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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  August 31, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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law enforcement across the country use the readers on patrol cars and traffic signals to determine if vehicles are linked to crimes. a heat wave getting ready to take hold of the bay area as we brace for triple digit temperatures. in texas early morning explosions at a chemical plant, the latest catastrophe after hurricane harvey. following a police chase and shooting left one deputy dead and two others injured how the case is linked to the bay area. >> the final day of august is here. the fog has been hanging around for most of the summer finally starting to peel back and move toward those islands. a live look at san francisco bay with the golden gate bridge everything looking beautiful this thursday morning. welcome inside to the 9.
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temperatures will start to spike so enjoy the morning because it is somewhat cool for now. it is a "spare the air" dade. -- day. >> would you barbecue today if it wasn't a "spare the air" alert? >> may be. i like to barbecue. >> if you want to go outside right now is a good time. get out there and go hiking. we have had 10 of these "spare the air" alerts . this is a live look to work mount diablo, the season typically goes from april through october. today, according to health officials smog can be a pollution problem. we have a hot temperatures and when the wind is not around it
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lingers. >> we are talking about temperatures well above 100. possibly 105 up to 110 in places like livermore brentwood antioch. >> i want to ask you something. do you actually keep the windows open more or do you use the air conditioner? what do you do when it is so hot?>> in the morning and evening i leave the windows but in the middle of the day we are lucky that our home has air conditioning not by my choice we just inherited it. my wife likes to crank it. >> we are asking you about "spare the air" do you make changes on these alert days. you can see 76% say no. the rest of you say yes you do.>> one person says i already don't drive there is not much more i can do.
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>> erika says very few changes unless it is a non-workday. >> megan says i already take public transit. >> thank you for your responses we will check more coming up at 9:30. reach us on twitter use our hashtag ktvu. we are starting with a big story. more damage by hurricane harvey. there were two reported explosions overnight at a chemical plant outside of houston. we have new pictures coming to the newsroom of rescue crews searching for stranded residents near a dam in southeast texas. water levels at a reservoir reached record levels. authorities released some water to ease the burden of flooding in the area but it could last for weeks. the associated press has confirmed 31 deaths so far. harvey downgraded to a tropical depression with maximum sustained winds of 45 miles per hour.
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moving out of texas into louisiana. >> let's go back to that concern the chemical plant outside of houston. >> located in crosby, texas northeast of houston. >> alex savidge has been following the story for us. he joins us with a look at the threat that could face people living near the plant. >> good morning to you guys, there is ongoing debate about how dangerous the smoke coming from this chemical plant is. authorities than -- insist it is not toxic but there were 15 deputies who went to the hospital after inhaling the fumes from this fire. although the deputies are expected to be okay. this is a look at the scene. early this morning explosions were heard at the arkema plant in crosby, texas. 25 miles east of houston. the facility had been evacuated
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days ago because as you can see it was flooded because of harvey. what caught fire was a trailer full of organic peroxide, the chemicals need to be kept cold but the power was knocked out at the plant days ago. with no refrigeration the compound degraded which generated heat and the chemicals ignited. >> we found out that we had one of the box vans, there was a chemical decomposition and chemical reaction that resulted in a fire at the location for there were a number of containers in the box van that did rupture. >> people living within half a mile or within 1 1/2 miles of the facility were ordered to evacuate. they were evacuated a couple days ago because authorities anticipated a fire like this could erupt. officials say there were eight other larger trailers filled with chemicals that they do
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expect to catch fire at some point of the chemicals degrade. it is unclear when people can return home. they have a large evacuation zone but fire officials are not going into the plant instead that will let the other trailers simply burn out. an unfolding crisis in this town outside of houston all a result of the incredible flooding in the area.>> thank you for the update. in beaumont the entire city is lost its water supply that is because of the storm. 118,000 people 100 miles east of houston, the city has lost service from its main pump station because of rising waters. they must wait until the water recedes before going in and fixing the problem. in the meantime evacuation orders are in effect as rescues continue.
