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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 29, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> this was of epic proportion. president trump gets briefed as neighborhoods continue to brace for what is to come. and the reasons why the mayors -- the mayor of berkeley wants to cancel a speech about free speech. a houston police officer has now become the latest victim of harvey. the chief broke down today describing how steve perez got caught in floodwaters and trapped in the car.>> we couldn't find them. and once our team got there, it was too treacherous to go under and look for him. so we had to make the decision to leave officers there waiting until the morning because as much as
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we wanted to recover him, we could not put another officer at risk. >> they say the officer was on his way to work when he drowned. i'm alyana gomez. 15 is the death toll so far since friday. president trump landed in texas and pledged to do whatever he can to help the suffering. >> reporter: hi as harvey continues to linger, the deadly flood threat continues. in houston alone, they have had to rescue some 3500 people.>> this was of epic proportion.
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nobody's ever seen anything like this. >> reporter: president trump visited tuesday receiving on the ground briefings in corpus christi and austin. this is as water rescues continued in houston and surrounding regions. >> there are currently 3000 texas guardsmen on duty today. it will go to 4000 over the next 24 hours.>> reporter: with the reservoirs and levies overflowing, more residents are evacuating. displaced wildlife from snakes to gators are also causing concern. meanwhile with harvey continuing to dump rain and 30,000 people expected to seek emergency shelter, houston is running out of space. they are working on plans to open more emergency shelters. the convention center was only supposed to house 5000 victims, but by early tuesday, more than 9000 people were staying. >> we made the official request to fema. we need additional
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assistance, so we ask them to provide supplies and cots, food, for an additional 10,000 individuals. >> reporter: officials are warning people that live near two huge reservoirs that the flooding could continue until october. >> that is a dire prediction. thank you so much lauren blanchard live. crews are hoping to find people stranded and bring them to safety. ken is live in katy, texas. he caught up with bay area rescue crews out in their boats.>> reporter: you should be seeing a live picture from one of the boats. that's task force 4 out in the middle of
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the floodwater trying to bring people in. there was room for a photographer but not myself so i'm giving you a full report from the shoreline where that boat will be returning in the next few minutes. but since we've been here in the last few hours, we have seen about 20 to 25 people being pulled out of the neighborhood. this is a middle-class upscale neighborhood with two-story homes where a lot of people thought they could stay behind and not have to worry about floodwaters. this is called the buffalo bayou area of katie -- katy, texas. it runs east-west. as lauren mentioned, the two reservoirs are upstream and water was released from the reservoirs because there was concern that the rising floodwaters would cause a breach. so when that water was released, it came downstream into this neighborhood in katy, texas. flooded out dozens of homes. one person says he thinks the flood area goes about 2 to 3
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miles back down a road called mason road that runs north and south and katy, texas. so this rescue operation continues. with teams in phoenix and los angeles and the east bay working to get these people out of harms way. >> we are watching them. they have these poles in their hands, they're going to the water. they are going up to the doors. we actually see right here, one rescue worker handing another one a green note. i am assuming that is -- at some point, that will go on a house or car or property to let everyone know coming behind them know that everyone, this area has been checked out. no one is here. move on. four that is the idea behind that, but that doesn't always work, because what i have been told from these rescuers is that some of these folks are
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actually hiding out. they don't want to come out. the rescuers go back with whistles and pound on the door and let them know that they are there to pull them out, and it actually seen people who scurry back behind and hide and try to get out of view and won't come out. they just don't want to leave. but as the days go on it becomes apparent to many of them that it is really time to go, they should get out. i talked to two people who thought they could write it out, but it doesn't do that. one resident here tells me that there were he was the flood control situation in the reservoirs upstream, that the water level could actually get higher in the next few days. it could rise another five feet. this is far from over. it does me the water level will go down just because it isn't raining.
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>> some calm before the storm, the sun is out, but neighbors are bracing for what is to come. cars are more than 50% submerged. you see that some residents have taken further precautions in trying to prepare. it looks like moments ago there was a piece of tarp taped up in front of the door to stop some of the water from coming in. but as it appears here, the water has to be at least several feet on the first floor of the home. it doesn't appear to have gone to the second floor. but they are taking those measures. there knocking twice in hopes of finding people it is a really terrible situation. it's a catastrophic event. people are trying to get out of harms way as to the notification. >> reporter: there is a facebook page i'm told where people are sending out messages that, okay, i do need to get some help. those messages are being passed on to rescuers who are going back and pulling people out.
