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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 21, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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what do we have? >> not a lot going on which is nice. we have some slow traffic already on 580 and 205. we start with the tracy triangle. we have a lot of the slow traffic on 580 in from the altamont pass. 205 and 580 will be slow this morning. from livermore to dublin and pleasanton looking good. 238 is a nice looking drive. no problems on the bay bridge toll plaza but it is getting more crowded. it is 5:00. we are following developing news out of france after the van crashed into two bus stops this morning killing one woman and injuring another person. authorities say it is too early to rule out terrorism. the two bus stops are only a few miles apart in marseille.
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the witness gave the police the license plate of the van but we do not know the motive. investigators say that given the times, terrorism cannot be excluded as the possible motive . authorities in spain have confirmed the name of the driver of the deadly van attack in barcelona in the 22-year-old moroccan man is the last member of the 12 man islamic terrorist cell that is not been captured or killed. spanish officials believe the man walked away after the van attack and there has been a huge manhunt across northern spain. in the attack 14 died in over 120 were injured in two attacks in spain last week. the people are still bringing candles, flowers and toys to the area where the van hit the pedestrians and spanish officials have identified the body of the seven-year-old boy from australia that had been missing since the attack, and julian and his mother were
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visiting barcelona. she was seriously injured in the attack and teachers at the school called him a delightful little boy that was curious and energetic, a kind heart. the violence in barcelona as well as what is happening in finland and addressed by the pope in his weekly mass as he addressed the crowd in st. peter's square for the sunday noon blessing leading everyone in prayer for the victims and said "the world is caring in its heart the pain of the terror attack." pope francis begged god to free the world of this inhumane violence. jury selection begins for the man accused of fatally shooting kate steinle in san francisco and known as juan francisco lopez sanchez they decided that the 54-year-old defendant should be called by his name on his birth certificate. he is charged with first-degree murder and accused of shooting kate steinle with the stolen
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gun as she walked along the pier with her father two years ago. his lawyer's claim the gun went off accidentally and he is an undocumented immigrant that has been deported five times. the southport fire -- south fork fire continues to grow and nearly 3200 acres have burned in the fire is only 10% contained. we expect an update after it is light enough for the helicopters to survey the area and mandatory evacuation is in place for the town of while mona. fire crews are having a difficult time containing the fire due to the erratic wins, steve brush and steep terrain. >> the fire crews had no safe way to keep an eye on the progress of the fire until they began to use drones and the
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drones send back thermal images so that they can see where the fire is the hottest and fired ruth can figure out the intensity of the flames by interpreting the different colors that can help them determine the plan. it is 5:04 am. a first day of school with the brand-new spanish and english emerging middle school and the oakland school of language a few blocks east will offer classes in spanish and english to the 75 x great students this year. in the seventh and eighth grade, that will be phased in over the next two years. many come from the elementary dual immersion programs within the oakland school district. one person died in the crash of the private plane with ties to the bay area and officials say that the flight to oregon started at the san carlos airport and heading for the area of the mod dress -- madras airport which was the viewing eclipse area.
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only the pilot was on board and witnesses said that about one mile from the mod dress -- madras airport it crashed into the canyon and caught fire. >> i was with my grandfather and the pastor and i saw the plane crashed into the canyon over there. >> the madras volunteer fire department put out the fire in a few minutes and the plane was registered to the menlo park man but the name of the pilot has not been released until after notification of relatives. the long-awaited solar eclipse will be seen across the u.s. today. yesterday the lawrence hall of science in berkeley held the eclipse preview event for the children in the eclipse itself starts at 9 am. it will reach the peak at 10:15 am. the historic event will last for less than three hours and the sun will be in full view again by 11:40 am.
