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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  September 19, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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the threat once again to the caribbean. good morning. thank you for joining us. it is tuesday, september 19. >> you knew steve paulson? >> i do. i am glad he is back because we have another hurricane to track. >> can they show what is behind you? what is going on with your microphone? go ahead and fix it. hurricane maria. can we hear you now? we can see it turning. steve, we are going to work on your microphone.
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but maria is the big story in weather. let's go to traffic. a problem in san francisco. there is an accident east on 80 at the last exit. it looks like the entire freeway is being shut down right now eastbound because there was a pedestrian walking in the lanes, and that pedestrian apparently was hit. this just happened a few moments ago. it looks like everyone is getting off the freeway at fourth, or perhaps they're going around the crash. eastbound 80 at fourth, it looks like it will be a very serious incident. we can see all of san francisco as we pull back. we don't have a big backup yet, but this is a serious problem eastbound 80 at fourth.
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let's go to the maps. traffic a little bit slow and tracy. there is already slow traffic, which is unusual for this early hour. low already coming through the -- slow already through the tracy triangle. nancy pelosi, the house minority leader, hoped that a hometown rally would get the crowd behind the push to protect 800,000 undocumented immigrants who registered under the daca program. >> instead, she was shouted down by demonstrators who say the deal she made with president trump does not go far enough to protect all immigrants who are in this country illegally.
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the congresswoman left finally after trying to here them out without finishing when she had to say. >> reporter: nancy pelosi, the top house democrat, spoke for about 10 minutes and her news conference. >> it is about our country. >> reporter: but just as she turned to the podium to a dreamer to tell his story, dozens of people began to shout. >> we are immigrants.>> reporter: the shouts continued. the group, immigration liberation movement, accused democrats of using dreamers as a bargaining chip and compromising with president trump instead of fighting him. >> we are resistant.
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to trump. not to democrats. >> reporter: nancy pelosi tried to respond several times. >> do you not want to listen?>> reporter: the dreamer who wanted to share his story was also shouted down by the protesters. >> can you hear me out? >> reporter: after nearly 40 minutes the news conference was called off. >> if you don't want to listen, we will have to shut it down. >> reporter: the protesters said they want congress to pass the dream act to protect the 800,000 doctor youth -- daca youth but they do not want compromise to endanger the 11 million undocumented immigrants who are not dreamers. >> immigrant youth who don't identify as dreamers or fit into the box of a perfect dreamer, those are the voices we needed to uphold. >> our dream act as a pathway to citizenship for us without throwing our parents under the bus. >> reporter: they say
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protesting is the only way they can be hard because they cannot vote, but politically meeting their demands might be difficult for democrats any republican-controlled congress. nancy pelosi said president trump and paul ryan made it clear that enhance border enforcement was needed if it was to go to the floor for a vote. >> the democrats don't have the political power capitol to carry out the kind of political agenda that would be necessary to meet their demands. -- >> nancy pelosi later said she would pass -- fight to pass the dream act, but she does not know if that is possible. also today, elected leaders in santa clara county will join medical professionals to stand in solidarity with immigrants as part of national welcoming week. organizers say the event at santa clara valley medical center will emphasize the commitment of providing healthcare and other services to immigrant communities.
