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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 29, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the coming weeks. mornings on 2 continues. good morning and thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, august 29.i'm pam cook. >> trent six. -- i'm dave clark. it will be cooler for most. there were over 40 reports of 30+ inches of rain in harris county, texas. over 40 inches in three days. that is three feet. and it still raining. we have some very hot temperatures. they will cool down, mostly, today. it was 109 yesterday in lake county. it might be 105 today. 106. i'm sorry. it's been a brutally long, hot summer.
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the fog is making a strong surge and it's going to give cooler conditions for many near the fog. yesterday it started in santa rosa. they cool down 8 degrees compared to sunday. the fog is pushing into napa valley. san jose even getting some low clouds. the winds of the west and oakland. 31 miles an hour. it will be cooler today for most. cloud cover is sneaking up along the crest of the sierra. now it's in the san joaquin valley. some of that could clip the santa clara county or eastern contra costa. 60s through 90s. down about 10 degrees for many. what is the traffic going? it's getting busier.
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right now we are looking at the approach to the bay bridge. you will see it is slow. early this morning there were filming something on the bridge at 4:00. that caused some slowdowns. that ripple effect lasted a little bit. it is slower than normal. it's taking 21 minutes to drive from the carquinez bridge. once you get there there is a big backup. hopefully it will just be something that is very temporary. plan for 30 minutes this morning waiting at the toll plaza unless you are in the carpooling. this is a look at interstate 880 and oakland. traffic is moving well. san mateo bridge traffic is a moderately heavy although that looks good as you drive through. if you are on highway 4, a lot of slow traffic. it's backed up almost into antioch, through pittsburg and into bay point. the rain has not stopped yet
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on the gulf coast of texas and parts of louisiana. >> tropical storm harvey continues to dump heavy rain on the region with as much as 15 inches expected today. allie rasmus is in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: the conditions of heavy rainfall condition -- continue. as much as 2 have been 3 feet over the last week in. there are at least three confirmed deaths associated with the storm. the number is expected to rise because there are still people missing. a family of six is missing and feared dead after their vehicle was swept away by floodwaters. the national weather service describes the rainfall and flooding as unprecedented. rescue teams from across the country have answered the call to help rescue people from the rooftops and upper floors of flooded buildings.
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30,000 people are in shelters with another 30,000 expected to need places to stay as the rain continues. a shelter at the houston convention center is thousands of people beyond capacity. there are shelters in dallas and san antonio also taking in people. president trump is on his way to texas. this is a live look at air force one on the tarmac in washington, d.c. president trump will stop first in corpus christi. he will land around 9:30 am our time and then head to austin to tour the state's emergency operations center and meet with state officials. here's what the president had to say about the relief efforts. >> we will get through this. we will come out stronger and, believe me, we will be bigger, better, stronger than ever before. the rebuilding will begin and in the end it will be something
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very special. >> >> reporter: tropical storm harvey has been a slow moving storm. that has been part of the problem. rain is still falling and is expected to continue through tomorrow. the concern is over the swollen and inundated rivers near the gulf coast of texas. many are already at flood stage and water levels will continue to rise over the next several days. some of the evacuees or those being rescued from flooding in houston have gathered at a gas station northeast of the city. trucks took the evacuees there early this morning and many are getting on buses to go to shelters. >> it got way higher than it normally gets. normally it's about a foot or so but it was about six feet at our house. >> what were you thinking? obviously you are worried. >> yes.