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you know you need protective eyeglasses to look at the eclipse. the skies not the only place you should be looking this morning and experts say that the eclipse will affect the shadows as well. >> when we look at the shadows we would see they are more lopsided than usual because the source of the light, the sun will be lopsided, more than usual. >> in seven years to will be another solar eclipse visible in the u.s. and it will passed from mexico, through maine in canada. a lot of people in the bay area are right now and oregon hoping to get a better view of the solar eclipse and parts of oregon will see the total eclipse meaning 100% of the sun will be blocked by the moon compared to 75% in the bay area. up to 1 million people are expected to be in oregon from out of state. in salem they had been stocking up on things like bread, milk, ice and beer.
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at this supplies store, rei, campers are picking up last- minute supplies. in the bay area the chabot space and science center in the east bay hills is a great place to watch the eclipse with the crowd and we have only a partial viewing but enough of the sun will be covered that you will notice a change in the lighting conditions around you. that is what i remember from a couple of years ago at the partial eclipse. it is an eerie collar. you can always do the old- fashioned paper with the pinhole to see the reflection on the ground. it is 5:07 am. the controversial free speech advocate is heading back to cal state. >> i go out and provoke on purpose and i've never denied that and i enjoyed winding people up. >> milo yiannopoulos coming back to the bay area and speaking at uc berkeley. tonight president trump is expected to lay out his plan for the nation's longest war,
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we will have more in a moment.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 5:10 am. search and rescue operation underway in singapore for 10 american sailors after the u.s. navy destroyer collided with the oil tanker which left a gaping hole in the uss john
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mccain. it flooded several areas of the ship injuring five sailors and four were evacuated by helicopter. it is unclear what caused the crash and the ship is maimed -- named after the father and grandfather of senator john mccain who were both navy admirals. the ship is now at the port of singapore. president trump is scheduled to address the nation giving an update on the path forward for the war in afghanistan. our reporter ellison barber has more on what the president is expected to say. >> reporter: the president is expected to lay out the plan for the u.s. engagement in south asia and afghanistan, the longest war in the nation that has cost billions and thousands of lives since it began 16 years ago. >> reporter: the secretary of defense james mattis told reporters that president trump settled on a plan but would not give her -- specific details. >> i was not willing until we
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made this strategy, the commitment going in. the president has made a decision. >> reporter: last night the white house announced a speech, monday at 9 am from fort myer and president trump will tell the world and the troops how he plans on proceeding in a war that began in 2001 and is claimed the lives of over 2000 u.s. troops. democratic senator been card and saying that more troops is not the answer.>> our objective needs to be that we have a regime in afghanistan that can maintain a semblance of security so that we don't see growing terror organizations again in afghanistan. this is not the u.s. fight and i don't believe putting more american soldiers in afghanistan is the answer. >> this comes five days after the infamous press conference on charlottesville from the
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president. >> i think there's blame on both sides. >> reporter: tomorrow trump heads to arizona for the campaign style rally in phoenix despite the call for the mayor to delay it. >> reporter: the mayor says he is disappointed in the decision of the president hold a rally when the nation is still reeling from what happened in charlottesville. the u.s. and south korea began joint military exercises today. the commander of the u.s. pacific met with the south korea defense ministry in seoul, south korea ahead of the drills. this involves computer simulation and design for preparation for the war and the nuclear capabilities. north korea calls this a reckless invasion. south korea says the drills are held regularly due to the repeated threats of north korea. president trump is back at
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the white house after his 17 day working vacation and his domestic agenda is facing opposition on capitol hill. republican leaders hope the president can deliver on the campaign promise to overhaul the tax code after republicans were defeated on the healthcare. >> there are american set defend the obamacare and affordable care act but not many will defend this tax code. what you did not sin healthcare was this national effort to make a case for reform. you see it now in a major way and not just with the lawmakers. >> the president republican critics are worried that his increasing alienation from his fellow republican members and the business community could hurt the plan to cut the taxes to simplify the tax code. the san jose congresswoman zoe introducing a resolution to asked president trump to be examined by medical and psychiatric professionals to see whether he should be
