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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 15, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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acted violently and should be condemned, too. another executive walks away from the presidents manufacturing council and the president flashes out and on twitter. >> the bay area prepares for white nationalist rallies later this month. >> excuse me. take it nice and easy. here's the thing. when i make a statement, i like to be correct. i want the facts. or mac president trump doubles down on comments about neo- nazis, and said that it was not just the white nationalist that were at fault, now blaming counterprotesters as well. welcome to the 4 on 2. >> the president's latest remark came during a
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contentious news conference it was called to addresses in for structure agenda. >> what about the alt-left that came charging at the "alt- right"? do they have any semblance of guilt? let me ask you this, what about the fact that they came charging with clubs in their hands, swinging. do they have any problem? i think they do. as far as i'm concerned, that was a horrible, horrible day. wait a minute, i am not finished. i am not finished, fake news. that was a horrible day. >> he also addressed his 48 hour delay in responding, saying that he was waiting for the facts to come out. 19 other people were hurt. the president described the initial torchlight rally on friday night as peaceful. >> many people were there to
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protest the taking down of the statue of robert e lee. this week, it is robert e lee. i noticed that stonewall jackson is coming down. i wonder, is it george washington next week? is it thomas jefferson the week after? you have to ask yourself, where does it stop?>> the president disbanded -- defended his record on race, say that he will be bringing in billions of jobs that will have a tremendous impact on race relax -- relations. five ceos have left their manufacturing council due to his reaction. >> reporter: white nationals are planning rallies next month right here in the bay area. one is set to take place in san francisco, the other in berkeley. talking to officials the preparations being made, given the violence we saw breakout in virginia. >> reporter: san francisco officials are angry that the park service issued a permit for a rally here at crissy field in san francisco. they say that even though it is
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federal property, they should have been consulted first. a breathtaking spot for tourists, families, children, and not for hateful speech by the far right. that is according to the san francisco mayor, ed lee, and house minority leader nancy pelosi. they are blasting the decision by the national part -- park service for issuing a permit to patriot prayer. >> we are not inviting them here to promote hate. we think that the national park service, without adequate valuation and conditions, would do just that. and with then, i think increase opportunities for violence. >> reporter: they say they should report -- revoke the permit. they are worried that it will be more violence like in charlottesville. >> these groups are mote racism, they promote hate, a
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promoted violence, they promote all of the things that we are against here in san francisco. >> reporter: the mayor wrote a letter to the superintendent of the golden gate national recreation area, just part of the park service. the letter says that the permit has been granted without the necessary contingencies to protect the safety of the public and with the expectation that the city and county of san francisco will expand their resources to defuse the situation. if the rally goes on as planned, police say they will be ready. >> violence will not be tolerated in any form. as mayor lee says, we respect the first amendment rights of anyone who wants to protest, but we will not tolerate violence in our city. >> reporter: in the east bay, police in berkeley are getting ready for another right-wing rally. several similar events of the same park turned violent. i have learned that police are considering car free zones to repeat -- to prevent a repeat of charlottesville.
