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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 25, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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says the first robbery happened around four clock sunday morning at the toll plaza. two men rolled up in a mercedes. man sitting in the backseat pointed a gun and said give me the money. the robber flood with more than $1000. they say hours later before 3:00 p.m. sunday the same car pulled up to the bay bridge toll plaza. this time it was the driver that robbed him. >> they are shaken up. anybody would be if you have a gun been -- be pointed in your direction. that is why we definitely take these as seriously as possible. >> reporter: they are monitored by cameras. >> reporter: anybody that point a gun and demands money can be dangerous people. that is why we want to put forth all of our resources and technology to investigate.
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>> reporter: some say getting robbed is a occupational hazard like working as a bank teller. >> it is not scary. it can happen anywhere. >> reporter: they had been warned about the car and the robbers. if you have information, call the chp. have a dozen cars were destroyed this afternoon in a fire at auto body shop are good happened at kings road in san jose. the fire started about 1:00 p.m. this afternoon and turned into billowing flames. few people were evacuated because of the smoke but fired crews kept the flames from spreading. no one was injured but a total
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of six cars were burned and the cause is still under investigation. now to the boiling tensions between the u.s. and north korea. today the foreign minister said president trump's latest tour statement is a declaration of war. he also said his rhetoric gives them the right to retaliate and that all options are on the table. the tweet reference the foreign minister's address at the united nations a he echoes the thoughts of little rocket man they will not be around much longer. christina is following this tonight. >> reporter: he issued those comments this morning while speaking with reporters in new york and it follows a general assembly meeting and intensified the exchanges between the u.s. and north korea. he claims that the u.s. is the aggressor.
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he ordered that the un charter stipulates the right to self- defense. tensions is elevated following north korea's refusal to comply with international sanctions. he carried out his six and largest test earlier this month and is threatened to test an h- bomb over the pacific ocean. the north koreans claimed they have the right to shoot down u.s. planes. >> we will have every right to make common measures. >> we have not declared war on north korea and the suggestion of that is absurd. >> reporter: they do not appear to be backing down anytime soon . a pentagon official says the u.s. has a right to fly in
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international airspace. this is a day after president trump made strict travel ban issues. officials testified before the dhs back in june that they have notified all states that have their internet security compromised. alex padilla now says dhs informed them that russian entities scanned california system. they said it is unacceptable that it took more than a year to release the information even if no breach occurred. >> my job is to see what worked in 2016 but expect them to keep trying in 2018 and did tax to become more sophisticated. >> they hope the federal
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government will help save funding to tighten up the security. a protest on the pro football field is continuing tonight a short time ago the dallas cowboys took a knee before their monday night game against the arizona cardinals. the owner join his players in kneeling. both stood with their arms linked. the other teams had similar protests after president donald trump lashed out at players. president donald trump turned to twitter to push back against suggestions that -- for them to be fired. it says it has nothing to do with race. nfl must respect this.
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tom brady called the presidential marks dutch remarks divisive. he said everyone has a right to do whatever they want to do if you don't agree, that is fine. you can voice your disagreements. it is part of our democracy as long as it's done in a peaceful, respectable way. lebron james said that he supports the players protest in the nfl and continue to criticize the president. >> i'm not going to let one individual no matter the power, no matter the impact that he should have ever used for as a platform to divide us. >> he said he had no regrets about his tweet calling the president a bum to just inviting steph curry to the
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white house. protesters rallied today even though the free speech week was called off. the protesters even took over a building for a brief time today. >> reporter: it was the anti- fascist groups and the supporters demonstrating on the campus. after an hour of speeches a small group of protesters marching into an academic building and staged a sit in. a spokesman said a protester pulled a fire alarm. it remained closed for an hour until police got them to leave peacefully. they said they will be investigating the pulling of the alarm. protesters say even though they succeeded in shutting down the rally, they still wanted to
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make a point. >> i think we need much more civil disobedience and disruption in this country. >> reporter: some classes were canceled. >> it's a little annoying. >> reporter: he said he didn't understand the purpose of the demonstration. four these groups want to make a point even though they vardy shut down free speech.>> police reported one arrest. security is costing $800,000. coming up it's not the first time it's happened, this time two guns taken from an officer's car in the search for who has the guns. as tension runs high on capitol hill as
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protesters are cleared from the hearing with the deadline on healthcare. a red flag warning for the next 48 hours that means it's going to be warm in your neighborhood. i will let you know how warm.
