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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 20, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a system is dropping in. there has been some light rain up in mendocino county. that's going to be the focus, mendocino county, lake county. very cool earl filtering in, especially tomorrow morning. some rain made it up to the north coast. some of that is inching into mendocino county. not a lot of moisture with this system but enough that we are getting the increasing low clouds and the system will continue to march in land. temperatures will be below average as you might imagine, with 50s and 60s. partly sunny to mostly cloudy. it's beginning to drop in now. 6:00 and, sal, tell us traffic is -- >> getting busier, as you might imagine. if you are leaving now at 6:00, you have a little window
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of opportunity, better than if you were to leave at 7:00. this is the bay bridge and the traffic is going to be moderate. slow at the toll plaza but that delay is only ten minutes. 880, you have some slow traffic going northward into downtown. here at the oracle arena, it's good. 6:01, back to the desk. we are following breaking news in the city of oakland. this fire claimed the life of at least one person. this fire started at 4:00, on the fourth floor of an apartment building near lake merritt on fairmont avenue. firefighters were able to keep the fire contained that that apartment unit. one person has died in that fire. this is the 400 block of fairmont. officials have not given us much information on who that
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victim is or how this fire started. but, again, we are on this story. this is near lake merritt. we'll bring you a live report on this coming up later in this hour. >> firefighters in san francisco rescued man whose house was on fire. they got the call just before 2:00 about a fire on harvard street in the excelsior district. man was trapped inside, they were told, when they got there. they were able to rescue that man who was in critical condition when taken to the hospital. the search for survivors goes on in mexico after that big earthquake shook the central part of mexico.
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it was a magnitude 7.1 earthquake. >> reporter: at this point, the earthquake killed at least 217 people but that number is expected to rise as many are unaccounted for, who are trapped in the rubble. >> this is video from inside an office building while the quake is happen can. this is in downtown mexico city. people described it as incredibly strong and seemed to last a while. at least 40 buildings have collapsed. apartments and residential buildings. many made of concrete. it happened yesterday at 1:00, mexico time. one the most devastating scenes is a primary school, elementary school that collapsed in the southern part of the city.
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25 bodies were recovered from that school, all of them children. officials fear that more people may still be trapped inside. neighbors and ordinary citizens joined in a frantic effort to it rescue. the quake was centered in the state of puebla, which is 150 miles away from mexico city. many people here in the bay area are desperately trying to reach family members and friends in mexico. >> maybe they have under a building or. i don't know. i tried to call all but some people don't answer me. >> reporter: the mexican consulate in san jose has a 24- 7 hotline. the mexican consulate nationwide, actually, for people trying to reach loved ones in most k that number is
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(855)463-6395. once the damage in mexico city is assess, that office will determine what kind of aid can be sent from the bay area. >> allie rasmus in our newsroom, thank you. we'll continue on the update throughout the morning. stay with us here on ktvu. we'll have another update at 6:30 and complete coverage on our website, 24 hours a day. seismologists are studying that quake which was weaker than the previous one, but it made more damage. the quakes are different than
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what we have in california. our tectonic plates rub side by side while in mexico, they dip, one below the other. >> the earthquakes that we have here are usually strike sliver earthquakes, as the technical term goes and these are earthquakes in the sub ducks zone where one plate dives under another one. >> there is something else. there is a risk that we share. the bay area bay lands and the fill areas, they suffer liquefactions, unstable when they shake. mexico city is built in a former lake, built on sediment. san francisco's public health department and ucsf are moving ahead with plans to build a new research center. ucsf gave an update on the health commission's plans to build a new building near san francisco general hospital. after those big quakes in mexico, officials are also
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focused on retrofitting the historic brick buildings. >> they are beautiful. historic brick buildings. the codes are just completely different than they were from when they were built. but what we are planning on doing for our building is to be the most updated to code, department of public health will come in and do the retrofitting again to bring those buildings up to code. >> the city is look for funding to retrofit those old brick buildings. they may move that center from the circumstance bergesen at the the zuckerberg center to the general hospital campus. as steve has been telling us, hurricane maria has hit puerto rico. the governor has warned that maria could can hit the u.s.
