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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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challenge of our times. but by standing together, we will defeat it. >> british prime minister theresa may says a homemade bomb intended to cause significant harm was planted inside a subway car but fortunately it only partially exploded. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. the threat level in the uk has now gone up to the highest level. the terror level in the uk has increased from severe to critical, meaning another attack could be imminent. at least 29 people were injured in today's attack. the "islamic state" claimed responsibility saying it was carried out by an affiliated units. ktvu's alyana gomez joins us now live from the newsroom with the very latest from london reporter: tonight the terror level in the united kingdom at its highest level and police search for the people who set off a homemade bomb on a packed subway car. the explosion sent a scorching blast of flames and smoke through the parsons green
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nation is southwest london. investigators say the bomb was wrapped in a plastic grocery bag and concealed in a bucket. the explosion came at the height of the morning commute and sent hundreds of people scrambling for safety. many of the 29 people injured were trampled in the moments after the blast. witnesses say they could hear, see and even smell the horror in the terrifying scene. >> what did it smell like? >> um, burning hair, burning -- >> couple of men shouted, run, really loud. could you hear it because it was so close. and we -- you could hear it because it was so closes. we all just piled off the training running for our lives. >> reporter: isis claimed responsibility hours after the bombing in a statement that suggested there was more than one bomber. british prime minister theresa may has now raised the united kingdom's terror level from severe to critical due to concerns another attack may be imminent. >> for this period military personnel will replace people on guard duties on certain
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sites not accessible to the public. >> president trump -- [ crosstalk ] >> on our street -- >> providing extra protection. >> reporter: president trump responded to the london bombing on twitter saying loser terrorists must be dealt with that tougher manner. the internet is their main recruitment tool which we must cut off and do better. he said scotland yard was aware of the subway suspects. the prime minister also saying it's not helpful for people to speculate while a terrorism investigation is under way. alyana gomez in the newsroom tonight. thank you. tonight we are learning more about that crews bomb used in the london attack. it's known as a bucket bomb. the one that went off this morning could have been more deadly than the explosive used in the devastating attack at england's manchester arena in
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may. today's bomb failed. earlier we spoke with an explosives expert a former federal atf agent. >> the person who put the device together obviously didn't know what they were doing, or they used some materials that were not as strong or as sensitive as they hoped they would be. another possibility is that the detonator, whether it was a timer or a fuse or cell phone, which i think would be a little unlikely in this case, didn't function as designed either. >> investigators who inspected the bomb say the bucket, the grocery bag and wires remained intact even after the explosion. that should help authorities find those responsible. from bart trains to muni buses and san francisco ferries, bay area transit agencies are on alert tonight in the wake of today's attack in london. at 6:30, ktvu's tom vacar will tell us what's being done to try to keep riders safe. late this afternoon, north
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korea announced that its leader kim jong-un is vowing to complete his country's nuclear weapons program despite international sanctions. north korea conducted its latest missile test just yesterday and again the trump administration's considering how to stop them. some argue that the sanctions just aren't enough. garrett tenney is in washington, dc tonight. what have you learned? >> reporter: frank, north korea's latest missile launch isists longest ever test flight 2300 miles which is concerning because that is far enough to reach the u.s. territory of guam. president trump just outside the nation's capital remarking to airmen at joint base andrews. >> america and our allies will never be intimidated. >> reporter: this friday, north korea launched its longest ever test flight of a ballistic missile sounding alarms in japan and furthest ska lating tensions in washington.