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>> they can exercise their first amendment rights, the expectation is that they obey the law when they are here.>> reporter: they say that they're ready to provide mutual aid if needed. >> we know that we can come in with a very large footprint, with a good show of presence, that we can reduce the likelihood of violence. >> reporter: we tried to reach out repeatedly to the national park service, but have yet to receive and response. >> henry, i'm just curious, we saw the san francisco police chief standing in the news conference and they said they would not tolerate violence. this is federal property. wise and the federal government providing security for this event? >> reporter: chief scott said that they will work together closely with the u.s. parks police which has primary jurisdiction. i do believe that san francisco police might be able to work
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together with the park police. their counterparts in the federal government. as far as this is concerned, we expect many agencies to be there both in san francisco and in berkeley. >> anyone who knows that that there are not many part police out there. i'm sure we will hear more about this in the next few days. thank you for your report. congressman nancy pelosi was also weighing in on this. she released a statement today and said that she is deeply alarmed by the hateful and dangerous nature of the event. it's timing so soon after the horse in charlottesville and the surest questions over whether the national park service is at all equipped to ensure public safety during a white supremacist rally. the congresswoman also questioned who decided to issue the permit and the national park . asking if it was the national park service, or if it came after guidance from the white house.>> reporter: a
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conversation focused on the events in charlottesville. today's meeting was part of the city's help against hate. today, community leaders ask us that the planned rally later this month at crissy field. >> and get focused in on what somebody else is going to do on august 26, i want to get focused on what we as a community, as allies, are going to do to say that love lives here.>> today's talk as part of the black to the future collaborative. >> reporter: they asked for the names, personal information, and ip addresses more than 1 million people. dream host says of the request is made several months ago. claims that the department, headed by the attorney general jeff sessions is looking for
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1.3 million visitor ip addresses. it also includes contact information, email content, and pictures of thousands of visitors to the website.>> going to website that was organized by people who want to protest the presidents inauguration, something that people also have a right to do. they're hoping that they can sift through that information and find information that identifies a small number of people who engage in violent activity. but you don't get to search people's reading material based on that kind of wild fishing expedition. >> he says he expects the court to shoot down the request. >> reporter: a man accused of killing a san jose liquor store owner during an attempted robbery appeared in court today. he did not enter a plea today. he has been charged with murder and attempted robbery. both with ire arm enhancements. prosecutors say that he shot and killed charlie lee in his store near quimby and white
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roads. is due back in court later this month. barge is about to advertise for more lease officers. they are understaffed and are actively reaching out to try to hire more officers during a time when arch is seen high- profile crimes. >> reporter: part police chief carlos rojas say that the department has hired eight new officer so far this year, but still has a long way to go. part has to complete -- and pete with other offices. all as more people are calling bart police officers for service. >> it never happened. >> reporter: when she went to get her toyota in the parking garage after work, this is what she found.
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>> i don't want to go to work. >> not one, but two of her windows broken. >> i feel terrible. i thought it was safe. >> reporter: the bart police officer dusted for fingerprints . the car owner says that the material was taken, but, probably personal information. i'm concerned about that. they can find the online and still my identity. >> reporter: crime statistics show that property crimes such as car break-ins are up 14% so far this year. violent crimes are up 41%. but at the same time, bartz police force is understaffed by 31 officers, that is 21%. >> from our staff, there's been a responsive there have been more applicants.>> reporter: the police chief says that the police department is actively recruiting officers. >> we do have 39 vacancies right now, so we are taking a big push to recruit highly
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qualified candidates. >> reporter: but is a challenge. bart says that it is offering $10,000 bonuses to experienced officers to work for bart and it will begin advertising on trains and in community colleges. >> often times, we will have officers working on overtime and longer hours. it is important to us to get up to staff so we can continue to be that presence on the trains and also to increase our presence as well. >> reporter: bart definitely needs more officers. >> you don't really see any security around. >> reporter: the police chief hopes to be fully staffed within the next 18 months. in oakland, the final suggest -- sessions to serve on the newly established police oversight commission ready to be confirmed. they will have the ability to fire the police chief, subpoena police personnel, and take part in disciplining officers for
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misconduct. here the finals final selections out of more than 100 applicants. the city council must still approve the nominations, which also include three picks from mayor libby schaaf, and i can come as early as next month. progress in foreign relations between the u.s. and north korea. the latest communications about the plan to launch missiles near the u.s. territory. coming ship from president trump's job manufacturing initiative. he says that other people waiting in line for those jobs. we will talk about the effects this can have in the white house, after the break. on -- outside of our doors, we have a warming trend on the way. coming up.