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we lost everything. the water was about to get into the house. it was good we got up and we did. >> the city of dallas will open and make a shelter today. the large evacuation shelter is ready to house 5000 people. busloads of people may start arriving today. the parking garage will become part of that shelter. hundreds are already staying at three city recreation centers near private and public schools. the accreting spots so students have a place to go to class. i feel blessed for them to come and offer our children into their school. it just felt good. i don't know how to explain it. >> we felt like it would be an important thing to bring normalcy to their world even though it's been upended. >> more evacuation centers are due to open in dallas, san antonio and austin in the coming days. california national guard troops in the bay area are
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sending help to the flood zone. amber lee was there 190 reservist deployed to texas from moffett field. >> reporter: at dusk, members of the rescue wing headed out to board the c-17 plane that will transport them to the houston area. some are part of a para rescue guardian angel team and a specially trained with skills ranging from the ability to perform minor surgery to sharpshooting. their mission is to save lives and help flood. rooms. >> finding isolated personnel on rooftops or in flood areas and hoisting them onto the helicopters. >> reporter: two helicopters for loaded onto a plane that will be used on the mission. other supplies and equipment are also being transported. >> i am thankful that i serve here and i'm able to come in today and do some really important stuff for our country. >> reporter: richard trent, reservist, is also the mayor of
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milpitas. he and other received orders to report to the base. he is not flying to houston. he helps in the preparations. >> i provide logistics and support moving 10,000 pound cargo. >> reporter: air national guardsmen say the mission to houston is what they train for. >> is what we live and breathe for. and you cannot put a price on a life. when we are test out to do these missions, it's everything that we are called to do and everything we wake up in the morning to do and we are ready to execute. >> reporter: we asked the captain if others will be deployed. he tells us not at this point but should there be a need, they will be ready to go. insurance experts say only a small fraction of the homeowners affected by the flooding from hurricane harvey have flood insurance. the estimate only 20% are covered. most homes in this area are not
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located in zones designated as a flood risk. many will be depending on federal assistance to rebuild. the bay area's red cross offices have been busy with calls from people and companies wanting to help chevron contributed $1 million. bmc software in santa clara which has headquarters in houston is pledging a donation. tech companies like amazon and google are matching donations. the salvation army silicon valley chapter is accepting donations saying the need will continue in the weeks and months ahead. >> that's horrific. it's one of those uncontrollable tragedies. the need is great already and as the storm goes away, the need will be even greater. >> both the american red cross and salvation army say cash donations are the best way to help. the unprecedented flooding
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has forced thousands to run for their lives. if you want to make a difference there are many ways to help. go to our website, . click the web links at the top of the page. you will find information on 10 different reputable organizations that are helping the victims right now. a solution to dammed up phone lines at the 911 call center in san francisco. up next, where some of the calls will not be directed instead. we continue to follow the emergency situation in texas. the rescues are still ongoing as we speak to you. we will have more on what's being done. cooler today and tomorrow. temperatures are off by about 5- 72 degrees. we will see what is in store for the weekend.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. president trump said all options are on the table. it's a response to north korea's latest missile launch the flew over japan. the launch triggered warnings in japan for people on the northern japanese island to take shelter underground. the japanese prime minister wants the un security council to hold an emergency meeting about the launch. according to the san
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francisco examiner, car break- ins in san francisco will no longer be handled by 911 dispatchers. the mayor told the examiner, those calls are being diverted to dispatchers at the nonemergency 311 line unless the break-in is being reported as it's happening. the mayor said the goal is to improve response times of dispatchers. the mayor said since the calls were diverted starting august 10, the 911 center has come closer to meeting the standard of answering calls within 10 seconds. in antioch, dispatchers can accept text messages. antioch joins other police departments that are accepting text messages in addition to phone calls. police say be helpful in situations where whispering. but the person at risk. it's helpful for people with hearing or speech impairments. the chp has told us the name of both the victim and suspect in the deadly hit-and- run crash last weekend in sonoma county. the man who died was
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christopher patti he served as an attorney for the university of california for almost 30 years. most recently he was the chief counsel. investigators say he pulled to the side of the road on his bike to look at his phone. he was then hit by a speeding bmw. >> it's just too bad. sunday morning he was out for a bicycle ride. it's not fair. he had the right gear on common reflectors, a flashing light and a helmet. he did everything right. >> investigators are looking for jonathan ritter. you see him in this photo. he could face a charge of vehicular manslaughter. officials say he borrowed the car involved in the crash and has been seen in the community since then. they are hoping he will turn himself in. officials say they do not believe even his friends will try to hide him if he tries to avoid arrest. san francisco police are searching for a female bank robber who robbed a bank near
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union square. this happened yesterday afternoon at the wells fargo on sutter street around 4 pm. police are the woman approached a teller, demanded money and ran away. if you have any information, please call police. we do not know if this robbery is connected to an fbi investigation of a robber has targeted wells fargo banks around the city. sal is over there watching our friends on highway 24 and everyplace else. that's right. we are seeing traffic getting busier. let's start with highway 24. westbound 24 is moderately heavy past the lafayette bart station and continue on to orinda and oakland. the commute is not too bad on 680. it's getting slower in walnut creek. at the bay bridge we have a full backup. it's backed up out to the macarthur maze and the metering lights are on.
