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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 10, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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spending the night on mt. tam. how close investigators say they were to finding her last night. you can only hope for the best, but i just hope that, you know, there's just a chance that they get to stay. >> a nurse at oakland's highland hospital facing deportation to mexico. and president trump now saying that his, quote, fire and fury warning to north korea may not have been tough enough as the communist nation releases more details about its plan to launch missiles toward guam. fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> i'm mike mibach. an overnight search for a teen on mt. tam has a happy ending. leigh martinez has the latest. >> 16-year-old sarah tang was found this morning by the sheriff's deputies. she is safe and in good spirits.
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wednesday after, she and a friend went hiking on mt. tam. at some point she and her friend got separated. the missing teen was last seen around mt. tam water shed. about 30 people began the search for her around midnight, but the sheriff's department says she actually made her way out on her own this morning and ran into search teams looking for her. ktvu was there for the reunion with her father. >> so happy. the best thing in the world happening again. >> volunteers became between 30 to 40 feet of her last night, but she became scared and crawled under a bush. >> she worked her way up the mountain and down the other side. these were high probability areas for us to be searching. people literally usually search for high ground to see where
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they're at and where they may be able to walk to. >> she was evaluated by medical personnel before being reunite with her father. emergency responders say she's lucky the temperatures remained in the 50s overnight last night. she's currently being interviewed in hopes of helping search teams reviewing their procedures. >> nice to see her safe and sound. thank you. redwood city police are investigating a shooting that left a man fighting for his life on highway 101 near 2:00 this morning. someone called police about a disturbance near a home and they found an 18-year-old man had been shot. he was transported to the hospital and listed in critical condition. no arrests have been made so far. >> we've determined through our investigation that the victim and the suspect or suspects knew each other. there is no current threat to
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the general public. >> anyone with information is asked to call the redwood city police department. at san jose international, two maintenance workers are recovering after being taken to the hospital because of carbon monoxide exposure. this happened this morning while they were ufz using a gas-powered -- while they were using a gas-powered saw. they got light headed and short of breath while using the saw. their work was not near the gates where passengers would get on planes. san rafael police released a photo and a sketch of a man accused of sexual battery of a jogger. investigators say the man grabbed the woman from behind near target and pickle weed park in june. police also released a sketch. officers say the victim described the man as latino with
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dark hair, medium to heavy build. anyone who recognizes him is asked to call san rafael police. north korea has outlined its plans to launch four ballistic missiles toward guam. the missiles will fly over japan and into waters about 20 miles from guam. there are around 7,000 military personnel on two bases on the island. it is said the missiles could be ready to launch by the middle of the month. the plan is expected to be ready for kim jong un's consideration in days. and now defense secretary james mattis responding with a stern warning for the communist nation. joe has the story. >> another threat from north korea this morning. its military vowing to attack waters near the u.s. territory of guam by mid-august, sending ripples of fear through the tiny u.s. territory. >> our military isn't prepared physically, financially. they could launch a missile at us and it could wipe us out.
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>> guam is 2,000 miles southeast of north korea, home to two u.s. military bases and more than 6,000 troops. it's also armed with a missile defense system, but the north korean's plan is the most serious and specific to date. the north claiming the mission involves four intermediate range ballistic missiles, all of which are expected to strike within 19 to 25 miles from the island nation. defense secretary james mattis responded with a stern message of his own, warning the communist nation not to invite the, quote, destruction of its people. the escalation is coming just days after the united nations security council imposed tough new sanctions on the north. the democrats are saying the president is exacerbating americans' fears about a nuclear war, however.
