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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  August 23, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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statements on the border wall, media, and immigration enforcement. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning, thank you for waking up us with on mornings on 2, wednesday, august 23rd. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. happening right now, several toll booths on the golden gate bridge are closed after an rv hit part of the toll plaza and got stuck last night. it happened shortly before 9:00 last night. the rv was headed into san francisco. the toll booths are closed right now. let's check in with sal with a look at the impact this morning. so it's two or three toll booths? >>reporter: that's right. and one of the things we want to let you know is so far traffic is light on that golden gate bridge, lightish. it's early in the morning, so we'll see how long it takes. normally on the golden gate bridge we don't have a slow commute. remember, people
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don't stop to pay the toll anymore so that has changed things in the last few years, however, this is blocking a couple of lanes. we'll see if it has an affect. traffic is light. let's go to the other communities we watch for you. traffic is moving well on the altamont pass. it's early, but things don't stay this way for too long. no slow traffic on the altamont pass. if you want to get on the road before that happens, you can see traffic is moving along well. there had been no major problems on the drive from livermore to hayward to castro valley. it continues to look good. also, we look at the 880 freeway, traffic is moving along well. school is back in session, but for the early commuters, it's not having an affect. we'll keep an eye on the trouble spots and let you know more about that straight ahead. at 4:01. let's go to steve
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who is in today's weather center. >> thank you very much sal. we have fog coming to the coast in areas it didn't have. santa cruz, santa cruz mountains. and the sierra pushed to the north. fog is filling in rapidly. yesterday there was a warmup. santa cruz and santa cruz mountains did not get in on the fog yesterday and what was there burned off fast. santa cruz checked in at 80 degrees yesterday. cloud cover move north, but the low cloud was back. decent and delta breeze. 60s and 50s on the temps here as the low clouds make a push. 64 in kelceyville. a lot of 50s from nevada, santa ra -- raph raphael. let's go to dave. it was a wild night
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in phoenix, arizona. last night in phoenix, protestors clashed with police outside the convention hall where president trump held a campaign-style rally. protestors were throwing canisters at the police and they fired pepper spray pellets and flash bang canisters. according to the police, all that heavy smoke you see there, it came from pepper spray. they used the pepper spray pellet to break up the crowd and stop attacks on officers. four people were arrested. some of the protestors had to splash water in their eyes because the stinging smoke. they say the protest was peaceful until the end of president trump's speech. that's when the protestors tried to break through the
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barricades. president trump will speak at the -- last night he spoke for 90 minutes at the phoenix -- he lashed out at the media and took a strike at two republican senators as well -- >> we are building a wall on the southern border and the criminals who prey on our people, we are throwing them out of the country or we're putting them the hell fast in jail. [cheers and applause] >> a main part of the president speech focused on immigration. he discussed meeting with border patrol agents earlier in the day. he railed against sanctuary cities and promised to crack down on immigrants that keep returning to the u.s. dispute being deported. he blamed the media for the criticism he received from his response in charlottesville. >> truly dishonest people in the media and the fake
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media, they don't report the facts, just like they don't want to report that i spoke out forcefully against hatred, bigotry and violence. >> neither of arizona senator jeff flag or mccain attended the rally. flake criticized the president regarding remarks for charlottesville -- time is 4:05. during last night speech, president trump said he will pardon joe, the former arizona sheriff who was convicted for willfully disregarding a judge's decision to stop immigration traffic patrol. >> was joe convicted for doing his job -- did joe arpaid -- >> president trump indicated he did not pardon
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[indiscernible] last night because he said he didn't want to cause controversy. arpaid faces up to six months in jail for misdemeanor contempt of court. barbara -- she spoke out against the president's policy. >> we have to resist what this administration is doing, but we have to move forward and say no, we're going to make this a country of liberty and justice for all and work hard to make sure that his agenda doesn't pass. >> congresswoman lee went onto say that republicans and democrats should work together on comprehensive immigration form and building a wall on the u.s., mexico border is not the answer. lee called for peaceful protest this weekend in response to the rallies that are scheduled in san francisco and berkeley. time is 4:06. in the meantime, organizers of right wing rally planned for saturday say they expect to get their park
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permit by friday. the group patriot prayer says the national park service is pleased with security plans for the event. the group posted that quote, security is going to be on lock down. it says, no weapons or anything that can be turned into a weapon like a baseball bat will be allowed. the group promises to have fences and a large separation between rally goers and counter protestors. they say anyone who attends the rally will be searched. san francisco officials are encouraging the park service to withhold that permit for saturday's rally. the's another right wing rally scheduled for berkeley on sunday and city leaders are urging people to stay away for their own safety. police have said there will be no cars allowed along the perimeter along civic center park and that will stay in effect until saturday night. the
