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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  KTVU  August 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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private street. a private street in a wealthy corner of san francisco sold at auction to the highest bidder because of an unpaid tax bill of less than $1,000. hello again, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm cristina rendon in tonight for julie haener. that street is presidio terrace with 35 homes. as you can imagine, the people who live there are not very happy. presidio terrace is located near lake street and the presidio golf club. jana katsuyama joins us live from presidio terrace. this caught homeowners by surprise. >> the homeowners basically met and were trying to figure out what to do. their attorney said they didn't even realize that this street had been sold, let alone that they were delinquent in paying taxes on it. the city says private roads can be sold in public auctions. >> reporter: beautiful multimillion-dollar mansions
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line presidio terrace. the private community whose past residents have included dianne feinstein and nancy pelosi. but now the oval shaped street, the sidewalks and green common areas belong to two new owners who bought them for $90,000 in a public auction. that's because the private street was considered a separate parcel and the presidio homeowner's association failed to pay the property taxes. >> what the state says is if you fail to pay your property taxes for five or more years, you get placed in something called power to sell. >> reporter: that power to sell was recorded in 2003 and the treasurer's records say a notice of sale was sent out in february of 2015 with a total of $994 owed in unpaid taxes and penalties. the notice was sent to the presidio terrace association at an address of 47 kearney street on the 6th floor of a high rise in san francisco's financial district. an attorney for the homeowners said no one in the association
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knew about that kearney address. he met with the homeowners monday night and before the meeting told ktvu the best they can tell is the address belonged to an accountant who might have done work for the association decades before. the treasurer's office says -- >> every property owner has to keep their record with the city up to date. their address of record. >> reporter: the new property owners who won the presidio terrace auction are two real estate investors. lam and her husband michael chang who say they were surprised to see the exclusive street up for sale. >> i'm a first generation immigrant. so i just wanted to feel like i have a place in the city of san francisco so i don't really have any plan to make money or anything. i just want to hold on to it. >> lam says she and her husband want to do the right thing but they found out a few weeks ago they were being sued by the homeowners. the association says they were approached by a title agent asking if they wanted to buy back the street from the new
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owners. the battle is expected to go before the board of supervisors at their october 31st meeting. the homeowners association will then ask the board to rescind this sale. >> we'll wait to see what develops. thank you so much. developing news now, the highway patrol is asking for help in locating a kidnapped woman. the suspect was last seen driving a green chevy malibu like this one with the license plate number 5rdz344. he's identified at ronald armor, black male, about 32 years old who may be armed with a silver gun. the victim is erica jones, a black female in her mid to late 20s. police say they may be headed from oakland to los angeles. they're asking anyone who sees the car to call 911. new at 11:00, san jose police say they're looking for more potential victims in a case of sexual assault by a man claiming to be a doctor. police say he was arrested july
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28th for unauthorized practice of medicine. police say he owns the holistic pharmacy on west college drive. police say they were contacted by a woman who says the man told her he was a doctor and conducted an unlicensed exam on her. police want anyone with information about this or similar incidents to contact them. meantime, a san bruno woman is facing dui and child endangerment charges after police say she crashed her car with a small child on her lap and then kept driving. police say 47-year-old gilda mejia-stefani was under the influence sunday night when she crashed in to two parked cars on evergreen drive in san bruno. they say she drove away but was found nearby. the child was not hurt. two people are under arrest tonight facing murder charges for the shooting death of a 71-year-old man on san francisco's twin peaks. ktvu's tara moriarty tells us that surveillance video led
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investigators to the suspect. they are believed to have killed the man for his camera. >> reporter: surveillance video we're told is what linked these two to the murder as well as other pieces of evidence which police aren't saying just yet what they are but we do know that edward french's camera was stolen. the suspects are described at 19-year-old lamonte mims who was booked this morning on charges of murder, robbery, and other crimes, as well as 20-year-old fantasy decuir, as seen here in her instagram and linkedin pages. police did not release her booking photo. the two are accused of killing 71-year-old edward french the morning of july 16th as he was capturing photos of the sunrise over san francisco at twin peaks. the couple is also accused of robbing a pair of tourists near st. mary's cathedral on july 28th. court documents reveal mims has a string of burglary charges against him as well as assault. nine days before french's killing, he was arrested for possession of a firearm by a felon, making the victim's family wonder how mims was ever
