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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 3, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. it's almost 4:30. >> it is cooler. a lot of 40s. it'll be a chilly day for a while, then we'll have lots of sunshine. the breeze is a little more variable today than north or northeast as it was yesterday, but it's a cool beginning. good morning, steve. 52 degrees and falling. how are we looking for friday's? we're looking good. warmer sunday. maybe a hint. this time of year, the models can change on a dime, and they did. 43. 39 graydon. occidental is close. a cool start. most active area of that low pressure is settling in and also some of the coolest clouds also north of mendocino county. also set ing ting the stage for a pretty chilly morning for
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others. livermore 46. there's cool readings on the peninsula. wood i know side 41. stanford 42. 43 menlo park. 50 pacifica. if it feels cool to you, it is. west-southwest at vacaville and also travis. there's not a lot of moisture in it, but there's enough. that north end along the coast has turned water temps very cold. probably stay up in the northern sacramento valley. 60s, 70s for many. west sound san mateo bridge? >> it's open now, steve. >> okay. >> as a matter of fact, i want to -- let me just put this over here so i can show it to you. the san mateo bridge westbound and eastbound are both open, however, westbound we still have a lane blocked on the very end of the bridge because of a truck that caught fire still in the lanes trying to tow it away. one of the axels broke so not going to be able to get it out of there, however, traffic is light in both directions, and right now, it's moving, as you
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can see. at one point when we first started the show, both directions were shut down, and there was no one on the bridge so it's nice and early and things have recovered rather quickly here on the san mateo bridge getting across the peninsula. this is a look at the solano county commute from vacaville to fairfield. traffic is moving well in solano county. this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza, which would have been a decent way to get across, traffic is light on the way into san francisco. at 4:32, let's go back to the desk. frms -- police in las vegas still trying to piece together what led to the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. both federal and nevada investigators still believe the gunman, stephen paddock, acted alone when he gunned down a crowd at a concert sunday night, but they can't figure out what led to the attack. there were 23 guns in paddock's hotel room, including rifles with scopes, and two of them have been modified to make them
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fire as fully automatic weapons. 59 people are confirmed dead this morning. at least 5527 -- 527 others have been hurt. it's possible the death toll may go higher. a woman from massachusetts whose sister was killed says she's still in shock and can't understand what happened. >> she was caught -- i guess, caught in the back of the head. this is just ridiculous. like, if one person has done something to somebody, but this person went out and killed so many people that he didn't know for no reason. >> so many families still waiting to hear about their relatives who were at that concert. officials say some of the shooting victims, both those whoo died and those who were still in the hospital, have not yet been identified. they say that process may take a while longer because there were
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so many victims, and some of them lost their identification when they dropped everything running away from that shooting scene. the deadly shooting in las vegas is raising security concerns here in the bay area with two major events taking place in san francisco this week. tens of thousands of people are expected to attend fleet week events and the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. ktvu's paul chambers tells us how police are working to keep everyone safe. >> you can tell it's fleet week by the navy vessel docked on the waterfront and members of the armed services proudly wearing their uniforms, but this is just one of several major events in the city this weekend. thousands of people will also gather at golden gate park for the hardly strictly bluegrass concert, and there's more going on. >> mayor concert at at&t park. >> we're accustomed to dealing with big weekends with multiple events so for san francisco
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police officers, fo discretionary time off is allowed. >> fleet week and both will be taking place in outdoor venues just like the country music event in vegas. that deadly tragic event has san francisco police department pulling out all stops. as a department, we'll have extra eyes and ears on the streets. they'll also have help from outside state and federal agencies. >> all of our law enforce m ce -- enforcement agencies and the state as well as any feds who might come in because of these events happening. >> i don't think i'm worried about anything in particular, but i also don't typically partake in those events because i've lefd -- lived here for a while. >> nobody is really safe. there's always something happening. if it doesn't happen in vegas, it's happening everywhere. >> the mayor says extra private security will be provided by organizers at the concerts with some of the events being held in areas where high-rise buildings are nearby, san francisco police are looking to the public as
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another source to keep people safe. >> thousands and thousands of people coming to san francisco, there's extra eyes and ears. we want folks to remember that. if you see something out of place, if you see someone acting suspiciously, call 911. >> paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. time is now 4:36. meantime, police in the south bay reviewing their security plan for tomorrow night's coldplay concert at levi stadium. >> can't discuss what plans we have and what we are going to change or aren't going to change, but our primary goal is to create environment that's safe for our entire community. >> now, santa clara police chief mike sellers says concertgoers should be vigilant and report anything suspicious. at least 40,000 people are expected to be at tomorrow night's coldplay concert. well, there does not appear to be increased security on the las vegas strip. there are signs outside hotels and other businesses saying that the victims are in everyone's thoughts. people say they're
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saddened by what happened, but they also refuse to let the terror from sunday night change their lives. >> i'm not going to let one guy ruane my vacation. i'm not going to do it. i'm not going to stay in my room and hide. i'm just not gonna do it. i'm not going to let one person. >> there are also signs thanking first responders for risking their own lives to keep others safe. president trump will visit las vegas tomorrow to talk with emergency workers, survivors, and their families. when authorities in las vegas found out how many people had been hurt by the gunfire, they were worried about blood banks running low on supplies. they did put out a call for donors and hundreds of people showed up to help. many waited this lines for hours to donate blood. so many people turned out, but now authorities are asking people to make appointments or to wait until later in the week to drop in at the blood bank.
