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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 17, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the 10:00 news starts right now. a terror attack in barcelelona, and another deadly confrontation. there were multiple attacks in spain, involving vehicles driven into crowds. the first attack took place in
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barcelona, the second was eight hours later, and on the coast. 100 people were wounded when a white van swerved along the promenade in an intentional effort to it get as many people as possible. the driver fled and is still at large. and several people were injured in cambria county when a car overturned and officers opened fire, shooting and killing five of the suspects. the men were wearing explosive belts. amberly has been speaking with a bay area restaurant owner in barcelona. we have the latest on these attacks. >> it is 7:00 on friday in spain. two people have been arrested, five suspect shot and killed, and police say in camp growth,
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police say they tried to conduct another attack. >> a white van rammed into pedestrians thursday, leaving damage, destruction and death. 13 people killed, 100 people injured. >> i heard people screaming. i saw the van going down the boulevard. you could see bodies, it was a tough image to see. >> panic and pain. police arrived with guns drawn, searching for a driver who ran away and escaped. isis claimed the attack was carried out by soldiers of the islamic state. >> to the cowards, you will not get hatred and fear. >> trump tweeted the united states condemns the terror attack in barcelona and will do
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whatever necessary to help. >> our prayers and the prayers of all american people are with the victims, the families, all the good people of spain. >> spanish - - spanish police shot and killed five suspects, 70 miles south of barcelona. the suspects were possibly wearing explosive vests and they may have been linked to the barcelona attack. explosions at a house wednesday night may also be connected. officers told spanish media that the residence may have been preparing explosives. >> what happened? >> oh god! >> terrorists are increasingly adopting new tactics. >> we have seen growing emphasis on undertaking more small-scale attacks, the
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terrorists are aware that they can gain global attention even if the casualties are small. >> isis is losing ground, but they are finding other ways to spread a message. >> we have seen a sevenfold increase in the number of terrorist incidents and a quick coupling of the casualties caused. there were 2000 attacks in 2001 and last year, there were over 15,000 attacks. the mayor of barcelona said that a moment of silence would be held at noon on friday. we are still waiting for a complete list of the number of people who were injured, from all over the world. and amber spoke with a restaurant owner who splits his time between the bay area and barcelona. >> we were here at the restaurant in walnut creek.
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the management team tells me they are from barcelona and they have family in barcelona. >> a chef with one location in walnut creek and three in spain, the embodiment of spanish cuisine. >> it is not only about food, it is about the way we eat. >> often says the enjoyment of food is a large part of the culture and terrorists are attacking the spanish love of life. [ indiscernible ] >> people are panicking. >> we spoke with the owner. he shared cell phone video that he and others had taken. he was working at his restaurant just walks away when a terrorist had driven a vehicle into pedestrians along a busy road.
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>> it was scary. all of the streets are closed. you have to walk all over now. >> the manager says her entire family lives in barcelona. >> i am in shock. i am here with family and with friends. i am very worried if something happens to them. >> she learned about the attack from text messages. she called her relatives and was relieved to hear that everyone is on injured. her sister runs a store close to the attack. >> she had to close her shop. they had to close the shop and no one can leave the shop until the police say they can. >> workers have received words of support from regular patrons. >> people we have met here always treated us amazingly. again we arehere to give back.
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>> the workers say the spanish people will refuse to allow terrorists to change their way of life. >> this is something we have in our hearts and our souls. we are going to cry, but we are not going to be beaten. >> the spanish people say they do not want the image of barcelona to be tarnished god they describe barcelona as a beautiful city that embraces everyone. all across the world, people are showing solidarity with the people of ours alona, in israel, city hall was lit up in the colors of the spanish flag. >> there has also been an outpouring of support, barack obama tweeted michelle and i are thinking of the victims and the families in barcelona, americans will always stand with our spanish friends. >> scott kelly tweeted a photo
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of barcelona, he took a recent trip in spain and said are soluna, we stand with you, there is no place for terrorism on earth. and nelly b proves posted a a picture of a black ribbon with the spanish words for how sad. we are working to bring you the latest in all of our newscasts and online. the young woman at the center of a police sex scandal filed a lawsuit against the city of richmond. the daughter of a dispatcher cast sheet - - she said that she was a former teen prostitute. she said police officers exploited her and had sex with her and some of them, when she was still a minor. last may, she settled a lawsuit for $989,000. the lawsuit against the richmond police department seeks unspecified damages. a barricade situation came to an end peacefully in
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fairfield tonight. police received a call at 3:00 this afternoon. there was a disturbance inside the house. it was on michigan street near gateway boulevard. officers set up a perimeter around the home. a swat team had used tear gas, a man gas, a man and woman inside surrendered and were detained. there is no word of anyone being hurt. in the for more, a 54-year- old man held police officers at bay for several hours before setting his double home on fire and coming out with a shotgun. he may have been upset about marriage problems. >> this is so phone video of a mobile home going up in flames at the end of a standoff. police had no choice but to shoot a a man who started a fire and came outside with a shotgun pointed at them.
