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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  August 18, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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good morning and welcome to mornings on 2. i am alex savidge. we want to start off with a check of weather. i think keith is going to tell us about a weekend warm-up. i saw you yesterday about 1:15 and i said, i will see you in a few hours. now it is you and me. we do have a similar pattern and the highs are bumping up. they are coming in a little under them forecasted high. we thought in july they were over. if you are away from the coast, the fog burned off early toward the south. there is a screaming breeze out toward travis and we have to keep an eye on it. 50s
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and 60s and temperatures are very close. 54 eglin allen and 56 at windsor. 56 at occidental. 57-56 for just about everybody. storms over the sierra and the fog retreats and now it comes back in. i think it will be a lot like thursday. 60 -- 60s, 70s and 80s. back to alex. we begin with developing news out of south bay where one person was killed and another injured in a double shooting. police think one of the victims may have been an off-duty firefighter and we are working to confirm that. police got a report of a shooting victim office east taylor street at 9:30 last night . officers found two people shot . one was pronounced dead at the hospital and the other victim at this time is listed
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in stable condition. investigators believe the suspects fled on foot. we will have a lab report coming up at 5:00 this morning. in the meantime, spain rely -- remains on high alert after deadly terror attacks. this is where the areas were. the most of -- the most recent was in an area east of barcelona. they shot and killed five assailants in an attendance gunbattle. the attackers drove an audi car and began mowing down pedestrians and police on a busy boardwalk. six pedestrians and one police officer were hurt . at that time the police gunned down the attackers during the shoot out. the attackers wore bomb belts. the attack was similar to the event attack in barcelona where a white van jumped the pavement
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and ran into pedestrians along the las ramblas promenade. 13 were killed and about 100 others were injured . the state department says only one american was hurt and that person has minor injuries. the promenade was full of tourists from around the world. there i could hear many people screaming and i saw the van going down the boulevard. you can see the bodies on las ramblas . >> all of the sudden we heard screaming and crying and yelling. >> reporter: spanish authorities say that so far they have arrested three people in connection to the various terrorist attacks. one from morocco and another from a spanish enclave in northern africa. the driver of the van remains on the loose.
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in the meantime, a moment of silence in barcelona to remember the victims of the attack. among the mourners was the king of spain. there will be three days of national mourning. ktvu news went to an area with heavy ties to barcelona. >> reporter: the executive chef of the barcelona restaurant with one location in walnut creek and three in spain is the embodiment of spanish cuisine. >> it is about the total culture and not only about food. it's about the way we live. >> reporter: enjoyment of food is a large part of the culture and they are attacking the spanish peoples love of life -- peoples' love of life. the owner spoke with me from barcelona. he shared cell phone video that he and others took. he said he was working at his restaurant just blocks away when a terrorist drove a vehicle
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into pedestrians in the busy las ramblas . >> there was screaming and people running and looking all over the place. it was scary and all the streets were closed and you could not get onto the freeway. you have to walk all over now. the manager said her entire family lives in barcelona . >> i am in shock and i am here far away from family and friends. i am very sensitive if something happens to them and i am not around. >> reporter: she called relatives and was relieved to learn that everybody is in shock but uninjured. her sister owns a clothing store near the scene of the attack. >> she is one block away and she had to close her shop. people were running in the streets and they came into her shop and they closed her shop. nobody could get into the shop. >> reporter: they have words of
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support from regular patrons. we are here -- >> we are here to give back a little bit. >> reporter: the terrorists have changed the spanish people -- peoples' way of life. >> we are going to cry but they will not beat our hearts. >> reporter: the spanish people do not want barcelona to be damaged by the terrorists. they described barcelona as a beautiful city enjoyed by everyone. fox tv news. we are following all the developments. stay with us throughout the day and online. police say that they got a call about 3:00 at 3:00 yesterday afternoon about a
