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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 7, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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more images of destruction in the caribbean tonight. hurricane irma top wins and eased a bit. it is still an extremely powerful storm. the national hurricane center is more convinced that the miami area can expect a direct hits. the florida keys might start feeling the effects of irma early saturday with the strongest winds reaching miami
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by sunday morning. here is the latest. national hurricane center has just issued hurricane warnings for south florida and the florida keys. there is a mass exodus underway as floridians heed the warnings and evacuate. right now the hurricane is over the turks and caicos islands and is approaching the northern coast of cuba and the outer islands of the bahamas. the new evacuation orders. and the new difficulties.>> reporter: right now so far the hurricane has killed at least 11 people in the caribbean. evacuations have spread in florida. the governor ordered all schools colleges and universities to close. time is running out. and so are resources.>> reporter: hurricane irma immense power pounded the caribbean. at a relentless and record- breaking speed thursday. the winds swept past the virgin islands after bringing
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distractions and death to places such as st. martin. the dominican republic not even in the past also felt the fury. in antigua the category -- category five damage could be seen from the air. and barbuda every building was damaged. the storm blew out electrical transformers in puerto rico. some say it could take six months to restore power. these images foreshadowing what could happen to florida and other states of the atlantic coast. as irma turned north residents fled their homes. time running out. >> if you are in the keys is still home leave and get out. we cannot save you after the storm starts.>> reporter: now includes downtime miami. evacuees are facing long lines of traffic. abandoned cars and no fuel. many gas stations have run dry leaving some people stranded.
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florida's governor ordered state law enforcement officers to escort fuel trucks to speed their way and begged gas station employees to stay as long as possible. promising they would be escorted to safety. people waited at airports trying to get out. >> officials say many airlines are already canceling flights.>> united airlines our largest airline has canceled all flights to and from miami fort lauderdale and orlando. from friday through monday. we see some of the other airlines begin to follow suit.>> reporter: american airlines virgin america and jetblue i canceling flights. passengers arriving from orlando thursday night were relieved to be away from the storms past. >> it was crazy. there was no bread or water. there was no gas. the airport was packed. everybody was trying to get last minute tickets.>> reporter: as people leave take a look at this. it is a map that comes from google. it shows what traffic is like
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at 8:30 pm on a normal day. you can see over here today at 8:25 pm these are the red areas where the traffic was congested along the bottlenecks this people are trying to get out. other states are also preparing. george's governor issued an evacuation order. the governors of north carolina and south carolina have declared a state of emergency and are ordering evacuation along the coast. we want to head over to bill martin with the forecast. irma has slowed down. the winds were 185. earlier today they went down to 175. right now they are at 165. it is traveling over terrain. some of the islands it is moving over slowing it down. it is still a category 5 hurricane. it is moving to the northwest
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at 16 miles an hour. it is moving fairly quickly. it won't linger like harvey did. it doesn't appear. the storm now here are the hurricane warnings and watches. pretty much everything all the way from the cayman islands to the bahamas and southern tip of florida completely hemmed in with hurricane warnings. the latest tract forecast. there is a 5 -- that turns into a 4 as it moves out just south of florida. by sunday morning it wants to be around miami. this is not a good case scenario. you are talking about a direct tip -- hits on the tip of florida. brings the strongest part of the storm over low-lying land. five or six feet above sea level. we have the situation where all the models say we think this is it. they are starting to agree. this model -- these two models over the tip. they want to pull to the side.
