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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 3, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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many areas near the coast or around the bay. first of all we take a look at the kelsey bill occidental. temperatures in the 30s and i will show you those in a second. san francisco 58. average of 70. 55 below on both. record high 50 in 84. close. i am impressed. 51 oakland. 50 oakland. brooklyn 53. -- berkeley 53. rather cool to the north. 38 in kelsey bill. 35 occidental. rating is 37 degrees. roland park at 33. reese is probably holding up some of the temperatures if not i would think we would have more. patchy fog has formed on the santa cruz coast. getting more of the westerly breeze instead of a northerly breeze. 41 lakeport. sunnyvale 44 degrees.
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36 out by livermore. there is a westerly breeze yesterday north/northeast as the low settles into the northern sacramento valley. very close especially with the northern mendocino valley. probably will stay north of you in a little dusting of snow possible. probably more on the east side but it is possible.>> right now traffic is moderate but it is getting more and more crowded on the roads. i do want to mention if you are on the altima pass you need extra time because of the earlier stalled truck. let's go to the macarthur maze and start with the bay bridge . you can see traffic coming around the corner is okay. take about a half hour from the bridge to the macarthur maze. you will see traffic on the freeway 880 getting crowded.
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we mentioned have a 4 is very slow and we had earlier paving work. 242 and 680 and that is why traffic is so slow. that has been so slow. slower than usual on 242 and highway 4. decent commute with no major slowdowns on the south bay. >> thanks sal. this morning investigators from las vegas, state of nevada and also federal investigators are still looking for a possible motive in the worst shooting attack in american history. 59 people are confirmed dead picked at least 527 people were taken to hospitals with injuries. most of the injured were shot but some were hurt as a crowd panicked trying to get away from the gunfire. it will take time to identify the victims living and dead because many people dropped everything including their ids as a rent from the scene. that the people who died of being remembered by family, friends and people who never knew them.
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last night there will several memorials and candlelight vigils around the city including this one on the campus of the university of the valley. people held candles and prayed for the victims, for their families and for the survivors some of whom are still fighting for their lives.>> we are learning more about some of the shooting victims from this tragedy.>> many of them have ties to california and here in the bay area.>> reporter: as we said 59 people killed and more than 520 injured -- many injured are in las vegas hospitals and many cases their friends and family members have not been able to locate them. one person missing is stacy eck and berg going to the concert with her husband. the two were separated in the chaos when her husband stopped to help victims. stacy did not have her phone or id with her. correlative say they have not heard from her, have not been
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able to locate her since sunday night. relatives say they have not had much luck getting more information from hospital. other bay area families are in mourning knowing their loved ones did not survive including misha low graduated from independence high in san jose in 2003, attended uc davis before working in los angeles.>> friends have also created a memorial page for carrie barnett is a 2001 pacifica high school graduate who was also killed in the concert on sunday night. another victim a nurse from tennessee reported that sonny melton seen on the right died shielding his wife from the gunfire. they grew up in sevastopol. the couple was in vegas celebrating their first wedding anniversary. these are just some of the 59 people who lost their lives. many families either on their way to las vegas if they are
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not there already trying to get more information about the loved ones in the las vegas convention center is serving as a meeting and information center from families of the victims. thank you allie. investigators in las vegas say they have found 42 guns in the hotel room and the home of the las vegas shooter. 23 weapons were found in the mandalay bay hotel room of stephen paddock. 19 guns were found at his home. according to the new york times authorities found two rifles with scopes set up on tripods in front of to windows what official said that arsenal included ar 15 style assault rifles. the current federal gun laws make buying fully automatic weapons very difficult but the atf says there are ways to convert a semi automatic rifle into a weapon that is capable of rapid fire.>> if you have any knowledge of firearms at all, it is not that difficult.
