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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 21, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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this guy over the u.s. as americans across the country head out to see the rare solar eclipse. teachers kicking off the new school year and using the big event to get the students excited about science. much of the bay area is socked in with fog. ktvu mornings on 2 at noon starts now. >> good afternoon, i am gasia mikaelian . >> i am alex savidge in for mike mibach. the first total eclipse since 1776 and in the bay area heading east in search of clear skies for chance to see the moon blocking the sun.>> we have team coverage in several places around the bay area where people are watching, live in oakland hills at the space science center. >> we start off with christien kafton from the elementary school in livermore.
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>> reporter: i have to tell you that getting to watch it in livermore was amazing. we watched it firsthand and joined by hundreds of students at the elementary school looking up to watch the science in action.>> reporter: the eclipse began at 9:15 am but at the rancho elementary school the students marched on the yard at 10:00, 15 minutes before the max of the eclipse. >> this is an incredible learning off turned me -- opportunity and watching this historical event. >> reporter: reminding them to put on the glasses before they look up to watch the eclipse. >> the science teacher provided us with cards so that we could check this out on paper, and we could actually see it in person using the glasses. >> it was pretty good. i did it with paper and sunglasses. i think the eclipse is great.
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>> reporter: it was pretty great and and all most of the students got to watch the big show. four or five students stayed inside because they thought it was not having -- not a great i did have the students watching the sun and others joined in on the science excitement with video. we should hold on to these for 20 2012 -- 2024 which is the next great eclipse. >> or you could just keep them on. in livermore we had some disappointment among the sky gazers and there was fog of securing the view of the partial solar eclipse in oakland.>> reporter: the fog hung around until just 10 minutes ago. there was a break in the clouds finally but too bad the timing did not work out better. still, people were in good
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spirits and it was a festive atmosphere at the chabot space and science center and about a few hundred people caught a fleeting glimpse of the partial eclipse at the observation deck. >> [ cheers ] >> reporter: screaming with delight as hundreds packed onto the observation deck at the chabot space and science center but no one expected to see much of the eclipse outside due to the fog but the clouds thinned out for a brief you seconds at 10:20 am and they could see the outline of the crescent son in the sky. >> it was like wow, and it was like it was the moon but it was the sun.>> it was at an angle. it was exciting, really exciting. >> i thought it was worth it to drive up here and to wait patiently to see the solar eclipse, and on tv and then we came out here.
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>> even though it was foggy we did get to see it for a moment. >> reporter: at 7 am this morning people began spilling into the chabot space and science center eager to be with their like-minded astronomy bus to experience what they could of the eclipse and a social senate -- social setting. >> the shadow is in california and oregon. >> reporter: hundreds packed the planetarium to watch the nasa live feed and standing room only in some classrooms. while some did not have the ideal of you but the youngest got the message. >> it is always amazing with the astronomical event has such a close impact at home and it makes it tangible to people, and makes the world a little bit bigger, reminding us we are all sky gazers at hot -- at heart. >> reporter: the fog cleared with patches of blue skies at
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the chabot space and science center . they are generally closed on monday but they were open today for free from 8 am to 1 pm, and just closing as you can see the people making their way out. anywhere from 1200 to 1500 people came here to watch and experience the solar eclipse. >> despite the weather it seems like everybody had a good time, live from oakland, allie rasmus. let's go south in talk about the few hundred eclipse gazers at the santa clara university ewing party. they all had their gazing glasses on to watch the sun and many people came out because it is been decades since we have seen an event like this. here's what it looks like in oregon as a huge crowd gathered at the amphitheater to get a good view of the eclipse and in oregon they had the total eclipse and at the bay area at 75% and much more on
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the eclipse including a live report from south carolina, one of the last places to experience totality coming up. the man accused of killing kate steinle in court today to keep certain records sealed and they are concerned he would not be able to receive the fair trial but the public defender argued that the pretrial publicity could affect his client's right to a impartial jury. he is on trial for shooting and killing kate steinle at pier 14 and this marks a win for the prosecution. >> there is a tremendous amount of interest in the case and publicity is on the case of the public has an understanding of what is going on. >> the illegal immigrant and five-time felon has been the flashpoint in the century city debate and they will review the police interview to determine whether any parts were involuntary and those excerpts may be inadmissible in court.
