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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 4, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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as you look at the model out there. the fog and low clouds that are kind of redeveloping along the coast. in the scatter shower opportunity. just know air quality tomorrow, the wind moving further north and further to the west. we should see clearer skies. no spare the air day tomorrow and not as hot. >> the dropping temperatures are helping the more than 12,000 firefighters battling 19 wildfires across the state. so far this year, calfire has responded to more than 4,600 fires. that's almost 1,000 more fires compared to this time last year. one of the fires burning is in gilroy 130 acres have burned so far since the fire broke out last night. >> the fire is burning in the hills just west of gilroy. jesse gary has the latest now from the fire scene where there is concern right now a change in the wind could actually push the fire toward a hillside neighborhood. >> reporter: residents of eagle ridge subdivision are spending
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this holiday holding a neighborhood watch party. >> all the neighbors came out and we've been checking in on each other the whole weekend now. >> reporter: they're collective gaze isn't for criminals but rather the menacing smoky cloud rising above the ridge. the fire started burning between 6:30 and 7:00 saturday night. many here packed up and prepared to leave. just in case increasing winds started blowing trouble toward their home. >> you hate to see the house go up. but it's just a house. and we're okay. so you know, you keep thinking of houston and the other fires that are going on and you say, okay we can do this lord. >> reporter: 200 firefighters are waging an unrelenting assault on the flames from the air and from the ground. steep rocky terrain is making it difficult for bulldozers to dig containment lines around the fire. so firefighters from calfire and local departments from
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surrounding counties have gone back to basics. >> we're basically building containment lines. right now we're hitting it very hard with helicopters. the priority is always going to be life and property. >> reporter: no homes have been damaged and they hope changing winds won't change that. >> i have dog food ready to go, kennels. packed clothes in a bag just in case. >> reporter: after a night and day of fire fighting efforts they still don't have any containment on this blaze but they're hopeful if weather holds that will be possible this evening. right now the cause is still under investigation. in gilroy, jesse gary, fox 2 news.
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the cooler weather and higher humidity is helping firefighters make progress on the large la tuna fire in southern california. active flames are no longer in sight. but the fire has burned more than 7,000 acres just north of downtown l. a. it's also destroyed three homes. it's now 30% contained. that fire there is the largest fire by acreage in the history of los angeles county. and now local leaders are taking steps to prevent other problems that could develop in the burn zone this winter. >> i'm determined to make sure we defer landslides. and now to the coverage of harvey. >> fema announced that 54,000 victims of hurricane harvey are now staying in government
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funded hotel rooms across texas alone. ellison barber is in the houston area. >> reporter: in houston neighbors are trying to help. neighbors this is a donation site for the profit common threads. they've been around working in this community for over 10 years but right now they're working extra days and collecting more doe neighs than normal. >> our house came through fine and so we decided we wanted to show him that you give back and you contribution to your community. >> reporter: from people in houston sharing resources on a grass roots level. to international neighbors like the canadian. relief supplies are now arriving in mass to the gulf coast region. >> we have in there some hygiene products, blankets, pillows. baby formula, baby crib, baby blankets etc. >> reporter: but in places like hard hit west houston a large number of neighborhoods remain under evacuation as the u.s.
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army core of engineer is now easing pressure. draining down water in two reservoirs. from raw sewage to hazardous material contaminants being spread by flood waters to mountains of debris being cleared from damaged homes. >> it's going to contaminate this area. what if they call this a condemned area now. and we've been here for 17 years. >> you can't, you can't go back in there. you will get sick. >> reporter: rolan crosby texas people living near the chemical plant outside houston are now being allowed to return home. fire crews conducted controlled burns at the plant sunday to neutralize potentially volatile chemicals. >> we're continuing to maintain air quality testing. >> reporter: at this point, texas governor greg abbott says harvey may have caused $180 million worth of damage.
