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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  August 16, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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microsoft shares. to combat malaria. we're going back to school shop on a budget with some examples of what to pick not for the new year. 40 years since his passing. the king is still smoking hot, unlike our weather. gray and cool as we listen to elvis and reflect on 40 years ago when he left earth.
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living large in so many ways. welcome to the 9. hope you're having a great start to your wednesday. if you were remembered for one food after your passing you would be remembered for the -- is there something like a signature mike mibach favorite. >> no. i like my steak and my try tip. >> that is what i was thinking. >> i love to eat it. >> i don't know if i can narrow it down to one. can you? >> i would like to think that i would be remembered -- 40 years after i pass, somebody talking about the shish kabob. >> he was 42 years old. >> so many great musicians die too young. i didn't follow his career. not a huge fan. but i'm a fan. i forgot that he was only 42 years old. >> in the prime of his life. we will talk about elvis more
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in the 9. a grim milestone we're working. the 100th freeway shooting in the bay area in the past year and a half. >> highway patrol is looking for whoever shot at an suv last night on 880 in hayward. >> alex savidge is live in hayward. alex, there were two teenagers inside of that vehicle. >> reporter: yeah. there were. good morning to all of you. witnesses to the shooting say they saw the shooter hanging out of the window of a car on the freeway last night, firing at an suv that had two teenagers inside of it. thankfully neither of the teens was hit by the gunfire. however, we did learn that they were struck by flying glass. both of them had minor injuries. after the shooting, the two teens drove their suv over to the hayward police department to try to get help. the shooting happened at about 10:00 last night along northbound 880 near jackson street in hayward. the chp says the two teens first spotted the shooter's car as they were driving on surface streets in the city of hayward.
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and then that same car pulled alongside them after they got on to the freeway. >> as they were driving northbound on the freeway, the same vehicle that they had encountered in the city streets pulled up alongside of them. they observed one of the passengers point a hand gun at them and start firing rounds at their vehicle. >> reporter: and investigators say they have no evidence at this point of any confrontation between the people in those two cars before the shooting. this was the second freeway shooting along 880 just this week. early on monday morning, up the road in san leandro, a driver was shot in the head and critically injured in what the chp described as a road rage attack. investigators here with the chp office in hayward tell us they do not believe there is a connection between the shooting early on monday morning in san leandro and the shooting that happened last night in hayward. again, two teenagers driving in an suv had someone pull alongside them and open fire.
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thankfully neither were hit by the gunfire. >> thank you, alex. reaction coming in to president trump's contentious news conference where he blamed both sides for the violence over the weekend in charlottesville. >> this morning, bush released a statement saying in part america must always reject racial bigotry and hatred in all forms. >> just when you thought the hostile administration between -- hostile relationship between the trump administration and the press, president trump set off another fire storm after talking about jobs and infrastructure and found hem self on the difference from critics on both sides of the aisle. >> here is the thing, when i make a statement, i like to be correct. i want the facts. this event just happened. >> reporter: but it is what
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president trump said next that set off much of the criticism that followed. >> what about the a lt-left that came charging at as you say the alt-right? do they have any semblance of guilt? i'm not putting anybody on a moral plain. i'm saying you had a group on one side and a group on the other and they came at each other with clubs and it was a horrible thing to watch. >> reporter: the blame game is not sitting well with members of his own party. these latest images of bigotry is counter to what the country stands for saying he was repulsed by it. chris murphy sounding equally outraged as speaker ryan sharing over twitter that he pulled over to listen to the remarks and nearly threw up. today in the city of charlottesville, hundreds of people are lining up to attend a memorial service for heather hey was killed over the weekend when a young man who is
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believed to be a member of a white supremacist group plowed his car into a crowd that had been peacefully gathering for a counter protest. and as garrett mentioned a memorial service is taking place right now for heather heyer, the woman killed in the protest on saturday. this is a live picture inside of the memorial service being held at the paramount theater in charlottesville. mourners are hearing from her family and friends. just about an hour ago, we brought you part of the memorial service live when her grandfather was speaking. he told stories about him singing to her when she was song and also reading to her. touching a lot, gasia, on memories from her youth. >> a lot of people getting to know her as an adult, after her passing. she was a paralegal and would stabbed up for injustice
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wherever she saw it. protests planned this weekend at google offices really across the country and in mountain view are being postponed. march on google organizers announced on their website this they are postponing the rallies due to threats. a blogger supporting president trump had scheduled the rallies in support of a google engineer who was fired after writing genetic differences may explain why women are not equally represented in the tech industry. police are looking for the vandal who's spray painted vulgar graffiti on the lincoln memorial in washington, d.c. they used red spray paint to write profanity on part of the national monument. it was discovered early yesterday morning. crews had to use paint stripper to remove the graffiti. this is the second time this year that the memorial has been vandalized. the university of florida has denied a request of spencer to speak on the campus.