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at 6 pm president trump is expected to address the nation from the military base in virginia. >> we have the story from washington. >> reporter: the president is expected to lay out the plan for the u.s. engagement in south asia and afghanistan, the nation's longest war that is cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives since it began 16 years ago. >> reporter: the secretary of defense james mattis said that president trump settled our plan but would not give specific details. >> i was not willing to make significant loose lips unless we know the strategy and the commitment going in. in that regard, the president has made a decision. >> reporter: last night the white house announced a speech monday at 9 pm from fort myer with president trump telling the world and the troops how he
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plans on proceeding in the war that began in 2001, claiming the lives of over 2000 u.s. troops. before the announcement democratic senator ben cardin told fox news on sunday that more troops is not the answer. >> the objective needs to be a regime in afghanistan to maintain some semblance of security so that we don't see the growing terrorist organizations again within afghanistan. this is not the fight of the u.s. i don't believe putting more american soldiers in afghanistan is the answer. >> reporter: the address comes five days after the infamous press conference on charlottesville. >> there is blame on both sides and i have no doubt about it, and you don't have any doubt about it either. >> reporter: tomorrow president trump heading to phoenix for a rally even though the mayor has asked him to delay it. mayor stanton says he is disappointed in the president's
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decision after the nation is still trying to deal with what happened in charlottesville. allison barber, fox news. >> we will bring you the address and the coverage will begin at 6:00 this evening. in richmond the police have confirmed the bay area rapper keith the snake was shot this morning and it happened early this morning and they did not comment on his condition but another bay area rapper said that he had just got out of surgery and says that keak da sneak is still alive . we continue to follow this developing story and we will bring you more updates on his condition as we get them. the collision between the oil tanker and that navy destroyer, details on the search and rescue after 10 sailors go missing. the attack in barcelona, the terrorist cell they say is responsible and what led to the death of the man that was wanted in connection with
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driving the van into the crowd of people. is we have been showing you, a foggy start to the day and we will bring in our meteorologist to explain when it will warm up. up.
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welcome back. the search and rescue is underway near singapore for 10 american sailors that went
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missing after the navy destroyer collided with the oil tanker and that left the gaping hole in the side of the uss john mccain. several parts of the ship were flooded and five sailors were injured with four evacuated to the hospital by helicopter. it is unclear what caused the crash. >> i consider the seas are quite rough. it can be very challenging on the water. if you do not have a life jacket it can be very tough. >> the ship is named after the father and grandfather of senator john mccain, both were navy admirals and the ship is now at a port in singapore. officials in spain have confirmed the deadly terror attacks in barcelona were the work of the 12 person jihadi cell operating in the area and the police announce the fugitive has been killed that was wanted in the terror attack, and he
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was wearing the explosive belt when he was confronted in a town west of barcelona. he was shot and killed by the police and we have more from barcelona. >> reporter: identified as the 22-year-old moroccan man, the last of the 12 person jihadi cell operating in spain. the investigation continues but they are confident that the immediate danger has passed. >> we have identified author of the attack. we now have all the information necessary to confirm that. >> reporter: the investigation is now expanded to other countries including belgium were members of the cell were looking for work as recently as last year. >> this shows how quickly the radicalization process takes place with other terrorists working to hurt innocent people. >> reporter: the death toll is now 15 with at least 50 people still hospitalized as of monday. the police are out in force as mourners continue together at
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the main site of the attack laying flowers and lighting candles to honor the victims, as life slowly returns to normal. >> the people a very strong and expressing solidarity, and all of them are willing to help. >> we must stand strong in front of these betrayers, assassins and terrorists. >> holding a meeting of the special anti-terror task force. >> reporter: this is the first time since the attack last summer in the city of nice. ktvu fox 2 news. the u.s. and south korea are beginning joint military exercises today. the commander of the u.s. pacific command met with the south korea defense minister yesterday in seoul and the drills involving computer simulations designed to prepare for work with a nuclear capable north korea. north korea calling the 11 day drills a reckless invasion rehearsal.
