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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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authorities in sacramento identified the gunman accused of killing a sacramento sheriff's deputy. the death of deputy robert french a 21 year veteran of the department has left the law enforcement community grieving.
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french was a beloved figure the department who is survived by three adult children. a woman inside the car left -- led police on a pursuit. officers returned to the ramada inn to do a door knock and a man with a high-powered rifle shot through the door. the deputy was hit. l along with two chp officers. the gunmen along with the two women arrested the scene are from the bay area. >> both suspects are from the east bay. and both are well known to law enforcement. the man accused of gunning down a sack of money -- sacramento deputy is mr. little cloud.
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he allegedly wounded two chp officers and killed the sheriff deputy robert french. french liz behind girlfriend, grown children, grandchildren and his sister. a squad car memorial was held for him today. >> little cloud has a long rap sheet. i have learned that he has a history of evading, resisting, and and assaulting police office. his mother said she was at a loss to explain what happened and was in shock. >> we called tommy in the neighborhood. he was a loner, he can play ball mistreats. i cannot believe that the rage has gotten so big and him.
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his parents are very caring and loving. >> also arrested was 23-year-old priscilla prentice of oakland. she has numerous convictions for auto theft. she and a second woman fled from officers before the shooting of the officer. coming up at 5 pm i'll have more on their criminal history of both suspects. authorities in texas are still dealing with additional dangers from harvey. an explosion at a flooded chemical plant set up plumes of smoke. officials say that 31 people are dead from the hurricane. >> reporter: here in houston a lot of people are just now have an opportunity to get back into their home to see the damage.
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there are lots of parts of houston that are drying out. the area behind me is one of those places. >> this was our office. >> across houston door-to-door searches are underway. search and rescue teams are working to locate and help people have been stranded in their homes for days. where the hard-hit texas louisiana state line officials are not sure when they can provide residents with clean drinking water. as a result one beaumont hospital has evacuated patients. >> we had hundred 93 patients in hospital at midnight and we got a call at 1 am this morning from the city saying that they lost the city water. >> just outside of houston explosions at a chemical plant. the area is close to forced evacuation of smoke trickled from the building.
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15 deputies were taken to the hospital after inhaling smoke from the plant. all of those officers have been released. this is vice president mike pence traveled to the damaged area and meeting with storm victims. >> know that we are with you. and we will stay with you until rockport and all of southeast texas comes back. >> visit neighborhood is next to the buffalo bio. they did to controlled releases of the reservoir. one of this area is where the water is released and that's why there's so much excess of water. in the water could stay here for weeks. >> harvey is having a far- reaching impact. people are stranded without food and water. we have a reporter and wharton 60 miles from houston.
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>> reporter: this is a very dire situation. this is an island. this town is cut off by floodwaters. if you look to the east you can see a barricade there. with a little bit of floodwater. if you look to the north there is a sizable amount of floodwater. and as you swing to the west you can see more floodwater and to the south in front of the fire department you can see the barricades down there. that's the colorado river. and that is a river that overflowed and completely cut this town off. at -- 9000 people are cut off from the rest of civilization.
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firefighters from the peninsula and a spare are here assisting with search and rescue operations. we talked with the battalion chief from task force 4. about what lies ahead for them. >> we got maps of their towns and looked at where is most impacted and where they need the use of the fema resources. we put a grin on the city put a plan together. we have 6 task force out there right now. were using all her resources, and we have 25 both out of the water searching through this town. >> reporter: the boats or other trying to find residence to get them out to evacuation buses.