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i've talked to people who thought that they would be okay, and they put the measures by putting sandbags in plastic and trying to do what they could to keep the water out, but that really is almost an impossible task when you have this much water coming in. you just can't seal up your house watertight. once it starts seeping in, it is game over. we had one resident say they had two or three feet of water inside their ground floor, and then one of the people who was on a boat working with these rescues is that he felt the rescue -- the water was at least four feet deep and possibly deeper. that would explain why i'm staring at a pickup truck and the water is almost to the top of the cabin. that has to be at least four or five feet easy. there is a tremendous amount of water. >> our hearts break for all of the families returning home to find what is left of their home.
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we will continue to monitor the situation. ken, we appreciate your time today. stay safe out there. ken is live in katy, texas. thank you ken. as those recovery efforts continue, for it is really something, rosemary, when you see how high the water is. you can understand if this was coming in your area, you want to protect your home and things, but to think that some people may be hiding in the house because they don't want to leave it, they are so desperate to stay. but to think that, okay if i leave, when am i coming back?>> right. >> our last calculations work 40 to 50 inches reported over areas of houston. we are not done yet. let's take a look at harvey right now moving northeast at about six miles per hour. you can see right in here, going to make landfall. it looks like by tonight. then we will continue a northeast direction of the next coming days. you've got about six hours on
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here. some of the heavier rain is moving along the strip between texas and louisiana. you can see on the west edge of houston, we are talking about definitely improving with the rainfall, definitely coming down in the way of i should say not falling at this point, but a lot of the flooding will continue to occur as we get into the coming days. as we get into wednesday and thursday, it will weaken into a low. and will move in a northeast direction. all of the damage needless to say is already done. we will continue to track it between now and then. meanwhile here at home, a cooler day followed by a big heat up. we will have more coming up. thank you so much. working to clear san francisco's jammed 911 emergency line. we will tell you about the calls that will be transferred now 2311 instead. berkeley officials at odds.
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the free speech debate now reunited in berkeley. after last weekend when anarchists went on a beam -- rampage, the mayor is pushing to cancel free-speech week next
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month. they say that move would allow the extreme left and anarchists to win. they are reminding the mayor that everyone has a right to free speech. tara moriarty up next. >> reporter: the university has a flat out said no and that it protects the rights to free speech and it has no intention of stopping now. violent clashes broke out when antifascist movements attacked a small group of peaceful protesters. the mayor wants berkeley to put the brakes on a right wing free- speech rally slated for december. >> it appears that the left
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wing cause the violence but you're saying the right wing can't have their free speech? >> reporter: i would express the same concern if it was the other way around. it has nothing to do with the content of speech. >> reporter: they said they can't invite nor stop people from coming. >> is a law is broken in the course of the event, we will react immediately and appropriately. but we want, based on a generalized concern shut down speech before it happens. the law and the supreme court have been absolutely clear on that front.>> reporter: berkeley patriot invited a right-wing provocateur to a free-speech week. he never got a chance this week last time when black masked vandals caused $100,000 in damage. we could have a repeat of what
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happened in february. coming at 5:00, will tell you more about what republicans had to say. i'm tara moriarty live at berkeley. a delivery driver for the mercury news is fighting for his life. he was the victim of what police detectives say was a hit- and-run accident on a pedestrian. this happened in san jose. the investigators say he was walking across to join his wife when he was hit by a car traveling eastbound. the driver of the striking car sped from the scene. >> the victim is still alive, but his injuries are considered life-threatening. it is just a sad situation. we really want the public to help us try to locate the driver so that we could bring this whole case to justice. >> reporter: they say he was
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driving a 2007 to 2009 toyota camry. also in san jose, a subject who police say was trying to escape from officers crashed into a a -- and apartment building. no one was hurt, luckily, here's more on what led up to the crash. >> reporter: suspect crashed into several parked cars, i'm counting three of them out here. then it crashed into this apartment building. about one third of the car went inside the structure. fortunately, it was below and apartment, so no residents will be displaced. before the crash, san jose police got a call around 11:00 last night with a man with a firearm near the intersection of cadillac and winchester. when officers arrived, they learned it was a much more dangerous situation. >> we had a call about 11:00 tonight regarding a subject brandishing a firearm. when officers responded and
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started interviewing witnesses, the suspect vehicle happen to drive by. >> reporter: while police were interviewing, the suspect return, that's when officers pursued him. as he tried to get away, he crashed his car into the apartment building. he was taken into custody a short time later and taken to the hospital as a precaution after the crash. no one was hurt. the group that was fired at was not hit by gunfire. police say none of the officers was injured. the man was taken to the hospital as a precaution. leigh martinez life. with talk with rosemary about what people are facing in texas, let's talk about a -- the bay area. today tomorrow will be the best days if you don't like the heat. it is coming back in a big way. first a beautiful view across
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san francisco. the low clouds are offering a little bit of shade and a little bit of cool weather right along the coastline. temperatures fell. it's 83 in santa rosa, 67 in san francisco . 66 in oakland, 75 in san jose. how about that 24 hour temperature change? you can see for yourself a big drop in numbers. fairfield and livermore bite 20 degrees or more. down and concorde and napa. anywhere from 3 to 6 degrees in san francisco area and oakland. hopefully if it was just too hot for you, you felt that cooldown for today, it will continue as we get into wednesday. 60s up the coast. 70's to low 80s around the bay. then 80s and 90s in land. that's before we see a warm-up on thursday. here's a future cast model for tonight and into tomorrow morning. the class will roll back across the bay. we will wake up with cloudy
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skies on the east bay shore. then as we get into your afternoon, it pulls back, and we are mostly sunny once again. when we come back i will have a look at the numbers expected for tomorrow. back to you. rumors are swirling around apple and samsung as the companies get ready to release their new product. we will talk about all the latest iphone rumors as well.