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best case scenario for it to turn north sooner was stays offshore. right now they are consistent in driving the i of this mega hurricane right into southern florida. they area sending dozens of firefighters to the east coast as part of the response to hurricane irma. firefighters and paramedics from oakland and berkeley and fremont picked up their gear this morning and flew to a staging area in atlanta. they are members of task force 4 and specialize in search and rescue. many just returned from helping with the rescue effort in texas. they are expected to spend up to three weeks in florida. pg and e crews are putting their gear together to help out in florida. 100 pg and e workers are set to leave tomorrow including line workers equipment operators supervisors and support personnel. they will help restore power if needed. to have a mutual aid agreement with florida light and power. the tsa is helping with preparations by sending
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agents to florida from oakland and san jose. the staff can help help ports resume normal operations if they are forced to shut down. agents are going from other cities including sacramento and los angeles. cats and dogs from florida arrived in the east bay. they were evacuated ahead of irma so there will be room in florida shelters and case disaster hits.>> reporter: a rescue flight with precious cargo making a smooth landing thursday afternoon. these animals evacuees escaping fort lauderdale florida and the potential path of hurricane irma. >> we are incredibly energized to receive these animals. they are adorable.>> reporter: animal rescue foundation east bay spca and berkeley humane at the distress call from broward county earlier this week. saying 150 animals needed to be
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rescued to make room for when the disaster hits.>> freeing up shelters will allow them to have a vacant shelter to provide temporary housing for displaced planets. -- planets. -- pets. >> we know the animals were well cared for.>> reporter: we plan on each taking about 50.>> reporter: the cats and dogs will be medically evaluated. >> we believe most of them got on board in a healthy fashion. we are going to have to adjust any animals that were stressed during the seven hour flight. that is why we have our medical team and our mobile clinic.>> reporter: they are heading into shelters already at capacity. >> bringing more is a challenge. we are determined to make it work. >> we need additional fosters. and certainly donations are appreciated. we are going to have to provide medical care to these animals and find medical supplies.>>
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they hope to foster families will come forward to provide short-term help. until they can get them in forever homes. all adoption fees are waived for current animals up for adoption. be sure to stay with us for continuing coverage of irma. we will keep you updated with live reports in our newscast. fox is joining other networks to raise money for hurricane relief. with a telethon next week. hand in hand with beyonci oprah george clooney and others airs on tuesday, september 12 8 pm. new details on a massive data breach involving one of the nation's top three credit reporting companies. equifax revealed hackers access personal information of up to 143 million americans including their social security numbers.
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after talking to experts about what is at stake.>> reporter: this breach potentially affecting nearly half of the u.s. population. perhaps every household. the company is under fire for waiting six weeks to announce the breach. which many called unreasonable. >> atlanta-based equifax discovered a incident in july 29 with the credit reporting firm did not make it public until 40 days later. criminals exploited a website application vulnerability. and gained access to files. files that included personal information. name social security numbers dates addresses and drivers license. exposing the data of 143 million people in the u.s.>> the equifax breach is not surprising. the credit agencies are the mother load of sensitive information.>> the worst
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nightmare. but the best thing for hackers to do.>> reporter: with the truck -- private information needed it is gold for cyber thieves will likely sell the information for profit. >> they will be able to sell the information in the black market. and make a lot of money. and who knows what they will use it for.>> reporter: equifax says hackers access credit card numbers for 209,000 customers. and documents with personal information for 182,000 consumers. there is no evidence of unauthorized activity on its core credit reporting databases. the ceo addressed it on youtube. >> this is clearly a disappointing event. one the strikes at the heart of who we are and what we do. i deeply regret the incident. i apologized to every consumer. and all of our partners.>>
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reporter: concerns over a breach this large-scale and not knowing who has the information and what it will be used for. >> anybody who has applied for a home loan or a car loan -- is vulnerable. >> the cybersecurity is a big issue. we need to take it more seriously. the only real protection consumers can do is to be vigilant. and monitor closely to make sure your information has not been compromised. >> for everyday consumers they have to check very carefully and regularly our credit cards statements.>> reporter: another security expert recommends putting security freezes on a credit report in light of this breach. the company is notifying people affected. via mail. they are offering a free credit monitoring service. three
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senior executives reportedly sold almost $2 million in stock just days after that security breach. work reports say big executives sold it on august 2. three days after the breach was discovered. there is no word if any of those executives will phase charges of insider trading. shares of equifax tumbled more than 13% when news of the security breach was made public. for arrest after fire in the south bay scorch 100 acres. new information about the cause of the fire. a veteran firefighter arrested on child pornography charges. the evidence prosecutors have in the case. changes coming to college campuses. that will affect how sexual assault cases are handled. protecting safety and protecting life. like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston.