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in houston, i'm alysson barber. they plan to vote this wednesday on a $7.9 billion disaster relief bill to help the victims of hurricane harvey. now to washington where president trump is expected to announce tomorrow he will end the deferred action for childhood arrivals program or daca. the obama era program has granted work permits to about 800,000 undocumented immigrants who arrived in this country as children. now the fate of those dreamers hangs in the balance. >> ktvu's rob roth talked to people who are really to mobilize against any changes to daca. >> reporter: at frank ogawa plaza. >> i am the daughter of two immigrants who jumped borders, walked deserts because they believed in a better life for me and my siblings. >> reporter: she told a
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sympathetic crowd that she's been protected by daca. >> i've been able to work and help my family. >> reporter: that could leave 750,000 people currently protected under daca vulnerable to deportation including munos. >> i have my children here. i have my children here and we would organize and fight for my ability to fight and stay in this country. >> reporter: in a separate rally, political leaders said president trump is providing uncertainty. >> give them six months when he ended the program when the sunset in six months and then forced congress to come up with a compromise. with this type of congress, what does that compromise look like? >> appalled that our nation's leaders would see so little opportunity with these kids.
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i mean when you look at these children, what they have to know is they really are the embodiments of the dream. >> reporter: saying quote we have their backs hash tag here to stay. apple ceo tim cook tweeted, 250 of my apple coworkers are dreamers. i stand with them. but not everyone is standing with them the republican attorney's general of at least 10 states mostly in the south and midwest have threatened to sue the federal government if it does not eliminate daca. >> if president trump does end daca a protest is scheduled for tomorrow night at 4:00 p.m. in front of the seven building in san francisco. activist groups are already organizing. the city of san francisco paid $10,000 to set up a fence around alama park when a conservative group said they wanted to hold a conference
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there. city leaders made the decision after the group said they were going to have all their speakers attend a news conference in the park. authorities were concerned that would lead to a face off between patriot prayer and counter protesters. no word yet on how much it costs to bring in the hundreds of police officers who were also at ala many, o square park. new at 5:30 tonight, hundreds spent this labor day fighting for better pay. the message they want to send to employers. >> we're learning more about the man who died after he ran into the famous burning man epagy. and more on the nurse that was arrested for not allowing a man to have his blood drawn. >> the temperatures are going to be like the rest of the week. i'll have your full forecast. i'll see you back here.
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police in san francisco have arrested a man for attacking several asian women. police are leased this surveillance video showing one of the assaults. they say all of the attacks were unprovoked and that all of them were against asian women. no word on the conditions of the victims but one did suffer a broken nose. we have new information tonight about the man who died after running into the famous burning man. 41-year-old aaron joel mitchell ran into the burning structure saturday night. rescuers tried to save him but the epagy was collapsing. mitchell was eventually pulled
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out and taken to the burn center but he died yesterday morning. his parents say the last time they saw him was in august when he went to oregon to see the solar eclipse then to the burning manifest -- burning man festival. a video shows a nurse calmly saying she is not allowed to take blood from a unconscious man. today hospital administrators praised her saying she acted professionally while the officer did not. >> yes absolutely she had done everything she possibly could to make that situation work and
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she wasn't rewarded for that. >> the nurse was released and no charges were filed. but she says she feels betrayed. the hospital says it responded quickly with new policies. police will not be prohibited from patient care areas and will have to speak to supervisors as for the officer involved he was placed on administrative leave. a lot of people have been heading to beaches on this labor day weekend. alex sadvige reports. rescue groups are warning about dangerous rip currents. >> being out here and so nice. >> reporter: trying to escape the heat from back home. the vale family made the drive out to ocean beach in san francisco today. the kids splashed around in the surf but they did not venture too far out after a warning from mom and dad. >> we're not letting them go any deeper than this. and yeah, you just can't, you never know. you can't turn your back on it. we're trying to be as safe as
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possible. >> they didn't want you to go in too far. >> yes. >> why was that? >> because they thought i would get pulled into a wave all the way over there. >> reporter: already this holiday weekend at least a dozen people have been rescued at ocean beach after getting into trouble in the water. on sunday, this father and son were pulled out by a rip current and rescue swimmers had to come in and help them get back to shore. a good reminder about just how dangerous the water can be. >> just like anything else. it's familiarity and comfort. that's why we want to get them started young and used to be able to read the water and understand what they're getting into. it's going to be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. i think because of the hot weather it's pwraeting people to the water. people who aren't really used to it. >> reporter: the warning signs are posted everywhere on ocean beach. still many people decided to take a dip. officials say swimming here is not a good idea. >> you always think you're strong enough and you can do it. but mother nature as we know,
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you know harvey and all the other natural disasters, sometimes we don't expect the worse until it really just hits us. >> reporter: 10s of thousands of people packed ocean beach over the weekend and as you can see they left a lot of trash behind. this morning crews from the national park service were out cleaning things up, preparing for what will likely be a very busy labor day here at the beach. of course the rescue swimmers will be on stand by to help anyone who gets into trouble in the water. they are urging anyone who goes into the ocean to not get into the water above their knees. in san francisco, alex sadvidge. ktvuchannel2 news. we go to alex sadvidge you're a surfer. you've been in the rip tides. i've never been in one. how does it get you.
