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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 4, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> in just a bit early for pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about your labor day weather. >> people will run me out of town. >> i waited. i cried myself to sleep and you never did. >> my phone was active. we have a cooler pattern today. temperatures are coming down. sunday, santa rosa, 100 degrees. livemore 106 and 98 in san jose they come down 70s, 80s, to 90s today. a lot of tropical clouds working their way up. most are offshore. big thunderstorms rumbling in santa barbara yesterday you can see the air flow it takes it up toward monterey.
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but a few could clip the valley they're mild to warm due to the cloud cover and the heat, the trend is for the high to back off. these clouds will keep the lows up but the highs come down a good 5-10 degrees. we don't have much. it's a holiday weekend. we have traffic as you might expect. it's going to be light. i realize that if you're watching now, there's a chance you might have to go somewhere and the roads are doing well at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is moving along nicely and we continue to see traffic on 880 northbound, very light. it will probably stay this way i would advise you not to speed because we have officers on the road for the weekend. heading out to the bridge, we're off to a good start. let's go back to the desk. >> we are seeing a slight cooldown on this labor day it's going to be hot,
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particularly at bay area beaches >> we're at ocean beach in san francisco. a warning for anyone who plans on getting in the water there. >> reporter: good morning ocean beach is not a swimming beach. authorities say people really should not get into the water here above their knees there are very strong rip currents here on a regular basis. a lot of people still decide to take a swim in the water and yesterday, we watched as a father and son got into some real trouble here at the beach while they were swimming in the water. here's video showing rescue specialist at the beach racing to help the pair as the current continued to pull them further away from the shore. there was a jet ski brought in to help out and eventually those rescuers were able to bring this father and son back to the beach safely. both of them thankful to be okay after a close call. >> it was pretty scary.
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i went out a little ways, having some fun and i was out far. >> i knew that they were going to save us, but i was pretty worried for a second. >> reporter: during the weekend heat wave, beaches all over were packed. tens of thousands of people came out to ocean beach on saturday and sunday and you had this rescue specialist on duty here they were on alert to help people. they moved in quickly to get them to safety it took a toll on a lot of people at the beach and beyond. more than 30 mount 30 people were treated for heat-related illnesses steve talked about it hering we're seeing a cooldown but going to be some fairly hot temperatures for us here in the bay area, so people need to play it safe when it comes to the heat and when it comes to
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taking a dip in the water at ocean beach it's not a very safe beach to be swimming at here. if you get in the water, don't get in above your knees. temperatures start to cool off, there are 19 large wildfires that firefighters are battling. >> more than 12,000 are in that battle statewide firefighters have responded to 4600 fires this year. that's almost a thousand more compared to this time last year. in the meantime, firefighters in l.a. are gaining control over a wildfire that destroyed three homes and damaged another. it burned more than 7000 acres north of downtown since friday. the temperatures started to go down. the winds died down as well. it's now 30% contained. leaders are taking steps to prevent other problems that may develop in the burn zone this
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weekend. >> i'm determined to make sure we can start restoration so we minimize mud slides. >> fire crews say that the hire humidity and cooler temperatures for today will help them get more control. freeways that have been shut down, they're open again. all evacuation orders have been lifted. it started last night in the hills near eagle ridge housing development. one firefighter is treated for injuries the fire is burning in steep terrain. ten acres have burned. cal fire and other agencies are helping to fight the fire the cause is still under investigation. firefighters are making progress on a wildfire burning west. it's now 64% contained and burned through 4,000 acres, destroyed 32 homes since it
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started last tuesday. evacuation orders have been lifted because this fire is under investigation. this one started yesterday afternoon near indian peek, about 9-miles east. it's burned 350-acres they haven't said how much of the fire is contained. the red cross set up a shelter. no word on a cause. time is now 6:06. the united nation's security council will hold a meeting about north korea, after north korea tested a hydrogen bomb over the weekend. it comes six days after the u.n. council condemned the launch of a missile over japan. it could bring more condemnation and discussion about other actions many world leaders are calling on china to pressure north korea saying they do have economic leverage over north korea.