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removed from office and her office that she is urging the vice president and cabinet tuple beer the duties of the 25th a minute of the constitution to have the president check by medical and psychiatric professionals to determine whether he is healthy enough to serve and zoe lofgren says that the increasingly disturbing pattern of action suggest he is mentally unfit to execute the duties required of him. it is 5:15 am. state lawmakers go back to work after the month-long recess and the agenda includes deciding whether california will be a sanctuary state for undocumented immigrants, and they will debate spending money from the state cap-and-trade climate change initiative and the bail reform measure which would allow more people to be released from jail without paying any money. it is 5:15 am. what are we watching now,
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south?>> we are looking at slow traffic and it is beginning to develop in many areas but first of all northbound 101 at gilroy to san jose, no major problems. everything is okay coming up in the san jose. it certainly is on all the major freeways. as we look at 280 in san jose and here's a live picture, and traffic is moving nicely. we have slow traffic at the bay bridge and generally that starts around 5:30 am when they turn on the metering lights, so there is already a crowd. this is especially in the right lanes where the trucks get onto the span. let's bring steve in for the forecast. >> the forecast is one everyone is familiar with and that is that fog bank with low clouds. there's always a few breaks in the low cloud deck so maybe you
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could get a break. the sfo is the only observation that says partly cloudy, and everyone else is cloudy and even clouds off of this year. -- the sierra. we are dealing with low clouds for sure, and for some on the bay with the fog and sun and hazy skies from the fires to the north. the cloud cover will thin out over oregon and idaho. we can see the cloud cover off of the sierra and most of that is about done. 25 gusting up to 31 and out toward cordelia and fairfield we have a good breeze. bodega bay the 50s with the san francisco and half moon bay at 62. alameda 63, oakland 62, all 60s. most locations in the 60s with a balmy 66 in san jose, brentwood 63. a few 50s, but even kelseyville
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59. even sebastopol with low clouds, hazy skies today. 58 and ukiah, 61 in monterey. the viewing for the eclipse overall, get away from the coast. we will pretty much be socked in. 60s, 70s and 80s. we start off very warm on the coast, 70s and 80s. it looks warm toward the end of the week. today 60s, 70s and upper 70s and 80. the low cloud deck around 9:00, probably in trouble. go inland and hopefully you can get a break over the bay. it looks warmer at the end of the week and into the weekend but today most of the coast and the bay will be dealing with the fog. it is 5:18 am. the london big ben clocktower went silent today
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and the iconic clock sitting above the house of parliament getting a renovation and engineers will take it apart. they will dismantle big ben and clean it piece by piece as part of the $38 million restoration. this will be the longest time that big ben is been silent since 1859. when the solar eclipse happens today many bay area students will be in school, and more on how the schools are preparing for this rare and historic event in the sky. there is a dating app named at teenagers -- aimed at teenagers and making them a target of online predators.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. millions are expected to look up at the sky for the solar eclipse but the employer may not be one of them. the new report shows businesses will lose over $700 million in productivity during the solar eclipse. the company, challenger, says the number comes from multiplying the latest estimate for the average hourly rages -- wages for the workers 16 and older, as much as they lose during the one hour of the ncaa tournament your the smartphone app, "yellow" being criticized and this one is targeting teenagers. swiped to the right for someone
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you like or left for someone you pass on. you can check with others her stream videos online. yellow targets teenagers as young as 13 with no maximum age for the app. many parents are worried it could help predators connect with the children. >> times of change in there's too much freedom for these kids. >> some of these adult already on their at 19 and 20. if you are 12 and 13 this is absolutely inappropriate already. >> the yellow will ask for consent of parents for the minors but there's no way to determine whether you are lying. a new report looking into the benefit of having the commuter rail system in the bay area. it shows service not only reduces congestion and traffic jams on the roads but saves
