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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 5, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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our care program can save you 20% or more on your monthly bill. it just takes a few minutes to apply and you'll see the savings on your next bill. when having a little extra can mean a lot ...turn to care. go to and enroll today. the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. protest the bay area tonight after the trump administration and the daca program and calls on congress to the side the fate of almost 800,000 dreamers. >> we cannot admit everyone who would like to come here. it is just that simple. >> an uncertain future for daca recipients. the trump administration has pulled the plug on daca. the deferred action for
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childhood arrivals program. it was started by president obama to protect young people from deportation. applications already in the pipeline will be processed, but no new applications will be accepted after today. renewal request will only be accepted for one month until october 5, and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. no new renewal request will be excepted after that unless congress comes up with a solution.>> we have live team coverage. we talk to dreamers at a rally in san francisco tonight that true an estimated 2500 people. >> we're in the newsletter -- newsroom. >> reporter: young immigrants the program who have never committed a crime could start being deported in six months, unless congress takes action.
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life change for nearly 800,000 u.s. residents on tuesday as attorney general jeff sessions announced the end of daca. >> the program known as daca, that was effectuated under the obama administration is being rescinded. the department of homeland security should begin an orderly, lawful wind down. immediately, it was met with passionate protest by daca recipients and their supporters. the gave temporary work and study permits for youth who were brought here illegally as children. >> we're here to show trump that we will not be afraid of him. we're tired of him attacking us. >> reporter: from new york to berkeley, coast-to-coast, people took to the street. >> it is more than heartbreaking. >> reporter: former president obama signed daca as a temporary order, but congress never passed immigration reform. he blasted the trump administration, saying that to
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target them is wrong, because they've done nothing wrong. he called it self defeating and crew. opposition also came from the republican party. senator john mccain said that it was wrong is a that he believes that tilden who are illegally brought -- children who were illegally brought into a country should not be sent home. >> now congress will be able to help them until properly. i can tell you from speaking to number -- members of congress, that they want to do something. >> reporter: they say that obama overstepped his authority. he gave congress five that they want to do something. >> reporter: they say that obama overstepped his authority. he gave congress 56 months to come to a solution.>> partly this is being used by -- as a put bargaining chip by the ministration to get the funding for the wall pass. >> reporter: he says that politically, it could put republicans in the difficult position. >> it is very difficult to get
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republicans to agree. this is one way to put sure them to do that. >> reporter: lindsey graham supported the decision, but is working with dick durbin. >> we're now in a countdown for deportation for 780,000 protected by daca today. >> there are a lot of people on the republican side of the aisle who understand your dilemma and want to find a fair solution. you have done nothing wrong. >> reporter: the top house democrat, nancy pelosi, asked that paul ryan meets to discuss the issue. president trump says on twitter that congress cannot pass a law , and he will revisit the issue. many dreamers feel betrayed after being forced out of the
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shadows and forced to provide personal information. they feel betrayed. deborah v alone is at city hall with the meeting wrapped up. >> reporter: until an hour ago, people were on the steps here at city hall, sharing their anger and disappointment over the dismantling of daca. demonstrators raised their voices and their objections to the latest immigration blow by the trump administration. among the leaders, this activist, a dreamer. >> all of us who took a risk of doing it, did it because it was a form of survival.>> reporter: at 30 years old, she has been in docket for half of her life. >> we made ourselves vulnerable. the process to apply for the program -- you have to show everything.
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>> reporter: dreamers share information about family members, too. leaving them vulnerable as rules change. >> this is a personal issue for me. my parents and grandparents were interred during world war ii. the public defenders part of a bigger crisis. ice detentions are up over president trump, with half 1 million people in immigration cells. >> we need to take us down. it is now that we need to come together. it is now that we need to demonstrate. what this means all of us as americans.. >> reporter: and for every immigrant who came out to march, there seems to be a us- born supporter right alongside. >> my kids were born here. >> reporter: the idea of splitting families outrageous many. >> i'm shocked because it is a horrible idea. these youth are contributing to our country. they are the kids futures.