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the white house quickly downplayed the fears. >> the president was confirming the united states has the capability of fully defend itself. >> north korea's military claims it will have the plans sent to their leader, kim jong un, within a week. >> just moments ago, president trump spoke out about the increasing tensions with north korea. >> we're backed 100% by our military. we're backed by everybody. and we're backed by many other leaders. i notice that many senators and others today came out very much in favor of what i said. if anything, that statement may not be tough enough. >> joining us now is dave, an expert on non proliferation in terrorism with the institute of international studies at monterey. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> this unprecedented exchange of military threats seems every day between washington and the north korean leader or their
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government. my first question, i guess, one, is do you think that kim jong un will give the green light to launch these four missiles? and two, if so, what should the united states be? >> right. well, i certainly hope we don't get to that point if this was something the north koreans decided to do. this would be the most provocative missile test they've ever conducted. again, they've flown over japan before, but flying over japan and putting missiles in u.s. territory is something we've never seen out of north koreans. it's hard to gauge the response. the americans are considering testing out missile defense on north korea, however, that runs the risk of the test failing and there are large consequences. >> if they do fire the rockets, they have to go over japan. what do you think japan's reaction should or would be? >> japan will definitely protest it. i think there might be an idea
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of testing out the japanese missile defense against north korea. but if it were to fail, it might shake confidence in the system itself. . >> north korea accused president trump of failing to grasp the grave nature of the situation. do you believe that? >> i'm not sure he's failing to grasp it. but i think he's failing to handle it properly. provocative statements is what we get out of north korea fairly often, but coming out of the president, it seems a bit uncharacteristic of the office. >> what do you see happens next? we heard from the president just moments ago. do we expect to hear something from north korea? >> yes, absolutely. north korea routinely issued very provocative statements. however, when the president issues one, north korea is expected to send back something a bit more elevated. >> if north korea does not fire the four missiles as planned
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that they're coming up with, i was watching the president speak at my desk about 20 minutes ago and he was asked about a preemptive strike on north korea. he said we'll see. do you see the u.s. actually making a strike on north korea if they don't fire first? >> i certainly hope not. i mean, any military conflict on the korean soil would be a catastrophe of a scale we haven't seen in a long time. any ideas to preemptively strike korea, that would be un fathom able. >> dave, appreciate the time. >> thanks for having me on. coming up next, the city of san jose backtracking on dozens of citations already issued stemming from illegal fireworks. fog continues for much of the coast. a lot of haze and smoke in the air, plenty of low clouds, though, still, over parts of the bay.
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new at noon, a cancer care nurse at oakland's highland hospital may be separated from her children and deported to mexico. she and her husband are both facing deportation. she spoke out this morning about the impact it will have on her family. the couple has three children who are u.s. citizens. she says she's been in the u.s. for-23 years and that accept --
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in the u.s. for 23 years building a life and family and that separating them would be a senseless act. >> there would be nobody here for them. it's not that one of us would stay behind. and that -- i don't even -- sometimes i don't even want to think about it. i know i cannot avoid it, but it's really hard to think about. it's a way of dying without having death. >> the couple claims they've tried to legalize their status for well over a decade, but their case dragged on for years until a judge ordered them to leave the united states. east bay mud is changing the way it finds customers who tamper with water meters who get water after their service was cut off because they did not pay their bills. when they were caught, they were ordered to pay big fines. district officials have programs to help low income customers pay
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their bills. the fine has been lowers for first time offenders, but the fine for stealing water from a hydrant stays at $1,000. the city of san jose is throwing out dozens of citations for illegal fireworks. we talked to some of the people cited who said they never had fireworks and were wrongly cited. the citations were mailed out through the program that let's neighbors make complaints without offering proof. one of the people cited threatened legal action. >> it's an anonymous complaint, which i think is a big problem the city has with this ordinance. that's right out of the playbook of the police state, people informing on their neighbors. >> san jose city attorney says the city is throwing out all of the citations and reviewing the online system for reporting violations and that people who already paid the fines will be
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reimbursed. let's check in with steve paulson right now. it's a cool summer day. >> big fog back this morning and some of that is still holding on, very similar to yesterday at this time. really there is not much of a change. fog or sun and hazy skies. a couple people said i notice a lot of smoke in the air. there is up in washington, oregon, and idaho and the circulation has been drawing some of that back in towards us. there's still plenty of fog. you can see over berkeley, over richmond, san leandro, bay bridge, southern marin and into the city. temperatures are stuck. 58, 59 in the city on every observation there. alameda and oakland looking at 60s. one observation says 57, but 63 in oakland and not much of a change so far. low clouds made a big push this
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morning, but very hazy skies, especially if you get that clearing. we're starting to get breaks in that cloud cover, the sonoma county as well. eventually i think it will, but the low pressure system there is responsible. you can see the circulation around that, a little dip in the jetstream. that's ushering in a cooler pattern for us. it also fires up the thunderstorms. we're keeping our eyes peeled around mendocino county. you can see a couple pop ups there. mendocino, lake county, northern sacramento, and also up in the sierra, so far pretty quiet. i expect them to build pretty rapidly. this might be the last day of the thunderstorm activity, it will probably kick out. some of that goes into oregon, taps into the smoke and rotates right back in. there are 80s around, brentwood, 81. livermore not even to 70 yet. 61 in berkeley.