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president trump secretary of education rolling back rules involving sexual assault on campus. the guidelines have been in place the past six years and are the latest obama initiatives. reaction from staff and students.>> reporter: these are rules under title ix. the federal law prohibiting gender discrimination in schools receiving federal funds. that includes sexual harassment and sexual violence.
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the new secretary of education believes title ix tilt too far one way. >> the current approach does a disservice to everyone involved. that is why we must do better.>> reporter: betsy devos is doing what survivors feared since her arrival. resending rules that made colleges get tougher and more transparent about sexual assault.>> it is not a surprise. it is obviously a huge slap in the face for people who have gone through trauma.>> reporter: this unraveling of justice is shameful. it is holy him -- un-american. they rejected guidelines that favor the accuser and wait against the accused. a campus complaint need only be more likely than not to have happened. the ruling may rest with one person.>> the notion a school must diminish do process rights to better solar the victim only creates more victims.>> it is still an issue on campus. no matter where you go.>>
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reporter:>> basically they are blaming victims for accusing people of sexual assault. and so people are not going to want to come forward. they will be too scared.>> i think it is damaging. you see some progress -->> reporter: students wonder if the decision was based on evidence. >> if you look at the data the percentage of young women who actually make false accusations is very low. >> reporter: students know better than anyone how sexual misconduct has been mishandled in the past. >> especially in the campus environment. a lot of these things happen -- the party culture in all of that.>> reporter: affirms the university is firmly in support of important policies in recent years. and the president goes further. calling the changes extremely
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troubling. vowing the system will not waiver. even in the midst of unwelcome change and uncertainty. >> i think more people are talking about consent which is a big thing.>> reporter: advocates hope strides made in prevention reporting and response will hold even as title ix support for survivors weekends. >> it allow students to continue to school and graduate. i know so many people who would have dropped out. if they had not taken advantage of the resources title ix provided.>> reporter: what is next a formal notice and comment period. department of education asking for feedback on the issue. it will consider different ideas. and then it will issue the new guidelines at a later date.>> the schools can go above and beyond what the feds require. >> it is going to -- to depend on how the rules come out. are they saying you may do this or you must do this? california colleges will be less affected than other parts of the country.
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we have state law on this issue. it already specifies preponderance of the evidence is required. and affirmative consent is required for sexual contact. california law will hold. there is new information about the cause of this week's wildfire in gilroy. in the arrest of four teenage boys for starting a. authority state the teenagers were starting -- playing with firecrackers and started the fire on sunday. they tried to put it out but it spread torching 100 acres of steep and rugged terrain. no homes were damaged in the fire. it was fully contained today. veteran fire captain with the oakland fire department is on -- behind bars facing child pornography charges. they say hundreds of images were found on his personal laptop.>> reporter: 58-year-old richard chu wore a yellow suit as he walked into a courtroom to face to felony charges.
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possessing and distributing child pornography. the judge denied his request to be released on his own recognizance. the children and the images are often victims. >> children under the age of 12. there are many towers involved. the fact they are that age is dangerous to me -- this is someone in our community downloading this and copying this.>> reporter: a veteran of the oakland fire department was arrested wednesday at his home in lafayette.>> we obtained this video showing investigators outside his home. this is a picture of him -- on his linkedin page. he had more than 600 images of child pornography including those of toddlers on a personal laptop that had a fire department local. a task force launched an investigation into him last month. investigators say he sent to hundred images to an undercover sheriff's deputy. they served search warrants at his home and the fire station
10:21 pm
where he works. the fire station is right across the street from the alameda county family justice center which helps victims of sexual assault. >> he creates more of a market. we need to stop this.>> reporter: he has been placed on administered of leave. in a statement the fire chief says i am appalled by the disturbing nature of these charges. the allegations are true this criminal behavior violates our community's standards of decency and breaches the standard of conduct we uphold in the fire department. his attorney says the charges don't fit the man. the city of oakland lauded him for a water rescue in 2008. he declined an interview request from jail. we are tracking your weather. we are working on this story. a fairly large earthquake around mexico. southern mexico.
