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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 16, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and fremont, low 60s. gray skies to start, but another day of temperatures slightly below average. they are warming up a little bit for those away from the coast, not much change. the more should be closer to about 88, 82. >> we don't have a many issues, and if you are driving to the bay bridge, you will see a 20 minute delay before you make it onto the spam. it looks good in san francisco, but this is a look at interstate but this is a look at interstate 80. highway 4 is already slow, and it's not a slow as it was yesterday. it's only a little bit slow over the will pass grade.
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580, still sick on 580 and 205 at the altima past. >>we begin with the developing news of another freeway shooting in the bay area. >>this happened overnight, interstate 880. the officer telling us that they responded to calls of shots fired in northbound a speedy, and it does not appear that anyone was injured although the section of the freeway was closed for sometime overnight as they investigated. but it's back open right now for the morning commute. happening today, a a memorial service will be held for heather higher. the service starts at 8 o'clock this morning , and it's going underway at 8 o'clock hour time. you have a live picture here. people attending the memorial service are being asked to where the color purple which
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was apparently her favorite color. investigator say nauseous sympathizer james fields junior drove a car into a crowd of counterdemonstrators. she was a paralegal who stood up for the deprived and underserved. president trump is hoping his administration can he keeps getting drawn back into controversy. and our reporter doug seder. he was almost immediately questioned about weekend violence in charlottesville, virginia, and he reverted back to his original stance. both sides were culpable. >> what about the alt left that came charging, as you say, to
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the altar right? >> it was quickly denounced on the left and divided some on the right. >> what trump did today was a moral disgrace. >> we have to be honest about the racism and honest about the evil that was intimidated. >> it comes as activists on the left toppled a civil war statue on north carolina, and others are being targeted. >> was george washington a slave owner russian mark sobel george washington now lose his status? are we going to take down -- are we going to take down statues to george washington? what about thomas jefferson. >> at the same time, the administration is struggling to get back on track. seen by many as an ally of the
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old rate. >> that was doug seder reporting. the president offered lukewarm support for banning yesterday, amid speculation that he is on his way out. >> protests planned this weekend, and they announced that they are postponing the rallies due to credible alt left terrorist threats. and, the rallies are in support of the google engineer who wrote that genetic differences may explain why women are not equally represented. police are looking for the vandals who spray-painted vocal are -- poker graffiti on the lincoln memorial. and it was discovered early yesterday morning. police had to use paint stripper to remove graffiti. >>there's a flight to mexico
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after losing the chance to the stop the deportation. and they will be on a flight back to mexico with her 12-year- old son. they lived in the us for more than 20 years and their three daughters, ages 16, 21 and 23 will stay in oakland so the youngest can graduate from high school. today grief counselors will be available for those affected by the suicide of a senior who killed himself at home at palo alto high school. and there will also be counselors at schools where the seniors siblings attended, and
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the stuff comes after the centers for disease control and prevention examined a cluster of student suicides in recent years at palo alto schools. tough time there. 6:06 am is the time, and coming up, the controversy over warrantless cell phone tracking. we have one next week. what we can all learn on monday morning. >>what we will talk about what's in store for oregon as well as idaho.