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another ceo has left president trump's ceo manufacturing jobs initiative. he announced he was leaving minutes after president trump sent out this tweet that said "for every co that drops out of the manufacturing counsel, i have many to take their place. grand standers should not have gone on. "'s departure makes for executives, well now five, who of left. richard trumka, resin
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of the afl-cio also quit. for more the sea -- ceo departures, i have learned from princeton university. what is going on.>> this administration never ceases to amaze me. the first thing to understand is that there a lot of these different initiatives and every administration. whether they are effective or not is a tough thing to identify, but the number of people leaving is surprising. overall, the president has about 35 ceos left on these initiatives. we will have to see how many dropout, but the thing i always tell people is that ceos especially of public companies, the number one concern is their employees, their customers, and their shareholders.
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these ceos will make a decision on a case-by-case basis. if they have left, that means that they believe it is the best thing for the company. that is their concern. >> head of the afl-cio who just quit, said that they understand that the other decisions of the council which has yet to hold any real meeting and we are reassessing our role. >> what are they doing if they are having real meetings? >> that is the presidents job council. that is with the afl-cio was part of. they have other heavy hitters on their like pepsico, intel, and of course, we have to acknowledge that it is really hard to get these people in a room together when there are a lot of them. president obama's job council met a total of four times. but you know, it remains to be seen that sometimes they are very effective in giving their advice to the president.
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this administration and its president does not really take advice that closely. so what difference they will make depends on the mix of people. president obama's job council was heavily criticized for being a pr front. people thought it was very hard to get their input and that sort of for him. but they were instrumental in the dodd frank legislation. so we really have to see what comes of this.>> we have one more question. you mentioned that the intel had the when he resigned said he called on all leaders to call -- condemn white supremacist. i resign because i wanted to make progress. is this part of the problem with some of these ceos is that they don't want to have their companies and their brands to be possibly tainted by being with an administration who now seems to be lending some support to
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white supremacist?>> yes. they made this decision to leave the council because they were getting pressure from employees, shareholders, and customers. that is what ceos care about. they want to do what is best for the company. when you decide after weighing this that leaving the president's counsel, giving up that access, giving up your input in the policymaking process, is worth it. that is a powerful statement. it is also a powerful statement when people like the ceo of pepsi, who has been so critical of the president is still not willing to leave. that means that she thinks they can get something done that is good for her company. >> that does not even count the people who left because the president pulled out of the climate change accord in paris. thank you so much for your time. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. an overview of her plans and priorities for the university.
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she said it includes rebuilding a sense of community and belonging among students, faculty, and staff. they plan to reclaim berkeley's legacy is home of the free speech movement. >> i feel we're going to have a free speech year at berkeley in which we are creating multiple opportunities to engage the issue of free speech. as i'm sure everyone in this room knows, the protections that our constitution affords to free speech are extensive, more extensive than any other liberal industrialized democracy. >> she went on to say that she would like to see the berkeley free speech movement to be done through a planned series of events, forms, and debates. a little hello to rosemary orozco. our first hello for the afternoon. hopefully there's better clearing outside of your area today. a little bit more sunshine. temperatures came up.
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here's a look across the bay where we do have mostly clear skies. partly cloudy for some. follows along the coastline, but san francisco, just along the bay, or sunshine today than yesterday. here's a view of the current conditions. 60 degrees in san francisco. low 70s in livermore and san jose is checking in at 74. 24 hour temperature change. temperatures are up by two degrees. inland east bay is up by a few degrees. the onshore breeze continues at this hour. they are sustained at 22 miles per hour. southerly breeze about 50 miles per hour. here's a look at the cloud cover along the coastline. it did not clear today, santa cruz got some clearing, but some areas like pacifica and half moon bay, mostly cloudy skies. we even have some just inside the bay there.
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a little bit of haze and we saw that in the live camera. in the evening hours, low clouds will be back once again. the possibility of patchy drizzle along the coastline to start your day, here's a look at tomorrow morning. widespread into the east bay, north bay, perhaps a southbay as well. it will clear up back and get some better clearing along the coastline for tomorrow. cloud it was a cloudy skies expected for you there. for the morning hours, not changing a whole lot. 56 in san francisco. for the afternoon, temperatures continue to climb. now back into the mid to upper 80s for the warmer locations. 87 in antioch for tomorrow. for the north bay, 83 degrees expected. 65 in the city of san francisco, low 70s in hayward. the warming trend continues friday. we will begin to see temperatures come to -- down in
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time for the weekend. for some breaking news, police right now are the scene of the shooting. the gunfire was reported just a short time ago. a little bit after 2:30 pm. it is the burlington coat factory. security guard shot at a man at the entrance to the store. two witnesses said that they heard two shots. they had the man who the police say are 32 years old. we're told that his injuries are not life-threatening. we will bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. are the -- a bay area news -- nurse set to be deported are still here. to push you back another day. people love my breakfast burritos. and my french fries. wait!