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time for those that travel by train since they don't have to sit in the traffic. caltran operates between terms is going san jose, one of the busiest commuter rail systems in the country. the number of people that ride the service every year is the same as removing 10,000 cars off of the roads. the patagonia, in business for 45 years but they have never released a tv ad until now.>> public lands have never been more threatened than a right now. >> in the new ad that founder of the company talks about the importance of protecting public land after the company created video in march two protect the bears in the national monument in utah. the trump administration has created an executive order asking for review of the 27 national american monuments and threatening to take the trump administration to court in
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order to protect the public land according to the company patagonia. protesting the lack of free speech at the universities. >> even at uc berkeley campus we are going to show how devastating uc berkeley is for the cause of free speech. >> more about the return of milo yiannopoulos . muni is set to reopen in full force today and we have details about the new trains that have been tested over the past month. traffic is moving along pretty well approaching the richmond-san rafael bridge. light traffic in marin county. a lot of fog to go around and you could get a break in some areas but for many it looks like the cloud star is here for eclipse monday.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> [ music playing ] >> i really needed to know. >> i have been at this exact spot. that is jackson hole, wyoming. that archway is made out of antlers. >> really? there's nothing i can say.>> [
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music playing ] >> temperatures in the 40s right now and this town is in the path of totality in the solar eclipse and it should be very busy out there at 8:30 am -- 6:30 am. jackson hole, wyoming, the cutest little town. i cannot wait to go back. it is not far from yellowstone and it is an amazing place to be.>> welcome back to mornings on 2 on this monday, august 21st. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. jackson hole, wyoming is a fantastic place to be an even more so during the eclipse. >> a lot of people are already writing us to tell us they are in oregon. which that is good because not
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so good here. concord and livermore staying cloudy and this fog is making a good push. by 9:00 or 10:00 some of it will burn off. the sfo's is partly cloudy so maybe the peninsula will get a few breaks. we saw that last week and sometimes they will get some breaks but we will watch things. low clouds for sure for almost everybody near the coast. low clouds for some in the fog burning off with a decline in the view and we have hazy skies. the solar eclipse starts at 9:00 and the maximum is 10:15 am. around here it is partial but further north it is 78% and santa rosa and monterey. i doubt you will be of the see it in monterey. do not look directly at the sun and only look at the sun through an approved solar
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filter. we don't want you going to the optometrist on tuesday. low clouds with hazy skies, 60s, 70s and low 80s. we have all the expires making hazy skies. a few clouds streaming away from the sierra dying thunderstorms, ocean temperatures are warming and trapping everything with a lot of 60s in a few 50s. pittsburg 62 with martinez in dublin. the low clouds will be slow to burn off. a few clouds will continue to march over us but not a factor by the time we hit the eclipse time. 60s, 70s and 80s far enough in. it is 5:31 am. i think we will have to where are fog glasses.>> it is what it is. i travel back earlier to see
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and eclipse so i have seen one. >> you can see it on tv. good morning everyone. if you are driving into castro valley we have an accident. it is being pushed to the shoulder at westbound 580 and it is at the top of the dublin grade. we can get rid of the salon -- solano super commute. we have a crashed into castro valley, and you can see traffic is busy. this is because of the accident that was blocking a couple of lanes and it is low into castro valley. let's go to solano county. we have slow traffic this morning on 80 westbound. you can see this through fairfield and it will be slow. there was an accident at the cherry glenn off-ramp. there were no injuries but the traffic has been slow driving
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through this area. you can see there was something westbound 80 at the truck scales in cordelia which is causing the bigger problem as you drive into fairfield. looking at the vallejo traffic, moving well. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for about 10 minutes. it is 5:33 am. for the first time in over a decade the oakland unified school district today will open a new school and for the students it is a bigger day due to the total solar eclipse. leigh martinez is in oakland to tell us about this brand-new oakland school of language. >> reporter: good morning. a new school on the day of the eclipse and that is a good sign. we had the immediate science class when you walk in. this is the oakland school of languages, a middle school located a few blocks from the oakland coliseum. it was designed to keep
5:34 am