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a 25-30 minute wait before you make it onto the bridge. traffic on interstate 880 in both directions looks good as you drive past the coliseum. if you are driving, we went to go back to highway 4. we showed you 24. highway 4 is very slow. it's low over the hill to concord. our fog has returned. for most, it will be cooler today. 5-10 degrees compared to hot temperatures yesterday. middletown, 109. livermore, 107 yesterday. today it will be a little cooler in livermore. there is fog making a surge on almost all of the coast and moving well to the north. it's moving up parts of napa valley and over the bay.
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there is a nice breeze in walters creek. the delta is the key. 56, bodega bay. water temperatures have gone down. wind out of the west. the delta breeze is cranked up. 22 with gusts of 31. the onshore breeze is alive and kicking. 50s and 60s for temperatures. 65, pittsburg. 59, walnut creek. danville and blackhawk in the low 60s. 59 in orinda. el cerrito, 57. cloud cover continues to stream in, close in the san joaquin valley. some of that may speak in east of us. over the sierra, that could trigger some thunderstorm a tv. 43, truckee. you can see this coming to the
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south and southeast of kirkwood. that may be a big driver toward the end of august and into said temper. that's when we start to look for that to develop. 60s through 90s. it still hot but not 103 or 107. yesterday it was 68 in the city. cooler on wednesday and then it looks really hot inland over the weekend. maybe even the coast will get out of the fog. there are signs of that. >> had to the beach to cool off, if you can. 6:19 am. controversial move for schools in the east bay. the vote happening today that could put walnut creek northgate high school and other schools any new district. >> reporter: seeking shelter from the storm. i'm doug luzader in houston. we will have the latest on the response to harvey just ahead.
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the contra costa county board of education will vote on whether to move forward with creating a new school district in walnut creek the board will decide whether to recommend to state officials the creation of the northgate unified school district it would take five schools from the mount diablo school district that if it's
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recommended, it would be sent to the state board of education for a final review. a judge has ruled that judge aaron persky can face a recall effort to remove him from the bench because of his controversial sentencing in a sexual assault case. the judge issued a tentative ruling thing that was superior court judges are officers of the state, those same judges can be recalled by county voters. the judge decision lifts an injunction that allows a recall group to start to collect signatures. judge persky became the target after he sentenced former stanford student, brock turner, to only six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. >> this ruling validates our belief that judge persky filed a frivolous lawsuit that was intended to stall and delay and obstruct the democratic process.
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>> is not a stall tactic. it's about following the law. the people of this state voted for the constitution and approved it. that needs to be respected. >> the recall group will begin collecting signatures today for the recall. san francisco has named an executive director of the new office of cannabis according to the examiner. the paper said nicole elliott will leave the office that oversees commercial marijuana regulations. she has worked with mayors edley and gavin newsom as a liaison. so far she is not confirming she's been offered are accepting the job. unsafe levels of e. coli bacteria have been found in the american river in sacramento. several locations were tested between 2007 and 2014. the regional water quality control board said three location showed e. coli levels higher than the epa standard. president of the save the american river association is blaming flooding, waste from homeless camps and old sewage
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pipes. >> we have a lot of problems with the sewer districts around here. when we had the heavy rains in january and february, the sacramento sewer agency had 400,000 gallons spill. >> according to the sacramento bee, state regulators say they do not know of anyone becoming sick because of e. coli in the american river. shelters in texas are filling up. thousands need help. we will have more at the rescues continue. struck a suspect trying to escape san jose police crashes into several parked cars and an apartment building. why was he running? that's coming up. this is the new comfort food.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, august 29. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. the top story today is in houston. the worst may be a to come as tropical storm harvey continues to dump more rain on an area already experiencing record flooding. >> steve was telling me the houston dam is starting to overflow. those rescue teams worked through the night and into the
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morning, trying to help people who were stranded. doug luzader has the latest from houston. >> reporter: the shelters are filling up as fast as they open. this one at the houston convention center had an initial capacity of 5000. it quickly exceeded that number as more people are rescued from their homes. >> there was flooding everywhere. >> reporter: these images show what residents and rescuers are up against. a traffic jam of boats and vehicles as those treated make their way to safety. >> i have a lot of friends and family out here. i have a boat. >> we loaded up our boats with sandwiches and we came out with cases of water to hand out to people and rescue people where we could. >> reporter: the rainfall is not letting up as harvey moves back off shore into warm waters and gained a bit of strength. president trump preparing to head to the region today saying the response reveals the nation's character.
