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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 5, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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that was effectuated under the boomed administration is being rescinded. now, local and national politicians are speak out as many people take to the streets to protest this decision. >> we are tracking hurricane irma, a category 4 storm. >> good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm alex savidge in for mike mibach. the trump administration is reap sinning the daca. ktvu ali rasmus is in the newsroom to explain what's
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next. >> president trump says he is, quote, not going to just cut daca off but rather provide a window of opportunity for congress to finally act. he wants congress to pass some sort of comprehensive immigration reform package that may a or may not include protection for daca recipients but attorney general jeff sessions, not president trump, made the formal announcement saying that decision to do that was a legal one. >> the department of justice cannot defend this overreachs. >> reporter: president obama created the daca program, short for deferred action for childhood arrivals in 2012 after congress tried find to pass immigration reform. the idea was that immigrants brought into the u.s. illegally as children should be given a chance to work and pay taxes here. 800,000 immigrants had to have come to the u.s. before their 16th birthday. they had to have been burden
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of proof before 2012, no criminal record the president trump and attorney general jeff sessions say that obama era program was unconstitutional and will now be rescinded. >> ending the previous administration's disrespect for the legislative process is an important first step. all immigration policies should serve the interest of the people of the united states. >> but supporters of the program who flooded state capitols across the country to protest the decision say that daca recipients also known as dreamers are brought here as children and this is the only country they've known. culturally, her americans and now to say, sorry, you have to go home, you have to get out is really an emotionalal rest innocent story. >> president trump says it is up to congress to pass legislation to protect dreamers. >> we have confidence that they're going to do that and we stand ready and willing to work with them in order to
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accomplish responsible immigration reform. >> s that terrible time in congress right now. they can't do anything. they are 0 for 2017. >> even if congress account can agree on an immigration reform bill that includes protection for dreamers, the white house is already sending strong signals that president trump will only sign it into law if it include what he wants. >> i don't think that president has been shy about the fact that he wants a wall and certainly something that he feels is an important part of a responsible. >> i don't see democrats giving $1 for that wall. maybe one or two. but now, that is the anathema to what they are all about. >> one out of every four recipients live here in california. so this has the potential to impact a lot of people, about
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120,000. officials here say that daca recipients will be allowed to work here for two years or until their time runs up and they won't be target are immigration. we heard from former president obama who released this statement. to target young hopefuls who grew up here is wrong because they have done nothing wrong. we have the statement by president obama on our website. rehacks been pouring in all across country. san francisco city leaders gathered on the steps of city hall to denuance the decision. speakers included people directly affected by the announcement as well as legal experts and city supervisors. mayor ed lee is expected to speak out on the decision a little later today. and in the south bay, santa clara county leaders announced their continued
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commitment to the daca program. business sec to, labor, immigration, counsel forked outside with daca recipients. supervisor dave cortez says, if necessary. >> the county will take legal action to protect dreamers. >> we will do what we can to champion federal legislation that protects dreamers and their families. we will use every tool in the tool box, including determining any possible legal actions that the county of santa clara can take to prevent this travesty from going forward. cortez calls the decision to end daca callous and cowardly act. he says this is an opportunity for congress to take responsibility and not exhibit more irresponsibility. daca protests happening all across the country. we have video here as people are gathering in new york city, outside of trump tower.