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>> it hits the beach and comes back up. usually cuts some channels and those are the rips. so you swim parallel to that rip. perpendicular to the rip and you come out of it. here's the thing. are rip tides unusually bad this year? no they're unusually bad with no air conditioners, 750,000, 800,000 people live in san francisco proper. they run out to the beach. now you've got many thousands of people at the beach. and so there are rips out there but really the focus would be just so many people and there's only a couple of life guards. not that many amounts. oes beach is bad rip current beach. but the rips weren't really that bad. it's really about people getting away from the heat. think about100 miles per hour. there's smoke out there now. temperatures have dropped
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significantly. and we are in a situation you see this this is from tropical storm down off it was further south there was a tropical storm. now it's just a cloud cover. but it has moved to the north. it's created a humid environment. it's created showers in northern california. we have showers in parts of the east bay around berkeley. showers in novato and petaluma. certainly significantly cooler out there. the smoke is around. it was a spare the air day today. it should not be and probably will not be a spare the air day tomorrow. as the winds are going to change just enough. that smoke will move further to the north. these are the current temperatures. watch the difference between now and yesterday at this time. 20degrees cooler. big drop off today. it's a little cooler yesterday. temperatures have really come down. the smoke from the showers. you see the way the wind is moving right now. saopl of these fires, we will
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drain some smoke. 15 fires burning in the state right now. it will not be as focused as it was. spare the air days and with the smoky conditions. you see the winds prevailing here too. you see the on shore flow at the surface. creating a cooler environment that's good. you want the winds moving toward the west. it feels like houston today in the bay area. it really does. humid, hot, especially and yesterday too. it's just been an unusual weather pattern. it is now sort of breaking. the smoke starts to go away. there's tomorrow morning. that looks like we're going to see a little bit of fog tomorrow morning. and cloud cover burns back. look at the forecast highs for tomorrow not too bad. the numbers look very reasonable. much cooler, fire danger takes a little bit of a rest. air quality gets a heck of a lot better. we'll talk about the chance of a potential thunderstorms or shower for this evening when i see you next.
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>> people in santa barbara are cleaning up after a fast moving weekend storm known as a microburst caused a lot of damage. you can see the rain and wind came in quickly umbrellas were fine. people ran for safety. but what you're not seeing in this video are the overturned boats. the downed power lines and downed trees. luckily no one was hurt. bracing for another hurricane. how people from the caribbean and florida are now preparing for a category 4 hurricane.
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from florida to north carolina people are preparing for irma. some are worried it will affect parts of the east coast if it makes landfall. people spent the day stocking up on supplies. officials are telling residents to have enough food and water to last three days for every person in the household. >> right now it's too early to tell. but it's a good time to be prepared. in north carolina the red cross is putting a hold on sending volunteers to send in texas because they could potentially be facing their own disaster from hurricane irma. hurricane watch now has been issued for puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. it is still too early to tell when and where irma should make
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landfall. the water rescue team that is part of the menlo park fire protection agency is watching to see what happens with hurricane irma. in north korea, government claims they successfully tested a hydrogen bomb is stirring reaction from across the world. they held an emergency meeting to discuss how to respond. >> north korea conducting its sixth and most powerful nuclear bomb test. joining warning of a national military response from the united states. on monday, the u.n. council holding an emergency meeting with the u.s. pushing for a tough new resolution. >> 24 years of half measures and failed talks is enough.
