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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  September 4, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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warnings going into the water. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> welcome. it is monday, labor day, septemberth. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. we're talking about the weather. -- we're talking about the weather. >> a lot of people labor today stay cool. >> it felt like the listeningest weekend ever. it was 95 -- longest weekend ever. it was 95 in my house. >> it is all downhill from here. the hottest summer for many, reno, sacramento, redding, bakersfield and i am sure there are others coming in. what we transitioned from was just blazing hot to tropical clouds, and they continue to come in. the remains of what was once liddy, we talked about this. give the forecast model, i bought into it and thankfully they delivered: it also mean it is humidity is through the roof and mean it is lows are
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way up. 60s, though, it will be cooler in the city, it will not be 106 or 102. 60s but even 70s for some, and i mean it is very warm here with all the cloud cover coming in. we are slow to cool off, so look for a mostly cloudy day, muggy but not as hot the lows are up but the highs will come down, probably a good five to ten for moe. yesterday they start today come down near the coast but for inland areas, it has been a tough, slow, process. mostly cloudy, high, 70s, 80s and 90s. >> oh, sal. >> hello, steve. >> here we are. >> beat the alternative, yes, that's very true, and you know what. >> there's not a lot of traffic as you might expect on a labor day. we're look at commutes that are going to be very light. we're watching for unfortunately, sometimes when speeds are up, the significant of collisions grows larger. we have more serious collisions, and people are driving faster. it is just unfortunate, but we
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will be watching for those. however, the traffic is light. this a look at 880 north and south. if you have to go to work, westbound bridge welcomes very light. 402, let's go back to desk. we have developing news from asia. north decree i can't said a hydrogen bomb was tested yesterday, and this morn willing are reports north korea may launch -- morning there are reports that north korea may launch another missile this morning. >> and south korea sent f-15 fighter jets on a simulated atask flight that focused on the nuclear testing station. in just a few hour, 7:00 our time, the united nations security council will hold a second emergency meeting about north korea and the missile tests in less than a week. around the world, the nuclear test is being condemned. president trump called a rare sunday morning of -- sunday meetingover his national security advisors. >> we are not looking to the
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total athiolase of a country, namely north korea, but as i said we have many options to do so. >> more with north yeah this weekend. the regime claims to have debt taited a nuclear bomb, more powerful, it triggered an artificial earthquake registering 6.3 on the rector scale. inspecting the hydrogen bomb they say could go on top of an intercontinental ballistic missile. president trump was asked if there would be a military response as he came out of church recognizing the national day of prayer. >> sunday, officials were seen firing into work in the middle of three-day weekend to discuss any new military options. >> secretary mattis for a national security meeting. >> any threat to united states or its territorying including guam or our allies will be met
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with a massive military response, a response both effective and overwhelming. >> mattis and others warn it will quickly be meet with retaliation. so the first response may be in form of more sanctions. the president tweeting quote the united states is considering, in addition to other option, stopping all trade with any country doing trade with north korea. >> anybody who wants to do trade or business with them would be prevented from doing business with or trade with us. we will work with our allies and china but people need to cut off north korea economically. >> fox news. congresswoman pelosi bluntly said quote the stakes of the north korea nuclear and ballistic missile require the united states to strengthen another weaken our ability to halt the outrageous and irresponsible behavior. >> the time is now 4:04. in the meantime, details about a man who died after
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intentionally running at the flames at the famous burning manifest value. 41-year-old aaron joe mitchell was able to sneak past security barriers and ran into the festival signature burning ceremony. but they had to wait for the wooden structure to crumble first. he was pulled out and air lifted to u.k. davis but he died yesterday morning. mitchell's mother says it was his first time at the burning manifest value. others have tried to get to flames and some have been hurt. >> we're starting to get relief from the extreme heat over weekend but it is still warm today. >> it will be the last couple of day, more than 30 people were treated for heat-related illnesses in san francisco. the san francisco examiner says 24 people were treated because of the heat. it was 106 degrees in san francisco, on friday. that's a new record. 12 more people were treated on saturday. >> and today for a fifth