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released from jail. >> he was arrested on the 7th. and he was released just four days later. it makes you question the judicial system when you have a convicted felon in possession of a firearm that's released on his own recognizance and commits such a heinous crime five days later. >> reporter: we've learned from the probation department that pretrial conducts a safety risk assessment of each inmate. it's a program designed to protect those who can't afford bail and was endorsed by san francisco district attorney george gascon, public defender and the sheriff's office. we've reached out to pretrial diverse but they've not responded to our request. the d.a.'s office told us although risk assessment is used to determine an inmate's release, it is ultimately the judge's decision, and judges do not grant interviews to the media. we understand the arraignment for mims will be tomorrow at 1:30 in the afternoon. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. a berkeley man is behind bars tonight for what police say
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were two unprovoked attacks on b.a.r.t. passengers. officers arrested 42-year-old mario washington this morning in downtown oakland. he's facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon and battery. just a few hours before the arrest, b.a.r.t. had released these photos asking for the public's help in identifying him. they say he struck a man with bolt cutters then punched and kicked him on a train in san leandro on thursday. then two days later they say he punched a passenger twice in the face on a train approaching the embarcadero station in san francisco. police say an alert firefighter recognized the suspect this morning from those photos. >> as our officers were responding to the area, the same oakland fire investigator saw one of our patrol sergeants in the area and flagged him down. >> police say washington has a criminal history. in january milpitas police arrested him for a store robbery at the great mall. the city of portland, oregon has named a police veteran from oakland to be their new police
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chief. 41-year-old deputy chief danielle outlaw has been with the opd for 19 years. she rose through the ranks starting as a police explorer when she was still a student. the mayor of portland says outlaw will help the force improve their diversity and relations with the community. google has fired an employee for writing a controversial manifesto on women in high tech. according to bloomberg, the 10-page memo was written on an internal discussion board by james demoore, senior software engineer. he writes men are more biologically predisposed to work in tech than women, and he argues google's education programs for young women may be misguided. earlier today google's ceo wrote a company-wide e-mail that said the comments violate the caem's code of conduct. demoore told bloomberg he was fired for, quote, perpetuating gender stereotypes. novato high school recently
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lost their coach, and the school's administration had decided to scrap the varsity program all together. debora villalon tells us the community rallied to save the team and 25 players showed up at today's practice, enough to field a team. >> reporter: with their first games just weeks away, novato high finally has a varsity team. and a new coach brought up from the frosh soph team. >> seems like we have a lot of excited kids but i think they're recognizing we have a lot of work ahead of us. >> reporter: this was the day to put up or don't play, a deadline from school administrators who said too few athletes were coming to practice. >> you have to sometimes set a goal and our goal was 20 to 25 juniors and seniors and our parent community came through. >> we were not going to let them pull the plug. >> reporter: credit in particular, some determined moms. >> they're working hard. all happy, excited. this is a huge hurdle. >> reporter: they spread the word and rallied opposition when the abrupt decision was made to dissolve the team. they plan to keep these t-shirts
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happy. some feel a lack of trust in the process. at a recent football meeting, no one was allowed to speak. >> really? this is a meeting with the parents and players and coaches. why can't we talk? >> this happened because of parents and kids, not because of administration. we're still feeling a lack of support. >> in the end, we have a team. that's the most important thing. and they're acting on what they had at the time. >> reporter: a board member and former coach calls football the ultimate team sport, building character, but notes it's suffering a downturn as parents worry about concussion and long-term effects of head injury. >> watch an nfl game. you're a mom, your kid wants to play football. do you want your kid playing that way? the nfl glorifies a lot of things that shouldn't be glorified. >> reporter: on the field, the boys only know they have some catching up to do. >> a lot of us don't know the plays. >> reporter: their squad, still smaller than most. >> compared to other people who have like 50 people on the team. >> reporter: at least they can concentrate on the game. >> not stressful anymore.
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we can finally play as a team and not worry about if we have numbers. >> reporter: and no matter their win-loss record, their new coach promises to make this a good year. >> give these guys a chance to put their mark on novato high school. we're the team who almost wasn't. now we're here to rebuild a positive culture. >> this was a powerhouse program not so long ago and with younger players coming up, if coaching remains stable, it could be competitive again. in novato, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. a freak accident involving a tree branch leaves a 2-year-old with a fractured skull and her family calling for an investigation. >> i didn't know the tree was going to fall. it just happened so fast. >> plus, a warning about the upcoming solar eclipse. astronomers say some of the eclipse glasses being sold are fakes. >> and in weather, we're tracking a bit of fog out there near the coast and near the bay. also a bit of a warmer trend.
