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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  September 5, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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flood waters here in houston, with hundreds of thousands looking for some kind of housing help. doug luzader in houston. we will have the latest on the storm recovery just ahead. t ahead. this is ktvu mornings on 2. ngs on 2. >> 7:00 this tuesday. it feels like a monday for many. >> yes. >> september 5th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i've dave clark -- i'm dave clark. steve paulson is right over here. a busy morning. >> a lot of cloud cover but it is starting to cool down. a lot of people saying the visibility is better too. it should be. as the wind turns westerly, that helps a lot instead of north/northeast. the tropical clouds are every us. they will clear out and we will see mostly sunny, partly cloudy. at least today. but the cloud cover is not going anywhere, but the temperatures are. the lows are up, but the highs are coming down. 60s and 70s on the temps. everybody is close.
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west at 17. napa airport west at 8. now vacaville has a west. finally the wind is turning. i believe underneath that there are areas of fog. look how the system has formed to the west/southwest of us. getting drawn up by that system right there. the combination will cool us down and usher in a lot of cloud cover the next few days. possibility of a little shower activity on thursday, he says. stay tuned. 70s and 80s on the temps here. coming down on the temps, sal. >> that's good. a lot of people didn't want to live in phoenix for a reason. >> it felt like it. >> right? >> yes. >> good morning. everyone. we have slow traffic as you might expect on this tuesday that feels like a monday for a lot of people. 80 westbound we will start there with 80 westbound. i'm going to move the map up a little bit to the gillman street exit. the latest incident is
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westbound 80 at gillman. i can bring in the camera and you can see that 80 will be quite a drive this morning, driving from the carquinez bridge. it looks like the crash may have been gone. but the damage is done. a couple of earlier crashes, almost an hour to drive that stretch between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we do have a backup that is pretty severe -- i wouldn't say severe. it is filled in. this is about a 30-minute delay. severe for me means more than that. you get the point. it will be a very full delay at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic on 880 looks okay. in case you're trying to get to the san mateo bridge. it will slow down after 238. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. an hour from right now, attorney general jeff sessions will announce president trump's decision on the future of the daca program. >> he is expected to announce the president will end the program but not right away.
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ktvu's allie rasmus is in the studio to explain what this means, allie. >> all signs point to president trump handing the fate of the daca program over to congress. he sent a tweet earlier this morning saying congress get ready to do your job, daca. attorney general jeff sessions, an opponent of the daca program is expected to say it will end after six months. the idea under the delay, to force congress to pass legislation to uphold the program on its own or create an immigration measure. in the meantime, it will be a frightening and uncertain six months for about 800,000 people across the country part of this program. president obama created daca about five years ago by executive order. it applies to people who arrived illegally as infant or children. the dreamers had to register with the federal government to enroll in the program, handing over home addresses, fingerprints in exchange to
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legally work and pay taxes here in the u.s. daca enrollees also had to be high school graduates and have clean criminal records. if it is cut, nearly a million people could be deported. rted. >> to enroll in the program, they had to submit their fingerprints, they had to give addresses. and we're talking more than 200,000 people in california that are at risk here. because many live with their parents who are also undocumented. and so their parents are nervous because it's not going to be easy for people to run and hide, if you will, because we're talking about households that are affected. >> you do feel for somebody who was two years old when their parents brought them over. do you punish them as well as the parents. there are consequences. and you don't give them rewards that lead to citizenship. >> congress has failed over the
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past decade to pass any sort of immigration-related measure. political observers say even if congress passes some part of bipartisan legislation, it hasn't had a great track record so far this year, what kind of legislations will it come with? will president trump make them come up money for a border wall in exchange for saving daca. nearly a million people will be on pins and needles for the next -- for the next six months, not knowing if you will have to be deported. >> where would they self deport to? you came over as a child. you don't have ties to the country of your parents' origin. >> thank you, allie. >> nancy pelosi said this --
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make sure you that stay right here with us on ktvu fox 2 and for our coverage of the daca announcement. we will bring you attorney general jeff sessions' announcement live at 8:00 this morning, our time. that is less than an hour from now. we will be joined at the 8:00 and 9:00 hours of mornings on 2 by san francisco chronicle senior political writer joe garofoli. >> the question of the day is do you support or oppose the daca program? >> let us know what you think. vote on the ktvu twitter page. you can also comment on our facebook page as well. now to the south bay where firefighters in gilroy are making progress on a brush fire burning near homes. >> cal fire says it is now 35% contained. that is up from 10% just last night. since sunday night, 100 acres
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have burned on valley bunion court in the hills over 800 homes in the eagle ridge community. so far no homes are in danger. the fire crews set up containment lines, keeping the flames away from homes. but they're hoping the fire won't be pushed into a new direction by a change in weather. it is really tough terrain out there. one firefighter was hurt as he fell down a hill. so far, no evacuations have been ordered. but people are ready to leave if they have to. there will also reports that kids playing with fireworks may have started the fire. cal fire is still investigating the cause. the air out there is pretty bad in gilroy because of the smoke from the fire. people are advised to keep your doors and windows closed. now, we have ktvu's leigh martinez out there. she will bring us a live report in just 30 minutes. in the meantime, the biggest fire in southern california is 30% contained this morning. the la tuna fire has burned
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more than 7,000 acres since friday. four homes were destroyed. mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted now. the firefighters say they have cooler temperatures and they also had light rain yesterday, which helped them make progress. now, we do expect an update on the fire in just a couple of hours, when there's enough light out there for planes to get a full view of that burn zone. people in the caribbean are preparing as hurricane irma becomes a category 5. possibly hitting florida on saturday. florida's governor has already declared a state of emergency for every county to make sure that local governments have enough time and resources to prepare for what could be a very dangerous storm. >> we're going to get something. so better to be safe than sorry. >> be ready and expect the worst. if nothing else happens, have a great party in your backyard
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after the storm is over. >> puerto rico and the virgin islands are expected to see deteriorating conditions tomorrow with the worst of the rain and wind arriving wednesday night. at 7:09, as the cleanup in texas begins for victims of hurricane harvey, it is becoming clear how much it will cost to rebuild everything destroyed. doug luzader is in houston now with a look at how officials plan to help. to help. >> reporter: more than 60 deaths have now been blamed on harvey. here in houston, some of the raging flood waters will be here for a while. texans are still stunned, a week and a half after harvey first tore through the state. >> the total devastation, the water. it was -- it was like -- it was like a nightmare. >> reporter: the cleanup has reached enormous proportions. this raceway has become a
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storage area for damaged vehicles. for some in this region, the full scope of the devastation is now setting in. >> today is the first time i've really broken down. i feel like i need this. >> reporter: and while fema is providing some individual relief, many like peggy norton don't have flood insurance. much will depend on congress where members returning from the august break today with plans to move forward with an initial $7.9 billion in aid. >> wednesday morning, we will vote on the first relief package through the house, sending it to the senate. >> reporter: and for many whose lives were turned upside-down, the relief money can't come soon enough. >> we have to start all over again. but, hey, things happen. it could have been worse. >> reporter: many will not have homes to return to any time soon. fema says more than half a million families have registered for housing assistance. in houston, doug luzader, fox news. the time is 7:10.
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providing resources to our allies. at 7:30, the tweet from president trump this morning as he weighs the military response to north korea. a disturbing investigation. the bloody scene this man woke up to find and why he believes he is to blame for the murder of his wife. good morning. it is crowded out there as you might expect on the tuesday after labor day. on all of the bridges. for example, on the san mateo bridge. we will let you know which bridge is the slowest straight ahead. getting better, the air quality that is. as the wind turns westerly for some. cooler weather is going to continue. we will talk more about that coming up.