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and undocumented oakland nurse and her husband did not self-report today. they plan to file a stay at one minute after their time runs out. maria mendoza sanchez and eusebio mendoza-sanchez have four children. senator diane feinstein says that she plans on filing a private bill on september 5. that bill would keep the family together in oakland with green cards. north korea now backing up plans to file missiles toward the u.s.
4:27 pm
territory of guam. they received a jolt when emergency warnings of a threat were accidentally sounded this morning. >> reporter: north korea releasing new images of leader kim jong un reviewing information on guam. they say that is the "foolish and stupid conduct of the yankees". there is a de-escalation regarding the nuclear flat -- threat. this is after james mad dog matus said that firing on u.s. territory will mean "game on". they are not ready to launch an attack on guam or that
4:28 pm
diplomacy is now working. >> i think the north koreans in particular paid attention to what the chinese said indirectly a few days ago that if the united states retaliated against the north korea attack, they would stand back.>> reporter: warms leaders expressing leave, especially after an early morning scare startled residents after two radio stations mistakenly alerted of an attack. homeland security said that it was a human error, not connected any threat. >> they were communicating with the department of homeland security. 4 today, south korea's resident cautioning the u.s. that no missile -- military action cannot be taken without communicating with them. in washington, joe walton, fox news. back now to our breaking
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news in san francisco. sky faxes now overhead. a security guard at bulletin -- burlington coat factory shot a man. it looks like traffic is getting through that area. this happened at about two hours ago at around 2:30 pm. two witnesses say they heard four shots. at least one bullet did strike a man. police say he is 32 years old. we have no other information on his identity. he was taken to the hospital. we're told that his injuries are not life-threatening. we will keep you posted as details come in. it is called dachshund. doxxing >> plus will sit down with the chairman of the republican party to get his thoughts on the events in charlottesville as well as the president's
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>> i think if we continue to -- create jobs, substantially over 1 million. and you can see them coming in, if we continue to create jobs at levels that i'm creating jobs, i think that is going to have a tremendous impact, a positive impact on race relations.
4:33 pm
>> during the wild news conference today, he says that his economic agenda will help to heal the racial divide here in the united states. tensions are heightened after what happened in charlottesville. for more on this. i'm talking with tom vaccaro. what you have to say about believing that it will help smooth over the racial divide? >> it couldn't be more historically relevant. for, we couldn't have been more divided coming out of the civil war and reconstruction. we and millions of immigrants coming. by 1900, our country had calm down, why? because our economy had grown over 400%. during the past 12 and 13 years, we have grown at 4%. would have long-term economic stagnation, dropout rates for la unified high school for minorities is around 60%.