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he led the rally in charlottesville over the weekend. in a statement the uf president said the decision was made after assessing risks to the campus, community and law enforcement. this follows a decision by texas a&m to cancel a similar event by center for september 11th. this comes as the bay area is preparing for rallies to be held on august 26th at san francisco's chrissy field and august 27th at civic center park in berkeley. the question of the day, should permits be denied for rallies by controversial groups? let's look at the poll results. 57% of you say yes. 43% say no. so many tweets i cannot count. linda tweets controversial groups are fine. violent groups that promote violent and hate, deny those. even the first amendment excludes calls to violence. if the group has a past history of violent actions in a rally, violence disrespect and destroying property is be protected by the first
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amendment. the day that we start sensorring free speech is the day that we lose free speech in this country. we will share your responses at 9:30. president trump is tweeting about amazon this morning. the president says, quote, amazon is doing great damage to taxpayer towns cities and states throughout the u.s. are being hurt. many jobs being lost. the president has often criticized amazon and the ceo who also owns the "washington post." amazon collects state sales taxes in all 45 states that have a sales tax. and the white house is announcing this morning a new addition to president trump's staff. one of his long time aides hope hicks has been named as interim white house communications director. this comes after scaramucci was let go after less than two weeks on at job. an announcement on a permanent director will be made at the appropriate time. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, a fire at a san jose mobile home claims the lives of
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three people, including two children. up next, jessie gary will write us the latest on the investigation and the reaction from neighbors. new details about the suspect in a killing of a 71- year-old man on twin peaks. how a miscalculation on a computer program may have led to his release from jail. frizzy, unruly hair? need a hair smoother. get super fruit moroccan argan oil, with fructis sleek & shine fortifying shampoo. hair is super sleek,
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>> comback -- welcome back to the 9. the dow is up at this point by 82 points. s&p and nasdaq doing well. arson investigators arrived on the scene of a mobile home fire in san jose that killed a man and two children. jessie gary is joining us live with more on the growing memorial for the victims. >> reporter: mike, just to update you, the fire investigators have arrived on
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scene. half a dozen investigators with the san jose fire department will begin the task of trying to determine where in the mobile home the fire actually started and why. one neighbor says they heard an explosion shortly before or just before the flames and seeing one of the victims fall to the ground engulfed in flames. family members were out here earlier today. they identified one of the three people killed as 10-year- old linda van and her grandfather but we don't have an id on him and one other child. let's look at the video. the fire started at 12:30 yesterday afternoon. as i said, one of the neighbors tells me they heard an explosion and then flames and then apparently the grandfather engulfed in flames fell to the ground. crews responded in just a matter of minutes but unfortunately three lives were lost. let's listen to the san jose fire department. >> we had a report from one neighbor who said they saw the
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adult who i plaintiff is the grand -- i believe is the grandfather get engulfed in flames and collapse on the ground and then the mobile home just exploded in flames. >> reporter: they have started a memorial here outside of the mobile home. you see some flowers here on the ground. and then if you walk to the left a little bit, you will see some food and some three drinks representing the three victims who died in this. i just learned that one of the neighbors is starting a gofundme. we will have more information on that at noon as the family tries to recover from losing three in in the fire. they are meeting right now off to my left, coordinating their plan. they will begin working. i am told they will work until at least 1:00 p.m. today to dry to determine where
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-- to try to determine where the fire started. a miscalculation may be to blame for the release of a suspect that later robbed and killed a man on twin peaks. tara moriarty has more on the computer program that evaluates inmates examine whether they should be -- and whether they should be released from jail. >> reporter: five days after 19- year-old mims was released from jail on a gun charge, police say he killed san francisco film scout and photographer ed french for his camera at twin peaks. those in law enforcement say mims never should have been let out. >> somebody has to be held accountable for making that error. >> reporter: the judge granted members release using what is called a public safety assessment. it is a score tabulated by pretrial diverse, assigning points based on criminal history. based on his age, prior convictions and other factors, mims earned a score of six that hand him in the orange zone,
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okay for release with conditions. he should have received more points for incarceration in san mateo county which would have put him in the red zone. >> i think the idea is to keep poor people out of jail. and i think certainly poor people should be treated fairly. this system doesn't fix that. this system puts people at risk. >> reporter: under the psa designed by the laura and john arnold foundation, probation is not factored into the inmate's score. misdemeanors are assigned the same point value as felonies and convicted felons scores are not impacted if they carry a firearm, just if they use it. >> if you commit three violent offenses and it counts the same as ten violent offenses, there is something wrong with that. >> reporter: french's family blames the judge for making the final call but.