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the nearest hospital is 35 miles away. that's an important piece of information for one woman we talked to today who needs dialysis. >> i feel well, just weary from being up so long. >> normally i saw my recliner lay down. >> you need to get your dialysis done ? how long can you wait ? >> i don't feel bad. this is the first time it's happened. and i'm fairly new on dialysis. i've been on it for nine months now. >> you don't want to keep going too long without it. >> no i don't want to wind up sick. no matter how i feel right now. it i could be sick this evening. i just don't know. >> reporter: you can see the situation affects so many different people in different ways. there a lot of people whose
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homes are underwater right now. and then you compound that with medical concerns. people need medical attention and they cannot get that attention that they need. there's a lot of stress here in the sound -- town. and all of the members of the task force are here in the bay area trying to assist these folks and get them to safety. eventually they'll be able to get home and organize their lives when things drought. >> can you mention the difficulty of getting this remote area. let's talk about the logistics of all this ? >> there trying to get choppers
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in. trying to get landing zones. they've had to move those well because the landing zones are getting covered with water. it's a shifting situation. and very dynamic. because these floodwaters move around. in some places they go up. and other places there receding. they have the colorado river that's affecting that. and a lot of creeks that run through here. i was talking with the local firefighters. and he said it's not unusual for the colorado river to flood. but for these creeks these have not flooded before. so this call people by surprise. they said the storm system in this town was overwhelmed. in the storm drain started backing up. and that's what we have here. it's going to be days before things drought. we have bright
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sunshine. it's been hot muggy. we have no rain. than the forecast says that there is rain coming towards the end of the week. this is a very dicey situation. and the best thing to do is get everyone out of here. because there's no reason to stay. >> thank you the utility company says they're preparing for hot days on their way. the have extra crews on their hand in case there's power outages. pg&e says they're treating as he waved like a winter storm. >> we see transformers they become overheated. because they don't have a chance overnight to cool down. they can overheat and that's when we see these failures.
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>> they expect the part amount to surge to record levels tomorrow. and asked the people conserve energy between one -- 1 and 10 pm. if you haven't been outside take a look at this live camera shot. you can see how hazy and smoke it is outside. we've been getting a lot of tweets and phone calls wondering where all the smoke is coming from ? our meteorologist is outside monitoring these conditions. i understand the lettuces from the first -- fires burning up north. >> yes the fires in northern california is where most of smoke is coming. there's a major he wave headed our way. with take alive look outside across the bay. we have a lot of haze out there. and once again for tomorrow and
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i can continue to the weekend as well. the hazes there, but that we have the added element of smoke drifting in from the northern california wildfires. the widespread reports are of smoke drifted into the bay area skies. what you can't do anything about the smoke but you can help with the air quality. >> it's an unusual situation that could happen for a couple days. and it means that air quality is unhealthy. iraqi people to limit their outdoor activities. like barbecuing, mowing your lawn, or unnecessary car trips. all those things are adding to the pollution burden. you can reduce them, and please do so. >> we went up to a neighborhood
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in oakland hills. the neighbor was so concerned when they smell the smoke. they thought the fire was in their neighborhood. thankfully the fires are up north. will hear more from them 10 up later. also the major he wave headed our way. excessive he wants to talk about. a lot to talk about with a full forecast in just a few minutes. >> temperatures for this long stretch of tennessee. something we haven't seen in quite some time. >> dangerous heat. we have to back to 2006 to compare the levels were seen that are headed our way. >> thank you so much mark. there are traffic troubles in fremont this hour. the chp says the north bound ramp is closed to and overturn big rig. the big rig spilled a large amount of sand on the fremont ramp. comments inspected be closed while they clean up the sand.
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the investigations stem from january. the allegations claim the four assisted and allowed an inmate to throw bodily fluids, including feces and urine, onto other inmates housed in a maximum security unit of the jail.linn and mcdermott were arrested for intimidation of a witness and assault under the color of authority. they're being held on a $135,000 bail. krause and sarcos were arrested for assault under the color of authority for a single incident in fall 2016. their bail has been set at $35,000. many officers who work in the narcotics division as well as other plainclothes officers are leaving the hall of justice and going back out on the street. that is what the police chief wants. he wants him to be more visible to prevent people from committing the crime in the first place.