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territory with more force than seen in 80 years. some people were able to catch the final flight out of their region. after irma, they were not going to stay for maria. >> i did not want to stick around for this next one. >> people in puerto rico, especially low-lying areas are urged to evacuate but shelters have been set up across the island. more than 30 years later, man in the bay area is talking about his mother's murder. coming up, the fremont cold case and was it enough to catch the killer? and the conversation continues to today for san jose and a proposed google mega campus. how concerned residents can get involved tonight. well, we have a system on the way, actually, a cold front. the breeze is picking up. and right there. it's going to be a blustery
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day. we'll see if we can get any rain out of this system.
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a veteran chp officer was killed as he was heading to work in the east bay. james branik started his career with the chp in 2005. he was riding his motorcycle southbound on monterey road when the driver of a pickup truck made a left turn right
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in front of him. 2 >> he was an amazing person. james was an amazing person and officer. >> despite efforts by first responders, the 44-year-old died at the scene. chp officer branik is survived by his wife and parents. investigators say that driver of the pickup truck is cooperating with the investigation. police in fremont are asking for help to solve a cold case that's more than 30 years old. nail lower-- ktvu's maureen naylor has more. >> reporter: his mom, kathy ann miramontes was murdered. the mother of two, hop went by the nickname of sweety, was
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murdered. pettineo was at the same table where he talked to his mother for the last time. >> i came here sunday night. she came here into the house, had something to eat and left and we never saw her again. >> it rocked the community pretty well. i personally grew up a couple of blocks from where her body was found. i remember as a little girl. >> reporter: geneva bosques says that her badly beaten body was found here in the district, near the alameda creek trail on march 8, 1982, at 5:00 in the morning but they think she was murdered elsewhere, possibly in the niles or dakota neighborhoods. >> there were some lacerations in the body. we won't tell you exactly what the exact cause is but it was gruesome. >> reporter: miramontes was using drugs and was mixed one
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a bad crowd. her son asked police what was going on. >> i was impressed that they didn't think that my mom was just a person who was on drugs and she died, oh, well. but they did some work. >> reporter: the dna recovered was never matched. police say that even 35 years later, even insignificant detail cost help. the family found peace knowing that the murderer will have to answer to a higher power. maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2. happening today, san jose leaders will meet with the public to discuss what google's plans will have on the community. there are concerns about how that will affect traffic and prices. there will be high education and jobs impact. the meeting will have city officials as well as union
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leaders and community advocates. the forum tonight will be held at washington youth community center on first street and san jose. it starts at 6:00 this evening. time is 6:15. the price tag keeps going on on the plans to build california's bullet train. another $50 million has been added because of contract changes. several members of the california high speed rail authority say that the budget overrun is hurting the image of the project. project has begun in the first 32 miles of track between fresno and madero. the goal is to link san francisco to los angeles by high speed rail. right now, it is 6:15. what's the busy spot? >> well, 80 is always the busy spots. the 28 minutes for this commute is not too bad if you go relatively, speaking, of course, there is already as
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many slow traffic on the way down to the macarthur maze. many people who go to the bay bridge, start the timer again. that's about a 10 to 15 minute delay before you get into the span. even better on 580 westbound from castro valley to the lake shore curve and if you are driving on the peninsula, highway 101 and 280 are looking good. the peninsula and highways don't get crowded. let's bring steve in for the weather. >> we'll start with hurricane maria. made landfall as category 4. winds are in you down to 125 miles per hour only. could you not place it anymore squarely than what maria has done right over puerto rico.