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59 in the city. the cloverdaleclover -- city. cloverdale is 63. 67 arng the bay around the bay. gill mother -- 67 around the bay. 70s in the santa cruz mountains. 72 santa clara, cupertino. low clouds will probably get chewed up a bit, but not completely. 73 up in truckee. 83 in sacramento. we'll see if they make 90 again today. a lot of attention on the pacific northwest as we head towards the eclipse on the 21st. we'll keep an eye on things up there. 75 in portland. pendelton, 92. low clouds and fog retreating back to the coast, still hazy, smokey conditions out there. i don't think that's going to change, at least not too much. fog hugs parts of the coast.
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most locations are running very similar to yesterday at this time, which means we have more 70s and 80s than we do 90s. since the 4th of august, mike, our temperature trend has been going down, down, down. so temperatures i think are kind of stuck here. there are hints that maybe we'll clear the fog out sunday, monday, but until then, i think it's the same old song and dance. >> thank you. appreciate it. noaa upgraded its atlantic hurricane season for the season, predicting more storms than before. this comes as settlement checks finally begin going out to more than 100,000 katrina victims. >> much of the gulf coast hit with a major storm system earlier this week, causing widespread flooding, especially in new orleans where officials are calling the city's drainage and flood protection an emergency situation. pumping stations in some of the hardest hit areas are operating at only 52% capacity. >> i have zero comfort for myself as a citizen and even less being in city government.
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>> the move comes a day after the national ocean i can and atmospheric association -- ocean ic and atmospheric association upgraded the number of storms expected this season to 19. hurricane franklin hit mexico's gulf coast on thursday. >> mother nature's wrath can hit us at any time. the best thing you can do is be protected. >> hundreds of thousands of people who survived katrina are finally getting settlement checks this week from a $20 million class action lawsuit against the city's levee boards. but the payments they were hoping would help get them back on their feet seems more like a joke to some, with settlements averaging around $100 a person. >> it's about us. we deserve respect.
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we deserve much more respect out here. >> the official atlantic hurricane season starts in june and runs all the way through november. that is the latest from your dallas newsroom, ktvu fox 2 news. still ahead, san jose city officials working to make streets safer for bicyclists. the effort to make the city a premier bicycling network.
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stocks falling and trading on wall street led in part by declines in tech companies and banks. the dow jones is down 159 points, retailers also falling this thursday. macy's reported its tenth straight decline. the nasdaq is down 150 points. the ceo of google is scheduled to hold a town hall meeting about an employee fired about writing a memo of women in the tech industry. we've got the story. >> google's campus budding with activity right now. we're four hours away from a town hall meeting. the ceo will be on hand to
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discuss the controversy regarding the issue of diversity in the workplace. to suggest that a group of our colleagues have traits that make them less biologically suited to that work is offensive and not okay is the statement from the ceo. the author of the controversial memo has been fired. he spoke on bloomberg television defending himself. in that interview, he says he feels hurt and betrayed by google and he was simply trying to improve their culture. he also says he shared the memo internally about a month ago and there was no push back until it was widely released and went viral. he also said employees who have been supporting him have been contacted by google's human resources department, a claim that google has denied. james damore says he plans on pursuing further legal action. more than 60 women say they may
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sue google for gender discrimination and pay disparity, claiming they make roughly $40,000 less than their male counter parts. christein kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. u.s. secretary of defense james mattis is making his first official visit to silicon valley today and tomorrow. he's going to visit several tech companies, including google during this trip. he's expected to announce new national guard recruiting options for tech employees. but the defense department says his top priority is to meet with the department of defense. tesla is moving ahead with plans to test self driving big rigs. tesla officials met with authorities at the dmv yesterday in sacramento as well as with officials in nevada.