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8.0. that is a big earthquake if it verifies. no salami warning for california oregon washington or hawaii. that is a big quake. more on that coming up. check out the showers we got today. 10th of an inch -- san francisco 1/100 of an inch. highs from today. a lot of clouds. highs a week ago -- this is 25 or 30 degrees cooler than a week ago. the record heat. tomorrow we will warm up. still shy of the heat we saw last week. some sprinkles still possible around the area. we will track that. look at the. it is gone tomorrow. the dog will be at the coast. the heavy clouds -- tomorrow more sunshine. with more sunshine comes more increased temperatures. the current numbers. 68 concorde. you have patchy fog.
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temperatures around the area are easily going to get tomorrow into the 70s or 80s. probably upper 80s in the warmest spots. we will talk about that and have the latest on that large earthquake in southern mexico. we are continuing to follow the the news out of mexico involving that large earthquake. we will tell you what we learned so far after the break. a night to remember in oakland. the men behind oakland's first lgbtq center. stomach the nfl season is underway. the first game in's with an upset. a former 49er was a key factor. is school community stunned by tragedy. how a teacher was run over by his own car is being remembered.
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we are just getting word of a massive earthquake which struck mexico in short time ago. it is a quake with a magnitude of eight of the southwestern coast of mexico. right near the border of guatemala. there are reports of people fleeing buildings in mexico city. that is far from the epicenter. hundreds of miles away. this is being felt in a wide area of southern mexico into central america and neighboring countries. video shows people fleeing buildings and power being knocked out to part of mexico city. the quake was felt so strongly people were gathered in the streets in the dark fearing that buildings would collapse. this video shows how much a lamp swayed inside of home. a sizable earthquake felt in a
10:27 pm
large part of mexico city. these are the first pictures coming out. a lot more to come as the night moves on. daylight tomorrow we will get a better sense of how much damage it brought to mexico. in the bay area we learned a man killed in a freak car accident at a middle school yesterday was a popular music teacher. students are remembering him for his education to kids and to music.>> reporter: for much of the day grief stricken students and teachers visited a memorial by the ida b lacey middle school parking lot. they mourned and remembered jerry downs a band teacher who was adored by students and whose freakish death has unsettled them and his coworkers.>> shock and sadness. throughout the district. mr. downs touched many many children's lives. >> reporter: he died wednesday when his own car rolled over him here in the school parking
10:28 pm
lot. the assumption by many is he had apparently failed to put his car in park when he got out. he was 62. no students all what happened. >> it was a freak accident.>> reporter: they said he built up the band program and devoted his life to it. >> weekends he would be here getting kids ready for marching band competitions. he would be here at four in the morning. it was all about providing for his kids.>> reporter: his students got many awards he wasn't afraid to teach difficult music pieces. >> he just made it really dynamic for the kids.>> reporter: the school has brought in grief counselors. getting through the past few days has been difficult. >> the kids knew his classroom was the safe place for them. if they did not feel like they fit in anywhere else.>> reporter:>> he had energy to spare. the teaching profession was
10:29 pm
truly his passion. and he shared that passion with the kids.>> reporter: the school says it will be holding a special tribute for jerry downs most likely a musical tribute to a dedicated music teacher. is a historic day in oakland. two longtime residents opened the city's first ever lgbtq community center. confidence pride and success. how a unique program is helping african-american boys to succeed in school and beyond. it makes me feel good. i can do certain things. i did not think i could do before.
