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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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they're not quite as rare as other things. president trump taking a break at the white house to join the first family in watching the eclipse cross over the united states. the first coast to coast total solar eclipse in 99 years capturing the attention of millions of americas, hours before the president plans to capture the attention of millions of observers this evening, in the first televised address since february. the topic? afghanistan. >> we will see this evening everyone together, we'll learn what the president is going to do his decisions as commander in chief are. and that, that's the most important job he has. >> reporter: america's longest war in afghanistan to date spanning 16 years costing the united states billions of dollars and the lives of more than 2,000 troops. president trump tweeting saturday that his day spent at camp david with generals and
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military leaders resulted in many decisions made including afghanistan. >> we know if we pull out and the government collapses, you're going to have some combination of isis, al-qaeda, the taliban running the country again. that's a long-term very real threat. >> reporter: secretary of defense james mad dog mattis hinting the president's plan will extend beyond afghanistan not just a strategy. >> reporter: over to phoenix for what's been described a campaign rally type event. but the mayor of phoenix has made it clear he would like the president to delay the rally over what we've seen. >> any word on how long the president is expected to speak? >> no exact timeline in terms of how long the speech will go. but we do know some of the tidbits that he'll be asking
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congress for and that is permission to send [ no audio ] >> unfortunately, we lost joel waldman. hopefully we'll have more coming up on the president. we will have more coming up on the president's address later on tonight on ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. now to the solar eclipse. it literally turned day in to night. millions of americans across the country watched the total eclipse, seen exclusively in the u.s. since 1776, the eclipse was first seen in oregon at 10:16, our time. it then quickly crossed the country ending in south carolina just 90 minutes later. [ cheers and applause ] here in california, unfortunately only a partial eclipse but still a total thrill for all these folks at oakland's chabot's science center. the crowd thinned just a bit for
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a few minutes, exposing the outline of a crescent sun in the sky. >> it was like wow! kind of like the moon! >> yeah, but it was the sun. >> yeah, it's almost like a closed eye like, when you get, kind of like an angle. >> that's exciting. >> really exciting. >> volunteer educators were on hand to explain what was going on, also a live feed in chabot's planetarium. the cloud cover made it unfortunately difficult for many people in the bay area to see the eclipse. >> but there were no such problems in the south bay. ktvu's jessie gary joined a watch party there at santa clara university. >> for a little more than an hour monday morning. the crowd outside santa clara's university school of business was prime seating for the dimming of the light. >> very exciting, i'm happy to be here. wouldn't want to miss this in a big moment. >> reporter: upwards of 300 people, kids and the young at heart donned their viewing
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glasses to watch the slow solar show. the movement of one celestial body in front of another as earth's moon slid in front of the sun, creating a crescent light. santa clara astro physicist kristin kunas. >> nasa can use the data for what's happening here to better understand how eclipses affect natural life here on earth as well as just learning about the motion of the celestial objects in our solar system. >> reporter: aside from the science, the dimming effect that follows sealed the deal for those who travel near and far to see mid morning turn in to it late afternoon. >> i like the idea of all of us across the u.s. looking at the same thing and sharing the same event. that's positive. kind of fun. >> reporter: the miller family from beaverton, oregon would've seen more with a greater loss of light if they'd stayed home. but an ill time vacation to so cal meant viewing the eclipse while visiting the university.