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straight day, a spare the air alert has been issueed in the area. the hot weather and smoke from the fires across the state is causing bad air quality. you are being warned if you -- gwinnett to the beach, watch for the rib tides. rob malcolm was at the ocean beach where the rescue was captured on camera. >> within minutes of our arrival and with the cameras rolling a father and son were rescued from the waters. >> the rescue specialist swims and is joined by another on a personal water craft. they pulled the pair the shore and the father and son right now are just happy to be on solid ground. >> it was pretty scary actually. i went out just a little way, having some fun and before i knew it i was out pretty far. >> i know that they were going save us but i was pretty worried for a second. >> warning signs are posted here, a reminder that it only takes seconds to find --
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notorious for rip tides because of the shoreline and a bottom shaped fbi changing of the waves the mother who witnessed the rescue was still nervously shaking. >> i played a play by play. it is like here come it is rip tides. they started to drift further and further. i got up and started walking. if next thing i know, two guards are coming in. according to the national guard, a hundred thousand visitors flock to beach on saturday. the numbers are still very high on sunday, ocean beach to -- boulevard encompasses three miles and it is patrolled by four specialists. >> we have a number of ocean rescue special itselfs on site at the beach, however, they're not life guards. they're trained for ocean rescue, but that is not the primary function. >> they also educate and point out the dangers, 1 rescues took place on saturday, and sunday is caught on camera served as a wake up call for visitors. >> ocean beach is not a swimming beach. i want to make that very clear.
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folks should not go into the water above their knee. >> this surfer who witnessed the rescue knows this all too well. >> he gave tide from one direction and the other direction they can shoot you right not and i knew the rip was pretty strong. >> you should swim sideways, parallel to the shore and slowly make your way back. ocean beach is one of the most dangerous beaches in the country due to fact of the shape of california's line. fox 2 new. >> >> time is now 4:08. fire tightener gill roy are battling a grass fire near homes. it started last night, just after 7:00, in the hills near valley bunion court and the eagle ridge housing development. the gill roy fire department says one firefighter is being treated after falling while battling those. it is in steep terrain making it very hard to contain it. as of last night, at least ten ache verse burned. qualify and other agencys are
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joining the fight against the flames. the cause of the fire sunday investigation. meantime, fire fight necessary southern california are making progress against what may be the biggest wild fire in the history of los angeles. it is a latuna fire, it is burning north of downtown la. it has burned more than 7,000 acres since friday. they were able to get a better handle on it after temperatures cooled off, the winds died down yesterday. now, they have the flamed at least 30% contained, and already local leaders are taking steps to prevent other problems that could occur this winter. >> i am determined to make sure that we can start restoration quickly so we minimize the chances of mud slides into the winter. it is a huge concern. >> the fire fighters say the higher humidity and colder temperatures expected today will help them get more control. freeways have been shut down by the fire are open again, all manditory evacuation orders have now been lifted. three home versus been
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destroyed, and one other was damaged. happening today, union groups will take part in a nationwide demonstration to mark lay better day. they're rallying in support of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. there are rallies here and in the south bay. one demonstration starts at a mcdonald's in oakland and ends with a rally near city hall. time is now 4:10. dozens of cats and dogs affected by hurricane harvey are just arrived area in the bay area. coming tup campaign to give these animals a safe place to live. >> later, tragedy aeffort verted how a north bay teen saved the life of her three- year-old sister: . good morning. golden gate bridge traffic looks easy this morning on the lay better day. you can see traffic is moving very well and it is very light right now. >> >> a lot of cloud cover streaming in after a blistering hot weekend. it will be cooler today, a little bit but also ton muggy side. y
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. >> with search and rescue efforts in response to flooding from hurricane harvey, may be heading to florida next. the memo fire district may go to florida which may be hit by irma. they respond to disaster ashley rosenburg cross the country. hurricane irma is a category throw storm with winds of 115 miles per hour. time is 4:13.