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we'll let you know if we have any triple-digit heat coming up.
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a 2-year-old bruised but back home from the hospital tonight and lucky to be alive after a freak accident involving an oak tree. that little girl's skull was fractured when a massive tree branch snapped and came crashing down. ktvu's tellsazenith smith tells
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-- ktvu's azenith smith tells us more. >> she's resting in her father's arm on pain killers and antibiotics after a large tree branch collapsed on her and her mother, jasmine garcia. >> i could see it crashing on top of us. i was shocked. i didn't know the tree ways going to fall. it just happened so fast. >> reporter: it happened saturday afternoon. the family was at jasmine's company picnic at menlo college. the two went to throw away trash when out of nowhere, jasmine heard an unusual sound. >> almost sounded like a house or something was collapsing. never really heard it sound like that before. i wasn't sure what was going on. >> reporter: it turns out a branch from this heritage oak tree snapped. the branch estimated to be 50 feet long, 3 feet wide. zealyn was discovered covered in blood. gashes and lacerations on her eyelid. >> i was hysterical. i didn't know if she was even
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alive. >> reporter: jasmine suffered a broken toe. the two were rushed to stanford hospital, zealyn undergoing surgery. zealyn's father chris was 50 feet away. he witnessed both of them getting hit and falling. he says the branches came down like a huge blanket. >> i thought she was going to be blind. it was pretty scary. i was terrified. i was terrified. i didn't know what to expect. >> reporter: the family is calling for an investigation, wanting answers about the tree's maintenance, its age, when it was last inspected, and if the tree was diseased. attempts to contact menlo college were not returned. caution tape surrounds the tree. the fallen branch has been cut up. meantime, the family's focus is on zealyn and jasmine's recovery, aware the outcome could have been different. >> you never know. it could have ended up worse. i could have been sitting here by myself. >> according to the family, two other people got injured, one person had minor scrapes. the other person had to get
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stitches. in atherton, i'm azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. we're learning tonight that one of three u.s. marines feared dead in a military crash in australia is a southern california man. the marine's parents say they were informed last night that their 19-year-old son ruben velasco is one of the marines who has been found. they were also told the search effort has now turned to recovery. the osprey helicopter crashed saturday as it tried to land on a warship near australia. there were 26 service members onboard. 23 were rescued. news of velasco's death is spreading through the west covina community. he was a star player on the west covina high school varsity football team. people who knew him are in disbelief that he's gone. >> saddened me actually, especially when it's abroad. especially somebody that's serving our country. >> when you get hit with news like this, they don't know whether they made it or not, you have to wonder and you have to
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pray. just hope for the best, honestly. >> the school principal says he was a popular student who wanted to be a police officer or firefighter. it appears that in his service to his country, he's now made the ultimate sacrifice. new at 11:00, scientists from 13 federal agencies say climate change is already having an effect in the united states with temperatures rising dramatically over the last 40 years. the new york times acquired a copy of the report. it says extreme heat waves have become more common and extreme cold waves less common. one of the scientists told the newspaper he and other researchers are worried that the trump administration, which must approve the report, will suppress it instead. just two weeks from today, people across the u.s. will be able to witness a rare celestial event. on august 21st the sun, moon, and earth will be perfectly aligned for a total eclipse. it's exclusively visible in the united states.