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the radar sites are down. it is expected to stay category 4 and get back into the atlantic. it will continue to feed off very warm water once it gets off land. some of the mountainous areas may take some energy out of it. 145 at last check and moving northwest at 13. what's interesting is the track it takes could be very similar to what jose took, once hurricane and now tropical storm, gusts up to 40 miles per hour. this one may take a little closer path towards new york. some forecasts show hurricane force there. a high blocking pressure to the north so they have no place to go. we'll see where they end up. turning cloudy. low clouds, windy and cooler today many mostly cloudy by the coast. there could be some partly
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sunny skies. this system already generated some rain, not much. we had some reports in ukiah, fort bragg and cloverdale. south of that, more clouds on the increase. you can see they are already flying in along the coast and they'll continue to increase. 60s on many of these temps. we are running warmer anywhere from 9 to 10 degrees warmer. northwest, west, southeast, west, i mean it's variable, all over the place. expected to continue throughout the day tonight into tomorrow. that's the best unit for any rain this evening. tomorrow morning, another slug of very cold air coming in. not a lot here but is some light rain. there goes the front by tonight. the cooler air begins to spill in here tomorrow morning, the coolest air. 70s, clear lake, 71.
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some very cool readings here. a lot of 70s including brentwood and antioch, alameda at 70. no 80s here at all. so cooling will continue into tomorrow it and then a rebound on the weekend but very cool morning, i think, friday. >> and friday is the first day of fall, right? >> 1:01 in the afternoon, i believe. >> precisely. >> i believe it's 1:01. a new green initiative for san francisco schools coming up in minutes. what officials are doing today and how this will help the environment is. a lot of tough talk from president trump yesterday at the united nations, especially when it comes to north korea. i'm doug luzader in washington. more on that just ahead. san francisco police will
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welcome back to mornings on two. we are talking about the endangered california condor, slowly making a comeback. >> slowly. >> 30 years after it was almost extinct. >> there are now 450 of those beautiful con corridor, including 270 in california, arizona, utah and mexico. the california condor is one of the biggest birds in the world, a wing span up to ten feet. in 1987, the last remaining 22 condors were captured, taken
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to zoos to be protected and bred in captivity. biologists attribute the revival of the condors to that captive breeding program and also the reduced use of led ammunition near the feeding grounds. board of education committee will discuss phasing out fossil full by the year 2040 according to the fran examiner. if approved, it would go to the bull forward for a vote. that would mean that school district would use only renewable energy sources from heating to lighting to transportation and food service. most of the district's electricity comes from hydro electric generators in the hittachi system. the largest agriculture water district in the state is rejecting governor brown's controversial project to send water from the delta through
6:24 am
twin tunnels down to southern california. >> the westland water district is considered key to the $16 billion plan. it covers more than a thousand square miles of farmland in the central valley. if it had agreed to sign on to the project, it would contribute more than $3 billion to it. >> we don't really know the cost of this project. we have been told 16 billion for many years. we don't think that's the actual cost but even if that is 16 billion, if you look at financing over the course of 70 years, the cost is quite high. no one has a 70 year mortgage. >> the plan would feed water from north of the delta that and through two 35-mile long tunnels. the governor says the tunnel would provide a more reliable water supply for 2/3 of california residents and hundreds of farms. the state coastal commission ordered the welt
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yeah owner of the san mateo coast to open that beach to the public. that is long legal battle. a san francisco appeals court ruled that venture capitalist veno cosola broke public law when he blocked access. the commission released a cease and desist yesterday. they ordered him to remove locked gate and take down all the signs on the property that say no trespassing and beach closed. this week, san francisco celebrates 30 years since the first women joined the city's first fire department. in 1980, they were allowed to join the department. they were dubbed feinstein's finer. dianne feinstein was the mayor at the time.
6:26 am
we talked to the p only african american in the department. outside of the memorable time where a group of guys said, we don't think you should be here. we don't think you can do the job. along those lines. i was like, okay. i'll show you. >> and she did show them. coming up on the 9, we'll have the complete story of feinstein's finest with a live interview of with fire chief joanne hayes' wife. hundreds in mexico have been killed in the earthquake. we'll show you the search for survivors coming up. and one man is dead after an early morning fire at this apartment building in oakland. we'll give you the latest on this investigation and tell you more about the disturbing scene witnessed by neighbors here. well well well, what have we here?