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the south korean president said that the drills are held regularly because of the repeated threats from north korea. in france investigators said that tara was not the motive in the deadly rampage involving a van that crashed into two bus stops in marseille. one woman was killed and another injured and the driver has been arrested. french officials say the 35- year-old man is being treated for psychological problems and the motive is not yet known, but the terrorism motive is one they are rejecting. we started the day off cloudy and foggy making it hard to see the solar eclipse, the partial eclipse in the bay area, but things are burning off a bit for many folks.>> too slow for those that wanted to see the eclipse but we are beginning to clear for the afternoon. partly to mostly clear away from the coastline. here's the oakland skyline and socked in pretty good still here. we had a glimpse at 10:15 am
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and several people sent me photos from downtown oakland and actually saw just a little bit of the eclipse through that cloud cover and at the end out just in time, but for many it was hard to see anything. 64 and cloudy in san francisco, the northbay still covered in clouds was santa rosa at 64. we received a picture from the northbay, and the clouds are thinning out enough to see the eclipse upper 60s in oakland, livermore 72 and san jose low 70s. here's a view of what we are dealing with along the coast, inside the bay, northbay, santa cruz mountains, the marine layer depth is at 2600 feet even the higher elevations were stuck under the cloud cover for most of the morning. the onshore breeze continues with them -- fairfield reporting 32 miles an hour. would you know this happens on the day we were waiting for. in the afternoon partly to
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mostly cloudy at the coastline. the clouds that came in came in from this direction with mid to high-level clouds expected tonight. we get the wraparound low off of the coastline with hazy skies due to those numerous fires burning in northern california and the oregon border. 65 in san francisco, upper 60s in oakland with low 70s and livermore, and with the slower clearing out for the afternoon, temperatures running cooler in some spots. anywhere from 2 degrees cooler in down by four in concord and napa down by seven. the afternoon high for today a lot like yesterday and shaving off a few degrees in some areas with 76 in novato, upper 60s in sausalito. in the east bay low 70s in alameda and low 80s in and around and feel with upper 80s expected in brentwood. san jose going to 78, 83 for morgan hill. partly cloudy and low 70s in
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santa cruz with mid 70s in san mateo, 66 in san francisco with low 50s at pacifica and half moon bay. temperatures will begin to remount -- rebounded to tuesday and wednesday but still mild for this time of the year. the bay area weekend showing temperatures climbing back into the 90s inland, low to mid 90s inland as this high pressure builds backend. low 80s around the bay, upper 60s and around 70 on the coastline. it is time we return to the warmer weather. it has been very mild. the latest on the south fork fire burning at yosemite national park and burning over 3400 acres and only 10% contained. mandatory evacuation in place for the town of wawona. the cause of the fire is still a new and thick brush and steep terrain where the fire is
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burning making it difficult for firefighters. the drones are keeping an eye on the fire and they had no way to keep an eye on the progress after dark until they started using drones and they have thermal images so they can see where the fire is the hottest. they can figure out the intensity by interpreting the different colors to determine a plan to fight the fire. a convicted sex offender that recently moved out of sonoma now in the registry as the sex offender in la and 34- year-old dan silly was convicted of harassing a 15 younger are this year and he posted videos on youtube making lewd comments to women on the street, calling himself the downtown la predator. he moved into his father's apartment in rohnert park a few weeks ago but the families at the complex have raised concerns after the police posted flyers in the neighborhood. the state lawmakers on capitol hill and the bill that
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the state senator scott weiner is pushing for more homes across the state.