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welcome back to mornings on two. happening today, there's a preliminary hearing set for a former san mateo preschool teacher accused of taking lewd photos of his young students. anthony scott triano who taught at st. matthew's episcopal school is accused of killing young girls what to wear and then directing them into position so he could photograph them. the triano faces 16 counts. tech companies are asking
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the supreme court to report -- acquire police to get a warrant before they can demand cell phone location data. and cell phone tracking technology threatens americans privacy rights. they will talk about how they can promote enforcement. and demonstrators called for peace between the united states and north korea. a few dozen protesters rallied at powell and market street. they spoke out against president trumps, and that would be better used for lives here. >>all these things have met the
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bigger edition of life here, and again, innocent people around the world. >> the demonstrators also say the 25 million citizens of north korea should not he demonized chip to provide rationale for military conflict. >>reporter: a bay area man is for a service dog after it was stolen from a safeway parking lot. arthur brenna lipsky was passing out flyers yesterday and said three men stole his apricot 20 poodle from the safeway on hayward. he said he was getting out of his friends car into his wheelchair when his dog jumped onto the payment -- pavement and the men, i looked away for a couple of seconds, and i looked back and my dog was
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stolen. >>this is the second time she's been hope stolen from him. >> until they keep getting lots of help. >> it's so unusual, people think that they can sell the dog or, i'm not sure. >>6:12 am, let's check the roads. >> we will start with interstate 80, because it's getting crowded, although we don't have much slow traffic and hercules or richmond. right now, 90 minute drive and, if you get to the bridge will be waiting for about 15 minutes. no problems reported on the bridge, getting into san francisco. we look at some of the east bay commutes, 680 from the finish
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of bridge to walnut creek, and into danville, it is still light. inc. you, sir. pretty good fog bank again, and you can probably either see that fog or feel a westerly breeze. mainly into the upper 60s, it's been a cool couple of days. and in livermore, a cool 75. 82 today, the still 60 below average. and, monday and yesterday, so lots of 70s. 60s, 70s and 80s will be warmer
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than that. for the most part that will be inland, the 70s and 80s. it has filled in rapidly for many, and it even thickening up off of the coast. westerly breeze for most, a nap air force has a northerly breeze. 57 through 60 in the city, and i don't those will change too much. santa rosa is one of the cooler locations, and, above los gatos, 520. low clouds will give way to sunshine, and 43 at truckee. 43 at incline village, and 510.
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some afternoon bloomers popping up again, most of them east of lake tahoe but you can see there's this spin coming down. that can certainly help trigger some of the thunderstorm activity and will continue to ramp up that fog bank. everyone else shows cloudy skies, a little warmer inland, and still slightly below average temps. now clear lake,, 81 and want creek with the breeze, 72 at berkeley. and 60s in the coast, 70s and the peninsula and woodside pushing 79. then we will cool it off again. >> that's kind of chamber of commerce weather. >> it's all good.
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6:15 am is the time right now. different legal fight over undocumented immigrants. coming up, the effort to allow them to become lawyers. >> plus, $1 million in jewelry stolen in san francisco.
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back now at 618back now at 6:18 am, san francisco police are investigating the theft of more than 1 million bucks in jewelry. the limo was being rented by crews -- bruce carson. he and his wife had to come to san francisco to see their son michael perform with the band lawrence on saturday. the limo was parked at the great highway and balboa street when it was broken into. witnesses say the reported seeing a suspect vehicle driving up and as fpd. the car crashed into a bus stop, and you see the remnants here. and,
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they would not save any of their stolen million dollars in jewelry. 33-year-old dan ciline moved into his father's apartment. police say that he invites attention to himself by posting videos on youtube, and he was convicted from lewd comments and propositioning a 15-year- old girl. families living at his father's apartment complex were concerned after bonaparte police talked about that over the weekend. >>we know that he chose to become physical. he has now moved back to southern california.
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roanoke park police have learned that he has reregistered as a sex offender and his new location. >>and they turned out into law itself. they arty have allowed illegal immigrants to practice of law and opponents say attorneys are opposed to a poll -- supposed to uphold the law. a new government analysis is
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the president has certain to lemonade healthcare subsidies estimated to be $7 billion this year. a built-in targeting transgender people failed for the first time. it's the second time that the bill failed to pass in texas. business leaders and several leaders lobbied against the bill think it would be bad for the state's image and would damage is economy. the bill would have required people to use the bathrooms that match the sex on their birth certificate. >> hard to believe, but it has now been 40 years thickening of rock 'n roll died. and,, they want fans to
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remember elvis his life before they became one of the biggest stars in the world. elvis lived two separate lives, and the second half of his life was a national stardom. you know, he drove a truck for an electrician, graduated high school and was drafted into the army. he served in the army for two years and so much of his life was really common. and, i think that makes the ascent to start them and superstardom,, that allows it's limited to best-selling items like drinks and snacks.