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good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. thank you for joining us. this is wednesday september 20th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. we have a lot to get to.
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we continue to cover the rescue in mexico. one of the tragic scenes is at a school, 25 bodies found so far, awful of them children. search teams say they can hear sounds inside what used to be a three-story building but, now, they don't know if those noises are from victims trying to be found or just the rubble itself settling down on to itself. mexican civil defense officials say at least 217 people have died but there are fears that this number will continue to grow as search teams get further into the building that collapsed. there was one success story. you are looking at cheers from volunteers this morning. crowds of people waiting. a dog was pulled out of the debris alive. survivors say that a quirk in time made them more aware of
6:31 am
what to do. just two hours before the earth quick hit, there was a national drill to mark the 32nd anniversary of of a quick that killed 30,000 people. hurricane maria hit puerto rico as a category 4 storm. it is the strongest storm to hit puerto rico in more than 80 years. thousands had no power -- they are still without power from hurricane irma. now it's expected that entire island will lose power. there is concern about flooding and mudslide. it is estimated 11,000 people went to shelters to wait out the storm. >> oh, gosh. 6:31. time for more on that. let's check in with steve. buff been checking on the string of hurricanes rolling through. >> everyone is tired of it.
6:32 am
>> yeah. >> it may now be past san juan. it lost the radar side as you might imagine with 150 miles per hour winds. you can't place it anymore squarely than what it did, going right over puerto rico. some of that is category 4. wind gusts at 118 miles per hour. some of the rivers have just blasted past record levels. so storm surge, rainfall, wind damage continues here, once it exits puerto rico, it will go back out above warm water. there is a possibility it could track very similar to what jose just did and end up and the new england coast. breeze is picking u rain in
6:33 am
mendocino county. napa county, sonoma county, that should be the extent of it. this is not a strong system. 50s and 60s on the temp. best opportunity for rain tonight and that cool air settles in tomorrow. >> it's already cloudy. you are doubting me at 4:01. >> well, i want it to be not so hot. >> it will not be hot. >> thank you. that's all i really care about. this is a look at the commute approaching the richmond bridge. yes, you can see the clouds just like steve mentioned. the traffic is slow coming up from the toll plaza. driving on 80 westbound, going to be a 30-minute drive from the carquinez bridge. no major issues at the toll bridge. toll plaza, traffic is moving
6:34 am
on pretty well. i show you she is commutes, they are pretty routine. peninsula, though, does not look too bad. i'm looking around here, mountain view, san mateo, south city. this commute area does not start getting rolling really until later. at 6:34, back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. oakland firefighters are still at the scene of a deadly apartment building fire right near lake merritt. at least one person has died in that fire. ktvu's alex savidge joins us from the steen with more information. >> pam, good morning to you. the neighbors tell us that the man who tied is an elderly person who lived alone. you can see some smoke damage here on the outside of the
6:35 am
building. fire swept through this apartment early this morning and for some reason, that man was not able to escape the flames. he did not have enough time to get out. the fire started just before 4:00 this morning at the complex on fairmont avenue which is right near interstate 580 on the harrison street exit. oakland firefighters arrived here and found the victim on the floor of his apartment. firefighters were able to keep the fire contained to that one unit where the victim lived. we spoke to a neighbor who did not want to show her face on camera. she woke up, heard screaming and outside her apartment, she saw her neighbor on fire and yelling for help. >> i heard a lot of yelling, like muffled warning, not argument yelling. i opened the door and he was engulfed in flames.