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here in colorado, students walked out. bottom right, you can see the gathering in washington, d.c. be sure to stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of president trump's announcement to rescind dark y the announcement made through whisk attorney general jeff sessions who was the one in front of the camera today. there are other rallies planned in protest the decision. you can follow us with us here, on we move out to our other big story this afternoon. people in the caribbeans are preparing for hurricane irma. it is now barreling towards that region as a category 5 storm. irma could hit puerto rico and the dominican republic and pass over cuba before hitting florida. florida governor already declared an emergency over every single county in the state to make sure that local governments can prepare for
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what appears to be a very dangerous storm. >> it's very important for every person is prepared. three days of water per person, three days of food per person, have all the medicine you need. have a hand held radio power. you have to be ready. >> puerto rico and the virgin islands are forecast to see deteriorating conditions starting tomorrow with the worst of rain and the wind arriving by went night. >> we'll talk more about irma by bringing in rosemary orozco. of course, all of this is coming on the heels of harvey. >> we were just talking about that, first category 5 for 2017 and it looks very dangerous as you were mentioning. already making tracks towards the caribbeans. expected to begin to impact the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico by tomorrow. as you can see, it moves closer to florida as we get into the weekend there, remaining a category 4, at least that's the projection at
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this point. we are talking about the possibility of winds, deadly storm surge a possibility as well as the flash flooding. all of of this coming again on the heels of harvey. we will be tracking it between now and then, but, again, as the u.s. virgin islands, and puerto rico may feel this as early as tomorrow. back to you. >> rosemary, thank you. now to gilroy where the ballybunion grass fire is continuing to burn. >> we have now the latest on the firefight as crews begin to make some is progress. >> reporter: thoughtsers made great process yesterday and last night. however, new challenge presented it self. those dozers can't go up much further in a steep terrain. one cal fire captain called this area billy goat country because it's treacherous for people. today, firefighters will have to go where the dozers cannot to finish digging the trenches. there is now 25% contain the
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on a fire still burning some 100 acres. planes and fire retardants circled above to hit the area hard with water. the however, these planes will the be here to battle throughout the day because they will be needed somewhere else. but they will not be here. >> some winds picked up through the afternoon. humidity came up. so firefighters were able to make good progress throughout the fire. >> reporter: firefighters have been fighted the ballybunion area. we met with residents who watched the fire and were prepared to least. luckily, no one had no leave and the fire is not threatening homes. >> you can see the plume of smoke coming over the hill. that is the area where firefighters will be focusing their effort.
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the priority is firefighter safety. the homes are not threatened that way. the weather is working in their favor. the area is treacherous and steep. they want to make sure that firefighters are taking the appropriate risks and not hurting themselves. roads are back open, schools are back open. we'll now move to southern california where firefighters are beginning to make progress against the latunna fire. the fire has destroyed 400 acres and destroyed four homes. all mandatory and voluntary evacuations have been lifted. cal fire will train the guard member for three days and assign them to fire lines. the agency says it needs support at the he peak of fire season as its regular crews get tired. >> it's almost an annual
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occurrence to call up guard member this is time the year. the temporary fires are expected to be on active duty for about a month. cal fire says that, right now, there are almost 30 active wildfires in the state, including the one in butte county and yosemite county. stay with us. more news next at noon. 2 foster farms it starts with simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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steinle was set to be back in a san francisco courtroom. the cord is supposed to make a decision on whether to allow a lengthy statement to police. he said he found the gun which then went off and that bullet hit and killed steinle as she was walking with her father along pier 14. the defense is trying to show that zurrate found the gun rather than stealing it from the parked car of a ranger from the bureau of land manage: zurat at the is an undocumented immigrant who has been deported several times. police say that man was shot just after 4:00 a.m. near the east oakland en campment and northgate avenue. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. no word if the man lived at the en campment. an investigation is underway in redwood city after man was killed when his car was struck by a caltrain early this morning. investigators say that car was going down buckingham avenue