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the total eclipse will run along a path from oregon to south carolina. a partial eclipse will be visible in the rest of the country. nasa scientists have 11 space crafts observing the event from space and they're also asking the public to help gather information about how the eclipse affects the weather. >> we're asking people all over the country to help us observe how the eclipse changes the atmosphere of the earth. this wonderful natural experiment is happening. we know the shadow is going to pass by and that's going to change things like temperature levels, humidity, clouds. the only thing people need to be involved in this experiment is a very simple cheap thermometer and also an app that you can download for free. >> total eclipse will last a few minutes but the entire event will last a few hours. if you buy glasses designed for viewing the eclipse, be careful they're not fakes. the american astronomical society says dishonest vendors are flooding the market with phony eclipse glasses. they may not provide the kind of
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protection you need. the society is providing a list of reputable vendors on its website. we have a link to that website and one for nasa's solar eclipse app under web links at of course we'll be tracking the weather for that, hopefully no high clouds in the forecast. we'll be watching out for that a couple weeks away. today we have fog to talk about coast side and around the bay. highs this afternoon range from low 60s out toward pacifica. lots of 70s around the bay. 80s inland. antioch one of the warmer spots. 89 degrees. satellite, the radar, we had showers and thunderstorms to our east and up to the north of the bay area to the north of lake county earlier this afternoon. the coverage has backed off quite a bit and we have an onshore wind picking up. those winds clearly onshore, pushing the clouds already in san francisco and across portions of the east bay as well. we'll check in on some of the current numbers out there. san jose, 63. a string of low 60s for livermore, walnut creek.
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and santa rosa in the upper 50s. here's our live camera looking out toward sfo. you get the idea, we have low clouds already back in the picture for tonight. and they will be around first thing tomorrow morning with temperatures in the 50s and 60s to start out your tuesday morning. that's the plan in san francisco. 57 by lunchtime. patchy fog, still 65. just a touch warmer. we'll go upper 60s by 3:00 and a bit of a breeze out there. this big h, big area of high pressure building in, but the core of the real hot temperatures not moving in to the bay area so just a subtle warmup for tuesday and wednesday. and just minor temperature swings as we approach the weekend. here's the forecast model showing you this, the low clouds, 8:00 tomorrow morning. clearing back to near the coastline. the beaches still in the cool 60s. more upper 80s inland and a few more 90s showing up on the maps for your tuesday afternoon. clear lake, mid 90s. fairfield, 85. oakland, 73. lots of upper 80s out toward
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livermore and pleasanton. san francisco, forecast high of 81. san francisco in the upper 60s. and we have a nice 5-day forecast to talk about here coming up with temperatures warming up just a little bit by wednesday and then we're just essentially cruising in to the weekend, no big temperature swings, no major heat in the forecast. >> looks like a cool-down for the weekend. >> looks like a nice refreshing forecast for us. giants and cubs at at&t park tonight. mark will show us how the home team faired against the world champions.
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welcome back. we have mark ibanez here. we were talking about by the -- talking about barry bonds. >> he was in the park tonight. he enjoyed a couple home runs i think. it's hard to believe these two teams back in october were actually playing to see who would go to the nlcs and on to the world series. how things have changed. but not for barry bonds who's actually looking pretty healthy these days. in his day, he didn't do too much of this, home run variety that we saw tonight from the cubs. >> deep the other way, way back, off the wall. hayward will come around 3rd and score. baez to 3rd. gary jones is going to send him.
11:25 pm
here comes the throw all the way in. safe. an inside the park home run for javier baez. >> most exciting play in baseball. the inside the parker. cubs build a 5-0 lead then the more typical home run, although be it the first, he's only got 761 more to go to catch barry. that would be ryder jones, his first big league shot. 5-2. the giants in the 7th cut that deficit to 5-3. looked like they might make a comeback against the cubs. rbi single for joe panik. that's as close as they get. much to the chagrin of two of the most faithful giants fans. joe and jennifer on hand. meantime, what a surprise. steph curry is in the news today. actually for a very good cause. he was out in walnut creek, conducting his sc30 select club camp and high school kids, in fact the elite 24 best in the
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country. got to be invited. shaquille o'neal's son was there. steph quite impressed by the high school kids. >> the pure athleticism across the board, especially the guys we have here, it's pretty impressive and something that you kind of expect as the game continues to grow. but the thing that's the same is these kids want to learn, they're hungry, they want to be great at the game. meantime, we have arrived at the point of the evening where we must check this out. a very scant big league schedule. so we go to the minors. the iron birds of aberdeen. and that is pj nixon. that's a good catch right there. yeah. nicten. a name to remember perhaps. meanwhile, this guy is a big leaguer you've probably heard of. andrew mccutchen in center field for the pirates. that's a beautiful play and then
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another big moment in the young career of mike trout, celebrating his 26th birthday today. and also his 1,000th big league hit. >> he's only 26? >> right. 26. his idol, mickey mantle. mike trout, 26 years old today. >> happy birthday to him. >> that's the sporting life. >> see you later. have a great night.
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