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>> we've got like minded people and glasses and able to see 75% of it. it was great. >> reporter: minutes after the shading effect was in full effect, the sun started its radiant return. the eclipse that comes only once in a great while was ending. >> my gosh, it's something that's happening mechanic, so it's beyond human ability to affect, which i think is exciting. >> reporter: the next time this sweeps across the country, april of 2024 that will be the next solar eclipse. but from california, darkness will spread texas up through the united states and canada. i'm jessie gary, ktvu fox 2 news. students at rancho elementary school in livermore were outside just in time to it see the eclipse at its peak this morning. the science teacher provided protective eye wear for the students along with a lesson on the solar system in preparation for the real thing. the students also watched an educational video on solar eclipses. and if you missed any of the coverage or want to see the eclipse again, we have posted
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our coverage right at the top of our homepage, just go to prosecutors today formally charged a san jose man with murder and attempted murder on allegations that he shot two off duty oakland firefighters. 27-year-old oliver junio is being held without bail in the main jail in santa clara county as he awaits his scheduled arraignment tomorrow. he shot and killed firefighter jake walter late thursday night in san jose after some kind of altercation after a bar. another off duty oakland firefighter was also shot but is listed in stable condition. bay area rapper keak the sneak was shot and wounded earlier today at a das station in -- gas station in richmond. crime reporter henry lee has more on the investigation. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: 39-year-old oakland rapper keak the sneak
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born charles williams has "tell me when to go" with i-40. now his family and fellow rappers like mr. fab are at his hospital betside after he was shot -- bedside after he was shot at 5:30 in the morning at a gas station. witnesses tell ktvu that the rapper was shot as he was sit behind the wheel of his porsche cayenne. >> i just heard 15, 20 shots rang out. i stayed in the store and when i came back out, i just saw the guy laying by the sign. >> reporter: another witness says by standers pulled the rapper. >> that's where the truck hit right here. more glass than this earlier this morning. and that's where his body was flying. you want to see that stain right there. >> reporter: richmond police say this was not a random shooting. investigators don't have a motive. >> this seems to be a pretty
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targeted incident. i can't really divulge or get in to more. >> reporter: this isn't the first time. he was wounded in january. he had brushes with the law. in september, he led police on a car and foot chase in hercules before he was arrested. friends and acquaintances say they're praying for the rapper. >> i'm hoping that he lives. i hope that he can, i hope that he's all right. keak the sneak is a very good guy. he's a gentleman. he's a gentleman, and i know for a fact that he's not in any of the gang related stuff. >> reporter: richmond police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. live at the richmond police department, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> so hen rirks this isn't the -- henry, this isn't the first time he was shot, do you know anything about that, what happened? >> reporter: he didn't say much, he was shot then back an stage the next day. whether or not the same people or parties are responsible for the earlier shooting are after him it's unclear.
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richmond police say he was targeted but the motive still not clear. >> all right. henry lee, thank you. defense attorneys for the man accused of killing 32 -year-old kate steinle asked the court to keep certain records sealed. they're concerned that juan garcia zarote won't be able to get a free trial. publicity could affect his client's right to an impartial jury. this morning the judge ruled the documents would remain public. garcia is on trial for allegedly shooting and killing kate steinle as she was walking with her father on pier 14. today's decision marks a win for the prosecution. >> there's been a tremendous publicity surrounding this case, the public will have an understanding of what's going on. >> garcia zarate is an illegal immigrant and a five time felon and his case has become a flash point in the debate over sanctuary cities.
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tomorrow the judge will review his police interview to determine if any of it was involuntary. if so, those excerpts may be inadmissible in court. could include white su prem sifs supremacists and nazis what the mayor is urging people to do. now milo yiannopoulos is planning to cull back to the bay area. ktvu's ken wayne spoke one-on-one with yiannopoulos. hear what he told ken about his upcoming rally. and fog didn't clear in much of the bay area but other parts of the country got to experience the full total eclipse. we'll take you through the most spectacular images through the day. and hit and miss with the eclipse weather, also got fog on the coast and a change coming as we move through the week. we'll let you know what you can expect, we'll see you after the break.