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and they were expanding service to the end of the year. that's the idea of movie pass founder mitch low, and that would allow customers to get into one show at any theater in the us the text of the cards. and, they are working to stop the service, and, i mean, come on. >>it's hard to see, you see the theater,. >> that 6:24 am on your went
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day. the countdown is on for that historic solar eclipse next week. but we can all learn come monday morning. bart is considering a plan that could delay thousands of passengers. and the early commute is slow at the bay bridge this morning. you can see for yourself, the traffic coming around the corner there. it's been charging inland for most of the night, but the inland does look a little bit warmer.
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welcome back. it is wednesday, august 16. dave is enjoying a a day off. >> i'm hancock, face for joining us. >> according to the san francisco chronicle, that's why the bart board of directors talked about starting trains an hour later each day systemwide, sometimes in the next year. ellie joins us live at the orinda station. >> there are about 2400 people
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who ride bart during its first hour of operations, between 4 and 5 am. pushing the start time systemwide back in our would definitely put a a lot of pressure on people who rely on bart during the early morning hours. now, bart does need to do some maintenance work. it's a 45-year-old system, and when trains run before -- between 4 am and midnight, it doesn't leave much time in the overnight hours to get that business done. and that is in order to do more upgrades and maintenance work. having trains in operation during the first hour would mean more people either have to hit the road, drive their car, take over or take buses. passengers this morning say all of those options come with convenience and a price. i guess for all those people who go to work early, it will be pretty bad for them and they will have to find a different way. they would have to drive, it's just lot more expensive.
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>>at this time of the morning they only start at like 420 4:20 am, and i'm already standing. so, that's really going to mess up the commute. no final decision has been made on whether bart will officially do this, and if they do, when they will start it. but according to the san francisco chronicle, court officials are talking about this happening systemwide. so there was some discussion, why not start that for a later start time. there is a possibility that the schedule change could go into effect sometime next year. i want to bring in our resident traffic expert, south castaneda,
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because that is going to have a big impact on the morning commute. >> i think what we are seeing is the bay bridge, because many people that would ordinarily be on the bay bridge are on bart. and if that early hour is taken away, we will see more. let's take a look at these commutes that are already very busy. 680, 24, and highway 4 is pretty slow right now through all of pittsburgh. the traffic isn't too slow yet from the concorde area to walnut creek, and then over to hercules and elsa pandey, the traffic isn't too bad. we do see some slowing as a get down to the macarthur maze, about a 23 minute drive, and most of that traffic again is between el cerrito and the bay
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bridge. on top of that, another 20 minute delay getting into san francisco. today's weather is very similar to the last couple of days and that has been a big fog bank, with temperatures running below average. inland temps have been a good 10 or 150, yesterday was about 10%. a little bit warmer, but there is a still a robust fog bank. each day is warmer and i don't think we are getting rid of all that fog. the fog bank continues, and the low, it was 15 i know. so if it feels warmer to you, it is. there's a southerly breeze, and you are about by two on the low, and the high. 92 years ago, the record high.
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low clouds making a strong push northward and they have already extended well to the east for some. also southward and out into the pacific so we have plenty to work with. and onshore breeze, although near the coast there is a southerly breeze. 57 palo alto, and cooler in glen allen, and 52. mid-50s in cloverdale, kelsey bill, they are all within a couple of degrees of each other cousin the low clouds. a spin coming into the atmosphere and that keeps our fog bank rolling right along. but it will gradually decrease, and you will see some slightly warmer temps inland. overall, this pattern is just a little bit warmer over the next couple of days. pam and frank.