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call. i have reviewed the public safety assessment he replies and it takes into consideration all of the materials in my file. in the event that mr. mims is released he should have to report initially four times a week. >> it is used in 29 other jurisdictions with great success. >> reporter: the sheriff called for a meeting next week with pretrial diverse as well as the public defender and d.a. to discuss what went wrong and how to make improvements in the future. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, bart is considering early morning service an hour later. we will explain the reason behind the idea. one that would affect thousands of bart riders and drivers. we take a look at the solar eclipse. were astronomers and sign tiffs and people all around the country are so excited for the big event.
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♪ no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. and an excellent source of calcium. enjoy cheese dippers by the laughing cow. >> we're just five days away from the solar eclipse. as the path of totality will
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make its way from the west coast to the east coast. >> it is the first time that a solar eclipse will be seen in the united states since 1976. >> it has happened before. but a total solar eclipse over the united states, well, that doesn't happen very often. >> now, 1918 was actually the last time that we had an eclipse that was total in the u.s. where the path of totality went from the west coast all the way to the east coast. that has been 99 years. >> the last totally clips to touch any part of the mainland u.s. was 1979. the last totally clips visible in northern california was in 1889. >> where we're filming this was actually founded as a result of the eclipse in 1889 because it
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was such a big deal. >> a totally clips of the sun happens when the sun, the moon and the earth all line up perfectly. the moon is able to cast a shadow down on to the earth. now, there's about a 70-mile- wide strip across the entire united states it starts from portland oregon and to charleston, south carolina. everywhere you are in northern america, you will see a partial eclipse. >> for the chance to see it has people flocking to the path of totality. >> what is making this eclipse unusual is that it's mostly rural and small town eclipse. the totally clips path which -- the total eclipse path goes across the country but not over any major metropolitan areas. it nicks a corner of st. louis and over nashville, tennessee. but for the most part, it is country locations, small towns,
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forests, national parks, farm lands, et cetera. so that means that the eclipse in order to be visible to people, either you need to go into that eclipse zone or you need to televise it from there. so hundreds of thousands of people are planning to go into that eclipse zone. >> when it comes to the west coast versus the east coast, well, we win on this one. >> there have been studies made of the entire total ecollapse over the -- eclipse over the country. on the east coast, there is a big chance of thunderstorms and clouds. for most people, the best locations turn out to be central oregon and then idaho is where the cloud cover is likely to be least. >> it is a teachable moment. >> so this is a scale model. a lot of people think that the moon is actually right here.
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but the moon is actually 30 earth diameters away from the earth. >> and a chance for everyone to look up and see something we rarely get to see. >> well, i think it is a really big deal. anyone who has seen a total solar eclipse from the path of totality has said the same thing. a once in a lifetime experience. >> claudine wong, ktvu fox 2 news. school districts around pennsylvania, alabama and central florida will not let students out during the eclipse because of potential harm that can be done to the eyes. the decision was made after consulting with the district physicians. don't forget we will have complete coverage on monday. our special extended coverage begins at 9:00 in the morning right here. and join us friday right here on the 9. we will be
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demonstrating do it your self ways to view the eclipse with items you can find around your home. a new class of freshmen on the campus of berkeley. 9,000 freshmen arrived and divided into groups of 40. many are encouraged by the comments of the new chancellor crisp. her plans for cal included building a sense of community and belonging amongst students and faculty and staff. and they wants to enhance the undergraduate experience and reclaim berkeley's legacy as the home of the free speech movement. >> i feel that we're going to have a free speech year at berkeley in which we are creating multiple opportunities to engage the issue of free speech. as i'm sure that everyone in this room knows, the protections that our constitution affords to free speech are extensive and indeed more extensive than in any other liberal industrialized democracy. democracy.