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long-awaited announcement of the iphone eight will happen next month. they will unveil the phone on september 12 two represent the anniversary. the event will reportedly be held at the steve jobs theater at apple's new campus in cupertino. for more on the event and samsung's release, i am joined by ryan eldridge. thanks for being with us. >> hi. >> break it all down for us. what is next? what's next for samsung? not a lot of information being sent. >> there are a lot of rumors around the iphone 8. it may not be called the 8. this is their 10th anniversary edition. they may call at the anniversary edition or something else. it may not be the iphone 8. but they will also release the
4:24 pm
iphone 7 and the iphone 7+. they will also talk about releasing a new apple watch with an lte chip on the inside. you can have your watch without it tethered to the phone. they will release the home pod which they talked about at the wdc in june. we are expecting pretty big announcements. also apple tv with 4k and hdr support. when it comes to samsung, here's the funny thing, they are stealing the thunder. they just announced six days ago that the new note eight will be released on the 12th just a couple days before the announcement and it will be in stores and you can have it in your hands on the 14th. samsung has done this before. apple is predictable in their release schedule now. mid-september announcement, usually a late september
4:25 pm
release. sometimes if there is a delay, it could also push into october. the iphone 8, it has been reported that there may have been delays with the phone because of some of the new features. they will have facial recognition, wireless charging, some of the other really amazing things that they will step into the phone to make it a product that can compete with samsung who has really been leading the pack. >> samsung's display i've heard is one of the best. apparently, they are working on their display to make it even better than anything that's out there. >> the note 8 is amazing. it's called the infinity display. this is the first time that phones will reach up to $1000 and cost. the iphone 8 is rumored to be around $1000. the note 8 is right around
4:26 pm
there. >> is it worth it? a >> i don't know. it depends on the technology. for a nerd like me, absolutely. don't tell my wife how much it will be because i will sneak it in. [ laughter ] but like the galaxy that was released before it's half the cost of their flag ship product. and you can't mention those you can't not mention the exploding problem of last year. we aren't expecting that with the 8. but one of the cool parts of the note 8 is the docking station so you can dock it with your monitor and keyboard. you can have a full screen experience. that could cut into the tablet sales. if apple follows along, maybe we will see some new technology. >> apparently the iphone 8 will be the first one to feature and oh l.e.d. display? >> you will get richer colors,
4:27 pm
deeper plaques, it will be easier on the battery light -- life. one of the interesting parts about the note 8 is you can take notes on the screen when the screen is off because it can react to the stylus. who knows what apple will have in store for us. they've always had great displays to compete. most of samsung's technology is already in the apple phone. that's why samsung knows their release schedule so well. >> let's see how many pop up under the christmas trees or holiday trees this season. regular breaking it down for us today. >> you're welcome. he has been at the helm of the memorial church for decades. now cecil williams is stepping down. i will speak with the new president coming up. now north korea as claiming that
4:28 pm
kim jong-un was in attendance when the missile flew over japan. we will have more coming up next. you don't let anything lkeep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals...