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>> we got 10 of them out. i own a rental house here and we came back in the boat to check it out. when we were here people were hollering for help so we got them out. we got about 10 people out. it is real bad. >> many people say the flooding in beaumont is just as bad as the flooding in the city of houston. both major airports in houston have resumed limited operations. bush intercontinental airport 45 minutes north of houston already had 10 flights leave this morning with almost as many arriving. a united flight headed for san francisco will arrive early this afternoon which would be the first flight from houston to the bay area since the houston airports reopened. at hobby airport much closer to downtown houston there are no major flights set to take off
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or land. hobby airport is prepared to accept flights when the airlines start up again, southwest is the major carrier out of hobby airlines -- airport and they do not plan to resume operations until saturday. we are working to bring you ken wayne in the houston area we should see him in minutes. online at our coverage continues and you will find the latest on texas and many ways that you can help with more stories about the bay area response to that storm. >> we talk about the airports getting back up and running, the houston astros are expected to play in houston this weekend on saturday with a doubleheader. >> the ballpark is in the middle of downtown houston. imagine the emotional affect. >> you want to see the ballpark get filled with people if people can get there. it is saturday.
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hosting the mets. if they can do it it is a great move. still to come, a deadly shooting in sacramento that left one deputy dead and injured two highway patrol officers. after the break, how the case is linked to the bay area.
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the law enforcement community across the nation is in mourning following a shooting in sacrament of leaving one deputy dead and two officers wounded, dave clark with the story. >> we have details on the deadly shootout in sacramento. three people were detained including the gunman a 31-year- old man from the bay area. a task force investigating a stolen car reading chased two women and a car from the ramada inn to elk grove.
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when the officers went back to the motel to check the women's room a man in the room with a high-powered rifle started shooting through the door. robert french a 52-year-old deputy was shot. along with two officers, deputy frenchy died in an ambulance on his way to the hospital. the suspect jumped off of a motel balcony to get into an escape car. officers chased after him, the suspect crashed the car after exchanging gunfire with officers. authorities say that deputy french was a well-respected veteran officer of the law. >> once again i have to stand before you and tell you an officer was killed in the line of duty. robert french a 21 year veteran. well-known and well-respected. >> the suspected gunman is in critical condition under police watch.
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investigators have not told us the names of the people arrested. governor jerry brown issued a statement on the death of deputy french saying on behalf of all californians we extend condolences to friends family and law enforcement others and sisters. he is survived by a girlfriend with three adult children and grandchildren. the chp officers are expected to recover. back to the desk. the fbi and contra costa county task force continue to search for one more member of a dangerous street gang. seven members were arrested yesterday after an 18 month investigation. the final member cardell waters will be charged with the same crist -- list of crimes the others face which includes the murder of a teenage boy. the family of nico martinez says the arrests won't bring him back but they don't want anyone else to suffer.
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investigators say the streets are safer with these men in custody. >> their violence is some of the most egregious criminal acts we have seen in the bay area for quite some time. they have been linked to 14 attempted murders involving firearms. two carjackings, one home invasion robbery, six armed robberies. >> the home invasion resulted in a shooting injuring a school board member. the men are being held on $24 million bail each. a $1 million arrest warrant has been issued for a man suspected of us sexual assault. adrian vasquez is suspected of molesting a woman near the panhandle last year. anyone who knows where he is is asked to call police. still to come, ken wayne is one hour southwest of houston
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in east bernard. we will check in with him live after the break.
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ken wayne has been in texas all week today he is meeting up with bay area crews for a major operation of boat rescue teams pick >> he is one hour south of houston in east bernard. >> reporter: just so you know, there is a four second delay from where we are so there will be some lag time. however, i can tell you we are with task force number four. i guess i am officially a club member with the rescue team out of the east bay.