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>> the time has come for all nations including china to take action to bring this regime to its senses, right now. the risk of war on the korean peninsula is greater than it's been in over 60 years conflict would be a disaster for region and for the world. >> sunday was north korea's sixth nuclear test. the largest weapon they have ever tested. president trump tweeted that the united states is considering stopping all trade with any country that does business with north korea. meantime, south korea responded with a military exercise of its own. they deployed several land base missiles and fired them into the sea of japan. f-15 fire jets focus on north korea's nuclear testing
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stations. china, which is north korea's most powerful ally is warning against moving ahead with the lands to conduct another missile test. beijing says north korea should not worsen tensions >> some firefighters have been helping with search and rescue in response to harvey and may be heading to florida. the water rescue team could be hit by hurricane irma. it's currently a category 3 storm. houston's mayor ordered evacuations where relief could be weeks away. many are not happy they're ordered to leave their homes >> you can see the raging water behind me as long as the army corps of engineers continues to relieve pressure on area reservoirs
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some will remain underwater. much of houston may be drying out, some are a different story. >> you have ten minutes to get out and there was a canoe waiting. >> many angry after a mandatory evacuation that could remain flooded for weeks. >> but better news at the chemical plant outside of houston following controlled burns. several fires have broken out when harvey's flood waters knocked out the cooling system. it's one of many things that the houston area has to worry about. >> it's so far from over. >> that includes this damaged citco gas station that saw a gas tank burst up out of the ground. a city of with 75,000 people, some 4600 homes were flooded. despite widespread devastation,
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some remain optimistic. >> they're my family. i have a lot of friends and i have a good support system. i think we'll be okay. as congress prepares to return to work this week, much of the focus returns to the initial aide package for the region, $7.9 billion, just a fraction of what it is going to cost. doug luzader. the man responsible for investigating officer involved shootings in san francisco is out after less than 12 months on the job. coming up, why he might be involved in his own controversy. crews are working around the clock before tomorrow morning's commute. more on today's closure and the project that could prevent future problems. the good news, the high temperatures will not be as high over the weekend, but the humidity is up due to tropical
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moisture. we're waiting for the fog bank to move in. well well well, what have we here?
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[ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi. watchdog for the district attorney has resigned. he handed in his resignation on tuesday months after the da hired him to investigate the department's use of force. since then, there's been
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reports of drunkedness. new details about the man who died saturday night in nevada after intentionally running into flames at the famous burning manifest value. the 41-year-old of oklahoma was able to sneak past barriers and ran into that signature burning ceremony. rescuers tried to save them but they had to wait million it crumbabled. he was pulled out and air lifted to uc davis but died yesterday morning. mitchell's mother says it was his first time at the burning manifest value in the past, others have tried to get into the flames but some have been hurt. there has been a 21% increase in the number of overdose deaths nationwide. most of the increase is blamed on fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is 50 times stronger than
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heroin. it's typically given in a patch to cancer patients. overdoses doubled this year. no trains will be running between the 19th street and fruit bail vail in oakland. the station is closed all together. there is free bus service set up between the areas. the work is going to make the system safer, quieter and more reliable. regular service will resume when it opens tomorrow at 4:00 a.m.. >> time is 6:15. it's also time to check in with sal. it's been quiet so far. >> it has been. in case you're wondering, maybe you are one of the few that has to go to work. i'll show you something that
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might make you happier with the commute and the bay bridge, light as you might expect. we're not expecting a big crowd until tomorrow you'll see traffic is moving along very well. i'm not sure if it's fog or smoke. this is a look at 101 northbound aroaching the 80 split. that looks good with no major issues and on the east bay commute, we have a nice-looking drive. for the most part, we've had a nice commute even when there has been crashes. it's not causing any slowdowns let's bring steve in now. >> thank you. you're welcome. good morning. i saw this on twitter, came across, i can't find the article. i can find it online. this is some of the data coming in i believe it was before we hit september. this is june, july and august,
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average temperature. these are the hottest readings ever recorded for death valley. needles, palm springs, bakersfield, redding, sacramento, tide. bishop, blue canyon. so if you thought, it's probably been the hottest summer, you probably have a lot of company. it has been. san francisco's extreme heat. they average 70 degrees, they have not been below 70 when it was 65. last thursday was 86. all-time high 102-84 yesterday. maybe tomorrow they will go below. livemore has had a warm stretch going back thursday, 10 9- 108. average is about 86. mostly cloudy.
