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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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tropical depression and moving through louisiana. good evening. we have life team coverage tonight. first, we want to go through lauren live in dickinson, 35 miles south east of houston. houston and galveston getting a break today. this area was underwater two days ago. you can see the damage on the sidewalks. this is the store moving east of towards the texas, louisiana state line.>> now that rain has moved to the beaumont region in southeast texas, 15 inches of rain have fallen in the area. there's more to come.>> reporter: harvey creating life- threatening flooding conditions in louisiana and southeast texas. port arthur has been especially hit hard with water rescues and evacuations underway. at one point, the city's main emergency shelter started
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flooding wednesday with victims inside. >> inside the civic center. look at this. we are inside. the people all in the bleachers. >> reporter: back in houston, more shelter space has opened up.>> there are 230 shelters operating. >> and many thousands remain swamped with 49,000 homes now damaged or destroyed.>> in the past week, they have made more than 8500 rescues, more than 26,000 evacuations.>> at this point, fema says 200,000 people have started the process of seeking help from the federal government. harvey is bringing misery to the gulf
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coast, we'll go to our chief meteorologist in the weather center with more on where the storm is heading. >> it's out of the houston area which is great news. it's on the border between texas, eastern texas and louisiana. it's raining hard there are also. the system has been downgraded and the wind dying off. it's still potent with rainfall. you can see how fortunate they are. if there were 70 or 80 miles east, this rain would come down. here's a system tracking off. the heaviest rain beginning to die down. the motion will be such that it will track the northern part of the state. harvey has been downgraded. 35 mile an hour wind which is not too bad. the key here, it's moving, eight mile an hour wind. this was going on in houston
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and corpus christi, it was going to miles an hour. now it's moving it will start to get out of here. water on the ground, the flooding in houston will continue as reservoirs have to keep releasing water. how much rain does the tropical depression have? >> we saw 52 inches of rain in the houston area. >> wayne has been in texas for us this week. watching the rescue operations, in some intense night. 45 miles west of houston. he came across a heartbreaking scene today. >> a couple people drove their pickup into a road and ended up
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into -- and two fatalities. the sun has gone down, it's still twilight and you can see the currents going across this county road. going at a good clip. the further out you go, the deeper it gets because this is the launching point for rescue boats going out, trying to make contact with people in their flooded properties. we can show you video we shot earlier today. this is five or six miles away from where we are standing near simonton. pickup truck with husband and wife drove into water we are told with 68 feet deep. the bodies were found this afternoon. the call came in at 1240 today. deputies arrived, search boats got there, the vehicle was typically submerged. they located the two victims inside. family members on the scene watching is a spider. >> we want to show you rescues that took place earlier today
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in katy. this is the area we were at yesterday with task force for out of the east bay. based in the oakland fire department. yesterday, -- today was mostly civilians. we found one gentleman with five dogs with him, three were his, two were his daughters and he told us what he had gone through.>> my house is flooded with 4.5 feet of water and all the furniture is floating around. everything is damage. it's a total loss except for what's upstairs. i've been camping out there with my five dogs for the last three days. your waiting to get picked up. it looks like the dogs are okay. why did you wait so long? >> i thought the water would go
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down. you're looking at members out of the east bay wrapping up their operation. they have been on her most of the day. we have a fire truck going to turn around and we want to get out of their way. this is one of the local fire departments from the simonton area. another busy day. the interesting thing, even though we are out here with these firefighters from the east bay and los angeles, we are participating, they did not recover anybody. he made contact with everyone they could find. they say the people who are still there decided there okay and they will come out.