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>> we are one american family. we heard together. we struggle together. and, believe me, we endure together. >> reporter: harvey is breaking one record after another, promising more rain as the death toll rises and flood waters begin to top homes, many of which are uninsured. parts of louisiana facing flooding and evacuations as well as harvey continues along its slow path. over the next couple of days, harvey will begin to speed up and exit the region. then we will have a better idea of how much damage has been left behind. >> that is going to be a long road. >> i just posted that the houston dam is overflowing. where is that water going to go? and in harris county alone, over 40 reports of 30 or more inches of rain. some are near 40 inches of rain and it still raining.
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let's get to our weather. it will be cooler today. over the next 10-14 days i think you will see some wild fluctuations. in pleasanton, it will be cooler today and tomorrow. i think he means when will we get back into the 70s? those are pretty far out there. it's going to get really hot before it gets really cool. we have a huge push on the fog. up north it's past santa rosa on its way to hillsburg. is also over parts of the bay. pockets are working their way around. it's close to martinez. it is making a move to the south on the peninsula and filling in in the santa cruz mountains. winds from the west and the delta is the key. it is over 30. that is a sign at the delta breeze will cool things off.
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50s and 60s for the temperatures. cloud cover is sneaking up. that's mainly confined to the east and the sierra. for us, temperatures are down between 5-10 degrees. most locations will drop compared to yesterday. how was the traffic? it's moderate. we do have slow traffic at the bay bridge. it is going to be a tight one at the macarthur maze. it's taking about a half hour to drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze which is not a bad commute but once you get there you need to start the timer again. look at the bay bridge. it's backed up out to the macarthur maze. a 30 minute delay. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. traffic in both directions is
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moving along pretty well as you drive past oracle arena. there are no major problems on highway 4 but it's been slow through pittsburg and parts of antioch . also, 680 is back. 80 is slowing in hercules in richmond. i want to talk about 80 southbound which is beginning to slow at 238 heading to union city. in the south bay will the slow traffic with a crash on northbound 101 before 880. a suspect trying to get away from san jose police officers crashed into an apartment building late last night. no one was hurt. lee martinez is in san jose to tell us what led to that crash. >> reporter: good morning. first i need to show you. the suspect crashed into several parked cars. i'm counting three right here. we saw one man come out this
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morning who was the owner of one of these cars. the driver also crashed into this apartment building. about a third of the car when inside the building but, luckily, he hit the structure where there was not an apartment. unfortunately, no one was displaced. before the chase, san jose police got a call around 11:00. people were reporting seeing a man with a firearm to the intersection of winchester and cadillac. when officers arrived, they learned it was a more dangerous situation. >> we had a call around 11:00 that -- at winchester and cadillac regarding a subject brandishing a firearm. when officers responded and started interviewing witnesses, the suspect vehicle drove by. >> reporter: while police were interviewing the witnesses, the suspect returned. that's when officers pursued him as he tried to get away.
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the suspect crashed his car into the apartment building. he was taken into custody a short time later without incident and taken to the hospital as a precaution after the crash. fortunately, no one was hurt in this case. he did end up firing his firearm at a group of witnesses but no one was struck. no officers were injured. they said the suspect was taken without injury. they took him to the hospital as a precautionary measure. we just saw another man come out here, the owner of one of these cars. he had no idea what happened last night until he came out and saw his car. it's a terrible way to start your tuesday morning. >> and more people will be getting that information. thank you. berkeley's mayor is asking uc berkeley to cancel free speech week according to the chronicle, the mayor says the event would bring more violence and problems to the city.
