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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  August 11, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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thank you for joining us. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's friday, august 11. i'm dave clark. pam cook has the day off. steve paulson is right here. >> i can't see the stars, dave. this too much fog. >> and drizzle. the coast and bay, not bad. heavier on the drizzle this morning than yesterday. low clouds are making their march over the bay. and most locations inland also have fog. i think it will eventually make it out to concord. you see the system in the airflow around the. there is the low near the oregon border in northern california. the circulation has kept thunderstorm activity going in the afternoon and evening. not as much toward tahoe and truckee yesterday but there was a lot toward shasta and the oregon border. it looks like things will be calming down a little bit. for us, another day of fog and the breeze will pick up.
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50s and 60s for the current temperatures. 55, 56, 57, 58. the clouds are slow to burn back from oakland over to san francisco and parts of the bay but inland temperatures will bump up a few degrees. 60s, 70s, 80s and maybe a few 90s. good morning. we are off to a good start. traffic is moving along well if you are driving on 80 westbound through solano county. we do not have any major slowdowns as you drive through. through vallejo it looks good. nearby on highway 4, they are clearing an accident westbound at bailey. six cars with minor injuries but it was blocking a few lanes. it's not causing a big backup that there is a backup on the scene.
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here is a look at the bay bridge. a few lanes are crowded but for the most start we are -- for the most part we are off to a good start. a bay area nurse and her husband making an emotional plea . they came here to the usa illegally 25 years ago. now they are facing being deported. frank mallicoat talk to the nurse about how this will affect her family. >> i'm sorry. i've been trying to be strong. >> reporter: maria mendoza- sanchez could not hold back the tears. her battle to legalize her family's status lasted 15 years and was denied at every turn. on tuesday, the mother of four, her husband and 12-year-old son , will board a plane back to their native mexico on a one- way ticket. all three deported leaving behind three daughters ages 16, 21 and 23 with no chance of
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returning for the next 10 years. >> i asked them to please not come to the airport because i'm not sure how they will make it back home. >> reporter: maria and her husband enter the u.s. illegally 25 years ago and worked hard. he is a truck driver while maria put herself through college and is a cancer care nurse at highland hospital. they own their home and have lived in the united states on ballad work permits until this past spring.>> this administration, they said they want good people. that's what my family is. they don't want hombres and my parents have never done anything. no criminal convictions. none of us have ever been in trouble with the law. ever.
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not even at school. >> reporter: a spokesperson for i.c.e. said over the last 15 years, the couple's case went through an exhaustive review by the immigration system. the courts have consistently held that neither of these individuals has a legal basis to remain in the u.s. their oldest daughter is 23 and will be the legal guardian for her younger sisters. however, she is a daca recipient. not a u.s. citizen. if the program is shut down, she could also be deported. >> it's hard to think about it. it's a way of dying without being dead. today, a former oakland police officer arrested on charges of conspiracy involving a sex worker is due in court. ryan walterhouse is accused of paying a institute for sex at a motel in the castro valley last october and warning her about undercover prostitution stings. in june, a judge throughout the felony counts against him
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prosecutors refiled those last month. the lawyers for walterhouse fired a motion asking that the new charges be dismissed. oakland zoo former deputy police chief danielle outlaw is making history in portland oregon. yesterday she spoke about being the first african-american woman named the chief of police in portland and says she got the job because she is qualified. >> i realize that i wear many hats and represent a lot of things to many people. because of that, there is an added responsibility and expectation placed on me. i own that.>> she takes over a police department that's been under scrutiny for the way it handles protests and the use of force on mentally ill suspects. she is 41 years old and has spent 19 years with the oakland police department. a berkeley teacher facing assault charges in connection with a protest last summer says her charges should be dropped.
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a group rallied in support of the teacher as she appeared yesterday in court in sacramento. they were among the counter protesters arrested after a clash with other protesters last year. the teacher was spotted in a video and appears to show her attacking a man. she now defends her actions saying she acted in self- defense. her lawyer blames the police. >> now, in order to cover up there in action which is what this is really about, and their failure to protect peaceful protesters who came out that they, they are going after yvette and some of the other anti-fascist protesters.>> the teacher isn't activist with the group any means necessary. the judge has continued the case until october. we're learning disturbing details involving a san mateo preschool teacher arrested for taking lewd photos of young students.
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anthony satriano was arrested in april. he had been a teacher at saint mathew's episcopal day school in san mateo. prosecutors say he held private photo sessions with at least five students as young as five years old, posing the girls in provocative ways. the parents of two of the students plan to file a lawsuit saying the school did not protect their children.>> for that to be the case at a prestigious private school, that charges $30,000 tuition for the students, is mind boggling. >> discal released a statement saying in part, make -- saint mathew's episcopal day school remains committed to providing a safe, caring community. we realize this is a difficult time for the families affected by anthony satriano's actions and we are very sorry for the pain this has caused them. satriano pled not guilty. his preliminary hearing is set for wednesday.