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california's employment situation is far better than the rest of the nation. there are parts of the state that continue to suffer. calendars gained 82,600 jobs. in the bay area counties of san francisco, san mateo and santa clara, the unemployment rate is now under 4%. that's a number most economists rate as full employment. and there's still plenty of jobs available. in fact, california's job growth in july was more than a third of the entire nation 's job growth. >> this is really the case, but the past month, we taken very large share, our percentage is far above our population percentage. coastal employment is red hot
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but mainland areas are struggling to recover, the employment rate is 5%, the county is 12.8, colusa county at 11.6 and imperial 24.2%. back to the eclipse, this morning it went to light to darkness and back again. this is what it looked like in jackson hole, wyoming today. as it got dark, city street lights and building lights turned on and then moments later, just like that, daylight reappeared. cities in oregon and california, all across the country experienced similar darkness. >> ktvu's tom vacar joins us. >> the solar eclipse happens, one in the u.s. is very rare. >> reporter: the countdown to today's eclipse happened during the last one, way back in 1979. that's it, the last solar
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eclipse to be seen in this continent and century, not until august 21, 2017 will another eclipse be visible from north america, 38 years from now. as the president and first lady looked on, the nation took a break. for just a few minutes, americans gathered, suspending politics for one of nature's most beautiful events. >> metaphorically we could see that as the moon passes through the course of the sun, as this dark time passes through our country, better times will come. the sun will shine again. >> reporter: for an hour and 45 minutes, the total darkness eclipse sped 2,301 miles across america at a speed of just under 1,300 miles an hour. at 70 miles wide, the line of total darkness crossed 14 states. although every state saw at least a partial eclipse. about 12 million people live along the area of total darkness, but it's estimated another 2.4 to 7.4 million
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people travel to witness total darkness. the reason was summed up by this woman. >> well, wasn't sure if i would get to see another one in my lifetime and i just wanted to experience it. >> reporter: at the chabot space and science center, a mob scene. inside the nasa center and outside on the lawn, even the partial eclipse came throngs of folks. >> just watching the eclipse, being here nasa, was just really great. >> reporter: in sanford and central florida, thousands flocked to a local stadium to share the event. in south carolina, freeway signs warned of both the eclipse and potential traffic danger. in tampa, the partial eclipse painted the ground with countless crescents on images. in jackson, wyoming, day turned to night but the only light showing was coming from outside the dark zone. challenger gray and christmas say workers racked up $694 million in lost productivity to watch the eclipse. some of it was offset by
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increased spending on eclipse glasses, and travelling to the places where the darkness was total. >> the restaurant has been packed. for us, i mean, the eclipse merchandise, i mean, it is flying out the door. >> reporter: once it was over, the great migration tushed in to the -- turned in to the even greater motorists' mess. but for those where the sun refused to shine, you'll have a shot of a u.s. eclipse, 2024, sooner, july of 2019 if you want to go to chile or argentina. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> it was strange hearing frank reynolds saying yeah, the next eclipse isn't for 37 years, august of 2017 and then to think that's today. >> not only do i remember that, that was the first year i started in television here in the bay area. >> did you see it today? >> no, not at all because i was working on this story trying to gather stuff from all over the nation. and where we were, of course, here in oakland, the sun did not come out during that period of
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time. >> yeah, it was way too foggy. the pictures you had in that piece was outstanding. >> crazy with all the traffic, people on the highways just slowing down to look at it. my husband was stuck in traffic in the east bay, people were trying to go slow. >> think about this. this was one of the great human migrations in recent hirlt. million -- history. millions of people flocked to where 12 million people already live. getting out of there was no easy task. in many cases we're talking about roads that were very, very small and not capable of channelling that traffic. >> tom vacar in the newsroom. let's go to bill now for more on the weather. and it wasn't too cooperative in the east bay, a lot of fog. >> a bummer. kind of a bummer for a lot of folks, depending where you were. i got a few breaks where i was. pacifica and san francisco, and a lot of places around the bay, a thick, thick fog. made viewing the eclipse rather difficult. if you did get a chance to see it, up in the summit, santa