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a dmv spokeswoman says the department is working with the highway patrol on regulations that would cover testing of vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds. musk is expected to announce plans for a self driving truck when he announces the next lineup of tesla vehicles. san jose mayor is making a push to get people out of their cars and on to their bikes. the mayor and other city leaders are taking part in a two day workshop on how to make san jose streets more safe and reduce traffic and help the environment. this event covers the latest in design the techniques to turn the city into a premier bike city. he hopes to cut down the number of injuries and deaths from bicycling in the city. >> we're looking to build a city built for people, making it safer for everybody out there. >> the mayor says in the next quarter century, san jose could add about 400,000 people. that means the city needs to do
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more, he says, to get people to use other modes of transportation besides cars. i don't want people thinking i'm a horrible parent because that's not true. >> a toddler found wandering alone in the south bay is in protective custody as his grandmother speaks out about how he got out of the home. how the first responders to the deadly san francisco ups shooting rampage are being honored. most locations got in on the sun this morning, but it's slow from berkeley over to the city. it's trying to burn off. we'll see if there's any sunshine in the coastal forecast coming up.
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it was an accident. really an accident. i'm so embarrassed. >> we're hearing from the grandmother of the south bay toddler who was found wandering all alone in an apartment complex at 3:30 yesterday morning. we spoke to the grandparents who asked not to have their faces shown, but asked how the toddler got out. >> i'm glad he's safe, but i don't want people thinking i'm a horrible parent because that's not true. >> through tears, the 37-year-old grandmother
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described the moment she realized her two-year-old grandson was missing. he'd been sleeping in the back bedroom with her and her husband. >> we started looking everywhere and i started crying and ran out the door, going oh, my god, where is he at. i called the police. >> turns out police had already been called six hours prior when residents of the woods apartment complex found the toddler roughly half a mile away from their house, wandering around at 3:30 in the morning, wearing a t-shirt and diaper. >> it's a lit parking lot, but there's dark spaces. he could have got hit, a creep could have got him. >> how did he get out? >> there was no locks on the doors. our last house we had to put locks on top of each door because he's smart. he knows how to unlock stuff. >> the grandmother explains they had just moved into this house on monday and are about to install locks high enough the boy can't reach. she says he's autistic, very active and smart, and suffers
12:32 pm
from adhd. he likely unlocked the front door and walked out. her husband says it's unclear how long he had been gone for. >> we've never experienced this before with him before, or with any of our kids. >> the boy's mother suffers from mental health issues and the boy's father is out of the picture. the grandparents have been taking care of the toddler for the past year. they also have six kids of their own who live there. >> this was an accident, really an accident. and i'm just so embarrassed. we're still waiting to find out the name of a man who climbed a high voltage tower and survived after being shocked and catching fire. >> oh, my god. there is a guy up there on fire. >> he's screaming. you could see he was trying to get himself off. >> the victim made contact with
12:33 pm
115,000 volts of electricity. investigators he ignored warning signs, which seems to be a common occurrence at that tower. pg&e says three other people have climbed it over the past year. >> one time is too many times. this incident is exactly why there's warning signs, why there's barriers in place, to prevent people from climbing. >> investigators are trying to identify the man in hopes of contacting his family members. he's listed in serious condition. fremont police are looking for thieves who stole $11,000 worth of equipment from washington high school's gym. investigators believe the equipment was stolen last month when the doors were unlocked for construction crews and school staff only recently discovered the break. the thieves made off with more than a dozen football helmets and a couple dozen sets of pads. so far no arrests have been made. a ceremony just wrapped up in san francisco to honor the first responders who rushed to the scene of june's deadly shooting at a ups facility.