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cooler, but muggy. temperatures everyone who cools down everyone will cool down tuesday and wednesday as the system comes by and brushes it. cloud cover moving up from what was once lydia. some big time thunderstorms around. a micro burst wind recorded at 80 miles per hour. some of that as you can see, it's moving east to west. not south to north. some of it is. there's a little bit that continues to work its way up the valley and also south toward the valley update you as it goes through. east bay temperatures are warm. they're well above average. nobody has gotten in on a cooldown. brentwood 72. water temperatures went way up with the off-shore winds and the
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temperatures on the coast. san francisco, monterey went to 64. 45 up in truckee. thunderstorm activity popped up. it will probably favor areas, but the bulk went offshore. it's close there's still some coming up from the valley and southern california that's what swung by and just missed. but the monsoon moisture, cooler forecast on tap here for the next couple days. showers possible to the south. a lot of high clouds, muggy and humid. 70s, 80s and 90s on the temperatures. better than the 109 and 110 and 112 and all that other stuff. cooler for wednesday and thursday for everybody. thank you. time is 6:19. next, a little girl lucky to be alive. coming up, how a three-year-old became trapped inside of a hot car and who got her out.
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a 17-year-old girl helped
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to save her little sister's life. >> the little girl was trapped inside an extremely hot car. the key was locked inside with the little girl. the big sister called 9-1-1. firefighters got her out within minutes when something like this happens, call for help immediately. >> young ids can, their body temperature can increase 3-5 times faster than an adult. 95 degrees out, you get into the 115 degrees very quickly. >> great thinking, big sister. the little girl was taken to the hospital. but firefighters say she's doing okay. police are investigating a number of incidents that happened at bart stations. one was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. later that day, in oakland, a
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woman was arrested on public intoxication and being abusive toward her children. another man was charged with threatening another man with a knife. one man was robbed of his cell phone. the department of justice has found new evidence to prove president trump's claim that trump tower was wired by the obama administration during the campaign. they have no records related to wiretaps as described by those tweets on march 4th. that's a reference to tweets by president trump. president obama denied the accusations. >> we're finding out what was in to letter that president obama left at the white house for president trump. now we know that mr. obama said
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in part, millions have placed their hopes in you and all of us should hope for expanded prosperity during your tenure. he went onto say that american leadership in this world -- the family about to get a little bigger. prince william and kate is expecting their third child she would not attend a scheduled event. they say that they are delighted with the news they already have two children. time is 6:25. governor brown will be traveling today. coming up, what is on the agenda before he heads to russia.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. this is ktvu mornings on 2 thank you for joining us. it's labor day, september 4th. i'm dave clark. in just a bit early for pam cook let's talk about the weather. thankfully we're seeing a cooldown there's something else that is coming on the way in. it's sticky, tacky, muggy.