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cruz, saw it all up in other places, hamilton and diablo, quite a day. nationwide, having trouble in the zone of totality. a lot of areas by clemson where they had cloud cover during the max totality. okay. here's what we got. this weak system sitting out here. here. a weak little system. that's what's keeping us cool. temperatures today, low 80s inland. tomorrow temperatures because of this low pressure center are going to be mid 70s to mid 80s in the hotspots. so definitely cool out there. mild out there, if you will. and then here's something else going on. you've got the fog, hasn't really cleared out of pony rays, the marine layer is pretty deep because of that low. all stretched out. everybody cools. what does it cool? it drops the fire danger down. haven't been talking about fire danger. mountain, lightning and thunder, brown lake tahoe, donner lake, that's occurring now. i can put that in motion and you can see the last six hours, it
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starts to build up around 4:00. and then boom, boom, boom. and that is atypical for this time of year, the monsoonal moisture is typical to see as we head in the month of august and in to september. the moisture from the gulf of mexico gets pulled north. and it's, you know, back to school. it's that time of year and things are starting to change now in to a fall pattern. couple indications of that. 78 fairfield. 75 concord. temperatures a little cooler than yesterday. the overall it's flat. and you know what, tomorrow, just like today. not a big change. there's that fog out there. now, some clearing in oakland, a little too late, too little too late for those wanting to view the eclipse. breeze out there. tomorrow will be a lot like today. but the trend this week will be for a bit of a warm up. we'll stair step up, quality will go down. in the meantime, your forecast. this is for tuesday, your forecast highs, winds are 90. storms are 80s. there it is. not bad. kind of what you'd expect this
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time of year. we may see some 90s out by fairfield. but i expect most of the inland warm spots are going to be in the mid 80s. nice looking day tomorrow. warming on the way and that's when we'll talk about next time i see you. >> bill, thank you. controversy behind them, swears in the police chief. he gives his ideas for the city. and talking about the situation in afghanistan. whether he take you live to arlington, virginia where the president is expected to announce a commitment of 4,000 more troops.
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wearing in the top cop, coleer was call eded the police chief. >> and paul's here now with what the chief plans for his department moving forward. paul? >> reporter: frarchg, jew -- frank, julie, the ceremony happened here. kohler grew up here, he not only far exceeded his dream of becoming a police officer but he's now tishlly the top -- officially the top cop of hayward. surrounded by his family, the fourth person to be named top chief. acting chief after former
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hayward chief was put on administrative leave. after they opened a personal investigation on stewart in december, she retired and the investigation ended without any explanation from the city. at that time, kohler was elevated to interim chief. after a search, they decide to do stick with kohler. >> i'm not saying this is surreal. when i began, i never thought i would be up here as chief of police. >> reporter: he's a second generation hayward officer. his dad also served on the dement. the -- department. the new chief has a cutting edge, introducing body cameras and the importance of community. kohler talked about that last month in our barber shop town hall. >>le we need to meet the community, we need to talk to the community about their needs and about their concerns and about their struggles because we serve the community. >> reporter: on this day when he became hayward's top cop, the new chief took more of his plans for his department in the city they serve. >> as your new chief of police,
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i will remain committed to maintaining transparency and inclusiveness. this begins and ends with the police department, ends throughout our community. >> reporter: now again, kohler's been on the department for more than 35 years. before getting officially sworn, he served as an interim acting chief for a year which started last year in august. live in hayward, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. >> still to come, his scheduled appearance in berkeley led to protests on the cal campus, now we know he's returning to the area. >> i want it peaceful, i want it respectful. >> in a moment, provocateur milo yiannopoulos sits down with ktvu to talk about his upcoming appearance. plus san francisco's mayor talks about what he wants people to do if neo nazis and white supremacists show up this weekend. also a desperate rescue mission near singapore. 10 u.s. sailors still missing after the navy ship they were on
5:27 pm
crashed in an oil tanker.
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on the hiels in the deadly protest, berkeley is concerned about similar protests here. the far right wing group patriot prayer happens, is hoping rather to hold a rally in chrissy field on saturday. and san francisco's mayor urged people not to attend but come to
5:30 pm
a counterrally of sorts. >> mayor lee have denounced it as hateful saying it attracted white supremacists and neo nazis. tara moriarty joins us the plan. >> reporter: in the wake of the protests in charlottesville, virginia. >> reporter: and a similar one in berkeley between so-called liberals are concerned saturday's patriot prayer rally at kris crissy field could turn violent. >> we think it's ill advised we don't think they're ready. >> reporter: the mayor says they will not dignify the rally by attending but rather by inviting the ral public to a counterrally of sorts.