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>> the subject refused to obey the commands of the officers. and he did not negotiate with them. officers had to open fire and immediately administered first aid but he died on the scene. >> neighbors call police saying a man was challenging people to fight. when officers arrived, he was armed with a rifle and went in his mobile home. he fired numerous rounds within the house. a crisis negotiation was - - a negotiator was brought in. he made some silent remarks and he started a fire inside the home. police say he then came outside with a shotgun. it is not clear if he fired shots, but in this video, there appears to be an armored car to the left-hand side. then, gunfire. [ gunfire ]
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>> i did not see anything. i heard gunshots. i heard a gunshot and a pause and then 10 shots. >> flames shot high into the sky. firefighters struggled to put it out. >> it could have affected a lot of people. and it affected my mom. it is very sad that someone had to lose their life. >> the man has not been identified. he was accused of domestic abuse. his estranged wife said that he spoke of having guns in his home. she did not want to comment. the incident was under investigation by the da office. henry lee, fox news. new fire stations are opening up in the north bay. some say the move could save neighborhoods.
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a long road to recovery. and a little bit of warming temperatures today. fog still developing near the coastline. we will let you know what that means for the forecast, in a moment. a bay area men severely shot, no he is beating the odds. >> a very high fatality rate, from what i have been told. [ indiscernible ] stay with us, we will be right back. hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get 0% apr financing for 63 months on all new 2017 outbacks. ends august 31.
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a local man was burned while cleaning solar panels. family and friends say it is a miracle he is still alive. in san jose, we have more on how he has beaten the odds. >> it was july 1st. >> reporter: he has been at the burn unit, undergoing surgeries. loved one say perseverance and strength have taken him far. >> it is the little things that clifton looks forward to, like taking kids to school, and making his wife coffee. >> the accident i understand has a very high fatality rate. >> he suffered catastrophic injuries.
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he owns a business that specializes in exterior maintenance. he was cleaning glass. he was cleaning special the claimant equipment when he touched a 12,000-volt line that was exposed, which had shocked him. >> the electrical current said my clothes on fire. then it burned 50% of my body. >> at the time he felt it was going to kill him. but he thought of one thing. >> my kids and my wife came to mind. i decided not to accept it. >> this room at the burn center in santa clara, where he no calls home. he was in a medically induced coma for several weeks, fighting for his life, and undergoing surgeries. >> he had such a positive attitude. he has been tremendously voted - - he has been tremendously
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motivated. >> his wife never left his bedside. >> our life has forever changed. i do not know what will come down the road. but i know that we are strong and i know that we will get through it. >> he has more surgeries and more physical therapy. he will be in the hospital for six weeks. he knows that it is not going to be easy. he talkedabout second chances and not taking anything for granted. >> if you are in an accident and it looks like the odds are against you, your life is worth fighting for. you can be a miracle. >> the community has started to rally around him, raising $40,000 for an online support funds to help with his medical bills. he was denied workmen's comp. because he is self-employed. the hope is that he will be able to return to normal life soon. >> what a story. was he working alone or was he
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with other people? >> i believe he was working alone. at the time he was unconscious. he suddenly realized the paramedics were there. he is very thankful they were there. >> he is very lucky. we wish him the best, we hope he gets through his recovery quickly. negotiated the police have arrested three people in connection with the shooting death of a father. and three people are behind bars, facing murder charges. the victim was a 29-year-old man. he was shot to death on july 19th while pushing his infant son in a stroller. the suspects are involved in a gang. a pair of young boys were killed in a car crash. the chrysler sedan was heading westbound on international
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boulevard when it was struck broadside. it happened around 8:30 last night. nixon lopez and his six-year-old brother were killed. three adults were hurt, but they are expected to survive. and eyewitnesstold us that she and others and a couple police officers happens to be nearby and they raced over to help the victims. >> we rushed to the car to see if they were okay. she was out of it, slumped over, bleeding. that is how we realized one of the children was on the floor. we were panicking. we had no idea a child was in the car. >> alcohol does not appear to be a factor in the crash. it is unclear if those boys were in the car seat or if they were wearing seatbelts. >> we learned about a legal settlement in the death of a santa cruz man after an accident on highway 17. lorraine sat down with his parents today, to talk about
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the settlement and proposed legislation they hope will make the roads safer. >> every day i wake up thinking of my son. >> they held hands one day after reaching a multimillion dollar settlement against a company blamed in the death of their son. the 25-year-old man graduated with honors from san jose state university. he was killed on his way to work, he worked as a corporate recruiter. he was stuck near the lexington reservoir. a big rig truck brakes - - a big rig loss control. >> it is so painful to even come home. >> they filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the company. and they accused the owner of trying to cover-up the lack of inspections.