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in march we told you about a landlord in oakland who started tearing down a home while a tenant was inside. now months later, 2 investigates was called back to the property for another incident, this time involving a tree. >> reporter: at 71, sherianne jones uses a cane to get around her house. she said she finds comfort on her porch. >> i come out to get fresh air. why can't i come on my porch? i can't be within 10 yards. >> reporter: she is talking about a restraining order filed against her by the next door homeowner, gene gorelik, and his wife. this house or what's left of it is where 2 investigates found gene gorelik demolishing a unit while his tenant was living inside and where our news coverage inspired him to display a giant inflatable
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eagle visible from 580 with a sign calling us fake news. and where he posted trump signs that jones said inadvertently cause people to target her. >> do you think he's putting your safety at risk? >> he is. i am a senior. i've been living in oakland all my life and i have never encountered anyone like this man bringing big birds and putting trump signs up there.>> why does he have a restraining order against you? >> i feel this man uses techniques to benefit himself. >> reporter: the latest twist in this drama is this city notification thing gorelik illegally removed a tree. the city said the tree cut down was -- worth nearly $14,000 and they expected to be replaced or for the city to be compensated. mr. gorelik is now demanding money from the city back.>> i feel like a character in an
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album. >> reporter: he received a permit to get rid of two trees but said when the crew started, a city inspector told them to stop in the city made a mistake gorelik removed the trees anyway.>> why not do it the right way? >> we did do it the right way. we got the proper permits and the city decided to mess with us. i can only assume it's retaliation. the only thing i can really assume is that the political connections of my former tenant. >> reporter: that former tenant , whose sudden eviction resulted in the city suing gorelik for violating laws. >> this last year has been a disaster. >> reporter: something gorelik said he can agree with. the body of a 20-year-old u.s. marines was escorted yesterday from sfo to his hometown. the u.s. navy honor guard led the procession for marine lance corporal lenin
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priego who died july 30 in his barracks in washington dc. he was found unconscious. the body of the young marine was met and greeted as a hero by his family, friends and neighbors. he was born in mexico and earned his citizenship while in the marines. he was recently named marine of the year for his outstanding service. the family is now waiting for the results of an autopsy. lottery fever is heating up across the country. that is because two major jackpots keep growing. they are worth $750 million combined. the jackpot for tonight's mega millions john has increased to $393 million. in the powerball jackpot for tomorrow night, $356 million. if you hope to win big you may want to leave it to the computers. statistics show 70% of the past winners use the quick pick option.
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more trouble ahead for uber. the accusations of fraud at one of -- from one of their big financial backers. another craft brewery has been sold. we will tell you who is buying magnoli a brewery on the heels of the sale of anchor steam. you can see that it's not a bad commute on the san mateo bridge. it looks good heading out to the peninsula. a little but a fog and low clouds over the bay and temperatures yesterday warmed up inland. we will see if that continues. ♪ [brother] any last words?
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it's your glass of willpower that helps keep cravings... ...far, far away. feel less hungry with the natural fiber in clinically... ...proven meta appetite control. from metamucil. welcome back to mornings on 2. a small brewery in san francisco has been sold. magnoli a brewery was purchased
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for $2.7 million by a new belgium brewing company. the owner filed for bankruptcy in 2015. there are two pubs in san francisco and they will stay open for business. the sale comes one week after anchor brewing was purchased. uber is teaming up with mcdonald's to make this year's ice cream day last longer. starting today, uber users in selected cities can ask a truck to deliver a free ice cream cone. select uber ice cream on the uber app, tap request and then wait for your ice cream. the ice cream will be served in a limited edition, collectible cone. bring that cone to any participating mcdonald's for the next six weeks and get a free vanilla softserve refill. the cones will be available in los angeles, new york, san
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francisco, washington, dc, boston, miami, toronto, seattle and dallas. the bay area is buzzing with a lot of ways to spend your weekend. there is a parade down market street and a street fair in oakland. rosemary orozco has more in your weekend watch. the weekend is near and here's what's happening. in san francisco, it's the 37th annual alcatraz escape from the rock on saturday. the course combines the original swim from alcatraz with a seven mile run. or head to the civic center for the parade on saturday. a dazzling display of philippe in a culture and traditions. a giant festival will continue throughout the weekend. the eighth annual chinatown music festival celebrates an eclectic mix of music on saturday at waverly place.
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in the east bay, the 18th annual laurel street there is a day filled with live music, djs, vendors and a carnival for kids. in fremont, celebrate the 2017 festival of india and parade. the event showcases culture and heritage with a variety of dance and food. the festival is saturday and sunday. in the south bay, you will find arts, markets and live music in los gatos. enjoy it 150 artist, food trucks, wine,. and live music. in the north bay, enjoy the 44th annual apple fair. this will feature live music, great food, kid friendly crafts and games. in sports, the a's are at home, the giants and quakes are on the road. let's check in with sal and get you moving on a friday morning.