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surprised? it's called always discreet boutique. it looks and fits like my underwear. i know what you're thinking. how can something this pretty protect? hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel... ...for incredible protection. so i feel protected... ...and pretty. new always discreet boutique. most calls about car break- ins in san francisco will no longer be handled by 911. the mayor confirms those calls are now being diverted to the nonemergency 311 line unless it is happening as it happens.
4:31 pm
dispatchers answer an average of 3000 break and calls per month. >> for every one of those calls, at least 3 to 4 minutes of a call taker is spent answering questions and getting forms at. that's all the work that 311 can do, not 911. 911 has to be about emergencies.>> the mayor says since calls started going 2311, the 911 center has come closer to meeting a standard of answering calls within 10 seconds. the reverend cecil williams is now stepping aside. cameron hanrahan is being welcomed as the new president. we are glad to have karen here. >> thank you for having me. >> introduced to the congregation on sunday, must've been big.>>@was a beautiful day an amazing moment. we had our lead pastor leading
4:32 pm
the service. cecil williams, his wife, we were all there. it was a great day. >> what is it like knowing that you're following the footsteps of a man that is bigger than life and a legend in san francisco? >> it is true. he is a legend. i am not stepping into his shoes, because he is so very much in his shoes. cecil and jan are working to help us every day even if they have moved to different roles. he has been fighting for equality and justice for over 50 years. he has built a foundation for social justice in the city and across the nation. i have the great fortune of being able to try to build on that. >> talk to me about your new role and challenges that you believe yourself and the church face. >> my new role as president and
4:33 pm
ceo is to help chart the course for glide into the future. we work closely with the leadership team, cecil, jan, reverend williams. we will set the vision for glide. glide is going to remain the same loving, joyful, radically inclusive celebratory organization it always has been we will carry on the work and the spirit that make it unique. we will continue to care for those who are suffering the most and inspire others to do the same. we are already talking about next steps for glide, charting its course into the future, and there are some exciting things coming up. we are aware that people care very deeply for glide as an organization. a lot of people depend on us. we are treading carefully but
4:34 pm
very ambitiously.>> a lot of the most underserved are most vulnerable. the homeless population, speak about some of the other challenges. >> our challenges are the cities challenges and really the nation's challenges. for example, we've seen a rise in the number and visibility of hate groups as we all felt last week, the past few weeks in charlottesville and here. the good news is that san francisco has united around a rejection of hate and discrimination. this really gives us hope that we can come together to address some of the more persistent challenges that we face in this city like homelessness, displacement, hunger, racism, we are facing inequalities that are really challenging san francisco's values.
4:35 pm
>> you worked in the obama administration. talk to me about that role and what you think that role will do in this new position.>> i have served in the obama administration since the beginning. i came on board to work at the state department and i ended my tenure as a deputy assistant secretary for democracy and human rights. it was an incredible experience and time to work in that administration. i've been working on social justice and human rights issues in the obama administration and for about 20 years. my experience around the world has taught me that social justice, inequalities, the kind of social change that is needed here in san francisco, it looks similar around the world. i've worked in africa, asia, the middle east, i see there similarities to what is
4:36 pm
happening in san francisco. there's this rising gap between the rich and the poor. displacement, people who are excluded and marginalized as that grows even wider. i hope to bring that global perspective. i have a lot of hope and optimism about what can be done about it. that's especially here in san francisco. it's the city of lights and city of values that i know can help change some of those challenges. >> we wish you the best of luck. big shoes to fill. it sounds like a good fit. thank you.>> thank you. after weeks of what seemed to be a softer diplomatic tone, tensions with north korea are on the rise following a missile test last night. just about an hour ago north korea said kim jong-un was present for the launch over japan. benjamin hall has more from london. >> reporter: it's a new
4:37 pm
provocation from a familiar adversary. north korea fired a ballistic missile over japan for the first time since 2009. it is designed to carry a nuclear weapon and it splashed into the ocean. the trump administration condemned the launch. un ambassador hinted at retaliation. >> it is unacceptable. they have violated every single un security council resolution that we've had. i think something serious has to happen. >> reporter: president trump spoke to japan's prime minister after the missile splashed down. both leaders agreed on the need to cut off the sources of funding to north korea's missile program. >> they are going to agree on new economic sanction measures to put the greatest pressure ever against north korea. >> reporter: north korea says it won't be intimidated claiming it needs its weapons