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mayor of berkeley says violence or hateful speech will not be tolerated. >> this is not freedom of speech. this is bigotry. this is racism. this is uni phobia and there's no place for this at berkeley or any other place in our country. >> the mayor has critics who says telling people not to hold rallies -- about what u.s. society is focused on. city officials say there are events planned around the city and protestors don't need to have face-to-face confrontation. time 4:08. new this morning, a late county sheriff's deputy was killed. he crashed his patrol car after responding to a call in the city of lake born. police called the sheriff's office to help break up a fight on bobbs lane and a suspect was arrested and deputy rob
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runfeld was driving away and his patrol car hit a tree less than a mile away. paramedics were called in, but runfeld did not survive. officials believe he may have had an medical emergency while driving. sheriff's deputies were call near brentwood 20 miles west of stockton yesterday. officials are not releasing information about the case, not even the exact address or anything about the victim or victims. they do say they'll have more information to give the public later today. time now, 4:09. u.s. berkeley police investigating a sexual assault inside of the dorms. the victim and the suspect are students and they know each other. police have not given us the name of the suspect. they haven't said which residential hall the allege
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attack occurred in. a south bay babysitter and her boyfriend in jail accused of sexually assaulting a four year girl. torres was babysitting the girl. the girl's mother went to police when she became suspicion her daughter had become sexual assaulting. police believes the babysitter's boyfriend hector garcia was involved. >> they committed a crime against the child and that's why they were both arrested. we haven't identified any other victims, but because of the services she was offering, we want to make sure there are no other victims out there. >> sunnyvale police want to hear from anyone who has information on this case. 4:10. dublin school board voted to spend $100 million to build a new high school. that vote followed a three hour meeting where parents and school board members agreed that dublin's population explosion requires a second high school. many parents
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worry that the $100 million allocated to build the school really won't be enough. they worry that over crowding could lead to problems like bullying and several safety issues. >> i've been here for 17 years and my kids have been here in school the whole time and now that they're hitting high school age -- >> we have a lot of elementary kids coming in at the same span of our high school and we have middle school growing at a fast rate. with very to prioritize the $280 million we have in the bond program. >> dublin, city's only high school with 2500 students enrolled, that's expected to double in the coming years and the school board says the earliest a new phase of a high school could be completed will be in 2021. happening today, the second largest lottery drawing in u.s. history. the power ball jackpot swelled to $700 million
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because there were no winners in saturday night's drawing. if you win, you take home $325 million after taxes. >> really? >> it's a cash option. i could think of a few things to spend the money on. the odds of winning, 1 and 292 million. but again, someone is going to win and you have a little fun in the meantime, right, and think about how you might spend that money. >> my friend pam when you win. >> i will remember you. >> tom, don't play. >> there you go, sal. 20 people living in a basement with no windows and only one way in and one way out. the lawsuit filed by the city of san francisco on behalf of the people living there. also the state department issued a new travel warning for americans headed to mexico. the area they say you should avoid. and if you're driving out to, let's say walnut creek or lafayette,
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westbound 24 looks pretty good from walnut creek to oakland. we'll tell you more about the morning commute, coming up. a little quieter pattern. the high mid level clouds and possible thunderstorms have moved out, but the fog has moved in. we'll see what's in store for the morning temps in our forecast. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:15. the state department issued anog for american citizens travelling to parts of mexico including the
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popular resort areas of cancun and los cabos. they say deadly gang battles between gangs and police in cancun and the killing of three people at a beach in los cabos. several mexico states -- the advisory says americans have been killed in carjackings and highway robberies in mexico. 50 environment groups and local governments filed lawsuits against the controversial delta tunnels project. monday was the deadline to file a lawsuit. the group suing to stop the twin tunnels project including costa costa, several crab boat owners and the sierra club. these lawsuits challenge the state 's environmental impact report -- the state's environmental impact report on governor brown to build two tunnels. the lawsuits are claiming
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the environment -- they don't properly evaluate the impact on water quality, delta farms, wild life, and fish. the california department of water resources will update the media today on the repair of the spillway at the oroville dam. the damage to the oroville dam spillway caused flooding in february. crews have been working to repair that damage and the goal is to have the repair work done before our next rainy season begins. >> your time is 4:17. crews started construction on that new fiver canyon bridge. they demolished the old -- the new bridge is designed to span the canyon without support. caltrans hope to have it open next month. >> that's fast. >> yeah. 4:17 is the time. let's check back in with sal. talking traffic is a problem at the golden gate bridge.