4:34 pm
if you don't have opportunity, you anger and division. it is prolonged and combined with fanning the flames, so you get. >> how does it compare with what you saw in virginia? they had torches, they stand for hate and biggest tree -- bigotry and racism. what is a have to do with the economy? >> it is like a losing baseball team that wants to start blaming each other. you so the seeds of discontent and then you have people like this taking advantage of the situation. >> what you mean, people like this?'s people like white nationalists who don't even know what a nazi is. that is how ill-informed and troubling they are. that is how messed up they are. so they come into a bad situation and take advantage of
4:35 pm
it. they are opportunists. they want coverage. i wish there was a way not to cover them. i understand why they are a story, but they are feeding off of this. they feed off discontent. throughout history, it is not like -- opportunities come across all the time to do the wrong thing. there performing. we need to put them down. but i tell you this, and they wrote about in the book, if we keep up with the current 2% growth rate for the next 12 years, we will be reporting far worse than we are today. we have to get back to. when kennedy and reagan were elected, he had very divided nation's. but they've put forth economic measures to put people back to work. >> would you like to see two do? >> what should've happened on
4:36 pm
january 22 is that we should have had tax reform. the economy would be responding much better. as for what we should do today, i've said this too many times, the republicans in congress need to do their freaking job. with the president should do is say that we must be debtor -- do better as a nation. i will not tolerate top -- files we will follow up. but the congress needs to put forth an economic agenda. he should set a national goal, saying, help me create 10 million jobs the next 2 years. let's work on this together.>> the president also -- often touts his economic agenda. the employment rate is really low. the sock -- stock market is surging. bringing all these jobs. still there is discontent. >> there is. but you can't get rid of it overnight. this is been going for a long time. the brexit vote happen after 20
4:37 pm
years of almost no growth in britain. we had a 12 or 13%. once you so that much discontent and don't educate people over that period of time, they become vulnerable to opportunists. this white nationalists. i hate even saying the word, because it is just ridiculous what they are claiming to be and who they are. their horrible. they are just opportunists. we need leadership. when summer comes out and says we need to join the fight on one side, that is not a national leader. our president needs to say that we have much bigger goals than this. we're going to stand for something in this country. if he does this, he can begin to go forward. but congress has to show up. there has been internet outrage over what took place in charlottesville this past weekend with a grassroots effort to publicly shame those who participated in the march. earliest -- earlier today, jennifer lawrence astor 16 million facebook followers to
4:38 pm
help track down the people who participated. the term is called "doxxing". for more that, i am joined by alan brownstein, a professor at uc davis. let's get back to the root of all of this. what is allowed under the first amendment. you can be a racist, you can be a nazi, you can protest with a permit, there's nothing illegal about that, right? >> the problem is when you get into hate speech. that is not illegal, either. that is protected speech. >> the general operating principle under the first amendment is that all speech is protected speech.>> so where do we cross? >> hate speech is not one of the protected classes. >> defined that. where the distinctions here? >> unprotected speech would include incitement, very narrowly defined.
4:39 pm
threats. obscenity. but hate speech is not a legal category in the united states constitutional law. it is simply another kind of evil bad speech. under our system of constitutional law, we don't suppress bad speech. we respond to it and criticize it. the constitutionally appropriate remedy is more speech and good speech. not government sanctioned. >> i want to get your opinion on the concept of "doxxing". we have participants carrying torches, nazi flags, all of that. these are people who. -- jobs. summer college students going to school. and now their pictures are being circulated. some of them have been identified online and some of them have been fired from their jobs. is that legal for people to publicly shame somebody else 
4:40 pm
online to try to get this kind of action?>> this does not involve constitutional law at all. the free speech clause of the first amendment only protects you against government interference. private interference of speech is an entirely different matter. you would have to identify some statute or illegal regulation that protects people against having this information distributed and disclosed. but these people are marching in a public area. they have gone to a march where they know that they will have a lot of media attention. it is not as if they are doing anything that in any shape or form is anonymous. so it is pretty hard to argue that their images are being circulated violates privacy concerns. they are acting in a very public way.
4:41 pm
there are expressing their views in a public way. >> we have a all the time when we are expressing views in a public place. they say that want to be on tape, but the argument is that we are out in public and we can shoot anything that we can see at a public location. but going that step further when you say, this is joe blow works at this particular company who participated in this event. then that is a different situation where you're trying to get the company to fire that person or take some sort of punitive action. >> again, if the argument is that this kind of not really a boycott, but an attempt to convince accompany to fire people who are engaged in hateful conduct, if the argument is that that is somehow unlawful, you have to identify the statute or regulate -- regulation that is being violated. i don't see that there is such a statute. or regulation.