4:38 pm
to protect against what it calls aggression from the u.s. >> will continue to strengthen with nuclear force. >> reporter: china is calling on both sides to back off. they say military pressure and threats won't persuade the north. >> the only correct way to resolve the issue is to solve the security issues of all the parties equally. four a bombing run was practiced to take out the leadership. the climate change debate heating up again in the wake of hurricane harvey. we will hear from an expert when we come back. weather in store for wednesday before changes come our way that will bring excessive heat and time for your bay area holiday. we will take a look at what you
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experts say the destruction caused by harvey will also take a toll on the u.s. economy. according to projections, the storm could cost about $40 billion in property damage. $7 billion in lost economic output from restaurants and retailers as well. the debate over whether climate change fueled the hurricane even though experts say it is
4:42 pm
inappropriate to discuss while it is still on a destructive path. the question that remains, can climate change make these storms more likely? experts we spoke with say warmer temperatures increase total rainfall. just before harvey hit, the coast was unusually warm. >> for a given storm sitting over a warmer ocean, it will intensify more rapidly and to a -- into a stronger storm. >> they say climate change has led to sea level rise causing coastal flooding. it makes it more difficult for the area to drain all the water out. breaking news in the ponderosa fire. it has now burned more than 200 acres. these are life pictures of the fire scene. evacuation orders are in place. fire crews are on the scene
4:43 pm
battling the fire. we don't have a lot of information besides that. 200 acres, it is called the ponderosa fire. we will stay on top of this. we will have more coming up later on ktvu news at 5:00. >> we are worried about those wildfires burning. it's been 100 degrees, relative humidity 10 to 20%. when it is that hot, the fire burns hotter and faster. here at home, we have a bit of a cool down over the last couple of days, and that is going to last for one more day. as we get into wednesday, 60s up the coast, 70's to low 80s around the bay and 90s expected and land. i showed you in the last half hour, our temperatures came down today by 10, even 20 degrees and land.
4:44 pm
here's a look at the cloud cover still in place. it is very thin right over the north bayshore. you can see mostly sunny skies maybe some clearing out around santa cruz. we're stuck on half moon bay once again. the half-moon breeze will be back at 20 miles per hour and gusting at 30. that helped bring in cold pacific air. here's a look at the number in fairfield. 87 in fairfield livermore in the 80s, as we get closer to the bay, a cooler air. 63 in san francisco, upper 60s e. bayshore, 79 redwood city, 75 san jose. here's a look at the 24-hour temperature change. take a look at livermore and fairfield down by 20 degrees san jose down by 15, down by nine in santa rosa. as get going tomorrow morning, we look up again with the low clouds inside the bay perhaps along the shore and north bay. then he pulled back and mostly sunny along the coastline.
4:45 pm
likely to remain partly to mostly cloudy and half moon bay. here's a view of the morning temperatures expected for tomorrow. 55 in pacifica. 56 and seven cisco, 50s around the bay, low 60s in san jose. both 60s and livermore and antioch. feeling good in afternoon. here's a look at the north bay, 84 and the bottle 88% to rosa, close to the waters, south toledo gets upper 60s. low 70s expected for the water. 95 degrees in the hotter regions. low 80s expected for san jose. for tomorrow, 79 redwood city, 66 for the city of san francisco in that stretch where we could be partly to mostly cloudy. low 60s expected for you. then we see another pattern change in by thursday, the heat is on once again. in fact the national weather service has issued an excessive
4:46 pm
heat watch. it starts on thursday and goes all the way to monday. if you do have outdoor plans for your labor day weekend, just be prepared. really hot weather coming our way for all the bays. the santa cruz mountains right now, our bayside communities, the coast in san francisco, there is not a watch in place for you. that could change as we get into the coming days. 60 to 70 is expected for our coastline as we get a little bit closer to the weekend. we start out with the 70s tomorrow around the bay then 80s and 90s as we get into friday, saturday, sunday. our and land communities will be baking. that is the possibility of record heat as we go into the weekend. temperatures are soaring to about 110 degrees maybe even hotter on saturday. it will be hot. you have to strategize and try to avoid the sun and outdoors. >> i've been having to get up
4:47 pm
very early to take my son to the park to get him out of the house in the morning. it's too hot. >> it's a shame. the models look like it would be warm but not too bad yesterday, but now they have heated up.>> thank you, rosemary. julie joins us now with a look at what is coming up. the search continues for people stranded in the wake of hurricane harvey.>> reporter: houston firefighters going door to door now. we have a ktvu crew on the boat. we will get a live report coming up tonight at 5:00. it is incredible what they're doing there. a violent suspect link to another violent incident. he was a cruise accused of another crime on a train. more details on who he attacked on the train. next, a bride's biggest setback, she's also the beast -- all set to be good to go but her bridal party
4:48 pm