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>> as a matter of a fact it is. i have been looking at traffic on the golden gate bridge, pam, and dave, and it's very light so far so we don't have to worry about it right now, but we will talk about that coming up very shortly. you can see traffic is light. we're looking at the gilroy commute which we normally see here. gilroy to san jose through morgan hill. it's a nice looking drive, and traffic is light, so if you get up early and you hit the road, this is why the commute -- some people want to get to work without a huge crowd. this is the time to do it. no major problems on 280 in san jose up to highway 17. it continues to be a nice looking drive as you head out to the toll plaza of the bay bridge. at 4:18, let's bring steve in with today's forecast. i would sal, depending on how far i had to go. what's the point of fighting it. >> if you get up early, it takes less time to get to
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work. >> thank you, sir. in the last ten years, there's a lot more people on the road. i told someone that and -- low clouds are filling in, although surprise, surprise, they are down toward santa cruz mountains. they did not yet and they warmed up, but it's up and down most of the coast, and you can see it's right there. morgan hill to gilroy, but not in santa cruz. today it's there. upper 70s and low 80s. the high level clouds are gone and they have moved off. there's an okay delta breeze, but it hasn't made it to vacaville. 50 and 60s on the temps and some places a mile. brentwood in the 60s. walnut creek says that. lafayette 55. american canyon, 65. upper 50s to 60s berkeley, to -- most had thunderstorm activity firing up over the sierra. it was confined to that
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area and areas to the north. i think that will be the case today. 59 in monterey. cloud cover yesterday that was flirting with lake county has moved well to the north and there it is. it's toward -- we talked about northeast california and near the oregon border and towards ohio. so out of the picture, although some can pop up east side. the low is hanging around southern california. and it's going to start ejecting out tomorrow to allow the high pressure build in for the weekend. 60s and 70s. 80s to 90s inland and a bump up yesterday. a cool down and friday we'll even it out and it looks warm to hot especially inland over the weekend. >> steve, thanks. >> you got it. our time 4:20. the plan to extend bart to the east bay are on hold. we'll tell you about delays in opening bart stations to thousands of potential riders. plus technology in cars. are they keeping you safe on the roads?
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auditors found those rules were not followed in two of the contracts. the study shows that the u.s. -- wellsfargo bank says it has refunded $5 million to customers who were victims of the bank's fake account scandal. the bank hire aid third party to conduct a detailed study of current and former customers due refunds. that covered customer accounts from 2009 through 2016. the ceo of wellsfargo says wellsfargo will still probably payout hundreds of millions more in additional settlement. there's a new warehouse to be opened in stockton. amazon says the 600,000 square foot -- no word yet on when it might open. new legislation could be in place in san jose after there had been
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complaints that empty store fronts have become targets for trash and graffiti. according to the mercury news, the hill supermarket near -- they're tired of the ugliness left behind since that store shut down in 2015. the supermarket chain has a lease on the space until 2021 and still has no immediate plans to fill that space. there's a similar situation at an old safeway on pain avenue and winchester boulevard. there is -- the department store announcing plans to reduce -- department store kohl's is reducing the number of amounts they carry. they're working to compete with online retailers. they say they're not cutting jobs and the company says they remade 300 stores. renovations to
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the rest of the stores could take place in the coming years. a new shopping center is coming to the east bay. the veranda shopping center is scheduled to open october 27th in time for the shopping holiday center. it's on the 30 acre former chevron campus on diamond boulevard across interstate 680 from sun valley ml. here's a look at what the veranda mixed use center will look like. it will have space for 50 tenants including restaurant and retail shops. more than a dozen businesses signed on including an imax theater and a toys r us and -- a new study shows that safety systems in new cars are living up to their promises. it's to prevent cars from drifting into another lane or warn drivers of another vehicle
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in their blind spot. drivers are worried -- they become more distracted by dashboard displays. right now, it's 4:27. an announcer pulled off a football game. the reason espn is reassigning a broadcaster who was working at the university of virginia seasoner opener. statutes removed in the bay area. we have details about some of the monuments that advocacy groups now want taken down. good morning. you could see that the traffic is going to be moving pretty well in many areas incling the east shore freeway on 80 westbound as you head out to the macarthur main. a few changes today. the usual fog is back and there's more of it today than yesterday. not much of a change although there looks to be a change over the weekend.
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good morning, welcome back to mornings on 2. it's the middle of the week, pam. it's august 23rd. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up us with. 4:30 in the morning. it feels kind of warm to me outside and i guess it's heating up this weekend. >> this weekend, but not so much this weekend. the same today. 60s to 70s. >> second verse. >> that's correct. very shuttle changes, that's tr. we have a cooler pattern for some on the coast. a few locations and we've lost those higher clouds so that offshore breeze and the upper levels of the atmosphere has decreased and we get an onshore today. plenty of low clouds. sorry stephen, i misspelled your name. a cooler 53 in fort bragg. yesterday i had 59.


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