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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  August 21, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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nobody has matched all six balls in more than two months. the odds of winning are one out of 292 million. complete coverage of this morning's solar eclipse with reporters at watch parties across the bay area. we are talking with the professor of stormont -- astronomy plus pictures from the path of totality. the moment has arrived we are taking your live inside the gorgeous chabot space & science center in the oakland hills. i have not seen this many people since back to school science and night but this is the place to be. scientists are ready explaining what the great eclipse is doing, what it should look like and one key question are we going to see a tax we have fog
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and clouds, allie rasmus is here at the chabot space & science center in the oakland hills. unfortunately not a lot of sunshine. >> folks will be able to see it but we don't know if you will be able to see it in person. >> so i was looking at some information you can see it is gray around the bay but this is what we expect. the further inland the better off you will be so we will bring him in in just a second. before the scientists figure -- figured out what the eclipse was it was believed it was a bad omen. the chinese believed dragons were eating the sun but we know that is no longer the case we have scientists at the ready with meteorologists here to see it all.
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we will talk to are experts in just a minute to get a glimpse. >> we are only going to experience a partial eclipse about 75% in the bay area but we want to take you up north to the path of totality where they will experiencing 100% eclipse they will have the full experience with a live pictures from madras, oregon in the path of totality you can see the camera in this open field area where people have been camping out. they will get the 100% eclipse coming up in a few minutes.>> more on what is happening to the far north here in the bay area we have reporters across the area at a number of watch parties including the pleasant hill library. also in the south bay and santa clara as well as schools in
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livermore and oakland which are marking their first day of school. >> we want to get back over to allie rasmus who is live at the chabot space & science center in the hills of oakland. good morning to you. how are things looking there? >> reporter: inside we have a hub of activity. standing in the lobby to my left we have a line for the gift shop this is a line for people trying to get those solar eclipse glasses. up until yesterday that were sold out but the chabot space & science center tells us a couple hundred pairs are left for this morning so that is why we have this long line. we are not sure what good the glasses are going to do because i don't know if you can see out the window it is completely socked in with fog almost like you're standing in a cloud so, a lot of the folks who may have been planning to watch the
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eclipse we will see it from the inside. the chabot space & science center has the planetarium that seats 220 people that is completely full but they have let folks up the stairs to other theaters what they will be showing in the theater is the mass a live stream of the total solar eclipse. we will take you through here it is a little bit of a walk up the ramp and i'm going to introduce you to this astronomer and i will keep my voice down a little bit because they are starting the nasa broadcast. you can see it is on the planetarium screen. welcome. very busy. >> it is very busy. we filled up both venues we do
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have classrooms open for viewing the nasa live stream. >> so what is so rare and unusual about this eclipse?>> there is an eclipse throughout the year but the big deal is it is crossing to the united states. a lot of people have relatively easy access to this opportunity. >> you have a lot of folks coming up here to watch it. even if you can't watch it outside do you think the fog will burn off in time? >> i'm hoping so. the last couple of days it has been foggy until midmorning so hopefully things will start to clear. we don't know for sure though. >> what are people experiencing? it seems like a lot of people want to come be with other people to take in the event. >> people are laughing and chuckling.
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why are people coming here? >> this is like a big party. people want to come celebrate so we have the opportunity as the sun comes out to see this live. there are a lot of different ways to come share it with other people. >> thank you so much. the astronomer from chabot space & science center thank you. we are looking at the crowd there are a lot of folks settling in. some people arrived as early as 7:00 this morning. there was a line of cars pulling into the parking lot at 7:00 and people were lining up outside one hour before they opened so they opened up the doors early to accommodate all of the people but it is free to come to the chabot space & science center for this special eclipse event and the programming they have going today will be open until 1:00 this afternoon. >> quite the scene out of there.