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6:33 am, and we are following the developing story of another freeway shooting in the bay area. >>second shooting and hayward in that area. alex savidge joins us live in hayward, and here's what we have learned about the police investigation. >>good morning to you guys. very few details are coming to life this morning about the shooting but, the chp says it does not appear that anyone was hit by the gunfire. this overnight shooting happened on the northbound lane of 880, just north of jackson street here on hayward. as you can see what this live picture, chp officers are responding overnight and repeatedly shut down all the northbound lanes together. i want to mention that this is the second time we've seen this happen. there was another freeway shooting, about 5 miles up the road and san leandro. that was on monday morning when
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a driver was shot in the head and critically injured. experts believe it was road rage . once again, another report of shots being fired out here along interstate 880 and east bay. this early morning shooting happened here in hayward, along the northbound lanes of the freeway. we are working to get more information on this investigation. very scary. thank you, alex, for the update. san jose fire investigators are looking for the cause of a fire that claimed the lives of a man and two children. fire crews are arriving within just 10 minutes of the first call, but the front of the home had already collapsed.
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you can see it is engulfed. an older man and the children were found right away but it took hours to find the second child. >> i came out my front door and i looked in the back, the flames were coming out all the windows and of course i panicked. i went back there and, like i said, other neighbors were trying to bust in the door. >> we don't know if there was accidental accelerants such as cooking gas or something of that nature that accelerated the fire, but it didn't burn very quick. >> the victims names have not been released but they say the family that lived in the mobile home are the enemies and included three generations. a miscalculation may have led to the release of a man who later killed and robbed a man. a lamonte a man is accused of shooting and killing at a french and stealing his camera
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exactly one month ago. nims was released five days earlier on a gun charge. the judge released him by using a system called psa, or public safety assessment. it's a sport tabulated by pretrial diversion, assigning points based on an inmate's prior criminal history. ktvu has learned that nims should not have been eligible for release, because a prayer incarceration in san mateo was factored in. >> i know the idea is to keep poor people out of jail but i think these people should be treated fairly. >>probation is not factored into an inmate's score. misdemeanors are assigned the same point value as felonies, and the scores of convicted felons are not defected if they
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carry a gun, only if they use it. san francisco sheriff is calling a meeting next week with local courts and law enforcement representatives to discuss what improvements can be made to the -- to the system. novato police are asking for help identifying three men who may have installed a suspicious device on an atm in- state -- inside of a gas station. two of the suspects are described as men in their 20s, and one has a small mustache and a limp. >> we are just five short days away from the solar eclipse of the path of totality makes its way from the west coast to the east coast. a total eclipse will be visible exclusively in the united states , since 1776. we show you why this is a big deal for local astronomers and scientists. >> it has happened before but a
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total solar eclipse over the united states, that doesn't happen very often. 1918 was actually the last time we had any clips that was taught all in the us, where the path of totality went from the west coast the way to the east coast. that has been 99 years. >> the last total eclipse to touch any part of the mainland us was 1979. the last total eclipse visible in northern california was in 1889. the astronomical society of the pacific where we are filming this was actually founded as a result of that eclipse in 1889, because it was such a big deal. >> it's a big deal because you have to wait for the sun, the moon and the earth to all get in line. a total eclipse of the sun happens when the sun and the moon all line up perfectly. there's about a 70 mile wide strip across the entire united states that starts in portland,
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oregon. you are going to see something called a partial eclipse and that has people talking to totality. >> it's a mostly rural and small town eclipse. a total eclipse path which is only 60-70 miles wide goes across the country, but mostly it doesn't go across any major metropolitan areas. and, for the most part, country locations, small towns national parks and, that means that the eclipse, even to go into that eclipse zone, you need to
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televise it from there. hundreds of thousands of people are planning to go into that eclipse zone. >> when it comes to the west coast versus east coast, we went on this one. >> there have been studies made of the entire total eclipse path around the country and whether chances. for example, on the east coast, on a typical early afternoon in august, there is a big chance of thunderstorms and clouds. for most people, the best locations turn out to be central oregon, and idaho, that's where the cloud cover is likely to be released. >> it is a teachable moment. >> this is a scale model and, many people think the moon is right here, but the moon is actually 30 earth diameters away. >> and, it's a chance for everyone to look up and see something we rarely get to see. >> i think it's a very big deal and anyone who has seen a total solar eclipse from the path of
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totality has said the same thing. don't forget, we will have complete coverage come monday morning. our special extended coverage begins at 9 o'clock in the morning. and i will be watching it firsthand on a plane as it comes in. many kids will be allowed to go outside to watch the solar eclipse, they been back in school. those in alabama in central florida will not be letting students out to recess during the eclipse because of the potential risk to kids who look at the sun. one district sent a letter to convincing the decision was made after consulting the districts position. experts recommend viewing the eclipse through specially made glasses to prevent eye damage. they do have to be certified glasses.