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we just got to this area called east bernard. it is usually one hour southwest of houston but because of the road closures and the traffic conditions it took twice that time to get here. they are getting ready to head out. we are staged at a truck stop in this small community and from here these guys will go out in the boat. we understand the colorado river in this area this is a different one than the one that goes through the grand canyon, the colorado river in texas has overflowed the banks in this community just south of here five or six miles south and we are understanding this is a big operation. i can see the tennessee search and rescue team here as well. the phoenix search and rescue team, we have task force four from the east bay, task force three from the peninsula in the bay area also in the area we
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are try to find out where they are. there are a lot of moving parts in all of this. the leaders are getting briefed right now to find out exactly what part of the flood zone they are going to be putting their boats in to start doing rescues. we don't know the situation and the details on how many people might be affected with their conditions, if they are trapped trying to get out or if they need boats to survey the area. there are a lot of unknowns in this thing so this will be a developing situation but we have been told this is a major operation about to get underway as i mention it is a lot more than task force four. teams are being brought in from different parts of the country that have been staged in texas brought to this part of the country and they will be hitting the road soon. we have military trucks behind me with the boats and aircraft, the good news clear blue skies
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so there will be a lot of air work. we saw a plane fly over a short time ago so there are no limitations on her cleft -- aircraft over the area so i do expect shoppers to be moving in. with the delay i will toss it back to you guys if you have questions. >> this hurricane hit almost one week ago they call it a rescue operation, have you heard any use of the word recovery effort or are they truly in rescue mode? >> reporter: it is funny you should ask because this morning i was watching the local news reports and officials say today is the turning point as far as the big picture is concerned this is turning into a recovery operation. the floodwaters have crested in barker and attics reservoir. they are not expecting the
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water to go higher downstream like it was yesterday so they are saying that it is peaked out in the water levels should start to receive. this is in houston and in the immediate suburbs of houston. when we got the call this morning that this was going on down here in this area and the colorado river had gone over its banks that was new information that had not been coming out of houston. so i don't even know if the media organizations in the houston area are aware of what is happening but they will be soon i'm sure. we are now in a situation where this is becoming a new rescue operation. this is a new event we have not heard anything about problems in this area in wharton but now we have this problem with the colorado river going over its banks. it is possible upstream there is a lot of water making its way down here that for some reason people didn't know about or it slipped under the radar.
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now we have a serious situation here and emergency workers are coming in to begin the rescue operation. the big picture is it is a recovery for most of houston but in this area outside of houston one hour south or southwest it is a whole different situation. is an urgent rescue operation going on. >> can you briefly talk a little bit about the mood of the bay area rescue crews, since they have been going nonstop how are they feeling how are they doing now that it has been nearly one week? >> reporter: mike, they are pumped these guys from task force four and the women, they are pumped. this is what they trained to do. when they get the chance to put it in practice they put their boats in the water and save lives that is what they are all about.
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this is what these folks want to do. this is what they live for. task force three from the peninsula and menlo park up and down the peninsula into the south bay to have been frustrated because for two or three days they haven't stuck at a staging area waiting for an assignment. they are chomping at the bit to get out and do what these guys are doing. i got the message this warning that task force three has been dispatched to this area and we are trying to locate where they are and see if we can hook up with them. i know they are probably relieved that they get to come do the work they came out to do. task force four the folks are ready they are excited they want to get out and i'm sure that is the same feeling as task force three. >> real quickly, you have seen rescue crews from the bay area and tennessee, have you seen
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them from all over the country like california too? >> reporter: tennessee is the furthest i have seen so far but we have been hanging around the bay area folks so, they dispatch a team to one location and another team to another. so it is such a vast area being covered by the rescue and recovery you don't see them all together. i don't know how many teams are here from which parts of the country but if you want to swing the camera around there is the tennessee task force one urban search and rescue trucks. there are three or four big rigs from tennessee and over there near the yellow penske truck that is the team from phoenix that is good. we were there the first day we got here in katy so we had the folks from the east bay and los angeles at that location. now they have been moved down
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here. we also have the national guard, yesterday we were working with the national guard out of dallas. i ran into some guard members coming down from austin so now we have the folks from the east bay who are still gearing up getting their equipment together. i guess the short answer is the only ones i have seen from far away are from tennessee but i'm sure there are other teams from all over the country that are spread out across the southwest and southeast texas. >> even with the delay, ken wayne delivering another great report as well as your photographer thank you both for your hard work and we are wishing you a safe day in texas. coming up, we will talk about what is happening here at home with california's largest wildfire growing. just this morning someone was taken into custody for the fire.
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we will explain how investigators think the fire started. parts of the coast to dealing with fog but inland temperatures are warming up. we will talk about that and yes there was a minor earthquake around 9:00.
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welcome back. on the final day of august as we get a live look across san francisco. a little hazy because it is a "spare the air" day as temperatures will begin to rise today and tomorrow also saturday sunday and maybe a little bit of a cooldown on monday. what is this you mention of an earthquake? >> in just a second, the earthquake is a 3.6. we were
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listening when you talk about the question of the day. so the question of the day poll shows 75% of you say no we don't make changes despite the fact that it is "spare the air" today. >> lindsay says yes but i make changes daily and i wish others would do the same.>> i have never thought about barbecuing although i have a gas and charcoal grill. >> you could always go out to eat. >> inc. you for talking to us. a series of wildfires burning out of control in california. one of the largest is the ponderosa fire this one group 350 acres overnight to more than 3500 acres this morning. it is 10% contained and has destroyed dirty buildings including 10 homes.