12:34 pm
mayor lee invited those police and highway patrol officers and firefighters to city hall. the active shooter situation at the ups facility left four dead and injured two. >> i think what distinguishes all of you today as public servants, both new and veterans, is that at the moment of tremendous need, you were there. i want to say thank you on behalf of the city because i got to hug my ups driver last week when he returned. there are still about five others who have yet to return to work. >> no officer fired a shot during the confrontation. there is still a question as to why the gunman opened fire on his coworkers before taking his own life. . for all the folks going out
12:35 pm
to the festival, steve, what do you say? bundle up? >> at least into friday, yes. better on sunday, mike. it's been hard to get sun. george in el cerrito said he saw the sun for about five minutes yet and then the fog came back. richland, berkeley, parts of southern marin county and on the san mateo coast, they still have it. it's been slow to burn off, most inland areas. a lot of hazy, smokey skies. fog is pulling off parts of the coast. there is a circulation around a lull, triggering thunderstorm activity. the dip in the jetstream has resulted in ten degrees below average. now just beginning here, right about the 1:00 hour, northern
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mendocino county, you can see thunderstorm activity getting close. it's been over the sierra, looks like things are ready to pop. this might be the last good day of thunderstorm activity. it looks like it's about ready to pack its bags and eject out. as it does, it will take a lot of instability with it. the until then, it's going to be another act -- with it. until then, it's going to be another active day. west, southwest wind at 15. west, southwest at 10 at napa. 81 at brentwood. 84 in lakeport. not even 70 at san jose. berkeley, 62. that's pretty cool. san rafael, 67. 60s for some, 70s to low 80s, but 65 underneath the fog in el cerrito. 70 in vallejo and 71 in dublin. 71 in walnut creek, not bad.
12:37 pm
moss beach, 60. pacific a, 70. los altos hills, 72. there are plenty of low clouds. ukiah 83. sacramento, 78. remember that string of 90 consecutive days with a high of 90, might be close today. the fog will keep many locations on the cool side. others get hazy temperatures a little below average, 60s, 70s, 80s, a few 90s. temperatures are out of the 100s. we had a string of those, but things have changed. early next week, we might even cool down lake county as a weak little system sweeps through. >> a little strange, july was smoking hot and how this is august. >> yeah. wow. the conditions are probably perfect in napa for raiders training camp. jason is joining us live.
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it's nice to say we have football games to watch this weekend around the bay area. >>reporter: that's right. on saturday we're going to have the raiders playing at arizona. and of course friday the 49ers are on the road for their first preseason game. this is the eleventh practice in napa, but the final open practice for the fans. they were pretty fired up today, as you might expect. >> i hope that last fan brushed his teeth today because randy, our photographer, zoomed right into his mouth. but these fans, as we said, very fired up about the team, went and talked to a bunch of them about whether or not vegas is on their mind or not on their mind or what they're feeling about the raiders this year. most of them, if not everyone that we talked to, you know, is pretty committed and focused to this season and to the raiders, what they're going to do on the
12:39 pm
field. here's just a sampling of some of the folks we talked to at practice today. >> family, loyalty, sports. >> so you're still feeling that way even though you know what's going to happen in a few years? >> yeah. yep. we'll stay with them 100%. >> it's always there, but no matter what, we're die hard raiders. so no matter what, if they go, we're still going to be going over there. we're season ticket holders and we'll go over in. >> we want a championship -- over there. >> you know what, we want a championship. we endured a lot of bad seasons, and we want a title. we want the silver and black to get back to our glory days. >> so you're staying loyal. >> i'm as loyal as they get. i don't care where they go. i'm a raider fan. >>reporter: these fans, extremely loyal up here. we went through and shot a lot of their tattoos, hopefully we'll show you that this afternoon. there are incredible tattoos on
12:40 pm
some of these raider fans. staying loyal to the team while they're still here before they head to vegas in a couple years, that's not on people's minds, although i think maybe in the back of their minds, yeah. in fact, i can hear fans chanting right now, raiders. a couple odds and ends from camp, the pro bowl offensive line man, though, is still holding out. he wants a bigger contract, holding out at the rate of $40,000 a practice. the defensive player of the year, mack, he is missing his third straight practice. doubtful he's going to play in the first preseason game on saturday. lynch is a full go. beast mode at practice today. i would say that he is the one player that if you asked the fans, most of them have come to see him. as you look back at the group of players here, tight end smith, number 86 there, he was
12:41 pm
vacationing with shaq in the bahamas. so he had a good off season. that's it here from napa, mike, we'll send it back to you. >> jason, thank you. we appreciate it. still ahead, a couple that worked as an event planner and sound technician all of a sudden now living out of their vehicle in the bay area. >> a lot of people are one away, one job loss, accident away from the same situation. >> we'll hear from the family as they explain how they lost everything and what they plan to do now.