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on wednesday, they reached a settlement for$9.5 million. >> it is a large settlement, but it is not about the money. it is about making a statement, a loud statement to the trucking industry. >> this was a recipe for disaster. the officer said that it was the worst set of brakes he had ever inspected. >> the inspection form was only filled out after the accident. the family hopes for further change. >> right now, you can obtain a commercial permit or license without having behind the wheel training and it is ridiculous. to the family lost another son in a separate accident six years before that and they both still have dreams about daniel. three years later, his mother refuses to dry - - his mother refuses to drive here. >> the company has gone out of
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business. the mcguire family is focusing on passing daniel's law, to make it mandatory for truckers to have behind the real - - it would make - - they are looking to pass daniel's law to make it mandatory for behind the wheel training for all truckers. we see 80-degrees temperatures and lower 90s this afternoon. santa rosa maxing out at 80 degrees and san francisco in the upper 60s. san jose at 81 degrees. we do - - we are seeing some fog that pulled off shore. it is now regrouping. as you know, this will push into the bay late tonight and early tomorrow. a difficult pattern we have been dealing with over the last week or so. here is is a live look toward san francisco. we see some patchy fog blocking your view. we are expecting some cloud cover in the bay tomorrow. 7:00 got 57 degrees. by 12:00, partly sunny, 67 degrees. as we wrap up the afternoon, by
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3:00 in the afternoon, fair skies, 70 degrees in san francisco. here is the cloud pattern for tomorrow. clouds clear back to the shoreline. more 90s on friday. we are looking at the forecast high temperatures coming up. san jose at 84 degrees. 70s with some clouds in the morning, back to the shoreline, on the weekend outlook, we will look at that in a few minutes. a marine was targeted by thieves while he was moving to the bay area. [ indiscernible ] >> they are ruthless. >> a stolen moving van, but his new community is coming in to help. >> and we hear from lynch talking to reporters. and punishment for naval officers following a deadly a deadly collision at the c. more on that coming up next. stay with us, we will be right back.
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one dozen sailors, commanders and other senior leaders are expected to be punished after a cargo ship crashed into a destroyer. seven sailors died in the crash. the greatest loss of life on a naval vessel since a bombing in yemen back in 2000. a marine recently transferred to sonoma. but he had a rude awakening. someone stole a moving van from in front of a new home before they had the chance to unload it. >> moving into a new apartment can be stressful under the best circumstances. for rafael, for his wife and
10:26 pm
for marissa, it has been a nightmare. trouble happened when he transferred to santa rosa to serve as a marine recruiter. he looted all of their possessions into a rental truck. he could not unload until the next morning, so he parked in front of his apartment complex overnight. in the morning, the truck was gone. >> it was upsetting, it was frustrating that something like this could happen. i could not believe it. >> the truck was found 1.5 miles away. but they took everything, including toys got baby photos and a wedding dress. >> i was hoping to keep that and pass it on. now i cannot. >> i have things left over from the military that i will never see again. the even took our bed.