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>> the humidity is up. it's not 110, but it's only 95. >> oh, okay. >> that's better. it's 80 degrees, who would think that 80 would be cooler for san francisco that's what it was last night. 106, 102, 84. the last time san francisco was below 70 was last wednesday, which is average, when it was 65. thursday, 86, today going 74. 65 is the low. 93 is the record not that long ago. santa row say down 15. tropical clouds continue to work their way in. pretty good thunderstorms, the bulk in southern california but some is in the santa clara valley there's a line there heading
6:30 am
through out to the valley. 60s, 70s, and oakland, 63 to 68 on those lows while they're coming down, they're still warm. 60s and 70s for many. a lot of humidity in the air. 70s, 80s, 90s, throughout the week, temperatures drop tuesday, wednesday, they really drop. 6:30 is still quiet. >> mostly cloudy not a lot of sun. very hazy. >> i know people have been asking a lot of questions about the weather. good morning. westbound 80, we're going to start there and traffic is going to be busy, if you are driving on the macarthur maze there's been no issues. traffic is continuing to be pretty good. if you're liking the commute on this labor day. if you have to go to work, you have a decent drive. this is a look at the bay
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bridge, it's going to be sunny, of course. it's going to be light. and this is a look at the freeway. things are not the usual selves, but be careful not to speed. there's fear an uncertainty for the hundreds of thousands of people enrolled in the daca program. >> it stands for deferred action for childhood arrivals. it protects children who came to the u.s. from being deported how president trump is expected to end this program but with a delay. >> president trump expected to make a formal announcement about the fate of daca tomorrow. but some say that the president will end it after a 6-month delay. that idea is to put pressure on congress to come up with its own plan to save the program or come up with a solution with the
6:32 am
six-month delay. there are undocumented immigrants that signed up as undocumented immigrants most were brought here by their parents as young children. they are protected from deportation and can work and pay taxes under the program. if it goes away, recipients could be identified and deported to a country they left as kids or infants. >> if it does get terminated, i can't imagine how my life is going to be. >> the republican attorney general in at least ten states have threatened to sue the federal government. but the program has a bipartisan support. there's a growing number of
6:33 am
people speaking out in support of it including paul ryan. silicon valley leaders have tweeted support. amazon ceo and mark zuckerberg has pledged support for those in the program. california has more immigranted registers under this program than any other state in the country. there's a lot at stake here. many people estimate that the storm is going to be the most expensive natural disaster in u.s. history. pat greg abbott expects it could cost 150-$180 billion to rebuild. they added that the damage is more comparable in scale to
6:34 am
katrina than sandy. they're calling on congress to combine a relief package for harvey. president trump sent lawmakers an initial request for $7.9 billion for the relief efforts the president and i believe that it should be tied to the harvey funding that our first priority is to make sure that the state gets money, it is critical and to do that, we need to make sure we raise the debt limit. if congress appropriates the money and i don't have the ability to pay for it, we won't get that money to the state. we need to put politics aside and we're going to urge congress to get both of those things done as quickly as they can. >> the house conservatives say
6:35 am
that relief packages would send the wrong message on government spending. famed tv pastor joel osteen. >> i think it's by people who don't like us necessarily, we are where we are and i fell like we made the right decision. >> he was criticized for temporarily closing his 17,000 lakewood church instead of taking people in. he later re-opened his church and posted on social media that the surge was inaccessible because of flooding he talked about the controversy during his church service saying he wanted to make sure that the church building was safe before he took people in.
6:36 am
we just checked the crowd funding site. it has reached $19 million. we do expect him to reach his latest goal of 20 million. an all defensive lineman, they gathered in front of the stadium passing out supplies. ten truckloads of food, and other necessarities were distributed. >> started out with a goal of raising $200,000 last week. our team couldn't make it pack, we were in new orleans, went to dallas, everyone was watching what was going on and off tv. some guys had to be evacuated from their homes >> you can find a link on the web link section, people are appreciating his efforts. his jersey is 99, there's a petition to remain highway 99
6:37 am
to jj watt parkway. members of the community in east bay organizing this effort. they have been gathering water and other supplies and they're filling an 18 wheeler that will take off for beaumont, texas. the denations are coming from everyone, not just the community. >> we all need to come together. they need us. we will be there. god forbid, what if we needed someone, we would want them to help us as well. >> the supplies heading for texas on wednesday. our time is now 6:37. thousands who lost their cell phones and computers during hurricane harvey lost a lot of photos stored on the devices, now a data recovery company is
6:38 am
helping out. drive saver says it will recover data from devices damaged in the storm and do it for free. they say handling the devices is risky because the water is contaminated but it's a risk they're willing to take to help them get their photos back. >> our hearts are going out to those going through this. we hope we can help as many people as possible. >> the company says that the data recovery service usually costs several thousand dollars. anyone affected by hurricane harvey will be eligible for free. bay area rescue groups are helping out in the aftermath of hurricane harvey. a private plane carrying 69 dogs and cats from an animal shelter in austin arrived last night. they offered to take animals at the shelter before the hurricane hit so they could free up space
6:39 am
for pets hit by hurricane harvey. >> by bringing from these animals and finding homes in the bay area, those shelters can rescue those animals and hopefully reunite them with their own family. >> at this point, the dogs and cats are getting checked out and fed and checked in they should be available for adoption this week. a controversial decision to silence dogs that bark too much. a court ruling goes too far. a first for apple's app star. after record-setting heat over the weekend, today does look better. there's a lot of tropical clouds, the lows are up and the humidity is up as well
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welcome back. people in santa barbara cleaning up after this fast-moving weekend storm caused a lot of damage. look at this beach video people were celebrating the long holiday weekend and then the rain and the wind came in quick. umbrellas flew, people ran for safety, covered up their little kids what you don't see are the overturned boats and downed powerlines and trees this is in santa barbara. no one was hurt.