6:36 am
i went to get my fire extinguisher and woke my mom up and told her to get out and went to try to put the fire out but it was too hot for me. >> reporter: the man, i'm told, was in his 70s and lived by himself. there was one other person who was treated for smoke inhalation, but everybody else was okay. firefighters are trying to investigate the cause of this fire, trying to figure out how it started andity was that this person was not able to escape the flames early this morning, whether they had enough warning to be able to get up and get out of their apartment building. obviously, they did not. that is part of the investigation that will be going on here. >> just a horrific story. thank you, alex, for that update. time is now 6:36.
6:37 am
today, president trump meets with world leaders. but his big speech is still being talked b especially what he said about north korea. doug luzader has more from washington. >> i think it went very well. i said what i had to say. >> reporter: president trump leaving his big speech at the united nations as the reviews were just coming in. he had taken the podium moments earlier delivering an address that did not mince words, especially when it came to north korea. >> the united states has great strength and patience but if it is forced to defend itself or its ally, we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. >> north korea's delegation at the speech amounted to ainge is something note taker but will north korean korean nguyen take note himself because president trump singled him out using a relatively new nickname.
6:38 am
>> rocket man will be isolated. >> no, sir unsurprisingly, pundits were split. >> he was right to do that but then using the term rocket man made it look like our relations with north korea is a video game but this is serious business. >> it is clear that one u.s. administration after another has failed to contain the threat. was this speech just more rhetoric and empty threats? that is a question that kim jong-un may very well be asking himself this morning. than was doug luzader reporting. the president's schedule includes meetings with the king of jordan, the president of the palestinian authority and the u.k. prime minister, theresa may. police castro valley investigating a hate crime, racist graffiti was found on school property.
6:39 am
graffiti and african american slurs were found. the person responsible may be under age. this is not the first time this year that castro valley unified school district has had to deal with something like this. >> we had another incident that also had very similar language written on a pole in a quad at the castro valley high school. and the language is similar. >> the sheriff's office is reviewing surveillance video to see if it can identify a suspect. they are asking anyone with any information about this case to please contact them. our time is now 6:39. a high school student from richmond was arrested, accused of bringing a gun to school. another student at deanza high school told officials he saw a student on campus with a gun. the school was placed on lockdown. that student was arrested after authorities found the
6:40 am
weapon. that student did not make any threat to school staff or the fellow classmates. a rookie sheriff deputy has now been fired by the san francisco sheriff. his gun was stolen from a rental car over the weekend, stolen from the trunk of a rental car. sheriff vickie henessey says that it appears that gun was not properly stored in a gun lock box which is required by department policy. now, a separate state law took effect this year requiring law enforcement officers to either secure their weapons in a lock box or in a trunk. >> perhaps, in firing this deputy, it sends a signal and a message that it won't be tolerated by the san francisco sheriff and their department. >> state senator jerry mill wrote that legislation following homicides in san francisco committed with guns stolen from federal agents including the deadly shooting of kate steinle in 2015. we'll update and overnight
6:41 am
fire. it happened in san francisco. coming up, the damage it was caused, the injuries and how many people are displaced this morning. also, up next, from studying defenses to researching dna. we're going to show you what is happening at levi stadium today. and amazon apologizing about a technical glitch. why many customers thought that something big was coming, in about nine months.