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literally. one of our children's teachers is protected under daca. >> reporter: they noted that it was activism that encouraged president obama to create daca. she says she is not giving up or going away. >> we work harder. we need to work harder because i will accomplish my dreams, whether donald trump likes me or not.>> reporter: not much faith expressed are trying to figure out washington's ability to rework daca to anyone's liking, but the first challenge has been filed. and undocumented immigrant in new york is already gone to court, calling it arbitrary and capricious. is ernie talk already of more protest later this week? i have not heard of any in the
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next few days. but certainly more coming up in the weeks and months ahead. these activists and advocates will be watching the development to come very closely. a crowd of several hundred people gathered at uc berkeley's hall tonight to protest the daca decision. some of them marched down telegraph our canoe -- avenue. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage on the end of the tokamak program. a major hurricane has formed the atlantic and is now tracking toward florida. irma is a category five hurricane. winds reach up to 185 miles per hour and the national hurricane center says they could strengthen even more. evacuations have already been ordered for monroe county, which includes the florida keys.
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in the miami area today, there were long lines around the block as drivers waited for gas. governor rick scott says that people with special needs will be evacuated from miami tomorrow morning. voluntary evacuations could begin as soon as tomorrow night.>> there is an evacuation order. follow. remember, we can rebuild your home, but we cannot rebuild your life.>> meanwhile, shoppers went to stores and purchased supplies. are say what hurricane harvey did to texas. billions of dollars in damage. now we have a second major hurricane that may come ashore in the united states. we're tracking irma. right now, it is about as strong as it gets. do you think it will hit florida? >> yes. all indication is that it will either hit directly on the southern tip of florida, or brush by very closely.
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i will show you that in the computer models. i have a scattergram that shows all the various models. there's a system. 185 mile-per-hour winds. it is moving at 50 miles per hour toward the west. here's how it looks as we come in a little closer. this is the scattergram -- exceeds me it's not a scattergram, is a spaghetti plot of the solutions. all the popular models right into the tips. let's coming closer here. if we work our way in here, the difference we have seen here in the last two hours the runs, they were more focused on the southern tip in the southwestern side, kind of in here. now what we're seeing are diversion pats, which could mean a better solution for florida, but also could cause problems for the carolinas and what have you. as you look at this, you can see the category 5, the storm is definitely going to be an issue for east coast travelers.
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not just for them, but for you as well. if you're traveling to these cause. this all transpires sunday night to monday or tuesday or the early part of next week. it is a long way to go. lots of things can change. right now, it is a big storm. a dozen red cross volunteers left northern california today headed for florida so they can be in place when hurricane irma arrives. >> they tell us that they are prepared for the possibility of a worst-case scenario. >> reporter: truckloads of bottled water arrive the red cross office in santa cruz. volunteers are preparing for a possible disaster more than 3000 miles away. the red cross says that hurricane irma is a category five storm with the potential to hit florida. they are staging personnel and equipment to be ready. >> they were good. >> reporter: this is his third major deployment six months. >> people disasters need help.
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that is what i trained for, and that's what i will probably do until i leave this earth.>> reporter: this married couple in their 70s a part of the team. they married only three months after beating each other 38 years later, the find comfort funding to do sponsors -- disasters together. >> we work well together. work with someone who is a great deal of compassion. and you realize that is what you want to be next year. >> there a couple times when i've had to find him and -- the emotions -- i had to go to him. normally, i can handle most everything. >> reporter: in oakland, 12 volunteers packed up six emergency vehicles headed for white springs in north florida. the red cross says that it is mindful of keeping volunteers in california in case of a wildfire here.>> we've actually had a hold on deploying volunteers due to the wildfire concerns, however with massive response from harvey, and now
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the massive second hurricane irma, we really want to be ready to respond there. >> reporter: armed with food and portable shelters, the volunteers drove off to florida, not knowing what is ahead. >> it is anxious making, because you do not know what you'll find their. you're dying to get out there and help as you know how to do that, but you still don't know what you will see. it is different every time. >> reporter: she said after the deployment, your heart comes back full. because you say that you see the best of humanity. >> coming up, putting a spotlight on the bay area's biggest city. the proposal to bring a distinctive landmark to san jose.>> caught in the act. the search for thieves responsible for a series of grab and run robberies in an obscure -- upscale neighborhood
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of san francisco. >> they will literally run out of the store. well well well, what have we here? a whole new place that's lookin' to get scared! (laughter) now halloween time is in dineyland and disney california adventure parks!
