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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 3, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. the investigation continues into the deadly shooting rampage among the las vegas strip. information about the shooter and the weapons he may have used during the attack.>> i know we are searching for some kind of meaning in the chaos, some kind of light in the darkness. the answers do not come easy.>>
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president trump plans to be in las vegas tomorrow to meet with first responders and victims of sunday's attack. but first he travels to puerto rico today to see the damage caused by hurricane maria. we have more on his planned trip as mornings on 2 continues. this is mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. it is tuesday morning i am pam cook and i am dave clark. steve clawson is here and he will let you know if everything is cool. it is very cool. we are down 20 degrees for some compared to yesterday. that does deserve a wow. there are many close but that napa airport is -20 compared to this time yesterday. santa rosa -17, fairfield -16, concord 13, even mountain view
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-11, cooler air mass moving in. the breeze is not so much northerly any more. it is more westerly. what's the system digs in and turns that on shore with a few showers and sacramento valley. it is that time of year even the water temperatures continue to come down. bodega bay a brisk 51 degrees. 51 in the city. 32 in lakeport. santa rosa at 43. fremont 48. some of the coolest temperatures we have seen low 50s and parts of oakland. even 51 in the city. 51 in tiburon. that is very cool for this time of the morning and this time of the year. we will see how the load digs back in right by the sacramento valley by lake county. there are a few showers popping up to the north. it is close. it should stay north but maybe a little patchy fog as well.
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50s, 60s, and 70s on a lot of these temperatures. we had an issue earlier on the san mateo bridge. that is better now? back yes sir. tom said there was paving work going on in concord so we are going to that. southbound 680 and 682. 242 up to 680 late paving work. thank you tom and other people who have texted and tweeted. 242 is very slow backed up all the way almost to highway 4. 680 is slow nearby. also the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is still light. i would still use the san mateo bridge. it still looks okay. this is a look at the altamont pass. you can see the traffic on the tracy super commute will be slow this morning because of earlier roadwork. it has been very slow especially unto 205 at least a mile longer than it normally
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is. if you are driving over to doublet it looks good. at three minutes passed by let's go back to the desk. about 59 people died in the las vegas rampage are being remembered. last night there were several memorials and candlelight vigils around las vegas including this one on the campus of the university of nevada. people sang songs and prayed for the victims, for their families and for the survivors still fighting for their lives. with more than 500 victims, it will take time to identify all of them. meantime investigator still trying to figure out a possible motive for the shooting. lauren blanchard is in las vegas with what we know so far.>> reporter: asserts what has been executed at the home of the las vegas shooter, but it has led to little new information about why he did it.>> reporter: las vegas police are coming to evidence but have not established a
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motive for the shooting. aside from nearly 2 dozen firearms, they have not said much about what was found in the home of stephen paddock. authorities know the 64-year- old had literally thousands of rounds of ammunition on him when he started firing from his hotel room at a country music festival.>> i saw people in front me get hit with bullets. met>> reporter: cell phone video captures a moment people started realizing what was happening in the confusion as many did not even know what to do besides duck.>> reporter: president trump called the shooting a quote active. evil. key is said to visit the area on wednesday to meet with officials first responders. we are also learning more about the gun man 64-year-old stephen
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paddock was a real estate investor who lived in the retirement community in the town of mesquite nevada just outside las vegas. paddock's brother says the family is shocked and there were no indications that he could commit this kind of violence. my brother did a horrible, horrible thing. it does not make any sense that he killed those people. he has no history of violence, any way shape or form. he is been divorced twice. he is friends with both of his exes.>> stephen paddock had no serious criminal history. his late father did. his father was a notorious bank robber who had been sentenced to 20 years in prison but managed to escape from several years he was on the fbi's most wanted list. bay area family is grieving the death of a loved one killed and that mass shooting.