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32,000 cars have been replaced -- reported as being burglarized. since october 2015. a task force specifically to car break-ins has made 400 arrests. despite those solid numbers. the incidence of car break-ins have gone up 28%. that is why sfp has come up with a new strategy. it's dissolving it successful task force shrinking its narcotics unit and taking 100 officers and put them back on the street. >> with the presence of the officers on foot, stopping folks from having easy targets. >> some members of sfpd have expressed frustrations. same at dave's they catcher being released to reoffend over and over again. the chief said that he plans to double footwear patrols.
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will tell you where the patrols will be quadrupled. coming up later. 911 was knocked out for at&t users for about three hours. the outage started just before 11 pm last night. the department of emergency management said that at&t users were having trouble getting through on 911 or 311 lines. they determined the issue was on the at&t had. at&t said they resolved the issue this morning. coming up a program for testing undocumented use. more on that coming up. okay, i never thought i'd say this, but i found bladder leak
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a senior administration official tells fox news a president donald trump is expected to announce plans to end the program because of deportation reprieve to hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants. the program which is known as the allegations claim the four assisted and allowed an inmate to throw bodily fluids, including feces and urine, onto other inmates housed in a maximum security unit of the jail.linn and mcdermott were arrested for intimidation of a witness and assault under the color of authority. they're being held on a $135,000 bail. krause and sarcos were arrested for assault under the color of authority for a single incident in fall 2016. their bail has been set at $35,000. -- daca give us a reason behind trump doing this.
4:24 pm
>> president obama did an executive order that started the dock a program. now trump during his running for president promised that he would get rid of daca. he's pandering to that. he said something interesting. he said now that i understand it. i am not so anxious to get rid of it. and i told us about a lot of politicians. they made a lot of promises when they did know what they were promising. he says now that when i understand that i met approach it with a kinder, gentler heart. and see what we can work out. what will he gain or lose ? >> what he would lose his deportation of 800,000 people. that could be the end result of it. and when you look to the
4:25 pm
economics of that. those people are working. they're paying taxes. i am not a mathematician, but i've got to think that's in the billions of dollars of this country would lose if we do deport those people. >> people don't understand. california has the largest amount of daca recipients. these dreamers would stand to lose a lot if this program ended. if they are grandfathered in and that to you. would they automatically be deported. or their information turned over to immigration authorities. -- ? >> i think the president will look at this and say these are good citizens, most of them. i know they're gonna take care of the ones that have committed the crimes. those will be deported. iffy in this program. but if he doesn't. i think hills figure a way out to bring them into citizens. i think he'll in the program,
4:26 pm
except for these 800,000 to 1 million. that were not gonna do daca anymore. when you apply for daca you give the government all your information. sophie gets rid of the program. they will know exactly where to find these people. and i'll have lots of information about them. so that begs the question. if you're not part of daca right now ? do you sign-up or say no i'm not giving my information to the government. because as he collapses out. dinner to come after me. so is gonna drive a lot of people underground expects of the government is a protect that information do these hundreds of thousands of dreamers have a legal case against united government -- states government. -- ? >> you sue the government ? are you can. but they have governmental
4:27 pm
immunity. you really can't sue them. because they are protected by their immunity. saying we work for the government. and we have to do something. if you want to sue us it has to be criminal negligence. barring that it's very difficult to sue the government. some creative lawyer would have to think of something to do to block this. they may just delay the deportation. >> thank you michael cardoza our legal expert. it'll be interesting to see what happens. women tell you about san francisco's push to become the first city to offer safe sites for drug users to shoot up. us date lawmaker wants that to go away. take a closer look at president donald trump's tax reform plan. doesn't have a chance of
4:28 pm
passing. up next on the 4 on 2.
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i will work with congress. that is a a plan on pro-jobs, pro-worker, and pro-american. spunk president donald trump pushing his plan for tax reform.