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before it plowed through a fence and landed right on the tracks. the car was then hit by a a northbound cal grin minutes later. it was dragged for at l ate -- a traveling cane minutes later. it was dragged for at least a half mile. >> we don't know if he died from the initial collision or died as a result of the collision with the train. we are doing a joint investigation with sheriff. we're going to handle the investigation. he went through the fence. the sheriff will take over when the vehicle collided will the train. >> there were no passengers on board that train. the operator was not injured. the train was out of service at the time of the accident. investigators now are trying to figure out what caused the driver to initially lose control and crash on to the tracks. they will be looking at whether alcohol or drugs may have played a role. >> bringing our meteorologist rosemary orozco again to talk about the improving weather here at home. >> yes. it continues. temperatures continue to fall
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as we get into your afternoon temperature today and into the next few days. it is muggy out there still for your tuesday. giving you a view across the oakland estuary as we look across san francisco. around the bay, a few areas, as gasia mentioned, it is a better day with better air quality in store. it is not a spare the air day. most areas with good to moderate quality for the afternoon. as you get into the second part of the day, we expect mostly clear skies to continue at least away from the coast line. the onshore breeze is back. showing you that in a moment. let's check in on the temperature first. 77 degrees in santa rosa. san francisco, 67. 78 outside your door. oakland, livermore, 80s right now. inland communities, areas like santa rosa, fair field, down by a few degrees. sfo, mountain view, san jose, up by a few degrees. temperatures will come in a lot like we have for yesterday
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and for some, it will be a tad cooler. here is a look at the cloud cover. north bay reporting just a bit of cloud cover there and as we get into the winds here, the onshore breeze, oakland sustained at 12. fairfield reporting at 17, gusting to 22, good news. there perhaps the reason why some areas right around fairfield and concord. here is a look at where that moisture is coming from. we have a low pulling in that remnant moisture from lydia. if it does feel a bit sticky to you, this is why. this is going to continue as we get into your tuesday afternoon and maybe wednesday. temperatures low 80s expected for novato. upper 70s for the alameda shore line, 77. 79 the afternoon high for san leandro. south bay locations upper 80s in morgan hill, 83 san jose, 23 in cupertino. 77 by the coast of santa cruz.
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extended forecast, 83 in redwood city. low 70s expected for pacifica and half moon bay. here is a view of what you can expect as we get into the afternoon. we did begin a refound for your bay area. even the possibility of a few scattered showers. does not look like a big deal but we'll continue to track that for you. a spew sprinkles fell yesterday. >> i heard that. >> not completely out the question. >> when do we lose the humidity? it is very sticky. >> it is very sticky. could hang for a while before the low moves out of the area. >> appreciate that. >> thank you, rosemary. work begins this week on some south bay roads damaged during last winter's storms. bear creek road montgomery first to be repaired. a three-mile stretch that road will be closed starting tomorrow until november 3rd. from 8:30 in the morning until 6:00 at night.
12:19 pm
highway 1 near big suhr and hi way 17 are set to be closed as well. it is estimated that it will take five years to repair. the state estimates that the storm could cost california a billion dollars. you can see water shooting out from the streets here, in san francisco, creating a huge geyser. the water here was turned off shortly afterward and there were no injuries. coming up here, tensions with north korea remain sky high with the possibility of military conflicts rising following the north's test of a purported hydrogen bomb. what president trump tweeted early this morning about military equipment for south korea and japan.
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tensions to mount after north korea claim it test add hydrogen bomb last weekend. >> just this morning, president trump tweeted he will allow japan and south korea to, quote, buy substantially increased amount of highly sophisticated military equipment from the united states. >> now, as greg about pelcot reports, some people in south korea are considering leaving the country as a precaution. >> reporter: people here in seoul, south korea, are on edge during this latest crisis involving north korea as some say they are making plans to
12:23 pm
get out just in case. this is amid reports of new activities from north korea. they said that they moved a intercontinental ballistic missile to the east coast. this as south korea has been making some military muse. one top analyst told us that matched to a ballistic missile, the new desize could be an american city buster. no wonder this people are making plans. japanese officials say they are looking to see how to get their 60,000 citizens out of south key ya.
