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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> he is one of the most detested and prayed -- praise people on the internet. brothers, he is an internet trouble as a, breaking down new barriers to free speech and he is found a kinship in president trump. >> i do like trump. i've always liked him. one of the main things that i wanted him to accomplish, he already has. he represents a living, breathing, texas special -- existential threat to political speech. >> there plenty of thing to do as president. i think he does a lot of things to mess with people. >> is a good way to be president? to max of people?>> yes. when you come in specifically to mess with people. >> he was elected to be a thorn
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in the side of establishment, both left and right. >> on your facebook page, you have been in 2020. >> i do. >> he blames liberals for many things, but mainly for the double standard for free speech. he says he wants more free speech, specially for the rallies plant here in the bay area. >> i want as many protesters as possible. i want people to protests in the streets. peacefully on all sides. i want everybody in the streets. i wanted peaceful, i wanted respectful, it would be nice if, the problem is that the way the police operate in this kind of town. they don't police properly. they let antifa smashed the place up. >> he sends -- it says he plans to return to berkeley at the end of september. >> we will be exploding -- explaining on uc berkeley's own campus where their problem is
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with free speech. i will give a free speech award to ann coulter. >> your baking and dying for conflict? >> your going to need the attention. >> i get plenty of attention. >> for your flamethrower? >> i'm >> there seems to be an ideal you can be a conservative and be funny. you can be conservative and be provocative. john oliver, jon stewart, bill maher, and i can list another 20. i can list even more. why can they do, but we cannot? >> jon stewart is not ascribed himself as an act. he says he is a comedian, but he doesn't call himself as an act.
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maybe i'm a comedian. >> now we're getting somewhere. >> maybe i both. >> he says he would like to have his own tv show like omar or john oliver. might not think he is funny, and maybe more of a clown than a community -- median. but if that is a motivation, the might give a better perspective of why he does what he does. tonight, the investigation continues into a deadly plane crash into central oregon. the plane left the bay area heading to a popular solar eclipse destination spot. >> a crescent display -- flames, igniting a small brushfire, which was quickly put out. >> reporter: on a regular basis, they have been leaving the airport for oregon, prime viewing area to watch the eclipse.>> hundreds of people
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going to boise and wyoming, just to see the eclipse. or mac one plane and its pilot did not make it. the single-engine, home built we were express crashed at the airport at about 1:50 in the afternoon. it was fully engulfed in flames, first responders raced to the scene 1 mile south of the airport. the brothers watched from a distance. >> i was driving my grandpa's four wheeler around the pasture and i saw the plane come down and crash in the canyon over there. >> it was like going, and that and what down.>> reporter: the registration connected it to a bay area pilot living in menlo park. they have been expecting 400 flights into the area in advance of monday's eclipse. without a control tower, a mobile tower was brought in to handle the air traffic.
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he says that this in itself could prove challenging. >> i believe that they probably put a temper a person with a radio, rather than a physical tower, since it's only one day. it makes it challenging for whoever is working on the ground to control the plates in the air.>> reporter: it was built-in 2002 with a valid certification. the run was one of many pilots who did not know the man who lost his life and is now questioning how the accident happened. >> there are tons of fires in oregon. i'm curious to see this or court -- airport. i came down this week, and i counted at least 20 fires. >> that eclipse, is expected to last two minutes. the pilot we spoke to said that he doubted that the plane was poorly constructed, because it had been of the air for quite some time. he said that with all the forest fires owing on, that visibility is very poor at the
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lower elevations. excitement is mounting for tomorrow's solar eclipse. they have a eclipse preview event today for kids. it began at 9:00 tomorrow morning and will it its peak it 10:15 am, that is the color -- eclipse. the sun will be back in force at 11:40. it requires protective eyeglasses. this guy is not the only place you should be looking during the eclipse. experts say to take a look down at your set -- shadow. >> we look at the shadows, you'll see their more lopsided than usual, because the source of light, the sun, would be more light cited the usual. -- lopsided than usual. tomorrow, for some schools it will be the first day of classes for incoming
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preschoolers and oakland. is going to be a little different for some others. >> we would do some normal things, like hello, looking to fifth grade, maybe a quick name game, here's our daily schedule. here's what we're doing today. the first two hours is just going to be about the solar eclipse. >> it goes hand-in-hand with the next generation of science enters, talk about using phenomena as a way to bring in different science ideas, bring in different science vocabulary. >> teachers say that the solar eclipse is an opportunity to get kids excited about learning, just by looking around them. it offers an opportunity to combine curriculum and curiosity. it is a great place to watch the eclipse of the crowd. if you -- the view from the bay area will only be a partial view. only three quarters of the sun will be covered up by the moon. it is enough that you will notice a change in the lighting conditions around. it will look a little dimmer
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and a little crisper outside. of course, we will have the almost impossible task of telling us what the cloud look -- covers going to be like tomorrow. >> i have encouraged to attempt that forecast, but i wish it would say it was the clear out there, but we are attracting some high clouds and fog as well. we have high clouds streaming in from the east this evening. some thunderstorms out to the sierra. you can see them streaming in. the we have a fog hanging out there portions of the coastline. this will push back into the bay. we will head back into the monday morning. looking at the satellite right now, we have areas of clouds heading out to the bay. of course, here's the eclipse. the sun, the moon, the earth all in alignment. the main show is less than 12 hours away for your monday morning. as you can see, the path of the solar eclipse is to the north and dipping across the country here.