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>> reporter: but getting world powers to agree could be difficult. china and russia both calling for the u.s. to tone down its rhetoric. claiming military -- while also leaving military options on the table. >> we continue to push forward with this plan for diploma -- diplomacy because you can't give that up. mean while the south korean military responding with a series of live fire military exercises. simulating an attack on north korea's nuclear site. experts say, it's unlikely the south will stop its drills until kim jong-on's missile programs are shut down for good. >> when kim becomes confidence in -- in his arsenal, he is going to then try to take over south korea. >> reporter: they will aim for a vote next monday.
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in london, benjamin hall, fox news. labor activists rally on this labor day calling for a minimum wage of $15 an hour. >> it was a busy weekend for b.a.r.t. police. details on the crime they're investigating, next.
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my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
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been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ hundreds of union workers spent this labor day marching for workers rights in oakland. >> henry lee is in the newsroom
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now with why supportedders say boosting pay will ripple through the work force, henry. >> frank and julie. protesters took to the streets of oakland today to rally on behalf of low paid workers struggling to make ends meet. >> it's become an annual tradition, a rally outside the mcdonalds at 14th and jackson in oakland and a call to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> we can't really afford to pay our bills for one paycheck. fifteen dollars for them is nothing. they can pay us $15 if they want us to stop with this tomorrow. >> reporter: in california the minimum wage will go up to $15 an hour by 2022. but on this labor day. many say that can't come soon enough. in oakland, or across the country. >> we're going to get a big beat down in rising equality and racial hatred taking place and we don't fight back. >> reporter: protesters march down 14th street to a fight on
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frank ogawa plaza outside of city hall. the message, workers rights and the right to unionize. >> i think it's important to understand that the reason we have a labor day is because of unions. the unions have advocated and fought throughout the country to give us the day off. >> reporter: the people who showed off on their day off were of diverse backgrounds, young and old, even a billionaire environmental activist. >> i'm here to stand up for working people's lights. america has been giving working people the shaft for about 40 years. it's absolutely unfair and time for the tide to change. and time for people to be treated fairly. >> reporter: the average is now 12 preponderate $50 an -- the average is now $12.50. >> reporter: although california's min phaupl wage -- minimum wage will go up to
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$15 in 2022, the federal minimum wage is still only $12 an hour. nearly 500 members of the local 521 boarded buses this morning to protest around san jose. the service workers say silican valley needs unions more than ever due to the number of large corporations in the area. >> what we're doing is we're showing that silican valley needs unions. the workers are the bloodline of our community. they want to show the media that we can't be quiet and silican valley needs unions. >> here in california, the minimum wage is $10.50 an hour and will increase to $15 an hour by the year 2022. congresswoman barbara lee is speaking out in support of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
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in a statement, representative lee says the communities across the country restricting opportunity. she added that every american deserves to earn a fair day's wage for a fair day's work. >> bather police are investigating several incidents that happened over the weekend at different b.a.r.t. stations. a man was arrested on saturday on suspicion of domestic violence after being accused of grabbing a woman by her neck during an argument. later that day at the mcarthur station, a woman was arrested for being abusive toward her children. at the pitsburg station, a man was arrested. trains were not running between the 19th street and fruitvale stations or between
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west oakland and fruitvale. the lake merit station was closed all together. a free bus service was set up between those areas. b.a.r.t. says the work will make the system quieter and more reliable. the man hired to investigate officer involved shootings by the san francisco police department is stepping down amidst of controversy of his own. retired los angeles police detective roger guzman retired last june. in april guzman was arrested on suspicion of public drunkenness. last week a former girlfriend got a temporary restraining order against him. guzman retired the day before he was going to be fired.