10:27 pm
ruthless. >> boys are checking for fingerprints. he and his wife are looking to see if anyone is trying to sell those stolen items. but there has been a brick. strangers donated thousands in cash and in gift cards for new clothing and furniture. >> we are extremely grateful. we are surprised. these folks do not know us. to have people give us this money without question, it restores my faith in humanity. >> sergeant all, had something to say to the thieves. >> it all comes full circle. it was a terrible thing to do. they will get theirs.
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a pair of fire stations are opening in the north bed. >> we all understand whether it is a fire or image of - - fire or medical emergency, minutes count. >> and the location could save neighborhoods. >> and a near disaster. new protocols put in place to make sure it does not happen again. >> a professor has been chasing the solar eclipse around the world. he explains why he cannot get enough of the solar eclipses. more on that coming up next. stay with us, we will be right back. . >> brought to you by sleep world. rest easy and save big.
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new fire stations are coming to napa valley. the new fire stations are near a lake where sift - - swift response means everything. in hope valley, that station hopes to save lives and money. >> imagine if your homeowner insurance had tripled. that is if you could get coverage at all. it happens because engines up here are far away. >> there is a single road in and a single road out. >> mark drives through this burn area. he remembers a tough, one week long firefight and the homes
10:32 pm
that were lost. >> a fire started here and went into the estates. there were evacuations. >> the bus fire is one of the worst they have seen in recent years. 200 homes were affected. >> the intent was to house a single fire engine. >> residents are now getting a new satellite fire station with a full-time engine and volunteer firefighters. >> fire or medical emergency, we all know every minute counts. >> a single room, a truck bay and a restroom. fast, not fancy. it can take 25 minutes to get an engine in. and customers have seen rapidly increasing rates.
10:33 pm
napa county hopes to change things. >> we could provide some relief to the residents out here for homeowner insurance. >> those quotes are not unique with so many large and damaging fires in recent years. a fire burned 8000 acres on the other side of the lake. 300 residents will get their own new station by the end of this month. and for the volunteers, it is a relief having an engine close at hand. >> reporter: the community, after waiting for several years, they are ready. >> we are really excited, i think people are really excited. i have talked to the public and they cannot wait for it to get here. nobody can wait. >> reporter: a ribbon-cutting and grand opening celebration comes saturday. napa county is spending $1
10:34 pm
million on the new stations. and they are getting them while fire season is still going on. changes are coming for landing protocols. a pilot lined up to land on a taxi lane. that plane came within feet of several lanes that were filled with passengers. at night, there will be multiple air traffic controllers and pilots will not be allowed to make visual approaches anymore. sergeant in the san francisco police department who happened to be married are creating a new program for children, it is called hunter's chest. and tara tells us it is providing comfort to the children who have been victims
10:35 pm
of crimes, and those who have had parents arrested. >> we have coloring books. we have snacks. >> jennifer jones and her husband assembled care packages. >> we have crayons to keep them all entertained. >> they are for children who are victims of crime or for parents who have been arrested. and they are both sergeants with the san francisco police department. they noticed while parents were being interviewed or filing police reports, reports, the kids would become restless or hungry. >> we would be changing diapers and entertaining children while helping people from other states and cities. >> he found himself often grabbing toys from his son to give to the children. >> they are often tourists who had things stolen. sometimes a diaper bag gets stolen. they come to the station and the kids have
10:36 pm
nothing. >> the jones family sprung into action, action, creating hunter's chest, a large box with toys and water, along with other items. >> i understand it can be difficult to handle a toddler or newborn baby with nothing to keep them entertained. >> hunter's chests are set up at chinatown. and the goal is to have them at every station. >> i am passionate. my husband and i will fund this out of our own pockets if necessary. >> it is a wonderful thing, it makes me happy. [ crying ] >> books, games, and stuffed animals will be available. if you would like to help, we have a link on our webpage. parents understand. you don't want to see a child hurt or upset. so, to see them come in, and to
10:37 pm
be able to give them something, it really brightened their days. a series of barbershop conversations received honors from the district attorney tonight. >> i am so proud to call them heroes. >> nancy kicked off her campaign at the county fairgrounds and she said that it is about bridging relationships between the community and law enforcement. the series features conversations on policing and violence. and jack bryson was recognized for coming up with the idea. a federally protected birdshot with a public - - shot with a pellet gun, the latest on the condition of the bird and the reward being offered to
10:38 pm
find who did this. and we are looking at the temperatures today, and the warming that continues into the weekend. we will also talk about weather for the partial eclipse on monday morning. and i'm an arborist with i'pg&e in the sierras. the drought in california has killed trees on a massive scale. any of those trees that fail into power lines could cause a wildfire or a power outage. public safety is the main goal of our program. that's why we're out removing these hundreds of thousands of hazard trees.