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new at 10:00 tonight, the eaves caught on camera and an upscale san francisco neighborhood. they come along stores in fillmore, grab merchandise, and run away. amber lee spoke with shop owners, and police today. >> we had someone literally take about $2000 worth of merchandise off the front rack
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and literally run out of the store. >> the thieves of hit the clothing stores a total of six times the past few months. a los of thousands of dollars. if you would come into the store, grab items, then run away. >> it is frustrating, especially when two people are working here.>> they have also been targeted by thieves several times. they say that the thieves are more brazen than ever. the surveillance camera caught this image of one thief, and he fits the description of the man who stole from sandro. >> you don't know many times until they have left the store. >> they are reporting these crimes. >> reporter: the director of the fillmore merchants association said that this is adding to the stress of rising rents. >> with the advent of online shopping, it is taking a bite out of merchants.
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people are not coming out of their homes as much. >> reporter: merchants are asking for foot patrol officers . police say there is not an increase in crime, but there will be foot patrols soon. >> now the department is doing some realignment and some of the citywide plainclothes officers. a lot of them are being brought out the stations with the task of being put on foot patrol. >> i've seen this, but not as bad as it has been. >> amber tells us that merchants say that they have seen thieves a very descriptions and they believe it could be part of a bigger ring. federal agents are looking for to inmates who escaped from a prison camp in dublin. somehow they slipped away from the minimum-security satellite prison camp at 7:15 pm yesterday. both were serving time for meth charges. anyone who sees them is asked to call the u.s. marshals service. in gilroy, firefighters making progress tonight against
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a fire that scores about 100 acres. it is now 45% contained. so far, no homes of been damaged. the fire started on sunday, but there is no official word on what caused it. some people the neighborhood suggested it could have been children playing with fireworks. the gilroy fires just one of many burning in the united states. >> reporter: fires are burning throughout to the west. one of the worst taking place in oregon. the eagle creek fire has grown to almost 5000 acres, spreading from oregon across to washington state, with almost no containment. it's burning in the columbia river gorge, popular tourist spot. 151 hikers were stranded at one point by the fire and residents of at least 130 homes has been told to get out. >> it is like nothing i have ever seen. >> the la tuna fire north of
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downtown la is the biggest in los angeles city history. it is covering thousands of acres, destroying homes, and city more than 1000 firefighters into an intense battle with the raging flames. a battle they are finally winning with the fire now around 70% contained. evacuees are able to return home. >> further north on the edge of the sierra national forest, firefighters are struggling to get the upper hand on the mission fire northeast of fresno. 200 homes and bid links -- buildings are threatened. it is only about 10% contained residents are being evacuated. >> it is scary together what is around you can go up in flames like that. >> reporter: fire season is also ramping up in montana. the good news is that with all the fires, is that the temperatures are dropping slightly. after an intense heat wave. the following a long, hot
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summer, this could be the start of an equally long, tough fire season out here in the west. jonathan hunt, fox news. over one dozen fires burning in the state. the smoke has legal for a number of days with air quality alert's. with the flow right now taking much of the smoke from the northern california iris and sending them into northern california and up and oregon. we're getting a bit of a break from the smoke today and even the humidity. it came down a little bit today. you did not see high clouds, but it was humid out there. as the flow continues, you can see that most of it is tropical in origins. there's some tropical or -- moisture, so it is warm and humid. that's probably what we will see tomorrow, 30% humidity, which is a lot for the bay area this time of year.
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current temperatures are pretty warm. 72 in livermore. a little cooler than yesterday, though. as we look at the winds, you can look for these to see if the fog is pushing in. we do have fog along the the coast right now, but it is not a brisk series -- sea breeze. fog in berkeley. as you look at san francisco's forecast in the morning, fog their, too. lunchtime in san francisco all the way up in a partly cloudy skies in the upper 60s in the afternoon high and san francisco. we will see you back here with the forecast for beyond. >> reporter: senate republicans announced plans to pass a bill seeking $1 billion to provide relief for victims of hurricane harvey. but in a move that is angering some conservatives, they say that intended to attach legislation to raise the debt limit to the hurricane relief bill. members of the far right wing of the party, including senator rand paul, say it is a
10:22 pm
responsible to raise the debt ceiling without reforming the process. a bay area livery driver facing child poured charges. >> coming up next, the tip that led to his arrest. it turned into a home run derby at the coliseum tonight. as the a's try to play the spoiler road -- role. these armed men in hoodies robbed a bay area target store. helping you spend less time stuck in traffic. the power of 2.