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do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is now 7:13. a north carolina man is due in court today, suspected of murder. and he told police he thinks catch syrup made him kill his
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wife. matthew phelps called police on friday morning and told him he woke up and found his wife stab today death. phelps told him he had blood all over him. there was a knife in the bed. and he thinks he killed his wife. according to "usa today," phelps wife taught sunday school. he was working towards becoming a church pastor. he is being held without bail. now to our continuing coverage of the shooting death of kate steinly. the judge will consider a motion on whether to allow a lengthy transcript of his statements to police. he says he found a gun which then went off. a bullet struck and killed steinly as she was walking with her father and family friend along a san francisco pier in july of 2015. the prosecutor says he stole the gun from a parked car of a ranger from the bureau of land management. the time is 7:14. we will check in with sal to
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see if everybody is behaving on the roads now. sal, how does it look? >> it looks okay this morning, gave and gasia. westbound 80 though is not one of those spots that is going to be doing well. we just had a report of another crash on 80 along this stretch. this time 80 westbound at carlson. there was a crash at gillman. and several crashes along the way. so the entire route now is getting filled in and it is taking 45 minutes to drive what would normally be about a 20- minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. give yourself extra time here. the traffic is getting slower and slower. the 45-minute time will go up now that there's a brand-new accident on 80 westbound. this is a look at westbound bay bridge approach. it is backed up for about a 15 to 20-minute delay. a little longer unless you're using the carpool lane. no problems on the bridge. it is crowded on that span
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getting into san francisco. westbound 24 is moderately heavy through lafayette. so is highway 4. slow traffic from bay point getting over the hill to the concord. on the san mateo bridge, slow traffic as well. it looks like it is almost at a stand still. this is just waves of crowded traffic heading out towards the highrise and the peninsula. at 7:16, let's go back to steve in the weather center. >> thank you, sal. we will start with just a monster of a system that developed rapidly overnight. now a category 5. there is no such thing as a category 6. category 5 is as high it's it goes. irma is now category 5. 175 miles per hour winds. some of the outer bands are just exploding with convective active. this is a monster system as we talked about heading towards the u.s. virgin island and leeward islands and puerto rico. the track after that, most take it near cuba and also florida.
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these are all the hurricane irma forecast models on where the cat 5 hurricane might go. now, don't want to say in a best case scenario, but one scenario takes it over cuba and into the gulf into the panhandle. the gfs takes it smack dab into florida. the european model which for which it's worth based on cat 5 history is usually the best. takes it more towards the tampa side than northward. but any way that you look at it, florida is going to get hit. it looks like late on the weekend and into early, early monday. back home, our good friend marty says good morning, steve. woke up to 72% humidity. yes. overcast and 71 degrees. it feels like a maui morning. i would agree. upper 60s to 70s here. i mean, it is cooler in cloverdale than it is at bodega
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bay and point reyes. how about that. you don't see that all the time. temperatures are mild. some of that cloud cover tropical, keeping the humidity higher. it looks like there is a southern edge to this and a back side of it. partly to mostly cloudy in the morning. partly sunny, still hazy but not as bad as the past couple of days. the wind is turning. it is turning more west/southwest. 60s and 70s. i mean, san jose, 73. concord, 71. 70 in novato. 72 at sfo. everybody due to the cloud cover is extremely close. the west wind is picking up to the south 67. soquel, 65. saratoga and also campbell. bolder creek at 6 # degrees -- 68 degrees. there is a breed. i saw 20 miles per hour out of the west in tibberon. i think some lower clouds in
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the gray are moving north. the key, this system, a low forming off of l.a. another system coming in which will draw a lot of that up here. the end result will be cooler. but also a lot of partly to mostly cloudies. and a possibility maybe of some scattered showers on thursday. but the trend is 70s and 80s. by tomorrow, back into 60s on the coast. close call right now. cooler weather will take us into thursday there, gasia. >> thank you, steve. the time is 7:19. some changes are coming to a hospital in salt lake city after a nurse was violently arrested because she wouldn't draw blood from an unconscious patient. the video has gone viral. alex wubbles told police she couldn't take blood without a warrant. the officer handcuffed her and dragged her to his patrol car. it happened back in july at the hospital. just yesterday hospital officials held a news conference to apologize for what happened. what happened. >> i apologized to her for what
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she had to go through. she is a rock star. she did everything in this case and didn't deserve to be arrested. >> his actions were out of line. there is no tolerance for that kind of behavior in the hospital. >> hospital officials unveiled new rules that say only senior nursing supervisors can talk to law enforcement and no conversations with police will be allowed in patient care areas. the two officers were placed on paid administrative leave while the investigation goes on. the nurse is considering legal action. coming up, how doctors are preventing prostate cancer deaths. also getting through airport security without a ticket. next the first city that let's you walk up to the gate in more than 15 years, even if you aren't flying.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is now 7:23. the world is watching north korea and the u.s. response and this is all affecting wall street. >> pam cook is back in the studio with this morning's money business. >> the markets are responding to the uncertain over north korea testing ballistic missiles and the relations between the u.s., north korea, russia and china. wall street never likes uncertainty. ringing the opening bell, familiar faces and a familiar
7:24 am
name in business. that is shopafy. many on shark tank are there. that stock has gone from $50 to $100 this summer. a lot of red across the board. there is a live look at the dow jones. down 127 points. 21,870. after crossing back over the 22,000 mark last week. nasdaq down as well. we will continue to watch the global events affecting wall street. danish toy maker lego announced it is cutting 1400 jobs after reporting a drop in sales. it currently employs 19,000 people. it has to cut the jobs so it can, quote, reset the company. revenue fell 6% in the first half of this year. the first decline in sales in 13 years for lego. the company's ceo says the
7:25 am
business model needs simplifying. he apologized for having to lay people off. coca-cola has announced the sweetner challenge. a competition to come up with a new sugar replacement. coca-cola is challenging researchers and scientists to come up with a solution for the drinks. they are offering $1 million for the new sugar substitute. coke says that sugar is the number one item that consumers want to avoid in their diet. many don't like the artificial sweetners found in diet drinks. and people who go to pittsburgh international airport today may feel like they stepped back in time. starting today, you don't have to be flying somewhere to be allowed past the security check point. people who want to go to an airline gate to wait for a friend, they can. they still have to show identification and go through security. and get a one-day pass. it is good for the stores in
7:26 am
the airport. it was originally supposed to be like a shopping mall. the tsa has signed off on the idea but does not plan to try it out at other airports. we talked about it a little bit last week. one of the concerns is the security lines. >> right. >> so that could add a lot of people to the line while you're trying to get to the flight. >> my husband and two kids want to see me off, that is four instead of one. >> that's right. >> i like walking somebody to the gate. >> right. >> and receiving somebody. >> thank you, pam. >> all right. pam. the time is 7:26. it happened on train tracks. up next, how police say a car ended up being hit by a cal train in redwood city. we just wrapped up the cal fire staging meeting this morning. they made great process on the ballybunion fire. but we have a new challenge facing crews in the hills. it is a tough morning as
7:27 am
you might imagine on this tuesday after labor day. a lot of the commutes will be slow. but we will let you know which spots are extra slow this morning. well, improving conditions here. a little cooler and better air quality. still clouds around. but the trend is for cooler weather to take us into the next few days.
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been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that...