5:31 pm
on saturday afternoon, a big block party. >> the theme is peace, love, and laughter. so that we don't end up with a confrontation with people who are frankly haters. and give them the violence that they're seeking. that's really what they want. >> reporter: the national park service has not issued a final permit for the rally slated to be held on federal land. we called the media line to receive an update but unable to reach anyone. >> the mailbox is full and cannot accept messages at this time. >> reporter: whether the permit is issued or not, police are prepared. >> as of now, no days off are being allowed and days off cancelled for the police department. every available officer will be working on saturday. >> reporter: one concern is that if it revokes the permit, patriot prayer followers will show up anyway. >> i think the most tumultuous thing that can happen, people act on their very deep passions on hate and that's certainly something that we would be espousing against. >> we can come together and
5:32 pm
show, stand together as san franciscans with our values and so much more of us than them. >> reporter: it will be here at civic plaza on noon and stay for the festival, food, music and face paintings for the kids. the goal is to keep people away crissy field so they can express themselves safely. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the bay area has seen a number of protests, controversial english political commentator yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak. >> he's back in berkeley, in town this past weekend and sat down with ken wayne for a one-on-one interview. you spoke to him for an hour. what did he say? >> we were only going to talk for 20 minutes. he asked how long it would take, we talked for about an hour and said i think we have enough now. once you got him going, he was hard to stop. there doesn't seem to be much
5:33 pm
middle ground with yiannopoulos. he's been called the most hated man on the internet. here's what he had to say about the violence that erupted in charlottesville, virginia. and president trump's response to it. >> bad actors. but donald trump when anything happens involving ugly far right, is supposed to prostrate and ask for forgiveness. i don't blame him for not doing so. the left never does it when it attacks, kills, attacks property. they don't do it but they expect it. it's a double standard. i understand why trump is resisting playing that game. i get it. >> reporter: yiannopoulos will be returning to cal at the end of september to hold a series of seminars and topics including feminism and islam. he said he's work with uc berkeley to make sure the event is safe and has enough security. he does not want to see a repeat of the violence that erupted last time he was here. >> i want it peaceful, i want it respectful. it would be nice if -- the problem is the way that the police operate in this kind of
5:34 pm
town. because they don't police properly. they let antiphas smash the place up. they did that when i came to berkeley. they allowed people to be pepper sprayed, beaten up, it wasn't $100 of damage, that was just that one building. it was like $1 million, the left did it. you can imagine if white supremacists, at uc berkeley it would've been 10 million of damage. >> what does he say? he says he's a free speech advocate, not a racist or pushing violence. and he says despite all the publicity he's received, he is greatly misunderstood. >> watch me speak for 20 minutes and you would realize that everything that's ever been written about me is a lie. >> reporter: so half of this is tongue in cheek. >> no. i have a rye and sardonic and sarcastic manner. but that doesn't suggest it doesn't mean everything i say just means i say it in a persuasive way, which some people try to write off as a joke or an act. >> reporter: yiannopoulos says
5:35 pm
what he'd really like to do is have his own tv show and be the right wing version of a jon stewart or a bill maher. right now he's concentrating on promoting his best selling book on college campuses which of course includes a stop on berkeley. >> you were with him for an hour. what were your thoughts? and is he any different off camera when the camera starts rolling? >> he's pretty much the same guy. he definitely doesn't have a self-esteem problem, he thinks highly of himself. he's a sharp guy, smart, he knows how to speak. he has a charisma. i can see why people are attracted to him. but i don't know how much of this is an act. he says it's not an act but statement he says maybe i am a comedian. he's been interesting person, that's for sure. but a lot of people detest the man. and i know that because i've been hearing about it on twitter. >> yeah, we saw what happened when he came to uc berkeley
5:36 pm
