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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  August 18, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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things looking good getting into san francisco. a live look at 880 past oracle arena and oakland at 4:30 on a friday morning. let's talk about the weather. steve? >> i came in just to keep you company. i felt sorry for you. >> it gets lonely ear here. >> it does. we have a -- lonely here. >> it does. we have a pretty quiet pattern here. clear skies inland. low clouds over the bay. i think more than possible. i think they are likely. low cloud on the coast unless it gets disrupted. there will be a low pointing toward california. higher elevations inland on monday. today it is about the same here. low clouds burned off a little sooner yesterday for sundown toward san jose.
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but a push back in. there is a decent breeze for some. travis has been rocking enrolling out there, 24 to gusts to 30. i did see gusts to 39. another day of lows that are very close. doesn't matter if it is a few degrees of each other, 50s, 60s, stanford work 61. 56 pacifica, but that is a same as yesterday. i don't see much change here. maybe a degree or two warmer away from the coast. 60s and 70s there. a mid to upper 0s report and a few 90 degrees. we are following a developing story this morning out of south bay. one person was killed and another wounded in a double shooting last night out of san jose. we are hearing one of the victims may have been an off- duty firefighter.
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we are working to confirm the information on east taylor street near san jose japan town. one victim was pronounced dead in the hospital and the other victim is in stable condition. investigators say whoever opened fire in this case likely ran away from that scene, did not get away in the car. we will have a live report from the scene coming up at the top of the hour. now. now we want to talk about spain where the two terror attacks happened yesterday. 14 people have been killed. a woman died a short time ago from injuries she suffered in the overnight attack in the coastal resort of cambrilles just south of barcelona. authorities killed five assailant in a shootout, hours after a similar attack in
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barcelona where a van slammed into dozens of people in a main promenade. in that case 13 people were killed and about a hundred others were hurt, including at least one person. spanish investigators have arrested three people in connection to the attacks, but the driver of the van has not yet been caught. and across the world people are showing their solidarity with barcelona. in tel-aviv, israel, lights at a government building went back and forth between the spanish and israeli flags. and president trump tweeted a debunked story that claims a u.s. general wiped out islamic terror for decades by executing muslim insurgents with bullets coated with pig's blood. the president tweeted... d... the execution supposely
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happened in 1980 in the aftermath of the spanish war but it has long been discredited as a fabrication. this morning people will be gathering to remember one of the two troopers burke bates in richmond, virginia, killed in the rally in charlotteville. they were providing video to police last saturday. and lieutenant jay cullen's funeral is set for tomorrow. it is not clear what caused their helicopter to crash. former governor schwarzenegger is sending a message to president trump. he took offense to trump's comments that both sides were responsible during the charlotteville clashes between hate groups and counter protestors. >> the only way to beat the loud and angry voices of hate
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is to meet them with louder and more reasonable voices. that includes you, president trump. in fact, as president of this great country you have a moral responsibility to send an unequivocal message that you won't stand for hate and racism. let me help you write this speech a little bit. as president of the united states and as a republican, i reject the support of white supremacists. the country that defeated hitler's armies is no place for nazi flags. the party of lincoln won't stand with those that carry the battle flag of failed confederacy. was that difficult? you see, i told you. >> he also criticized moistures and reflected on his time -- criticized neo-nazis and reflected on his time growing up in austria as a child.
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the caucus condemns trump's speech saying there are very fine people on both sides of the rally and both sides were to blame for the violence that unfolded. the governor of maine was asked for his thoughts on the deadly violence in virginia and the removal of confederate monuments and he compared it to taking down 9/11. >> first of all, study their history. they don't even know the history of this country and they are trying to take monuments down. listen, whether we like it or not, this is what our history is. to me it is like going to new york city right now and taking down the monument of those that
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perished in 9/11. it will come to that. >> he went on to compare protestors that want to remove confederate statues to the tall pan in afghanistan in their desire to remove monuments. we are learning more this morning about a deadly officer- involved shootings in liver more. an officer shot and killed a man who set his mobile home on fire following a two-hour standoff on wednesday night. the nan then came out of the house -- the man then came out of the house with a rifle. he was acting bizarre and challenging people to fight. police say they had no choice but to open fire. the man may have been upset about marriage problems. >> it is scary to think this could have affected a lot of people in this place. it affected my mom's house. so, you know, it is very sad that somebody had to lose their life. >> police say a crisis negotiator was called in to try to calm this man down before the shooting.