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32-year-old michelle volk died sunday night. graduated from independence high school in san jose in 2003. she went to uc davis before going to work in los angeles. close friends told us that she was full of life and they lost an angel. sunny melton was a nurse from tennessee. it has been reported that he died shielding his wife from gunfire. milton's wife heather. a coworker says the couple was in las vegas to celebrate their wedding anniversary. a man for el dorado county was also among the victims. 55-year-old kurt montello was at the concert with his wife and two other family members. he was killed. his niece and sister were wounded. montello was up from cameron park about 30 miles east of sacramento. his friends say he was the ultimate patriot and was always wearing red, white, and blue. two gun stores that sold guns
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to paddock says he passed all his background checks. that those who monitor gun laws state nevada is among the loosest in the country. no waiting. he did no restrictions on the number of purchases per month. the white house says now is not the time to be talking about gun control laws.>> i think if you look at chicago where you had over 4000 sums of gun related crimes -- why should they have the strictest gun laws in the country. that has not helped there. when that time comes with the conversation to take place i think we need to look at things that may actually have the real impact.>> the white house spokesperson went on to say that right now is focusing on the shooting investigation and helping the victims and their families.>> the weapons used in the attack appeared to be fully automatic weapons. the gun laws make buying those
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rifles very difficult with a slow and very expensive application process. it is legal in nevada to own fully automatic weapons produced before the year 1986. but atf says there are ways to convert a semi automatic rifle into a weapon that is capable of rapid fire.>> if you have any knowledge of firearms at all, it is not that difficult. we will align in find ways to modify it.>> right now it is not clear what if any method paddock may have used picked atf is working to track the guns found in the hotel room along with paddock's home to see if any were obtained illegally and if they were modified. we continue to follow the latest from las vegas online as well. just go to our website and get more information. this morning president trump is traveling to puerto
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rico to see hurricane relief efforts firsthand following the devastation left behind by hurricane maria. the president is scheduled to get a briefing from federal officials and visit u.s. troops who are distributing aid throughout the island. he will also meet with puerto ricans who have been impacted by the hurricanes and some of them say the present will see how they are suffering as 90% of the island still has no electricity. i hope they don't take him to an air-conditioned place. that way he can see the neighborhoods. so he can see with his own eyes.>> it is not clear if the president will meet with san juan's mayor who he attacked in a series of tweets after she criticized the federal response to the hurricane. in increased focus on security during fleet week in san francisco after the attack in las vegas. the efforts by san francisco police and other law enforcement agencies to prevent
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any attacks in the bay area. plus a decision on who will serve on the oakland police commission could come as soon as today. we have a look at those nominated for the position. we do have traffic getting busier as we get later into the morning. the east bay we have traffic that is a little slow in concord where we will explain coming up. 24 hour temperature change from northern westwind is really dramatic. some areas are down 20 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. santa rosa, fairfield, livermore, all double digits.>>
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welcome back to mornings on 2 . new this morning santa cruz police are looking for suspects in a deadly shooting happening shortly after 10 pm last night by the levy and the broadway bridge. police say they found a man lying in the street suffering from several gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead at the scene a short time later. no word of any possible motive and police are looking for leads and witnesses. today the oakland city council settled to vote on mayor libby shafts nominees for the new police commission. open voters approved creating a police oversight commission in last november's election. these commissioners will be able to make recommendations on the police budget, investigate officer involved shootings, even fire the police chief.