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over potentially faulty takata air bag inflaters. at least 16 deaths have been linked to the defect. other major auto makers have reached settlements. they also agreed to take action to try to retrieve recalled inflaters that could potentially malfunction. last night a plane packed full of cats and dogs landed in oakland. ktvu's tara moyarti says right now workers are busy trying to find homes for pets. >> packed with puppies. barking, playing and some snoozing at the foundation. they received a delivery of 70 cats and dogs late saturday night. >> all the animals that we have extracted out of the hurricane
5:35 pm
harvey home were animals that were part of the shelter and adopt system. >> so when the flood waters started to hit the area they called austin pets alive. austin pets alived help to rescue the dogs and cats throughout a three day period. >> reporter: donated bid sonoma based. >> literally a 30 hour whirlwind of activity. >> i just feel the whole community there was so grateful that we had come that there were volunteers literally in tears when we left. >> reporter: the crew called people like kelly marston to foster the animals so they could prep them for adoption. >> i have friends in houston, we're so far away from them.
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and this is a way for me to help and make a donation. this is a life that really needs a place and be able to be given a second chance. >> reporter: there's about 15 cats and 54 dogs. >> it's amazing. that people are just, rising to the occasion. if you would like to adopted any of the animals you see here today. you can check out the live facebook pages of any of the rescues. tara moyarti, ktvu news. a peninsula high school has won a multi million dollars grant. coming up we take a look at how the changes will set the school apart from others. >> the british royal family is getting bigger. the news today from prince william and kate middleton.
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the royal family is getting a little bigger. prince william and kate middleton are expecting their third child. it also said kate wouldn't be attending a scheduled event today because of severe morning sickness. the palace said in a statement the queen and members of both families are delighted with this news. the duke and dutchess of cambridge already have two children. the new child will become the fifth in line to the throne. you may have heard the campaign stand up to cancer. every year celebrities take
5:40 pm
part of a national televised show that raises money to fight cancer. some people will now working on a project they call super school live. tom hanks will appear in a tv show this friday joined by students, parents and educators all of them discussing how to improve american high schools. in advance of that schedule we begin a series, highlighting successful education programs here in the bay area. >> today's focus is on a shasta for tailoring academics for each student's interest and then applying it to real world applications. >> reporter: here at summit public high school, shasta and bailey city the school year is just beginning >> in this case you will be familiar with the text. >> reporter: but jacob is already looking well into his
5:41 pm
future. >> i want to do engineering. i want to be part of something bigger in the community. >> reporter: shasta is giving him a unique academic footing that he needs to get him where he needs to go. >> teacher to student relationship. because you know they don't really feel like the traditional teachers. they feel like friends. >> reporter: thanks to a mentor ship program where students and teacher mentors meet regularly. it's one of eight schools summit runs in the bay area. the daily city school opened five years ago and now has about 400 students but it's a school that not only emphasizes class work. >> this is your time now if you feel you did not do your best. to then do your best. >> reporter: but also tailors the academics to each students interest. they try to show students how to think. >> in traditional models we get very good at solving problems that already exist that we know
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the answers to because they're in the back of the book. this develops people who can solve new problems because you need unique skills to solve these problems. >> reporter: the school has been getting high test scores but they have a philosophy that's different than more traditional schools. >> our classes are project based so when students are at school they're in a class of teachers doing hands on experiences really applying their learning. >> reporter: this mother says the school seems to fit her daughter. >> here she's always moving at her own pace. she can go faster in one subject than somebody else and when she moves over to a different subject she may need a little more help. >> reporter: the school is also one of 10 public schools in the country selected to receive a $10 million grant paid over five years from the aq super school project. it's sponsored by loraine powell jobs the daughter of steve jobs. the goal is to reshape the high school experience to give all students better opportunity at
5:43 pm
succeeding in life. summit shasta knows how it will spend the grant money. >> what we're going to do is partner with local industries. trying to develop, try to expose kids to a broader range of real world experiences. and then, have them chart a path toward how they're going to get there. >> just last year for one of our chemistry projects we made bio diesel. i know for a fact, no other school like does that. >> summit shasta had its first graduation this past june and about 100 students got diplomas. and every one of them was accepted into a college. in daily city, rob roth, ktvu news. and we'll bring you the national television special super school live right here on ktvu fox 2. it is this friday night at 8:00. bay area drivers could be facing a new toll road. also ahead. an update on a wildfire in trinity county that's already destroyed hundreds of homes. >> some of the best in the
5:44 pm
cycling world are in san francisco coming up we will show you the tour of san francisco. franci >> and we are talking about a significant cool down you noticed that as we head toward tuesday. what can you expect will that smoke clear. will the humidity go away? we'll have all those answers. ♪ keeping up. it takes hard work, tight budgets and a little support. and pg&e is ready to do our part. our care program can save you 20% or more on your monthly bill. it just takes a few minutes to apply and you'll see the savings on your next bill. when having a little extra can mean a lot ...turn to care. go to and enroll today.