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a historic night in oakland. a grand opening of the city's first the center for the lgbtq community. until tonight oakland was the largest city without one. amber is their life. you spoke to the men who made it happen.>> reporter: i did. this building the center is located inside this building along lakeshore avenue. the founders say it is much needed to serve a growing population. >> the men who founded this
10:33 pm
community center called it a beacon of light. >> we are a major city. we should have a major center. and now we do.>> reporter: they both long time oakland residents use their own money to open the center. >> no one would have taken the initiative. it is really that simple. to start something you have to want it bad enough. and then you take the initiative to make it happen. we wanted it bad enough.>> reporter: after the presidential election minorities whether by race gender or sexual orientation experienced a hostile political climate. the cofounder state the center will offer safety and free services.>> i wanted a place that i feel like it's home. that i can talk to people who understand me. this environment -->> reporter: since last november hate crimes in california are of by 11%.>> the top two categories african-
10:34 pm
american and lgbtq people. we are the biggest targets of hate crimes. >> reporter: members of the lgbtq community and their supporters came to see the new facility. among them oakland mayor. she says the center is overdue but timely. >> i invite every oakland her to come to the center and find out how you can support this community right now.>> this is what we need.>> reporter: one sponsor donated $10,000. the center will rely on donations. it is staffed with volunteers. supporters say it represents more than gay pride. >> it is to show this is part of the community.>> reporter: the grand opening coincides with oakland pride which will be celebrated sunday. the center will open doors to office -- offers services
10:35 pm
monday. it was his goal to eventually open and lgbtq community center. students go back to school. the oakland unified school district is empowering african- american boys to succeed in school and in life. the manhood development program is changing the narrative.>> reporter: when these eighth grade students step into mr. kevin's classroom in oakland, they are prepared for a different kind of lesson. one that makes them look in the word. >> whatever that thing is that will keep you balanced. focus on that.>> reporter: warning stretches include a time for positive reflection. -- morning stretches. this class is part of the district manhood development program. designed specifically to lift up african-american boys who
10:36 pm
have historically been disciplined at a disproportionate rate and have struggled academically. >> living there truth. knowing they are beautiful and incredible. knowing they are gifted. and that anywhere in the world they should be able to fit in.>> reporter: office of african-american male achievement has -- put together these. all the classes are taught by black male instructors. will act as mentors instilling a sense of pride in their kids. >> tell me why do we call you kings.>> reporter: mr. kevin refers to his students as kings. >> it is changing the narrative. that they might see on tv. or they feel when they walk into a class. when you actually here on a king. you start to embody that. you walk and think differently. >> it makes me feel empowered. it makes me feel good.
10:37 pm
like i can do certain things that i didn't think i could do before. >> this is sean watson's third year in the manhood development program. like so many others he has seen his grades improved and his confidence saur. >> this is like an upset -- an opportunity to find what i can do in life. and what i can do for the future.>> i much more focused. i feel like i have become a better student. i excelled in class work. it has made me better in and out the class. what mac the program in his seventh year at the oakland unified school district aims to raise the expectations and help african-american boys achieve success in the future.>> the programs director says it is clear these classes are making a difference. >> this is first thing in the morning. these kings are here on time. to me that is a measure of
10:38 pm
success. >> they need to know we care about them as human beings. we provide that save space. then we can go anywhere.>> reporter: across the board the district has seen grades go up for african-american boys and suspensions are down. as they grow from boys into men these students are leaning on each other and believing in themselves.>> it is always a journey. the evolution is happening.>> reporter: kings holding their heads up high. tomorrow we will bring you a tv event called super school live. an effort to improve american high schools. you can see it right here at 8 pm. an upset in the rankings of top colleges. uc berkeley stands after dropping eight spots from last
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year. we are tracking -- i will have the details. a welcome for first responders. back in the bay area after helping with hurricane harvey. do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters.