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national welcoming week is observed across the country with the goal of honoring immigrants. later this morning resident trouble addressed the united nations general assembly for the first time. yesterday he and world leaders met at the un, including the president of france and the israeli prime minister. he was also at a meeting on reforming the un, and president trump says the un has not reached its full potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement. >> we encourage the secretary- general to fully use his authority to cut through the bureaucracy, reform outdated systems and make firm decisions to advance the core mission. >> his un speech this morning is expected to focus on north korea, iran and terrorism. un ambassador nikki haley says the president will slap the right people and hug the right people. governor jerry brown is also in new york meeting
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with the un secretary-general about the future of the paris climate accord. it will take part in panel discussions that are not associated with the un about how individual states can reduce greenhouse gas emissions . earlier this year, president trump said he will pull the united states out of that landmark agreement, but over the weekend, there was a report claiming the administration might negotiate the terms of the agreement instead of pulling out. hurricane maria is pounding parts of the caribbean right now. >> it is a monster. overnight, the category five hurricane swept over the small island of dominica. reportedly, maria briefly weakened to a category four, but then it grew again to a category five hurricane. >> hurricane maria could hit many of the same islands that were already severely damaged by hurricane irma.>> reporter: forecasters now calling it extremely dangerous. hurricane maria reaching
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powerful category five hurricane status on monday, threatening places like puerto rico as well as a number of islands in the eastern caribbean, including many places just devastated by hurricane irma. >> the bahamas is in the process of recovering from three devastating storms and is now preparing for another. we are in the project the path of hurricane maria.>> reporter: ahead of the storm, puerto rico as governor has declared a state of emergency as maria could hit territory go -- puerto rico drinking on wednesday. hurricane warnings have also been issued for the british and u.s. virgin islands. meantime, hurricane jose is moving north off the u.s. east coast. it is not expected to make landfall. but it has been prompting tropical storm watches from delaware up into new england. >> did you plan on josi? >> we did not. we were taking a gamble. >> reporter: in some areas, hurricane jose has caused
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flooding and rip current, keeping some lifeguards on duty after labor day. >> the rip currents have been really vicious. >> reporter: in rhode island, five people had to be rescued after being knocked off a coastal jetty caused by high surf from josi. a woman accused of trying to flush her newborn baby down a toilet is scheduled to return to a redwood city court next month. sarah lockner appeared in court yesterday to face a charge of attempted murder. she did not enter a plea. investigators say she gave birth to the baby at a mcdonald's restaurant restroom where she was working as a cashier. a coworker claims that she tried to flush that newborn down the toilet, but the baby survived. sarah lockner said she did not know she was pregnant.
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she is being held on $11 million bail. bar police have released photos of the woman suspected of trying to threaten a passenger by giving her a note. this is surveillance video of the suspect. the victim says the woman dropped a note while she was on a bart train in san francisco on saturday afternoon. the note said two guns were pointed at her and that she should hand her phone and wallet over the back of her seat without turning around. she faked a seizure to get the attention of other passengers and scare off the suspect. parts police say the footage supports the story. >> forcefully, all of the cars are equipped with recording equipment. the detectives took that video from the train car, and since we know the time frame, we were able to find out what occurred, in the video absolutely does corroborate what the victim reported. >> there was no indication that the suspect had a gun. if you do recognize her, there is the footage again, you are asked to call police. a bizarre robbery happened
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on the peninsula. coming up in 20 minutes, the police search for a robber who hit a doughnut shop wearing a star wars mask. plus, a new report showing just how bad traffic is here in the bay area. the local highways with the five worst commutes. we do have already a commute problem here in san francisco along eastbound 80 at fourth. several lanes blocked with a deadly crash. we will tell you what happened and how long it is likely to be here. our weather is changing, but we also have another hurricane. hurricane maria. keep your hair strong against hot styling tools...
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welcome back. san jose police investigators say a man killed in a police shooting last friday have been and i 10 day crime spree. a police officer -- on a 10 day crime spree. authorities say he had committed several crimes in the previous days, including a drive-by shooting and and armed robbery. a friend said the shooting should never have happened, but the police chief says he had an extensive criminal history and even bragged about wanted to shoot it out with police if he was in danger of being caught. >> at some point, we need to make sure that this crime spree and him. >> it looks like they are
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trying to justify the murder. he didn't have a weapon. >> police say the accomplices were arrested a few days before he was killed. they are being held in a county jail charged in the armed robbery of a gas station. there is now a push to install gates to block off san francisco's twin peaks lookout at night. that is because of rising crime and that area, including the killing of a man this summer to steal his camera. people who live in that area are happy the police are responding to their concerns. >> reporter: -- >> i do believe it will be safer. >> reporter: when the park district campton gets his monthly -- captain gets his monthly crime update, the slopes of twin peaks are highlighted. >> i am so happy to see the increase patrol.
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>> reporter: neighborhood leaders say a city task force is recognizing what residents have long known. taurus come for spectacular views and criminals come for them and stay for the residents. >> we don't want people assaulted. we don't want people held up. we don't want people killed, particularly in our neighborhood.>> reporter: traffic patterns are now being studied with the goal of locked gates overnight. >> i think a gate would be good. nothing really good happens at two or 3 o'clock in the morning in a public park. >> reporter: the shooting of a 71-year-old photographer happened on a sunday morning in july at 8 am. two people are charged in his killing. police patrols went 24 hours per day in the aftermath have since scaled back. >> it was a senseless crime.>> reporter: the increased police presence had an immediate effect of cutting auto break-
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ins by half, 188 in july and 98 in august. but the district is still up bites 200 -- by 200 for the year. and neighbors support safety and each other in many ways. a local family was presented with accommodation. for two years they have displayed a black lives matter sign and then the summer hate mail arrived. a month later another threatening letter with a racial slur. their response, making more signs for the neighborhood to show. . if you have been driving here in the bay area, you know traffic is getting worse. now there is a new report confirming that. traffic jams have increased 80%
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in the last seven years. the metropolitan transportation commission says last year's commute times increased 9%. this is the fourth year in a row that the commute time set new records and experts say that is because the bay area economy is booming. but it is rough for people who have to sit there and traffic, especially in the worst places. for the second year in a row, the worst commute is during the afternoon on highway 101 in san francisco between the 280 interchange and treasure island. the second course, westbound interstate 80 between hercules and san francisco during both the morning and evening dries. next, the afternoon commute on southbound 101 between mountain view and san jose. and northbound 680 from mission boulevard during the evening commute. rounding out the top five worst commutes, northbound 880 from fremont to hayward.