12:24 pm
there are 28,000 u.s. troops. exercise are being made, too, to evacuate those. one final note. russian president vladimir putin says that it would be a global catastrophe if war broke out. people here are saying they are listening to president trump closely as well watching for what he does. in seoul, south korea, greg walcot. >> and we are watching stocks slide as well. dow jones industrial down losing 242 points at this moment. the s&p is down almost 1 full percent. gas prices hit a high over the labor day weekend but now they are expected to slide as texas refineries restart their
12:25 pm
operation. the nationwide for a gallon of gas is 2.50 cents. gas priors expected to fall early to late september because early reports do not show a lot damage against refineries. congress is back in session. in addition to daca, congress will also face a push to vote on a package to aid hurricane harvey. a they spending bill has to be passed by september 30th to avoid a government shutdown and the debt ceiling needs to be increased. congress has just 12 days left to get it done. danish toy maker lego announced a few hours ago it's cutting about 1400 jobs after reporting a drop in sales. the company currently employees about 19,000 people and says it has to cut the jobs so it can, quote, reset the company. revenue fell 6% in the first half of the year. the first decline in sales in
12:26 pm
13 years. the company ceo says that its business model says it needs simplifying and he apologized for the job cuts. a new ex-phase at the mocsone scepter is now complete a stationle celebration was held earlier. construction crews are adding convention space to the complex. architect the say that their multiple vision is to reconnect the center to the south market neighborhood adding pedestrian bridges, and walkways. still ahead, we continue to monitor the latest developments on the big story the day, the rescinding of the daca. and an arsonist on the loose in the north bay area.
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back now to the top story on the trump administration decision to end the deferred action for childhood arrivals, also known as the daca program. >> we have more on what this could mean. >> reporter: president trump moved to fulfill one of his
12:30 pm
major campaign promises tuesday as his administration plans to announce paape's deferred action for childhood arrivals. >> the more relaxed immigration policy known as daca. the task confronting fell to attorney general jeff sessions. >> helping the previous administration's dies respect for the legislation process is an important first step. all policies should serve of the people of the united states. lawful immigrants and native born alike. congress should carefully and thoughtfully pursue the types of reforms that are ripe for the american people. >> the department of home land security will wind down daca over the next six months with president trump urging them
12:31 pm
for a legislation solution. republicans split, agreeing that most should interconvenient. >> everyoneone stands that our system is broken. this is a role for congress. that's something that we need to talk b we need to secure our border bus we need a system that works. >> meantime, supporters of daca vp staged protests. with hurricane irma looming and other legislativive issues, many wonder if congress will be able to take action. and this has been med with several protests. >> leeredders are speaking as well, jessie in san jose. >> guys, yes. this is the second of two morning rallies that just ended here on the san jose
12:32 pm
state campus. we are at the martin luther king library. some people are still milling about after this rally just ended. let's take a look at the video 90 minutes before this began. the county held the rally. about a dozen speakers all sounded a family tone of outrage at the trump administration for announcing the repeal of daca. community groups and -- >> trump's decision to end deferred action for childhood arrivals ya is a callous. >> the president of the united states took the moral compass of this country and threw it to the ground. his hiding behind the skirts of congress is nothing less but cowardly and weak. >> this is executive order is bad for the economy and it is
12:33 pm
bad for american workers. dreamers are contributing actively to this economy and they -- they deserve a chance to continue to do that. >> i had plans to go to law school a couple of years after graduated. i wanted to take some years off, study for the essay. since we don't know the future of my social security number and my work authorization will be, think those plans are tentative and have yet to be updated because i don't know if i will be able to get full- time employment after i graduate. >> as i said earlier, similar rallies here outside of the mlk library downtown. but the crowd is much larger, much louder, several hundred pickets gathered on the steps here with chance of si se puede. >> we stand here witness pain in our heart, our peoples killing each other, the community in fear but we will
12:34 pm