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authorities say the outpouring of generosity by so many people now means the blood bank has enough blood stored for any emergency in the near future. time is now 4:38. this morning, we're finding out that allegiant airlines is offering free flights to affected families to and from las vegas. it's for anyone who has family members affected by the shooting in vegas to get details, send an e-mail to commune. they are based in las vegas. they fly out of oakland, san francisco. several big u.s. airlines are allowing passengers to change flight plans both in and out of las vegas without being penalized. american, delta, and alaskan airlines are offering waivers for anyone scheduled to fly today. united airlines is offering waivers through friday. they are not making passengers pay the difference in price for another flight. tributes are being held around the world to remember the
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people killed and injured in las vegas. the lights turned off on the ed eiffel tower at midnight to pay tribute to the victims of las vegas and a weekend knife attack. the mayor of paris says the city is bowing in respect by darkening the glittering monument that crowns the city of light. on our web site, we have more on the investigation that is now underway into the las vegas shooting. go to our web site time is now 4:39. jury selection is underway now for the trial of the man who's charged with shooting and killing kate in san francisco two years ago. 54-year-old undocumented immigrant jose garcia said he found the gun and it went off by accident, killing kate steinle. yesterday, lawyers began calling the first of 1,000 potential jury members to the san francisco courthouse to fill out questionnaires. the attorneys need to find 12 jury members who can sit through
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what is expected to be a long trial. berkeley police are releasing surveillance video of the suspects in the beating of a cal student over the weekend. police are looking for anyone with information on these three people seen walking on durant avenue. investigators say there was some kind of altercation. they attacked and beat a male student outside the residence hall, knocked him unconscious. the student was taken to the hospital and has since been released. time is 4:40. san francisco's arts commission voting unanimously. they are going to begin the process of taking down a historic statue at the civic center. that's because of growing community outrage over its depiction of native americans. the statue shows the native american man on the ground with a spanish missionary and cowboy standing over him. critics packed a meeting of the arts commission yesterday calling it san francisco's version of a confederate memorial. san francisco's historic
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preservation commission will now make the final decision on the future of that statue. san mateo police and animal control officers have issued a warning for people living in the hills near highway 92. one homeowner spotted a mountain lion wandering through a neighborhood early yesterday morning. animal control officers responded, but they could not find the animal. police are now urging anyone hiking or jogging in that area to keep a close eye out for mountain lions, especially at night, at dusk when they are most active. >> most active. time is 4:41. president trump will be going to puerto rico this morning. we'll have the details on his trip. he will see the hurricane damage firsthand. and the dangers of skipping breakfast may be more than just a rumbling stomach at work. the reason you may want to grab a bite to eat before you head out this morning. right now, traffic looks pretty good in san francisco along northbound 101 approaching the split and getting out to the bay bridge. we'll tell you more about the morning commute when we come back.
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welcome back. now 4:44. happening today in san francisco, fleet week activities continue. today's events include the opening of a veteran's art exhibit at the academy of art gallery at the cannery on levinworth streets. also, a veteran services resource fair. later in the week, events include the air shows featuring the blue angels. the music world is remembering the life of legendary rocker tom petty.