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>> chris says she would like to see the free speech movement done through a planned series of events, forums and debates. the san ramon school district is eliminating traffic around the schools. this year it will have what it calls flexible scheduling for the first classes of the day. the district offered staggered times last year. this year the middle school will use the same idea with classes starting at 7:53 for some students and 8:40 for others. it will allow families to build school schedules around activities and eliminate students being dropped off at the same time. >> i love this idea. you know that school, everybody gets there at once for pickup and drop-off and it is a mess. >> it has been done for decades. what is the problem? >> get to school early so you beat the traffic. >> that is impossible.
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coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, planning a wedding can be stressful. how to cut down on the running around with the help of new technology. getting ready for the start of the school year. one elementary school is getting help with gardening and outdoor recreation curriculum. we will explain coming up. the bathroom.
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when things go wrong here, you remember. quilted northern is designed to work so well, you can forget your bathroom trips. but sir froggy can never forget. "i used to be a prince. but no princess would kiss me now."
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>> richard spencer was to speak on campus. he helped to lead the rally in charlottesville over the weekend. >> this is coming as the bay area prepares for rallies on august 26th at chrissy field and august 27th at civic center park in berkeley. the question of the day, should permits be denied for rallies
9:29 am
of controversial groups. we see 57% say yes. 43% say no. i have a ton of comments. i'll read one quick. karen tweeted in light of what is happening we need to avoid hate. >> democracy is messy but we must not become that society that we oppose. >> thank you four your responses. you can reach us on twitter by using #ktvuthe9. >> today's weather is a lot more of the same that we've had all weekend. cooler than it should be for august. correct. >> that is correct, sal. you've been listening. >> for four and a half hours. >> that's right. >> we've been gradually climbing each day. the overnight lows, let's face it, the days are shorter and the nights are longer. it was a brisk 52349 sonoma.
9:30 am
need -- 52 in sonoma last night. i needed to use all of the covers last night. that fog made it all the way up to calistoga and well past santa rosa. that is a good push there. we are starting to see temperatures at that started off in the 50s and mid to upper 50s. glenn helen at 57. two people, count them, two people, said it was cold in san rafael yesterday. only 62 degrees. palo alto up to 78. livermore should be 88. they will be at 75. that is very cool for this time of year. the fog is burning back. not that fast. but there is some still holding on. 60s on the temps. not even 70 for some. temperatures on the cool side. a lot of fog out there. i think that mr.s into a slightly below average temps for just about everybody. morning fog, early afternoon
9:31 am
sun. some inland areas are bumping up. still below average. san should be 68. livermore 87, 88. we are still below. but we will go up on thursday and friday and saturday. but it looks cooler on sunday. there are hints, you guys, i hate to say it, of partly cloudy around here on monday. >> that's not good for the eclipse. >> farther inland. >> there are hints of some higher clouds. >> wow. >> it is five days away. just a heads-up. >> thank you, steve. bart are dealing with a staff shortage on security officers. rob roth has more on the look for additional security snooze when this bart passenger went to get her toyota in the parking garage after work, this is what she found. >> i don't even want to look at it. >> reporter: not one but two of her windows broken.
9:32 am
>> it's so terrible. yes. because i thought it was safe. >> reporter: a bart police officer dusted for fingerprints and says she will check security cameras in the garage. nothing materially was taken but -- >> i'm concerned about my personal information because they can find me online and steal my eye department. i don't know. >> reporter: crime statistics show that property crime such as car break-ins are up 14% this year. violent crimes are up 41%. at the same time the police force is understaffed by 39 officers. that is about 20%. >> from our staff, we're getting the response there are more applicants. >> reporter: the police chief row has told a bart board committee that they are actively recruiting officers. >> we have 39 vacancies right now. we are making a big push to recruit and hire qualified candidates to become members of the bart police department. >> reporter: but it is a
9:33 am
challenge. bart says it is offering $10,000 bonuses to experienced officers to work for bart and it will begin advertising on trains and at community colleges. the current police staff is spread thin. >> oftentimes we will have officers working on overtime and longer hours. it is important to get up to staff so we can to be that presence on the trains but also to increase our presence as well. >> reporter: many passengers say bart definitely needs more officers. >> at night it is a little definite. you don't see any security around. >> reporter: the police chief hopes to be at full staff within 18 months. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. we are hearing this morning that bart is discussing when to implement a later start time systemwide so the transit agency can do much-needed maintenance. it is scheduled to start the trains at 5:00 a.m. instead of 4:00 a.m. next summer.