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disturbance at a gateway or michigan boulevard. when police got there they heard gunshots inside. finally last night they used tear gas and a man and woman inside gave up. nobody was hurt . a lawsuit against the city of richmond. the daughter of an oakland police dispatcher says she was a former teen prostitute who went by the name of celeste. officers from across the bay area exploited her and had sex with her, someone she was still a minor. she settled us -- a lawsuit with the city of oakland for $989,000. against the city of richmond police department for unspecified damages. a south bay man was shot on
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the job. more than half of his body was burned when he was electrocuted while cleaning solar panels at his school. we spoke to the man and his family who say it is a miracle he is still alive.>> reporter: it is the little things that 35- year-old christian clark looks forward to with taking his kids to school.>> right now i am feeling grateful. i know the actions that i had has a high fatality rate. >> reporter: he suffered catastrophic injuries. he owns a business that specializes in exterior maintenance. he was cleaning solar panels on a manlift using cleaning equipment. he actually touched the line and was electrocuted. >> i was knocked unconscious and the electrical current set my clothing on fire. it burned about 50% of my body. >> reporter: clifton said at
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the time that he would succumb to his injuries until he thought of one thing. >> at that moment, my kids and wife came to mind. so i decided not to accept it. >> reporter: at the burn center at santa clarita medical center, that's what clifton now calls home. he suffered burns in the back, stomach, arms and neck and was in a medical induced, for two weeks. he has had many skin grafts. >> he has been tremendously motivated. >> reporter: his wife michelle, his eye school sweetheart, never left his side. >> our lives are changed. i don't know what will come down the road. but i know that we are a strong family and we will get through it. >> reporter: he has more surgeries and physical therapy and will be in the hospital for another six weeks. he knows it will not be easy, but he is up for it. he has gratitude for his family, his care and second chances. he doesn't take
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anything for granted. >> if you are in an accident and it looks like the odds are against you, your life is worth fighting for. you too can be a miracle.>> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news . new safety measures at sfo. what is happening on the ground that will prevent another close call. the raiders and what marchand lynch had to say. here we are on friday morning with a look ahead to monday morning. no clouds -- low clouds, no change there. we will have a look at the friday forecast coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. sfo is making changes to its landing protocol after an air canada flight last month. the plane had lined up to land on a taxiway where several planes were waiting to take off. the pilot aborted the landing just in time and came within feet of several planes filled with passengers. sfo says that from now on at night that at least two air- traffic controllers must be monitoring flights and pilots will not be able to make visual approaches and they will have to use the satellite navigation system. a new mug shot of cult leader trawlers manson.
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it was taken monday at the corcoran state prison south of fresno. he is serving a life sentence for the murder of sharon tate and six others. he was hospitalized in january and has since returned to prison. a father and son find 1200 pounds of illegal fireworks -- are arrested after finding 1200 pounds of illegal fireworks at their home. police served a search warrant after getting complaints about the use and possession of fireworks at their home in july. these arrest -- arrests follow announcements from officials that they are denouncing all citations for the illegal use of fireworks through complaints made through an online reporting tool. the people who got those citations will be given warning letters and those who paid
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fines will be reimbursed. a $1000 toward his being awarded to find whoever shot and injured a protected hawk. the spca says a red tailed hawk was shot with five pellets near king city earlier this month. the hawk also has a fracture in its left wing. the spca is treating the bird and they hope to read the -- to release it to the wild after healing occurs. working to make a street more environmentally friendly. along holloway avenue they installed permeable pavement to catch rainwater and they made it more pedestrian friendly. there will be a ribbon-cutting and block party at 12:30 in the afternoon. a pair of sergeants in the police department that happens to be married are creating a new program for children.