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royal caribbean's liberty of the seas as docked in oakland . that is because it was unable to do so because of hurricane harvey. people can be seen waving a flag on the ship with a texas a& m symbol. they are expected to return to galveston on friday if conditions are okay. the next sale is set to leave september 27 and has already been canceled. a bride to be said to be
4:51 pm
married in colorado this weekend, the only problem, her entire wedding party including the groom is trapped in houston. she is trying to keep herself busy. she is worried about her groom, sister, groomsman, in-laws, wedding photographer. they are all stranded in houston. >> there is nothing i could do if i was there. it's better to be here and help prepare for the weekend. >> even if they have to drive half the night, they might be tired but we will serve extra coffee. >> members of the wedding party say they will make the 16 hour drive at they absolutely have to. the city of new york is raising the price of a pack of cigarettes to $13. it's in an effort to get people to stop smoking. another bill signed by mayor diblasio will also slowly reduce the number of licenses issued to retailers to sell tobacco products. there are more tobacco
4:52 pm
retailers in new york city than starbucks and pizza shops combined. the new price hike goes into effect next summer. you've heard of the talk, the parents talking about the birds and the bees, but some other families have a talk about power, police, and skin color. the conversation started after an incident with a police officer feeling -- that left him feeling like they were profiled. they said the time had come to have a talk with their boys about how to interact with the police if or as they told her son, when they are stopped by law enforcement. things like polite language, never showing frustration, and never using sudden moves to escalate the situation. society and police, they said, may see them as a threat because of their skin. >> they are our babies and should be nine and 10 and be able to play and not have to worry about this type of stuff at this age. these should be adult problems.
4:53 pm
>> they said these talks are about survival. ktvu is continuing the conversation with a one hour special. tonight there'll be stories of race and culture and stories from everyday people from all across the region and a chance to hear who we are, where we've been and where we are going from everyday people. tune in tonight at 8:00 on ktvu plus. we will take a life -- a look at the life and legacy of the people's princess coming up. one laugh, and hello sensitive bladder.
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princess diana was killed in a tragic car crash 20 years ago. her life was wealthy but filled with heartbreak. katie logan with more on diana's life and legacy. >> reporter: she was perfect, she was autocratic, she was young enough. all of that was working in her favor. >> reporter: when diana became a mother, it was truly one of the happiest things of her life. and she always yearned to be a mother. >> after that the fairytale started to fade.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: she felt very lonely in her marriage to charles. she was suspicious that him and camilla were cheating behind her back. >> they found out she suffered behind closed doors and fought depression. she dedicated herself to charities including landmine clearance and controversial issues like hiv and aids. >> she had an empathy because of her bringing -- upbringing. she could connect to people in a way no royal ever had in history. >> the princess of wales officially ended her marriage in august 1996. a year later emma august 31, 1997, diana was killed in a car accident in france. it was said that she was being
4:58 pm
chased by paparazzi and her driver speeding away was drunk at the wheel. now 20 years later, her sons are opening up about that april night. >> the people who chased her with the same people who were taking photographs of her when she was still dying on the backseat of the car.>> reporter: the funeral got an incredible outpouring. >> 2.5 billion people around the world saw that funeral. she was a global star and for generation x, it was our jfk moment. >> after her death, the royals were changed forever. >> i wouldn't let it break me. i wanted her to be proud. i wanted to to be pretty -- i wanted her to be proud of who i
4:59 pm
became. katie logan in london. fox more rescues happening right now in and around houston texas. first responders are pulling people out of flooded homes as well as neighbors helping neighbors. >> the heaviest rains from the remnants of hurricane harvey are finally letting up in texas, but the scope of this disaster is only just beginning to come into focus. moments ago, the mayor of euston imposed a curfew from 10 at night until five in the morning in an effort to ensure public safety. good evening. i'm julie haener.>> a record amount of rain has fallen in the houston area. they said that harvey has broken a record set back in 1978 for total rainfall. a
5:00 pm
suburb has recorded more than 51 inches of rain since the storm began. the death toll has reached 15 and among the dead a police sergeant who was on his way to work. >> as much as we wanted to recover him last night, we can put more officers at risk. we knew in our hearts it would be a recovery mission. unfortunately in the darkness, sergeant perez drove into an underpass that was about 16 1/2 feet, he drove into the water, and he died in a flood, and a drowning type event. >> thousands of people have made their way to emergency spaces as room ran out. they expect 30,000 people to seek shelter as a result of the storm. it is still raining in houston


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