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you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ >> a busy tuesday morning,
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september 5th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. let's talk about the weather. steve paulson, the sky looks good outside of our door. >> it looks like a fall sky, many people have been saying. i haven't said good morning yet. >> it's been a busy morning. >> we have better air quality. it is starting to improve after a couple of people said it is much better here. wind has picked up more of a westerly breeze. that helps clear it out. jim is at the san rafael yacht harbor. beautiful. i've been there. we took a boat in there once. me and my friend. it was his boat. looks like an early autumn sky. i would agree with that. also tom is down towards blossom hill. 71 and calm. thank goodness. windy yesterday. a lot of people mentioned that. i believe you had the tropical moisture and the rain coming in and you had evaporated cooling. the rain would fall but the air mass was so dry that it would
7:31 am
evaporate the rain. the cooler downdraft made it. the winds would go nuts for 20, 30 minutes and then go back to calm. there is still some now. it is beginning to thin out. we will still have partly to mostly cloudy skies in the morning. by the way, the full moon is early, early on the 6th, 12:02. almost looked like it today. if you can look through the cloud cover. a little bit of fog trying to form. 60 in the city. 66 to 68 for alameda and oakland. the cloud cover is really holding the lows up. the high temps are coming down. west/southwest at vacaville. look for a combination of low clouds and higher clouds. get use today a low hanging around here for the next five to seven days. i'll have more on that in about ten minutes today. better air quality and 70sand 80s. 7:31. you've been busy but traffic is -- >> moderate. >> moderate. >> been too busy to tell you,
7:32 am
that is a sharp tie, my friend. >> thank you. >> mr. sal castaneda senior would say that is sharp. >> he checked in. >> he would say that is a sharp. by his standards, which is pretty darn high. we had slow traffic and a couple of separate crashes. i think we're going on crash number three this time. it is 80 westbound at carlson. one at gillman and one at carlson. and the traffic is slow, especially after hercules and into richmond. it is usually an hour drive. so we're almost double that time. just plan accordingly and you might want to think about using public transportation. when you get to the bay bridge, the metering starts all over from the ma i see to getting on to the bring. about 20 minutes, maybe a little more than that. and if you're driving on 24 westbound, it's moderately heavy.
7:33 am
i will say that highway 4 has been slow all the way from the west part of antioch, all the way over to 680. this is the new normal as we have the busiest commute we have had in a while on the tuesday after labor day. just to be expected as i would say schools are all back in. if there's a school not back in, that's the exception rather than the rule. everyone that i know is back. this is a look at northbound 101 in san jose. all of the freeways are crowded getting into the valley. you can see for yourself 280 through downtown, this stretch is going to be slow. 7:33. let's go back to the desk. we got an update from firefighters in gilroy on a brush fire burning near homes. >> more than 100 acres have burned in the hills near the ridge neighborhood. leigh martinez has been out there for a while in gilroy. what are the firefighters saying? >> reporter: we just wrapped up the staging plan a couple of minutes ago. we have the new crews coming in
7:34 am
for their sift. it is billy goat country. it is treacherous up there. the main priority is firefighter safety today. they have made significant progress. it was at 10% last night. by this morning, they got it down to 35% contained this morning. now fire crews been fighting the ballybunion fire since it  was reported sunday night. the fire appears to have started near homes in eagle ridge, a gated country club community. about 5:00 p.m. yesterday, crews had cut a fire line with 10% containment. there is now 35% containment on a fire burning some 100 acres. planes with fire retardant flew back and forth during daylight hours. the dozers made great progress last night. there is a new challenge this morning. >> there's some really steep terrain back there. the dozers will go as far as possible that they can go. then we have to send in our
7:35 am
high crews and hike in by foot and actually put our line in by hand with the tools, the hand tools, the shovels, followed by the firefighters with the hose lines to put the fire out. >> reporter: now, yesterday we met homeowners that spent labor day holiday watching the fire and preparing to leave. luckily no one was evacuated last night and the fire is not threatening any homes. we learned of one firefighter injury yesterday from falling about 40 feet down the hills. again, this is a treacherous area over here. he just had minor injuries and was treated and released at the hospital. new fire crews are coming out here. it is more limited this time around. they have the helicopters, about three of them, working today. they don't have the retard around planes working because there are so many other fires across the state at this point. they feel confident where the fire is right now. schools have reopened and the roads that were closed yesterday have also been reopened.
7:36 am
>> before you go, the air quality in and out gilroy now this morning, what is it like? >> reporter: it actually smells a lot better than when we got out here at 5:00. it smells like smoke but not as heavy. >> thank you, leigh martinez in gilroy. new information now in fairfield on last night's deadly shooting. three people were shot just before 10:00 last night on tanglewood drive. one is in critical injury. the other has life threatening injuries. police are still investigating. so far there are no suspects arrested and the investigation continues. one man is dead after his car was hit by a train in redwood city early this morning. alex savidge is live there now. the crash may have come down to very bad timing. >> reporter: yeah. extremely bad timing, gasia. good morning to you. investigators say the man who was killed in the accident was driving his car down buckingham
7:37 am
avenue, right off of el camino real. he may not have realized this small residential street comes to an end right here and his car plowed right through that fence, flew through the air and landed on its side on the train tracks. witnesses say just minutes later, a northbound cal train slammed into that vw sedan, dragging it for at least a half mile. the man who was behind the wheel of that cars with killed in this accident. we're told by or thes that he -- by authorities that he was 29 years old from here in redwood city. no passengers were on board the train. and the operator was not injured in the crash. neighbors heard a loud bang from the initial crash and came outside just in time to see the speeding train plow into the car. r. >> we were just in shock. because we weren't expecting the car to be right in front of us. the bang was loud. it sounded like it was right
7:38 am
next to us, not right across from us. >> reporter: investigators are trying to figure out what caused the driver to lose control and crash through the fence around the train tracks. they will be looking to see if speed was a factor. they suspect this car was going quite fast. they are looking to see if alcohol or drugs played a role. crews were cleaning up the debris across the train tracks. again, we have the impact here at this location. and then the car was dragged another haverhill up the train tracks by this northbound cal train. and so there was debris all over the place. they have cleaned up the debris. at this point cal train is running normal service through this area. >> thank you, alex. the time is now 7:38. president trump tweeted this morning he will allow japan and south korea to buy a substantially increased amount of highly sophisticated military equipment from the united states. at the same time, the united
7:39 am
states is pushing for tougher international pressure on north korea because north korea tested a hydrogen bomb last weekend. the trump administration agrees that a diplomatic solution would be best. the while house says all economic and military options are still on the table. international experts say kim jong-un is hoping the deposition will drive a wedge between south korea and its allies. >> kim jong-un, we have to remember that the core goal of his regime is the destruction of the south korean state. i'm concerned when kim becomes confident in his arsenal, he will blackmail the united states to break the treaty with south korea and get our 28,500 servicemen and women off of the peninsula so that he can then take over south korea. >> now, both russia and china say it is important for all nations involved to step on the path of cooperation. they're also specifically coming on the u.s. to tone down
7:40 am
its rhetoric. congress gets back to work today with a full agenda. first the house and senate will face pressure to approve $8 billion in initial funding in response to hurricane harvey. a spending bill has to past by september 30th to prevent a government shutdown. and the debt ceiling needs to be increased also by the end of the month. congress only has 12 days left on the calendar this fiscal year to get it all done. a rally in support of a new san francisco law that bans the sale of flavored tobacco in san francisco. the board of supervisors unanimously approved the ban on menthol cigarettes, flavored chewing tobacco and the liquid used in e-cigarettes that have a flavor. a group funded by the tobacco industry says voters should decide that issue. a measure to overturn the ban could be on the ballot in san francisco next june. the noon time rally will be held on the steps of city hall
7:41 am
on the polk street side of the building. a major announcement is expected surrounding the daca program, coming up at 8:00, we will have the statement live. a repel of daca and the impact in the bay area. we will tell you about an inspiring program that brings out the best in young people. up next, how community leaders in oakland are helping teenagers reach their potential in a high-tech field. slight improvement in some commutes. you can see traffic on the san mateo bridge at the very least is moving again heading out to the peninsula. we will tell you more about the morning commute coming up. and improvement in our weather. not only with the temps cooling off. the lows are up and the highs are coming down. also the air quality. i can see the bay now. i couldn't see it a couple days ago.