not give up. we will use this anger, this pain to fight. i dream of of a better world. >> reporter: reaction also from congress woman, democrat from the 19th district in silicon value e she says that daca consolation creates a moral emergency for our nation and she adds, president trump's decision to turn his back on daca participants betrays our national character. she said daca provided stability and opportunity to many students and faculty and staff members many toyed's news is deeply disappointing. back outside here, we will continue to have more reaction throughout the afternoon to news that daca program will end. live in downtown san jose, jessie gary. >> thank you very much. meantime, demonstrations are happening across the country. in new york city, people took
12:35 pm
to the streets. there a short time going, a rally and sit-in happening right in front of trump tower. some protesters were placed under arrest and taken away as they demanded justice for the nation's immigrants. some protesters arrested reportedly were daca recipients, taken into custody after sitting down in the middle the street and blocking traffic in front of trump tower. >> you can stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of president trump's announcement today to rescind the daca program. there are several other rallies planned throughout the bay area to protest the decision. follow us any time on our website, now to fairfield where police are investigating a shooting that killed one person and injured two others. it happened just before 10:00 last night on tanglewood drive. investigators say that several different guns in used in the shooting. police are still investigating. no arrest has been made. san francisco police say
12:36 pm
they captured a man accused of attacking several asian women and want to know if this is a hate crime. 19-year-old agustin garcia followed several women off muni. police released videos of several assault sallets. a all these attacks were unprovoked. a woman was left with a broken nose. police in concord praised man who helped capture a suspect. two children told their father that man exposed himself to them. the man took them into the home and called 911 and followed the suspect at a safe distance. police arrived and arrested the suspect. in sonoma, a man is on the loose after nine fires were set over several miles and all
12:37 pm
of them set intentionally. >> as debora villalon reports, new surveillance video could be the key to capping the suspect. >> as ryan jones shot this video in the front yard. >> i looked out this window. >> he didn't pick up his phone until firefighters arrived. until then, too busy with a garden hose trying to save his house. >> electricity burned and the pump ran out of our wells. >> flames got this close and there was no escape for jones and his roommate. one car was already destroyed and their front gate was impassable. >> there were definitely flames covering the gate and the gate was locked. to way to get out. >> reporter: a cal fire helicopter helped drop the water on the fire. it was still 94 degrees outside when the evening spree started. >> you know what? i have to say, this little neighborhood right here,
12:38 pm
everybody was out with hope. >> from across the street, this witness saw an abandoned barn catch fire. tires and trees were burning. power lines arcing. >> she worried she might have to evacuate her horses and other animals p among neighbors, talk of a suspicious red truck. >> nick says he saw a guy in a re truck throw fire out and start this one here. >> john: investigators tracked down that red truck and impounded it but now say that it's was malfunctioning and if it started any fires, they were accidental sparks, not anything that the teenage driver intended. instead, surveillance video from homes and businesses has revealed a different person, an adult, stopping his car to set fires. >> he is getting out and he is lighting fires and he is getting back in his vehicle and he is leaving the scene. one of the things that we spent most of the day doing was getting surveillance from cameras. >> still scared, unanother of
12:39 pm
ited about it. >> reporter: for those who feared for lives and everyone they own, it's hard to imagine why anyone would torch the grass here and the residential areas. >> it's not funny. i lost almost everything that i own. we are learning more this afternoon about the man who died after running into the famous burning man effigy. joel aaron mitchell slipped past security saturday night and ran right into the flames. rescuers eventually pulled him from the fire. he was rushed to u c davis burn center where he died from his injuries sunday morning. the coroner asked his family if he had been depressed. the his father says that mitchell was an adventurous athlete and loved challenges and was taking care of his health. changes are coming to a
12:40 pm
north salt lake city, out, hospital, after a us in was arrested. the nurse, alex wubbels, told police she could not take blood from a patient without a warrant. detective payne then handcuffed here and took her into custody. yesterday, hospital leaders held a news conference and apologized for what happened. >> i apologize to her for what she had to go through, that she is a rock star. she did everything right in this case and she didn't deserve to be arrested. >> his actions were out of line. they're absolutely -- there's schaubly no tolerance for that kind of behavior in our hospital. >> hospital officials unveiled new rules saying that only senior nursing supervisors can talk to law enforcement. and no officers will be allowed in caring areas. the two officers involved were placed on paid administrative leave. the nurse who was handcuffed is still considering legal action. ahead, houston has a long road ahead of it as residents
