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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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two people arrested. let's check the video. one woman, the issue revolved and a sign that she was holding. apparently, it was either too big or had plywood and so police wanted to take the sign. i don't know what happened after that. but she was arrested. a second woman was arrested because she was watching this happen and at some upon the spit on a police officer. so she was arrested for assault. so two people arrested so far but no further arrests since those two. that was during the 5:00 hour. now what's happening right now, we had told that you police promised us that ticketed guests would be allowed inside the main entrance starting at 5:30. no one has been able to go inside yet. they are letting some members of the press in at a different entrance. but this is the main entrance will be guests will be allowed in. back live, police look like they are moving officers into position here on bancroft way
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on the sidewalk. and so i'm not sure if the officers are moving into position because they want to start bringing people in but -- come back this way, also. we have a large group of police down here. so just walking, to see what's going on -- [ pause ] >> they haven't let people in so i don't know if they are getting ready to start letting people in. but these officers just moved into position within the past two minutes or so. it looks like they're just staging here. nobody -- looks like people are actually -- all right. i stand corrected. people are going in this way. let me just make sure these are ticketed guests and not members of the media. let's just make sure. so bear with us for one second. ticketed guests or media right here? ticketed guests ? >> ticketed guests. >> reporter: i just wanted to
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make sure. thank you. so these are ticketed guests. they are letting them in at this second location right now one by one. you can see the line isn't too bad. it's, you know, like what would you find quite honestly at an airport and you see the gentleman with the wand at the far end and gentleman with his arms extended, et cetera. so they are starting to let people in to the event now and these are ticketed guests. you have to have a ticket which looks like this are. your don't have this you can't get in even if you are a credentialed media representative. so that -- you're looking live now, skyfox overhead of the scene here at uc-berkeley. the protest is maybe a couple of blocks to my east and then the point where they are letting people this is down here. we're on bancroft way across from the student store so that entrance across the student store is where they're letting people in at this time.
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>> i'm wondering if maybe we could talk to some of these people in line about what they wanted to come see ben shapiro. are they students at cal or people who live in berkeley or the bay area? they seem young. >> reporter: let's find out together, frank. hold on for a second. excuse me, ticketed to go inside? >> yes. >> reporter: can i ask why you're here? >> to hear him speak and -- as a liberal, i -- i really value freedom of speech. so just see what's up. >> reporter: what do you think about the push-back against him coming in? >> i think it's a bit overblown. as far as conservatives go, i think he's not as far right as most people like to see him as. he is pretty rational and, um, he is very well reasoned which is what i like about him. >> reporter: you're just here to hear what he has to say and go home?
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>> yes, simple. i hope nothing gets overblown, nothing gets violent. i'm just hoping for a very safe event tonight. >> reporter: you see a lot of police officers here. do you think the police response, the amount of officers the way they have gotten the barricades set up, et cetera, has lent itself to keep this peaceful? >> i feel very, very safe right now, yeah. i think they took a lot of precautions. maybe too much precautions? but i think with the recent events that happened in berkeley the past few months, it's warranted. >> reporter: you can have too much after what happened? >> um, i mean, i -- i don't want another event like the milo event. >> reporter: i think that's why they did all this? >> yeah, exactly. so i'm glad they took a lot of precautions for tonight. >> reporter: okay, thank you very much. you're a student here? >> no. i'm not. >> reporter: thank you very much, sir. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> reporter: all right, frank, so there you go. you wanted to know, there's one person's reason for why he came, just wanted to hear it. he says he is a liberal but is open-minded and supports free
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speech. >> and jesse, i'm just curious, can anyone walk down to where they are, the ticketed guests? or the protestors being kept separate? >> reporter: you know, i think, julie, they are not being kept separate. the protestors down that way, i think they just are going -- just really in a quiet manner, i don't think anybody really realized it. i just happened to see a large group of police officers shifting and moving positions and that always tells me something is either happening or they are preparing for something to happen. that's why i decided to walk down here. so this is kind of very, you know, i won't say in the back door so to speak, but it's very quiet and nobody really noticed as people are lined up. the protestors are about two blocks, maybe a block and a half, to the east up on bancroft way and then we're down here across from the student store. and the line stretches all the way across the street on to the opposite sidewalk. >> all right. supposed to start at 7:00 tonight. it appears that things are going smoothly right now.