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a 29-year-old man arrested yesterday in connection to the fire accused of starting an illegal campfire that grew out of control. the fire burning east of oracle . and another wildfire is being called the pleasant fire in the sierra foothills on highway 49. the fire has burned 200 acres but there is concern it will grow and train nearby residents. the fire is 10% contained. is approaching 200 other buildings and houses. the fire began yesterday and spread quickly. >> very high temperature with low humidity. even though it is dark, there is a lot of brush out here with timber and all of that will fuel the fire. >> a section of highway 49 is shut down. an emergency shelter was opened last night for
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evacuees. in yosemite a fast-moving wildfire forcing highway 49 to be closed and the southern entrance to yosemite. the railroad fire started tuesday near oakhurst. 1200 acres have burned in the foothills. mandatory evacuations continue for the community of sugar pine. about 100 buildings have been threatened and the fire is 5% contained. firefighters are in for a challenge as temperatures will be jumping. as steve has told us. >> earthquake first? 3.6 9:00 this morning seven miles northwest of calistoga. that was just shy of 9:00. i had a viewer tell me on facebook from healdsburg and then a couple other people. a lot of smoke people have been asking about yosemite.
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as you mention there is that and the ponderosa fire. people think they have fog but it is actually smoke and haze. even into napa county. no doubt inland and bayside towns will get warmer but a tricky high temperature forecast along parts of the coast. the fog returned. it is actually trying to take a turn around parts of san francisco. to the north it is not bad. kevin says i started a 5k run at 56 degrees in sausalito and it totally three minutes at 64 degrees with the offshore breeze. you can see there is no fog in that area so sausalito not dealing with fog. a heat advisory at 11:00, excessive heat for tomorrow but watch how the fog is moving into bodega bay. a little bit around point rate
9:33 am
flirting with marin county. it will thicken into the san mateo coast. some areas don't have it and then it goes to the santa cruz coast. so some of those areas it has pulled off. it will not help you inland as it will be very warm but 56 at half moon bay. 71 in brentwood. 227 degrees warmer compared to yesterday. if you're headed to the sierra don't worry about anything today or tomorrow we have smoke and haze. on the coast you could get some sunshine but temperatures should be in the 60s. tropical storm lidia moving it to cabo san lucas with a lot of moisture streaming northward into the holiday weekend. 60s to the 100's. tomorrow is the day for extreme heat with everything coming in some of us mere 110 or 112. >> we are in for a heat wave.
9:34 am
>> today is a "spare the air" day. >> leigh martinez live from livermore. you are in livermore right now. >> reporter: i love livermore but it is significantly hotter out here right now. it is a "spare the air" day so if you have sensitivity to pollution or you have respiratory problems it is advised to stay indoors which should not be a problem. it is getting significantly hotter. this is one of the cooling centers, the livermore library we already have people waiting to get inside. the current air quality is unhealthy due to too much smog. the heat will likely keep everyone indoors anyway, livermore public library is one of the cooling centers. it opens at 10:00 but jordan nichols rode her bike here at
9:35 am
6:30 because it gets crowded and she wants to get her favorite table.>> it gets really crowded during the week especially on the hotter days people come during the week. especially when it is 100 degrees you already feel dehydrated. you have nothing else to go do especially downtown there is nowhere to go during the hotter days. so i love to come here. >> the library daily grind cafi opened at 7:00. it stays busy all day on these hot days and the east bay has four days of unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups. you are encouraged to cut back on driving using gasoline lawnmowers and hairspray's. livermore library will be a cooling center for the weekend as well. they let me in early to use the restroom and it is really nice. i am very pro-livermore because
9:36 am
i love the city but it is really nice in there. it has a tahoe ski resort vibe. i could stay in there all day. i have come early for lunch -- brunch but people come early because they want the best tables. >> it is very nice, it was built 15 years ago, the old library was tiny and dark you have to go to the livermore library. that is fabulous. i share your love for livermore, thank you. >> maybe we will go when it is not so hot. >> don't forget you can download our free weather app for the latest on the conditions and when the heat wave will intensify plus, the weather team is always posting updates on facebook twitter and instagram. global climate change was the focus of a town hall in san francisco last night, jackie speier is calling the issue a
9:37 am
crisis. >> as amber lee reports jackie speier insists there is a link between climate change and hurricanes. >> congresswoman jackie speier says the impact of global warming is not a partisan issue. >> i am confident this disaster has so shaken everyone republicans and democrats that this is no longer a game of cat and mouse. this is a crisis. >> those attending are looking for hope and information. >> i want to know if congress is serious about doing something even though our president doesn't care about climate change.>> what california's doing and what are some of the ways we can change. >> the uc berkeley professor of energy is a climate change expert. >> we have seen more and more abrupt changes in the weather patterns. >> he used to serve as the