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lawmakers are returning to work at the state capital to go over several bills including bills on immigration and affordable housing. i hope you are with us earlier when we spoke with state senator scott weiner saying a bill he offered would make it easier to build homes in the
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bay area and across the state. >> when you talk about the exodus from the bay area were people are pushed out, young families have to leave because they cannot find housing. we see seniors being pushed out, and we are past the point of where we can just keep everything the exact weighty is because we need more housing.>> the senator said he is unsure how many new homes the measure what help to produce but a similar measure last year estimated 2300 homes could've been created in san francisco. the city of san jose has scaled back plans to put tiny homes for the homeless on 99 sites around the city and now down to four sites. this move comes after complaints from the people in the neighborhoods where the tiny homes were going to be installed in the restrictions are tightened so much that only four potential sites remain. the plan is to place the 70 square foot tiny homes and villages that could house up to
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25 people in the city council and san jose will discuss the four remaining sites for the tiny homes at the august 29 meeting. googles could be paid billions more to remain the key component to the apple safari, the default search engine and they paid apple $1 billion to maintain the relationship and they may have to pay three times as much because apple has managed to increase the iphone sales and apple and google are not commenting on the reports. the indexes are holding steady with a little bit up and a little bit down, the dow jones is right now flat. the tesla ceo a elon musk joining others that want the global ban on artificial intelligence saying it could be deadly. must says it should be regulated and if not it is a threat and they have asked the u.n. for global ban on killer robots including drones, tanks and machine guns.
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they want them added to the u.n. list of banned weapons which include chemical weapons and blinding laser weapons. the teachable moment during the eclipse and dc space students, what they observed and learned even though the weather did not cooperate. we have a live report from the east coast as the total solar eclipse moves over the atlantic and we show you what the eclipse gazers on the other side of the country are witnessing during this historic event.
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welcome back. a big crowd at the moffett field this morning for the eclipse viewing party hosted by the nasa research center along the actual viewing, nasa showed the views on television from the high ousted balloons, satellites and specially modified telescopes. it was a big day at the oakland skyline high school which started its new school year today, the day of the eclipse. >> as leigh martinez says, the teacher say this is a good teachable moment even of the clouds disrupted the lessons. >> reporter: there was a lot of excitement at the open public schools to view the eclipse but the skyline high school environmental science teacher said the bay area fog decided to eclipse the eclipse. >> reporter: no one was more
12:30 pm
excited than the environmental science teacher, anna. >> i was very excited and i was training for the staff, and i distributed about 250 pairs of glasses around the school. >> reporter: by 10:15 am the clouds around skyline high school only broke for a few seconds. >> we saw the crescent moon. initially i thought wait, that's the moon, and they know it was the sun. >> reporter: they return to the classroom to study energy and how the eclipse affects solar power but she did notice a difference in the light outside. >> i don't think we would've known and eclipse was happening had we not known. it was cold but that could be because of the wind. >> reporter: you will get another chance to see the eclipse seven years from now but you have to leave california and it will be coming up from mexico across the continental u.s. and up through canada.
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ktvu fox 2 news. in some parts of the country the eclipse is just coming to an end and we have our reporter joining us from south carolina with more on what it looks like.>> reporter: one of nature's most all inspiring sites, the total solar eclipse coast-to-coast with millions of americans witnessing the spectacle on the path of totality and passing through 14 states from oregon to south carolina with everyone seeing part of this epic event. >> it's kind of crazy. >> i had come thousands of miles to be here. >> the moon will cast a shadow on the earth and it is really quite simple. the shadow will be a 70 mile strip of total darkness across the u.s.. >> reporter: nasa estimates as many as 1 million visitors flocking to south carolina to do and view the eclipse and all looking for solar eclipse glasses. >> this is part of history,
12:32 pm
memorabilia. the bay area and carolinas went dark. >> the bay area is packed in the eclipse merchandise is flying out the door. >> reporter: flying out the door and very hot out here. when you hit the heat in the south the clouds come in sometimes, and 15 minutes before the totality the clouds passed from the front of the sun and moon with everyone gasping thinking we did not come all the way here for that to happen, almost like the hollywood reveal he went away and we had totality. the cheering in south carolina was fantastic and more than 1 million people and i met some people from england that were here. here clemson they have the totality as it happened. >> is it relatively a small town and is the exodus going to be orderly as far as people getting out of town in their cars because the leaving can be the difficult part.