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this is in fact the forecasted cloud cover. we could have cloud issues in the nation's midsection. was in the bay area, we're tracking low clouds likely to the coast. possible around the bay. especially closer to san francisco. there skies as you work your way inland. this will take us into the 7:00 hour. look at how overcast it is over here in san francisco. you will wake up to some gray, then the clouds will gradually to the storyline by 10:00. but still, the fog bank is close enough that we have to include left over patches, possibly around the bay, especially close to san francisco for tomorrow morning. the queue is to move inland toward higher terrain if you want to catch the partial eclipse tomorrow morning. we will catch the 5 day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. new at 11, police are searching for for men who robbed a man of his smart phone
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and watch. it happened at the bart station. the men stole the victims sense him watch -- samsung watch. was for blechman in the 20s. the ran away from the station and were not caught. the rest the man who led deputies on a chase and then rammed a vehicle into a patrol car. the responded to a stolen vehicle, that vehicle did hit the car. the sheriff's office confirmed that one deputy fired a shot, but no one was struck. it started around a gas station at the offramp near interstate 680 at around 8:30 pm. after ramming the patrol car, they crashed into another vehicle. the driver was arrested. he is identified as jody carroll of pittsburgh. they both suffered minor injuries. coming up, the white house releases details tonight on juncos plan to address the nation tomorrow.
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where he is expected to provide an update and fast-forward in afghanistan. the increased efforts by local authorities, trying to catch a man in barcelona.
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. this august visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500. a massive search and refuse -- rescue operation after a destroyer collided with oil
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tanker. it happened earlier today on the uss john mccain on its way to singapore for a routine port visit. five of the u.s. sailors were injured in the crash, which occurred just east of singapore. it is not clear what caused the crash, but it is named after john s mccain senior and john mccain jr., both admirals in the u.s. navy. the grandfather and father of the republican senator from arizona and former presidential candidate, john mccain. president trump is expected to address the nation tomorrow evening from fort meyer in arlington, virginia. secretary of state -- he has made a decision the strategy. the top democrat on the senate foreign relations at committee says that he opposes more u.s. forces in afghanistan. currently, there 8000 troops there. >> i would not be willing to make significant trip -- troop
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commitments must the strategy going in. in that regard, the president has made a decision. >> he met with top advisors yesterday. one retired general says that it is unlikely that the president will withdraw from the conflict. the speech on afghanistan happens as his domestic agenda has growing uncertainty on capitol hill. they're not sure if he can handle -- come through on his campaign promise. we have more now from washington. >> reporter: president trump made a lot of promises on the campaign trail, and he has made progress in the number of those items. immigration was a hallmark issue of the trump campaign. >> in order to stop the drugs, jane -- games, traffickers, we're building a wall on the southern border.>> reporter: to
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get the wall started, he appointed $1.6 billion in its budget request to congress for 2018. whether or not it is approved is another issue. tax reform is the next big ticket item that they are pushing. trump says that he wants to enact the biggest tax cut since ronald reagan. >> we want to bring it down to one of the lowest, because we want more growth. we want more jobs, and higher pay, and that is what is going to happen.>> reporter: getting tax reform to congress will be no easy task. it similar to another promise, repealing and replacing obamacare. after several failed attempts in congress to get it done, many lawmakers are anxious to move on. in tax reform, some gop leaders and they have a undershot. >> there are democrats that defend obamacare. you don't have many americans who defend the tax code.
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we did not see in healthcare was a national effort to make a case for reform. we're seeing in a major way. not just lawmakers. >> reporter: there things he can do on his own through executive order, when it comes to the most of the big ticket items, they require rookie with congress. it makes it much more difficult to do. president trump's favorite -- favorability rating is fallen below 40% in three states a help to win the presidency. the survey people michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin. in michigan, his favorability rating stands at 36%. 35% of voters in pennsylvania have a favorable opinion of trump. and among voters in wisconsin, the president favorability ratings just 34%. 36 -- 56% of voters are have an unfavorable view of the president. spanish police arrested 800
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checkpoints along the region of catalonia today. they believe that the driver of the van who plowed into the crowd is a moroccan born man. they're not sure if you still in spain or if he crossed the border into's france. was apparently part of a sexual fantasy hatched an online chat room by two men who were arrested in a chat room. they both appeared in the chicago courtroom today for a bond hearing. they are accused of working together to step 26-year-old james almost 70 times. after an extensive manhunt, they were both arrested in the bay area. prosecutors say that the victim was his boyfriend and his death was part of a sexual fantasy between them that included killing someone, and then
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themselves. both men were denied bail today. the pressure is on. let's continue monitoring the fog forecast for tomorrow. >> i wish you could say that it would be completely clear out there, but we have some low clouds working their way back into the bay right now. the second some of the highs for today. is not a warm -- major warm up. 60s, 70s, and some 80s this afternoon. here we go to the satellite. you might notice some higher clouds moving in from the east this evening. also some thunderstorms out to the sierra. the storms of dissipated and we just have the fog to deal with. a few high clouds starting to work the way back into the area once again. key headline is that we are not completely clear. let's take a look at the current numbers out there. fremont to 64. san jose is checking in at 60 degrees. our life cameras looking out toward the bay bridge.