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the eclipse is just beginning in the bay area, let's go outside. we have sal and steve paulson also an astronomy professor from san francisco state. >> we are not seeing much at all no breaks in the clouds over toward the city i know there are a couple around san mateo. do you guys see any? >> it is hard to tell let's bring in san francisco state's professor of astrophysics. joe, you said people here who can to see it you might notice it gets darker red?>> you will notice the clouds are getting darker and overall the brightness will go down but they won't be able to see the
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actual moon going in front of the sun. >> why is the eclipse getting so much attention? this is all people have been talking about for months and months. in fact, my friend has been planning for a long time to get to oregon. why is it garnering so much attention? >> this is the first eclipse since 1979 that has totality going from one coast to the other coast. this eclipse will start in oregon and cut the country in half and it will lead through charleston. >> here we have about 71% around monterey, santa rosa 78%. the further north 80%. if this clears will the temperatures dip a little bit?>> definitely by a few degrees. if you are in totality and it is completely sunny and in the sun got blocked the temperature
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would drop by 10 degrees. >> how long had it been since modern man has be able to predict this? i imagine centuries ago it would have freaked people out. >> a lot of astronomy got its start millennia ago in terms of knowing the pattern of the stars and in terms of agriculture. that is a good question. i am not exactly sure when the first eclipse prediction was made. >> but you were telling me about an eclipse seven years from now so i can already booked my flight to go there. >> yes, you can go to the nasa website and look at the eclipse predicted. >> if you missed this when there is a lunar eclipse january if you missed this when there is a lunar eclipse january 2018. is it a total eclipse? >> yes it is. >> okay, back down to the studio
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with plenty more to come outside and inside. question of the day, how are you watching the eclipse? this surprised me. 33% will watch in person, 16% online, 12% on tv, the largest group 39% say they are not watching it all. one person says i didn't get glasses so i might peak at the sun.>> here is lindsay and she says i was eight years old in massachusetts in 1979 now i am all grown up in california, yes i'm watching. i love the enthusiasm. and kenny says i'm not watching i will be doing something more important this morning, i'm donating blood instead. >> a nice little pitch that is very important absolutely.
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>> let us know if you are watching. thank you for your responses. a lot of other news around the bay area and the world. we are watching some of the other big news overseas as a car crashed into two bus stops in france overnight. in a moment we will tell you who is at custody. a developing story overseas where 10 us sailors are missing after a us warship hit a tinker -- tinker. -- tanker. what makes a lipton meal?
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first you start with this then add this and this face wait, we can do better yeah that's the one and fresh brewed lipton iced tea ah that can wait oh but not you buddy. bring everyone together
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with the refreshing taste of lipton iced tea. welcome back, we are following a developing story from friends where investigators say terrorism was not the motive in a deadly rampage involving a van that crashed into bus stops this morning.
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this was in the french city of marseille. one woman was killed and another was injured. the van driver was arrested. the 35-year-old man is now being treated for psychological problems. a motive for the attack is not known but a terror is a motive is completely rejected. spanish police shot they suspect wearing an explosive belt. police have not confirmed if the man who was shot is the 22- year-old man who was the driver of the van earlier today police said the driver carjacked a man and stabbed him to death thursday night. they also say he rammed the stolen car through a police checkpoint minutes later. an extensive manhunt has been underway. people are visiting the deer -- memorial site in barcelona.
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they are trying to return to normal as well. officials have identified the body of the seven-year-old australian boy who had been missing since the attack. julian and his mother were visiting barcelona. a search and rescue underway near singapore for 10 american soldiers still missing after us navy destroyer collided with than oil tanker. the us -- uss john mccain was flooded after being collided with. it is not clear what caused the crash. defense secretary james mattis says the navy will conduct a full investigation. >> my thoughts and prayers are with the sailors and the families of the uss john mccain. obviously we have an investigation underway which will determine what happened. >> the ship is named after senator john mccain's father and grandfather.
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both of them are navy admirals. the ship is docked in singapore now, it is the second major collision in the last two months involving the seventh fleet. president trump will address the nation on his strategy for the us involvement in afghanistan. the president will announce an increase in the number of us troops. the pentagon asked for an additional 3900 troops to help strengthen forces. watching the address here on ktvu coverage begins at 6:00 tonight. lawmakers will return to work in sacramento going over a number of bills including some immigration and affordable housing issues. we spoke with state senator scott wiener who says a bill that he authored would make it easier to build homes in the bay area and across the state. >> when you talk about the exit is from the bay area where people are being pushed out and young families have to leave because they can't find housing
9:17 am
for them and their kids also where seniors are being pushed out, we are past the point where we can keep everything the same. we need more housing. >> he says he is not sure how many new homes would be produced but a similar measure from last year estimated 2300 homes could have been created in san francisco. we are less than one hour away from the peak of the eclipse here in the bay area. we will have more continuing coverage what is happening here at home and around the country. stay with us.