12:33 pm
i think he cannot hear us. but it is great that he saw that, a good life report from adam housley. one person died in the crash of the private plane and the flight to oregon started at san carlos airport and heading for the madras airport, the prime viewing location for the eclipse. the earlier report said that two people were bored but the faa said there was only one person, the pilot. it crashed into the willow creek canyon and caught fire. >> i was driving my grandpa's four wheeler around the pasture and i saw the plane crash in the canyon. >> the madras volunteer fire department was able to put the fire without in minutes but the pilot's name is not been
12:34 pm
released. the man accused of ramming into the contra costa county sheriff deputy patrol car has been arrested and deputies say that at least one deputy fired a shot at the suspect. the man was not hit and investigators say all begin saturday night when they tried to pull over what was a stolen vehicle near the gas station at the pacheco boulevard on ramp. during the chase deputies say that the suspect rammed the patrol car and drove the wrong way before crashing into another car on the freeway. the driver, joyce carol of pittsburgh is facing -- joey carroll is facing a number of charges. the former northwestern university professor wendell latham and the former oxford university employee andrew warren were in the chicago courtroom for the bond hearing at east of stabbing a 26-year- old man nearly 70 times in july. here are pictures of the
12:35 pm
defendants. the prosecutor said the victim was the boyfriend of wendell latham and both men were denied bail. the bart police have arrested a man accused of threatening a group of women with the knife at the richmond bart station in four women were on the platform saturday night when the man walked up to them making unwanted sexual advances. when they told the man no he pulled a knife and threatened them. no one was hurt but the police later arrested the man at the embarcadero station in san francisco. there was a robbery at the coliseum bart station in oakland and four men robbed another man of his cell phone, wallet before running from the station and at this point no arrests have been made. the new report looking into to the benefit of the commuter rail system, the rail and a california economy showing that the rail service reduces congestion and saves time for
12:36 pm
people that travel by train since they don't have to sit in the traffic. caltran operates between san francisco and san jose, the busiest commuter rail system in the country. the number of people that ride the service each year resulting 10,000 fewer cars on the roadways. caltran will host a community meeting about the electrification project between san francisco and san jose and they will were placed diesel trains with electric trains that are faster and more environmentally friendly. they will have construction plans in burlingame and millbrae and the meeting will be held at the burlingame recreation center at 6:00 this evening. the muni light rail service in san francisco is back to the normal schedule between the mug army and west portal stations and they were closed all day and on weekends, after 9:30 pm weeknights while they tested the new fleet of light rail cars. yesterday was the final day of
12:37 pm
the testing and muni wants to put five new trains in service later this year. starting the new school year today without the shorties of teachers and the san francisco examiner said the school district only has five opening and compared to 38 last year at the opening day of school. they put in place the credentials program which appears to be working. the high cost of living and the housing shortage and sam cisco have made it difficult to recruit new teachers. causing violent protests at uc berkeley and now coming back to the bay area. after the break ken wayne sits down exclusively with the controversial free-speech advocate and right-wing commentator milo yiannopoulos as they discuss his plan for another appearance in berkeley. at the peak of the eclipse it was cloudy but the sun is now peeking out across the bay, what is ahead for your forecast coming up.
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the san jose congresswoman zoe lofgren calling for president trumped -- president trump to be examined by medical and psychiatric professionals to see if he should be removed from office and urging the vice president to fulfill the duty under the fifth amendment have the president check by medical and psychiatric professionals to determine whether the president is healthy enough to serve your zoe lofgren said the increasing disturbing patterns
12:41 pm
and actions could mean he is mentally unfit to execute the duties required of him. banned from twitter and the focus of the violent protests on the uc berkeley campus last spring and now milo yiannopoulos will be staging a comeback at the cal. >> we had the exclusive one-on- one interview with ken wayne and amanda likes to with -- with people up in a frenzy. >> i enjoy winding people up and i do it on purpose your >> reporter: milo yiannopoulos is no doubt the most detested and crazed person on the internet with liberals and conservatives of whoring him. for others he is the internet trailblazer breaking down the barriers to free speech and he has found a kinship in president trump. >> i've always liked trumped -- trump. he has accomplished that he represents the living and breathing existential threat to
12:42 pm
the political correctness but existing and breathing and he drives the senses, and he drives people insane and i love him for that. i think he does a lot of things just to mess with people.>> reporter: is that a good way to be president, just to mess with people? >> yes. he was elected to mess with people and elected to be the thorn in the side of the establishment to the left and the right. >> reporter: you have bannon 2020 on your facebook page. >> i want him to run just to annoy the liberals. >> reporter: milo yiannopoulos blames liberals for many things and especially the double standard on free speech and he wants more free speech and especially for the right-wing rally planned for the bay area. >> i want people demonstrating in the streets peacefully on all sides. i don't think there's only two sides of any question and i want everybody on the streets. i want peaceful and respectful.