4:42 pm
there's nothing that protects you when you engage in this kind of public hateful behavior. there's no protection for people coming to your boss and say that they don't want to do business with someone who hires a person who hates people like me because of my race or because of my religion. or because of my sex. so again, you would have to identify some statute or regulation that provides protections to individuals against this kind of behavior. it is certainly not a constitutional law issue. the content -- auspicious completely silent on whether or not these activities are lawful or not. >> something for people to think about if they decide to take part in some of these activities knowing that our cameras there and if they want to keep their jobs, their taking a risk. professor. brownstein from uc davis. thank you so much for your
4:43 pm
time. we really appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. a new study making a sobering prediction for california. we talk live with one of the study's authors about the reason there is a looming shortage of doctors. a bit warmer over the bay area this afternoon. the trend is continuing as you get into the rest of the business week. we will tell you we can expect, including your bay area weekend, coming up. ktvu fox 2 complete bay area news coverage. >> he deserves better than this. a families impossible choice. >> either have to dig them up or i will not be with my family for eternity. we ask how this can happen. wednesday on the 10:00 news.
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4:46 pm
a new report suggest that california will be in desperate need of primary care doctors. the report says that this will result in more people visiting the emergency room for minor health conditions. joann is the co-author of the study. how big of a shortage are we talking about? >> we're talking about a shortage of primary care providers of about 12 to 17% by 2030. it is a pretty significant range. >> it is. if your tongue by the number of people. what does your research show is behind the expected shortage? >> a lot of it is that we are not graduating enough primary- care providers, especially physicians. if we look at the data over the next 15 years, we are expected to have fewer doctors by 2030 than we have today. we can fill a lot of that gap with nurse practitioners and physician assistants, who also provide a very care at really high quality, but we probably
4:47 pm
also have to be graduating more of them were thinking about how to make it easier for them to provide primary care and do everything that they are trying to do. >> taking a step back again, what is behind a shortage in the number of people graduating? you know, i think it is that californians rely very heavy for mary -- many decades on having healthcare providers moved to california because it is an attractive state to live in. it is also an excel -- expensive state. we don't have enough residency programs to train doctors after they finish medical school. mostly they are in their late 20s and that is when they decide where to settle down. if they do the residency in california, they are more likely to stay here. >> we talk with a number of great medical schools in california has here. what can be done about all of this? >> i think we need to focus on our medical education and the
4:48 pm
residency programs. try to have more of those that focus on primary care and are taking care of people in the areas with the biggest shortages, such as the central valley. we also need to think about how to use nurse practitioners and physician assistants more efficiency. which could be part of the scope of practice regulations, which are behind those of other states. >> some startling statistics there. thank you.>> my pleasure. we're checking again with rosemary to see how things look outside. >> another mild day along the bay area, but temperatures came up for most. it is already returning inside the bay. was take a look at the golden gate bridge there. folks on the move this afternoon. gray skies overhead. another view different from san francisco as you look toward the east. you can see the low cloud cover in the fog already starting to move back and. the system that provided us with a cool yesterday has moved off to the east and in its
4:49 pm
place, there will be high- pressure building and for the next few days. a warming trend with temperatures coming up if you degrees today. if you degrees by friday, back to about 90 degrees for our inland communities. baby steps toward the warm up for the next few days. here's a look at the futurecast as we get to the overnight hours. low clouds and fog will be back in the east bay for tomorrow morning. north bay in the south bay as well. patchy drizzle is a possibility. as we get into the second part of the morning and early afternoon, will pull back once again. was a little better leering for the coastline tomorrow. temperatures will continue to be in the 60s at the coast areas like pacifica and half moon bay. tomorrow morning, there's a possibility of clouds, fog, patchy drizzle. pacifica will be 56. 61 to start your morning in antioch. afton highs for tomorrow or nudging the numbers up just a little bit more. 79 is expect to for sonoma. tomorrow will be 80 degrees for
4:50 pm
santa rosa. 64 degrees expected for the beach. 70 degrees is expect to for oakland. low 80s for danville, now in the upper 80s for areas like antioch and would. 79 in san jose for the afternoon . as well as cupertino. at the coast, santa cruz will be partly cloudy for the afternoon. 65 and the city of san francisco. low to mid 60s at daly city, pacifica, half moon bay. here's a look at your extended forecast. temperatures continue to move in the upward direction as we move into thursday. it looks like it will be the warmest day, pulling back as we get to the bay area weekend. 60s at the coast. 70s along the bay. upper 80s to near 90 degrees in the inland. not a lot of change. >> hopefully like this, can. >> i look depressed and unhappy
4:51 pm
with the weather? >> there's a lot of my mind tonight. it is a busy day. we will have more on the 4 on 2 . stay with us.