9:34 am
at a meeting yesterday some board members brought up the idea of making the start time earlier in the year to do systemwide maintenance work. riders say it will be painfully inconvenient. >> the train is already crowded as it is. i think it will be a bad commute for a lot of people. >> it is not a nine-car train in the afternoons. it is on five-car trains. if it is later, it will be like sardines. >> changing the schedule earlier than summer 2018 systemwide is just an idea that was floated in a meeting yesterday. a scheduled change like that would actually require a vote from the full board. they would need to hear presentations and updates on it. we will have to wait and see. some morning we're talking about high tech ways that plan your wedding from the san
9:35 am
francisco based company all seed it. >> you put on virtual reality goggles and you see a 360 view. i have been playing with it in the news room. complete with furniture to help you map everything and everyone out. >> and for more on the new ways to plan your wedding, we are dorned by sandy hammer, the co- founder. >> good morning. >> the goggles, how does it actually make the event better? >> okay. so you know when you have an event and you know as a bride or groom you're walking around and you're imagining. you imagine, will my dress fit down the aisle. will the waiters fit behind the tables? will the chairs get knocked over when the guests stand up. you get unnerved. the whole virtual reality gives you a visualization and the experience of the event which is amazing. for the first time you're actually putting the goggles on and you're aimersed in it, seeing -- you're immersed in it
9:36 am
and seeing it. >> there is a big ball room that we're looking at. i feel like i'm in the room and i can tell, okay, this will fit this many people. >> it is totally scaled. if 400 people are invited and it can only fit 200 people, that's all you will see. you won't see a whole hall that looks tidy and well. we have the table layout so you can put your plates and knives and forks and glasses. how many times have you sat down and thought where is the food going to go. >> it is not just for the bride and broom focusing on a wedding. say i'm a caterer. >> correct. >> we have 40% of the planners using the app today. it is exciting. it is really new technology. our developer is from the
9:37 am
gaming industry. we know how to produce games. this is what we take into the event space. it is very interesting. >> my darling little sister and fiance are getting married in the next couple of weeks. she spent money driving from the santa cruz mountains to the wine region. just seeing a couple venues can take up an entire weekend. >> this will be a big changer for the venues and the industry people. now -- and talk about destination. you're talking about that just for the weekend. people from new york who want to come and get married in new york, vice versa, they can now go on and get a link from their venue or their planner and it will generate -- they download a mobile app and it generates on your mobile. it goes in and out. your phone goes in here and it goes in. within seconds you get to see the whole visualization of your event. it's a game-changer. >> have you had a lot of wedding planner people contact
9:38 am
you? >> yeah. we really build from the industry up. so whatever the industry wants, we listen and we hear. but we had to wait for technology to catch up. the gamers have had the technology for years. we're in a different environment with different phones, different computers. so now it is ready, really ready technology for us, the mass of the people. >> so is augmented reality kind of the next big push. >> you know your stuff. >> i don't know it. >> you do. >> it may not be. >> augmented reality for sure. it will change the industry. however, our computers are not ready for it right now. apple will be probably one of the first. they're going to lead the way. and we're definitely there. we're already in heavy development with it. when everybody is ready, we're bringing it out. augmented reality, you will be literally dropped into the event. you will be walking it, feeling it, touching it. it will be amazing.