12:43 pm
the problem is the way that the police operate in this town. they don't police property and they let people smash up the place and they do nothing about it. they did that when i came to uc berkeley. >> reporter: he plans on returning to berkeley at the end of september hold seminars on topics like feminism and islam. >> we will be explaining on the uc berkeley's own campus how devastating uc berkeley is for the cause of free speech. that is my i've started my only free speech award which i will be giving out every quarter. >> reporter: you are begging and dying for conflict. your attention is to get people to come to this. >> i get plenty of attention walking down the street without saying anything, trust me. >> reporter: ken wayne, ktvu fox 2 news. the white ring rally at the berkeley civic center and the council holding a meeting to
12:44 pm
vote whether they should have the power to make temporary rules to manage those large protests and council members voted to approve the ordinance. we can take the berkeley mayor rowed a message on facebook -- wrote a message on facebook asking people not to attend the rally. the national park service should not grant the permit for the rally at crissy field. >> this group has a history of violent rallies and we know that neo-nazis and white supremacists will be attending and the organizer of the rally has invited the oath keeper to come in which is the armed militia, and it is a tinderbox. >> the protests are according to senate weiner said they should get the message out but in a safe way. marshawn lynch once again set during the national anthem during the preseason opener against the la rams. >> [ music playing ]
12:45 pm
>> marshawn lynch also sat down last week as well and told the head coach that he has done this throughout his career. he is not publicly said why he chooses to sit during the anthem . one moment cameras did not capture during the national anthem was went quarterback derek carr stupid this and on the shoulder of khalil mack . we ask about the significance of at -- of that. >> we are not protesting. we wanted to show all the kids that look up to us why the kids, white, black, brown, blue or green does not matter. we can all be loving to each other and that is what we are, best friends and we love one another.>> derek carr played his first game and for the preseason over the weekend. many folks were socked in with fog for the solar eclipse unless they were far enough 
12:46 pm
inland but things begin to break free some sunshine. >> today was one of the worst clearing days we have had in quite some time. even the weekend we had better clearing, but in any case it is pretty much over, at least the solar eclipse opportunity. from danville we received pictures, and thank you all so much for your photos. this one looks dreaming. many folks managed to get a glimpse at the right time even though it was cloudy all over the place. the cloud cover is still in place and here's the two our time-lapse showing the east bay clearing out but the north bay still mostly cloudy. the santa cruz mountains still mostly cloudy and the marine layer depth is at 2600 feet which means even the higher elevations had no clearing this morning. giving you the view of the onshore breeze with fairfield reporting 25 gusting up to 32
12:47 pm
with the strongest wind we have seen in quite some time. the patterns are changing little through the afternoon with mostly sunny away from the coastline, partly cloudy in the north bay which is already beginning to see some clearing. into the afternoon and evening we have mid to high level cloud cover coming our way out of the east. partly to mostly cloudy into tonight. looking at your temperatures at noon, 66 in san francisco, upper 60s in oakland, low 70s and concord, livermore with cloud cover and many cooler and down by 7 degrees in petaluma, and a few degrees along the east bay sure and cooler and concord. to date will be mild and 78 in napa, 76 in santa rosa and 69 in sausalito. 73 expected for downtown oakland, 84 in danville and 86 for antioch. san jose goes to 78 was
12:48 pm
saratoga at 81. we had one of our local weather experts sending us a beautiful photo from saratoga and a great shot of the eclipse. the financial at 77, 66 in san francisco. i could not get this the load or i would have shown it to you. your extended forecast on temperatures rebounding tuesday and wednesday. we finally get back into the 90s inland friday and into the weekend. sunday looks to be the warmest day. 80s along the bay and upper 60s and 70s along the coast. a lot of students had their first day of school today, and i remember the weather would be perfect the minute you get back into school. >> right, when you're stuck in a classroom. >> i remember dressing with layers and shedding the hoodie, leaving the jacket at school. the comedy world is grieving two losses over the weekend. saturday dick gregory the
12:49 pm