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i have a feeling many people keep their kids home then because they want to see that. >> well and it hasn't happened since 1776. >>we will be watching that. coming up on a serious side, the memorial service being held for heather higher this morning and how the president is describing those clashes between the white nationalists and the counter protesters. >> also coming up next, in his largest donation in 10 years, how bill gates we use more than $4 billion. and a new study questions the benefits of medical marijuana. why the drug might not deliver on earlier claims.
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welcome back to mornings on two. checking in on wall street, 22,052, the nasdaq and the s&p 500 are both up as well. dr. a pretty good start, some retail sales jumping in july, the biggest amount. most of the biggest retailers disappointing, and san francisco-based wells fargo, and duke was a member of the federal reserve's, governing board of governors from 2008, and
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they have released a record of $12.8 trillion in the second quarter. they reach the highest level since 09, and that marks the second quarterly increase in household debt. >> bill gates, the world's richest man is ticking attend figure donation. and the bill and melinda gates foundation. yesterday gates announces new
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effort, dubbed, mosquito wars. they will donate mosquito nets as part of the broader effort to battle malaria in mozambique, where the disease is still prevalent. let's check in for a look at what's coming up in the next couple of hours. >>when i join you in minutes, a frightening situation in novato where parent -- paramedics treated a man that was bitten by a rattlesnake. the man stepped on the snake in the cactus garden. and we will tell you how the weather we have been having could be partly to blame. president trump is tweeting about amazon this morning. why he's blaming online retail giants for hurting cities across the us and costing people jobs, and how his post appears to have affected a stock this morning. it's 6:48 am, and let's check in with sal on traffic. some people are getting ready to head out the door.
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what do they need to know? >> today is kind of a normal day when it comes to, if you're getting ready to leave the bay bridge, you will have a normal slow down. but what people hate surprises. >> we have a few, at least at the bay bridge. it's pretty normal, which is to say it's backed up here, heading out to about a 25 minute delay. so that's nothing that you haven't seen as we look at the bay area bridges. we are also looking at a live look at the san mateo bridges, and that is before we actually make it onto the span. this is an approach of the richmond bridge and you see traffic here is going to be a little bit slow. i do want to mention that traffic in the south bay, and we don't have any bridges here right now but -- let me say that again. we don't have any unusual slow traffic but we do have traffic on the dumbarton bridge which is getting slow as we approach the toll plaza.
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we have a lot of low clouds and fog and that's what weather is like to start off. since about the weekend, a temperature trend has gone way down, and it's been a slow climb up. we continue that today but, still running below average for most locations. the european forecast model from car cover from weather decisions technology, the vdt, or monday, three for some eclipse. we are here, what do you see there? i see fog. so, go inland or to higher ground. some higher clouds and fog on parts of the oregon coast, but it looks okay in eastern oregon, and also parts of idaho. there are more high clouds starting to come in. it looks like a mix of some clearing and also some clouds. that could change in five days,
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but for us locally, it looks like the fog may be the main issue. if this is the case next monday, that will be tough for the coast and they residents to see the eclipse. today they will come but 74, livermore 75 and that is very cool. 130 below average for this time of year, 282 today. there is just a big fog bank continuing, and it keeps marching north. it fills in rapidly on most of the coast and extends well down. westwind, northerly wind at tampa, but there is something went on parts of the coast. also east at san jose and that southerly breeze has sent some temperatures up to the 50s. half-moon day is 59, and livermore is 59.