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free speech week organized by student group called berkeley patriot is expected to host speakers like milo yiannopoulos and ann coulter . both speakers had been scheduled to speak in the past but there were violent protests and the speeches were canceled. the event is currently planned for september 24 through december 27. the berkeley mayor spoke out a against the protest sankey satisfied that many were able to protest peacefully on sunday. the rally was canceled but many showed up to denounce bigotry and hatred. a small number of pro-trump demonstrators showed up as well. one group is set off the smoke bombs, knocked down barriers and intimidated people but the mayor said for the most part people exercise their first amendment rights peacefully. >> there was a concern going into sunday that there would be a fight. the fact that only six people were injured and thousands were
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not injured and were able to demonstrate peacefully is an accomplishment. >> police did arrest 13. if you were cited for carrying band items into the park and others face more serious charges including assault. the alameda county sheriffs department has released mugshots of some of the people arrested. they range in age from 22 through 47. four of the 13 arrested were from berkeley. three were from oakland. five were from outside the bay area. the berkeley police department used new tactics to control the protest. >> we try to have smaller teams of officers that can intervene in an altercation quickly. we have officers at access points and they were there to remind them what they say the ordinance was and what it covered and what people were not allowed to bring in. >> berkeley police say they try to enforce regulations on band items like pepper spray and sticks.
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they also put up barricades to protect pedestrians in case someone try to use a car to one over protesters like in charlottesville. a barbershop form in richmond, the conversation turned to race relations in the police. it was at the platinum trends barbershop on hilltop mall road to talk about the gap between law enforcement and the community. it's a form posted by ktvu's paul chambers the started last year . people spoke about the white supremacy and violence in charlottesville in president trump's reversal on a ban on local police getting surplus military gear. the next form will be in oakland on september 18. you've heard of the talk where parents talk to their kids about the birds and bees. some families of color have a different kind of talk. one about power, the police and skin color.
6:39 am
alex and dewayne walton say the conversation started after an incident with a police officer that left them feeling like they were racially profiled. that night, they say the time came to have the talk with their sons about how to interact with police if or when they are stopped by law enforcement. things like using polite language, never showing frustration and not making any sudden moves said they do not escalate a situation. they told them society and in some cases, the police, we see them as a threat because of their skin color. >> it was hard because they are our babies. they should be able to be 9 or 10 and play and not have to worry about this type of stuff at that age. these should be adult problems. >> they say they know their sons will face discrimination in the world and these talks are about survival. this is not the only family having these tough conversations about race. ktvu is continuing the conversation. we have a one hour special
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called, barriers and bridges, race in the bay area. tonight, i along with gasia mikaelian, will host stories about race and culture and conflict in connection from everyday people across the region. it's a chance to hear about who we are, where we've been and where we are going from everyday people. make sure to watch tonight at 8:00 on ktvu plus. bay area law enforcement agencies are responding to the announcement by the trump administration it will make surplus military gear available to them. attorney general jeff sessions announced yesterday that president trump is overturning an executive order by president obama to restrict the kinds of military equipment provided to local police. the obama administration order came after the use of the equipment during the protest and ferguson, missouri in 2014. some complained the use of the
6:41 am
military vehicles made local street seem like a battlefield. >> you can have some benefit for local law enforcement agencies. the real debate is how equipment that might be available is used. >> the gear available includes kevlar vests, helmets, armored vehicles and other military- style equipment. redwood city in south san francisco received military- style equipment like bulletproof vehicles. other local agency say they are not sure if they will use the new program. hiring 5000 employees. next, how the battle between oracle and salesforce is leading to an influx of jobs in the bay area. and medical emergency on the 14th hole. how quick thinking help save a golfer's life.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. stocks are down this morning after the overnight news that north korea launched a ballistic missile over japan. there is a live look. the dow is down about 90 points. it was down more than 100 at the opening period the nasdaq and s&p 500 are also down about the same percentage. good news coming in from