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stanford university and uc berkeley slipped on the list of best universities in the world. stanford tied with caltech -- on the global topless. last year stanford placed second. cow previously was number 10. but drops 18. the top two spots went to british colleges. oxford and university of cambridge. the study considers factors as the learning environment and research contributions. from chocolate to classic cars. plenty happening around the bay area this weekend. your weekend watch. >> reporter: it is near the weekend. here is what is happening around the bay. in san francisco chocolate lovers can head over to your delis square this weekend for chocolate tasting chef demonstrations live music and vendors. the 60th and out annual armenian festival is happening. music dance and food at saint
10:43 pm
gregory charge. taken the sights and sounds of opera in the park. on sunday at golden gate park. the event offers a lineup of artists from the fall season. check out the j pop festival at fort mason on saturday. in the south they had to castro street for the martin -- shot from 600 art and craft makers. philip on tasty food and adult beverages. complete with live music. take part in the oakland pride parade and festival sunday in downtown oakland. car enthusiasts can get an eyeful of the classic car show on saturday. pop over to berkeley for the 43rd annual parade were 500 vendors to perform as an artist will fill solano avenue on sunday. livermore taste of downtown on sunday. sample wine beers culinary treats is more. in the north bay the russian river jazz and blues festival
10:44 pm
back at johnson's beach. enjoy the food -- outdoor music festival surrounded by the beauty of the russian river and towering --. community underwater. to see how first responders from the bay area helped in the aftermath of hurricane harvey. back with your full forecast. he is tracking warmer weather. find out when it arrives. ves.
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been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready.
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bay area rescue workers returned home after several days in texas helping with hurricane harvey relief efforts. one group of first responders returned while another got word it will be heading to florida to help with hurricane irma. >> reporter: this caravan carrying the water rescue team arrived in menlo park thursday. after a three-day drive from hurricane ravaged texas. the rescuers describe the devastation. >> how widespread it was. it wasn't one tiny area that had flooding. it was pretty much everywhere. >> reporter: hugs and handshakes with a group known
10:48 pm
as task force 3. firefighters from menlo park palo alto san mateo san jose and south san francisco. the team was deployed 10 days ago. assigned to water search and rescues in rural areas in texas. they sheriff's video showing what looks like rivers and lakes. instead is a town underwater. the first time fema sanction use of a drawn for search operations. >> it gives you a good birdseye view of the devastation and how far it reaches.>> reporter: when this team was returning other rescuers from fire departments all over the peninsula and south bay are being called to head out for hurricane irma. >> we are going to get this group back in. and then we have equipment on the rigs we need to rehab and get it up and running so we are ready to go.>> reporter: a separate team also from task force 3 preparing to go to florida for hurricane irma. they are not sure when they will leave her where they are
10:49 pm
going. we have more of the breaking news out of mexico. an earthquake with a magnitude of 8 of the southwestern cold -- coast near the border with guatemala. it calls buildings to sway in mexico city. hundreds of miles away. tsunami warnings in central america. this is all very preliminary. there is no word from -- the mexican state that is closest to the epicenter. we have heard reports of buildings swaying in mexico city. people coming out in their pajamas because they are afraid the buildings will topple. it is several hundred miles away. that gives you a sense of how powerful it is. one report from civil defense authorities saying this is the most powerful earthquake in mexico since 1985. when thousands of people died in that quake.
10:50 pm
is not going to be until tomorrow before we get a sense of the scope of this quite. it looks like it will be a big one with a lot of casualties. we were talking. and 8.0 that is a massive quake. in mexico -- it is a whole lot different from here. there is not a lot of retrofitting going on. a lot of the structures are maybe not made with the same earthquakes in mind. our hearts and prayers are with them. tsunami center -- no issue of a tsunami for california are hawaii. if there was a to nominate it would have happened being that close to shore. perhaps we haven't had any reports of that. that is a big story.