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work on stolen from a police officer's car after robbery in oakland.
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we learned the officer was from out of town here to help with the protest. we have confirmed a gun was a service revolver and the other was his personal gun. the break-in took place at a diner not far from oakland airport.>> reporter: at the black bear diner police just a white suburban for fingerprints. they say they smashed a side window stealing two handguns from a off-duty police officer. >> i think that everybody needs to be aware of the environment. >> reporter: the officer was driving a city-owned suv and out of his element. >> reporter: they say they will be reviewing footage from two security cameras. we did have a chance to speak to some employees that did not want to go on camera but they say they have frequently seen -- thieves break into cars.
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>> i'm kind of nervous so i'm in and out really fast. i want to make sure that my son is safe. >> reporter: a state senator introduced a bill that governor browned signed into law in 2016 that requires law enforcement officers to lock up guns left in unattended vehicles. the penalty is $1000 and unclear how the officer had his weapon stored. >> locked it up so nobody can get to it. >> reporter: it seems like common sense to olivia but last week and off-duty sheriff's deputy was fired when someone took his unlocked service weapon from a parked rental car. a rescue worker who with his life to save a boater was on it today with california's highest public safety award. jerry brown and hubwire presented david wilson with the public safety medal of valor at
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the state capital. he is a lifeguard with the oceanside fire department. last year he came to the aid of a man who spoke crashed into the harbor. the victim was trapped between two large boulders and he worked to free him from the rocks by diving underneath powerful ways. >> you just have to have that pattern of thinking and of unconscious thinking where your whole portal being response and ask. we see that in war and in this case. >> a board made up of law enforcement officers reviews nominations for the metal of valor. the award is given out once a year. >> beautiful fall like they out there. high pressure. you can see the firehose and it drops down.
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these are the upper level winds but down here at the surface you can see some of it being pulled in that direction. that is the general circulation. when you see that you know you are going to have a warm run down . this is classic fall. right now we've got temperatures that are running in the 80s. 87 fairfield and tomorrow we will start tapping into some low 90s. the microclimate is not really in play. it is 80 in napa, 81 san jose so it's just six degrees difference between concord and san jose. you don't see any fog. that is
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part of the golden gate park and you can see that panhandle. beautiful shot there. up in the northbay -- the winds are going to be more robust and the humidity is pretty rough. that is for tomorrow. tomorrow will be like today and a little bit warmer. things do change. i will have all that when i see you next. high drama and capitol hill where police were called into clear protesters from a hearing on healthcare. this is susan collins and confirmed that she cannot support a last-ditch effort to repeal obama care. joe walton is in washington tonight echo right now looks like the don't have any votes. >> reporter: that is exactly it. there are over 180 arrest.
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democrats are calling this trump care three point no -- 3.0. it appears like it's on life support. they are still pushing for a repeal and replace of obamacare. it is still being met with resistance. >> we are continuing to push forward. we know we can't live with the obamacare status quo. so were hoping that this moves forward. >> reporter: the finance committee holding a hearing to discuss the bill. >> everybody opposing this is a big winner of obamacare. >> this bill is a healthcare lyman. a disaster in the
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making. the fact that it's the last repeal bill standing doesn't make it okay. >> reporter: protesters in wheelchairs delaying the start of that meeting. democrats meanwhile rowling with planned parenthood today are doing the bill is hard on the women and children. >> it's not only immoral, it is insulting and out of touch with the very real and pressing needs that regular americans face every day. >> reporter: today the budget office releasing a score in the bill seen by some as less than favorable. >> reporter: the numbers have scored it and they show it would reduce the budget deficit i $133 billion. it would also reduce the number of those covered and ensured by millions. >> if it goes down to the
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people and they don't have a vote what happens then? >> reporter: it just dies although we've heard this before it happened once before. president donald trump let his lawmakers know that he was not please. he is softening the blow this time saying that he understands that there are issues. susan collins the latest republican senator who came out against the bill said she had a cordial talk with president donald trump today. we have not heard much of that when it comes to obamacare repeal, president donald trump has been coming down fairly hard on the lawmakers. it appears this time he might be ready for it.>> thank you. the trouble ministration announces new travel restrictions. coming up what is change and
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additional countries that are now affected. northern california makes history on the field. mark will tell us about that a bit later in sports. a warning by police after armed robberies. of next the search for the two robbers.