9:38 am
science envoy state department had until he resigned last week in protest at president trump. he says climate change has exacerbated the impact of storms. >> climate change contributed directly to harvey because the gulf of mexico is warmer than it would have been, the warmer the water the easier to evaporate putting more water in the air.>> he has researched climate change and california is at the forefront of programs in policy to protect the planet. >> climate change has made all of these weather events more intense. whether it is more droughts, greater density and seriousness in the types of hurricanes. >> solving the problems brought on by climate change involved working with skeptics of global warming. >> the science community in the
9:39 am
us and globally is aligned. we know what is going on but ultimately solutions our collective. >> it is real and we have to do everything that we can locally and in the state. >> the congresswoman says in action is not an option, the good news is californians overwhelmingly support measures to slow climate change even when they bring increased costs. from san francisco amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> meanwhile senator kamala harris held a town meeting telling the crowd now is the time to stand up for what you believe in. >> this is a moment in time that is challenging us to fight for who we are. >> senator harris covered several topics announcing her plans to cosponsor bernie sanders single-payer health care bill called medicare for all. she also denounced racism in
9:40 am
charlottesville and defended the daca program. many undocumented young people who were once protected now worry about deportation. >> after my years in college what am i going to do? i am a politics major so hopefully one day i will be in her seat and we are hoping for the best right now. >> harris wants the us to keep the promise to protect dreamers and regardless of what happens the country needs come brands of immigration reform. she touched on education and the importance of fair elections. some breaking news the united states is forcing the closure of the russian consulate in san francisco. in december the obama administration told officials to leave the consulate in the city, this time the state department says this is retaliation for russia's decision to reduce the size of the us mission in russia.
9:41 am
the state department issued a statement saying that the russian consulate in san francisco will have to close by september 2 which is saturday. two russian annex buildings in dc and new york will also close. the closure of the consulate will leave both countries with three consulate's. caltrans crews are getting ready to demolish the 13 foundations of the old eastern span of the bay bridge. the work will take place over six weekends starting saturday. it will happen every other weekend through mid-november, caltrans will close the eastern span on a rolling basis. the closures are expected to last 20 to 30 minutes and they are intended to protect drivers pedestrians and bicyclists. bart says crews are spending their weekend doing track work and other maintenance between the 19th street fruitvale station in oakland which will cause delays bart
9:42 am
will run free shuttle buses between fruitvale and 19th street. lake merritt will be closed altogether, ac transit will provide free bus service between lake merritt and fruitvale. coming up, set to make his debut in san jose in a few weeks. after the break we are joined by the mma fighter known as big country. country.
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no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. and an excellent source of calcium. enjoy cheese dippers by the laughing cow. in a few weeks bellator returns to san jose and when it does roy nelson will make his debut. he is here with is live today
9:45 am
as he gets ready for the big fight. are you ready?>> i am getting ready. >> who are you fighting?>> javier ola. i don't know much about him. he is definitely a guy trying to knock me out. >> do you study film? >> i used to try to study film but i just need to know what i'm doing. if i think i do what i do than everything works out. if i go i think he hits hard and all of this. then you are thinking too much that is when you get caught. >> so you are a big jujitsu guy right? how does that play into this?>> for me, i am a black belt but i haven't actually used that jujitsu because all of the fans
9:46 am
love the knockout.>> take me to the minutes before the fight. how do you pump up, is it music what do you do?>> how do you get ready for work?>> hairspray and make a. >> the same thing. the same thing.>> the adrenaline must be racing? >> it is just another day at the office. we do this six days a week getting ready for the fight. you have to look at it like going to practice. >> so you grew up in las vegas. how did you get to this point? did you play other sports?>> in high school i played baseball basketball football but i wish i would have stayed with baseball because it pays much better. >> you signed to take care of your family tell me what you mean. >> in the whole scheme of things
9:47 am
, it is better for my family as in how you are treated and spike that is what created mma in the us. that is what launched the ufc. so now it is launching bellator to new heights because of the audience that spike brings. >> how critical is good for you in san jose in september to connect with the audience before or even during the fight? >> the one thing that i like about the bay area like san jose, this is the mecca of martial arts. they love martial arts. that is something i love to fight in san jose because you have to make sure we put on some great fights. >> when you were growing up in las vegas and you played these sports did you ever foresee