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been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ vo: jack's got your back.hits, jack: somebody craving my smoky jack burger? vo: the smoky jack burger combo for $4.99.
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vo: hickory-smoked bacon, smoked cheddar cheese, vo: all on an artisan poppyseed bun. vo: plus fries and a refreshing drink. vo: all for just $4.99. man: thanks, jack! jack: you're welcome. vo: the new smoky jack burger combo for just $4.99. vo: only at jack in the box. police in emeryville hope that this video will help them catch these men who robbed a target store. it happened when the store was closing at around midnight.
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a man with the pistol ran into the store, followed by a second man, then the third. someone inside the store tried to run out, but was blocked by a third man. police are hoping that someone will recognize their posture, their clothing, or perhaps they overheard someone bragging about the holdup. if you know who those three are, you're asked to call the police. a bay area delivery driver -- driver is accused of pornography. the crime in cobalt toddler's. it has been pushed back again. >> reporter: outside the san francisco courtroom, our camera was pushed away by the father, who can be heard moments before that, saying no comment. last tuesday, the 25-year-old was arrested at his san francisco home after investigators were tipped off about his alleged involvement in child pornography. >> several social media companies found an individual who is uploading child pornography into the sites to other individuals and then it was reported, and that's how
10:26 pm
the case began.>> reporter: they say that they uncovered disturbing evidence involving toddler's. >> some of them had probably hundreds of child pornography images and videos on them. we did see graphic sexual material involving children as long -- young as three or 2 years old. that over 600 files of child pornography. possession of child photography including sadomasochism. he was a delivery driver for uber eats but did not carry passengers. he also told the judge that he delivers packages for amazon. whether his employment played a role in his alleged involvement is still under investigation. the dist. atty.'s office is hoping that this is the last time he freely walks out of this courthouse. >> the charges are disturbing, we are asking for bail in the
10:27 pm
amount of $310,000. >> reporter: i reached out to over and amazon. uber confirmed that he does not carry passengers.>> reporter: still to come, putting a spotlight on the bay area's largest city. >> it could change the skyline of the city of san jose. the landmark set to be built here in 5 years. a unique bay area school, pushing students to be the first and their families to graduate. >> a major expansion phase is set to be completed. closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by mancini's sleepworld.
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sam just snagged it from you frenchie. it reminds him of bennie. only quieter. you can't have this frenchie. but new finds are always arriving. so you can find something so you, for less. at homegoods. new at 10:00, a proposal to build a famous tower in san jose, which could become a landmark. a nonprofit wants to build a world-renowned light tower. >> reporter: we're in san jose with what the tower could look like and the special connection to the eiffel tower. >> reporter: they have the golden gate bridge, the city of
10:31 pm
seattle has the space needle. the city of san jose does not have a known landmark. this group wants to change that, paying tribute to san francisco -- san jose's history. this is what look like in the future, a tower lighting up downtown santa fe, 26 stories high. >> imagine the planes driving by. a beautiful display. >> reporter: he is one of the founders of the light tower association. >> i love the tower. it needs a cultural center. a place that we can identify as a symbol for what we do with innovation here. >> reporter: the original tower was built in 1881. knocked down in a windstorm in 1915, at the time, one of the tire -- tallest freestanding iron structures in the world. the tower might have inspired the eiffel tower, built in 1889.