families from leaving the school district for the charter or private school, the school immersion and roughly one out of four students will lead the district after the fifth grade for this program. the oakland school of languages will be the first middle school in the district where the academic subject is taught in spanish and english. 75's great students will walk in today -- -- sixth grade students will walk in today. after the students arrived the solar eclipse will begin. we spoke with teachers about what a big first day this will be. >> we will do some normal things like the hello and welcome to the fifth grade with a quick name game and here's the daily schedule. here's what we are doing today, all within the first two hours and it will be about the solar eclipse. >> reporter: the eclipse offers
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an opportunity to combine the curriculum with the curiosity, and the blacktop at the international community school will be filled with everyone looking up. date won the raffle to have 350 solar eclipse viewing glasses, enough for all students. at the oakland school of language, when school begins we are told the students will have the introductory meetings with the teachers and they will end up talking about the eclipse. we are not sure whether they will go outside at the school but the eclipse will begin at 9:00 and hitting the peak at 10:15 am. this school will have daily spanish classes and in addition all of the other subjects, history, english, science which will be taught in english and spanish. we are told the teachers will help privatize lessons for individual students. >> that is major, thank you. the city leaders in san
5:36 am
francisco want to stop the right wing rally planned saturday at crissy field. >> it is not only speech. those that say that the speech, they are missing the point. >> the group, patriot prayer, issued a permit to have the rally at crissy field before the violence in charlottesville. the federal property belongs of golden gate national recreation area and mayor ed lee was the park service to reconsider and says other rallies organized by the same group have attracted that white supremacists and after the deadly violence in charlottesville he wants to make sure it does not happen here. the san francisco police will be ready in case. >> violence will not be tolerated but people have a right to express themselves, the first amendment and the constitution, and we are sworn to protect that oath. >> the organizer of the rally
5:37 am
calling on people to be peaceful on facebook saying the purpose of the rally is for people to exercise free speech rights. the golden gate national recreational area could make a final decision to go forward with the rally by friday. the controversial commentator milo yiannopoulos coming back to the bay area and returning to the uc berkeley campus and wants the demonstrators and protesters to take to the streets this weekend . >> i will people demonstrating in the streets and i want them to do it peacefully on all sides . i don't think there are two sides of any question and i want everyone on the street. i wanted peaceful and respectful. the problem is the way that the police operate in this town because they do not police properly. they will ultimately up and the people will smash the place. the city of berkeley is
5:38 am
concerned about the right wing rally planned for sunday at the civic center park and the city council held a special meeting to vote on whether the city manager should have the power to make temporary rules to manage the large protest and council members voted to approve the ordinance and asking people on facebook for people not to attend the rally. reverend jesse jackson adds his voice to the movement to remove the monuments of the leaders of the confederacy. >> there is a attent to have us go backwards but we are not going backwards and the statues must come down. >> speaking at the islamic center in southern california yesterday he called for abolishing the electoral college system hanging gives too much voting power to the smaller states and saying that activists should focus on the 2018 midterm elections rather than trying to remove president trump from the white house.
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the prominent confederate statue on the duke university campus was removed and the statue of robert e lee was displaced last week so they decided to remove it after meeting with the faculty, alumni and student. the university of texas in austin removing confederate statues on the campus calling them symbols of modern white supremacy and neo-nazism and the statues are expected to be completely gone by the end of the day. happening today the muni light rail service in san francisco will go back to the normal schedule between montgomery and west portal stations and for the last week the stations have been closed all day on weekends and after 9:30 pm on weeknights while they tested the new fleet of the light rail cars and yesterday was the last day of the test. muni wants to put five new trains into service later in the year. it is 5:39 am. the countdown is on for the
5:40 am
his start total solar eclipse but not cooperating for us in the bay area is the weather. the entire country will stop and look later this morning and coming up at 6:00 we are live at the best the bay area location to view the solar eclipse. the famed comedian jerry lewis has died and we will talk about his life and legacy. good morning. traffic will be okay in most areas and here is a look at highway 24 westbound heading up through the tunnel. it looks okay, but we have trouble on the dublin bridge coming up. we have a problem on the grid which is the fog. as we go inland you could see some breaks but cloudy to mostly cloudy to start.