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>> after seeing your capabilities and commitment here today, i am more confident than ever that our options in addressing this threat are both effective and overwhelming. >> reporter: multiple top advisers to the president are also stressing the united states has options for denuclear arizing north korea. >> it's not what prefer to do, there is a military option. but we call on everyone to do everything we can to address this global problem short of war. >> reporter: ambassador to the united nations nikki haley said the latest a single shores by the security council may not be enough. >> there's not a whole lot the security council is going to be able to do from here when you cut 90% of the trade and 30% of the oil. so having said that, i have no problem kicking it to general mattis, because i think he has plenty of options. >> reporter: this next week north korea will be one of the top issues among world leaders gathering for the u.n. general assembly in new york. frank? >> garrett, i'm just wondering
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what the reaction is in japan. they told the residents of japan to go under ground, to go into shelters when that missile influence overhead. they must be furious. >> reporter: yeah. just in the last month or two, the second missile test launched from north korea that has flown over japan. they are now conducting tests -- rather, they are conducting training for folks there in case there is another missile launch of where to go and what to do, duck and cover if you will, a lot of folks there very much on edge with this latest test, the second to fly over its country. >> garrett tenney in washington, dc tonight, garrett, thank you. hundreds of high school students walked out of class in berkeley today to protest the trump administration's daca decision. [ screaming ] >> students from berkeley high lined up outside the school and held hands surrounding the building. the students who organized the event say they wanted to show
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support for their undocumented classmates and school administrators approved the demonstration. >> today i feel proud of 'em. um, i saw our students, their hope was to gather in hope and unity, and i saw kids of all different ages and friendship groups, um, races gathered around holding hands around our school. it felt like a really unifying moment and think that was their goal. >> president trump and top democrats agreed this week that the nearly 800,000 people currently protected by daca should be allowed to stay in the u.s. republican leaders say nothing has been finalized. in berkeley, authorities reported nine arrests but few major problems last night when as many as 1000 people showed up for a protest at cal against conservative commentator ben shapiro. now authorities are turning their attention to free speech week later this month. ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us milo yiannopoulos, coulter and steve bannon are all scheduled to speak. >> reporter: a true victory for free speech. conservative speaker ben shapiro gave a talk at uc-
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berkeley arguably a bastion of liberalism. now right wing fire brand milo yiannopoulos says he, tv personality ann coulter and former white house strategist steve bannon will speak at cal during a four-day event dubbed free speech week beginning september 24th. previous campus speeches by yiannopoulos and coulter were abandoned because of violence or disagreements over the venue. a student is spokesman for berkeley patriot the student group that invited the route wing speakers. he says free speech week is a go. >> we don't know what will happened. we are working with law enforcement. but we are going to did the best we can. everybody has the right to speak no matter how controversial. >> we are hoping last night is a model for what's happening during free speech week. we hope the university will en poem their police force to keep the groups separated -- to en power their police to keep the groups separated. >> reporter: it may not go on as planned because of
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paperwork. so no speakers are confirmed yet. >> we want them to succeed. we want them to have the ability to bring speakers to campus but can't do that without a partner and if they don't take the exact same steps the berkeley college republicans too last night. >> reporter: police will be ready. >> everything the campus does in the security firm and our police department does, it's a case-by-case basis. there isn't a cookie cutter approach. so we'll evaluate every event or every speaker on their own merits. >> reporter: if history is any indication, it might come down to the wire as to whether any of these invited speakers will make it on to campus. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. yiannopoulos has added another speaker to the line-up during free speak we have. >> we are in the midst of a civil war in this country. >> in a facebook post he announced that conservative commentator david horowitz will speak at the berkeley events. college republicans at cal
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canceled his speech in april due to challenges with administrators. the upcoming free speech event is september 24th through the 27th. new at 6:00, it's now staph for people to drink the water in the alameda point neighborhood of alameda. they got the "all clear" in just the last 30 minutes. it came after city officials determined that the water meets the standards set by east bay m.u.d. residents were cleared to bathe in the water yesterday after tests came back negative for bacteria. more than 250 homes and 60 businesses are affected by the water warning since earlier this week on tuesday. ♪[ music ] coming up, disturbing new details about a deadly shooting in san francisco. at 6:30, why i.c.e. says agents were already monitoring the suspects when that killing took place. >> we lose so many young people to guns and to guns that have been stolen. >> nice to have more sunshine here in the bay area. it's a little bit of a bump in the numbers. coming up, we'll let you know if the warming trend continues
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heading into the weekend. >> helping the homeless with technology. up next, details on a database will help stream like services for those on the street. >> live look right now at the friday evening commute. whoa! heading into the city, man, looks look a morning commute there. backed up in all lanes, even the fastrak lanes moving kind of slow. >> all right. another live look here at 80 in oakland. this is the macarthur maze. the commute direction heading towards berkeley and el cerrito on the left there. slow going at this hour. a little better in the other direction heading toward the bay bridge. we are back with more in just a moment. month. ask your vet for more information. reported side effects include vomiting and itching. nexgard. the vet's #1 choice.