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it stopped raining in tex and louisiana and they're checking the extensive damage as the next phase begins. at least 4 deaths are blamed on harvey. in -- 44 deaths are blamed on harvey. in some areas the flood water may not reseed for weeks. parts of houston is still under water. the national guard is delivering bottled water to beaumont. a cur fee is still in effect in houston from midnight to 5:00 a.m. to prevent looting. some have put up signs like this warning looters they will be shot. >> >> meantime, jj watt has raised almost $19 million for the hurricane harvey victims the houston texas defensive lineman gathered the teammates at the home stadium and started passing out relief suppliesment they donated ten truckloads of food, bottled water, toiletrys and other necessities. it started with a goal of
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raising 200,000 dollars last week, our team couldn't make it back. we were in new orleans. they went to dallas. everybody here was watching what was happening on tv, and some guys had families stuck in situation. some guy hearsay to be evacuated from their homes -- guys had to be i having waited from their home. about 175,000 people have donated to fund raising account. it is hosted by you >> bay area rescue groups are also helping out. a private plane carrying dogs and cats from an animal shelter in austin texas arrived in oakland last night. >> many rescue groups offered to take the animals before the hurricane hit, in order to free up space for pets displaced by hurricane harvey. smith reports on the animal air lift. >> it is a fresh start for these friends brought to safety
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from hurricane harvey's devastating floods. >> it was raw emotion. they were crying. a lot of the hard corp. volunteers were crying when we left. they were so happy and excited that we could take so many animals. >> they founded the dog rescue. four bay area animal rescue groups along with the spca, the mile foundation and mad dog rescue taking care of 69 dogs and cattings from the austin shelter. they're helping the austin shelter clear space and make room, since it is flooded with tens of thousands of animal who is have lost their home or families displaced from the hurricane. >> bringing in these animals and finding them homes in bay area, those shells are will be able to rescue those animals and hopefully renu night them with their own family. >> the animals but here by a private jet donated by charlie baker that left at 7:00 a.m. from oakland with crates and
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kennels, including vaccine, flea and tick medications and antibiotics donate today texas. >> i think hearts of animal love versus gone out. i mean we feel so much for the victims of the flood and some of those victims are four-leg. the s pc helped rescue animals from katrina, saying many pets get lost in the chaos. >> going back to that day and the defer station we saw then is something that really gave us the evidence to do this now. >> this couple adopted a new kitten, learning wondering what happened to the animals left behind in the hurricane. >> you suffer so much in this type of disaster as much as humans do to and i am really glad that they're working them to help. >> those that are come prosecuting sad situations from here and everything turned around. they get a new beginning. >> ktvu fox 2 news. time is now 4:17. let's check in with sal, i know it is early on labor day but
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are you seeing any traffic out there. >> not at all really, and we're expecting it to be light. if you do see traffic, it is going to be dave and alley because of a problem, and right now we don't seem to have any. for those of you who are driving. i know not everyone has today off. a lot of people do new york but significant amounts do have the day off. if you are going work you will see some traffic moving along very nicely, and you will see chp officers out there. they're extra staffing on the weekend. i do see some slowing on southbound 17 just after 280. i am not sure why, i don't see an accident there, but we will try to keep an eye on that for you. this a look at northbound 280 and san jose. it looks pretty good and at the bay bridge. it is light. we do have a very nice drive around the bay area. at 4:18 let's bring steve in. >> thank you, sal. >> you're welcome, steve. >> you might have heard on the weekend it got warm in no.
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>> my phone was -- in san francisco. my phone was lower peninsulaing up on friday. 106. amazing, 102. yesterday was only 84, but as a friend of mine in this city text me yesterday evening, he goes imagine saying 80 is cooler. >> it will be, i want 74 today. >> it should be better and then tomorrow, probably in the upper 60s as the fog comes pouring in. it is still muggy. a lot of tropical clouds over us. mostly cloudy, muggy, cooler though, muggy, ox sixth grader moron, muggy but cooler -- even alley, you will be okay the second she walked in the door, oh my. >> and rightfully so. >> i wouldn't stop talk about hop hot it was. >> i understand. >> the remains, i am going to -- the canadian forecast model comes here, absolutely nailed us. the european model has been out
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to lunch. it never saw this until it was late to the party. our forecast model also latched on to it. it is just offshore. so how about that. >> very impressive for me to see that. >> for some, upper slough, 70s. one observation, nathaniel pa 70. 65 at the valley, i mean 65 in grayton, what about on the coast, 66 point as you heard on the weekend, 91. 30s up in mountains. they did have thunderstorm activity and down in santa barbara, big-time boomer, a micro burst with a gust of 90 miles per hour. >> a lot quieter, moisture moving in up. it is going offshore. this will clinically us. there's a possibility of an isolated shower. you can see the bulk of this right there. it is oh so close. >> each day here we will cool off.