9:39 am
>> go ahead. >> not to go back to the goggles here, but the old school mentality, when you run across clients, i need to walk the venue and see it and smell it. >> maybe you do that to three spot instead of the 12 that my sister went through. >> this is -- it takes time. this will be the norm. just like we never thought we would put on a pair of goggles for virtual reality. we thought we would sit in front of the tv wearing virtual reality glasses. this will be a year from now what everybody is going to do. it is a matter of time. >> it is actually better than i thought it would be to be honest. >> check it out. all of the information that you need is on you will find it in the web links section on the mornings on 2 tab and also on the ktvu mobile app. sandy hammer. this is the one and only thing associated with weddings that is free. i like that. congratulations to you. >> thank you. i appreciate it. it is give back day at
9:40 am
emerson elementary school in oakland. the school yard is being transformed and the gardening program is being expanded. >> i love it. it aims to make a difference in the community where employees live, work and play. >> for more, let's send it out to allie rasmus who is live at the school. allie. >> reporter: yes. emerson elementary in oakland is where we are. that's where more than a hundred people from oakland emryville company makes power bars and other items. they will have 125 people out here throughout the district attorney. they are redoing the planting and gardening outside of the perimeter of the school. off to the left, we can smell fresh paint here. they brought in an artist from new york who is painting the mascot of the elementary school, the emerson cheetah. when kids start school next week, they will be able to see this beautiful picture of their school mascot when they enter
9:41 am
the grounds. we have a picture what was it will like like when it is gone. again, emerson elementary, they are getting ready for the students when they arrive next week. you're not only a parent of an incoming fourth grader here but you're in charge of the gardening program. tell me about the project that's you're doing today. >> so many great things today. we will be creating an outdoor classroom space so there is an extra space to utilize when they're in the school yard. they can come out and have classes outside. sometimes it is a little difficult for the kids to stay inside. >> it will have a chalkboard. >> yes. benches and new planters. >> yeah. >> blueberries will be planted and brack berries will be -- blackberries will be planted. >> how does that enhance the student experience?
9:42 am
how important is it for students to lash how food -- to learn how food is grown? a lot of students don't understand where it comes from. we're encouraging healthy and organic eating and exposing kids to foods they may not try unless they grow if themselves. it is fun to see them branch out and try healthy things. >> i want no move down the line to talk to one of the volunteers here. you have a connection to this school because you not only work at premiere nutrition but your grandson used to attend this school. >> yes. >> how didemmer soon -- did emerson elementary draw the lucky straw for this makeover. >> we wanted to pick a school or community location that was close to where we worked. >> it is about a mile away.
9:43 am
>> yes. and so we chose emerson. i had a connection here. and leslie is real reactive in the school. i thought it would be a great fit because we're doing an outside garden, which has a lot to do with our company. we make shakes and do the power bars. >> what are you expecting to be the most rewarding part of the day. >> the kids will be so great when they see the school yard and the changes. the cheetah will be great. the mascot. an outdoor classroom for them. >> are you going to come back next week to see the kids' faces. >> i will. it is exciting for us as a company to give back to the community. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> a volunteer for the day. again, about 125 people from the company are spending the day doing some of this beautification around the perimeter of the school and adding rain barrels, planters
9:44 am
to the outdoor classroom that we mentioned earlier. they have a lot going on today. >> i love it. oakland starts school on monday, the 21st. the kids will be thrilled. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, speaking of the start of school, today's concern need this stuff -- today's children need this stuff. we will talk with you more in just a second. >> i like that backpack. >> this is what i needed in middle school. nurture dried-out hair with deeply restorative care. garnier whole blends. legendary olive leave-in conditioner. enhanced with olive oil & olive leaf extracts. to detangle, work a dollop through damp or dry hair. and infuse it with softness. garnier whole blends legendary olive.
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>> all right. welcome back. lyft is teaming up with the oakland ed fund to help make the back to school process easier tore children. today they will deliver more
9:47 am
than 3500 backpacks filled with school supplies to 67 oakland schools. the student head back to class. do you have everything that you need for the new year? ideas for back to school shopping on a budget. we are joined by sadie murphy. >> hi. >> my children are going back next week. we're in the process of this. this is perfect. >> spencers is at all of the malls. >> what is that. >> a great place to get affordable finds for your school supplies, including cool backpacks, notebooks, pencils, stickers. >> look at this backpack. >> are these speakers. >> yes. >> it is cool too. and usually they have great prices. especially during back to school, it is 50% off right
9:48 am
now. go load up. >> i like it. >> i like these from wal-mart. let's bribe the kids with brushing their teeth in the morning. >> our whole family had an appointment for the dentist. 2:45. get who missed it? >> you. >> the whole family. we spaced out. they should brush morning and night. >> it is great and naturally friendly. i need clear skin for back to school. this is biore. get it at all of the drugstores. these are the deep cleansing pore strips that takes out of the gunk. it is satisfying to get it out of the pores. for my chicks going into high school who want to sleep in a little bit let me introduce you to my favorite. >> is that hairspray. >> no. it is dry shampoo from do not freda. >> you don't shampoo your
9:49 am
house. >> you can skip it. in between washes. >> just girls. >> no. guys can use it too. if you're willing. jc penney also an affordable place to find school supplies, especially basics like socks and underwear. this month they did something really amazing. they donated 750,000 pairs to the local ys for kids in need. >> that's a good idea. >> yes. >> let's get into after-school snacks. >> ritz crackers. >> we're better than ritz over here. these are the super greens. these are frozen organic packs that are an easy way to put greens into your kid's smoothie. you put this, liquid like an almond milk and you have your fruits. >> you just mix it in. >> yes. >> cale and spinach.