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>> a new study shows that a controversial prostate cancer screening test does work and does save lives. a new study by an international group of researchers says that the men who take the blood test appear to have a lower chance of dying from prostate cancer. in two earlier trials, the results were not clear and a government backed agency recommended against the screening saying the blood test could lead to unnecessary treatments. australia's highest court is considering whether the government should survey the government on whether same-sex marriage should be legalized. they want the parliament to decide on the issue without consulting the public. they argued the government doesn't have the constitutional power to start a survey by mail next week. the court can make a ruling as
7:45 am
early as tomorrow after the government argues its case. sal is right over there. let's get you to where you need to go. >> gasia has been strangely quiet this morning. >> yeah. >> you haven't been commenting on the traffic, gasia. >> thank you for asking. all of the traffic that i didn't see on my way in, i saw that and more this morning. >> that there is the gasia i know and love. you will notice a lot of slow traffic after labor day. part it was routine. more people on the road. part of it has to -- part of it is blamed on the crashes we had. we had a couple of crashes west of carlson. one at gillman. 8 o 0 is slow. getting into the richmond bridge is slow as well. you can see it is taking almost an hour. it improved slightly but not much to drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. another 20 minutes or so at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you're driving from vallejo
7:46 am
to san francisco this morning, we're talking about an hour half almost to make that drive if you're in your vehicle alone. if you are using the carpool lane, it will be a little less because you will be able to use the lanes. this is a look at highway 24. slow as well driving through. you will see slow traffic. highway 4 has been slowing. improving a little but solid over the hill to concord from antioch. 680 is also backed up from before 242. we're pretty jam packed on all of commutes, even the south bay commute is slow. all of them getting into the valley. so as you might imagine, steve, as we go to you. >> yes. >> after labor day you can't wear white and you can't expect good traffic. >> what about the weather? can you expect good weather. >> that's your department. >> okay. thank you. sal with the court retorte. we get to a hurricane there. if you ever said i'm thinking of jumping on twitter, don't be
7:47 am
afraid. the information coming across is mind boggling. so much coming across. but we have a category 5 hurricane. there is no such thing as a category 6. okay. that's as high as it gets. category 5. the wind is 175 whopping miles per hours. now 180. did you just see that? updated just now. 180. of hurricane allen was the strongest in the atlantic at 190. irma can certainly equal that. maybe top it. we will see. it is the strongest -- cat 5. allen lasted five days. we will see if irma does that as well. certainly has the potential. what is the temperature? 86 degrees. and there is a wide swath of that. it gets warmer past the leeward islands and starts heading north of what looks like puerto rico. there are a few areas around
7:48 am
31c. but for the most part, it is 86 water temp. what was harvey's 86 to 89. that is a tremendous heat transfer when it feeds off of the warm water. the track takes it -- almost all of them, somewhere towards florida. one takes it right over cuba, which would change a lot. once it goes over land, it can lose a lot of its energy. most of the forecast models take it -- the gfs takes into miami. the european model has a history of being the best at forecasting tracks on category 5 hurricanes. takes it more towards the gulf side and tampa. and then the canadian forecast model -- there are many. i'm giving you the three main ones that we know about here -- takes it up over cuba and eventually into the florida panhandle. there are projections of hurricane winds in all of florida late sunday and into monday. i believe the buccaneers play
7:49 am
the miami dolphins on sunday. i do believe, dave. i think. they might want to make alternative plans for that. it looks like it is heading that direction. we get a lot of the -- the high clouds are thinning out. maybe patchy fog showing itself. that is better air quality. we need a westerly wind. that will do it. near 70 for some. san francisco, alameda and oakland. 60s, upper 60s, 70s. fairfield, 73. san jose, 73. upper 60s to mid-60s. santa cruz and gilroy are the same. the west wind is beginning to show itself. west/southwest, west at napa airport, west around southern marin county. it is a cooler pattern for some. not all. one low is forming here. that is what remains of the tropical system over us. there is another system coming in. these two will get together, if you will, drawing in moisture. i don't think that the low is going to go far.
7:50 am
in fact, it will tap into the moisture and sit here and rotate around for maybe the next four or five days. possibility of some widely scattered rain in here i think late thursday or friday. i've been so busy. but i've been looking at it and it would not surprise me. i'll tackle it thursday and friday. the temps coming down, down. a few 90s but you have to go far north and east. a few showers friday right now. right now my thinking is the north. we will see. we still have three days. >> thank you, steve. the time is 7:50. you heard steve. we are closely watching hurricane irma. it is getting stronger. coming up in 20 minutes, where irma is headed and the possibility effects here in the united states. up next, it is the first new color and flavor of chocolate in more than 80 years. and it is all natural. coming up, the break-through by a swiss chocolate maker with a fruity twist.
7:51 am
7:52 am
keeping up. it takes a little support. and pg&e is ready to do our part. our care program can save you 20% or more on your monthly bill. when having a little extra can mean a lot, turn to care. go to and enroll today.
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7:54 am
the raiders and their kicker. the raiders have asked him to rework his contract, one that will pay him $4 million this year. so far, he doesn't want to do it. he missed the last two preseason games with a back injury. and yesterday the raiders tried out three kickers. he has played 268 games for the raiders, more than any other player in raiders history. the raiders play the tennessee titans in nashville in sunday. a high school in salt lake city is fining students for being late. many parents are upset about the policy. first, there is a warning. second offense comes with a $3 fine. if it happens again, the fine goes up to $5. parents say it is a money grab and won't fix the tardiness problem. >> we are trying to target the periods between classes where it is a choice, it is a personal decision of whether you're going to walk from class
7:55 am
a to class b and be on time. >> it is opening a pandora's box. it won't fix the problem that they're facing. >> if the students can't pay the fees, they can take lunch detention. the money will go towards a fund for student incentives. the time is 7:55. all this week we have highlighted successful bay area schools and educational programs. >> we are highlight the hidden genius program. it introduces african-american boys in high school to computer science, business and leadership. it is a 15-month boot camp that includes two summer sessions. many of the students say it helps them to learn what it takes to be successful. >> what else is there? what is there to look forward to? you don't see many black people coding as much as you should. i wanted to be one that stands out the most. >> before i wasn't thinking about like building my own business or anything.
7:56 am
now i want to build my own software and hopefully turn it into a company or something. >> many of the students are becoming mentors themselves, giving back to other young people in the communities. >> sometimes, you know, some of the greatest challenges they encounter has to do with how they're perceived. they have little control over that. and yet we're always trying to remind them they have a great deal to offer the world. not just so they can excel but all can excel. >> the hidden genius program is free for students and they also get a laptop. this friday, fox and ktvu fox 2 will broadcast a special called super school live. it will feature stars like tom hanks. you can see it right here on ktvu fox 2 friday night at 8:00 p.m. we know about dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. get ready for ruby chocolate. >> yum. >> it tastes like berry.
7:57 am
even though no color or extra berry extracts are added. it was created by berry calabot. they have spent decades unlocking the cocoa bean. and the chocolate is expected to be quite the hit with chocolate lovers. >> i'll investigate. >> i say we try it. in just minutes from right now, a big announcement expected from the trump administration about the daca program. this is a live picture. this is where the announcement will be made. you will see it live. and we will explain what it all means. also, we continue to follow the latest from gilroy as a wildfire there continues to burn near homes. more on the progress made by firefighters and what crews say may have sparked the fire. ah, dinner.
7:58 am
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>> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> and you are taking a live look at washington, d.c. the justice department, where attorney general jeff segs is about to hold a news briefing to address the deferred action for childhood arrivals program, or daca. president trump already tweeting this morning, saying, congress, get ready to do your job. daca. the fate of approximately 800,000 undocumented immigrants benefiting from daca now up in the air. again, we will bring you this news briefing live as it happens. with that, we welcome you. good morning, everyone. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is tuesday, september 5th. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. we will check weather and traffic quickly starting with our own steve paulson. steve. >> all right. thank you. a lot going on. mike, good to see you. >> i haven't seen you in about
8:01 am
eight hours. we have a lot of cloud cover moving over us. it will be cooler today. although the lows are up. 60s and 70s. hint of patchy fog and a westerly breeze. everything is off shore. it doesn't mean that it is gone completely. it may come back later in the week. 60s and 70s. santa rosa, 71. san jose, 71. a lot of upper 60s and 70s, including windsor and hillsberg. all 70s. bodega bay and point reyes at 67. the wind is trying, not more than 20 miles per hour. but tell w. he will see hazy skies today. partly sunny and a little cooler pattern here. another system is coming in. that will tap into some of that. and i think give us a lot of cloud cover going forward the next few days. end of the week, widely scattered showers. it will cool down slowly.
