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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 21, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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at the san francisco bay bridge, early in the morning, open your eyes and turn on channel 2, and this is what you see. good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2 on this thursday, september 21. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. it is 4:30 am. it looks pretty clear out there. >> i showed you the lightning strikes on my phone. we need to post that or something. >> i will share that. it is cool. it is not fake. we did not have fake rain yesterday, the real stuff. out of the gate with .08 in pacifica, and half moon bay at .04.
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still shower activity coming down from the northwest. it looks like it will go parallel to the coast unless it decides to take a turn, and right now it is staying offshore. the cold air is coming in, and it will give us a very cool day with water temperatures continuing to come down. if it were not for that breeze we would be even cooler which will translate into tomorrow. pacifica 53, 58 san carlos, stanford at 54. west, north and northwest, you get the idea, it will be breezy and windy for some. that system is still producing rain and snow moving down central sierra and southern share. -- sierra. 60s and 70s, when get times, warmer into the weekend. it is 4:31 am. i do like that graph that
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says thursday, friday and saturday. very gradual. graphs are good. let's take a look at the butte at solano county, westbound 80, vacaville, fairfield, cordia, not a bad commute. i will not say it is not a slow commute because that would be assigning value judgment but it is a 60 minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze. that is a decent time for that stretch if you are on a schedule. the bay bridge toll plaza is lightly traveled into san francisco. it is 4:32 am. the trump administration is facing a lawsuit from the california attorney general, and the lawsuit is seeking to halt construction of the proposed border wall. >> reporter: no one gets to ignore the laws.>> not even the
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president of the united states. >> reporter: the california attorney general is suing the trump administration to stop the construction of the wall on the us-mexico border. he alleges the federal government is overstepping its authority by waiving the environmental reviews and other laws, and the suit contends the government's power to weight certain environmental laws to expedite border security expired in 2008. >> we want to protect the ordinary american thing californians that were card from arbitrary decisions, including those that are arbitrary by the president of the united states. >> clearly the attorney general understand how devastating the impact will be >> reporter: the manager of the sierra club based in oakland filed a similar lawsuit with other advocacy groups, defenders of wildlife and the legal defense fund. she says this would impact the tijuana river estuary, the wilderness area, the california coast and
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a number of state parks and it specifically targets at 15 mile streak in san diego where eight border wall prototypes are constructed and the three mile stretch in mexico. >> we want the department of homeland security to comply with the decades-old federal protections, lost that have been on the book since the 70s, clean air act, endangered species act and clean water act.>> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions said he expects to win the legal battle saying "united states government has the control of that border and responsibility to secure it.">> the legal victory could apply to the entire border from california to texas and it will likely be heard in front of one federal judge. ktvu fox 2 news. it is 4:34 am. san francisco and oakland are suing five of the world's
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biggest oil and gas companies for the effects of climate change and the cost of building seawalls and other infrastructure to protect against the climate change targeting chevron, exxon mobil, conoco phillips, bp and shell. it says they ignored the warning of catastrophic global warming and discrediting it by discrediting the climate change. they say they are a public nuisance. >> they were aware of the risk that the products posed to the planet and decided to continue the massive production of fossil fuels. >> at least two other california counties and one city have filed similar lawsuits and chevron says it welcomes the attempt to address climate change but that these lawsuits don't do that. the other oil companies have not yet commented. the california judge said the state attorney general
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description to repeal the gas tax is misleading and the superior court judge said that the ballot title focuses on eliminating road repair funding instead of clearly stating that the bill would repeal the new gas taxes and other fees. and april lawmakers voted to boost the gas taxes and other fees beginning november 1 to raise $5 billion a year's rope prepare -- a year for rope prepare -- road repair. a man was attacked on the muni tuesday night at 11:00 and the bus was stopped at mission and geneva. the 28-year-old victim was getting off the bus when two men began to punch him for no apparent reason. >> it does not seem, based on the initial report, something targeted. we don't know what the motive of the suspects were but they had something in mind by attacking the victim. nothing was taken, not a robbery. >> the victim was treated for
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minor injuries at the hospital and released. the police are hoping there is surveillance video from a camera in the area of the attack and they want to hear from anyone that was of witness. the san francisco police are hoping new surveillance video would help find the man that killed the popular oakland high school teacher and bring the family closure.>> we just want this to be resolved so that the community a little more safe than it is right now. >> ,31 carload detail -- 31 year old carlo tatao was shot to death outside of a market and they are releasing photos of some people called persons of interest.>> at the time of the incident two suspects begin to harass the female members of