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two police officers were injured today when suv collided with another vehicle. the crash happened this morning on high street and international boulevard. the two officers were racing to help a police sergeant what pulled over a shooting suspect and that is when they collided with the car blocks away from the traffic stop. >> the sergeant had stopped the vehicle that was suspected to be involved in a shooting incident. officers responded code 3 to cover the sergeant. i'm glad that the civilian is okay and the officers are going to be fine.>> they say the driver of the car involved had no ties to the shooting. police leader may two arrest and that shooting. police are asking for the public's help in their search for two armed robbers. they believe this couple is responsible for four armed
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robberies and four south bay cities on september 8. police say in all four crimes they demanded money from their victims as they used atms outside of things and businesses. i handgun was spotted and one others holdups. coopers new ceo is responding to the decision to pull the operating license. they say uber got things wrong along the way. it comes after the transportation agency that they would not renew the license when it expires. they come from the company will appeal the decision in london but will do so with the knowledge that it must also change. amazon is looking to expand their delivery service. it's only a matter time before meals are delivered right to your front door. amazon is partnering with a company that supplies digital
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ordering to more than 200 popular restaurants. under the partnership deliveries will be carried out by amazon after they process the order. the service will only be available to amazon prime members. is the third one in eight months the trouble ministration has issued another travel ban. the three new countries on the list and what the u.s. supreme court may do.
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the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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police are searching for armed robbers who targeted tollbooths yesterday. it happened at 4:00 a.m. at the carquinez bridge and they struck again at the bay bridge before 3:00 p.m. these are teachers of the car involved. it is a black mercedes with carmax paper plates and distinctive chrome accents. a dallas cowboys took a knee before the game against the arizona cardinals. the owner joined the players. it was the latest protest in response to president trump's remarks calling or nfl owners to fire players who take a knee. today president donald trump
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turned to twitter to push back against suggestions that it was racially motivated. north korea is threatening to shoot down warplanes after a declaration of war by president donald trump. he had tweeted that kim jong-un and his foreign minister wouldn't be around much longer. the press secretary said the idea is absurd. tensions have grown over north korea's nuclear weapon program and a threat to test a hydrogen bomb. you're watching ktvu news at 6:30 pm. >> unclear is what the u.s. supreme court intent to do. >> reporter: the administration issued another travel ban its third in eight months. >> the travel ban, the tougher the better.
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>> reporter: they depend on how much that government according to the u.s. they take effect october 18. new to the list that as well a, asia, north korea and africa still on the list i ran libyan and somalia. >> they say they met new security requirements and the order identifies iraq security as inadequate. the order recommends additional screening for iraqis try to travel to the u.s. >> we will continue to make sure that anyone coming in to the u.s. is not represent a threat to our family. >> reporter: this order has no expiration. countries can work with the u.s. to improve the security and they will consider removing them from the list. official says some of the countries are coordinating with the u.s. others are unlikely to. >> this is an on human
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irrelevant action which is being done by the u.s. administration and the new president. they were scheduled to hear oral arguments next month. with this modified order the court has removed those arguments from the calendar. they want both sides to weigh in. the american simply -- the latest version and includes -- this is an apparent effort to paper over the original sin of the muslim ban. as this issue returns it may ultimately be up to justices to decide the authority on immigration and national security. >> for more on this development we are joined by a law
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professor. why did the administration decide to expand the travel ban now? >> they need to do something because the six-month period was going to expire. so really at the last moment they issued this new guidance with regard to the country. they did it so that they wouldn't have a space between. >> the director said president trump's original ban on muslims -- >> you can look at the list and say yes, they've added non- muslim countries but they added an additional one and north korea is not a place that is sending tons of people to the united states. venezuela was only looking at u.s. officials and their families.