6:52 am
so you get the idea, everyone is put a close. 50 and melinda, 56 in vallejo, 59 in bookends and 60 in dublin. low clouds and fog will burn off sooner but, there are still little spends in the atmosphere which come back and kind of enhance that fog bank. so we are not chewing it up yet. some son in the afternoon but it's a slow process to get that fog and get clearing on the coast. the breeze will pick up a little warmer inland, but you have to go pretty far north to find those. these are still below average. you should be seeing 87 and concorde, and they are running below 60s and 70s. 79 and san jose, 79 and senate health, and 68 in san bruno, and that is 30 below average this time of year. it does look warmer away from
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the coast. 6:52 am, and the search continues for a man after an explosion on his property. and, how police are addressing some major safety concerns.
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>> there are remnants of an oil extraction operation. they believe the equipment was used to produce oil. anyone with information is asked to contact the santa cruz sheriff's office. two reviews show there is little support for the effectiveness after safety of medical marijuana. those who request medical marijuana are looking to ease pain and more than a third cite ptsd as their main reason.
6:57 am
researchers say previous studies on cannabis for ptsd were not thorough enough to draw any real conclusions. researchers say doctors need to explain all of the potential benefits and harms of marijuana use to their patients. 6:57. your time. campbell police have administered a drug to help save the life of a heroin user for the first time. officers called to walgreens on august the 3rd where they found a 22-year-old man in a bathroom stall that had suffered an opioid overdose. they pulled out narcan and he went from unresponsive to talking with both officers. >> in this case, the man's life was saved because of the narcan. and while there aren't overdoses very frequently in campbell, this is another tool that officers have in saving lives. >> back in march, campbell police became one of the first departments in santa clara
6:58 am
county to be trained to recognize an opioid overdose. other departments have showed interest in the training. many bart riders are questioning safety on bart after a rise in crimes so bart is looking to beef up the police force. it is understaffed by 32 officers and they are spread too think. they are offering $10,000 bonuses to experienced officers who would like to come work for bart. the agency began advertising on trains and a community college as well. >> oftentimes we will have officers working overtime and longer hours. it is important to get up to staff so we can to be the presence on the trains and increase our presence as well. >> many passengers say bart definitely needs the help. statistics show violent crimes are up 41% for the first half of the year on bart.
6:59 am
property crimes are also up 14%. want to meaning a few bucks? the draw for the powerball lottery happens tonight. no one won saturday night's drawing so the estimated jackpot tonight is a cool $340 million. right now the cash payment after taxes would be around $200 million. by the way, your odds of winning, 292 million to one. president trump once again spreading blame. what he had to say about counter protesters in charlottesville, virginia. irgi plus, shots fired overnight along this freeway in hayward. what we know about this latest case. the second freeway shooting here in the east bay so far this week. this is ktvu mornings on 2.
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>> 7:00 on a wednesday morning. august 16th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. dave clark is off today. but steve decided to come to work to tell us all about the lovely day. >> i was in the neighborhood so i stopped by. >> why not. >> good morning, gasia. >> good morning. >> this fog bank has been here since the system swept through on monday when we had really cool temps. way below average. each day we're slowly climbing up. there's a lot of low clouds to go around. it looks like it will burn off sooner. the inland temps that have been below average will start to bump up a bit. 61 and overcast. there's a lot of overcast out there. it will be warmer for those away from the coast today. we will continue that theme into probably friday and it looks like the weekend transition day as another system develops. a weak one but it will usher in a cooler pattern. much, much cooler on monday. but the


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