10:32 pm
>> if you look at the proportion of the eiffel tower and delay it over the sun is a tower, they are identical proportions, 321. the arch and the bottom of their tower is the same as the arch the bottom of our tower. >> reporter: more than 100 years later, students from the same engineering school are in san jose, presenting ideas for the new tower. >> i think it is something very special. i know how many people in the world will have very good ideas, but i think that i really like it. or mac the nonprofit hopes to bring more ideas with an international competition. they want have a beacon beaming with pride in 5 years. >> we hope that the reaction people have to the golden gate rage or the eiffel tower would be similar to what they would feel when they see the tower that we intend to build in san jose. >> reporter: the project is
10:33 pm
still in its early stages. the nonprofit is talking with the city of san jose to have its built here at cesar chavez park. i asked them how much it will cost, they said they didn't want to give an exact dollar amount, because it did not want to dictate the design process, but so far, they have already raised on hundred $20,000 from private donors. >> san jose need something like that. with lights nowadays, they can do so many creative, different things with lights. >> thank you. an oil spill has been spotted near the 66 refinery. this bill was reported at about a 15 yesterday morning. the coast guard responded and found that a gas and oil mixture was leaking from a broken pipe there. it was reportedly stopped about one hour later. now to our special back-to- school series this week revisit a unique school on the
10:34 pm
peninsula tonight that is helping students achieve something that few of their families have done. it is all being funded by private donors. >> think of everything we have learned today. >> reporter: when you step into a classroom and he said college prep, it feels more like college than high school. >> you would use according to. >> reporter: teachers on a first name basis with the 280 students at this unique private school. here, private donors pay for the tuition of every student. each hoping to be the first generation of their family to go to college. >> my mom dropped out of high school. >> oath of my parents are immigrants from el salvador and they will be able to go to high school or college. >> reporter: the school, founded in 1996 is 65% latino. with students coming from cities, including redwood city, east valley out on -- palo alto, and beyond.
10:35 pm
he hopes to be the first and his family go straight from high school to college. he joins about one third of the student body who lives here in the school dorms monday through friday. >> here the unique part of the school is where there is no compromise on the academic rigor. >> reporter: with the high academic expectations comes extra support. >> what i like most about east side is the sport that i get every single day. we have a computer lab open from 5 am until five at night. classes have three hours of tutorial time. >> we meditate before every tutorial, that's we do homework. we meditate in the beginning to soothe our minds and our souls. >> reporter: students here have a less than 50% heiskell retention rate. here beside, the school city of 85% retention rate and every student that graduates goes to college. in this classroom, graduating
10:36 pm
seniors take a college prep class where they write out a list of potential colleges and more. >> how to identify which colleges best for you. how your family can afford it.>> reporter: ap classes are built into the curriculum. they even have alumni advises in college after they graduate. >> everyone has that same goal of getting you to college. and wanting you to succeed. the entertainment industry, including stars like tom hanks will be part -- part of a program called super school life. it is this friday night at 8:00 p.m. more foul out tonight for a police officer after this video surfaced of him arresting a nurse. the second job he was just
10:37 pm
fired from. we're tracking the weather as we move forward to the middle of the week. i will let you know what the fog will do for the morning commute. remembering one of the original members of tower of power. i look back at the life of singer stevens.
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without pg&e's assistance, without their training our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california.
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new information about a salt lake city lease officer who arrested a nurse after she refused to take a blood sample from an unconscious patient. that officer has lost his part- time job as a paramedic. he remains on administrative leave from the police department. video showing the officer handcuffing and dragging the nurse to his patrol car caused -- and upper. they say he was let go, even though he was not on duty as a paramedic during the incident. he demanded up blood sample from the victim of a car crash, but the nurse refused, saying the patient was unconscious and could not consent. a new lawsuit names that wells fargo overcharged customers for home loans and car loans, and also scammed veterans on their va loans. the lawsuit says that the san francisco bank forced unnecessary was on insurance.
10:41 pm
the practice reportedly affected over 800,000 customers. they also say that their internal controls were inadequate and are trying to reinsure -- reassure investors of their commitment to transparency. one of the original singers of tower of power passed away today. ♪ rick stevens joined tower of power 9069 and saying some of their biggest hits, including you are still young man. he was convicted of murder in the deaths of three people and served 37 years in prison. after his release, he formed a new band and toward more than california. friends say that he was battling cancer. he was 77 years old. still to come. >> you're getting the size the
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space and the convenience. that is what this is all about. a look at the mosque only centers new expansion. in the complete bay area forecast. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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vo: jack's got your back.hits, jack: somebody craving my smoky jack burger? vo: the smoky jack burger combo for $4.99. vo: hickory-smoked bacon, smoked cheddar cheese, vo: all on an artisan poppyseed bun. vo: plus fries and a refreshing drink. vo: all for just $4.99. man: thanks, jack! jack: you're welcome. vo: the new smoky jack burger combo for just $4.99. vo: only at jack in the box. this portion of ktvu news brought to you by your bay area gmc dealers. a major expansion phase for the moscone center in san francisco is now complete.
