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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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there's so many people interested in this discussion. the mayor introduced a motion that would allow police to use pepper spray during protest as long as it was in a targeted fashion. they are allowing police to use pepper spray to target specific individuals that are violent against police or people. this scene from a protest at uc berkeley still vivid in the minds of many. violent clashes broke out. the night ended with $100,000 worth of property damage after windows were smashed. >> he had to be rushed to the hospital. people attacked the police department. it makes sense why
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police are requesting to have pepper spray. >> our officers do not have the tools to address this. >> reporter: that was just one of four violent protests they highlighted. images of explosives and shields served as evidence he said backs up his claim that the use of pepper spray is necessary. you bring out the power of the state. the freedom of speech and protest? they are collaborating with the fashion regime. >> reporter: they say they are against pepper spray as a use of force and extremist from targeting berklee. >> schapiro has said arabs like
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to bomb people and live in open sewage. this is not somebody who's coming. it is a cover. >> reporter: dozens lined up inside city hall to let their voices be heard. >> the november 2011 incident where students with the occupy movement were pepper sprayed. at struck a cord with many people at the meeting. uc berkeley say no matter the weapon police need to protect the people. >> i hope that they do their job this time. >> reporter: that pepper spring incident back in 2011 was brought up numerous times
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during this meeting voicing their concerns and their opinions but by the mayor himself. they were against police using pepper spray in a manner like that. it councilmember who voted against today's motion actually wanted to expedite the process so they can sure passenger police are doing their job with pepper spray. they said there are people with sticks and shields and we have batons and it is an all out battle. that was a message from police inside this meeting today. we have a plan on thursday with a speaker showing up on thursday and a lot of people are waiting to see what's going to happen on thursday.
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thank you. steve bannon this point to visit the campus this month. president donald trump's former chief strategist is scheduled to speak during the final day of a free speech event at u.s. berklee. it will begin on september 24. last month we spoke with him during a stop and he talked about his goal for free speech week and berklee. >> i want it peaceful and respectful. it would be nice with the problem is the way the police operate in this town. >> uc berkeley officials say he still has not satisfied enough
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of requirements to host the event and it is not clear if free speech week will take place. the u.s. supreme court says the trump administration can bar refugees from entering the u.s. they upheld the request to block a lower court ruling that would ease the ban but this is not the end of it. they will hear arguments next month over the legality of the ban. president donald trump is now turning his focus to tax reform hosting a dinner tonight with a bipartisan group of lawmakers. heather is live in our newsroom.>> reporter: they are building this dinner at the beginning of a conversation to see if there is any common ground on tax reform. his ability as a dealmaker will be put to the test.
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a group of lawmakers include three republican senators. also three democratic senators. last week he broke a deal with democrats to raise the debt limit angering some at his own party. -- >> we want to have bipartisan support several times earlier today i said our goal is to have everybody come together. we hope democrats want to be part of that process. >> the president remains open with working with democrats his treasury secretary said the administration is prepared to push tax reform through a process known as budget
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reconciliation. the president is not release his tax reform plan but has talked about lowering the corporate tax rate to 15% and possibly doing away with the estate tax. a major overhaul of the tax code has not happened in 30 years. bay area air quality managers cited them. smoke was seen pulling out of the chimney. the russians were cleaning house after the trump administration ordered it to close. air quality management district had issued an alert for that day. the board of supervisors have selected a
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retired judge to serve as attorney. she is the first woman and first african-american ever to hold the post. former da was convicted of a felony count of perjury for lying on financial disclosure forms and spending campaign money on personal expenses. he resigned that same day. the next election is june of next year. the families of two of the three workers who were shot and killed back in june by a coworker at the ups warehouse filed wrongful death lawsuits today.>> henry lee sat down with the widow of old one of the man killed. even the metal detector went off guards failed to check the back.>> they said they let guards through the metal
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detectors. she's opening up about her loss. she says ups is responsible for the death of her husband. >> every time i talk about it. >> reporter: sandy lim is mourning the loss of her husband, benson louie. her daughter's are now without a father. >> the hardest thing right now for me is to see the girls crying periodically. seeing that is tough. >> reporter: he was rarely seen without his beaming smile whether it was delivering packages or playing volleyball. the couple met 30 years ago. >> he was a wonderful guy, he
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had a great personality. >> reporter: she is suing ups and allied universal sink they are to blame for her husband's death. she says ups worker set off a metal detector when he hit a -- hit a machine gun in a bag but no guards check this back. >> i don't understand why this person was able to walk into the building through the metal detector setting it off and nobody stopped him. >> her lawsuit says unauthorized people have gone through the security system before. >> reporter: her attorney filed six lawsuits on behalf of the families of those killed. >> this tragic event was entirely preventable had allied universal done their job.
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>> my concerns are the place is not secure. >> ups and allied universal declined to comment because of the pending litigation. ups did say that it is deeply concerned about what employees -- their employees. >> what is the point of having security. >> if they're having this kind of security at the facility, why did the guard do nothing to stop the shooter. >> our hearts go out to the family. deadly and destructive we will take you live to florida where we are getting a closer look at the widespread destruction caused by hurricane irma.