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we'll let you continue to watch what happens there. jesse, thank you. ben shapiro may be known about conservatives but he is 33, a graduate of ucla and harvard law school. he published his first of seven books at the age of 18, criticizing the university system for bias against conservative viewpoints. and as an orthodox jew he has been the target of the anti- semitism. >> you refuse fascism, says i'm a fascist thug and white supremacist which is really amusing considering i was literally the number one recipient of hatred from the "alt right" on twitter last year according to the anti- defamation league. >> shapiro hosts a popular online political podcast called the ben shapiro show and also is the editor-in- chief of the conservative websites the daily wire. over the cal campus live again, where jesse was, are those two barriers on the left- hand side of the screen, that's where they are letting the people in. the other area where the crowd
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is gathered that's very close to telegraph and bancroft where the protestors are. there is the line jesse was just showing us. ben shapiro scheduled to talk at zellerbach hall at 7:00 tonight and they have sealed off that area, the police have, to keep the protestors away. stay with us for continuing coverage on the protests happening right now and the two arrests we have seen so far. we'll go back to jesse for more live coverage coming up at 6:30. president trump and lawmakers in congress have been sending mixed messages today about an apparent agreement to preserve protections for daca recipients living he will legally in america. heather holmes has the back and forth developments. >> reporter: late today president trump reaffirmed his support for legislation that would protect the nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrants from deportation but he stopped short of calling it amnesty or a pass to citizenship. >> we're not looking to citizenship. we're not looking at amnesty.
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we are looking at allowing people to stay here, we're work with everybody, republicans, we're working with democrats, i just spoke with paul ryan. he is voting for it. >> the president says there's been no final deal on the daca program just yet. all of this comes on a day of conflicting statements following a white house dinner last night with two top capitol hill democrats. the president discussed protections for so-called "dreamers" with congresswoman nancy pelosi of san francisco and senator chuck schumer of new york. >> we agreed that the president would support enshrining the daca protections into law. >> the deal with daca,they want to include border security, the president wants to make sure that massive border security and interior enforcement is part of any deal. the president is the ultimate dealmaker. >> reporter: president trump also says the deal would not include funding for his planned wall along the u.s./mexico border, which was a promise in the presidential campaign but the border wall
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will come later. and he warned democrats not to obstruct it. republican leaders meantime in congress are trying to assert their authority in response to what many in the gop believe is an unpredictable white house. house speaker paul ryan had his own spin today call president trump's agreement with democrats, quote, preliminary discussions. and ryan insisted any final agreement on daca must have the support of republican leaders. heather holmes, ktvu fox 2 news. the city of san jose today formally stepped into the battle over daca. san jose's mayor and council members filed a lawsuit in federal court. an attorney involved in the case told us the lawsuit is similar to those filed by uc and the state of california but covers daca recipients who are san jose city employees. city leaders in oakland are also taking action to protect the so called "dreamers." later this month the council plans to consider a resolution that your honor congress to adopt what's called the "dream act" of 2017.
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it would provide lifetime legal protections for the children of undocumented workers. coming up, allegations of discrimination at google. at 6:30, the lawsuit just filed by three former female employees. >> we would like to change google's policies and practices going forward so that in the future, women get a fair shake. >> and in weather more sunshine today across most of the bay area. a little bit of a bump in the numbers. coming up we'll let you know if the warming trend continues in your friday forecast >> up next, searching for a killer. how new technology is being used in a decades old murder case. >> live pictures now from skyfox over the cal campus. those are the protestors there. that is the intersection of bancroft and telegraph. they are letting folks in, though, just down the street. and so far, there are no problems with that. but we have seen two arrests. we'll have more coming up.
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bart's facing another lawsuit tonight. more people are coming forward saying that they were the victims of mob style attacks at the oakland coliseum bart station. >> ktvu's cristina rendon joins us now live after talking with some of those victims and an attorney for bart. christine. >> reporter: well, this is a copy of the lawsuit that was filed today in alameda county by six people. they say bart failed to keep them safe and prevent violent crime, but an attorney for bart says, there are no facts
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to support allegations that bart is ignoring crime. april 18th, 2017, tim is on bart as it approaches the coliseum station in oakland. >> these kids all of a sudden swarm, start grabbing laptops, phones, grabbed my phone. i thought they were just screwing around. next thing i know, he is running down with my phone. i pursued, i almost caught up to him and one of his accomplices turned around and said, give me your wallet and your watch or i'll shoot you. >> reporter: he identifies one of the suspects to bart police and files a police report. >> the police officers say oh, yeah, same thing happened last night. i'm shocked he would say that! >> reporter: four days later another mob attack at the coliseum station makes headlines when roughly 40 to 60 juveniles beat and robbed passengers like this person with his wife and daughter. >> i have heard nothing on my case since april. >> reporter: these two are among six victims suing bart for attacks that happened between march and april. the victims allege bart knew of a pattern of violent crime at the coliseum station but