6:43 am
union groups take part in a nationwide demonstration to mark labor day. the rally of raising minimum wage across the country. it will increase to $15 per hour by the year 2022. there's rallies at a number of locations. one labor union begins in oakland and ends up near city hall. >> governor brown left on a six-day trip to focus on the economy and climate change. he will meet with climate researchers and head to a part of russia to take part in the economic form and discuss opportunities. governor brown set to speak at a russian climate on climate change. the owners of 11 million
6:44 am
honda cars that have faulty air bags, you're eligible to get your car fixed they settled a lawsuit over air bag inflaters 16 deaths have been linked to the defects. they've agreed to take extra action to speed up recall repairs of inflaters that could possibly rupture the dating app tinder reached a number one spot in the app store for the first time it comes after the company launched tinder gold on tuesday. it's a new feature that lets users pay to see who has liked them. it's one way they can pay to unlock features you can also pay to jump to the front of other's feeds as they brows the app. the oregon court for appeals delivered a decision.
6:45 am
the dogs living on the farm must have their vocal cords surgically removed >> reporter: barking is a behavior issue and debarking is illegal in six states they feel there's other ways to deal with constant barking that doesn't include putting the dog under the knife. some say they need them to keep their farm animals safe from bears and cougars it's been going on since 2002. after years of litigation, the neighbors proved that the dogs were a public nuisance and the judge ruled in their favor. animal rights activists feel it should be used as a lost resort. >> we compare it to declawing a cat, if there's not a medical necessarity for those procedures to be done, we do not stand by
6:46 am
that decision. >> reporter: the removal of vocal cords could have risks for the animals if they refuse the surgery, the only other option is to move. >> sal is over here watching the commute all quiet. >> it is. because it is the holiday. and we are just watching for any accidents or unusual activity that you might encounter if you're driving through you may not drive for work. you may drive for another reason. whatever that reason is, you'll find traffic moving along nicely from the bridge to the macarthur maze it's moving along well there's been no major issues at the bay bridge and we're not expecting it anywhere. we're also expecting that people start to filter back into the
6:47 am
bay area this afternoon and that the trouble spots or the slow spots are going to be in vacaville on interstate 80 and on the altamonte pass. traffic has been nice and light including the bridge. they're not reporting many accidents at all. be careful and drive safely. at 6:47. the weather, is there weather? >> i thought of you over the weekend. i figured the poor guy is swamped i'm going to leave him alone. >> i can be honest, by sunday, i was tapped out. you can always text me. you know that. i might have to tweak some of these numbers because some of the data is still coming in.
6:48 am
this is the median temperature, the average for june, july and august. these are going down as the hottest summer ever. death valley, palm springs, las vegas, bakersfield, redding. the low now in redding is 92 degrees, the low, wow. nevada, if you spend any part of your summer in reno, you know it's been blazing hot. hottest summer a lot of people had a feeling it would be. san francisco, highest temperatures ever recorded. 106, 102, i have so many numbers in my head. we've never had 3 back to back to back 100 degrees days.