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welcome back, we want to bring in a picture from nasa of the eclipse we will see it at about 10:15. this is nothing but dark right now but we do have reporters at the chabot space & science
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center in the oakland hills. we are expecting some of the fog to burn away but the best bet is going far east. we know that a lot of people are headed north to oregon and idaho falls so a lot of people are watching the eclipse turning to the sky and a lot of people have some good spots. >> a lot of folks are headed north or inland in the bay area. liz cho live to lauren blanchard in idaho falls where people are expecting to see 99% of total at a. >> reporter: you are chatting with us at a cool time, the eclipse just started in this area a couple of minutes ago. all of these people at one of the nasa viewing locations in idaho falls a lot of them are now staring at the sun because the moon is making its way toward the sun. we are about one hour until we
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really get the total darkness. we are very excited and so are the thousands of people here. >> i am looking forward to seeing it. it is a once-in-a-lifetime event. >> having darkness midday or in the morning it will be really pretty exciting. >> a total eclipse happens when the sun the moon and the earth line up perfectly and the moon casts a shadow on the earth. there is a 70 mile wide path where the sun will be covered by the moon's shadow and the united states starting in oregon going to south carolina. astronomy fans are traveling just to be in the path of totality. >> it is such a broad band once you are here you don't have to go anywhere. as long as you can see the sky and the sun. >> i will go out of my way to
9:22 am
see if an airplane goes in front of the sun so of course i will be there. >> it is not just a scientific phenomenon it also impacts the energy people feel. >> as we transition you are observing more energy so we become more aware of the environment. >> the sun being blocked is a point to reset. a point of unveiling. >> 12 million people live in the path of totality but experts expect that to double today. >> do you know if a lot of people have come from all over? people coming from far away to be there? >> reporter: yes, we have met people from texas, from california, from colorado. all sorts of places.
9:23 am
a lot of people have been flying in some people from salt lake city because it is only a couple hours away. some people drove this morning. >> let's talk about the drive. everybody got there staggered i'm assuming everyone will leave today. i've never been to idaho falls but is there traffic impacts expected? >> reporter: surprisingly what we noticed, as we were bracing for the worst so far it has not been that bad. hotels are booked, campgrounds are full but the traffic so far has been good. >> lauren blanchard live in idaho falls thank you. >> speaking of folks who have headed up north joining us on the phone is tony a physics teacher from san francisco in oregon in the path of totality. good morning tony. >> good morning. i can hear you.
9:24 am
>> this is sal. >> can you describe exactly where you are and what you are looking at? >> i am at a big festival called the solar fast -- festival. a very festive atmosphere. a miniature city that has popped up on top of this farm. the eclipse has begun. it started 10 minutes ago. in about one hour it will go total. >> we have seen the live feed from nasa is it essentially a circle with a bite taken out? >> yes. >> did you bring your glasses? i just want to let the audience know in 1991 tony, my friend and me chaste an eclipse in hawaii so did you bring your
9:25 am
glasses?>> i do have my glasses they are being sold here and i brought some with me. we made some in class in physics so i am well-equipped. >> i was going to ask is this all going to be incorporated into a lesson once you get back to san francisco? >> i'd probably will. >> i wanted to ask you as you have been tweeting pictures from the campground we had pictures of people showing up but you were afraid of the traffic you were thinking there would be traffic but you did not encounter a lot. >> no, there was only one slow down and that was where highway 97 passed through a small town the speed limit dropped to 35 and that lasted about one hour. aside from that the heaviest traffic was getting out of the
9:26 am
bay area. >> so, do you believe in any of the lure or today being a special day any of that cosmic magic some people are looking for today? >> no, it is just an exciting atmosphere. >> okay. >> what is going to be the most fascinating part of this experience? in the next hour you will see the moon entirely block out the sun what do you think will be most fascinating?>> five minutes leading up to that. you were with me in hawaii and it was cloudy but we watched it get dark rapidly in the final minutes which created a lot of excitement and i'm sure it will happen this time. >> okay, tony take some pictures thank you for calling in and have a good time. >> okay sal thank you. >> lets look around the bay
9:27 am
area. as many people have their glasses ready i would love to share a live picture. we have been wearing these over the weekend to look at the sun. this is what is happening at nasa a lot of people are ready with their glasses. keep in mind the best time for you to look at the eclipse will be 10:15 in the bay area. so the eclipse is starting we have 45 minutes to go before it reaches its peak in the bay area. >> anywhere between 70 and 78% eclipse. anywhere you are. >> what the really exciting part is when it gets dark a lot quicker than sunset. all of a sudden you are there and it gets dark quickly and we are not used to that. >> stay with us, eclipse
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♪ good goes around...and around...and around ♪ ♪ good goes around and around ♪ i just got a text from my aunt in antioch who says i am in my backyard and i can see the shape of the sun with a bite . >> so you stand with your back to the sun and then you look at the shadow on the ground. >> antioch is good and livermore says the closer setting to clear so also from the south bay looking good. >> someone says trying to watch in person but pending the weather.