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did nothing to prevent it. and they claim there's been inadequate follow-up on prosecuting the criminals. >> passengers should not feel like they are stepping back into the wild west into a lawless environment reminiscent of being held up by gangs of highwaymen every time they enter a bart train. >> reporter: an attorney for bart spoke to us by phone. >> the police technology does identify where crime has a pattern of occurring. but the reality is, as with all police departments in the state of california, you can't prevent every crime even when you know a pattern investigation. >> reporter: he said bart is doing its best to provide safe transportation but the passengers who filed the suit are not convinced. >> we have to make some changes here because you should be able to go out and public transportation and not have to fear for your life. >> i concluded that the bart police are either incompetent or don't care about the safety of their passengers. it seems to me that you have a
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group of juveniles outsmarting the professional law enforcement agency. >> reporter: we want to let you know that bart -- the attorney for bart says the agency is expressing regret for the attacks that happened and police have stepped up patrols in problem areas. this lawsuit is seeking $1 million per police chief. in alameda county, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. new information now in a deadly truck crash on interstate 580 near castro valley that happened just after 4 a.m. the accident backed up traffic for much of the day. the driver was killed in the crash. he has been identified as 62- year-old mcclavio lopez of roseville. it started when a car hit a big rig, which then stopped right on the freeway. investigators say lopez was driving another big rig when he slammed right into the rear of the first semi truck that
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had stopped. the highway patrol issued a "sig alert" and shut down westbound lanes. those lanes didn't re-open until about 2 p.m. today, almost 10 hours after that crash. now to the south bay where a man was arrested after a prowler was reported to police. someone reported a suspicious man outside their home. police say when they arrived in campbell the suspects fired up to 3 shots before leaving the scene. officers reported hearing eight to 12 more shots in the next 15 minutes. no one was hit. >> obviously this is a critical situation. safety is our priority. so based on the surroundings and the circumstances, no shots were returned and the officers set up a perimeter. >> southbound lanes of highway 17 were closed while police tried to track down the gunman. officers say they eventually found him near the los gatos creek and arrested him.
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emergency responders handed out food, water and ice today to people living in key west, florida. water is undrinkable in the keys as a result of hurricane irma. power is still out for more than half of the upper keys. and about 85% of the lower keys. there's also a boil order for water in broward county where there are water distribution centers set up. president trump visited naples, florida today to try to reassure people that the federal government will help them get back on their feet. fox reporter joel waldman is in key largo with what he is seeing on the ground there. >> reporter: frank, good evening to you. i actually got a boil order on my phone coming across just like a hurricane watch alert. so people here in the keys do have to boil water. i'm going to tell you a pretty nutty story now. i'm going to step out of the way to show what you we're talking about. you see that houseboat over there with the slope-down roof. next to it there's an empty
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spot. there used to be a houseboat in there. a couple named john and betty tried to ride out the storm. it started to sink. so they hopped over to the second houseboat. if you look at the back of the second houseboat, it's ripped to shreds. they jumped to another houseboat with a sofa on top of it which is crazy, it got ripped apart obviously. they had nowhere else to go so they say they jumped in the water, swam around, and ran back there into captain joe's trailer home. it's just one of a million irma stories. >> it's way ahead of schedule, weeks ahead of schedule, and much of it, most of it i guess outside of the keys where we have a very special problem but we're working hard on that. >> reporter: president trump in florida thursday visiting the naples-fort myers area surveying damage and visiting with survivors. president trump noting that an army of power repair crews is making progress. >> there are more electrical people in this state i think than ever accumulated anywhere
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in the world is what i read before. it's from all over the country they came. >> reporter: as of midday thursday, some 25% of customers across florida are still without power including a number of nursing homes across the state. in some areas, rescue crews are now checking in on seniors an helping residents without air-conditioning relocate. police are looking into a hollywood, florida nursing home where 8 patients died under sweltering conditions. a criminal probe continues into the deaths. >> they assured me that this is a hurricane shelter. your mother will have the best care. >> reporter: down in the hard hit florida keys, the national guard is now distributing food and water as both remain in short supply. >> now we're in the process of cleaning properties, cutting trees, shoveling mud and throwing everything that we lost out. >> reporter: back to a little
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story off the top, we asked captain joe what the moral of the story, he said don't ever try to ride out a hurricane from a houseboat. cell phones, no service until this morning. they are putting up portable cell phone towers. life slowly coming back to normal in the keys. joel waldman, ktvu fox 2 news. of course a very active week for florida still tracking rain showers in the area as well mainly just offshore. hurricane jose is in the atlantic turning to the north not impacting the shoreline but we'll keep an eye on it for bermuda. as far as our temperatures for this afternoon, a little bit of a bump in the numbers out towards san francisco. 66. 70s and a few 80s. napa one of the spots checking in. 83 degrees. it will be just a touch warmer in your friday forecast. here's our live camera looking toward the oakland estuary towards san francisco and some patchy fog trying to regroup