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4:53 pm
environmental groups are proving the reservoir expansive plan. the $914 million project has won the support of conservation groups because a good portion of the water will go to maintain wetlands and wildlife. was apply to your supply of water for 1.4 million people.
4:54 pm
in a little more than an hour, the public will be able to give input on push of a new commuter bay -- rail bridge. along the dumbarton bridge. >> if you live or commute in the peninsula, you are probably familiar with how bad traffic and get. businesses and government officials have been complaining about the lack of transportation in the structure for a long time. a plan to connect caltrain in the south bay has been talked about for two decades. but the idea pulled during the recession. facebook picked up the commuter rail dream after it expanded its campus to the dumbarton bridge. commuters and local say that it sounds a good idea to relieve traffic because they get stuck in rush-hour traffic every day. >> on our way home we have to wait. we wait until about 7 pm to go
4:55 pm
home, just because the traffic is really bad. >> it takes me about an hour and a half to get to my house, which is insane. it is just the population has been growing so fast. facebook has been taking over the whole city. >> reporter: but they were that rail construction could make traffic worse before it gets better. >> you have to look at the downtime of how much construction time that is going to take up.>> reporter: facebook funded the new study with samtrans. it is a bus service that owns the done pardon well -- dumbarton rail bridge. will go to union city at around 2030. will be the first trans-bay real crossing since part. now they want to hear from you. there will be two public hearings, the first is at 6:30 pm tonight at union city library and tomorrow night at 6:30 pm in the east lol tell library. the push for the rail crossing
4:56 pm
comes after a decade of more businesses moving to the mid- peninsula, but a lack of housing. there many commuters who are coming away -- as far away from cities like modesto and tracy. is expected to be completed, if approved, by 2035. that is a for the 4 on 2. i we will be joined for the ktvu fox 2 news at 5 after the break. what's up guys? we're dude perfect. make sure you check out bass pro shops' fall hunting classic, the biggest hunting show and sale of the year. (male announcer) hey, it's time for great deals on great gear! plus, weekends during the classic,
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ktvu fox 2 news at 5 starts now.
4:59 pm
>> there are two sides to a story. i thought what took place was a horrible moment for our country. a horrible moment. but there are two sides. >> president trump in a contentious news conference, arguing once again the both sides were to blame for the deadly violence in charlottesville, virginia at a white nationalist protest. >> the president was at trump tower in new york city to talk about infrastructure. the conversation quickly turned to his response to the violent protests in virginia. >> heather holmes begins our coverage with the presidents combative remarks that are storing up even more controversy tonight.>> reporter: two strongly defended his initial statement, saying that he could not have denounced nazi any sooner as he was waiting for the fax. then he went on to describe the counter protesters as equally
5:00 pm
to blame. >> i did not know david duke was there. i wanted to see this -- the fax. the facts are very well stated. everyone said that his statement was beautiful. if he would have made it sooner, it would've been good. >> i could make it sooner, because i did not know all of the fax. frankly, people do not know all of the fax. >> you had a group of one side and a group on the other and they came at each other with clubs and it was vicious and it was horrible and it was a horrible thing to watch. but there is another side. there was a group on the side the you can call them the left, you just call them the left, that came violently attacking the other group. so you can say what you want, but that is the way it is.>> it was just yesterday with the president issued a stronger statement on the rally after hearing criticism of his initial failure to denounce the


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