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a hepatitis "a" outbreak is sweeping through homeless populations in san diego and santa cruz and now there's concern the bay area could be next. the union representing sanitation workers in oakland sent a letter to the mayor saying that they are worried about their safety and they are accusing the city of being completely unprepared for a looming public health crisis. >> do you feel you're at risk out here doing this job? >> every day, every day! we take a chance of getting stuck by a needle, dealing with human waste. >> the alameda county public health department says oakland has seen a dozen cases of hepatitis this year but none of them were people who were homeless. the city has put porta-potties and sanitation stations at some encampments but many of those are unfortunately not main not
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maintained. tonight we'll hear how san francisco is trying to resolve one issue of homelessness of using technology. ktvu's cristina rendon here now with more on the implementation of a database system called one system. >> reporter: that's right, frank. the city's department of homelessness and supportive housing says this is a way to consolidate various databases into one system. the department's director told me that other cities using this type of coordinated entry program have seen a significant decrease in their homeless populations. >> searching is easy. >> reporter: this is a look at the online navigation and entry system known as one system. it was launched in may. >> i was very excited, very teary-eyed actually. >> reporter: he said the department was using 15 different databases and the information about clients was not being shared. one system is a single database being used by more than 50
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homeless outreach programs and organizations in the city. think about it as air traffic control. they will come to us and we'll make sure they land at the right place. >> reporter: it will house a person's information, medical history, disabilities and if they visited shelters in the past. it will help the city prioritize people based on their need and length of homelessness. >> someone is homeless you want to bring them in quickly. >> reporter: this associate director for housing and residential programs at swords to plowshares says most importantly it will avoid having someone retell their story of how they became homeless over and over to every agency they visit. >> having to tell people what you may be diagnosed with, what your current housing situation is, is traumatizing to people by asking them to tell us their story over and over when they just told provider a and now they have provider d and telling the exact same information. >> reporter: one system is
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still being rolled out. training continues. and full implementation is expected by next summer. she knows no computer program will stop homelessness but technology can help. >> this is a radical transformation of how we provide services here in san francisco. it's going to make the experience much better for the client, but also for the city it's going hope to us make sure that we are using our -- it's going to help us make sure we're using our resources effectsively. >> reporter: if someone doesn't want to provide their information they won't be forced to enter one system. as far as privacy concerns go, we are told it's a protected database that's compliant with hipaa regulations. >> sounds like it will help with efficiency. how does it cost and who pays for it? >> reporter: we don't have an exact dollar amount but we understand that two-thirds is cover the by federal government, hud, the department of housing and urban development. so that's a big help to get it up and running. >> thank you. a reminder this sunday we'll have part 2 of an hour
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special on homelessness. if you missed part one, watch it on our youtube channel or on california lawmakers have approved a $4 billion bond measure to address california's affordable housing crisis and voters will have the final say. the legislation passed the state senate this afternoon and the governor is expected to sign it. the measure includes a $75 fee on real estate transactions to fund subsidized housing and streamline regulation that create hurdles for developers looking to build low cost housing. >> there are plenty of places to build in san francisco in l.a., san diego, in oakland and many of our cities. >> collection of the real estate fee would begin immediately and is expected to generate up to $3 million a year. the bond measure needs approval from voters next year. lots of sunshine here in the bay area with some patchy
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fog trying to regroup right now near portions of the coastline. this afternoon's highs -- two weeks ago san francisco was 106 degrees. today just 70. very nice in the city earlier today. a few 80s to report out towards santa rosa, napa, concord and antioch in the lower 80s. here's the deal for tomorrow for your saturday. it will be mild especially inland. temperatures in the 80s. around the bay 70s. and the coast mainly in the 60s for your saturday afternoon. in fact, those will be the temperature trends all weekend long. a few showers moving out of nevada. you can pick out the satellite here. the fog beginning to regroup near portions of the coastline. we still have that onshore wind that will help bring the fog into the bay. tomorrow morning we'll have fog at the coast and portions of the bay. current numbers are in the 60s and 70s for your friday evening. here's a live camera looking towards san francisco. bit of haze out there but still
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mostly clear skies over downtown san francisco. but that fog bank is approaching. it will be a factor tomorrow morning. 7:00 mid-50s. by lunchtime partly sunny 67 degrees. and then by 3:00, mostly sunny skies, we could have some overcast near portions of the coastline. here's the fog tomorrow morning. clearing back to near the shoreline and temperatures tomorrow really not a big change from today. warmest locations will be approaching the 80s. and lots of 70s right around the bay itself. as far as your sunday and beyond, we'll update the five- day forecast coming up in a few minutes. calls tonight for an investigation into sonic attacks on american diplomats. >> obviously is a dangerous situation when our people have been affected. >> coming up next, the latest tonight from cuba on a mystery that apparently targeted specific people. >> the cleveland indians are still streaking. will they make it 23 in a row? right now they are down by a run. jason appelbaum with an update in sports. >> first though off the menu
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again. details on a ruling today to reinstate california's ban on foie gras.