before. is cal being receptive to him coming back this next series in september? >> he was upset the security costs he would have to pay, that is being negotiated. he says so far it looks like things are going in the right direction. and he is hoping there is proper security and that we don't have a kind of incident that we had last time. >> quickly what was he doing here the last weekend? >> there was a protest set to be at google on saturday over the firing of the engineer who wrote that controversial memo that protest ended up getting cancelled and we were able to get some time with him. >> all right, ken thank you. if you're interested in hearing more of ken's interview with milo yiannopoulos, we've posted pieces on our ktvu youtube page. it's also posted clips on our website, a man accused of shooting and killing a hayward father as he pushed his infant son in a stroller was arraigned this morning. pablo mendoza was arraigned on murder charges with special circumstances. he did not enter a plea. he's one of three suspects accused of killing 29-year-old
5:37 pm
daniel dell toro on july 29. investigators say the suspects are known gang members and they believe the victim was targeted. authorities in spain have confirmed that the deadly terrorist attacks in barcelona were the work of a 12 person jihadi cell operated in the area. the last remaining suspect was shot and killed today. he's been identified as a 22-year-old moroccan man. thises as the number of -- this as the number of people killed in last thursday's terror attack now up to 15. another 50 are still hospitalized. police are out in force as mourners continue to gather at the main site of the attack. laying flowers and lighting candle. 10 u.s. sailors still missing tonight following a collision after a navy destroyer, the john s mccain and a tanker off sing more. second time in two months a destroyer has collided with a commercial vessel and the fourth mishap stins the beginning of the year. the navy ordered an investigation and also halted
5:38 pm
all operations for at least a day to conduct safety checks on its vessels. >> i want to get frequent updates, this requires urgent action. we need to get to it and take corrective action. >> the john s mccain is named after the father and grandfather of senator john mccain of arizona. the senator's father and grandfather both served as admirals in the navy. senator mccain tweeted today we must identify and correct the causes of these recent collisions, adding that our sailors deserve no less. it's one of two public housing units the city operates. and residents in richmond say it is dirty and dangerous. >> trafficking, drugs. noise, you know, homeless people using it as a toilet. >> coming up, why the mayor of richmond says he plans to disband the public housing authority. plus a total eclipse from the sky, ktvu got to fly along at 35,000 feet as the moon
5:39 pm
blocked out the sun. still to come, the special view we got.
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the mayor of richmond is proposing disbanding the housing authority. mayor tom butt says it's usually underfunded and that hud, the u.s. department of housing and urban development is quick to blame richmond for any
5:42 pm
problems. robb roth spoke with the mayor and the housing complex. >> reporter: plaza in downtown richmond, many residents tell us it's often dirty and unsafe. >> trafficking to drugs, it's the noise, it's the, you know, homeless people using it as a toilet. >> reporter: the plaza one of two public housing complexes by the authority. by butt says he wants to have someone else run it. he says the u.s. department of housing and urban development doesn't adequately fund the housing authority. >> the basic problem we have lz a program out there being run and not being funded. and cities like richmond are having to pick up the slack and deal with it and we just don't have the resources to do it. >> reporter: the city has kicked in millions of dollars to make up for short falls. city officials say hud hasn't aloud richmond to set aside funds for major renovation
5:43 pm
projects. >> these are major dollars. and if you don't spend those quickly, if you, in other words, allow the money to it accumulate so you can do a major project, hud takes issue with it. >> reporter: the mayor says he wants to have the city hold hearings and hud secretary and former presidential candidate ben carson testify. >> i want him to come and tell us why, why hud doesn't give us enough money to operate our housing authority. >> reporter: hud hasn't returned our calls but has criticized the housing authority for mismanagement. the mayor says perhaps another entity like contra costa county could run the county, ha would be okay with many residents. >> couldn't hurt, that's for sure. but they're not doing a job at all. >> reporter: the mayor says if the city counsel does agree to disband the authority t it could happen by the first of the year. in richmond, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. mandatory evacuation orders remain in place for the tiny community of wawona in mare
5:44 pm
poesa county, crews continue to fight a wildfire. the south fork fire started a week ago just inside the southern entrance to the park. the u.s. forest service says its burned nearly five square miles and still only 10% contained. the evacuation will include several yosemite camp grounds as well as the historic big trees lodge which used to be called the wawona hotel. a unique way to see the total eclipse. this time from 35,000 feet up in the air. coming up next, our frank mallicoat got to fly along. and we are tracking the forecast. temperatures are going to warm up, the rest of the week forecast, we'll see you after the break