4:31 pm
here to talk more about the plan is former chair of the republican party. so feel about the big announcement regarding daca ? >> it was done by an executive order. which was the wrong thing to do. it should be the consensus out of congress. each one of these executive orders that have been undone is legally the best thing to do. they need to build a better consensus and a fair system of immigration. there should be immigration reform, and i have a problem with getting rid of these executive orders that were done. this one was in violation of existing congressional rule. and it should've been in charge -- overturned in the courts. >> be challenges to it ? do you believe the trouble be successful on this ? >> yes in the courts. this is why republicans need to
4:32 pm
get to a place where they are expanding the economy. when you're expanding economies much easier to fix obamacare, and immigration. it's easier to do this when they have jobs and when they don't. >> your minced -- mentioned obamacare what's your reaction to slashing that ? >> with a booming economy people would be getting a job. and health insurance in the private sector. it be easier to modify, change or get rid of obamacare. but by having a stagnant economy makes it harder to do the things. obamacare needs to be replaced. and the republic of the to get their act together and do it. we should not be extending it with that kind of funding. i favor what is doing. >> a lot of people believe that obamacare is beneficial to so many people out there. when you talk about getting job creation. and spurring the economy. you're looking at tax reform plans. do you like what you're hearing
4:33 pm
from the president. and your actually be playing a role not ? but i do like what i hear from the president. for the last decade we have had growth under 2%. the 16 tax code and regulations or hurting the poor. not people have money. but the middle class and the poor need jobs. they need wage growth. 2% is not enough to do it. so what is holding back ? the answer is just like when president kennedy suggested tax reform. just like reagan did. and president coolidge. we need to take the burden off the economy. let it expand and that's were job growth will come from. >> do you think that's what he means by cutting the corporate rate down to 50% ? >> with the highest corporate rates in the world. to know what it was cut to 35, we let the world. now are trailing. i started a group called ca for tax relief. that i'm heading up, completely
4:34 pm
voluntarily. because it's an important issue. this is an issue that is most important to me. we have to get the economy expanding so the people have a chance to get jobs and move up in the latter. >> you know that the sentiment out there is that trump is giving tax breaks to those the donated. those that have millions and billions of dollars per expecting over the needs of moving economy more than anybody ? the people without jobs. the people stuck in jobs where wages are growing. that is the last 10 years. if you like the last 10 years. and stick with the existing, not working tax code. if you want to expand the economy like kennedy wanted to do. you made a very simple. every dollar not a government is adult you can be in the private sector expanding and creating jobs. that's what this is about. that's why i'm starting ca for tax we've got to change the system.
4:35 pm
who benefits from that ? the rich. apple doesn't pay corporate taxes. switches is have any chance of getting through congress ? >> absolutely. because the rap republicans now know that their job is on the line. if they try to run on no tax reform. no economy and no healthcare changes. they're gonna lose their jobs. >> thank you tom. will follow you in your new efforts to push that tax reform with the new group based here in california. think is much we appreciated. a new law promises to help sub prime more quickly. the rapid dna test allows processing samples in less than two hours picking up press conference in pleasanton they said the dna law will solve crimes and identify
4:36 pm
perpetrators much faster. >> of the former prosecutor i'm excited about what this could mean. to clear rape kit backlogs, and make sure that criminal suspects are arrested. in that we are not releasing them when they may have hits or connected to other outstanding cases. so this will go a long way to make sure that victims get the justice they need. >> the rapid dna bill will clear people who were wrongly accused. senator weiner was in support of opening injection centers. >> thanks for having me. we have a terrible opioid crisis throughout this country. including san francisco.