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it is providing comfort to kids during a difficult time and it is named after their son. >> you have coloring books and a snack. >> reporter: jennifer's --  jennifer hennessy jones and her husband rick create these packets for children who are victims of crime or whose parents have been arrested. >> we have diapers. >> reporter: they are parents of two little boys and they noticed that while parents were filing police reports and being interviewed that the kids will become rest was, hungry -- restless, hungry or need a diaper. >> he would be changing diapers and entertaining children while help came. per mackey alpha and rab -- >> reporter: he noticed he was running to his truck to grab his children's toys to give to the children. >> sometimes the diaper bag is
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stolen and the kids have nothing when they come to the station.>> reporter: the joneses sprung into action creating hunter's chest which is a large box of toys, water and other items.>> as a parent, i connect with this. i know how hard it can be to wrangle a toddler or newborn baby. >> reporter: it is set up in chinatown where rich works at the special victims unit. the goal is to have one at every station. >> i feel passionate about this. my husband and i said we would fund this out of our own pockets. >> it's great. >> reporter: the jones family nsf pd are asking for things -- and sf pd are looking for donations. we will have a link on our webpage. >> parents get it. you don't
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want to see a kid hurt or upset. being able to get -- to give them something really brightens your day. >> reporter: tara moriarty, ktvu news . it is going to be nice and the clouds are going to burn off. sam is not here in sal's not here. thank you alex. not much change. close to -- close to seasonal averages. let's look at the solar eclipse. some people asks -- ask if it will be totality. it won't happen here. you will have to go to idaho or oregon. what about toto -- tahoe , yes. i've been asked about the pets and i don't think it will impact them.
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what about fishing? >> probably not. idaho does not look great because it is in between clouds and clearing. oregon does look good and we have been maintaining that for a while. it does look like partly cloudy in idaho. the system that we had on monday , the one we had monday is right there. over the great lakes and big- time boomers erupting there. a week system moving to the north. high pressure has built- in and the pressure has built up a little bit and it is not enough to chew off the fog. there is a much stronger breeze and i think travis had just 39. the onshore breeze is in place. temperatures have come up along the coast. 61 in alameda and san francisco around 58-59.
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everyone pretty close. 57 in fairfield. 64 at sfo. in san monroe -- there are a lot of 50s along the bay. fog for us and clear in the valley with haze. 60 and not as extensive as the day before. i system came through that enhanced that. isolated showers to the mountains. for us, the fog peels back and it is 60s, 70s and 80s. we end the week with upgrades to 90s. 60s and 70s for those closer to the water. not much change. sunday and monday a little cooler weather and fog along the coast. go inland on monday. thank you very much steve.
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if you like cinnamon toast crunch then you'll love strawberry... french toast... and new apple cinnamon toast crunch. from our crazy delicious family to yours. crave those crazy squares two welcome back to mornings on 2. raters player -- riders
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player -- raiders player sean smith is facing charges. if convicted, smith could face seven years in prison. he will be arraigned in pasadena on september 29. in the meantime, the raiders move to the alameda facility after they wrapped up training camp yesterday. >> on three, 1, 2, 3. >> raters x mission point. >> reporter: -- raiders!.
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i think the elephant just left the room. didn't they say that elephants can scare a mouse or something. you know, get my mentality back and do something physical in order to get my body back to playing. it's plain ability. it is hard for me because i'm not a morning person. all right, let's talk about the niners in santa clara. two teams playing a preseason later in the day navarro bowman was asked about practicing against your opponents. >> a couple of days and it is fun and competitive. i want to go so hard and make the tackle and the coaches
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don't want you to play that much because they understand what you bring to the table. when the season starts, i will be ready to go. pas will spend a day in houston. they will play the astros and the first pitch at minute maid park at five: 10 pm. the giants beat the phillies last night 5-4. jerrod parker plays with two runners on. >> parker drives one to centerfield and it is off the bottom of the wall. then to span and they are both going to score. >> reporter: he chases span home as the giants take one of the series. matt moore will be on the mound for the giants at 7:15. two
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new fire stations open in the north bay. coming up, see how this new plan will protect neighborhoods in more ways than one. plus former floor -- california governor arnold schwarzenegger and what he has to say to president trump. will it burn off sooner than later? we will have a look.
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things looking good getting into san francisco. a live look at 880 past oracle arena and oakland at 4:30 on a friday morning. let's talk about the weather. steve? >> i came in just to keep you company. i felt sorry for you. >> it gets lonely ear here. >> it does. we have a -- lonely here. >> it does. we have a pretty quiet pattern here. clear skies inland. low clouds over the bay. i think more than possible. i think they are likely. low cloud on the coast unless it gets disrupted. there will be a low pointing toward california. higher elevations inland on monday. today it is about the same here. low clouds burned off a little sooner yesterday for sundown toward


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