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companies in the bay area. oracle announced it will fill 5000 new jobs in its cloud services division. the workers will be engineers, consultants, sales and support staff. that will double the size of their current cloud workforce. the announcement comes days after salesforce, their biggest rival in the software business, announced better-than-expected earnings and sales. a round of golf over the weekend almost had deadly consequences for a man in the north bay. >> the man collapsed on the 14th hole. that's when other golfers and employees stepped in to help save his life. >> reporter: last saturday morning, a golfer at rooster run golf course collapsed during what appeared to be a heart attack. the chain of actions and events saved his life. payment people on the course immediately called 911. they initiated cpr and that they called the clubhouse where they knew there was an aed. people at the clubhouse, staff
6:46 am
at the clubhouse, took the aed, jumped in a cart and rested to the scene. >> reporter: on the instructions of the 911 operators, the aed, automatic external defibrillator, shocked the patient into a normal heart rhythm is the fire department arrived to stabilize and transport the patient. >> all you have to do is turn it on or open the lid and the machine will walk you through everything. >> reporter: the machine has safeguards to make sure the patient really needs to be shocked. it also automatically prevents accidental shocking of the person applying it. all police and fire units in petaluma now have aed along with every school and scores of other public and private facilities citywide. many were supplied by organizations that raised money to donate the thousand dollars per unit aed. >> the recent update is he went through a little bit of a procedure and he is, i believe the terms were, and full
6:47 am
recovery with zero deficits. >> reporter: the first actions by bystanders to apply cpr most likely made the difference in creating a good outcome. that's why it's so important for some of us to learn it too. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> incredible. gasia mikaelian is in the newsroom. let's see what's coming up in our next our mornings on 2. good morning. we continue our coverage of tropical storm harvey and the devastation it's causing in houston and surrounding cities. we are also learning about the impact the storm is having at bay area airports with both houston airports shut down. we will assess delays and cancellations. as california readies its regulations to allow for recreational marijuana becoming legal on january 1, researchers
6:48 am
are looking to medicinal marijuana use and exploring why some people who ingest high doses get high and others don't. the difference is they are examining and what it could mean for driving and marijuana use in california. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife have welcomed a new addition to their family. >> it is their new baby. mark zuckerberg posted a family photo introducing their new baby girl. her name is, august. born this fund. her older sister is playing with the baby. the announcement included a letter to that little girl. in part it says, i hope both girls grow up in a better world with better education, fewer diseases, stronger diseases dash stronger committees and better equality. >> a nice sentiment and nice family. those babies are born with a little bit of an advantage than
6:49 am
a lot of us in the world. congratulations to them. a new baby in the ktvu family. sophie. ever producer. >> she said they are up watching us on the morning news. >> we love you and we love your baby daughter as well. >> there is no sleep in this stage. they are up watching. good morning. the east shore freeway is going to be busy. it's going to take you 37 minutes to drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. that's not terrible. it's going to be a little on the slow side. the bay bridge is also showing a 30 minute delay at the toll plaza. everything is about as you might expect it to be. once you get onto the nimitz freeway north or south, it is crowded but not stop and go as you drive into oakland on 580. we've seen some of the slowest traffic on the contra costa commute.
6:50 am
on highway 4 and 680. if you are driving to danville and san ramon, it looks good. slow traffic on 680 as you pass stoneridge and head down toward the sunol grade. it will be cooler for us. our temperatures will drop about 10 degrees today. today and tomorrow there is a push on the fog and the delta breeze. everything is pointing toward a very hot stretch as we head toward friday and early next week. rainfall amounts are coming in. any rainfall from previous hurricanes or tropical storms are being smashed mainly because of the slow nature of this. is moving east, southeast it 3 miles an hour. summit told us are coming in of 40 inches of rain, three day totals. the main factor was because this is such a slow moving system.
6:51 am
the eye did come back out over water. why is it not getting back to hurricane strength? because the eye was chewed up as it went in on the land. the system is moving very slowly. they are still getting rain in houston. many reports of three day totals between 30 and 40 inches of rain. guess who's getting rain now? i will show you in a second. the wind on the backside is tailing off around corpus christi and brownsville. gusts over 40 at houston hobby. you can see the circulation right there. new orleans is now getting hammered with some heavy rain. there are some flash flood watches up for them and lake charles had about 10 inches of rain. it's moving into louisiana and points north but it is moving. as it moves further north, it was start to attach on to upper level winds and accelerates out of the picture. back at home, ones are going to cool down?