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there was a lot of excitement at schools in oakland but the fog ruined the show. all these kids wanted to see the eclipse. this is the view from skyline high school. the clouds only broke for a few seconds and that gave people a quick glimpse of the partial eclipse here. >> it looked like a crescent moon. so initially when i glanced up oh, that's the moon, no, that's the sun. >> i don't think we would've even know. if we didn't know an eclipse was happening. >> it was cold. but it could've just been a wind. >> you'll have another chance to see a solar eclipse seven years from now but you have to leave california. that eclipse will come up from mexico across the continental
5:48 pm
u.s. and in to canada. a big crowd came out to moffit field. nasa research center hosted the event. along with the actual viewing, hosting on televisions from the eclipse from high altitude balloons, satellites and specially modified telescopes. one angle of the eclipse that very few people got to see. outside a window, 35,000 feet up. >> ktvu's frank mallicoat was able to take that so-called eclipse flight, now he takes us along for the amazing ride. >> reporter: i've done cool stories in my day but this is at the tippy top. an amazing day. i got to tell you, it almost felt like astronauts up there today and we actually met an astronaut on the plane. you'll meet him shortly. an amazing sight, watching the eclipse from 16 miles up. >> your eclipse crew from alaska airline is ready. >> reporter: flight 9671. how pudged up are you? >> i am pumped! so excited.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: this high flying viewing party is invitational only. do you have any idea what you're about to witness? >> no i have no idea absolutely no idea whatsoever. >> reporter: let's go! 93 of us are about to witness the path of totality. from 35,000 feet up. a good 15 minutes before the oregon coast goes dark. people say it's like a sunset. no it's not like a sunset. is it like a thunderstorm approaching, darkening the sky? no, it's not anything like that either. how much alien stimulation can your mind process in a little over a couple minutes? >> wheels up at 7:15, our b 737 winging its way, 815 miles west northwest over the pacific. all to capture the perfect perch to watch the moon pull the plug on the sun. that's no easy chore either. >> so basically, if you think about two cars, one coming at 4,000 and another 520 and we need to side swipe the car that's travelling at 4,000.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: we are on board with astronauts, astronomers, contest winners and a crush of media. >> crescent small. it's awesome. awesome! >> reporter: the atmosphere is festive as our target destination approaches. iphones and cameras are glued to the window glass. the right side of the plane filled with the anticipation. while the view on the left side slowly fades to black. and finally, totality. a total eclipse of the sun. >> it's amazing. it's just absolutely, words can't describe it. i mean, 35,000 feet. the first one in the world to be able to see it, just great. >> oh my god, it was so worth it. it makes you want to see everything, like now i'm like when's the next one? >> reporter: exactly 1 minute, 46 seconds it was over, not to be seen again for seven years. but what a memory. even for astronaut michael barren spend over 200 days in
5:51 pm
space. what does this bring today? >> this ranks right up there. the things in space are amazing, spectacular, very rare. a lot of people don't see this is all of that. and just from a very different vantage point. >> here's to another successful eclipse! >> reporter: got to have champagne when you finish a flight like this. if you missed it this year, you don't have to miss 38 years for the next one. just seven years. the next eclipse here in north america is going to cut through mexico, work its way up through central united states and eventually exit through eastern canada. that's in the year 2024. reporting up here in oregon, i'm frank mallicoat, ktvu fox 2 news. >> i really like frank's enthusiasm. and it's genuine enthusiasm. i can't wait to talk to him when he comes back what it was like. but i wonder on a plane, what about the people on the other side. >> you want a window seat. >> i think they were able to fly
5:52 pm
in totality for awhile, they stayed on that line, it wasn't like the minute and a half they had in the address it's like, i think they had a little longer chunk of time. they flew in the line. >> they took turns. >> but still, yeah, it's my window! >> lovely at the tippy top. [ laughter ] so weather around here, we shot the story of the skyline high school kids. the fog really did play problems for many in the bay area, the totality but not the totality, seeing the eclipse. but many did. i got glimpse of it as the clouds broke for a bit. it's neat. and the thing i did, a lot that you did it too, i spent a lot of time just listening. you get to the closer, i think 77% coverage, birds and things start to act differently. the birds quit chirping, they think it's nighttime. there's a little bit of just environmental coolness. in the mountains a thunderstorm that is, most have died down