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two of the biggest phone companies might become one. t-mobile is exploring taking over sprint. this comes as the japanese company's ceo says they are open to a merger. companies have agreed, however, that t-mobile's chief executives would run are the combined company. time is now 6:44. a federal judge says that nfl concussion victims are being hit with deceptive practices. the judge overseeing the one billion dollars concussion settlement with former nfl players. she is worried about deceptive practices by claim service providers, lawyers, lenders and other groups who want a share of that money. at a hearing on tuesday, a lawyer said some former players are being targeted
6:45 am
with predatory practices by some of the entities charging the former players with fees or commissions. >> you can now download apple's latest updates to its mobile operating system, ios 11. the updates work on the iphone or ipad but nothing later than the iphone 6. it has a driving mode which turns off notifications while you are driving your car. and it lets you use apple pay by sending a simple imessage. a message from amazon may force some women to get a doctor's appointment. someone had purchased a gift from their babery registry, an announcement said. the problem is that they never had a gift ridge industry. the company has notified customers of the glitch. that can be quite shocking for
6:46 am
some people. >> what? we are having a baby. >> time is 6:45. let's check in with gasia. good morning, dave and pam. when i join here in a minute, all eyes on the federal reserve as the september meeting comes to a close. -the-fed is expected to -- the fed is expected to make an announcement on the policy. there could be some policy that could push up long term federal interest rates. and andrew bogut is heading back to southern california after a short stint with the warriors. time is 6:46. happening today, the 49ers are starting a new partnership with a biotech company. >> they are opening the first ever biotech installation in a football stadium. the niners are teaming up with
6:47 am
boston bay biotech company o origin 3, 3n putting on a dna and biotech station. it will give fans a chance to test their dna and contribute a small amount of blood to be used to help research. sal is watching all kind of things in our morning commute. how does it look now. >> we do have a crash, dave and pam on the way to the bay bridge. >> oh, that's too bad. >> that's not very good. >> northbound 880 on the connector ramp to westbound. we spot it here on the camera. you can see the fire department arriving on the scene. there are cars, trucks. there are some minor injuries. this is the ramp that heads to the bay bridge is so you know where we are. you can see that the bridge track is going to be slow. i can show you another way. here it is on the map.
6:48 am
it is on the ramp from the bay bridge. looks like the map didn't take. but it's on the ramp here and traffic is going to be slow. in fact, you can kind of see it here. the flashing lights are right there. if you use the bay bridge approach, go 580 to 980 instead. take a look at the san mateo bridge. you might want to do that. traffic is going to be moderately heavy going to the high-rise. this is a look at the commute here on 101 on the peninsula. looks pretty good. so when you get across the bay, 101 is not that slow yet. 6:48. let's bring steve in. >> thank you, sal. >> you ever' welcome, steve. >> cloudy skies already. now, we start off clear but the low clouds are already racing in and it will be a cooler day. some rain made it up into the mendocino county and some in lake county, sonoma county and northern napa county. 60s, 70s, coolest we have seen
6:49 am
since june 12th. this is coming out of the gulf of alaska. this system will continue to rotate in and this is will be the best opportunity for any rain here for a while because, after thursday, friday, high pressure will start to nose back in. not a lot with this system but for this time of the year, not too shabby here. main system up north. it will take a while to get there. we are taking some light rain, fort bragg, ukiah. it's getting closer here. as that system moves in, it's really ramping up the low cloud deck and that's spilling rapidly. 4:00, cloudy skies in santa rosa and clear in san jose. 50s, 60s, if you get a breeze there, you will be on the mild side. but the end result is a cool pattern here. everyone is pretty close us a
6:50 am
might imagine. generally favor west-northwest direction. 37 up in truckey. 51 reno if you are heading up to the mountains, even shasta, tahoe, the earlier you go, the better. snow is possible. i have been down to 6500 to 6000 feet. if you have to go -- i must, i must -- then you will have some snow advisory as low as 6000 feet. the coldest air will arrive tomorrow morning. again, there is not a lot with this. as it moves south, that will be tonight. the cold air will settle in tomorrow morning and that wind will make it a cool and windy day as we head towards the weekend. first day of fall on friday. 60s and 70s. that's going to do it. no 80s here on the panel at all. in fact, i think under mostly cloudy skies, immunity even be overshooting some of these.