10:51 pm
here is an outside shot from twin peaks to showing the falcon. is stunning shot of -- father. were looking back there is the bay bridge. you see the fog bank. it is getting warmer. the bank has been getting a little bit suppressed. which is an indication of someone. tomorrow it will be warmer. low clouds tomorrow. hhs -- some 90s. not in the bay area. most spots antioch -- maybe 89 or 90. most inland spots middle 80s. around the base 70s. in nice-looking friday. was that low pressure center that brought showers this morning. a few sprinkles this afternoon and evening in marin county. this changes around. high-pressure dominates towards the weekend. that heats us up on saturday. sunday is the day with the
10:52 pm
heat. as you look outside the model shows tomorrow morning fog at the costs. we haven't been -- we have had a lot of cloud cover today. tomorrow we will see more sunshine and temperatures will respond to that and come up a little bit. 80 san jose. i'm a little distracted. 8.0 in mexico is frightening. then you have irma which is frightening. you're coming off of harvey which proved to be everything we thought it would be. just get through today. we will learn more about the earthquake. it will take some time to get the information. >> when you think about -- it was a six-point nine. >> it downgraded to a six-point nine. we thought it was a 7.1. it ended up being a .2. this is a very large quake.
10:53 pm
coming up we will update you on that strong earthquake in mexico. from the keys to here in miami beach mandatory evacuation orders are now in full effect in south beach i will have the details coming right up. the nfl season kicks off with the world champions patriots at home against the chiefs. who came out on top? food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees.
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football is back. it was a good game tonight. >> if i was a gambling man i would have lost money. >> you did lose some money tonight.>> the patriots were going to completely annihilate kansas city. they had everything going for them. they are coming off their super bowl victory. they had their home fans. they were pumped up and ready to go. all behind them -- they have tom brady leading the charge. you will find out -- who needs tom brady when you have alex smith. the patriots control things. mike -- three touchdown tonight. the latest favorite of belichick. when it comes to the ground
10:57 pm
game. 17-7 lead. here comes alex smith. he has hill -- look at how open he is part what is up with the pages defense? 75 yards -- for touchdowns. monster -- 27-21. new england 4th quarter. smith to kareem hines. 239 total yards. three touchdowns. the most in a debut by any player since the merger. might be a name to remember. kareem hines. the kid from toledo. 42-27 new england. new england is the team getting boat race. your idle is venus williams. you wind up meeting her someday with a lot on the line. and you beat her. that is what happened. he will have an american u.s. open champion for the woman.
10:58 pm
it won't be venus williams. 24-year-old sloan stevens unseated. takes care of venus. her childhood hero. and three sets. as you mentioned and was an all- american semi finalist from the usa. and now it is sloan stevens will meet madison keys another american in the u.s. open women's singles final. we have to check it out. giants and a's were off. the dodgers played. clayton a giant killer. nolan the same. are not all. three run homer's. dodgers continued to slide. a big lead in the west. here is the story. he is taken out by his manager dave roberts. that is a rarity. 3 2/3 innings. don't shake my hand after that performance. he is extremely upset.
10:59 pm
you don't see that too often from the cool calm texan. he is ticked off. the dodgers lost again. he was a foul ball in san diego. a fan reaches up and makes a catch. look at the concentration. the cute thing -- look at his girlfriend. she is impressed by that. cubs and pirates. were all excited. maybe too excited. we have all been there. you want to get away. he thought he had a triple. happy to make it back to second base. appears to be taking it good- naturedly. defensive play of the night. centerville -- michael taylor up and over. a potential home run. blanco cannot believe it. all worth checking out on this thursday night. it is 11 pm. more on the big earthquake in
11:00 pm
mexico. we are going to have much more on that earthquake in mexico. see what we have learned so far. people in south florida braced for a hit from irma. everyone there is urge to get out. in the past hour we have been telling you about a magnitude a .0 earthquake in southern mexico. -- 8.0. the usgs reporting it was centered off the coast of southern mexico. the magnitude was nearest the mexican state -- it was felt hundreds of miles away the capital of mexico city. mexico civil protection agency said it is the strongest earthquake to hit the country since 1985. a quake similar in magnitude killed thousands. >> we see pulse from social media


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