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the group and carlo asked them to stop bothering the females and asked them to move along. without provocation a suspect produced a firearm and shot him. >> the police and the family hope someone will recognize the woman and two men in the video and come forward. it is 4:38 am. san francisco department heads were chastising connection with the death of three elderly people during that record heat wave earlier in the month. the board of supervisors wanting to know why there was not more done before the heat wave began. the supervisor criticized the department of public health and emergency management for not opening the cooling centers until the second day of the heat wave. he also said that the public campaign to tell people how to cope with the heat was limited to the online media where the older residents may not spend
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much time. the deadly 7.1 magnitude earthquake in mexico is raising big concerns about the safety of the homes and buildings in the bay area. last friday was the deadline for the owners of about 3500 buildings in san francisco to submit plans to bring the buildings up to code. there are still hundreds of owners of the multi family apartment buildings that have not reinforced the so-called lower soft stories of the properties to prevent a pancake collapse. that is what we saw in the last earthquake.>> any apartment building that is over 15 units. >> letters will be placed on the front of the buildings that have not been retrofitted warning the tenants that the building is not earthquake safe. the tenants could possibly sue for failure to meet the safety codes and the owners will be summoned to explain why they have not complied. after that the city attorney
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can sue to have the building red tagged against occupation and also put a lien on the property. with that the owner cannot sell or borrow against the building. the ultimate penalty could be tearing down the building. researchers at the largest earthquake laboratory the world said they have created and successfully tested a way to keep bridges safer during the large earthquakes and scientists at the university of nevada at reno created a new way to connect sections of bridges made with ultra high performance concrete and they tested the pieces on a shake table in the lab yesterday that simulated the violent motions of a strong earthquake on the 100 ton bridge model. the researchers said the connectors worked better than they expected.>> earthquakes themselves don't kill the people but it is the structures. the connections mean a lot in this project. it could be used during a war or earthquake.>>
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the scientists say with new connectors even when the bridges are damaged by powerful earthquakes it will take less time to repair them. it is 4:41 am. there is a new problem with the apple watch 3, the ability to connect, the units are beginning to chip out now. good morning. if you're driving on the roads anytime soon it is a nice looking drive on the golden gate bridge heading south into san francisco. san francisco. if you want to take an early morning hike up at mount tam or diablo, it is in the 40s and cool.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 4:43 am. there's a warning about a scam if you use netflix, and they get an email with what looks like customer support. it says your counter on hold due to a problem with your most recent payment. you can click on the link and putting your bank information and clear up the problem. it is all fake. the scammers are using it to get the bank account information and experts say to get an email from netflix, do not use that click through blank and instead go to the page and log into your account as usual. you can find out if there really is a problem. apple is confirming the new series 3 watch good have problems placing and receiving calls and texting. the problem has to do with the handoff between the cellular data in the wi-fi.
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the company says they're working on a fix and the watches are due to ship tomorrow. for now users can get around the problem by directing the phone to "forget the wi-fi network." the city of san francisco is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first women to join the fire department. mike mibach met with the lieutenant sheila hunter that was part of the first group of the female trail blazers.>> reporter: station 33 san francisco. it is a small house, a big heart and a lot of laughs. sheila hunter is one of the first women in the san francisco fire department. >> i think back on it, but we will have to stop because we have a call. let's go.>> reporter: just like that.
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>> we are off. >> reporter: from the interview to the engine 33 to help a man in need. >> copy, thank you. >> reporter: 1987, two academies and seven women known as the feinstein's finest, and feinstein was a mayor at the time. sheila hunter was one of the first seven and the only african-american woman at the department at the time in says that the shifts were long and lonely. there were times that some of these men clearly wanted her out.>> outside of one memorable time where a group of the guys said we don't think you should be here because we don't think you can do the job, and along those lines. i said okay, i will show you. >> reporter: 30 years later lieutenant hunter says she continually has to prove
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herself but now she has a lot more support. >> she is done well. we have worked many fires together and she is a good person to work with. >> she led the way for the women in this department and in many departments around the country, and that is something to be proud of. >> whether you are bum on the street or the richest person in the town, she treats you the same way, and that is what she taught me. it is an honor and pleasure to work for her. >> reporter: what would be a piece of advice? >> be yourself. i am a shy person. i probably would have pursued advancement a little more aggressively than what i did. >> reporter: her husband and daughter are also in the department, and the mother and daughter combo recently worked the same shift at 33, a special moment. so is this photo, 272 uniformed women working in the san
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francisco fire department.>> when the picture was taken at the crissy field, at one point i stopped and looked around and i took it all in. i was instrumental in saving this, paving the way for these women we see out here. it was touching. >> reporter: her advice to young women that want to become a firefighter, there will be highs and lows, but in the end, go for it, and strive always to attain your goal. mike mibach, ktvu fox 2 news. >> bravo. >> i am surprised that was 1987 and i would have guessed much earlier. it is 4:48 am. good morning. let's start off in the altamont pass on 580 westbound. as you drive on 580 and 205, we now