iconic comedian and civil rights advocate passed away. he was one of the first black comedians to find mainstream success with white audiences in the early 1960s and he become the satirist that commented on racial division at the dawn of the civil rights movement. gregory sought political office running unsuccessfully for mayor of chicago in 1966. he died at the age of 84. yesterday the legendary comedian and philanthropist jerry lewis passed away and we look at the legacy and how hollywood reacts to his death. >> reporter: his humor was a legendary. >> [ video playing ] >> reporter: comedian jerry lewis died sunday of natural causes and people are paying was asked to his star at the hollywood walk of fame. he was the king of comedy and remembering him as the master
12:50 pm
in the giant. his rubber faced antics inspired people like jim carey to get physical on their comedy, and jim carrey tweeted out sunday that that full was no dummy. i am because he was. all this comity coming out of one man. >> laughter is our safety valve. laughter helps us get through syria able, through the stupid things that the politicians do. laughter is our secret and most important device, that is to laugh. >> reporter: jerry lewis is remembered for his humanitarian work almost as much as his comity having spent decades hosting the muscular dystrophy association telefon. they put out a statement, "the mda would not be the organization it is today if it were not for jerry's tireless efforts on behalf of of these kids."
12:51 pm
his last onstage performance was this past january in florida. jerry lewis was 91. fox news. ♪ ♪ be a powerful force. nature valley
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breaking news from the south bay. charges have been filed against a man accused of shooting two
12:54 pm
off duty oakland firefighters in san jose. murder and attempted murder charges have been filed against the 27-year-old oliver juinio, accused of shooting and killing jake walter and another firefighter was shot but is expected to survive. we will follow this developing story and will have much more for you this afternoon on ktvu. today at 4 we learn about how the san francisco police are preparing for the potential controversial rallies happening over the weekend. still waiting to see if neo- nazi groups will keep the permit to speak at crissy field, and much more today on the 4 on 2. with five minutes before the closing bell on wall street we take a live look over the big lord, the dow jones industrial average of just over 40 points. the s&p 500 relatively flat and up about 4 points ahead of the
12:55 pm
closing bell. the largest suv maker is interested in purchasing the fiat chrysler and the chinese motor company looking to purchase the brand and there's been speculation for several days that the great wall motors is behind the offer earlier this month and if they purchased chrysler it would be the largest bill for china involving the foreign automaker. the app yellow being criticized because it acts like the popular dating and hookup apps but targeting teenagers. you can chat with others or stream video live. yellow targets teenagers as young as 13, and there's no maximum age for the app. many parents are worried that it could connect predators with kids. >> i don't know, times have changed and there's a lot of freedom out there, and we have given them too much. >> 13 is too young for that app
12:56 pm
. >> some adults are already on their that are 19 or 20. if you are 12 or 13, that is absolutely an inappropriate relationship already. >> yolo -- yellow is asking for parental consent but there's no way to prove your age or determine whether you are lying . no one master the six powerball numbers and the new jackpot for the wednesday drawing is $650 million, the third-largest jackpot in the u.s. history. no one has matched all six numbers in over two months. the odds of winning are about one out of 292 million. president trump is scheduled to address the nation on his strategy for the u.s. involvement in afghanistan and the president is expected to announce the increase in the number of u.s. troops in the country. the pentagon had asked for an additional 3900 troops to help to strengthen the afghan forces. we will bring you the president's address live as it
12:57 pm
happens and the coverage will begin at 6:00 tonight. thank you for joining us at noon and our news continues on, as well as facebook and twitter . have a great day and we will meet you back your for the 4 on 2. ,,
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we're going behind closed doors. >> whatever's in your fridge it says something about you. >> today -- >> the top three foods tv chefs always keep in their fridge. >> there you go. takes you two seconds to make. >> that's good. plus, cellulite cream, pills promising to get you smooth. do they work? we put them to the test coming up next. >> we'll save lives today. >> healthy. [ cheering ]


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