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welcome back to mornings on
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2 . it is 5:42 am and we are only a couple of hours away from the total solar eclipse. >> the astronomers will tell you that the eclipse is a big deal and allowing for a lot of first for astronomers, citizens , scientists and people across the u.s. >> reporter: it is happened before but the total solar eclipse over the united states does not happen often.>> in 1918, that was the last time we had an eclipse that was total in the u.s. where the path of totality went from the west coast to the east coast, 99 years ago. >> the last total eclipse to touch the mainland u.s. was 1979. the last total eclipse visible in northern california was in 1889. the astronomical society of the pacific girl filming it was founded as a result of that
5:44 am
eclipse in 1889 because it was such a big deal. >> reporter: it is a big deal because you have to wait for the sun, the moon and the earth to get in line and the total eclipse of the sun happens when the sun, the moon and the earth lineup perfectly. the moon will cast a shadow on the earth. there is a 70 mile wide strip across the u.s. that starts in portland, oregon and out to charleston, south carolina. everywhere you are north america you will see a partial eclipse where some of the sun will be blocked. for the chance to see it, people are flocking to the path of totality. >> what makes this eclipse unusual is that it is mostly roll and small-town eclipse -- rural and small-town eclipse and the total path is only 70 miles wide across the country but not really going over any major metropolitan area. it will get the corner of st.
5:45 am
louis and over nashville tennessee, but for the most part it is located in small towns, forests, national parks, farmland, etc.. that means that the eclipse, in order to be visible for people, either you have to go into the eclipse zone or televise it from there. there are hundreds of thousands of people planning to go into the eclipse zone.>> reporter: when it comes to the west coast versus the east coast, we win. >> there have been studies made of the entitled -- entire total eclipse across the country. on the east coast on a typical early august afternoon there was a big chance of thunderstorms and clouds. most people, the best location turned out to be central oregon and idaho. that is where the cloud cover is likely to be the least.
5:46 am
>> reporter: it is a teachable moment. >> this is the scale model and many people think the moon is here but it is actually 30 earth diameters away from the earth. >> reporter: a chance for everyone to look up and see something we rarely get a chance to see. >> it is a very big deal. anyone that has seen a total solar eclipse from the path of totality says the same thing, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.>> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news . >> we have complete coverage throughout the morning on mornings on 2 so stick around for our solar eclipse special at 9:00. it is 5:46 am. if you have the day off or time, and you want to know where to drive to see the eclipse, we have livermore or walnut creek. >> it should be fine by then. castro valley is tough.
5:47 am
we cannot pinpoint but there is a lot of fog. >> for sure, not in the city. >> probably not, nor oakland. there are some locations on the coast that will get breaks in the clouds and sometimes it 9:00 or 10:00 it will burn off but it looks like a solid cloud bank greeting many. concord and livermore both say fog and by 9:00 those locations will burn back but other areas in santa rosa and san jose, a lot of fog to go around. we could see some breaks at the sfo. low clouds for sure and most of the coast will deal with that. but sometimes the marin and sonoma coast will get a break before anyone else. there is a lot going on with hazy skies and the fires coming down from oregon and northern california making hazy skies. the eclipse starts at 9:00 with a maximum at 10:15 am, 71% in
5:48 am
monterey, 78% in santa rosa. the farther north you go the better opportunity to see the eclipse. remember that the moon is our dance partner. do not look directly at the sun and sunglasses do not provide sufficient protection so only look at the sun if you have the approved solar filter, and hopefully everyone knows that by now. the clouds will thin out and a lot of people already up in oregon and washington or idaho and they will be fine. for us higher clouds streaming off of the sierra but for us it is all about the fog. 60 at the water buoy in san francisco and 62 and half moon bay. a lot of 60s and mid 60s for some, hayward and concord at 64. 65 in los altos, and woodside at 61, redwood city 64.