8:02 am
70s and now 80s. sal, what do you have. >> we're going to go quickly here. we have a look at the toll plaza. you can see the traffic is going to be busy as you drive through. you're going to see a lot of slow traffic driving into the area. about a 25-minute delay. also this morning, we're looking at highway 24. 680 and 24, the whole area has been slow. so don't count on a quick drive through any part of contra costa county. you can see there for yourself all of the road sensors are firing up red. on the maps in the south bay, we have a lot of slow traffic on 101, 280 and 85. back to the desk. >> any moment we expect to hear an announcement about to get underway here. attorney jeff sessions comments on daca. >> good morning. i'm here to announce that the program known as daca that was effectuated under the obama administration is being rescinded. the daca program was implemented in 2012. and essentially provided a legal status for recipients for
8:03 am
a renewable two-year term, work authorization, and other benefits, including participation in the social security program to 800,000 mostly adult illegal aliens. the policy was implemented unilaterally to great controversy and legal concern after congress rejected proposals to extend similar benefits on numerous occasions to this same group of illegal aliens. in other words, the executive branch through daca deliberately sought to achieve what the legislative branch specifically refused to authorize on multiple occasions. such an open-ended circumvent of laws was an unconstitutional exercise of the executive branch. this amnesty among other things
8:04 am
contributed to a surge of minors at the border with humanitarian consequences and denied jobs to hundreds of thousands of americans by allowing the same illegal aliens to take the jobs. we inherited from our founders and have advanced an unsurpassed legal heritage which is the foundation of our freedom, our safety, and our prosperity. as the attorney general, it is my duty to ensure that the laws of the united states are enforced and the constitutional order is upheld. no greater good for the overall health and well being of our republic than preserving the rule of law. societies where the rule of law are treasured are societies that tend to flourish and succeed. societies where the rule of law is subject to political whims and personal biases tend to
8:05 am
become society's afflicted by corruption, poverty and human suffering. to have a lawful system of immigration that serves the national interest, we cannot have -- admit everyone who would like to come here. it is just that simple. there is an open -- that would be an open borders policy. and the american people have rightly rejected that. therefore the nation must set and enforce a limit on how many immigrants away how each year. that means that all cannot be accepted. this does not mean they are bad people or that our nation disrespects or de means them in any way. it means we are properly enforcing our laws as congress has passed them. it is with these principles and duties in mind and in light of imminent litigation that we reviewed the obama administration's daca policy. our collective wisdom is that
8:06 am
the policy is vulnerable to the same legal and constitutional challenges that the courts recognize with respect to the dapa program which was enjoined on a nationwide basis in a decision that was affirmed by the 5th circle court of appeals. the 5th circle specifically concluded that daca had not been implemented in a fashion that allowed sufficient discretion and that daca was foreclosed by congress' careful plan, closed quote. in other words, the immigration law that congress passed foreclosed this possibility of daca. in other words, it was inconsistent with the constitution separation of powers. that decision was affirmed by the supreme court on an equally undivided basis. if we were to keep the obama administration's executive
8:07 am
amnesty policy, the likeliest outcome is it too would be enjoined. the president and the homeland of security that the homeland security should begin a winddown including the cancellation of the memo that authorized this program. acting secretary duke has chosen appropriately to initiate a wind-down process. this will enable the department of homeland security to conduct an orderly change and fulfill the desire of this administration to create a time period for congress to act should it so choose. we firmly believe this is the responsible path. simply put, if we are to further our goal of strengthening the constitutional order and the rule of law in america, the department of justice cannot defend this overreach.
8:08 am
george washington university law professor jonathan turling in testimony before the house judiciary committee was clear about the infirmities raised by this action. he said, quote, in his testimony, in ordering this blanket exception, president obama was nullifying part of a law that he simply disagreed with. if a president can claim sweeping discretion to suspend key federal laws, the entire legislative process becomes little more than a pretense. it undermines the authority of this branch -- he is referring to the legislative branch -- but destablizing the system as a whole. so this is not a little matter. ending the previous administration's disrespect for
8:09 am
the legislative process is an important first step. all immigration policies should serve the interest of the people of the united states. lawful i am grant and nay -- immigrant and native born alike. congress should pursue the types of reforms right for the american people. our nation is comprised of good and decent people who want their government's leaders to fulfill their promises and advance an immigration policy that serves the national interest. we are people of compassion and we are people of law. but there is nothing compassionate about the failure to enforce immigration laws. enforcing the law saves lives, protecting communities and taxpayers, and prevents human suffering. failure to enforce the laws in the past has put our nation at risk of crime, violence, and terrorism. the compassionate thing to do
8:10 am
is end the lawlessness, enforce our laws, and if congress chooses to make changes to the law, to do so through the process set forth by our founders. in a way that advances the interest of the american people. that is what the president had promised to do. and has delivered to the american people. under president trump's leadership, this administration has made great progress in the last few months toward establishing a lawful and constitutional immigration system. this makes us safer and more secure. it will further economically the lives of million who's are struggling and it will enable our country to more effectively teach new immigrants about our system of government and to assimilate them to the cultural understandings that support it.
8:11 am
the substantial progress in reducing illegal immigration and our border seen in recent months is almost entirely due to the leadership of president trump and his inspired immigration officers. but the problem is not yet solved. and without more action, we could see illegality rise. as a candidate and now in office president trump has offered ideas and legislative solutions that will protect american workers, increase wages and salaries, defend the national security, ensure the public safety, and increase the general well being of the american people: he has worked closely with many members of congress, including in the introduction of the reyes act that would produce enormous benefits for our country.
8:12 am
this is how the democratic process works. every one has a constitutional right to advocate their views and represent whomever they choose. but the department of justice does not represent any narrow interest or any subset of the american people. we represent all of the american people and protect the integrity of our constitution. that is our charge. we are at the department of justice are proud and honored to work to advance this vision for america and do our best each day to ensure the safety and security of the american people. thank you very much. uch. >> listening live to attorney general jeff sessions as he just announced essentially what we expected. that daca is being rescinded, affecting 800,000 people who came to the united states illegally, most brought here as
8:13 am
children by their parents. now they are scrambling for what to do. >> joining us now is joe garofoli. 10-minute address. strong words. your thoughts. >> there will be 225,000 people in california who are freaking out. they have been able to get driver's licenses, go to school, get work, and now what? and the other thing that was -- that was noticeable with attorney general sessions, there is an orderly wind-down. >> wind-down process. >> yes. and how long they would have to, you know, figure out what to do next. we didn't get a specific timeline on that. we didn't hear six months, eight months, three months. there will be people freaking out about their lives right now. >> procedurally what comes next. >> you have to figure out how long that wind-down is. >> right. >> what do they have todo what do they do. >> the question that many have, do they self deport or go into
8:14 am
hiding or underground. >> if they go underground, it exacerbates the problem that we have with undocumented immigrants anyways. look at the politics, the president said it both ways. we have to end the way that immigration happens in this country. but we're going to do something. we're going to take care of the dreamers. we're going to show heart with them. i don't know how this shows heart. he is going to have to show -- notice who made the announcement. >> not president trump. >> it was not president trump. his fingerprints are way off this, at least on camera. >> is there a legislative solution? >> that's -- yes, there is. attorney general sessions said, yes, it is up to congress if they want to make a law here. it is up to them to do this. these guys are batting zero right now for 2017. they have not been able to do anything with the president. there are some signs of hope. there has been some conservative senators and
8:15 am
congressmen who normally wouldn't be -- haven't been on board but are now. so we might be seeing something. if it is just a very narrow solution for this population, this 800,000 to a million people nationwide, 225,000 in california, the odds are better that something can be crafted just for them. >> house speaker paul ryan did not support daca when it was announced in 2012. he wanted the president to keep it in place. is daca a hot potato. >> absolutely. ryan sees the politics, demographic writing on the wall. republicans need the votes. they cannot continue to be the party of old white people if they want a long history. they have done everything that they can to alienate themselves from latino voters. in 2012 after they lost the election, they said we have to reach out to latino voters, young voters.