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we will align and find ways to modify it.>> right now it is not clear what if any method that paddock use. the atf is working to track the guns found in the hotel room along with paddock's home to see if any were obtained illegally and if they were modified. also this morning we are hearing from a gun shop owner who sold a rifle to paddock. back in february paddock bought a rifle from the store in state george utah. the owner of the business said paddock seemed normal. there was no implication that paddock would commit such deadly violence. there is nothing that stood out. we have lots of codewords between the staff. if there is something that stands out that it will throw up a red flag. we have denied purchases to people that are sketchy or something does not make sense to us. so with him we did not have that feeling not of the staff had any red flags whatsoever.>>
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it is not clear why paddock went to utah to buy that gun. we are learning more about the gunman, 64-year-old stephen paddock lived in a retirement community in mesquite nevada . is other eric says paddock was a real estate investor who like to play high stakes poker in vegas . he described his brother as a good person who never showed signs of violence.>> it doesn't make any sense that he killed those people. it makes no sense that he did that. my brother who acted like normal only two weeks ago and then -- it doesn't make sense.>> well stephen paddock's criminal record may have been clean his father was not .'s father benjamin was convicted for a series of bank robberies in 1961 picked benjamin escape from a prison in texas in 1968 and made his way to san francisco where he robbed another bank in june.
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he eventually settled in oregon and landed himself on the fbi's most wanted list. key changes name and rent a bingo -- ran a bingo parlor when he was captured by federal agents.>> we are continuing to follow the very latest out of las vegas here as well as online. had to our website for more . our time is now 6:08. president trump is on his way to puerto rico to see firsthand if -- of devastation left behind by maria.>> the president and first lady melania trump boarded air force one. in puerto rico the president is due to get a briefing from federal officials there and visit u.s. troops who are distributing aid throughout puerto rico. he will also be meeting with puerto ricans who had been affected by the hurricane. as he left the white house this morning president trump said progress is being made in
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puerto rico.>> the roads are cleared, communication is starting to come back. we need their truck drivers. the drivers have to start driving trucks. we have to do that. on a local level they have to give us more help. it is not clear at this point that president trump will meet with the mayor of san juan who he attacked and several tweets after she criticized the federal response to the hurricane. spent today the oakland city council is scheduled to vote on lindy's shafts nominees for the overseers. the commissioners will be able to make recommendations on the police budget. they also can investigate involved shootings and fired the police chief. regina jackson, thomas smith and andrea dooley as an alternate pickle selection committee nominated the other commissioners tavarres come on, josi dorado, jin aleec harris, and maureen benson as an
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alternate. a new federal judge is weighing in on reforms that the oakland police department after the sex scandal that involved police officers. an independent investigators criticize the department into its investigation into officers relationships with underage sex workers. however oakland police recently concluded there was no need to discipline command officers and supervisors who had at first dismissed the allegations. in a surprise move a federal judge said he agreed with the department's decision.>> this has been a huge issue for us and in terms of having systems in place so that command officers who are engaged in misconduct, who don't make good decisions about investigations will be held accountable. and so days but we do have to accept the judge's decision going forward.>> the federal judge will hold another hearing in february at the oakland
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police reform. the raiders will have to break a 2 game losing streak without the franchise quarterback here coming up how much time he will miss and what coach doctor rio has to say about the injury. plus lamented is building this morning to remove a historic statue. we will tell you about the early days of the statute and the critical vote by the art commission yesterday that could mean this monument will be removed.>> about that time to take the dog out. maybe take a dog -- maybe take a jacket. temperatures have cooled off dramatically compared to yesterday.>>
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welcome back to mornings on 2. city officials have taken the first step towards removing an historic statue at civic center plaza after a public outcry over the statue's depiction of native americans. we are out there right now. let's go out on the street. >> reporter: morning. this certainly is a lot of momentum building to take down the early days statue here behind us as part of the larger pioneer monument here on fulton street in san francisco's civic center area. you can see here that would have a lot of people upset. a lot of people say it is
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essentially san francisco's version of a confederate memorial and they say celebrates the genocide of native americans. you can see it shows a native american man sitting on the ground with a spanish and a missionary standing over him. the san francisco arts commission voted in favor of removing this controversial statue after hearing from many speakers who say the monument is a visit to native americans. the art commission does not have the final say on the issue. the historic preservation commission still needs to authorize its removal. we talked this morning with one person who was walking by here in san francisco about whether he had ever even notice the statue and whether he thinks it should come down.>> i never really noticed it was offensive. i just thought it was just showing the history of america and how the natives were treated which is true. it is history. it is what it is.>> against the