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so far authorities have not release thaad man's name. according to a report released by the state attorney general's office, there have been 157 people killed by police here in california -- there were 157 people killed by police in california last year. 42% of civilians involved in those incidents were hispanic. 30% of them were white. 20% were black. six police officers were killed in 2016 during violent encounters. two new fire stations are opening in a fire prone area near lake bare yes, sir is a. we have more not only will be new support save lives, but it will also save money. >> the thing act it, there is one road in and one road out.
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>> reporter: residents are now getting a new neighbor, a satellite fire station with a full-time engine for volunteer firefighters to scramble to. >> we all know whether it is a fire or medical emergency, minutes count. >> reporter: it is a no-frill station, one room, pre-fab steel, truck bank and restroom. fast and not fancy is the goal here. it can take as long as 25 minutes to get an engine into the hills from the main station ten miles away, prompting insurance companies to cancel customers in the neighborhood or jack their rates sky high,
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which they now hope will be reverse. >> hopefully they will recognize this and it will provide relief for homeowners with their homeowner's insurance. >> reporter: the rag fire the following year burned thousand acres on the other side of the lake. the 300 residents will get their own new station by the end of the month. for the volunteers that live in these rural communities and help protect them, it is big relief having an engine close at hand. and the community, after waiting years, is ready, too. how excited are people? >> i think they are real excited. i talk to the public quite a bit. they can't wait for it to get here. >> reporter: what about the volunteers? >> they can't wait either. >> reporter: a ribbon cutting and grand opening celebration are set for saturday. napa county is spending more than a million dollars on the two new stations and getting them open while fire season is
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still on. the stanford cardinals will be a long away from the farm. we are catching up with the football team before their game in australia. >> plus, the smart train will start rolling next week in the north bay. see why passengers already are looking forward to some upgrades. >> no worries on the forecast here. it looks quiet. in fact, if you enjoyed the weather yesterday like today for the total eclipse it still looks okay. a mix of sun and clouds in the forecast.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. in the bay there will be a
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new train and more now on how much the ride will cost. >> reporter: smart train will begin service on the 25th over its initial 43-mile stretch from santa rosa to san rafael. the currently free service will go half fare until labor day, after which full fares will apply. though seniorsers students and the disabled will stay at half fare. full fare round trips can run as high as $23 a day, but commuters can buy an unlimited monthly pass for $200. >> when you take into account what it takes to put a vehicle on the road, i think absolutely that is a fair price. >> i would love to take the train if possible but it is really, really expensive. for me it is not as worth it to take the train as to drive. >> reporter: weekday service will begin from 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. there will be 34 trips on
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weekdays and ten daily trip on weekends. these are not railroad tracks, far from it. they are brand new commute relaxescies on the 101 where the commute is almost always sold out. >> you can't do that on highway 101, knowing exactly what time you will get to your destination from the time you leave your home. >> if the smart train will reduce the afternoon traffic on 101 north, that will be a blessing. >> reporter: one complaint, not enough stops. >> i hope it works, but my wife is not going to use it because it doesn't work for her. she works in novato and we live in ronna park. >> reporter: when it is complete it will stretch 70- miles from clarksburg to
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rosedale. >> we have four more being manufactured right now. we will continue to get as much cars as we need. >> reporter: like bart, what is new and unproven here looks like there will be something that grows along with north bay populations. >> they are nice looking trains inside. a little cafe car there. hopefully they with help ease the traffic situation and the congestion they see on high 101. well, yesterday was a hot one. it is still pretty toasty. for most 60s to 80s. it won't be a total eclipse
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here. it will be a partial eclipse. in marshall you will see about 70% of it. the further north you go the closer you will be to the total eclipse. oregon still looks good. there are still hints of partly cloudy skies across idaho. you can see right there. it starts up to the north and kind of sweeps across. hopefully it won't be enough to obscure it, but that is the forecast for now and i don't think that will change. it has been there a couple of days. i also know we have high pressure leading out and lines of thunderstorms out of the rockies. for us a little system triggered some thunderstorm activity over the sierra. it popped up a little bit but not the coverage we saw. dry air has been coming in for us. if fog is making a push over san pablo bay, points north, napa valley and the delta, with a breeze good breeze 24 to