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transportation officials are looking into several options for turning highway 37 into a toll road. highway37 is prone to flooding.
5:47 pm
these pictures were taken earlier this year when the highway flooded. it's also at long term risk of flooding as water levels in the bay area rise because of climate change. transportation officials are considering elevating sections of the highway but a consultant says the only practical way to pay for that is to impose tolls and it's possible those tolls could be between five to $7. the east contra costa fire protection district has discovered millions of dollars in a forgotten account. the account dates back to 2014. it was left behind when the fire district transferred its funds and financial obligations to the county. fire tkreurbls say the money might be used for facility, apparatus and equipment maintenance -- fire officials say the money might be used for. the ponderosa fire is now 58% contained. it's burned more 4,000 acres and destroyed two homes since
5:48 pm
it started last tuesday. evacuation orders have been lifted the cause is still under investigation. 72 homes have been destroyed in a wildfire in trinity county. 61 other buildings have also been destroyed. the fire broke out last wednesday afternoon and is now grown to almost 9,000 acres. firefighters say it's 14% contained at about 2,000 people have been evacuated. the governor declared state of emergency. a wildfire in mariposa has declared an evacuation. the peak fire started yesterday afternoon about 5 miles southeast of mariposa. the fire burned 660 acres and is now 20% contained. the red cross has set up a sheltder for evacuees at the oak first community center. no word on what started this fire. all right we want to go back over to chief meteorologist bill martin. it was great to get away from all the heat but there's still a lot of fire danger out there. are the heat has dried
5:49 pm
things out. dropped the fuel moistures quite a bit. we have had quite a break today. after significant heat in the bay area. day after day of heat warnings and heat advisories. today produced temperatures like these. 85 in santa rosa today. way down. look at san francisco still 79 that's pretty warm for the city but it's not a far cry from 106. 88 which was on friday. 88 in fairfield. 88 in antioch. fire danger always an issue. and it will be an issue until we get to the end of october. middle of november. really depends on when those big rains come. we got rain today. which is a tropical origin. that's why it felt so muggy and humid around here. this system basically you can see the flow around it. it started way down here across baja tropical storm. it has been lifted just as an air mass. a very warm air mass in our area. which has really modified the temperatures at least the humidity. it helped cool temperatures
5:50 pm
which is nice. which is the reflective components of the cloud. the sun hits and it gets in. a little shadier. but humid and that's why it can't feel crazy cool. still very humid. the smoke from the fires will have a more to the out trajectory toward the north and west. there have been spare the air days day after day after day even today but not tomorrow. temperatures right now as you look out toward the coast. you can see what's missing is the fog component. fog might try to come back tonight. you'll see, golden gate park. the genius of putting that when they did. when they first put it in. you see how it's layed out in the middle of the avenue. the fog tomorrow morning, burns off. temperatures tomorrow like today. tomorrow tuesday a lot like
5:51 pm
today. we're not talking at fire day after day. we're not talking about air quality. we're not tkpwoeufpbg to be talk -- we're not going to be talking about excessive heat and more of a mild pattern. in the 6:00 broadcast is the hurricane irma which is now days. but it just got upgraded to a category four. it's a very large hurricane and has the potential. it has a long way to go but has the potential to impact the eastern-south eastern united states toward the weekend. other than that it's just a break from what was a very historic heat event in the bay area. >> is it my imagination or does it seal like there's just more extreme weather and are you noticing that. as a meteorologist who studies all this. seems like we're going from one catastrophe to another. from too much rain to not enough rain. to too hot or not.