8:16 am
they have done neither. they have gone backwards. this might soften it a little bit. younger leaders like ryan might say we have to do something. >> why so quickly? there is so much going on in the world. >> their hand was forced by these ten republican attorneys generals. >> the lawsuits. >> yeah. basically gave them a deadline. september 5th. you have to come up with a solution or we're going to file suit. they basically forced their hand. the hand has been forced. >> we listened to the attorney general. he mentioned asimulation. you and i remarked, this is -- you didn't hear a lot about assimulation in the previous administration. >> no. you kind of fit into the
8:17 am
american dream. there is some of that. but, you know, as we have evolved as a culture, we said everybody bring their best selfs to the country. and we learned from that. what makes us all a better country. that was a political nod to the conservative right who wants everyone to come over here and, you know, we're all one kind of american. that's the way that i kind of read it. i don't know. do you have a feeling on that. >> it hit my ear because it was a concept that i hadn't heard from the white house in several years, if not more. >> something that stuck out towards the beginning of the address is when he said that daca denied americans jobs. and recently a lot of tech ceos in the bay area, this is the silicon valley, they said dreamers are vital to the future of our company. they create jobs. >> absolutely. how many ceos, startups are immigrants in this country. many of them. 40% is the stat that i saw.
8:18 am
you have high tech workers, agriculture workers. you have young college graduates. these folks are intro bat to our culture. this will have an economic effect. i think when that is seen, that may move congress. there is only one thing that moves congress, economic effects. otherwise it's just noise. if that is pushed, if the business community continues to push hard, and they have, the tech industry has said that. we may get movement that way. >> thank you for joining us, joe. we will bring you back on the 9. this points to the question of the day. we have been asking you, do you support or oppose the daca program. we will take a look at the numbers. 77% say you support it. 23% say you oppose it. >> let us know what you think by voting on the ktvu twitter page and you can comment on the ktvu facebook page. let's help get you out the door on a tuesday that feels like a monday, sal. >> it sure does, gasia and mike. and a lot of people are on the
8:19 am
grind on 80, which is one of the slowest commutes in the bay area. today it is over an hour, more than an hour to grief from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze because of earlier issues that have been cleared. we had three significant crashes along the way. just a lot of people back after the holiday. most schools are back in, if not all schools that will be having a fall session are in session. and you can see it on the morning commute at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up all the way out to the maze. and those metering lights are on. so driving from vallejo to san francisco could reach an hour and a half, depending on, you know, how long that is, you might consider taking a ferry or using public transportation. highway 4 is slow. it has improved a little bit. what caught my attention here is 680, it is backed up almost to highway 4. and so is 242. it has been kind of a beast here driving into the walnut creek area. at 8:19, let's bring in steve
8:20 am
with today's weather. >> all right, sal. we'll get to our weather in a second. we have -- speaking of a beast, a monster mode now on cat 5 hurricane irma. 180 miles per hour wind. this is the second strongest ever. only hurricane allen in 1980 had wind at 190 miles per hour. but there is still time. 140. 180 now. cat 5 heading towards the leeward islands and into puerto rico and to thing in. the forecast tracks take it all over the place. generally up to the bahamas. and most of these take it at least into the bahamas, dominican republic, haiti and cuba. the canadian model takes it over cuba. the european model takes it on the gulf side and up towards tampa. 180 miles per hour category 5. no such thing as a category 6. the bulk are coming to a
8:21 am
consensus in between cuba and south florida. it would not be until the weekend. we have about four, five days before you can get a better idea. the higher clouds are thinning out. the stage is now set for a cooler pattern. the air quality will be better today. partly sunny skies. underneath this is fog. i can see it in the gray right there. starting to come into a better picture here. a mix of low and high clouds. 60s and 70s. very slow to warm up. most locations within a degree or two. there you go. consistency. 67, bodega bay. 67 in graton. mill valley almost 70. 72 in napa. glenn helen, almost 70. not much of a difference here. west wind is more pronounced towards the coast. a few locations up to 20 miles per hour. these higher clouds will clear out. we will have lower clouds as well. the system is not going anywhere. it will hang around through friday and saturday.
8:22 am
then the system coming in right there will draw in the moisture. this will play back into the weather heading towards thursday and friday under cloudy skies and. last friday was blazing hot. this friday will be 30 degrees cooler as a low sets off of the coast. i don't think it will go anywhere. also we will see some -- i think the coast is dealing with fog. it looks tough on the temps. suffice it to say, we are cooling off and will continue to do so through thursday. >> thank you, steve. appreciate it. still to come on mornings on 2, the possible impact that hurricane irma could have right here in the united states. this is the new comfort food.
8:23 am
grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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8:25 am
>> people in the caribbean preparing as hurricane irma barrels towards the region as a category 5. it could hit puerto rico and the dominican republic before possibly hitting florida this weekend. florida's governor has already declared a state of emergency for every county to make sure that local governments have enough time and resources to prepare for what could be a very dangerous storm. >> we're going to get something. so better to be safe than sorry. >> be ready and expect the worst. if nothing else bad happens, you can have a party in your backyard after the storm is
8:26 am
over. >> there will be deteriorating conditions tomorrow, with the worst of the rain and wind arriving wednesday night. some businesses and schools in parts of texas will reopen today for the first time since hurricane harvey hit there. is still a very long road to row cover re. access to sewer service and drinking water is still a problem in many areas. streets are full of debris waiting to be picked up. other streets are still flooded. more than 60 deaths have been blamed on harvey. fema says half a million families have registered for housing assistance. >> the total devastation, the water. it was -- it was like -- it was like a nightmare. >> congress returns from their summer break today. they're expected to talk about a nearly $8 billion relief package. a major announcement surrounding daca. more on attorney general jeff sessions' briefs that we airs
8:27 am
moments ago. the ballybunion fire in gilroy is still burning 100 acres. crews have made significant progress. there is still another challenge up in the hills for fire crews. good morning. we do have a lot of slow traffic out there. and if you are driving on the east bay commute, you will see a lot of it on your way out to downtown oakland.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> the time is 8:29. welcome back to mornings on 2, this tuesday, september 5th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm mike mibach. we will get to steve in a bit. first let's send it over to sal castaneda and a look at the roads.