4:37 pm
in our city we are not alone. we have a lot of people who are addicted to heroin. or other drugs. tourists shooting up in public. there shooting up on our sidewalks. and on people's front porches. in playgrounds and parks. we find syringes on the ground. which is a safety hazard. these people, they need a healthy. and putting them in jail is not to make them healthy. that doesn't solve the drug problem. and so what we are learning to do which is being done in europe and canada is having supervised spaces where people can come in. who are going to be shooting up. and we will have a safe space
4:38 pm
to do it. not on the street. not in front of someone's house. not a part. but a safe supervised environment. the goal of course is to get them into treatment. and by having them in a supervised environment, we can connect them with those services. and get them into recovery. it is a proven successful method and worldwide there's never been a case of someone having a fatal overdose and a supervised injection site. >> your goal is to get them into recovery. is it more about making them less visible on the street. or are we helping them by giving them a place to inject. >> one goal is to get people healthy and into recovery services. another goal is for people not to be shooting up on our streets. not for the people's houses. and if someone is going to shoot up. keep in mind people are not that choose to shoot up at safe injection's sites they're gonna do it anyway. we want them to not overdose.
4:39 pm
and not be harmed or died. so being in a supervised injection site is gonna make it less likely there can overdose. silver various reasons this is a good idea. and that's why it's been so successful in canada and in parts of europe >> do you believe that you can get support for this bill. and if so what is the next step ? >> it passed the state assembly a few months ago. which was terrific. and we even got a bit of republican support for the bill. i think we have a state -- shot in the state senate. we done with the governor's position is. but we hope that he'll supported. because he's been a real advocate for using health strategies instead of criminal strategies. >> thank you for talking to us. as you promote ab 186.
4:40 pm
struck the russian consulate in san francisco has been ordered to close. will look more the decision by the trump administration. and what the impact will have on u.s. russian relations. and harry warm-up has started. your friday forecast coming up next.
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ordered russia to close of consulate in san francisco and two diplomatic m annexes in new york and washington. what is is all about ? rex tillerson says this is about retaliation. >> that's a typical situation when you have this kind of [null]-for-tat of expelling diplomats. russia expelled the 700 diplomats a few weeks ago. the sort of thing is not that unusual. but we haven't seen this kind of thing with russia since the cold war >> what is a sadie about the
4:44 pm
current climate. -- ? >> we seem to be moving into a new cold war in many respects. it is particularly disappointing for those of us in san francisco. because the russian consulate has been here in the city since 1852. it is the longest running consulate in the entire united states. goes back to the time of the czars. even during the cold war when there was expulsions of diplomats. that didn't take place. we are looking at an unprecedented level of tension. we are we'll see how the russians respond. whether they will expel more diplomats or still decide the score is even. and let's cool things down but see what happens next.
4:45 pm
>> so when we go from here ? >> clearly there is some real issues between the united states and russia. involving their occupation. and of course there to look at double standards of where we have interfered in other countries elections and the like. but given the importance of these two great powers, i hope that cooler heads will prevail. interestingly trump was not that interested about that expulsion. but the state department took it very seriously. we will see what happens. it clearly given all the attention, the two sides are
4:46 pm
going to have to learn to get along better. >> professor always a pleasure to have you on. think you. a lot of people seem hays outside that there was a fire in their backyard. >> yes the fires up north. the northerly wind transports that smoke to the bay area. yes the on healthy air quality today. the levels will go up before tomorrow's well. here's a live camera. we look at this camera from san francisco and say that's fog and haze. no fog out there. that's the smog -- smoke coming in from the north.
4:47 pm
this is a graphic showing you the all-time record. we could be close to breaking a few records tomorrow. out towards concorde it could be close to record-breaking as well. this is a dangerous heatwave. we are headed to a hazardous level of 112 degrees and up. we had a shallow layer of fog on the coast. here the current numbers are now. the warming trend has started. santa rosa is 99 degrees. that he warning, tickled about range for tomorrow. the range of 100 to 114 degrees.