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the makeover cost half $1 billion. they say that they hope that the -- they hope that the renovations will attract more conventions and visitors to san francisco. >> reporter: he cut the ribbon on the half billion dollar moscone center. it will make it far more competitive with other major convention cities worldwide, with san francisco a bonus for conventioneers. make no mistake, many conventioneers come back to the bay area for vacations, making it a meeting -- major selling point for the region. >> it is a great source of run of a -- revenue. is a driver for the city as a whole. for years to come. >> it's not like going to complete -- increase capacity so we can host conventions, it will increase capacities in our hotels, in our restaurants, in
10:46 pm
our small businesses. it will help us fund self-care services. of -- healthcare, the things that we believe that we should be providing to the citizens of san francisco. >> reporter: the south lobby has been completely redone, but it is what has been built upstairs. it's a massive new high-tech a room that can accommodate any size events. on the third floor, and equally month -- massive conference and display hall that can be subdivided to accommodate one or many events. the improvements have continued ever since the facility first opened stores 31 years ago. >> it was never ever the idea of stopping. you needed the size and the space and the convenience. that is what this is all about. we will continue to see it.>> reporter: next-door, a whole new foundation is being equipped for newhall that would be open and about eight months.
10:47 pm
from that facility, a bridge will connect it to the north all across the street. will make it 1,500,000 ft.2. actual convention start here beginning saturday, but most of us will be able to see the convention center and its new expanded form during the auto show in november. what an experience that will be. a south san francisco high school has built a state-of-the- art learning lab. there in south san francisco and gave almost $8 million to south san francisco heiskell. the money was used to buy a science garage. 6900 square-foot house or -- classroom, and lab. >> most kids are kinesthetic learners, where they learn by using their hands, and by our classes offering them a lab every day and not be lecturing at them is a completely different learn of -- way of
10:48 pm
learning than typical science labs. the hope is to steer more students into science and ignite passion for future careers and science, technology, engineering, and math. as we head on the road for the middle end of the week, we're going to see temperatures similar to what we had today. the smoke is clearing out. the humidity has kind of cleared out, so it is kind of humid. the humidity is up a little bit. issue get a little better, so talked about. in the mountains, we had thunderstorms this evening that will probably continue for the next two or three days. it will be upper on the i-80 corridor near tahoe. you can tell that it is an unusual flow. this is not supposed to be there. it is a low pressure system that brought the showers in the day. it will continue to keep us on the cool or mild side and continue to give us some pretty
10:49 pm
great sunsets. we had some great sunsets the past few days because of the smoke and tropical moisture. right now, we have fog along the coast. it is not widespread, it is not a solid chunk of fog. i think tomorrow morning, you will see it showing up pretty significantly. current temperatures, and the departure from yesterday. it's a little cool outside tonight. it makes nothing but sense, because there's fog in san francisco. there's fog towards berkeley. there's fog in pacifica. it's not going to get real far in. you can see the model here. you can see that tomorrow morning, doesn't really do much. just rides the coast. earlier, it was further in the bay, but i expect fog in this area. just enough to do significant cooling bayside. the winds are blowing in the right way. high clouds tomorrow afternoon. those of the forecast ties. just like today, actually. instead of 95, you might be 80
10:50 pm
degrees. 76 in richmond. the fire danger is still high, but off the charts. will head into the bay area wednesday and it will feel a lot like today. the whole week is marked by this sameness of weather pattern, except that humidity should start to drop more tomorrow. you can see that there's a little bit of a chance of a sprinkle in here. is just some tropical moisture. we had sprinkles yesterday. have a chance for warmth as we go through time. here's the 5 day forecast. looks like a good one. patchy fog at the coast and here we are. we're in september and it feels a little bit more like it. certainly more than last week, when we were at record he. >> much more comfortable. >> much nicer. >> i can't stop thinking irma. 185 miles per hour. maybe it will change a little bit before it hits land.>> of the changes course wonder we right now, it could completely miss the east coast.
10:51 pm
the models are pretty good skink -- sink. but so much can happen. is going to be a saturday and sunday event. it is a way of off. >> i have fingers crossed that will not turn out bad. some swimmers and voters -- boaters got a surprise over the weekend when a whale stop by for a visit. it happened on sunday 8:00 just underneath the golden gate bridge. the boater took the video so there are actually two or three whales swimming in the area and as you can see, they came pretty close to his boat. >> we sure did. >> coming up on the 11:00 news, daca dismantled. the rallies and vigils after the trump administration ends the daca program. the a's played long against the angels tonight. we will tell you they had enough power to get the win. next in sports.