9:31 am
she says she may have to watch online. >> we have it up for you. look at the bottom right corner of your screen that is the eclipse from nasa. we will bring you that the row coverage so look right there. we have been asking you are you watching the eclipse? the poll numbers are not changed much. 12% say on tv they will watch it, but surprisingly 39% won't be watching. i am excited. we have these glasses so let us know what you think if you are watching or if you are busy. >> let's take another look at the weather here in oakland. steve is outside are the clouds lifting? >> we have had a couple of reports in the city of clouds breaking and out towards antioch
9:32 am
lakewood and brent county things are good some people from san jose say they are good. let's talk to joe the astrophysicist from san francisco state. you have seen it a little bit on the monitor what do you think?>> it is amazing to think how the moon's size exactly matches the sun. >> so we have the sun the earth and the moon plays a huge factor. >> so it is incredibly important the size it is why we have eclipse. it is a coincidence this gun -- size of the moon exactly matches the sun. it wouldn't be that way if it was a little closer or little bit further away but because the moon exactly matches the
9:33 am
size of the sun we can see the corona. >> so it is 400 times smaller so to line up exactly like that is extremely rare. what else have you seen so far? i know you have been watching on your phone. >> right now it is just the west coast. a tiny piece of the sun but that will increase as we get closer and closer to 10:15 on the west coast. >> we are hoping for a break or two but after everything is said and done will you go back and look at this?>> what i am really interested in looking at is what you can see in the corona. i would like to look at the videos people are taking to see if you can see prominences or flares on the surface because you can't really see that
9:34 am
because the sun is so bright but if you block the main part of the sun you can see action. >> in the totality we have four planets correct? >> yes that is right. >> this is a great opportunity to study mercury what do we hope to learn from that? >> i don't think we will learn anything new about mercury but it is great to see it in the middle of the day.>> you said maybe dropping 10 degrees in the path of totality. and the best we can get here is 80% right? and if you are in the fog i'm sorry. it is possible as we get darker some of the fog could fill in. >> that is possible yes. >> probably more note though.
9:35 am
i have learned a lot, thank you for coming in to talk about this. >> okay, thank you guys. if you want to get in the car let's say you are in oakland it is 9:35. the peak is 10:15 so you have time to make it to livermore. >> someone asked me earlier to do the non-commute traffic going outward. but i did not see enough people to make things crowded. if you got in your car now you could make it.>> keep your eyes on the road, don't look up out of curiosity. you can to drive and watched so just be safe. if you would like to stay with us, we are going to keep that picture up. the eclipse is underway. this is a picture from there the clouds. it looks like a cookie with a
9:36 am
bite taken out getting closer to that crescent shaped. we are staying on top of these eclipse. also newsmaking news across the country. marshawn lynch sits for the national anthem once again.