5:53 pm
right now, we go back, boom, boom, 5:30, they've died down. very typical for this time of year, for this time of night. let's be prepared for more of those. these are the current high temperatures, current temperatures, pardon me. and then there's the outside shot. beautiful evening. blue skies, sunshine. you can see this little pressure center is the reason for the cooling or the mild weather. this low migrates away. high pressure builds in from the east and we start to warm up. doesn't get hot. but we go warmer through this whole week which we'll, you know, it will increase fire danger a little bit. so forecast highs tomorrow. here you go, there's the cloud cover and those are the highs. reds are 90s. but i think we'll see mostly 80s. i think in the not spots. around the bay -- in the hotspots. around the bay, 60s and 70s. in the hotspots, mostly 80s. clear lake, out of the area, out of the fog. the five-day forecast and we'll put the sunday in there too. you see that warm up, as it moves toward the bay area
5:54 pm
weekend. yeah, kind of a cool day. everybody just looking up and just, you know, tapping in to the earth's energy and just the solar system, everybody is just -- you know. >> build up to it. >> oh my gosh! >> for days. >> thank you. coming up, it's all that remains of the old fan of the bay bridge. up next the plans for an explosion of some of the pilings were turning others in to piers for walking, biking or dining. president trump addressing the country on the situation in afghanistan. live pictures here from fort meyer military base in arlington, virginia. again, moments away now from the president expected to announce a commitment of 4,000 more troops to afghanistan.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
cal trans is speeding up their plans to remove the eastern span of the bridge. >> ktvu's tom vacar looks at how they do that without ruining wildlife in the area. >> reporter: their tops removed, only a few feet of the massive pilings remain above water. every other weekend from september to november two or three each time will be explosively demolished and the debris immediately barged away, leaving only the original bay
5:58 pm
bottom. the pressure wave from about 30 pounds of explosives per pier will be surrounded by a carton of large bubbles. the bubbles will actually absorb almost all the shock to minimize disturbance to wildlife. >> quite frankly if it's good for the environment it goes faster. quite frankly everybody saves money. the taxpayer saves money. >> the savings at least $10 million than half the days to finish the last thing. >> these remaining are very likely used to have a public observation deck. something planned for many, many years and could be approved in just a few weeks. >> on the east side, there's a chance to have, you know, a walkway from the land out to, you know, pier 19. that's over 1,000 feet. >> reporter: on that huge ramp and platform would be a whole new series of biking, hiking, sailing, recreational and dining opportunities looking out on the bridge. the community will have an opportunity to weigh in on keeping some of those remaining
5:59 pm
piers for conversion to that public use. on the yerba buena side it would have the ability on the other side. >> it would fund a maintenance and operation on it just like they do the bridge and bike trail. >> reporter: less for an hour, weekend traffic on the bridge will be halted in an abundance of safety. it took seven years to design the bridge. another 12 years to build it for a 2013 opening. but it still wasn't quite finished. just last week in 2017, 28 years after loma prieda, the final detail work was finished on the new span, the same year demolition of the old one will also be completed. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. >> and live pictures right now from arlington virginia where in just a few moments, president trump is expected to give a
6:00 pm
national security address regarding the situation in afghanistan. the president is expected to commit 4,000 more troops to the war effort there. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville, we'll bring you the address in its entirety when it begins and again, it's expected to start in just a few moments. a bay area rapper shot and wounded in richmond is recovering at the hospital. keak the sneak, real name charles williams was in his porsche at a gas station when someone opened fire. friends of the rap star said he made it through surgery and has now stabilized. at this point, police have not made any arrests. prosecutors formally charged a san jose man with murder and attempted murder for shooting two off duty oakland firefighters. investigators say 27-year-old oliver junio shot and killed oakland firefighter jake walter late thursday night in san jose after an altercation outside a bar. another off


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