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mares shafts nominees are regina jackson, thomas smith, and andrea dooley as an alternate. a selection committee nominated the other commissioners those are come on josi dorado, mike miss paris and maureen benson as an alternate.>> a new federal judge is weighing in on reforms of the oakland police department after the sex scandal and although the officers. an independent investigator criticized the department for its investigation within offices relationship with underage sex workers. oakland police concluded there was no need to discipline command officers and supervisors who initially dismissed the allegations. in a surprise move a federal judge says he agreed with the department's decision.>> this is been a huge issue for us in terms of having systems in place so that command officers who engage in this conduct who
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don't make good decisions about investigations will be held accountable. and so days but we do have to accept the judges commission and we are going forward. the federal judge plans to hold another hearing among oakland police reform in february. sal is right over there. it is early, but is it busy out there?>> it is. we are starting in gilmore. we have a crash at a very busy intersection of 2 state highways, 156 and 152, it is a truck crash. very busy area. you could see the traffic on 156 and 152 is usually slow, but it is pass float this time of morning. a lot of people hearing about this are on highway 25 getting over to the 101. this is where the accident is. please give yourself extra time. as we whited out and show you the drive from gilroy all the way to san jose, most of it is doing well on highway 101 getting up to san jose, looks
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like a nice drive into the west valley. on 280 in san jose traffic is moving nicely getting up to highway 17. of course we monitor the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see traffic is going to be okay as you get through. ellis bring stephen with today's forecast.>> well it is cool out there. in fact there are 30s and if you do not have a breeze, maybe low 40s, a lot of low 30s. even in the santa cruz mountains and a patchy fog is forming. 24 hour temperature change. usually you do not see this but we do today. napa airport is down 20, 17 santa rosa, 15 fairfield, livermore, 15 degrees cooler in concord. mountain view 11 degrees cooler. san jose down five. patchy fog in the watertown, 51
5:18 am
through 57. that has come way down. more of an onshore breeze west instead of the northeast and like that, san mateo, down to monterey, some of that fog probably will not last that long but it is there this morning. bodega bay water temperature 51. san francisco 55, half moon bay 56. that will do it in the north breeze coming right down along the coast causing and upwelling. that is a good thing and there is some fog forming again. down to monterey. be careful if you are heading to any of those areas. 40 in lakeport. 43 in santa rosa. 44 in sunnyvale. palo alto, napa airport, 45. 45 american canyon. 47 degrees in black hawk. 40s and low 50s big difference from yesterday.
5:19 am
we had a northeast wind now we are getting a northwest wind. west is carlos, north at half moon bay. there is a decent delta breeze as well west southwest. yesterday it was all north. 23 com degrees in truckee. 44 in sacramento. low digging in. this could get a little dusty with snow in the rockies and sierra could not a lot. maybe on the east side and some backtracked into the northern sacramento valley. up to read bluff and reading. looks like northeastern mendocino county. it is close. keep an eye on that. again out of my forecast zone. but if i don't mention it someone will say we have rain appear. there you go. a cooler day for sure. many of these locations,
5:20 am
temperatures low dip below average but they will rebound starting wednesday and then sunny and warmer.>> thanks steve. time is 5:20. legendary rock star tom petty died last night. we take a look back at his career and all the tributes to him on social media. also some electric news coming from general motors. gm's future involves a complete lineup featuring alternative fuel vehicles. >> ah, dinner.
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welcome back. the cost of renting a bay area apartment keeps rising. in san jose the average rent is $2570 for a two bedroom apartment. in oakland two bedroom school for $2240. in san francisco the same two bedroom is $3080. cupertino has the highest rent two bedroom cost $5040. the city where the rents went down include berkeley, daly city and campbell. san jose mayor says he plans to build 25,000 more housing units in the city over the next five years. the mayor has a 15 point plan to deal with the housing crisis including putting a cap on rent for teachers and for nurses. mala carter also want so-called micro housing built for the homeless near freeways and
5:24 am
caltrans property. half of the new housing would be built in downtown san jose. fundamentally we need to get out of the way as a city it makes for those who want to develop and build can do so.>> mala carter says 10,000 of the new units will be classified as affordable. it is being called the uber of trains. bay area company received a patent on its technology to move its rail system forward called cyber tran. it uses sobered -- solar technology to power its trains. you order a small railcar either in advance or at the station and it takes you directly to your destination. it can travel at slower speeds in urban areas, at train speeds between cities and that bullet train speeds between regions.>> a bar train has to go all the way down to the line before he turns around . we could turn around at every station. but your car pulling off to get
5:25 am
gas -- it is like your car pulling off to get gas.>> you are not holding up traffic on the freeway. the company says cyber tran is a lot cheaper to build than bark getting cyber tran off the ground will be cheap. the company is trying to get a test track in richmond. the cast dates the cost would be $20 million. the company could start building trains in two years. hackers may have stolen personal information of over 2 million more people than it first estimated from equiafax. the company says the additional customers were not victims of a new attack but rather they were victims that were never counted before. equafax former ceo richard smith is due to address a house subcommittee later today in washington. in a prepared statement he apologized and said human error and technical failures allow that data breach. he was forced to resign last
5:26 am
week in the wake of that attack. also wells fargo's chief executive will face congress today saying wells fargo remains deeply sorry for its previous sales practices. the prepared statements of tim sloan come as he is permitted to meet before a senate committee picked 3 million accounts were potentially open without the customers ration between 2009 and 2016. employees were trying to meet very ambitious sales target. that scandal was the weakest in wells fargo's history. the company ended up paying $185 billion to regulators and they settled the class-action lawsuit for $142 million. general motors says it plans to produce only alternative fuel vehicles at some point in the future. gm says it will rollout 20 new electric and fuel-cell vehicles in the next six years.