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if they need help, they can contact them and they will go back out and try to get them.>> can we see the emergency personnel around you? talk about citizen volunteers going around and helping people. where do they all go? where do they go for shelter? most have friends and family they can stay with. there's been a few people that have gone to the shelters we encountered in these situations. most have friends and family. i spoke to a woman who said her house has three feet of water. she has six children around and she is staying with some of them. a lot of the folks have things in family and they are keeping their pets, sharing with friends and family. the animal shelters pick up animals they haven't been able to locate their owners. i talked to animal control
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officer who said they are as though that there are still cats and chickens at one property. the cats may be barrel. the chickens, they have to go back and check. there is concern about donkeys and cattle's cash and cattle standing and dry water -- standing in water. everybody's doing the best they can. so far, it seems like we've had several dozen deaths. when you consider a city of more than 2 million, it's remarkable is not worse. >> when you're driving from where you are back to houston, what is it like? is it flooding as far as you can see?>> in some parts. look behind me, you have scenes like this. it's more dangerous at night when we have to be extra careful. there are a lot of times -->>
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were having some signal trouble. we been watching the recovery operations all day. in the meantime,, stay with us for continuing coverage on the aftermath of hurricane harvey. kendall bring us live updates all week. we are posting the latest on ktvu,com as well. developing news out of sacramento county where she has been shot and killed. up next, what we are learning about the deputy and the suspects. late word of an arrest following a major wildfire burning tonight in butte county.>> a beautiful night for baseball in san rafael. just less than an hour away from making my professional
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umpire debut. i love a special guest for you when we come back.
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developing news, a sheriff deputy is dead and to chp officers wounded after a shootout at a motel. night, we learn the deputy killed is a 21 year veteran of the sacrament of sheriff's department. he was shot at the ramada inn
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near capital city freeway about seven miles northeast of downtown sacramento. crime reporter henry lee joins us now with more on what happened. what started as a car theft investigation in sacramento county ended with a shootout at wounded to chp officers and killed that sheriff deputy. now that deputies family and law enforcement county -- colleagues are in morning. >> once again, i am in the unfortunate position to stand before you and tell you about an officer killed in the line of duty. his name was robert ranch, a 21 year veteran of our department. well known, well respected in our department. began at a ramada inn at 9:30 am. of vehicle theft task force spotted a stolen car. they saw two women get inside. those women led the officers on a chase. that headed south to elk grove. the women were taken into custody there.
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the task force returned to the ramada inn to search the motel room and that's where the first shots were fired. >> the suspect started hiring shots through the front door and the front wall where the officers were located. to chp investigators were struck by the gunfire at that time. they returned fire. the suspect went to the balcony of the motel room where we had deputies already stationed in case the suspect tried to flee. there was an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and the deputies at the back of the motel room. one of the deputies was struck gunfire during an exchange.>> that deputy died on the way to the hospital. the suspect got into a car and the deputies on a chase before he crashed a couple of miles away. for hours, authorities surrounded the ramada inn were they say more suspects maced it will be in the motel room. gift were told to stay inside until they could be safely evacuated. deputy french was 52.
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he leaves behind his live-in girlfriend, adult, ranch and a sister. >> what about the to chp officers wounded? do we know how they are doing? >> they are expected to recover. their identities have not been released or have the names of the three in custody. >> what was the latest with the suspect? were they arrested? the suspect was shot and wounded. he is in custody. we don't know his name at this point. now to the forest fire burning in butte county tonight. it's called the ponderosa fire and has spread across 2500 acres, destroying at least 10 homes. a man from oracle under arrest for allegedly starting the fire. the 29-year-old was taken into custody today. investigators say he started a camp fire outside a designated area and the fire quickly grew out of control. people living in the hills above the lake are being
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ordered to evacuate. the fire broke out yesterday northeast of oroville. the flames threatening 500 homes and buildings.>> i am one of the lucky ones. these guys are here, they got out and did a great job. they saved my house. cal fire has close to 1000 firefighters along with the hundred inches in 10 helicopters battling the ponderosa fire. >> of the fire around the ponderosa fire area around butte county near lake coralville, it's up against it. there were a couple days of their of mild conditions go now, we will go into the heat. a red flag warning will go into effect. we are talking about temperatures in the zone that could easily reach into the 113 range. we will watch it closely. also, you're talking about a
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lots of, not highly populated, not great access. here between feather falls and challenge. it is a hard area to fight fires. we will watch. but the biggest concern, it will be hot, over hundred five, hundred six everyday. probably through monday of next week. that will cause firefighters the significant problems. for us, heat is on as well. temperatures will get up there. temperatures tomorrow, we will find a low 100s and friday it goes off. the reason, is a high-pressure building it. air quality taking a hit. we have heat advisories and heat warnings. we also will see this heatwave that could rival the heat wave
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in 2006 which set all sorts of records. i will see you back here with the details. happening now, he is our ktvu sports director. tonight, he has another job. right now, he is in the north they were he is about to be an umpire for one game. >> he is and albert field in san rafael were a minor league game is about to get underway. all day, what does my wife has been asking if i'm nervous. so far, no. i have a lot to learn. it's an exquisite night for baseball here. i am joined by the dean of this league but oddly enough, his name is dean. good to have you here. to have reason to be nervous?