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near the coastline right now and possibly right around the bay. temperatures for tomorrow no major heat. 60s to the mid-70s to the low 80s as we head into your friday forecast. as you can pick out right now, the system that produced all the cloud cover yesterday and the thunderstorms earlier this is week, now moving toward nevada. we still have fog to talk about to our south and a few patches regroup just offshore that will push locally back into the bay. current numbers, san francisco 62. santa rosa 78. livermore in the upper 60s, 68 degrees. here's the deal tomorrow morning. temperatures start out friday will be in the upper 40s to the 50s. that does include san francisco. patchy fog, 57. by lunchtime, sunny, 60s, warmer than today. we'll go 70 degrees in san francisco. inland the 80s. we'll check the weekend forecast coming up. new at 6:00 tonight searching for a killer. detectives in the east bay are
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using new technology to generate leads in a 27-year- old cold case. the victim was a 32-year-old woman jogging along a trail in the berkeley hills. now investigators have released a new sketch of the killer. ktvu's alyana gomez is here with more on how that sketch was made. >> reporter: detectives are finding renewed hope in a new sketch of the man suspected of killing a young woman nearly 30 years ago. she was working at a bakery in oakland at the time and was said to have had a bright future. she was an avid jogger and was left for dead along her favorite trail in tilden park. inspiration point is a picturesque trailhead in the berkeley hills with sweeping views of a peaceful reservoir and winding trails. so when word spread 27 years ago of a woman's murder on the trail it's a story this bicyclist never forgot. >> i think it's amazing even though the case is cold all these years, they are still
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looking and trying to pick it up. >> reporter: east bay regional park police have released this new sketch of the man believed to be responsible for the death of maria jane we had hoffer. on november 15, 1990, the 32- year-old woman was jogging alone on the nimitz way trail when she was raped and strangled. her truck was located parked at inspiration point and her body was discovered about a mile away along the trail. >> there were witnesses who recalled seeing a suspicious male sitting on a park bench right at inspiration point there at the trailhead. he was smoking cigarettes one after the other. and those cigarette butts were checked and the dna from the cigarette butts matched the dna found on the victim. so we knew that person on that park bench was the suspect. >> reporter: this was the original sketch said to be a white man in his 20s. for decades investigators tried matching the dna to a man fitting that description
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to no avail. recently investigators sought the help from a dna technology company in virginia. they specialize in phenotyping which enables them to predicts physical appearance and ancestry from unidentified dna evidence. detectives say that helped them narrow their suspect list. >> we have some persons of interest in the case. one of the persons is dead. passed away. and the other person no longer lives in the country. so that's consistent with what our theory is on the case. >> reporter: detectives say getting closure for her family is paramount but they're also working to ensure the killer doesn't kill again. detectives say they had profilers examine the crime and the report and they indicated that this suspect was likely to commit another heinous act again. it's also possible the killer is dead or left the country, which is why police are having trouble tracking him down. in the newsroom tonight, i'm alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2 news. we are continuing to
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follow the situation on the cal campus tonight where police and protestors have gathered ahead of a speech by conservative speaker ben shapiro. you're looking at live pictures right now over the scene as that speech is supposed to start in about 30 minutes. about 1,000 people have tickets to attend. at 6:30, we'll have a live report. epair compic aneurysms without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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new information on the water warning for some people living in alameda. city officials are still telling people in alameda
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point not to drink or cook with the water. but they can bathe or shower as long as they run the fixtures for 10 minutes beforehand. bacteria in the water came from an irrigation well connected to a drinking water line. the system is flushed and tests are negative for bacteria in the water. google is facing a new lawsuit today by three former female employees who claim they were placed in jobs that pay less than their male counterparts. san francisco attorney james finberg is representing the bay area women. kelly ellis, holly pease and kelli wisuri. ellis says she quit her job at google in 2014 after male engineers with similar experience were hired for higher paying positions. she was denied a promotion despite shining performance reviews. the suit aims to represent google's roughly 20,000 female employees in california. and it seeks lost wages and a portion of company profits. a google spokeswoman tells
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ktvu it disputes the central allegations of the lawsuit. the spokeswoman says google has extensive systems in place to ensure that we pay fairly. >> we would like to change google's policies and practices going forward so that in the future, women get a fair shake. since google is an industry leader, in the valley as a whole. >> preliminary findings from a federal labor investigation found that women at google earn less than men in nearly every job classification. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 up next with continuing coverage from uc-berkeley. skyfox live overhead right now on the cal campus as protestors and police converge ahead of a speech by right wing speaker ben shapiro now just 30 minutes away! we'll check in with jesse gary right there on the scene. that's coming up momentarily. >> also ahead, nestle brewing up a partnership with a bay area coffee chain. new details on


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