5:27 am
it is all part of a long-term plan to convert its entire lineup to vehicles that are either electric or hydrogen powered. gm did not get a timeline on when the full conversion should be completed but did say it will take some time.>> a call in san francisco to take out a statue. the late-night decision that could determine its future. and we are still following all the developing news out of las vegas picked the impact the shooting attack could have four years to come. good morning. traffic is moving along relatively well if you are driving on the san mateo bridge. west bend 92 traffic is moderate heading out to the peninsula.>> and our temperatures are not moderate. they are cool. very cool. some down 20 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. lots of 40s and even a few 30s.
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this is mornings on 2. welcome back. we are looking at air force one. president trump has climbed aboard. with his wife melania trump. he is on his way about to leave for puerto rico. busy week heading to puerto rico today and las vegas tomorrow. so he will be meeting with first responders. puerto ricans are very anxious to speak with the president and encourage more aid. the island is just devastated.
5:31 am
you'll be seeing that hurricane damage firsthand. we want to take it there with the presence air force one. about to take off. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is tuesday, october 3. matt good morning. steve is here with a cooler forecast.>> much cooler. we are way down compared to yesterday at this time. wind turning more onshore versus northeast and that's cool pool of air is settled then dig into the northern sacramento valley. napa airport is -20 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. double digits for santa rosa, livermore, acevedo, mountain view. chalcedon is now 39. rated upper 30s. getting close for others. some areas have a little bit of a breeze held up by the present i would think along the coast
5:32 am
with the northerly breeze. wind 45 at roland park. temperatures will be slow to recover. yesterday was north/northeast. fog has formed on parts of the san mateo and santa cruz coast. the load digs into northern california. 40s for many. 40 in lakeport. 40 up in santa rosa. on the peninsula it is getting close. menlo park 42. stanford is in there at 42. these are way down. westwind, westwind, northland on the coast. low, backtrack in. it could produce a few pop-up clouds, maybe lake county northern sacramento valley. 60s, 70s on the temperatures there.>> we have one issue that has taken care of. do you have something else? that we do have slow traffic, steve. let's talk about the commute in solano county on 80 westbound.
5:33 am
if you are driving faculty, fearful, cordelia junction and into vallejo you will see traffic flow on interstate 80 as you approach the car canis bridge and on 37 leaving the vallejo area. this is about a 10 minute delay in the cash lane before you make it onto the bridge itself. right now san francisco traffic about 101 looks okay approaching the 80s split. no troubles on the peninsula. getting down to san bruno 101 is a good shop for you right now. let's go back to the desk. las vegas police are still trying to figure out what led to the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. federal and nevada investigators still think the god man stephen paddock added alone dish acted alone. there were 23 guns in his hotel room including rifles with scopes. two of them had been modified to make them fire as fully automatic weapons. 59 people are confirmed dead.