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it is a cooler forecast as we go forward each day. the coast started too cool down, high clouds, maybe some showers south or off the coast. forecast track here on the future cast shows you a lot of cloud cover. this is fog tomorrow. that's not high clouds. it will still be some up in the sierra, but that's fog for us and it will drop into wednesday and thursday. >> 70s, 80s not as hot inland, cooler but muggy. we talked about fog returns, clouds and then my favorite word right now is "cooler wards that will take us into wednesday and -- -- "cooler." >> i am glad to see the fog is back. it was on vacation for labor day weekend. >> it is coming back tomorrow. not a moment too soon. it is atracted some of the biggest names in hollywood, coming up notary public 20
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minute, some of the people spear heading that come pain have a new project. >> also, every president writes a letter to their successor as they leave the white house, and as we come back, the note that president obama left for president trump. ♪ sun to the farm ♪ ♪ to the seeds that you sow ♪ ♪ seed to the oat ♪ to get made to an o ♪ put in the good and the good will grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around ♪ ♪ seed to the oat to the o. it's the good that we do ♪
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>> a live picture looking at the bay bridge and that's the hit song "do it again."
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>> it looks picture perfect. >> it does, and we're paying this picture. it is a memory of a founding member of walter becker. a lot of people are talking about becker this morning. tribute, and he was a cofounder offsitely dan, and he died yesterday at the age of 67. ♪ are you reeling in the east. >> you remember that song. becker founded steely dan along with his college class mate. they were known for merging different kinds of music including rock, jazz and soul. he called becker an excellent guitarist and song writer who was smart as a whip. when president obama left the white house for the final time, he left a private letter for the incoming president, the 44th president left an envelope on the oval office desk which president trump read on inauguration day. he did not reveal the contents
4:26 am
but did say he appreciated it and said it was long, complex and thoughtful. now we know president obama said million versus placed their hopes in you and all of us should hope for, baned posterity and security. american leadership in this world really is indispensable. it is up to us through action to sustain the international order upon which our own wealth and security defend. it was the final communication between the two men. >> wow, the royal family is getting another baby. the family will get a little bigger. prince william and kate are expecting third child. they made the announcement this morning and said kate would not be going to a scheduled event today because she has bad morning sickness. the palace said the queen and membersover both familys are delighted with the news. >> the duke and dutchess have four-year-old prince george, two-year-old princess charlotte. very cute little kids.
4:27 am
>> yeah. >> a 17-year-old north bay girl comes to the rescue of her younger sister, thousand quick actions saved her sister's life. >> the fate of a prom that affects a million young immigrants. a major decision from president trump that is expected tomorrow. good morning. you can see the traffic is going be move ago long pretty well in most areas, because of the holiday, but there's something do want to warn you about when we come back. humidity is up because of tropical clouds coming in but the high temperatures will be cooler today. so the lows are warmer but the highs are cooler. ♪ yes.
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be a powerful force. nature valley
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how yothat's why new downy sprotect and refresh. conditions fibers to lock out odors. so clothing odors don't do the talking for you. lock out odors with new downy protect and refresh. . >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. ♪ [ music ] . ♪ don't lose that number, you don want to call nobody.
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>> before steely dan, ricky, don't lose that number. >> these are all familiar to me. i didn't know they were all steely dan. >> we're playing it in honor of becker who died, one of the founders. >> it is a beautiful labor day morning and i am glad you are with us. thank you for join ughs us. welcome back to mornings on 2. i am dave. >> i am alley in for pam cook. >> we will get to the news of day in just a moment but first the weather because there's relief after the blazing hot, record-breaking. >> was it hot this weekend? >> making it uncomfortable for people. >> i am not speaking from personal experience or anything. >> i think you are. >> it will be better for many today, although it is still very muggy, a lot of tropical clouds coming in, very, very close. santa barbara had big time thunderstorm 5:00 tvty yesterday, but the theme is to -- activity yesterday but the theme is to cool it down. today, it is five to


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