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>> we did not know if we were going to make it or not. i'm tracking the chance for more thunderstorms to. i will have that coming up. two dozen fire struck by lightning. the skeggs fire fire is still burning right now.
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a show in the sky across the bay area. we are tracking the potential for lightning and that are -- and comes fire danger. >> last nights lightning is to play for a fire that is still burning tonight. >> within the last half hour we got an update from calfire they say the skeggs fire is now 10% contained and we understand that it is one of 22 fires that were discovered today following last night storm. calfire estimates that 1000 lightning strikes struck seven fires last night all were quickly put out with the exception of they skeggs fire. >> things were rocking and
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rolling last night. the rain came down really heavy. the lightning was intense.>> reporter: he spent the day watching the firefight. the fire has burned 50 acres and although it started overnight, it was not called in around -- and tell 7:00 this morning.>> i had no clue that there was a fire. >> sometimes when a lightning strike hit it will not start the fire right away. so there is a potential that some more fires start. >> reporter: the hardest part is the access. they are attacking it with three helicopters and five tankers and 150 firefighters hiking to the flames. >> they had to put a 7000 foot hose just to get to the fire. >> reporter: the wind is pushing the fire away from homes. >> reporter: no need to
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evacuate so --. >> it was a tinderbox up here last year. >> reporter: calfire says the concern is that another fire will start and that it will be caused by lightning. calfire says they do have technology to track the strike so they can pinpoint any fires that come out quickly. they are expecting more ground resources from other parts of northern california to keep an eye on this fire. they will be here throughout the night and into tomorrow morning. let's bring in bill martin. >> there's a chance for the south bay tonight early so around 4:00 a.m. or 5:00 a.m. there is a chance of more
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lighting. we saw almost 7000 lightning strikes last night. the bay area 1200 lightning strikes. there is fog out there right now. here's a mechanism for the lightning. it's bringing moisture off the golf and it is highly unstable. you can see around the sierra nevada getting hit with thunder and lightning and some heavier rain. for us we are pretty clean in terms of the radar. tomorrow morning late in the evening or early in the morning especially south of fremont out towards southeastern livermore i would not be surprised to see thunder and lightning spark up. temperatures are running cooler than they were last night by a
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few degrees. temperatures are 50 degrees cooler than they were last night. tonight not going to be quite the same but the humidity is trending high. we are heading for a day tomorrow with little bit of a warm-up and that chance of a thundershower. when i come back, we will put together. i will show you the latest model. we will see you back your. for family living in san mateo county, the lightning was too close for comfort. tom says that a tree outside their home took a direct hit. >> reporter: the power of lightning along this tree it was literally from the top all the way down below. they were standing on their balcony watching the lightning. >> i was counting the lightning
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strikes and the next thing i know an explosion occurred. >> reporter: the explosion was severe. >> we did feel the blast and it was frightening. i realize that the tree was blown up. >> reporter: the cypress tree with a directly above the balcony was detonated by a lightning strike. with the industry, it literally electrocuted the tree so much so that the tree literally blew two pieces. >> everywhere was covered with tree debris. >> reporter: portes -- parts of the tree felt on the house. because he had built his home extra strong, the damage to the house was minimal.
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four cypress trees suffered damage as well as another across the street all lost limbs . now he has a plan and a lesson about his trees. >> we are going to remove the tree and others around it that are damaged. >> reporter: if you can take all of this energy and bottle it into a battery, it would power and average home from eight to 16 days. a reminder you can download our free weather app for the latest on this crazy weather. facial recognition and animated emojis. when we come
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unveiling several new products on the new apple campus. the new iphone 10 comes with new features. it uses facial recognition to unlock a phone. the iphone 10 is priced at $999 that is the most expensive ever for a new iphone model. they say it will ship for delivery on november 3 and they also unveiled the third version of the apple watch designed to work with cellular network. they also pause for a moment to remember steve jobs and his vision to impact the world through technology. >> jesse gary has more on the new iphone which was unveiled 10 years after steve jobs first iphone launch.>> reporter: months of anticipation spilled over into a frenzy. the iphone ask -- the iphone x
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dropped jaws with the new $1000 price tag. >> we have the ability to pay an amount every month and you're talking about going from maybe $40 today to $55. >> the phone was a focus apple's other and bell was much bigger. for the first time they hosted an event at their new corporate campus. in now houses the main circular building a 1000 ft.2 fitness center. >> alba park has been note to reflect apple values. it connects extraordinarily advanced buildings with the rolling park lab. >> reporter: we asked tim cook for a peek inside but we were turned away.
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with the exception of the theater and the visitor center the entire campus is closed to the press. the only way to get a good look on the campus is to look at the simulator inside. they work with nature to enhance airflow through the property. the site sits next to a neighborhood on homestead road. residents are taking a wait-and- see attitude. >> i'm not terribly concerned about it. i don't have a choice in the matter. >> reporter: apple spent tens of millions of dollars to make their home. the real test comes
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this fall with the task of moving. ktvu fox2 at 6:30 pm is next with continuing coverage of hurricane irma. >> airplanes are slowly coming and going. i am jordan walden at the airport with details straight ahead. seattle's mayor stepping down. coverage on homelessness in the bay area. see how the homeless population is the first thing tourist notice. stay with us ktvu fox2 at 6:30 pm is next.
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