5:34 am
kelly's 527 others are hurt and many of them are still in critical condition. officials say the death toll could certainly rise. there were several candlelight vigils for the victims last night. massachusetts women whose sister was killed says she is still in a state of shock and can't truly understand what happened. met she was caught in the back of the head. this is just ridiculous. i can't understand how one person could do somebody like this and killed so many people that he did not know for no reason.>> some families are waiting to hear about their relatives who were there at the concert. some say the shooting victims both those who died and who remain in the hospital have not been identified. they say the process can take a while longer because there were so many people at the concert. many of them dropped everything
5:35 am
including their identification when they ran away from that shooting scene. cement the deadly las vegas shooting is raising security concerns right in the bay area with two major events this week in san francisco. tens of thousands of people can -- at the harbin strictly bluegrass festival. paul chambers tells us how san francisco police are working to keep everyone safe. you can tell it is fleet week by the navy vessel dock on the waterfront. members of the armed services proudly wear their uniforms but this is just one of several major events in the city this weekend. thousands of people also gathered at golden gate park for the harley strictly bluegrass concert and there is more going on.>> 60,000 people with a major concert agency park. we are constantly dealing with multiple events and big weekends. so for san francisco police officers no time off is a roll out. every officer will be
5:36 am
available. met fleet week and both concerts will take place at outdoor venues just like the country music event in vegas picked that tragic event has san francisco police department pulling out all stops. as a department will have extra isaac is on the streets, they will also have help from outside state and federal agencies. met all of our law enforcement agencies and the state as well as events may come in. it's been i don't think that i am worried about anything in particular but i don't particularly partake in those events.>> nobody is really safe. there is always something happening. it is happening everywhere.>> reporter: the mayor says extra private security will be provided by organizers at the concert. with some of the events being held at hi-rez area san francisco police are looking to
5:37 am
the public as another source to keep people safe. back there are extra isaac is and we want those to remember that. see something out of place, acting suspiciously, call 911. police in the south bay are reviewing their security plan for a coldplay concert at levi stadium in santa clara tomorrow night. i can't discuss what plans we have and what we are going to change or are not going to change, but our primary goal is to create an environment of safe taste of safety. -- environment of safety. at least 40,000 people are expected to attend the coldplay show. at least on the surface it does not appear to be extra security out on the las vegas strip, but there are signs outside of hotels and other businesses saying the shooting victims are in everyone's
5:38 am
thoughts. people are saddened by what happened but they also refuse to let sunday night's terror changed their lives. we met>> i am not going to let one guy ruin my vacation. i'm not going to stay in my room and hide. i am just not going to do it. i'm not going to let one person affect my life.>> there are signs thanking first responders for risking their own line to keep others safe -- their own lives to keep others safe. >> when authorities in las vegas found out how many people had been hurt by gunfire, they were worried about flood banks -- blood banks running low on supplies and hundreds of people showed up to help. many waited in line for hours to donate blood. so many people turned out that now authorities are asking people to make appointments to
5:39 am
wait until a little later in the week to drop in at the blood bank. authorities say the outpouring of generosity by so many people now means of blood bank has enough blood stored for any emergency in the near future. this morning we are finding out that allegiant airlines is offering free flights to affected families to and from las vegas. this is for anyone who has family members affected by the shooting rampage in vegas. to get details send it email to communications at allegiant allegiant airlines is based in las vegas picked a flight out of oakland, san francisco, and also monterey. several big u.s. airlines are allowing passengers to change their flight plans both in and out of las vegas without being penalized. american, delta and alaska airlines are offering waivers to anyone scheduled to fly today. united airlines is offering waivers through friday and they
5:40 am
are not making passengers pay the difference in price to get another flight. tickets are being held around the world to remember the people killed and injured in las vegas. lights turned off on the eiffel tower at midnight to pay tribute to the victims of the las vegas shooting and to those involved in a weekend knife attack in marseille. the mayor of paris is the city is bowing in respect by darkening the glittering monument that crowns the city of lights. on our website we have more on the investigation that is now underway into the las vegas shooting. jury selection now underway for the trials of a man charged with killing kate stanley two years ago. undocumented immigrant josi garcia said he found a gun and it went off accidentally killing stanley. guess it is attorneys began calling the first of 1000 potential jurors to the san francisco courthouse to fill out questionnaires. fraternity to find 12 jurors who can sit to what is expected
5:41 am
to be a very long trial. police in berkeley released surveillance video of suspects in the weekends beating of a cow student. please look at for anyone with information about these three mac people. they are seen walking on durant avenue investigators say there was some kind of altercation and they attacked and beat a male student outside of the residence hall and knocked him unconscious. that student was taken to the hospital and has since been released. san francisco's arts commission voted unanimously to begin the process of taking down a historic statute at the civic center. that is following outrage after a depiction of native americans. the statue shows in native american man on the ground with the spanish missionary cowboy standing over him. critics packed a meeting of the ark commission calling san francisco's version of a confederate memorial. san francisco's historic preservation commission will have the final say on the
5:42 am
statue's future. still ahead the gunman in the las vegas shooting did not have a criminal history, but somebody in his family did. coming up at 6 am, the gun man's father who was once on the fbi's most wanted list. we will tell you more about that and also a brief stop in san francisco. and the danger of skipping this may be more than just a rumbling stomach at work. why you may want to grab a bite to eat before you head out the door this morning.