12:41 pm
begin returning home to some these areas devastated by hurricane harvey. after the break, the latest on the recovery effort and what most people need the most from the federal government:
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no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours. as houston cents return home to assess damage, the number of obstacles remain into their recovery. >> reporter doug luzader shows us their condition today and
12:44 pm
the big problems facing homeowners. >> a good portion of the water that you see behind me here originally fell as rain hurricane harvey. some residences have dried out and some were greed with mold and mud. >> some houston neighborhoods are still evacuated and in others, some residents are starting to come home and finding those homes damaged or destroyed. >> we thought we were under control. we had tarped, did that everything a we could, had buckets collecting. when we came back, it was a lot of mold. >> a local leader has praised the recovery response so far but the recovery will take years. many without insurance are look government for help. state officials are now saying that damage could top $200 billion. >> we are appreciative and, you know, probably in the end, tillerson going to be -- and in the send, there is going to
12:45 pm
be more relief needed but this is a good start. >> reporter: in congress, congress is pushing for a relief package. >> the first order of business is that we can do everything that we can do to make sure that federal government is providing the support that is needed for texas. >> reporter: republican leaders of the house are expected to vote on this tomorrow, and then send it along to the senate. in houston, doug luzader. a team of bay area first responders went to houston to health they were greeted today as they landed at san francisco international airport. the team care out out boat missions and also offered emotional support. >> how great to be there to be able to help people that needed help and just to be there for comfort even for those people that didn't want to necessarily be moved away from their houses.
12:46 pm
>> 26 people are still in texas and are expected to be coming back thursday and friday. members the people say they are ready for the next deployment with irma. a lot of celebrities will take part in the telethon. beyonci, blake shelton, barbara streisand will take place. george clean app clooney, jamie fox, matthew mccon hey, julia roberts are also planning to take part. >> least us put our own outside activities on hold. roz mary, due to heat or just terrible air quality. that's lifted just a bit? >> yes. so, no spare the air day. that's good news there. >> finally. still a little muggy out there. if you have been outside, you probably know what i mean. temperatures are warm and a with that added moisture, it
12:47 pm
feel as bit sticky. here is a look at what's going on. a few from up above. mostly clear skies. picking up on a little bit of cloud cover here over the north day. so partly cloudy here. we take a few of the onshore winds, fairfield recording a sustained wind at 17 and gusting to 22. so that is good news. some cool, clean pacific air moving through the delta. 12 reported in areas right around oakland. we do have a northwest breeze in concord. the system off the coast bringing us the cooldown will stick around for a few days, also helping to drag some of that moist tour from the remnants of lydia and that's why it does feel a bit muggy there. as it moves east, it will provide us with a few sprinkles. thursday and friday will be the best bet but some us will pick up late bit yesterday. here is a view of what you can
12:48 pm
expect. mix of sun and clouds, feeling hazy. it will be a little hazy, feel humid. temperatures on the mild and warm side although a lot better than where we are. temperatures, 23 degrees in livermore. closer to the bay, 78 in oakland. 72 along the coast of half moon bay with all that sunshine, there coast in the 70s at this hour. a few more numbers for you there. san mateo, 80 degrees at this hour, 84 in menlo park. 82 expected for novato. upper 80s to near 90 degrees for the warmer locations. danville to 88. east bay locations. pens la this afternoon, warm for you here, mid- to upper 80s for the second part of your day. the extended forecast,
12:49 pm
temperatures continuing to cool wednesday. thursday looks like the coolest day. we talked bit a moment ago, maybe a slight chance of a shower here. and then we do warm up a little bit as we get into the bay area weekend. the heat that we felt, finally moving out. >> a little break. >> all right. >> thank you. sure. the clock ticking today for the raiders and their kicker, sebastian janikowski. the raiders called on him to rework the contract that calls for him to be making $4 million. so far, janikowski has declined. the raiders tried out two other kickers yesterday. janikowski has played 268 games for the raiders, the most than any other raiders. they will play the tennessee
12:50 pm
titans on saturday. we profile a unique prep school hoping to help students achieve what no one else in their family has done.