8:30 am
>> good morning, mike and gasia. still a lot of slow traffic on the morning commute. i have seen some signs of it getting better if you wait it out. if that's your practice. you may have to wait a little longer. it was an hour a few moments ago on this commute. still about an hour from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. and there is still a lot of time for you to wait at the bay bridge toll plaza as well. about the only good thing that i can say, no crashes on the bridge itself. so if you make yourself -- yourself to the teleplays a you will be in a typical commute. highway 4 is slower. 680, a lot of people are stuck there this morning. in the south bay, all of the freeways are very slow. i wouldn't recommend one or the other. if you want to avoid 85, you will get on 280, which is slow, and so is 101 all the way up into sunnyvale and cupertino. a small spot in san jose that is open but southbound 280 is slow. 8:30. now here is steve with today's
8:31 am
weather. >> thank you, sal. some sun out there. the clouds are moving to the north and out to the pacific. low clouds showing up. haven't seen that in a while. patchy low clouds around. it looks like temperatures -- you can see the higher clouds clearing out right there. some of this is not going to go far. it will hang out for a while and get drawn back in by the weekend. sfo at 73. san jose, 74 degrees. so quite mild, kind of muggy. but cooler. you see the 60s and 70s even to the north. and the breeze is trying to pick up. i mean, it is not screaming yet. it is picking up out of the west/southwest. that will help with the air quality as well. that system is going to sit there for a couple of days. there is another one pushing in which i think will drop our temps and give us a few widely scattered showers thursday and friday. 70s and 80s but cooler weather continues, you two. >> thank you, steve. minutes ago we brought you jeff sessions speaking live, telling us that president trump is moving to rescind the daca program. the program protects some
8:32 am
800,000 young people undocumented immigrants across our country protects them from deportation. >> the attorney general said the department of homeland security is being told to, quote, wind down the daca program. >> to have a lawful system of immigration that serves the national interest, we cannot admit everyone who would like to come here. it is just that simple. there is an -- that would be an open borders policy. and the american people have rightly rejected that. >> sessions said homeland security's wind-down process would create a time period for congress to act if it chooses. sessions did not specify in his remarks how long that time period would be. but it had been reported that congress would be given six months to come up with legislation to save the daca program. many people are now wondering what is next. a number of events are planned in the south bay in response to the announcement. >> jessie gary is joining us live from the san jose studios
8:33 am
with more on the story. >> good morning. there are a number of events, one at 10:00 in the morning at the board of supervisors. and at 11:30 over at mlk library in downtown san jose. the reaction has been swift. it started last week with word of the leak. president trump had promised to get rid of daca during the campaign. but then after he was elected president, he said the issue was much more complicated and it required more study. there was a hope that he would not get rid of daca. now as we heard from the attorney general, he will wind down daca. daca is the delayed action on childhood arrivals. it allows children who came here before they were 16 years of age to stay in the u.s. and get documentation as far as driver's license, they can go to school, et cetera, work permits, as long as they have
8:34 am
no criminal history and stay out of trouble. canceling the program after positive momentum, a lot of people say that is wrong and it will do more harm than good. we spoke to a woman who was a daca participant. >> all of the students and parents under daca, you know, it wouldn't only affect them. but it is a chain reaction. it will affect our children and our family members. >> again, two events at least planned in the south bay, the first at 10:00 this morning over at the board of supervisors. we will be there and stream that for you live and have an update for you at noon. live in the san jose studios, jessie gary, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, jessie. global tensions continue to grow as north korea tested a hydrogen bomb last weekend. president trump quoted i am allow japan and south korea to buy an increased amount of highly sophisticated military equipment from the united states. the white house is pushing for
8:35 am
a peaceful solution but it says all options diplomatic, economic, and military are still under consideration. russia and china have told the u.s. to tone down its rhetoric so the situation does not escalate. china has also warned the north korean government not to escalate tensions. the leader of north korea kim jong-un has a history of marking anniversaries with displays. that has many experts expecting north korea to launch another missile this weekend or even sooner. back here at home, frights in gilroy are making big progress on a brush fire burning near homes. >> we got an update an hour ago. the fire is now 35% contained thanks to the humidity and low winds. >> reporter: new cal fire crews have arrived to begin their 24- hour shifts here at the
8:36 am
ballybunion fire. it is 35% contained this morning. you can still see smoke plumes coming from the hills and the smell of fire. but fire crews hearsay they feel pretty good about the progress that has been made. they have been fighting it since 7:00 sunday night. the fire appears to have started near homes in the adjacent neighborhood of eagle ridge, a gated country club community. crews had cut a fire line with 10 percent containment yesterday. now there is 35% containment on a fire burning some 100 acres. planes and helicopters were hitting hot spots hard with water during daylight hours. the dozers made great progress overnight. there is a new challenge this morning for fire crews. >> there is really steep terrain out there. the dozers will go as far as possible that they can go. then we have to send in our hand crews and hike in by foot and actually put our line in by hand with the tools, the hand
8:37 am
tools, the shovels, followed by the firefighters with the hose line to put the fire out. >> reporter: homeowners prepared to leave over the weekend. luckily no one was evacuated last night and the fire is not threatening any homes. now, the priority today is for firefighter safety. we're told from one fire captain, it is billy goat terrain up there. one firefighter was injured yesterday, falling 40 feet. he just had minor injuries, thank goodness, and was treated and released from the hospital. it is back to normal for the local residents. roads are back open and school is back in session. leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2. it could be a couple more hours before we know if fire cruise in southern california are making progress against the la tuna fire, 20 miles north of downtown los angeles. it was 30% contained last night. air crews are about to take off
8:38 am
and survey the fire area so they can calculate how much it grew overnight. a little rain and cooler temperatures helped them yesterday. they are hoping for the same conditions this morning. a man died after a train hit his car. it happened in redwood city. >> reporter: investigators say the man who was killed was likely driving fairly fast down buckingham avenue and may not have realized that this street comes to an end right here. the car plowed through the fence, flew through the air and landed on its side on the train tracks. witnesses say minutes later, a northbound cal train slammed into the vw sedan, dragging it for at least a half mile. the man in the car was killed in the accident. he was 29 years old from redwood city. no passengers were on board the train which was out of service at the time. and the operator was not hurt
8:39 am
in the accident. neighbors heard a loud bang from that initial crash and came outside just in time to see that speeding train plow into the car. >> we were just in shock. we weren't expecting the car to be right in front of us. we -- the bang was really loud. it sounded like it was right next to us. right across from us. >> we don't know whether he died from the initial collision or died as a result of the collision with the train. . we're doing a joint investigation with the sheriffs. the sheriff will take over when the vehicle collided with the train. >> reporter: investigators are trying to figure out what caused the driver of the car to lose control and plow through the fence. they're looking at speed being a possible factor here. they're also looking to see if drugs or alcohol may have played a role. and crews spent a few hours this morning cleaning up all of the debris strewn across the train tracks. eventually cal train resumed
8:40 am
normal service through this area. in redwood city, alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. no ticket necessary. up next, why people at one airport can actually get through security, even if they aren't flying. g. and the bridges in the bay area are still a little crowded if you are driving across the bay to the peninsula, the san mateo bridge, you can see it is a little crowded. well, the skies were crowded with tropical clouds but they are clearing out. it is cooler. but how much cooler and what will happen as we go through the week? ♪ keeping up. it takes hard work, tight budgets and a little support. and pg&e is ready to do our part. our care program can save you 20% or more on your monthly bill. it just takes a few minutes to apply
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does your bed do that? the new 360 smart bed is part of our biggest sale of the year where all beds are on sale. and right now the sleep number queen c2 mattress now only $699. ends sunday! >> we've been watching the economic impact of hurricane harvey, including gas prices. >> plus the situation in north korea. pam cook is back with how this is affecting wall street in today's money business. >> wall street does not like uncertainty. there's a lot of that going on right now. responding to the situation over in north korea testing ballistic missiles and the relations between u.s., north korea, russia and china creating instability within the markets as well. one bright spot this morning, ringing the bell, some familiar faces. a familiar name in business. shopify is a software platform. many business on shark tank use
8:44 am
it. that's why they're there. that has doubled in price over the summer from $50 a share to $100 a share. checking in on the broader markets. a lot of red. the dow jones is down 144 point. 21842. a lot over the uncertainty in the global situation there. the nasdaq back below 6400. down 38 points to 6397. the s&p 500 dropping as well. gas prices hit a high for the year over the labor day weekend. here now expected to slip as shipping channels, oil pipelines and texas refineries restart some of the operations. now, according to aaa, the nationwide average for a gallon of gas was $2.64, up $0.20 from last we're due to hurricane harvey. prices will fall mid to late september because the early reports do not show significant damage to the rye fineries and port operations across the gulf coast.