9:37 am
9:38 am
welcome back it is eclipse 2017. coming up we will look at the best viewing in the bay area but already the eclipse is underway. it is now nearing that crescent shape. >>'s scientists will take this
9:39 am
opportunity to study the corona of the sun. now they can see it with special equipment so this will be good for scientists studying the sun who want to know more about the corona of the sun which is hotter than the sun. >> it is the only time the corona is visible from earth. it is interesting because the sun is 400 times bigger than the moon but somehow they appear to be the same size. let's go down to leigh martinez at skyline high school in oakland where students are preparing to see the show. >> reporter: chaos of the first day of school the original plan was to have students on the football field but because it is the first day they decided let's have the kids go to the classroom and then individual teachers can bring the kids out
9:40 am
in different groups. we are outside of the signs when and all the teachers are especially excited about today. the marrone -- moon is on the move. earlier we were at the oakland school of language and the principal said they couldn't have planned an opening day on the eclipse they just got lucky. the middle school students are currently viewing a video on the eclipse and how it works before they go outside. >> students will be outdoors between 10:00 and 10:30. we have safety approved glasses for all of them. even if it is foggy we should still see the effects and it should get much dimmer. >> reporter: all of the 75 students here will have solar safety glasses and the first student that we met asked to be
9:41 am
on the show explaining what she knows about the eclipse. >> it is the moon going across the sun. >> do you guys have the glasses for his?>> yes. we have the glasses and we are ready. >> that must be some sort of solar eclipse trifecta. you have your birthday, the first day of school and the solar eclipse. a very lucky day for her. we are at skyline high school right now we are told the high school students are meeting with teachers and then they will come out to look at the solar eclipse. it is very overcast here it is hard to see but even the teachers think even if you can't see the sun it could get more dim so it is something for the students to appreciate. >> a big first day thank you.
9:42 am
san francisco unified school district starts today. the good news, they have no shortage of teachers like years past. the examiner says the unified school district has only five open positions compared to 38 on the first day of school last year. recruiting and credentialing programs put in place after years of teacher shortages appear to be working. the high cost of living in the bay area and the housing shortage in the area have made it difficult to recruit. you can see the live picture in the corner of your screen the eclipse has been going on for about 30 minutes. you can see that crescent shape and we want to check in with jesse gary in the south bay we are hoping to see a lot of sunshine where you are. so you have that big party behind you what is going on?
9:43 am
>> there is a big party behind me at santa clara university. the lawn is filled with people in this quad area outside of lucas hall where people are watching the eclipse. i just spoke with an astrophysicist who has been talking about how special this is watching the celestial bodies move around each other and also the impact of what scientists hope to learn about life here on earth. we have a big crowd we want to talk to a couple of people. >> how are you? >> go ahead and put your glasses back on. tell me why did you come out this morning? >> it is such an event. this is probably the last time i will see this. >> i think you have another one next decade. >> we are lucky to be here so
9:44 am
we can take time off of work and do this. >> are you speaking for the group? >> well, we work at santa clara so this is a great benefit we get to come see the eclipse it is all good. >> i'm going to be quiet now but notice the grass is wet, thank you very much ladies. they are just getting ready to start their program off to my right so i will be quiet. you can see there is a big turnout. i don't have the proper glasses so i won't look but a lot of people have their glasses. >> you are one of the first reporters in the area that has sunshine. everybody else has clouds above them so you are very lucky. >> well, down here in the south bay we usually have sunshine as that marine layer burns off around 10:00 so we are right on
9:45 am
schedule and thankfully so. >> how many people do you think are down there? and our people there ditching school or work? >> the crowd is not overwhelming maybe a couple of hundred people but it is nice. again this is college campus so you can't just stop everything for this but some people definitely came to work at the university they came over and a lot of people from the community came over. there is another event at the library in santa clara. they have a big crowd there as well. plenty of people are over there not associated with the university. so we have a couple of spots in santa clara where they are doing the viewing. the doctor is just off-camera to the right but she is in
9:46 am
front of the crowd explaining how the moon goes around the earth. so, 29 days for one complete revolution. >> perfect, santa clara is the place to be. jesse gary thank you so much. we are relieved we have some sunshine. >> a lot of people might be watching from work we are reading stories about how productivity might be going down for an hour. >> think about that all of these folks up here watching this is a live picture. you have to think a lot of folks are probably taking a break from work this morning may be living school or going to school earlier in the day so they can be a part of this eclipse. the first total eclipse to move totally across the continental united states since 1979.