6:51 am
there might be a day where we'll see 60s and 70s. chilly friday morning and slow warming into the weekend. >> all right. thank you, steve. >> 6:51 is the time right now. keeping your car safe in san francisco. coming up in minutes, the three proposals that could cut down on the number of car break-ins. and renaming a san francisco landmark. why critics say it's time to consider changes to justin hermann plaza.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm going to show you something incredible. sky fox 2 spotted a whale yesterday swimming between the golden gate bridge and alcatraz just before noon. the whale appeared to be healthy and not in distress. that is good news. just taking a cruise around the bay. san francisco supervisors considering proposals to cut the number of car break-ins city. concerns have grown, especially with thieves breaking into rental cars. one of the proposals is having a police officer from each station dedicated to property crime, including car break-ins and a requirement for car rental companies to warn people about auto burglaries and want to ban auto rental companies from using bar codes or
6:55 am
markings that make them easily identifiable as rentals. the world health organization is warning that the world is running out of antibiotics. the u.n. health agency says there are not enough new ones being developed, especially for the most concerning antibiotic concerning infections. antimicrobial resistance will seriously jeopardize progress in modern medicine. without more monday knee research and development, we will be back into a time where people risk their lives from minor surgery. there are signs of progress in the fight against aids. there is a decline in cases last year. the number of hiv cases dropped to a record low of 223. that is a dramatic change from the record high in 1992 of more than 2,000 cases. but there is a big area of
6:56 am
concern. 13% of new cases are homeless people. new medicines have helped prevent infections but homeless patients pose different challenges. >> where do people put that medication if you're homeless? where do you stash -- where is your place that is safe that you can put it? >> san francisco general hospital is trying a new approach with homeless patients. instead of handing out medicine, they're trying to get people to come in every day for treatment. a federal appeals court blocked a san francisco law that requires a health warning on ads for sugary drinks. the 9th circuit of the court of appeals warned that the labels are misleading and may violate freedom of speech. the court says the warping is misleading because it is not
6:57 am
required on other ads with the same amount of sugar. he said, quote, i wrote this health warning to protect kids' health. apparently free speech trumps our children. the time is 6:57. a group of oakland business owners rallied yesterday against a proposed stadium near laney college. they called themselves the stay the right coalition. they are against the plan to build the stadium west of lake merritt, between interstate 880 and 8th street. they say a ballpark at that site could hurt lake merritt, cause even more traffic jams and make housing problems worse. >> when you come into the community and you displace thousands of people from their homes, change the character of the -- the home and neighborhoods that they live in, you are attacking that neighborhood.
6:58 am
>> however, several other local business groups, including the oakland chamber of commerce and the oakland rotary club say the economic benefits of a new stadium in oakland are too valuable to pass up. san francisco's board of supervisors encouraging the city's recreation and parks department to change the name of a popular gathering place. justin herman plaza. he says it's not to dishonor justin herman but the urban renewal carried out is looked at as a destruction of japanese and african-american communities. there was online petition to rename the plaza and has more than 14,000 signatures. >> two names that i had suggested was maya angelou.
6:59 am
and he actually photographed the fillmore district, that justin herman displaced. >> the resolution calls for the current name to be removed immediately and for the city to refer to the area as the embarcadero plaza. then the public will have a chance to suggest a permanent name. the recreation and parks department will take up the idea at its meeting next month. the search for survivors continues this morning after another massive earthquake hits mexico. the damage left behind, the rising death toll after that 7.1 earthquake. also one person died early this morning in an apartment fire in oakland. we will tell you why neighbors believe the victim was not able to get out in time. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> a buzz wednesday morning already. september 20th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. we're talking about your
7:00 am
wednesday morning weather. steve paulson can talk all day on this. >> a lot to discuss. we will focus on ours right now. on the mild side. might be getting a south breeze and the low clouds. the cooler weather is on the way. it won't arrive until later on. the mostly cloudies have moved in in advance of the systems. 60s, 70s and 70s. one of the coolest that we have seen in quite some time. rain up in mendocino county. this will continue to move in throughout the day and giving us cloudy, mostly cloudy skies. the cold air doesn't arrive until tomorrow morning or late tonight. there is a possibility of light rain with this system. santa rosa and calistoga north. drizzle on the coast. as the low clouds are moving in quick now. they weren't there a couple hours ago. mild because of the breeze in advance of it. in advance of the front. once that goes through, the cold northwest will kick in.


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