5:43 am
5:44 am
a new warning if you have tattoos you can get an infection up to 15 years after you get the tattoo. researchers in australia studied a woman who had and large lymph nodes. the infection in her lymph nodes was caused by a reaction
5:45 am
to tattoos that she received 15 years ago earlier. the doctor said they have known for some time tattoo travels to the lymph nodes. infection can come from a dirty or infected needle. fda is delaying a new food labeling requirement requiring packaged foods to be more prominently displayed on the added sugars. it was scheduled to go into effect july of next year but the fda says companies will have to wait until january 2020 to comply. trade and industry group say they welcome the move because it gives companies more time to update their labeling software. at least 8000 companies have already complied with the new labeling rule. make sure you eat some breakfast before you head out the door. researchers find people who do not eat a healthy breakfast are twice as likely to develop heart and arteries leading to heart disease. these findings could help come up with a tool to fight cardiovascular disease which took nearly 18 million lives in 2015. rectus items high in protein,
5:46 am
maybe egg taser rockfest -- breakfast foods high in protein may be a little eggs.>> sal has been nagging me because i eat power bars as i run in. and he makes big egg sandwiches.>> now i am eating more of a breakfast.>> that is good. that is all getting me very hungry.>> you may want to take the breakfast to go if you are a tracy commuter because we have a salt truck on 580 westbound adding to the slow traffic. we had a stalled truck and we also had traffic that is going to be busy anyway. we had earlier construction work on 580 starting to blend in with all the slow traffic. this is as slow as i have seen it in a long time to the
5:47 am
altamont pass. the salt truck was at north plane but the damages done and the traffic is going to be very slow not only on 205 but also 580. this is one of the mornings where one of the side roads may be very slow. fast well road, all the roads affected will be very slow. if you happen to be getting on the freeway in livermore it should be okay all the way to castro valley. this is a look at traffic in both directions on oakland freeway system north and southbound 880. not a bad commute at all. if you are driving along the san mateo bridge it looks pretty good heading up to the highway by the maze. traffic looks good getting to the bay bridge which is by the way crowded. 280 san jose traffic light.>> thank you sal into very good, cool, cold morning. we have some 30s from north to south. we will show those coming up. medic drop in temperatures compared to 24 hours ago is
5:48 am
noticeable. 17 degrees cooler in santa rosa than yesterday napa airport -20, fairfield, concord, livermore, double digits, and san jose oakland -5 through -7 picks significantly cooler with 30s now and kelsey bill, occidental, creighton, getting more of a breeze on the coast holding the temperatures up. even though the water temperature off of bodega bay is 51. 40's for some and 50s for others. we will continue to get that breeze but again it is more unsure. fog is forming. san mateo, santa cruz coast down to monterey. we are getting more of a westerly or northwesterly as the low digs back in and northern sacramento valley. this is the coldest temperatures i've seen in a while. bodega bay 51. coming right down the coast.
