receive the maximum sentence of 20 years behind bars. >> the defendant undertook a deliberate, well thought out campaign to cause the death of conrad henri roy. quite simply, for her own personal gain and quest for attention. >> reporter: 18-year-old conrad roy was found dead in a truck in a parking lot in july 2014.
5:59 pm
carter, then just 17 years old, told him to get back into the car it is a filled with carbon monoxide. both teens had struggled with depression, and roy had made earlier suicide attempts. >> he had such a bright future. michelle carter exploited my son's weaknesses and used him as a pawn. >> reporter: during the trial the defense argued that roy was determined to kill himself and nothing carter did could change that. >> ms. carter will have to live with the consequences of this for the rest of her life. >> reporter: the judge has grant a defense motion that will keep carter out of jail until her appeals in massachusetts courts are exhausted. ktvu fox 2 news. we are continuing to follow breaking news tonight. three people shot at a san francisco park, at dolores park, to be exact. the search is on for the
6:00 pm
gunman. i'm alyana gomez in for julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. all of this happened about 3:00 this afternoon close to the intersection of 19th and church near a pedestrian bridge going over some muni tracks. >> we get more now from ktvu's rob malcolm. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, alyana and frank i have been here since 4:00. the shots rang out about 3:00. this is still an active investigation along church street. i'm going to give you a good vantage point of what is taking place. church street had been closed at 20th, but they basically just kind of opened it up block by block as they moved down the street for the investigation. you see here as we move through this intersection police standing over cones, apparently shell casings there. that is where, if you look


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