5:52 pm
>> in 35 years i've been doing the weather and it's pattern recognition. the summers, the season, the fall, the changes, the patterns you recognize. in those patterns there's these subtle variations. winter after winter, winter after winter. the pattern recognition is becoming more difficult. harvey popped up real quick and ended up in a category 4. the heat 106 in san francisco. that's an all time record. the patterns are moving around a little bit. so it's not business as usual in the weather department. everything is very different. and that's, so i don't know if that answers your question but yes i have noticed that and yes you have to look at everything differently. now. if you said on wednesday san francisco was going to hit 106 degrees. i would have thought 102, 103 but 106 and it did. >> thanks bill. hundreds of cyclists roared through the streets of san francisco this labor day
5:53 pm
competing in elgiro de san francisco. it used to be called the san francisco grand prix and has been held in the city of napa now for 43 years. some people keep coming back year after year. >> i've been doing this for about five years and this is like the fifth time coming out. every year we do this race. our team every year we have a quote unquote the finale race for the season. it's kind of late. so we have the bar-be-que set up here and around the corner and cheer on the racers. >> people we talked to said they're happy with the cooler weather today. look how cute they are. >> they're adorable. >> go, go. i remember those training wheels. yeah. still to come here. new research on kids and sleep. how it may play a role in the economy. and this is a really nice
5:54 pm
story. it's about a kidney transplant recipient and his friend who stepped up to be his donor. seriously this is one you want to see.
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letting kids sleep a bit longer could pump $9 million into the economy every year.
5:57 pm
sleeping in can help increase attendance in college. that will increase earnings. if every public school in the country started at 8:30 in the morning the economic results would be almost immediate. a 29-year-old man is getting a second chance at life with a kidney transplant. it is all thanks to a basketball friend who volunteered to be a donor. natalie brunell has the story. >> reporter: doug veal started this basketball team at his church. >> it could be a true you outreach and bring men from all over the sacramento area. >> reporter: about 15 years ago he met martin kick. then just a freshman in high school. >> he's hard to miss. i don't know if you noticed he's 6'5". his father brought him out because at the time he couldn't drive. but he was certainly interested in basketball. >> the pair struck up a friendship. >> he's a friendly guy and so
5:58 pm
am i. >> reporter: it's only natural doug took notice when he started showing up on the court. >> i was scared. i didn't know what to expect. i didn't know if i was going to live or die. >> reporter: when he learned about martin's help he jumped at the opportunity to help. >> i've had a good life. and i'm an old guy and especially for this standard here. if i can help somebody especially martin in this situation, have a life of his own after this fantastic. >> for martin, the gesture has special meaning. >> the older white male, i'm a younger black male people can see this and say i can help. >> reporter: they hope their friendship will inspire others to pay it forward. >> feels like it's a new beginning. >> reporter: doug and martin are scheduled to under go surgery at uc davis medical center this tuesday.
5:59 pm
reporting in sacramento, natalie brunell. thousands of firefighters are on the front lines this labor day battling wildfires up and down the state of california. including one in the hills just west of gilroy. crews hope the wind doesn't shift tonight accepting the flames toward homes. good evening everyone. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. fire crews stretched thin because each of those red and white flags is a wildfire. right now there are 19 wildfires burning across california. and 12,000 firefighters are on the front hraoeups battling them. so far this year, calfire says they've responded to more than 4,600 fires. that's almost 1,000 more compared to this time last year. one of the wildfires they're fighting right now is near gilroy. residents of the eagle rich subdivision are spending this holiday holding a neighborhood watch party.
6:00 pm
>> all the neighbors came out and we've been checking in on each other the whole weekend now. >> the collective gaze is not toward criminals but the me tphasing smoke cloud. upwards of 8,000 eagle ridge homes sit yards from the structure. many here packed up and prepared to leave just in case increasing winds started blowing trouble toward their homes. >> you hate to see the house go up but it's just a house. and we're okay. so, you know. you keep thinking of houston and the other fires that are going on. and you say, okay we can do this lord. >> reporter: 200 firefighters are waging an unrelenting assault on the flames from the air and from the ground. steep rocky terrain is making it difficult for bulldozers to decontainment line around the fire. so firefighters from calfire and local departments from surrounding counties have gone back to basics using hand crews on the ground to


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