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there still some haze in place and some low clouds and gradually filling into the picture as we head into the overnight hours. person tomorrow morning. here's a plan for tomorrow. 50s and 60s. areas of fog coast size and around the bay. for tomorrow morning, 7:00 in san francisco, 57 degrees by lunch time, we will have patchy fog, 64. this is san francisco. by 3:00, partly sunny skies, 66 degrees. we cooled off this weekend because of this guide to the south. will stick around for tomorrow. the big changes in the forecast for monday. 60s, 70s, and 80s out there. initially we had high hopes that it could mix out the marine layer, giving us clear conditions. of low clouds hanging out along the coastline. over the next few days, by wednesday, thursday, and friday, will gradually move up the numbers. the high pressure will rebuild. a warming trend later in the week. we're talking about 90s back in
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the bay area forecast. for tomorrow, here's the forecast model, showing some high clouds throughout the morning hours and here we go with the fog pattern out there co-side and around the bay. the fog clears back to the shoreline, but we will have some leftover patches, even approaching oakland and hayward. we have to keep an eye on this. this is monday morning at 5:00 -- 9:00. is a max eclipse. in the afternoon hours, the clouds will gradually move back to the coastline. hazy sunshine as you work your way inland. lots of 80s. not much in the way 90s. one of the few spots at 92. i move the maps around to the east bay neighborhoods. 70s. as we work away inland, you should be in the 80s by 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. san francisco forecast high is 66. the beaches are mainly in the lower 60s. here's a look ahead at the
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fourth -- 5 day forecast. training later in the week, we can see in your 70 - side. just checking out the eclipse glasses earlier tonight. if you put them on, you just see a complete darkness until you look up at the sun. it is amazing how much stronger and how much more protected these are then just normal sunglasses. >> you can probably sell those on ebay tonight for $100. >> you can just have them. sports wrap is on the way. jason is a preview of what is on store. >> our cabanas talks to me onset to talk about the players who could be on the roster the future. is all coming up tonight at 1130 is all coming up tonight at 11:30 pm on sports are up. still ahead here at 11, a student -- as to get back to
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class, there will be some exciting lessons. ♪ this is the new comfort food. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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it was a party in san francisco. hundreds of people came out for the annual sunday streets event. event wrapped up around 4 pm in the cities tenderloin
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neighborhood. the purpose is to get people outside in an area that is closed off to traffic. san francisco has been holding the events ever since 2008. the powerball jackpot now standing at $650 million. there was no grand prize renner -- winner. wednesday nights six and $50 million jackpot will become the second-largest lotto drawing in u.s. history. students in school during the eclipse will have a fun time learning the lawn burning -- learning opportunity about the eclipse. teachers are worried about safety. we will see what one school in sacramento has planned. >> it is a first full week of school at riverview stem. usually that means sitting inside the textbooks and looking out white boards, but come monday, the lesson plan is
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outside, at least for this fourth grade class. >> they are guiding this.>> reporter: the solar eclipse will be a real-world science experiment. >> they are interested in the temperature. the effects it will have. there also interested in the basic shape. what will happen. how will the sun change shape. first total -- local school districts, it is not just about education, it is about making shoe -- sure students are safe during the partial eclipse. >> we want to keep them safe. we don't want them looking directly at the sun without having proper solar filters or the proper glasses on. >> reporter: some students in the school district will have activities outside, others will stay inside. >> for those who do not have the safety glasses, they will be observing in a different way. they why the use the pinhole projection, or the shadows. or they will be observing in the class -- classroom.>>
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reporter: some classes will provide protective glasses. others will use in whole projectors to avoid directly looking at the sun. a new type of safety concern for the unique lesson outside the classroom. that was that was alley, wolf reporting there. >> that looks fun. we're looking forward to a. just in time for the first day at school. >> have a great day, we will see you tomorrow.
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the giants and a's are no doubt playing out the spring, but there are some right spots. we will take a look at who could be part of the future for both teams. it is only the preseason, but the raiders still have one glaring weakness. >> lifted whole lot better there. while the new 49ers head coach was not pleased with preseason game number two. >> plus, how protest fills -- phil into the world of pro sports. >> we will take a closer look. >> it is time to catch sports wrap. next. fox to --


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