9:47 am
>> the biggest city with the path of totality is nashville, tennessee. we were talking to the professor earlier and in a couple of years it will go right over dallas, texas. so eclipse chasers will start making reservations to dallas. >> it is fascinating this total eclipse path of totality mostly goes over rural parts of the country so we have this mass migration from populated parts to the small towns like madras, oregon. >> i'm curious how the little towns will deal with that huge exit is. -- departures. there are sometimes very little small roads to get into these towns and we have pictures of
9:48 am
campsites where people are packed inside. i will mention quickly it is my little boys first day of school so the principal made it clear every child will have safety glasses. they are asking for parent volunteers to go there. my little ones are excited. i am also excited, i hope you are excited. i want to point out the live picture on the bottom right of your screen. we are about 30 minutes from the best view we will get in the bay area. we are going to keep that live picture up throughout the newscast. stay with us, we will be right back. this is the new comfort food.
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we are going to keep this live picture up on the bottom right of your screen of the eclipse we have a lot of news happening today. jury selection begins for the man fatally -- accused of fatally shooting kate steinle. a judge decided this month juan francisco lspez-sanchez should be called josi zarate the name on his birth certificate. he is accused of shooting kate steinle as she was walking along pier 14 two years ago. lawyers say the gun went off accidentally. zarate is an undocumented immigrant. marshawn lynch once again sat during the national anthem against the los angeles rams.
9:52 am
lynch said last week and told head coach jack rel rio he has done it through his career. >> obviously we are not protesting what we wanted to do was show the kids who look up to us that white brown black blue or green it does not matter. we can all be loving to each other. >> that was derek carr speaking of why he put his hand on khalil mack's shoulder during the pregame because they have been very good friends and preaching his message of love. derek carr played his first game over the weekend. milo yiannopoulos is staging a comeback at cal he
9:53 am
plans to return to uc berkeley soon and is calling for demonstrators to take to the streets this weekend. >> i want as many protests as possible. on all sides. i don't think there are two sides to any questions. i want it peaceful and respectful. the problem is the way the police operate in this kind of town because they don't police properly. they let people smash things up. >> that is milo yiannopoulos talking with ken wayne. he plans to return to uc berkeley at the end of next month during free-speech week. in berkeley city leaders are concerned about a right- wing rally planned for this coming sunday. the city council held a meeting to vote on whether the city manager should have the power to make temporary rules to manage the large protests.
9:54 am
council voters members to approve the ordinance, the berkeley mayor is asking people not to attend the rally. san francisco city leaders want to block a rally planned for saturday at crissy field. >> it is not just a speech. those that say it is just speech are missing the point. >> the group was issued a permit for a rally at crissy field before charlottesville last week. it is federal property that belongs to the golden gate national recreational area. the san francisco mayor wants the park service to reconsider he says other rallies by this group have attracted white supremacist and after the violence in charlottesville he wants to keep things safe. police will be ready just in case. >> tolerance for violence is not going to happen. but we are here to uphold the
9:55 am
constitution. >> the organizer of the rally is calling on people to be peaceful. he says the purpose of the rally is for people to exercise free speech. a final decision will be made by friday. this morning scott wiener said the national parks service should not grant a permit for the crissy field rally. >> people in the rally have the right to assemble but this group has a history of violence. we know that nazis and white supremacists will attend and the organizers have invited the oath keepers to come in which is an armed militia. >> he says the protesters should be able to get their message out safely. we are extending coverage this morning to bring you the eclipse as it happens. a live picture from nasa in the
9:56 am
bottom right corner of your screen. it is now becoming a crescent moon. we should be seeing the peak of the eclipse in about 20 minutes from now. stay with us.
9:57 am
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from metamucil. a lot of people consider
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this song a one-hit wonder, total eclipse of the heart. bonnie tyler will be singing this song on a cruise ship as the eclipse is happening. we are getting close to the right moment here in the bay area. 10:15 will be your best time to look at the sun. this is a live picture. this is a crescent moon we have watched it go from a big round cookie to a cookie with a bite out now it is getting to be slim we are trying to bring you the very best picture that we can. my husband's text messages
10:00 am
don't usually make the news but today he said not looking good. he is not in one of the primary viewing spots out east in san jose. >> it is just slightly darker. if you were not paying attention you would probably miss it but it does not look like 10:00 at night. >> we have viewing parties all over the bay area. one of the best places to catch a glimpse is inland in the bay area. we want to go to christien kafton watching the eclipse from an elementary school in livermore. let's see what is left of the sun. >> let me tell you, we had to travel east further and further east first pleasant hill with a lot of cloud coverage so me and my photographer


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