8:45 am
there will be a rally in san francisco in support of a new law banning the sale of flavored tobacco products. the board of supervisors unanimously approved the ban on menthol cigarettes, flavored chewing tobacco and the flavored liquids used in e- cigarettes. but a group funded by the tobacco industry says voters should decide the issue. a measure to overturn the ban could be on the ballot next june in san francisco. today's noon time rally will be held on the steps of city hall on the polk side of the building. starting today, people will go to pittsburgh international airport and they might feel like they're time travelers. for the first time in 16 years, you do not have to be flying somewhere to be allowed the security check point in piece. people who want to go to an airline gate to meet a friend or wait with a family member can do that now. they still have to show identification, get a special one-day pass and go through security. part of the reason for the change there is that the
8:46 am
pittsburgh airport was built with a mall with a lot of shops. they want to let people in to do that. the tsa has no plan to expand it to other airports. i want to point out that september and october are known to be the worst months for stocks. as i was looking at the articles on this, i found that the street says if you invested in the s&p 500, just for the month of september over the past 50 years, you would have lost 29% of your capital. >> oh. >> so a lot of theories as to why september and october. the retailers slow down ahead of the holiday. there is corporate changes, economic news. but no real reason. but hiss three shows that september and october are rough. >> slow and steady win the race. >> you have to keep it in for the long-term. >> thanks, pam. >> let's check in with salon this tuesday morning commute, post labor day. here we go. >> yeah. it is really filling in, mike and gasia, as you probably expected it it to. all of the commutes are busy at
8:47 am
this time. look at 280. 280 normally where we have a light commute is slow. and this is just part of the bigger commute obviously. 280 south and north, you can see it there. traffic is backed up on every single direction getting up to the west valley. 85, 101, which is not unusual. 237. no major crashes. we've had a few. but most of it is just a lot of congestion on the roads. san mateo and dumbarton bridges are filled in. so is 880 and 680 heading south. i'm giving you the overview in case you've been waiting around. it has not lightened up yet, especially on 80 out to the macarthur maze or on 880 northbound into downtown oakland. we are right in the middle of the fall commute pattern. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for 25 minutes. at 8:47, let's bring in steve with today's weather. >> improving conditions here. patchy fog and low clouds have returned to the san mateo coast, santa cruz coast.
8:48 am
then back out into the pacific. they're not disappearing. they're not going away. i think they will come back late thursday and into friday as another system sweeps them back in here. and happy to report that the air quality is now good to moderate for much of the bay area. not unhealthy. so we are getting more of a westerly breeze. you really need it in the upper levels of the atmosphere. that sends it out of the air. many fires north and east and south. we had a north wind for a while. now getting a west/southwest. that improves the air quality. the clouds are lifts and the temperatures are getting cooler and the high pressure losing its grips. everything is pointing towards better air quality and cooler conditions, even though the lows were very mild due to the cloud cover. 60s and 70s. didn't matter if it was north, south, east, west. everybody was close here. 73, danville. 73 in san ramon. even vallejo, martinez and american canyon in the upper 70s. that west wind is now -- maybe
8:49 am
not so much here, but a westerly component is picking up. that is helping to improve the air quality. the clouds will lift out of the area. mostly sunny. not great air quality but better than it was. the system will not hang out here. there is another one that will latch on to that. i don't think it will go far. it may hang around central, southern california for the next four or five days. it will keep cloud cover in here and drop temperatures towards the end of the week. 70s and 80s on the temps. we have broken the back of that heat wave, mike. it is out of here. >> on the back side. >> on the back side. >> going downhill. >> yes, sir. that will take us into thursday. maybe a few showers on friday because of the moisture. >> wouldn't mind that either. >> me neither. a little change. september. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> thank you, steve. appreciate it. be on time are pay a fine. a new school policy tries something different to curb tardiness. up next, the price that
8:50 am
students must pay for being late.
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> well, work begins this week on south bay roads damaged during last winter's storms. bear creek road is among the first to be repaired. a three-mile stretch will be closed until november. highway 1 near big sur and highway 17 will also be repaired. it could take five years to fix the mountain roads. the state estimates winter storm damages could top $1 billion across california. a man accused of indecent exposure was arrested in concord with the help of a very concerned father. they praised the man who helped capture the suspect. on sunday night, two children told their dad that a man exposed himself to them. he took the children into the home and called 911 while following the man from a distance and describing him to
8:53 am
police. firefighters are looking for a suspected arsonist. nine fires have been intentionally set in santa rosa. one burned 7 acres and came within a few feet of a home. two men who lived there picked up hoses and fought the fire and would have been trapped inside since their electrical gate wasn't opening. a cal fire helicopter dropped fire on to the home, helping to save them. investigators have been looking at surveillance videos from businesses and homes in the neighborhood and say they have found something helpful. mething helpful. >> getting out and he is lighting fires and getting back in his vehicle and leaving the scene. >> it is not funny to me. my house almost burned down. what little possessions i have. >> fire officials say the surveillance video did give them information about the suspect as well as the vehicle. but so far they're not releasing the video or descriptions of the suspect right now. the little league has suffered a big loss. they use a field that cars elementary school school but arson investigators will be on
8:54 am
the field after the snack shop caught fire and two other fires on campus at the same time. >> the first thing that you think about is how horrible it is for the kids getting ready to play. >> i think a lot of people come here for the snack shack and to watch the game. i don't think many people will come anymore. >> it helps finance the league's activities. the league has some insurance coverage but it will take time to make the repairs. security has been hired to patrol the area. a high school in salt lake city, utah is now fining students for being late. many parents are upset about the new policy. the first time that a child is late to class, the teacher gives them a warning. the second offense comes with a $3 fine. and if it happens again, the fine goes to $5. if students cannot pay the fees, the school says they can take lunch detention. new developments in connection to the viral video of a nurse getting handcuffed at a hospital. up next, the new changes coming to that hospital to make sure
8:55 am
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sam just snagged it from you frenchie. it reminds him of bennie. only quieter. you can't have this frenchie. but new finds are always arriving. so you can find something so you,
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for less. at homegoods. the time is a tech 57. some scary moments on board a japan flight heading from tokyo to new york. the pilot reported a bird struck the engine while taking off from the airport. you can see short bursts of flame coming from the left engine. the plane turned around and was able to land safely. japan airlines will inspect the plane before flying again. they have the most bird strikes of any airport in japan. 182 just last year. some changes are coming to a hospital in salt lake city after a nurse was arrested because she wouldn't draw blood from an unconscious patient. the nurse told police she couldn't take blood without a warrant. the detective that handcuffed her and dragged her to his patrol car.
8:58 am
this happened in july at the university of utah hospital. just yesterday, hospital officials held a news conference to apologize for what happened.>> i apologize to her for what she had to go through. she's a rock star. she did everything right and she didn't deserve to be arrested. his actions were out of line. there is absolutely no tolerance for that kind of behavior in our hospital. >> hospital officials unveiled new rules that said only senior nursing supervisors can talk to law enforcement and that no conversation with law enforcement will be allowed in patient care areas. the officer was placed on paid administrative leave. they will decide which councilmember will fill the position of mayor. the former mayor slammed several groups including black lives matter, transgender's and liberals.
8:59 am
he decided to leave public office altogether. he doesn't want to be a distraction, he said. his formal resignation takes effect today. the city of san francisco finishes the completion stage at the muscogee center. phase 2 will commence in phase 3 should be finished in 2018. extra convention space is being added to the center. it will also be connected to the market neighborhood with updated walkways for pedestrians. for the first time in one week, we do not have a spare the air morning. fires in california and high temperatures combined to create very unhealthy air quality for the past five days. lower temperatures and the breezes that are now starting to blow through the bay area have cleared out a lot of the dangerously unhealthy air. the drop in temperature means
9:00 am
trains will no longer be ran at low speeds. by reducing the train speed, operators can react to abnormal conditions. today at 9:00, the political maneuvering begins as the trumpet ministration looks to congress to decide the fate of the the aca program. we look at in east palo alto's cool giving children a chance of higher education. ken wayne just back from covering hurricane harvey, join us in studio to talk about all that he saw. and just like that, the post labor day push is here. knocking on the door looking at the richmond district of san francisco. the golden gate bridge all looking good on this tuesday morning as we bring you inside for this 9:00 hour. things feel a little bit


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