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a recent study says the federal government may be underestimating the number of homeless in california's largest cities. the report concluded that san francisco actually has 9,000 homeless residents, not 7,000. in los angeles, there are 60,000 people living in homelessness, not 47,000. some advocates in california agree with the finding that simply counting people living on the street can be misleading. >> how do you characterize homelessness? is someone who is couch surfing considered homeless? or is someone who is living in a motel as opposed to a home, are they homeless? if they're living in their car, are they considered homeless? >> the study also looked at how rising rents affect the homeless crisis. it found a high percent rent
12:45 pm
increase in los angeles would equal almost 2,000 more people falling into homelessness. and one family is sharing their story to show that anyone can end up homeless. homelessness often has nothing to do with addiction or mental illness, but often just a series of unfortunate events. >> the car is strategically parked in a spot hidden in plain view. >> it's scary, crazy, madness. >> i think she just wants out. >> 17-month-old eden wants out of the car, restless after being in it for hours with her parents, brother, and sister. >> driving around a lot is frustrating. it's difficult, especially when you have a toddler in the car. >> the toyota camry has been home for the past several months. it's the family's life line, but one that offers limited security. >> are the cops going to pull up on us? are we going to get
12:46 pm
caught by child protective services? are they going to take my children away? is someone going to come by the car and break into the car? >> iesha mandolph got sick after giving birth to eden. she suffered from life threatening medical conditions, pulmonary embolism, pneumonia and a collapsed lung. she was hospitalized and took months to recover. >> anything can happen. just be ready. >> her daughter is 17 and says the sudden turn of events was eye-opening. >> a lot of people are one incident, one accident, one job loss away from the exact same situation. >> it's starting to look up. >> stepfather ez ra took time off work to take care of her. he eventually lost his job. the family wasn't able to receive rent and started receiving welfare and food stamps. >> we just weren't able to keep up, to be honest. >> literally, i gave birth in the month of march and by july
12:47 pm
of last year, i had nowhere to live. i was on the street. >> the family tells me they were evicted from their home here in east oakland. they were paying about $2,500 a month in rent for a three-bedroom apartment. since then they say they haven't been able to find anything affordable in the bay area. >> this is breakfast for me now. >> this is life eating on the go. >> now, many days begin with the family of five cleaning up in the car and finding a public bathroom. this time, in a public park. 16-year-old jonathan stays by the car. this family's story is a familiar one. for connie green with a nonprofit, she helps run
12:48 pm
shelters and find stable housing for the homeless, the story is too familiar. >> we try to move them into sacramento, into stockton. even stockton rents went up above most people's income level. >> the demand for subsidized housing in the bay area is staggering. >> i don't know what you can do if we don't find a way to make housing that's affordable, below market right. >> the family says there is light at the end of the dark journey. at the suggestion of a friend, they started a gofundme account in july. in three weeks, they far exceeded their goal of $7,500. with the surprise windfall, the family hit the road to look for an affordable apartment, driving back and forth to las vegas where housing is cheaper. hours after returning, jonathan is at basketball practice at oakland high. he made the varsity team for
12:49 pm
fall. the 16-year-old says basketball helps him cope when they go through hard times and his mom's sickness. >> we were going through a lot. >> his grades plummeted. >> he's not alone. >> his basketball coach says during the past five years, he's seen an increase in the number of students having to move out of oakland because of financial struggle. >> we've helped kids with groceries. we've helped kids and parents with rent. >> but jonathan was determined and bounced back to a 3.0 gp a. after practice, jonathan joins his family as they go to their storage unit, a trek they make several times a week. they are packing up a change of clothing. >> this is the good old job interview blazer. >> as day turns tonight, the family manages to find a hotel room in concord. >> she definitely is happy to be