9:48 am
yourself doing this? ufc wasn't really as big as it is now. >> for me, how i got into martial arts was in the 80s. the ninja movies and the karate kid. i wanted to be a ninja. the only way i knew how was to try to be in the movies i didn't know you could own a martial arts school i thought i want to be in the movies and that is how i got into what i did but now it is full circle. it is great. >> you want your little boy to go into this? >> martial arts, yes, fighting, no. i would much rather him do this than football martial arts it is much safer. we talked about this because my wife said let's put him in boxing i said i don't want to do that i would rather have him
9:49 am
do gymnastics. >> speaking of, did you watch the big fight over the weekend? mayweather and mcgregor? >> yes, i did watch it. >> it is different from boxing, but he is a big ufc guy and he has brought a lot of attention back to this sport. >> actually just brought attention to boxing now boxing is still better as in you only have to worry about two hands. for me, personally that is what i thought would happen because it is boxing. mma is different. if it was flip-flopped it would have been done a lot sooner but boxing everybody forgot you just have to win seven out of the 12 rounds. >> congratulations on the career and we are wishing you good luck in september.
9:50 am
>> september 23. >> you are very nice for being a fighter. >> i am always nice.>> the sap center saturday, september 23, get your tickets if you haven't already. thank you for being here.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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this morning palo alto police have a warning for parents taking their children to school. >> a mountain lion was spotted this morning, jesse gary joining us live with a look at what is going on. >> because of the discovery residents got a call from the county advising parents not to let their kids walk to school in this area but instead drive them to school. the 1700 block of webster around 6:20 the 1700 block of webster around 6:21 resident says the mountain lion and a key in was spotted in the tree. that is what prompted the alert. this is unusual because we are in the flatlined. while mountain lines are common in the area in the hills not necessarily in the flats so this has created a public safety risk. >> there are several schools nearby. their very presence in the community is a danger to public
9:54 am
safety. so it is not something that is normal. it is not something where we encounter this frequently. that is why it is a danger because there is nowhere for it to go where it won't contact a human. >> officials urge caution. if you come across the mountain lion try to avoid it but if attacked i am told to fight back. will check with the fish and wildlife to confirm that is true but according to police you are supposed to fight back since you are bigger and they usually do not like bigger prey. right now, the area is on alert about this mountain line and kitchen that were spotted in the tree. this is in the 1700 block of webster in palo alto we will bring you an update starting at noon, live from palo alto jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news in santa
9:55 am
clara tonight the 49ers host the chargers at levi stadium. it is their final preseason game, most of the starters will likely sit as the younger players show their stuff before the big cuts. the rookie quarterback cj won't be starting the season but fans are starting to like him. remember they drafted him in the third round. he has been making some nice plays under pressure and he will likely be the backup to brian hoyer. that first half of the last game he looked a lot better. the game tonight starts at 7:00. you can start to see the traffic implications in santa clara. >> in oakland the raiders are hosting the seahawks. ej manual will get some practice at quarterback. tonight to be the first time we see cornerback gary conley.
9:56 am
you will catch that game tonight on ktvu starting at 7:00. first congress has been on recess for the last couple of weeks august recess so they will go back next month. house republicans say that they have committed support for harvey and they will get funding through the house although there are no specifics regarding how much money they will get and when the money will come for those who need it. and something else they mention. 31 people have been confirmed dead, the number expected to rise, one of the dead individuals was electrocuted so someone in the water. this was a concern because of the water and power lines. sure enough it does get charged so as you look at this live radar. it is just something else to
9:57 am
remember. not only for people in the area but for all the first responders who are also going into the water. >> interesting to see what storm activity continues. any amount of rain they don't need so we will see what happens. >> one very small impact here gas prices are up $.10 in the past week. texas, houston specifically a major refinery town so we are watching all of this and more. we have more right now on and we will be back here at noon for more news. at for every busy day there should be a cozy dream bedroom. ♪ ♪ that you can find the comfort you're looking for at a price you've been waiting for. ♪ ♪ that the cost of a good night's sleep shouldn't keep you up at night. ♪ ♪ and we believe... that cozy should never be costly. ♪ ♪
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. yeah! [ applause ] so glad it's friday. how you doin?


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