5:49 am
low clouds with fog and hazy, 60s, 70s with a few upper 80s. you have to go well inland to see the eclipse. we will be here working. good morning everybody. let's take a look at the commute with traffic on the tracy commute slow on 580 and 205. traffic will continue to slow all the way through and a very slow morning. the speed is down and at the altamont pass at 14 miles an hour. also we had an earlier crash on 580 westbound near the hidden canyon road. it has clear from the side the traffic is slow from dublin to the castro valley so add extra time to make the drive and traffic at 880 in oakland looking good in both directions. the metering lights have been turned on at the bay bridge
5:50 am
toll plaza and backed up not quite to the maccarthur maze. it is 5:49 am. the entertainment industry lost the legendary comedian, filmmaker and generous fundraiser over the weekend. >> [ video playing ] >> that is jerry lewis, and he died yesterday after a brief illness at the age of 91. he was in the comedic spotlight for over a half-century starting with the musical and comedy show with dean martin in the 40s. the act was so popular that they ended up making 20 movies together. in the 60s jerry lewis began making movies on his own. he also hosted the annual
5:51 am
telethon to raise money for muscular dystrophy. >> dick gregory died as well, quite a weekend. marshawn lynch, still ahead, he sat down during the national anthem at the raiders came over the weekend, and more on what he did along with derek carr and khalil mack, getting attention.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 . today the oakland a's played the orioles after beating the astros in houston, 3-2. simeon gets the a's on the board early thanks to some errors. simeon runs for third-base and a bad throw. he scores thanks to those two errors. we have chad pender and a swing and a miss and the catcher cannot handle the ball. we have blake coming in for the 9th inning and picking up the seven save for the season and today the game against the orioles will start at 4:05 pm. the giants lost to the phillies despite the solid start for madison bumgarner. he only gave up one run and drove in the go-ahead run in the 5th inning. in the top of the seventh
5:55 am
inning, the giants go ahead. >> it is a flipped job and a bay hit and here is the play coming in. posey has it and they got him.>> parker had the throat and posey gets the tag and 2-1 giants until the eighth inning. the bases were loaded, and the giants but the weekend series with the phillies. the brewers will be in town today with the first pick at 7:15 pm. colin kaepernick still a free agent but more people are supporting him. dozens of current and retired police officers from the new york police department rallied on saturday in brooklyn to support colin kaepernick. the quarterback became the controversial figure last year when he would not stand up for the national anthem calling it a protest against the oppression of the african- american people. the police officers war lack t-
5:56 am
shirts. the words were "i am with kap." [ music playing ] >> the oakland raiders running back marshawn lynch sitting during the national anthem during the los angeles rams and he also set last week and told the coach that he is done that throughout his career and has not publicly said why he is sitting for the national anthem. one moment many cameras did not catch during the national anthem was quarterback derek carr standing with his hand on the line macker khalil mack shoulder -- linebacker khalil mack shoulder . >> we are not protesting. what we wanted to do was to show all the kids that look up to us, white, black, brown, blue or green does not matter.
5:57 am
we can all be loving to each other and that is what i and khalil mack are, best friends that love one another . >> he played the first game for the preseason over the weekend. we are still following a developing story near singapore , a collision and 10 u.s. sailors are missing at sea and why the search crews are struggling to find the sailors. we have complete coverage of the solar eclipse and the best places to watch the event in the bay area. good morning. traffic is getting busy in many areas. here's the sunol grade where traffic is moderate heading south.
5:58 am
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astronomers and physicists expected to gather to watch the solar eclipse and we take a look at the preparations for the sky gazing and what we may or may not be able to see. tenant u.s. sailors that are lost at sea or at least missing after the collision
6:00 am
between the navy ship and the tanker and the latest on the rescue efforts as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us on this monday morning, august 21. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. let's talk about the weather and steve paulson knows everything. >> go inland. there could be some breaks in parts of sonora or sonoma, and we saw a few breaks last week where it was partly cloudy. i think last thursday cleared out of san jose pretty fast so we do have a possibility but everyone is cloudy today. low clouds for some with that all the, son and hazy skies with a lot of smoke in the air from the fires. you can see that low cloud deck in place. inland it should burn back but


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