5:49 am
you can see it in blue turned the water temperatures over and when you get the onshore breeze instead of the offshore, proof, like that you get the fog. 41 up and lakewood. 44 in sunnyvale. napa airport, livermore, some observations. in the santa cruz mountains, all in the upper 30s. southern california cool 43. north wind on the coast turning onshore. onshore incident carlos, and sfo. pretty sure in oakland. even towards the delta getting a southwest traverse yesterday. do north at 30. that has changed the time. 23 in truckee. isolated snow showers. a dusting of snow possible in northeast california. not a lot. and thunderstorm activity has already developed. and northern sacramento valley
5:50 am
picks some of that could head back in towards mendocino. i think it will state north there but it is there and it is close. some that wraps into the as a low digs in. it will start to eject out tomorrow but we are setting the stage for a cooler day today with the 60s, 70s and maybe north wind. overall temperatures today continue to be down near average to below. usually it is above seems to be the trend.>> the weekend looks nice for the blue angels.>> it does indeed.>> that is what we are talking about. happening today, fleet week continues. activities that lead up to the weekend. today's event includes the opening of the veterans art exhibit at the academy of art gallery. also of veterans services
5:51 am
resource fair at the marines memorial club on center street and then of course events later in the week include that air show featuring the blue angels. the music world remembering the life of legendary rock star tom petty who died last night.>> [ music ]>> it was confirmed last night tom petty died in los angeles after suffering cardiac arrest at his house in malibu. he was later taken off life support. the rock 'n roll hall of famer had several hits with the heartbreakers during the late 70s, 80s. he sold more than 80 million records worldwide cementing his legacy in music history. tom petty was 66 years old. sal and i were saying -- something -- it is great music.>> facebook says it wants
5:52 am
to stop future foreign tampering in the u.s. elections. what is a company doing? will have more coming up. ah, dinner.
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and connect, as a family. just, uh one second voice guy. [ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi. welcome back to mornings on 2. today is rain the labor unions
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and pro-independence groups in the catalonian region of's pain want workers to stage strikes as an alert to police brutality. workers are being asked to rally outside the regional headquarters of spain's rolling party while firefighters plan to rally outside of the interior ministries party in barcelona. the spanish government and says the vote on sunday was illegal. >> federal officials have now taken control of the russian counselor residence in separate disco. state department officials went into search the building yesterday following the closure of the russian counselor last month. the former home of the russian general is close now.>> after changes at the u.s. embassy in cuba and now the cuban embassy in dc is being asked to cut its staff by 60%. u.s. cut assembly see staff
5:56 am
after imagers -- after injuries from unexplained attack of americans in havana.>> facebook wants to hire 1000 more people to monitor ads on its website. the move comes after the company revealed an organization with ties to russia placed thousands of advertisements during the last election cycle. buyers for those ads spend about $100,000 they spent $100,000 in two years. >> we are coming up on our 6 am our and our coverage from las vegas will continue. coming up we will have the very latest on the victims including the first search for the wife of a san francisco police officer. plus the large number of
5:57 am
weapons found inside the las vegas hotel room. you will hear from a man who sold the rifle to the gun man. traffic is moving along okay if you are coming up to the macarthur maze and to the bay bridge a little slowing will tell you more about that coming up. it is a rather cool one this morning.  a lot of 30s in the mountains. looks like a day where dos will be above average. this is the new comfort food.
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families are still searching for answers following the mass shooting in las vegas. victims with ties to the bay area and the latest in the investigation coming up. thousands of people walk by it every day but now a well- known statue in san francisco has to go.>> mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us tuesday morning october 3. i am p.m. cook and i am dave clark. let's check it to say whether with steve carlson. called for some here. some upper 30s showing up.
6:00 am
plus it is pretty cool even for many areas near the coast or around the bay. first of all we take a look at the kelsey bill occidental. temperatures in the 30s and i will show you those in a second. san francisco 58. average of 70. 55 below on both. record high 50 in 84. close. i am impressed. 51 oakland. 50 oakland. brooklyn 53. -- berkeley 53. rather cool to the north. 38 in kelsey bill. 35 occidental. rating is 37 degrees. roland park at 33. reese is probably holding up some of the temperatures if not i would think we would have more. patchy fog has formed on the santa cruz coast. getting more of the westerly breeze instead of a northerly breeze. 41 lakeport. sunnyvale 44 degr


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