4:48 pm
look at livermore. with 100 tomorrow hundred and 13 on saturday and even on monday 97 degrees at be pretty hot. there is that he warning in place. all that area and read -- read mac. --. major he does a big headline. high pressure building in. we have not seen levels like this since 2006. so it's been over 10 years since we've had this kind of extreme heat. friday it can be very hot.
4:49 pm
and will cool things off in the long-range. fog free for tomorrow. look at this area of 100 degree temperatures. it's widespread over the bay area. no greens, yellows. san francisco approach in the low 90s. all these numbers are scrunched together. there's a lot of triple digits near fairfield and vacaville. this is a very dangerous heat working its way to the bay area. oakland flirting with 100 degrees. it's 115 in brentwood. i been forecasting since 1995, and i have never typed in 114 on the forecast map. and that is a case for tomorrow. san jose 104. and san francisco lower 90s. a typical pattern for the coast is not talk about that extreme heat. here's our five day forecast. a
4:50 pm
big heads up. we are not used to this. and it will be here tomorrow. >> thank you mark. here's a look at the stories that were working on for our 5 pm forecast. >> tonight at five how san francisco police are taking on car break-ins. there are hundreds of car break- ins every single day of san francisco. things in texas still not looking good. the first flights out of that area took off today. we are there when these passengers touchdown at sfo. >> those stories and more coming up at 5 pm. a mountain lion and his cub spotted in palo alto. how it affected local schools in that area.
4:51 pm
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a mountain lion sighting in a residential neighborhood of palo alto prompted a warning from police, and triggered an alert at four different schools in the area. them outlining cub work spotted in the 1700 block of webster street. they said they noticed the big cats in a redwood tree. the mountain lions disappeared after dog started barking. police, park rangers, and animal control officers patrol that area is a safety precaution. parents were advised to drive their children to school. they used a reverse 911 call. >> their very presence of this community, is a danger to public safety. it is not something that is normal. it is not something that we
4:54 pm
encounter frequently. and that is why it is a danger. >> nearby schools were called a cold blue and all outside activities were brought indoors. coming up the united states is another warning to north korea, using bombers and fighter jets. my shoulders carry a lot of names
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common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. tensions continued to mount and the us sent a stern warning and is sent fighter jets as point of military exercises with south korea.>> just two days after they raised the stakes by launching a missile over japan.>> reporter: the us military having precision strikes with the core facility. alive fire show of force two days after the north launched a ballistic missile over japanese soil. a new provocation that escalates the military back and forth. the move matched by a new
4:58 pm
diplomatic offensive regional allies trying to get china to pressure north korea into ending its weapons program.>> we cannot tolerate the development of nuclear development.>> the chinese have spent months urging both sides to de-escalate calling for a return to negotiations. >> all parties should refrain from doing anything to put oil on the fire.>> a new pin -- ban on travel goes into effect on friday pick the few remaining us citizens are preparing to relieve -- leave reluctantly. >> people go in and the devil is in the detail.>> it became involving tens of thousands of
4:59 pm
soldiers. north korea calls at every her sheriff -- rehearsal.>> patients are removed from a hospital in texas that lost water. they were loaded into a helicopter. another day with door to door rescues. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> it is starting to set in and here at him we have record taking heat. a lot of smoke fills the air around the bay area. over an hour year ago -- an hour ago they had hazy air and you can look toward mission peak but the visibility is very poor.>> let's bring in bill martin. i went outside and it is nothing compared to what is
5:00 pm
going on in livermore and antioch. >> reporter: we have air quality issue and fire danger and all of the things that we talked about yesterday are transpiring. the smoke behind me and we will talk about the air quality in a minute. we are talking about records in the bay areas and these are the numbers. for tomorrow and it is 108 in santa rosa and 103 in san francisco. i think i remember when it was 102. tomorrow will be a significant day for heat and fire danger and air quality and we have a heat warning for basically the entire bay area. things are changing. that is the northerly wind taking the clouds out of here and it is having smoke from up here and pushing it out. they got smokey today an


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