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it's chilly out in outer richmond. the coast in the bay will not be bad today. 60s and 70s. the inland temperatures will come down for many. the fog is making a push north and makes it to the venetian bridge. it's also filling in on the san jose and santa clara valley. we haven't onshore breeze in place. gusts up to 31. that will cool done areas toward vacaville. 50s and 60s for the temperatures. 59, belmont. 56, montero. union city, 59. woodside, 59. some high clouds may be coming in from the south of the san joaquin valley and santa clara valley in eastern contra costa. thunderstorms over the sierra. for us it will be cooler today. 93 or 97 is still hot but it's
6:53 am
not 103 or 107. 60s, 70s, 80s. after tomorrow, which will be a little cooler, we crank it up. it looks hot, maybe even for the coast over the weekend. controversy in the wake of hurricane harvey in texas. the reason texas pastor joel osteen is facing heavy criticism from those seeking shelter. it's not just people that have been displaced. the concerns over alligators lurking in the floodwaters.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. the armed forces are preparing to move in to help with rescue efforts in texas during the aftermath of hurricane harvey. military personnel getting boats read knee houston. the coast guard is already at work, carrying out rescues in flooded areas of the city. more than 60 military aircraft from transport planes to blackhawk helicopters are also assisting in the government disaster response. the governor of texas has activated the entire texas national guard to help people get out of the flooded areas. well, joel osteen mega church denying that it closed its doors to houston flood victims. >> it is getting a lot of
6:57 am
attention. the church is huge. they plan to open today to help those affected by flooding. it is a 66,000 square foot church. it used to be the home of the houston rockets. lakewood posted on social media that the church was inaccessible because of severe flooding and a lot of people, especially on social media, criticized the church for not taking flood victims in. joel osteen's church disputed the backlash saying it never closed its doors and it has been a distribution center for people who needed help. the church is prepared to shelter people after city and county shelters reach their capacity. the time is 6:57. the anheuser-busch brewery is doing its part to help the hurricane harvey victims. at the stopped the production of beer and is sending water to 50,000 cans of water. the company is delivering more
6:58 am
than 155,000 cans of water to the american red cross. that water will arrive today in texas or tomorrow. an alligator sanctuary in beaumont texas is warning 350 alligators are at risk of escaping in the flood waters. >> what? >> yeah. the owner of the sanctuary says the water is almost high enough to go over the fences that enclosed the gators. they were able to catch two 13- foot alligators but can't do much else to stop all of them. it also houses crocodiles and venomous snakes but they were put into trailers. >> wow. the giants beat the padres 3-0. that snaps a three-game losing streak. crawford got the giants on board in the 4th. brandon hit his 12th of the season. the giants led by a run.
6:59 am
then while we're celebrating that, here comes joe panik. adding to that lead in the 8th. >> high drive to right. it is out of here. >> joe panik put the giants up by three. and that was more than enough for pitcher jeff. go ahead, jeff. yeah. he pitched a shutout and only gave up three hits. no walks. those teams play again tonight in san diego. in the meantime the angels beat the a's in anaheim, 3-1. >> new approach. that one is belted. left field. and that baby is gone. >> yeah. he got all that. dustin hit his second homer of the year in the 3rd. but the a's didn't do much else at the plate. daniel lasted until the 7th. he gave up two earned runs and the a's lost 3-1. the a's and
7:00 am
angels play again don't in anaheim. it is a significant day in the history of music here in the bay area. exactly 51 years ago today, the beetles performed their final public concert at candlestick park. they played just 11 songs. and a lot of people never even heard them because so many people were screaming at the concert. only 25,000 tickets were sold. that was just two-thirds of the ballpark's seating capacity at the time. you can bet there are a lot more people than that that say, oh, yeah, i was there. rain continues to fall along the texas gulf coast. the latest on what is happening now with the storm and its victims. flights are canceled here in the bay area. getting to houston is tougher than ever. we are assessing the situation at all three


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