12:50 pm
in doors. >> as they settle in for the night, they have reason for cautious optimism. with the money from gofundme, they say they are applying for an apartment in las vegas where the rent is $1,200 a month for a three-bedroom, half of what they were paying in east oakland. >> feeling power less and helpless and hopeless, i don't ever want to feel like this again. i'm going to make a point of making better plans for our future. >> the family is reluctant to leave the bay area, but say in order to survive, they'll go where they can start over. the mandolphs hope to find work soon and start saving to buy their own home some day. ktvu fox 2 news. still ahead, a look at some of the varying beliefs from ancient times of the meaning behind a solar eclipse as we get ready to experience the phenomenon in just over a week.
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the first preseason game for the 49ers and the raiders are this weekend. we'll check in on the team's training camps.
12:53 pm
>> also, outside lands is this weekend. >> tomorrow starting at 4 a.m. on mornings on 2, complete bay area news coverage welcome to my she shed. ...where i enjoy not cooking, not gardening, and not cleaning. ...where me and the girls can let loose. oh, look at the time! me time... mmm..brownies. fiber one 90 calorie brownies. allll mine. 1776, it is the last time a solar eclipse was visible exclusively in the continental united states. and we're now less than a week away from a repeat. laura reports on the
12:54 pm
significance of the eclipse. >> as scientists have been preparing, others have been preparing as well. >> this has enormous meaning for the united states as a whole for a number of reasons. it's the first total solar eclipse visible only in the continental united states since 1776. and it also hits the moon in the chart of the united states from july 4th, 1776. so to translate that into english, this eclipse is having us massively revisit our definition of ourselves, who we are as a people. >> humans have read into cosmic events for centuries. >> they would pay very close attention to get information about what might be coming. in fact, it was the leader's job to let the ruler know what was coming down the pike. a total solar eclipse would have
12:55 pm
been extremely important because it represents a complete blotting out of the sky and then a change when the light comes back. >> throughout history, different civilization areas have stories to describe what happened. >> two of the most common ways of explaining the solar eclipse is it's a time of reconciliation or a time of conflict. a lot of people have stories about how demons or animals are trying to eat the sun. it's their job to scare it away and so they make a lot of noise by banging on drums or clanking pots and pans. >> many cultures feared solar eclipse because the life giving sun went dark. >> if the middle of the day, all of a sudden something is covering up the sun, people all over the world were frightened by this. >> even today, myths surround the solar eclipse. >> one of the misconceptions is
12:56 pm
that it's harmful for pregnant women and will harm their unborn child. that stems from the misconception that a solar eclipse produces harmful radiation and that's not the case. >> it doesn't happen often, no matter what you believe or think, so it's no wander it's garrnered awe for so long. >> don't forget, we have extended coverage of the eclipse on monday, august 21, at 9:00 in the morning. and of course for continuing coverage, go over to a few minutes away from the closing bell. a lot of red on the board. the nasdaq is down 131 points. the s&p 500 is down 34 points and the dow jones is down 187 points. maybe it's time to buy one of those lottery tickets. both the mega millions and powerball jack pots are above
12:57 pm
$300 million. no one won last night's powerball drawing. the mega millions jackpot is now an estimated $382 million ahead of tomorrow night's drawing. how sweet it would be to cash in on that. good luck to everyone out there if you buy a ticket. [ end of realtime captioning ]
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