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they are unlikely to be threats and the argument is this is just to dress up the rest of the band. -- ban. some of the concerns that were raised with to say doesn't mean that just because they said things that could've been ill considered that he can never deal with these countries and never take action to protect us? you have to look at it from the other side. a place up this issue of will the president ever be able to get the scarlet off of his lapel ? >> why are the restrictions different for each country.>> the claim is that they looked at these different countries and these are countries where we can be sure that their process would quite fit in.
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the rest of it seems a bit willing. so why is it if iran is such a dangerous place that students can come if anything you might worry about younger people doing something and those grandmothers that we were talking about they will be able to come. why should officials from venezuela not be allowed to come into the country? it does feel a bit haphazard the way it's been thrown together. >> so in terms of families had as his version of such families? >> with some we had this dispute about how close to you and family members have to be. with several of these countries that's going to be out. until this new order went into effect or will go into effect
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family members who are close enough would be able to bring in other family members to visit. now they will be limited in that specific interest to students so if you want to visit your family in los angeles, you're not going to be able to do that. you're going to have to have a specific connection to the u.s. to come in.>> word to san francisco from here?>> the supreme court has to decide what to do with the case. it took the case off calendar this afternoon. the u.s. government advise the supreme court with this new order and asked for a very expedited briefing schedule because they were supposed to hear the case two weeks from tomorrow they said it is fine on your schedule but we are taking this off the counter. looks like the supreme court would like a reason to pump this back to the lower courts
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to say there is no need to decide the case right now and to let things take the course down below in the lower courts and see if anybody wants to challenge this new order and then have it come up so we are dealing with the specific order that is in place not with orders that are been superseded by the -- new one. we are breaking news right now and officer riding a motorcycle has crashed. your looking at live pictures. it happened on highway 37 near sears point. live pictures right now from sky five. >> they say the officer is okay and only received minor injuries. so far no reason for the crash has been determined. we are working to try to get more information and will bring it to but a motorcycle officer has crashed but suffered only minor injuries. some traffic is
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affected by all of this in that area. so keep that in mind if you are traveling through the area. coming up 60 years after the school segregation why members are blaming -- what members are blaming for the lack of progress. a place of worship comes under fire after sunday services.
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the fbi says it is open to civil rights investigation into sunday's shooting at a church in tennessee. woman was killed and seven wounded after police say emmanuel samson opened fire at burnett church of christ in tennessee about 45 miles northeast of nashville. and immigrant is charged with murder and attempted murder. please say i measure confronted him who shot himself as the two struggled over the weapon. >> the guy came from the right side of the church and he was shooting. he came through the middle and shooting more. >> reporter: the motive remains unclear but several strange posted appear on his facebook page. his first court appearance is wednesday. little rock central high school in little rock arkansas
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celebrating 60 years since desegregation. the school have the ceremony with bill clinton. joining him on stage the eight living members of the little rock nine. a group of african-american students that had to be escorted when they are rolled. members commented on the need for activism today. legalized segregation and did long ago, they said few white and minority students share a classroom today. some critics are blaming the recent increase of charter schools for the lack of progress. still to come the latest on rescue efforts in mexico. the latest a family desperately cling to hope that their loved ones will be found alive. temperatures up in the 80s and even low 90s with a red
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the search for survivors continues in central mexico. the death toll has now gone up to 324 as the massive search and rescue operations continue. is sick story building collapsed and crumbled 60s ago.