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i saw lots of cars on the road and some drizzle out there earlier.>> i did as well although we don't have that many trouble spots. let's go look at the commute on the altimont pass. we did have a crash on 205 near mountain house parkway. 580 looks good as you drive into the livermore area with some slow traffic but it's not quite as slow as it normally would be any other day of the week. sometimes on friday we do have lighter commutes. this is interstate 880 near oracle arena. both directions. you can see traffic looks good. if you are driving to the bay bridge, there is not a big crowd. this is a nice drive into san francisco. sal, you're heading out to outside lands , i take it? >> those days are over.
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i'm going to head out to my living room to sit on the couch this weekend.>> i like your show better. if you're heading out there, have a good show but dress warm. golden gate park mostly cloudy and cool. probably some drizzle in the late night and early morning. is there anyone there you want to see, dave?>> dj jazzy jeff, if you. >> if you are going, you can see there is a lot of fog and i don't think that will change today. sunday may be better. today will be similar to what we've had. that means fog and cool and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. the system did produce thunderstorm activity all week long in northern mendocino and lake county. generally favoring areas around
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shasta and up to the oregon border. northeast california was not as active yesterday. and onshore breeze is in place. 57 in half moon bay. 60 in napa. everyone is pretty close. temperatures in the cities, 55. i don't think there will be much change in oakland or alameda. that low clouds deck will not allow it. low clouds up and down most of the coast. it does burn off sooner around the sonoma and marin coast but it's tough to get it off the san mateo coast it is a slow process to get it back from oakland in san francisco. fog and breezy with temperatures warmer inland. upper 80s. fog on the coast or by the coast. 60s, 70s, 80s to a few near 90. temperatures near average to slightly below average on the coast and bay.
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overall we are looking for a nice weekend. it does look cooler and breezy on monday. maybe warmer toward the middle of next week. this monday, one of the most famous cars in history goes on sale on the history channel show, pawn stars. it's that infamous white bronco that belonged to oj simpson. his former agent will appear on the show, trying to sell that bronco. oj simpson's friend was driving the bronco with oj inside during that famous chase by los angeles police in 1994. the asking price will be a half- million dollars. the car was recently on display at the alcatraz east crime museum in tennessee. a mentor to help you succeed in your career but it's not always easy to find the right one. up next, linkedin can help you find the perfect match.
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is more than one thing. with floral fusion oil it's soft skin and fine fragrance. discover more than one thing with caress. soft skin, fine fragrance. caress. welcome back to mornings on 2. linkedin has a service that can match you with a mentor. tell them what kind of advice you are looking for and what preference you have for a mentor. the company will recommend members who have the interest and experiences that can help
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you. if you and your potential mentor think you are a match, you will be able to chat. the company says the service is in the early phases of testing and is only available in san francisco and australia at the moment. the service is free for mentors and mentees. the san jose sharks foundation is rehabbing homes in east palo alto. the foundation teamed up with habitat for humanity to repair 60 type in 8 homes over the next couple of days. they're getting new fencing, landscaping and general repairs. the foundation raised more than $75,000 for the project. the money will also repair homes affected by the flooding in san jose last february. the volunteer started their work yesterday. it's a big day for 49ers fans. the new look 49ers kickoff their preseason today. they will play the kansas city
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chiefs tonight on the road at arrowhead stadium. the new head coach, kyle shanahan, hopes the team will carry over from the strong training camp into their first game. fans will be interested to see how the quarterback in the first round draft pick perform in their first game with the 49ers. they will also play the broncos, vikings and chargers this preseason. the raiders first preseason game is tomorrow. they will play the cardinals in arizona. it will be the raider nation's first chance to see marshawn lynch and derek carr play on the same field. the coach says the raiders play in the preseason will be huge in helping determine how they will do during the regular season. some have already picked the raiders to do well, maybe even make it toward the super bowl. chris smith gave up four homeruns. the oakland a's lost
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to the baltimore orioles, 7-2. >> and that one is belted out. >> and he drives one deep to left. that's going to back to back homeruns. >> jed lowery added a run in the eighth with a double down the right-field line. but the a's cannot climb out of a big hole. the a's and the orioles play again tonight. the game starts at 7:05 pm. safety concerns prompted google to cancel that plant company meeting about workplace diversity. the message from the ceo to a group of women and girls last night. first responders, the ones who rushed to the scene of a deadly ups workplace shooting were honored for what they did. we have the details coming up. good morning. we do have traffic that is
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good morning. the death of a bay area musician dragged by a car while chasing a thief who stole his laptop. how his life is being honored by his friends. it's day one for the outside lands festival. if you are looking forward to it , you will have traffic issues to deal with today. 5 am on a friday. grab your coffee and cuddle up on the couch and let us welcome you to what is sure to be a fabulous friday across the bay. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. it is friday, august 11. i'm gasia mikaelian. i'm in early this morning. pam cook is enjoying her day off. >> i'm pam cook. steve paulson is ready to give you all the details. the same


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