9:50 am
>> yes. >> a double whammy. >> a big change. >> not what we ate. >> these are actually a great way to have your kids have pro- biotics. flavored and so good. or began i can and plant based with strawberry, blueberry, mango. it is a -- >> what is the importance of the pro-biotics. this is what you want to be drinking if you're eating processed foods. >> this is my favorite snack right now. goodness knows. it is real fruit. >> can i take a bite. >> please do. >> i will eat it while you describe it. >> cheers to you. >> these are snack squares. four in each. it is great portion control. >> okay. >> dark chocolate and real nuts. yum. >> healthy. right? there's no peanut butter and jelly here. >> no.
9:51 am
>> is there anything wrong with that, going with the old school turkey sandwich with mustard. >> doesn't this taste amazing. >> i want to make sure that they like the cale and spinach but i want to make sure that they get everything. >> lunch boxes are important. i saw the one down there. >> it is a donut. that is one of my absolute favorites. >> thank you for coming in. all of the items will be on these are tasty. do you mind if i have the bar. >> you can have the whole thing. >> we will be back after the break. >> two bars. >> sure. >> i have two children. can't leave them out. >> can't leave them hanging. >> no.
9:52 am
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>> the father of an oakland musician who was killed last week is visiting the bay area, meeting the friend that he didn't know his son had. ♪[music] >> 40-year-old david died when someone stole his laptop from him sitting at a cafe. the laptop was filled with music he had written and recorded. he was planning to release an album. he chased the man down and was dragged by the get away car. now his father is feeling the generosity and support of the community that his son had built here in the bay area. >> it is terribly sad. but it is also terribly, terribly touching. and it is touching because the community that i never knew
9:55 am
existed, they're there supporting my son. >> those friends are raising money to threat an anthology of his music. courtroom stoppers is offering a $15,000 reward for information. he is hoping that someone will step forward with information and soon. it has been 40 years since the king of rock n roll died. it was on this day that elvis presley was do you understand dead in a bathroom at the age of 42. his music and movies are still very popular and people visit his memphis home. all right. bad news for ruthless villains and their henchmen. james bond is back. daniel craig will reprize his role as james bond. it will be his fifth bond film and his last. he needed a break to figure
9:56 am
things out before making the big announcement. this will officially be the 25th bond film. scheduled for release in december of 2019. a group of children got a unique opportunity to go surfing down in san diego. they had help from a therapy dog. students and children with sma lose their ability to walk, eat and breath on their own. the golden retriever's owner says she was supposed to be a service dog but she found her niche in helping others to surf. >> they go out there and they are scared. and rightfully so. then the kids get the thrill of their life. it makes the family happy. getting to do something with their child. >> the opportunity to surf with a dog. >> it was fun. >> the volunteers who came out to help say the event is all about empowering children and families and giving them that feeling of freedom and being one with the waves. >> love it. join us on the 9 tomorrow.
9:57 am
we will be live with the mayor of san bruno about his decision not to seek a re-election and also about his thoughts on leading that city through the pipeline explosion. tragedy that was in september of 2010. coming up on 7 years since the explosion. the mayor of san bruno will be with us tomorrow. we will be right back here at noon. the news coverage continues over on i'll mention my two boys have a dentist appointment today. we have built our entire day around this appointment. >> don't miss it. >> we don't.
9:58 am
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live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. >> wendy: how you doing? is hello. it's "hot topics." >> we won't judge. ♪ now, here's wendy! ♪ >> wendy: thank you so much for watching. [ cheers and applause


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