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mexican disaster team said the danger from the quake is far from over. as many as 360 buildings are still in danger of collapsing? --. >> let's take a check of our weather. bill is in the weather center where it's feeling like fall. >> we are starting to see some leaves come off the trees. overnight lows not as cold but the daytime highs are getting up there. temperatures warming and tomorrow will be slightly warmer and wednesday about the same or less. it's going to be 80s and 90s inland and 70s and 80s around the bay and 70s co-side. the high pressure ridge says set up and it's very typical for this time. it's kind of unusual. water temperatures are pretty warm and usually in late september we
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have just a dose of fog. we don't really see that. i mean a big marine layer sitting offshore that is from point conception and it is not there. if you don't have fog there, you will send us into an early fall. quiet week and warm weather around the bay and mid 80s and low 90s inland. not going to be crazy hot but we do have that red flag warning in effect for the northbay hills and east bay hills. it's mostly for low humidities and not so much for the heat but the winds that could be generated because it sinks off the high and it gets pushed
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into the canyons and he gets fondled. it is something called the interior affect. we will have gusty winds. red flag warnings through wednesday. nice-looking week ahead and we are kind of keeping our fingers crossed. hopefully we can get some rain in here. amazon is looking for a home to build their second headquarters and the bay area is trying to get that bit. tom says a city has a spot already picked for the development. four it is a conquered sight to behold and behold rhymes with gold. the city of concord has partnered up with fremont and
6:48 pm
san francisco to bid on the proposed second headquarters for online giant amazon. time is of the essence because amazon has stated that they want the proposals in its hands by october 19. the reason for the bid is amazon wants only one bid for metropolitan area so cities are cornering -- coordinating their efforts. >> the bay area has many terrific locations along the transit system mainly part which there are sites for amazon headquarters. >> reporter: over the weekend concord was talking to a local newspaper about what they think is a perfect site. the 5000 acre naval weapon site and today the city decided not
6:49 pm
to talk anymore. it is not only close to the weapon station it is literally just across the street. oakland international airport close by and access to the bay area high technology centers and a highly skilled workforce and location that would not force employees to face the congestive commute. there is room right here to build a whole lot of housing. many amazon headquarters workers might have counter commutes to work. other sites could be considered as well. >> the partner cities that we are working was so far and that may expand. >> reporter: make no mistake the critical issues are congestion and housing prices.
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balance against the prospects of some of the nation's best educated and talented tech employees. still to come aaron broke another rookie record today. >> mark will have all the details coming up next in sports.
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i don't think a lot of people saw this one coming. >> if you're going to lose your first game -- every facet of their game down the tubes last night. you would've figured the raiders will be totally up for it but instead they seem to come unglued from the very first start. marshawn lynch never got on track. they just looked a little off to say the least. derek carr so good and the first game. he was sacked four times. there were drop pass is like that and cooper did not have a good game at all. nothing is working and jacked l
6:54 pm
rio confirms that today. >> it just one of those days. it's an opportunity to learn and recognize what went on. there were several moments in the game where we had a chance to claw our way back into it and each time we had something come up that made those possibilities. we are dealing with dad. we will move on. >> after a long late nine cross country fight. that is rookie record for most homeruns of the season and it went away like this. >> going leftfield and looking up. home run number 50. no rookie
6:55 pm
has ever hit 50 home runs in a season. >> aaron judge of the yankees beat mark mcguire's record. he had two home runs today. he is a goliath and recovering from a second-half slump and back at it today. they are going to the postseason. meantime the warriors had their media day last friday. the cavaliers have theirs today and there is a site you will not be seeing this year. that would be lebron james and kari irving. kari irving has been traded to boston and they were such a dynamic punch. no longer. lebron was asked if he had any advice for his former rhyming may -- running
6:56 pm
mate. >> we are trying to win a championship. i don't have time to give everyone advice. i'm humbled and excited and it's a gratifying the three years that we play together but if my son went to another team, i'm not giving him [ bleep ]. >> he is a competitor. we have time to check this out. early evening baseball activity some of the best of the day. ryan zimmerman he gets the out at first base. meantime swanson covers a lot of ground right here. he pops into it to make that catch right there. he avoids the defense and makes
6:57 pm
the nice catch. is going to seem like a long time before the 49ers play. they don't play again until next sunday in arizona and the raiders are only going to get better from here after that. >> that really surprised me.>> everybody was watching and everybody lays an egg. there you go.>> and never got going. >> exactly. >> i like lebron james. >> i can't stop looking at his shoulders. their huge.>> see you later, everyone. have a good night.
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