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having tools and technology gives us a huge edge to identify hazard trees. my hope is that the work we're performing allows that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. together, we're building a better california.
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the reward is being offered for information leading to the shooter who injured a federally protected heard.
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a red tailed hawk was shot near king city this month. was found suffering five pellet wounds. it suffered cuts and scratches, and a fracture. they are treating that hawk and hope to release him back into the wild. taco tastings, and other opportunities for fund this weekend. - - there are so many opportunities for fun. >> reporter: the weekend is near. go to north beach for the italian festival, with food, wine, live music, and a festival from 11:00 until 5:00. and three blocks will be filled with live music, food and drinks. the festival is saturday, 11:00 until 6:00. and enjoy music, dance, food and fun at the heart and soul
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festival. exterior - - experience flat - - experience labor, performances and dancing to fill the greek orthodox church. and find the art in the park. enjoy local art, live music, food trucks, wine and beer. and in the south bay, the third annual music and taco festival is this weekend in san jose at the st. james park from 11:00 until 8:00 on saturday and on sunday. and petaluma, petaluma, the cinnabar theater is holding an event with breweries, wineries, breweries, wineries, and historic downtown saturday, saturday, from noon until 3:00. and that is your weekend watch. a professor is chasing
10:43 pm
solar eclipses. >> the first was february 261,929th. >> we will introduce you to a man who has seen 15 solar eclipses. and the next one is very special to him. and mark is here with your complete forecast. the weekend is getting close. [ music ] [ music ] ♪
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a professor says the total solar eclipse is going to be the 16th he has seen. he is known as an eclipse chaser. and this coming solar eclipse is different. >> it is pretty obvious that he is in his happy place. >> i am addicted. i have seen 15 total solar eclipses. >> and he talks about why he chases them. he admits that words do not do it justice. >> a total solar eclipse is
10:47 pm
mind blowing. it really defies description. >> philip has traveled all over the world chasing the mind blowing experience. even proposed to his wife on a solar eclipse trip. but this solar eclipse has brought him full-circle. >> the first was february 26th, 1979. that was the last total solar eclipse to have reached the coast. i watched in oregon and i will be watching this one in oregon as well. it is like a oncoming. >> and this one is remarkable because his long trek overland will - - he says the long trek will allow so many to see it. >> 27% of the population lives within 250 miles of the path of totality. it is very accessible to a lot of
10:48 pm
people and they will not have to travel. >> viewing can be complicated. if you do not have clear skies, you cannot see it. oregon and idaho will have the best chance. oregon wildfires have made things more challenging, closing miles of roads and trails where tens of thousands of people were supposed to be viewing the eclipse. >> traffic and be staggering. the roads will be a parking lot. nobody knows what is going to happen. >> unpredictable, but the eclipse is not comfortable. >> reporter: there is a silver lining if you cannot get to this one. >> there is another chance coming up on april eighth got
10:49 pm
2024, just seven years from now. >> make sure you get to see at least one total solar eclipse. >> most people understand the hype when they see one. not everyone, but most people. it is really something special. i did not anticipate this, i saw the photographs and the descriptions. in real life, the experience is something that cannot be described. >> stay with us for complete solar eclipse coverage monday morning at 9:00. >> we will be watching the weather closely, and we will warm things up, the trend will continue in your friday forecast. and santa rosa in the 80s, san francisco at 67 degrees. sentinel san jose at 81 degrees. most areas are up by a few
10:50 pm
degrees tomorrow. livermore is approaching the lower 90-degree range. we still have low clouds near the shoreline. and clouds are forming again near the shoreline, still looking good. we are making to some great near the coast and the bay shoreline. and we are checking on the current numbers. san jose is checking in at the upper 60s. santa rosa in the upper 50s. our camera is looking out toward the bay bridge. and you have been hearing a lot about the solar eclipse with the sun, the moon, the earth, all in line. the path of the total solar eclipse is up to the north. this is the forecast pattern. you can see you may be dodging some clouds. the main showers will be potentially here with low clouds
10:51 pm
cosigned. and there is a there is a gentleman the day you will see clear skies inland. some forecast models mix out those low clouds. it could be a good thing as we get a better idea of the forecast friday and through the weekend. and not - - newman - - not many changes on friday and saturday. they will be the warmest days of the week. and the fog tomorrow, co- side, rider on the bay, looking just like this morning. clearing back, bright colors, more 90-degree temperatures, and a hotspot toward clearlake. fairfield, fairfield, 90s, rider in the bay, temperatures in the 70s, around the 80s going inland. san jose at 84 degrees, sunnyvale at 81 degrees, san francisco at 70 degrees. looking at your five-day forecast, temperatures for the warmest days, tomorrow and saturday,
10:52 pm
with a minor drop off next week. this little system could develop offshore monday morning, mixing things up completely. we will see clear skies in the bay area. >> mark canha thank you. coming up on the 11:00 news, terror in spain, the latest on the attacks now being put together by authorities. >> and the giants game turned into a track meet. we have the explanation coming up in sports.