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city's historic reservation commission has the final say whether the early days statue should be removed here and if that happens, this particular statute would likely be extracted from the larger monument here and that would likely come at a cost of $200,000. again this is not a done deal by any stretch but you did have the arts commission last night taking that first step towards removing the statue and in the meantime the arts commission voted in the interim. he to put up a sign in front of the early days statue everyone who walks by and stopped to take a look letting them all know about the controversy.>> thank you alex. >> let's check back in with southward traffic. i know early on you are covering the san mateo bridge. cow does that look now?>> things are looking better but we do have traffic that is becoming busier. i want to mention traffic at the macarthur maze will be a
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little slower coming around. 31 minute drive from the cartoonist drive and the maze. it is definitely crowded. we are also looking at interstate 880. you can see that looks good and 580 is still off to a good start. how is 680 and 4 we had a number of problems. we have 242 to be avoided. what people are going to do is they are going to realize it is all jacked up and they will go out here and perhaps use 680 to get south. but the entire lesson is, give yourself extra time. more than you normally do. anywhere -- avoided 242. do that. southbay commute does not look too bad including the santa cruz mountains. the altamont pass very happy -- very heavy traffic because of a stalled salt truck.
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we have a huge difference in the temperatures compared to 24 hours ago. they keep getting more dramatic. napa airport is 23 degrees cooler this morning at 6 am than they were yesterday at 6 am. double digits for santa rosa, fairfield, concord, livermore, sfo is 13 degrees. 60 days six -- six four seven and. -- 6 for santa in.>> below not very much moisture but it is very dynamic. bringing in cooler air and with that northwest wind what a temperatures have gone way down. bodega bay 51. san francisco 54.
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kathleen bay 56. cold as we have seen in a long time. watch the fog. fog has form. 42 in santa rosa. navarro 48. 43 in sunnyvale. palo alto 45. 45 out by the concord pavilion. san ramon, dublin all in the 40s. cut low 50s for el cerrito and berkeley and american canyon down to 49. these are down significantly than they were yesterday picked wes wind at sfo. and a west southwest out at vacaville and fairfield . yesterday was due north 30 miles an hour picked as a dramatic change. 43 in ukiah in sacramento. low comes right back in. it continues to retrograde in the northern sacramento valley.
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still there are some cloud cover and if you shows in the northern sacramento valley. very close. lake county and the lead side isolated snow showers could pop up. some of the higher elevations may be a little bit more back in coming from around that low. mendocino county, lake county. keep an eye on things. a lot of that may not be reaching the ground but certainly cold enough. 60s, 70s and a few 80s. i undercut the forecast models on the high temperatures. i went cooler today. 60s and 70s. we are off to a significantly cooler start and it will warm up later in the week.>> pretty warm for the weekend it looks like.>> thank you steve. the former head of equifax heads to capitol hill. what to expect as the list of reported victims grow. and it is time to see what
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the rookie can do. kyle shanahan talks about the calls and may be a change in quarterback.
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at stanford health care, we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families,
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imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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hackers may have stolen the information of two and half million more people than first estimated. company says the additional customers are not victims of a new attack but rather's victims who are not counted before.
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the bank remains deeply sorry for its previous sales practices. the prepared comments from tim sloan come as he set to appear in front of a senate banking committee. the company has said that more than 3 million accounts were potentially open without customers permission between 2009 and 2016 as employees try to meet ambitious sales target. the skin was a big's and wells fargo's history. a class-action lawsuit was settled for $142 million. the raiders will be without derek carr picked a franchise quarterback for at least two weeks. he suffered what is called a transverse process lecture in his back. head coach del rio says injury could be as short as two weeks or as long as six weeks.>> i just got off the phone with
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him. he said he is sorry. a great kid. he will bounce back. i told him the team will take care of business and to just get healed up and when he can come back, he will come back.>> the transverse project is small projection on the vertebrae with the soft tissue attaching. quarterback ej manuel will step in and kick off sunday.>> the 49ers off to a low and four- star dance are starting to doubt the quarterback whether he can get the job done. the 49ers struggling to score touchdowns completing fewer than half of the passes against the cardinals on sunday. despite the lack of offense head coach kyle shanahan says there is no quarterback competition. ryan will remain the starter. becker will remain the backup
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for now. the 49ers play the colts in indianapolis on sunday. searching for a motive. coming up in our next half hour we are in las vegas for the very latest on the investigation into sunday nights mass shooting, plus more on the heroes to -- who help the victims. san francisco plays host to two major events. coming up how does the city plan to keep everyone safe. ah, dinner.