10:52 pm
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mornings on 2 weekdays on ktvu fox 2. justin tonight, the just the giants. we will start with the a's. >> the good news is that we're not talking about of double loss. they certainly layoff race tonight. the angels are battling for an american league wild-card spot. this was team picture day. the picture will not include
10:55 pm
sunny gay -- gray. days went to the fifth inning trailing 4-1. a quarter run on the board and out of the reach of kole calhoun. there are more fireworks to come later. a two-run shot, number 30 there for davis. days pull even. nelson doing this routine. he had to homers yesterday. the solar shot -- so lohse shot . than they take the lead with this play as they went front by the score of 7-6. this will end up a triple as the ball rattles around in the right field corner, but the a's tied it and right now, they are in the 10th inning with the game even at 7- 7. after playing decent baseball for month and half, the season is back on the table
10:56 pm
for the giants. tonight, they were trying to avoid their 10th straight loss at coors field. this was not a concern for the young man here, as long as cotton candy was in the picture. the giants found himself in a big hole after the rockies got four runs in the 6th inning. the found the gap in right center. desmond goes to the second with a double. mark reynolds course. down 6-one of the 7th inning. buster posey with the hit that rolls into the open spaces. mark williamson and denard span. there down 6-3. the mid-closer the eighth back. pablo sandoval and williamson both came home. this man goes to the second with a double. the giants got three enclosed within a run at 7-6. they kept a close in the bottom of the 8th. the rockies ended any doubt with a couple friends. carlos gonzalez with the drive. watch my parts been run.
10:57 pm
he comes all the way around the first. the rockies win 9-6. is upset that the cotton candy is gone or that the giants lost? either way, they have have 21 games left play. suckers world cup is next year in russia. the u.s. team needs rushed -- points to be assured of a chance to qualify. that a less than routine goals today. that is under his in white. remote kyoto ends up hitting the neck. capacity crowd. the tropical heat took its toll both teams. the state one the tropical heat took its toll both teams. the state 1-0 until the 85th meeting. the ball is batted around again. it will be controlled by bobby wood, who even the game. the u.s. escapes the 1-1 tie. it's his third in its group. the top three teams get
10:58 pm
automatic world cup burst. the chiefs of patriots get started thursday night. most of the other team start on sunday, which includes the raters who will be in tennessee on opening day. look at the first look on marshawn lynch in a regular- season game. he spent in off you're doing a lot of non-half -- football thing. there was a triple will cows which give them a chance to try his hand a little australian ruse -- started rolls football. we caught up with rader head coach today and talked about some of the characteristics that make lynch anything but your average nfl player.>> he is a character. [ laughter ] he's fun. he is never boring. several boring run marshawn. >> has a been a challenge for you to coach him? >> there are challenges, but when you have a guy who is
10:59 pm
passionate, who loves football. he's physical. he smart. i love it. i welcome it. i love characters. some plays to check out on tuesday night around major league a small. toronto and boston where the blue jays richard arena hit to the left. mookie betts is not afraid to flatten out for the fly ball. a play appreciated by eduardo rodriguez. the game went to 19 innings. in pittsburgh, the cubs rene rivera things he has a hit. anja mccutchen takes care of one right off the grass. the pirates ran over a chicago team. know that giancarlo stanton can hit home runs, he does. he goes above the wall to take one away from washington's daniel murphy. the nationals were still 2-1 winners. a that is it for me for now. i will see you in about 25 minutes. x11.
11:00 pm
>> people in florida starting to take precautions as a monster hurricane has their way and could potentially arrive by this weekend. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. for the second time in this many weeks, major hurricane is tracking for the united states. right now, hurricane irma is in the eastern caribbean with winds up to 180 but -- 185 miles per hour. the category 5 storm is the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the atlantic. there declared federal emergencies in florida, puerto rico, the u.s. virgin islands. people a special needs will be evacuated from miami tomorrow morning. residents have been crowding stores and gas stations as they prepare for the worst. >> it is important that everyone in our state gets prepared. three days of water per person. three days of food per person. picture you have all of the medicine you need.>> it is expected to hear -- hit the leeward islands


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