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10:55 pm
scott is in tonight, and the giants are back home after a trip to the east coast. a rough swing, but it is always nice to be back. the giants have been better since the all- star break, but they still have the second worst record and philadelphia has the worst. a breezy night at the at&t park. buster posey adding on, finding a whole. motoring around, and it is 2-0 san francisco. key play of the game from jarrod parker, parker, red heart - - he was red-hot and ready to busted all open. >> he will pass it on and they
10:56 pm
are both going to score!!! >> something you don't see every day. event coming for hunter pence. very fast. and hunter laughing about it in the dugout. crawford goes to the opposite field, that will play parker. they get all those runs and hang on and win the game 5-4. and it was a crazy game. the reds jumped out to a 9-0 lead. and alex, chris, ian,444 feet. four home runs, the cubs came all the way back, tying the game 9-9. and it was all for nothing. a two run shot. the reds take the slugfest 13-10. >> the oakland raiders are done with napa. and they are really done. >> we will see you down in the
10:57 pm
bay, okay? >> well! [ cheering ] [ crowd noise ] >> they are ready to go south. they will have four weeks of practice before the season opener in tennessee. we have heard from a lot of the stars this summer with one conspicuous exception, marshall and lynch. ready to discuss the whole sitting during the national anthem - - lynch was not ready to discuss it. [ indiscernible ] >> they say elephants are scared of mountains or something. i am getting my mentality back. you know i want to get back to playing. get back into playing ability.
10:58 pm
i am not a morning person. that was over, it was astrike. >> how about thursday night football? winston goes front and center. and winston had himself quite a night. he connects with his rookie tight and out of alabama, howard goes down to the 2-yard line. he had thrown 29 passes. 196 yards. doug martin goes from 2 yards out. just inside the pylon, it is a wild one. 12-eight, buccaneers are the  winners. and check this out. the hardest thing to do is to hit a baseball, but catching one is not so easy either. a fan tries to take a home run away. seem game, jedd gyorko game, jedd gyorko goes to the same spot. sterling has a shot. you know what? he goes up that cannot make the play after a good effort. the professionals cannot catch
10:59 pm
a home run ball, but the amateur in the second deck only needed a bare hand to do it. connecting and snatching it with one hand. and how about the kids? the little league world series, new jersey going flat out to make the play. jubilation was not enough. they advanced to the little league world series. and the game on monday. they come along between innings. sometimes you know it is better to be lucky. the little man looks up and says you know what, we are on the scoreboard, look at that! good timing. and a stadium appearance. that is our check this out. we will have more sports at 11:00. for now come more news. a terror attack in barcelona, followed by a second
11:00 pm
attack at a spanish resort town. the prime minister calls it terrorism. terrorists strike twice in spain using vehicles as weapons. and bring some somerville is off tonight. it is it friday morning in spain. the interior chief says all events have been canceled. he has been calling for three days of mourning. in barcelona, 13 people were killed when a van jumped a curb and drove down a pedestrian walkway. down the coast, police shot and killed five suspects after a car was used to run down six restaurant and a police officer. our reporter has been tracking the development and she joins us in the newsroom with the latest. >> spanish officials are now saying they have identified people


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