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tim & charlie, 4th graders. 3rd graders these days. their new gogurt tubes are easy open. what's next? welcome to the future tim. new ez open gogurt. kids never had it so easy. barbara?! you're one hot old el paso taco boat! uggh, mom, dad... i'm right here! are those peppers? jalapeños! spicey! caliente! i have to get my own plate. anything goes in old el paso. welcome back. a unique school on the peninsula is helping students achieve something few in their families has ever done. >> as ktvu's maureen naylor
12:53 pm
reports, it's all being funded by private donors. >> think of everything we've learned today. >> reporter: when you step into a classroom at eastside college prep in east side palo alto, feels more i'll be right back college than high school. >> you would use according to, right. >> teachers are on a first name basis with the 280 students at this unique private school. here, private donors pay for the tuition of every student, each hoping to be the first generation in their family to go to college. >> my mom dropped out of high school. >> both of my parents are immigrants from el salvador and they were not able to go to college or high school. >> this school founded in 1996 by two staple forth grad is 25% latino with student coming from east palo alto, redwood city and above. >> i love people here. >> josh walker ford from oakland hopes to be the first from his family to go straight from high school top college. he joins about a their of the student body who lives here in
12:54 pm
the school dorms monday through friday. >> here, the unique part of is the is school is where there is no compromise on the academic rigor. >> reporter: with that high academic expectation comes extra support. >> when i like most about the the east side is the support that i get every single day. we have the computer lab open from 5:00 to 10:00 at night. >> reporter: the school day runs 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 at night with three hours of tutorial time. >> we start add meditation program where we meditate before every class. we have soothe, our mind and our soul. >> reporter: people in palo alto has a less than 50% retention raid. here at east side, they have an 25% retention rate and every student who graduates goes to college.
12:55 pm
here, they write out a list of potential colleges and more. >> how to identify which college best fits you, how, like, can your family afford it. >> ap courses are built into the curriculum, as are individual college and career coaches who even advise alumni during college after they graduate. >> east side, everyone has that same goal of getting you to college and wanting you to succeed. >> in east palo alto, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2. a remind they are the entertainment industry including tom hanks will appear in a special called super school live. you can watch it friday night at 8:00. reaction is pouring in from around the country, bay
12:56 pm
area. and we will talk about the pushing to make the anti-fa group a gang. we see major slide knoll just on the dow but the s&p and nasdaq, down particular here by 220 something points. well, if you want an excuse to eat pizza today f you need an excuse, here you g today is national cheese pizza day. several pizzarias will help you celebrate like pizza hut. a reminder, no toppings allowed. >> i'll pass. >> me, too. you know, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, even milk chocolate, now get ready for ruby chocolate. they contain coco ruby beans. even know there is no color or extract added, created by a swiss chocolate giant and the scientists spend decades
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working to unlock the ruby cocoa bean and they are expected to be a big hit with chocolate lovers. >> okay, i'll go with it. we are here for you on also, please, follow us on facebook and twitter v great afternoon. ternoon.
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dr. oz: abducted. she was kept in a box. >> i can't breathe. i can't breathe. i was just gasping for air. dr. oz: for seven years. >> i just laid there and cried. dr. oz: now meet the real woman who lived through it. how did you keep the will to live? tortured and used as a sex slave. did you ever try to escape? how she found the inner strength to survive. >> unfortunately this isn't over for me. dr. oz: coming up neck. -- next. dr. oz: in all my years as a doctor, i've treated many parents who have lived full lives, despite physical and emotional challenges. the woman you are about to meet is one of the most incredible examples of survival


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