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unfortunately, this morning we are talking about a very big problem on eastbound 80 in san francisco. it sounds like this will be a problem for a few hours. >> that's ray. eastbound 80 in san francisco -- that's right. eastbound 80 in san francisco. a lot of people drive that way, even this early in the morning. there is a deadly crash involving a pedestrian on eastbound 80 right at fourth street. the traffic is going to be moving by because it is very early, but a lot of emergency vehicles are on the scene. we have already confirmed that it is a deadly crash. westbound traffic getting into san francisco looks okay. as we pull back, you can see 101 san francisco at the top rate and there is -- right and
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there is the hall of justice. we will watch this and let you know when it becomes a big traffic problem. right now a couple of lanes are closed, but it is early. northbound what he one -- 101 doesn't look bad. a couple of slowdowns, 87 for example. that is due to construction in the area. but the major freeways are doing very well. this is a live look at to 80 in san jose -- 280 in san jose. we have plenty to talk about. you probably noticed the breeze yesterday. hurricane maria is bouncing between category 4 and category 5. it got back over the open water and started to strengthen again. this had rapid intensification in 24 hours. heading towards puerto rico, the outer bands are beginning to approach.
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after that, it will curve away northward. we also have another hurricane, hurricane jose right off new england. it is moving north, it is a category 1. a breezy and rainy day in some of those outer bands in the northeast. for us, we had another system that chewed up the low cloud deck, but there's plenty coming down from the northwest and a few hit and miss showers in the northwest part of the state. look for a mix of sun and clouds today. the breeze will pick up as well. there are a series of systems that are on their way. 50s for most. 40s to the north. there is a breeze, but not too much. there are wind gusts up to 30.
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41 and chucky -- in truckee the cloud cover will drift across, but a stronger system is going to drop in here wednesday into thursday. there are two systems, one coming in tomorrow, clouds and witty at times. the best possibility for rain will be on wednesday and possibly thursday. some areas can get into the 80s, but others 60s and 70s. the trend is to bring in very cool air. thursday and friday cooler and then after that we get september weather. one of the biggest names in the toy business preparing for the holiday shopping season with a legal maneuver. the action they are taken to make sure shelves are stocked. chipotle hit with a sexual
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that mean suppliers will be more likely to keep toys r us shells stock -- shelves stocked as we head into the holiday season. their earnings are strongest during the final quarter of the year. the company wants customers to know all 1600 stores will remain open at least for now. there is word that federal authorities have opened a criminal investigation of a data breach at equifax. it is being reported it was also hacked in march. it is not clear if the two hacks involve the same intruders but a security firm is investigating both breaches. federal authorities are also looking into reports that high- level executives sold large shares of the company right before the news of the hack came out. two people have died, hundreds more became ill after a salmonella outbreak linked to papayas from mexico.
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the deaths were reported right here in california and in new york. 235 people in 26 states have become ill. about a third are still in the hospital. health officials say they're actually four separate salmonella outbreaks involving four farms in mexico. as a precaution, the cdc is warning restaurants and people not to serve or eat maradol papayas from mexico. an unusual stickup at a doughnut shop on the peninsula. when we return, the mask the robber was wearing to hide his face. also, a fond farewell to a veteran san francisco firefighter. you can see traffic is going to be busy if you're driving in some areas. in san francisco we have a deadly crash eastbound 80 coming up on fourth street.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. thank you for joining us. it's already tuesday, september 19th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. it is 4:30. steve is watching our weather and that hurricane, once again, in the caribbeans, and it's going to get hit. >> more than in ten minutes. i'm just going to do our weather. >> it is headed towards puerto rico, category 4 or 5. >> we need to know how to dress this morning, though


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