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♪ i'm free, free falling ♪ >> a spokeswoman confirmed the news that petty suffered cardiac arrest, was taken off life support. rock and roll hal of famer had a string of hits with heartbreakers during the late '70s and '80s. sold more than 80 million records worldwide. >> he was a favorite of yours. >> yeah. >> and musicians are reacting to tom petty's death on social media. rockstar slash posted, "devastating news about tom petty, a profound loss. sad, sad day today. rest in peace." aerosmith drummer joey kramer put this on twitter, "rest in peace, tom petty. you will be missed. a music legend gone but never forgotten." and finally def leppard singer joe elliot posted several messages on twitter. one of them read, "through his work with the heartbreakers and
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traveling, he's left us with an incredible legacy to enjoy forever. such a shame he has left us way before his time." tom petty, dead at the age of 66. >> i was so sad yesterday after hearing that news. i mean, i -- he's definitely one of my favorites. i listened to tom petty a lot. he just finished three shows at the hollywood bowl. i heard from a bunch of people here, he was up here at the greek theater in berkeley in august. >> always talked about listening to his radio show on satellite radio beyond all of his other performances, too. >> yeah. i mean, you know, if you are a rock and roll guy, you -- you have petty. i mean -- >> yeah. >> -- you know, it's just -- >> in your play list. >> here's the thing. it's not something i'm just listening to now because he died. >> no. >> i mean, listening to petty all the time. >> sure. >> so will have beenly very sad for the music world. let's go out and take a look at the commute. it is very slow on the altamonte pass.
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we are off to kind of a slow start. i think some of the road work that was there kind of mixed in with some of the traffic. they may, just in my humble opinion, not have picked up the road work in enough time to avoid this big slowdown, but, you know, sometimes things happen. livermore to dublin and getting out to the pasture valley area looks okay. this is interstate 880 north and southbound. traffic is moving along relatively well. westbound i-2, the san mateo bridge now better than it was because we had some earlier problems on that san mateo bridge. traffic is going to be okay. the bay bridge toll plaza is fine. little bit of slowing, but you always see at this time of the morning, you always see someone backing up, and i just saw someone backing up trying to get out of the car pool lane, but right now, traffic is easy. at 4:47, let's go to steve. sal mentioned this before, but his show on satellite radio, tom petty's buried treasure, was one of the best radio shows. he would play everything and then tell you a story about it. >> right. >> it was really good.
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>> see, the guy -- he was very -- he knew his music and that's what people don't know. he knew music that was out of his genre. >> you're right. >> let's get to it here. tell me something i don't know. if i say it's cold, you say darn tootin it is. 41. there are some 30s to the north. 44 in calastoga. little warmer cloverdale and hillsberg. mill valley is at 46. one observation, 46. i think these are going to continue to go down unless the breeze picks up. everything is now -- yesterday was more north. today is a little north and west. it's all over the place as the system digs back in. this has produced a little cloud cover and shower activity up in the northern sacramento valley. lake port is at 42. 44 nor sonoma county airport. a 1. that's the coldest they've been in a long time because the water temps have come down as well.