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a federal appeals court has reinstated california's ban on foie gras. animal rights activists pushed for the ban more than a decade ago saying the process of making the fatty duck and goose liver involved cruel an inhumane force-feeding. two years ago a judge ruled the state law interfered with a federal law regulating poultry products and it was returned to
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restaurant menus. today though the ninth circuit court of appeals ruled the state's law does not preempt the federal government's authority so the ban is now coming back. the mystery surrounding a sonic attack that injured u.s. diplomats in cuba is deepening. cuban president castro says he didn't know about the covert operation and was stunned to learn about it. we have more now from the state department. >> reporter: the mystery is deepening. at least 21 employees at the u.s. embassy in havana have speech problems, hearing loss and headaches the result of a sonic attack. >> we hope the number won't increase. we can't count it out. we are having our people medically tested. >> reporter: cubas president raoul castro met with top diplomats. he was concerned and befuddled. the ap says the cuban government offered to let the fbi investigate permission unthinkable a few years ago.
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>> harassment and intimidation which this government has done these sorts of things with each other, um, i served in cuba and i had gotten the royal treatment on a couple of occasion. >> reporter: as the investigation continues, the ap also reports the attacks were targeted to specific rooms and in some cases to certainly areas of the room. >> people were hearing sound in one part of the room and not hearing it in other parts of the room. and that was certainly interesting to us. >> reporter: officials still say they are not sure who is responsible. for now the state department is inacrossing security at the embassy as the investigation continues -- is increasing securities at the embassy as the investigation continues. >> we are tremendously concerned about our people being affected. we have work that needs to be done. >> reporter: it targeted diplomats in their homes and a
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havana hotel. rich edson, fox news. bay area on alert following the attacks in london. >> we have extra officers. >> what's being done to keep riders safe? >> developing news out of st. louis, missouri, the protest tonight after a former police officer is cleared in the shooting death of a black man. >> plus, california one step closer to becoming a sanctuary state. details on the bill just passed by state lawmakers.
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our top stories. authorities say in the end only nine people were arrested outside a speech by ben shapiro at cal last night and they also say there were no major problems. but now right wing speaker milo yiannopoulos is planning what he is calling free speech week later on this month. he says the four-day event will feature ann coulter and former white house strategist steve bannon among others and will begin on september 24th. the university though says as of right now, milo yiannopoulos does not have a permit. north korea's leader kim jong-un is promising to complete the country's nuclear weapons program despite international sanctions. the trump administration says they don't want too use a military option but some argue that sanctions are not enough. north korea conducted its latest missile test over japan just yesterday. tonight the terror level in
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the united kingdom is at the highest level as london police search for the suspect or suspects who set off a homemade bomb on a packed subway car. the explosion sent flames and smoke through the parsons green station in southwest london. 29 people were injured at the height of the morning commute by the bucket bomb. hundreds others scrambled for safety. but the bomb didn't completely explode so it could have been worse. isis has complained responsibility. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 bart officials have increased securities at bay area stations after the london bombing. ktvu's tom vacar reports from the embarcadero station in san francisco. >> reporter: bart called reporters in today to say while there's no credible threat to the bay area's most critical mass transit system, they are beefing up security as best they can. >> we have extra officers working the stations and


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