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>> not one bit, you'll be fine.>> we are more worried about us then you. one of the main reasons i wanted to do this story, basically because i don't believe in instant replay. i like human aspects of the game of baseball. i truly respect the game and i will take it seriously tonight. where do you stand on replay and i think it just slows down game. adult gets good for ball. >> i don't agree with it seriously. it takes too much out of the game. the human element. it's all part of the game and has been since the late 1800s. is no reason to change that. major league baseball whatever. nobly we won't have it here. i couldn't agree with you more. >> what is the main problem with replay for me. it slows down the game and it is not 100%. if you seen this many baseball games as we do on a weekly
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basis, it's not hundred percent right. >> it's never hundred percent right. >> there taking a lot of the stuff away from the game it takes too long. games in the 70s were to our sentiments. ever since then, we are doing three and half hour games and that's part of it.>> sometimes you see a little fighter space. managers will come out of the not to, there will heat someone up. the kind to get the team fired up. that aspect is gone because now you go to the telephone, and the mood and that's all over with.>> that is one of the reasons i am nervous. you said before we went on, every now and then, these youngsters throw punches. do a reason to worry and how do i handle if a guy, billy martin s gets in my face? how do you advise i handle that? >> don't anything. just stand there and let them finish talking. try not to get your shoes
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dirty.:i would say, just don't say anything. let him finish talking, which he may never finish. listen to what he has to say.>> i hope i get to kick somebody out.[ laughter ] >> i will have some fun. see how this night went on. i will have a microphone and a mobile camera at all times. you can check it out. you are looking all business out there. don't screwed up. still to come, a family on east bay mourning the death of their son. up next, what we learn about her an arrest -- an arrest in his killing. jj what leading
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a fundraising effort that is raise millions for texas relief. a look at do surveillance video just released in the search for a vandal who targeted a synagogue.
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seven members of a richmond street gang behind bars tonight accused of committing violent crimes in 12 bay area cities. the police she says they are some of the most dangerous
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criminals in the area. paul chambers tells us the crimes include the murder of a teenager. >> we miss him. i miss him.>> reporter: three weeks from now, they will mark one year from when there son was shot and killed. >> he made good choices. >> reporter: this video given to us by the family shows a smiling kid on graduation day. last year he was shot more than 40 times at close range a block away from home. >> down the street, in front of a church. he was walking home, minding his own business. he was gunned out. >> i will never see any grandchildren from him. he will never be there to carry our name. >> reporter: surrounded by friends, his family spoke to me a few feet away from his grave site. the only place with the family wanted to be on this day when
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police announced multiple arrests in his homicide case. >> i wanted to be where he is. i know his soul is in heaven but this is where i come to spend time with him. >> i can see him and his friends and it hurts. the way they talk, they talk just like him >> reporter: i prefer -- at a press conference, a task force revealed the findings of their year to have investigation leading to seven arrests of a dangerous street gang members. we are not using the gangs name to give them any more notoriety. there responsible for three homicides last year, including niko. >> my family will never be the same . my one and only son taken from me for no reason.>> there violence marks some of the most egregious criminal acts we have seen in the bay area for quite some time. they have been linked to 14 attempt murders and --
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involving firearm discharges, two carjackings, one home invasion robbery, six armed robberies. police looking or cardell waters who they say will be charged with all of these crimes along with seven other gang members and although there rest will not bring niko back, the family is thankful these people are off the streets. >> god answered our prayers. >> reporter: police say each is being held on $24 million bail because they are so dangerous. a ktvu at 6:30 pm is next. with a message from senator kamala harris. this is a moment in time that's challenging. coming up next what she had to say at a town hall meeting. the president ditching a
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plan he says will revitalized the economy.
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now to today's top stories. a veteran sacramento county


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