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40s already for sunnyvale, pala alot, fremont, livermore. 39 in boulder creek. 44 santa clara, and also 47 campbell. there's an okay breeze. i think it'll be kind of hit and miss today for some, but it's west-southwest out to fairfield. yesterday was due north so that's a big difference. look at redding, 66. must be getting a north wind. watch how this system digs back in. you can see it in the last few frames right there. we are pretty far west. we will get that northerly breeze or northwesterly at times. look what's popping up here. the sierra, they can get quick dusting of snow later today. shower activities already developed back to red bluff. the northern sacramento valley then trying to sneak back into ports after mendocino county. keep an eye on that. 60s, 70s, and 80s temperatures today, mainly the 70s as we get this
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cool air settling in. it's going to be tough to budge today. we'll slowly kick this system out of here tomorrow. that'll allow sunshine and warmer temps. right now, it does look like the weekend looks pretty good. 80s for many. upper 70s. >> thank you. time is 4:50. there's a new warning this morning. if i have tattoos, pay attention. doctors say you can get an infection from a tattoo up to 15 years after you get the tattoo. researchers in australia studied a woman who had enlarged lymph nodes. the infection was caused by a reaction to tattoos that she received 15 careers earlier. doctors say they've known for some time the ink from tattoos travels to the lymph nodes, and infection could come from a dirty or infected needle. the fda is pushing back a requirement to make food labels more clear. the rule will now go into effect next year. it will require packaged foods to more prominently display
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added sugars. now, despite the delay, at least 8 ,000 companies have complied with the labeling rules. trade and industry groups applaud the move to delay it a bit because it does give companies more time to up frad their -- upgrade their labeling software. and make sure to eat breakfast before you head out the door. researchers find people who don't eat a healthy breakfast or skip it all together are twice as likely to develop hardened arteries that can lead to heart disease. these findings could help come up with a tool to fight cardiovascular disease, which took nearly 18 million lives in 2015. breakfast items that are high in protein and fiber can help keep you from snacking until lunch. you have been nagging and nagging me. >> did i say a word? >> i finally did start eating. >> i'm proud of you. >> i'm eating a protein smoothie. >> i am really proud of you. time is 4:51. facebook says it wants to stop future foreign tampering in u.s. elections. what the company is doing that it hopes will reduce political
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advertise ms -- advertisements placed by other countries. 2 news on ktvu. >> and ktvu plus, the power of 2.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, now 4:54 today labor unions and proindependence groups in the region of spain want workers to stage strikes. it's a response to alleged police brutality over the weekend during an independence referendum that left hundreds of people hurt. port workers are being asked to
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rally outside of the regional headquarters of spain's ruling party while firefighters planned a rally outside of the interior ministries office in barcelona. the spanish government insists sunday's vote on independence was illegal. >> has to be done in a legal but also in a democratic way, and that is not the way this thing has been pushed by the government. i think they are making a mockery of democracy. >> now, the turnout was 22% for the referendum, just under 90% voting for independence from spain. the president's of spain's region says the regional parliament declares independence in the coming days. federal officials have now taken control of the russian consulate residence in san francisco. state department officials went in and searched the building yesterday. this follows the closure of the russian consulate last month. the former home of the russian consul general and his family is
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near the presidio. ordered the disclosure after -- after changes at the u.s. embassy in cuba, now, the cuban embassy in dc is being asked to cut staff. the u.s. embassy cut staff in havana last week after diplomats were injured from unexplained attacks that have harmed at least 21 americans in havana. now, the trump administration has asked cuba to withdraw 60% of its embassy staff in washington. cuba is denying any involvement with the attacks at the u.s. embassy in havana. time is now 4:56. there's concern that a key part of president trump's tax reform plan could affect the housing market and homeownership levels. the president wants an increase in the standard deduction to $12,000. also, a new survey by the tax policy center is estimating 84% of the people who right now itemize their tax returns will switch to the standard
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deduction, and if that happens, it could eliminate the benefits of the mortgage interest and property tax deductions and possibly discourage people from buying homes if they don't get that tax savings. well, it is day two of the supreme court's new session, and a big rally is planned outside the high court. former california governor is set to speak about ending partisan jeer gerrymanderring. that is a common practice which draws giving an advantage to one political party. people opposed to the practice from all political parties will rally in front of the court this morning. our time is now 4:57. well, facebook wants to hire a thousand more people to monitor ads on its web site. this comes after facebook revealed an organization with ties to russia placed thousands of ads during the last election cycle. buyers for those ads spent about $100,000 over two years. more than half of these ads were
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seen after the 2016 presidential election. all right. we are coming up on our 5:00 hour, and a commission to oversee the oakland police department. the vote that could happen today to confirm nominees for the position. why did he do it? that's the question so many people are asking after the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. i'm lauren blanchard in las vegas. i'll have the latest on the investigation coming up. it is an okay commute. we've had a couple of early problems that haven't caused major delays. a live look at highway 24 finds traffic looking pretty good getting up to the tunnel. well, a look at boulder creek have in common? they are all in the upper 30s right now so if it feels cold to you, it is. santa cruz mountains at 39.
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good morning. the investigation continues into the deadly shooting rampage among the las vegas strip. information about the shooter and the weapons he may have used during the attack.>> i know we are searching for some kind of meaning in the chaos, some kind of light in the darkness.


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