6:49 am
last time they've been below average was last wednesday. today, 74. 93 in 2008 is the record. beautiful livemore valley. thursday, 100. 108 on saturday. it felt hotter than that. today, going 92. trend is down. santa rosa, smoking yesterday. there's san francisco, san jose from 98 to 88 degrees. mostly cloudy, partly sunny, hazy, smoky by wednesday, we could scour a lot of it out as the winds turn more southwest instead of southeast. cooler, muggy today. maybe tomorrow. the cloud cover is moving up, a majority saying offshore.
6:50 am
the wind measured to 80 miles per hour there's a lot of video. just do a search there. santa barbara and you will see some wild video on the beaches you can see a line moving north up toward monterey. so that's something to watch for later. 60s, 70s on the temperatures here to the north. upper 60s, mid-60s. in the 90s. getting close to maybe a few 50s we're not there yet. 74 sacramento. there's redding, 92 at 6:00 a.m. afternoon thunderstorms for us. a lot of it looks like it will swing, just miss the valley or the mountains if you have some partly cloudy skies, it will be muggy temperatures are coming down. 70s, 80s and 90s. cooler but muggy. fog returns tuesday and then
6:51 am
everybody cools off wednesday and thursday. >> thank you. still ahead, recent protests are taking a bite out of city budget. how much money was spent when a group made a sudden change of plans. plans.
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beach goers have a special treat over the weekend they saw a whale a viewer sent us this video taken yesterday afternoon off of pacifica state beach. it stuck around for about 15 minutes and then swam away two gas lines expected to start up again in texas. it should help with concerns about raising gas prices the storm took down nearly 1/4 of u.s. oil refinery capacity leading to a gas hike of 20 cents. it's upabout 45-cents from last year. in san jose, the average price is $3.16, 46-cents more than
6:55 am
last labor day. the city of san francisco paid about $10,000 to set up a fend around the park because groups say it would hold a news conference there. the chronical said that city leaders made the decision after patriot prayer canceled its rally and said it would have all of its speaker show up at a news conference. they worried it would lead to a faceoff. we don't know how much it cost to bring in hundreds of police officers who were there at alamo square park tributes are pouring in for walter becker. 1/2 of the group, steely danker he died yesterday at the age of 57. ♪ [ music ] are you reeling in the years, stowing away the time ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] >> he was a cofounder of steely
6:56 am
dan. they were known for merging music like rock and jazz and soul. >> u.s. astronaut returned to earth after setting several records in space. >> welcome back. >> they landed yesterday. she spent 465 days in space. longer from any woman than person. she said pizza is at the top of the list of things she missed the most. the oakland a's last to seattle 10-2. they didn't have an answer for the mariners yesterday.
6:57 am
a no hitter through 5 innings. they break it up in the sixth. >> at the wall, it is gone. >> and that was his 12th homer of the year but the a's couldn't do much more than that. the a's will host the angels at 1:05. it's a high drive into center field, it is back and it is gone. he caught it. >> that was ridiculous. feeling at home. they took a 2-1 lead in the 5th and here comes madison.
6:58 am
high drive. left field. >> he's a great hitter. he hit a 420-foot homer. the cardinals kept hitting homeruns they hit 3 in the game. today the giants play in colorado beginning at 12:10. even if you're not a fan of football, they were down to the final minutes with western michigan saturday night. the trojans had a lead and it was time for the point after attempt. the coach called in number 61. the snapper is blind and needed the teammate to lead him to the right spot on the field. he makes a great snap. the kick is good and the teammates celebrate a 49-31 victory. this is great to see the
6:59 am
plays it's an operation, just from a holder, making sure i'm lining up straight. the whole game is trust. i just love being out there. it's an awesome feeling something that i'll remember forever. getting a snap, it's just trying to say as much as i can. >> he dreamed offend playing after a rare form of cancer left him blind before he was a year old. at 12 he had surgery to remove his right eye. he played high school football and attend on a scholarship for physically challenged students. you probably heard of the campaign stand up to cancer. an event put onto raise awareness and money to fight cancer. now some of the people behind stand up cancer are launching a
7:00 am
new project called super school live. we'll bring it to you live here on ktvu next friday night at 8:00. >> . >> beaches will be packed on the labor day. the warning out for win planning to go. we'll show you a dramatic rescue that unfolded yesterday. olded yesterda


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