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have slow traffic on the altamont pass. once you make it to livermore or starting livermore it looks pretty good. note trouble on the side roads in the area. looking at interstate 880 in oakland, you can see traffic is moving nicely to the bay bridge toll plaza. it is light traffic so far so this is an opportunity to take advantage of this is in commute at the moment. it is 4:49 am. we have a cool forecast. the system yesterday brought in some rain, .08 west hayward and pacifica, and a lot of .02 through .04 but still holding together. it has moved south of us to produce precipitation in the sierra, nevada but rotating down from the northwest but mostly offshore. they are far enough away that it looks like they will go parallel to the coast with most of that energy swinging away
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from us but the cool air is filtering in. lakeport 49, santa rosa 49 and napa airport 51. compared to 24 hours ago some down by 10, and santa rosa down by 9. it is cooler. gilroy at 50, 50s with a few upper 40s and mid 50s at campbell and cupertino. a little bit of a cool and breezy pattern with wind gusting at 20th the half moon bay and mount tam at 38 miles an hour with mount diablo at 27 miles an hour and 40 degrees. the cool air has made it. 44 -- 34 and ukiah with a chill in the air with mainly rain going through. that is not done yet as it is hanging around with a few morning showers before it clears out. that system producing
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precipitation down through central and southern california into the sierra. this is a very cool pattern for this time of the year. this is the last full day of summer and the cool estate with the wind picking up at times, warmer in the weekend. we will be back into the 80s, and today it is 60s and 70s. a good 5 to 10 degrees below average for most locations with the north wind giving santa rosa 76. chilly tomorrow morning with gradually warming into a nice fall weekend.>> does pam need to grab her sweater question mark>> she is already here but she may want to. >> it is that time of the year to start bringing out the layers . it is 4:51 am. two california schools are recognized for their efforts and we have the details coming up next.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 4:54 am. the 49ers are hosting the la rams, the division rival at the levi's stadium and jared goff from the rams will be coming to the bay area to play the 49ers on thursday night football. the 49ers want to win the first game of the new season and score the first touchdown of the new season. earlier this week the quarterback brian hoyer talked
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about getting ready to play on this short we. >> on a short week, we have experience getting the plan we will feel comfortable with and we only have today and the rest of tomorrow to put it in, walked through it and get out and play on thursday night. >> the last three victories have come against the rams and tonight's game starts at 5:25 pm at the levi's stadium. the giants won 4-0. joe panik still hot at the plate despite the record and one home run shy of the cycle three hits including this triple and scored twice. brandon crawford adding one home run in the 3rd inning and matt moore pitched six scoreless innings before turning the game over to the bullpen and the giants took it, 4-0. the oakland a's swept the tigers beating them 3-2. there were back-to-back doubles from
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marcus simeon and maxwell. daniel mendon hit seven scoreless innings and the a's took it. days will start the week in series with the rangers tomorrow at the oakland coliseum. stanford university and uc davis on the list of the top 10 green colleges in the u.s. stanford came in at number nine on the list compiled by the princeton review. the recycling program diverts 65% of the solid waste from the landfills and uc davis came in number 10 for the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and using bikes on the campus. number one is the college of atlantic in bar harbor, maine, focusing on providing local inorganic food to the students and staff and has a solar charger open to the public for free. it is 4:56 am. we have new details about the plan for the free speech week at uc berkeley and we will
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tell you the speakers that have been confirmed and how the campus is getting ready. good morning. traffic is off to a nice start if you're driving on the bay bridge into san francisco. we will tell you more about the delay at the toll plaza. not much rain but a little bit. we had good rain and snow in the sierra and it is a winter weather advisory up there, and we take a look at that coming up. keep your hair strong against hot styling tools...
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good morning. nervousness and fear in the bay area with people waiting to hear about the fate of their loved ones in mexico after the 7.1 earthquake devastated mexico city. we have the latest on the rescue efforts. hurricane maria in strengthening as it pulls away from puerto rico, and we take a look at the devastation left behind as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. if you missed it earlier we want to show you the shot again because this is so pretty. it looks like christmas out there.>> it actually does. >> you can see the east bay, san francisco and the bay
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bridge. >> the chamber of commerce could use that picture. clear and mild out there. it is september 21, i am pam cook. >> good morning, i am dave clark. let's check in with steve paulson to get you going on this thursday morning. >> it is pretty cool, and speaking of cool, the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory in the sierra. this is very early in the season and mainly at the donner pass or anywhere above 7000 feet for 3 to 6 inches of snow from 8 am through 11 pm. i will ask them when is the last time they issued one of these in the summer but probably not that long ago because we have short-term weather memory. we could see thunder storms later this afternoon but not a lot of moisture, but they will get a lift with that cold air moving in, and continuing to move in through the noon. we


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