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30. we will see if it continues to decrease but i saw 39 at 2:00 a.m. that is robust, roaring. it seems to be coming down. 59 in liver mother, 58 fairfield, san -- liver more. 58 for fairfield, 54 in scotts valley. low clouds and fog will burn back with temperatures similar to yesterday. rday. hazy sunshine, a little warmer here, 60s at the coast, 70s and 80s around the bay. 80s and 90s inland. 80s slightly above and slightly belowment no extreme one way or another. not much change saturday. looks cooler sunday to monday, alex. next week looks seasonal, very
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quiet. >> yes. anybody around the coast or on the bay monday for the eclipse, they will probably not have a great view. >> yes. that is way it looks. higher elevations or inland. >> thank you, appreciate it. well, texas about to update its open carry laws. coming up, new laws that will include large knives and swords. ords. >> they will get there, but that is terrible for their family. >> plus, a u.s. marine targeted by thieves while moving to the bay area. the search for his stolen moving van and how the community is helping out. ♪
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. nearly a dozen people filed a class action lawsuit against nestle saying their bottled spring water is fraud. they labeled ground water as spring water. a necessarily spokesperson says the water meets all federal regulations. in 2003 they were sued because the advertising suggested the water in poland spring came deep from the source of woods in maine where, in fact, the source was located near a parking lot.
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now to the open carry law for large machetes, swords and knives. >> there will be a big stir for a while, then it will die down. >> the law goes into affect september 1st. montana and oklahoma have passed similar laws lifting bans on knives. a marine that recently transferred to santa rosa with his family was ripped off moments after they pulled up to their new apartment. the trouble happened last month when the sergeant transferred from camp pendleton in southern california to serve as a marine recruiter in sonoma county.
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he could not unload his u-haul until the next morning so he parked it on 3rd street overnight, but the next morning it was gone. police found the truck but almost everything inside it was gone including baby photos and his wife's wedding dress. >> i wanted to keep that as a memory, maybe pass it on, but now i can't do it. >> the time, everything i received from my time in the military. we had to sleep on the floor because they even took our bed. these people were ruthless. >> but when word got out about what happened, strangers began donating money to the couple and gift cards. though gave them, as well, through the wine country marines of sonoma county and that was able to help them get new clothes and furniture for their apartment. a series of barber shop conversations moderated by our own paul chambers received honors from the alameda county
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district attorney. >> i am so proud to call them nancy's heros. [ applause ] >> nancy o'malley that kicked off a re-election campaign at the county fairground says the barber shop forum is bridging relationships between the community and law enforcement, talking about race, immigration, community policing and violence. the bay area boasts an endless amount of opportunities for fun this weekend. we have more now with all the details in our weekend watch. >> reporter: the weekend is here. celebrate everything from food, wine and street music at the italian festival. it is saturday, 11:00 to 6.
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in the east bay, enjoy music, dance, food and family fun at the 17th annual art festival happening in downtown oakland.
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>> i am rosemary orozco. that your weekend watch. the top stories coming up at 5:00, including the latest information coming out of san jose where two off-duty firefighters were shot overnight. one has died. we will have more on the victim as and the search now ongoing for the shooter. >> plus, later on, san francisco celebrates the completion of a major green project. we will show you the changes on one busy block in the city.
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. >> happen, friday, everyone. i am frank somerville. dave and pam enjoying a -- weekend off.
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>> imam mal. here for dave and pam enjoying a nice weekend off. well, let's take a look at the weather here. fog is making a push in napa and sonoma county. maybe almost to controversydale and over san pablo bay. it burned off early yesterday. we will see another day of fog and sun. a decent breeze in the delta. pretty active. hot in lake county again, 90s to near 100 degrees. mill valley a little cooler 52. cloverdale 57. fog and sun, hazy sunshine. . a


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