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good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. tuesday morning october 3 i am dave clark. i am pam cook. it is 6:30. if you are just waking up and you want to know how you should dress for work? you may want to bring a jacket. it is pretty cold out there. there are huge temperature changes compared to 24 hours ago. most dramatic are all around napa. take a look and focus on the napa airport. napa airport has cooled off an incredible 23 degrees compared to yesterday currently 41. yet i just heard from john in lake berryessa 38 degrees down 21 degrees. our good friend napa valley chick kathy says 41.>> napa
6:31 am
airport -23, santa rosa -15. san jose, oakland -6. what is going on trial you can see the air circulation. below is backtracking in from colorado to the northern sacramento valley and when the wind is turned more westerly, not a lot of moisture but a lot of cool air. because the water temperatures are so cold fog has been forming on the san mateo, santa cruz coast. 40 in lake bart. also in the san jose mountains. cool set up. stanford is at 42 . los altos 43. 50 in pacifica. west, that will do it. that is -- you get the circulation right there. that settles it. the onshore breeze there does not look like it will snow but
6:32 am
if it does it will be brief. a dusting of snow in the sierra is certainly possible. 70s with a lot of the tabs. even 60s. two for two days do you want to start their?>> we are starting in the south bay but i will get to the 242. there is a motorcycle accident on northbound 101 right near delacruz 2 left lanes blocking now. a sig alert has been issued meaning traffic will be backed up and it is quickly backing up on northbound 101. right now i would suggest getting on 280 instead or 85. still early for you to divert this way or come up and do this and not use highway 101 at de la cruz. the accident involving a motorcycle and another vehicle picked two left lanes are blocked in san jose traffic is
6:33 am
going to be delayed. one freeway being delayed means all the freeways start getting dizzy. this is 280. you can see 280 traffic is a little slow coming towards highway 17. we're talking 580 very slow traffic over the altamont pass. slower than usual because of earlier problems. steve mentioned it 242 and 680 has been a mess with earlier problems. the traffic is going to be very slow. so slow i would recommend using, staying on 680 and using highway 4. let me say that again. stay on highway 4, go all the way out to 680 and do this. instead of doing 242 right now. there are just too many problems on 242. i would not recommend it. moving along to the san mateo delmar ridges moderately heavy traffic. let's go back to the desk.
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las vegas police and the fbi still trying to piece together what led to the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. >> federal, state and local investigators say they still believe that the man acted alone when he gunned down a crack at the concert sunday night. they are still looking for a motive. there were 23 guns in stephen paddock's hotel room and thousands of rounds of ammunition. 59 people are confirmed dead picked at least 527 others are hurt. many remaining in critical condition. the death toll could increase. meanwhile blood banks in southern nevada received an overwhelming response to their request for blood donors. there was concern that blood tanks may run out of supplies because so many people were hurt in the shooting. hundreds of people showed up to donate blood. many waited in lines for hours.
6:35 am
so many people turned up that now the authorities are asking people to make an appointment or wait until later in the week to go to the blood bank. tens of thousands of people are expected to visit san francisco for fleet week in the bluegrass festival and in the wake of the attack in las vegas san francisco leaders are taking no chances. the martinez joins us now from the city with more on the plan to keep people safe.>> reporter: san francisco is going to be host to the two major events drawing tens and thousands of people and they are out to events. just like the country music festival. we are told that every available officer will be working. you probably have already seen the u.s. military on the streets in san francisco. the navy and marine corps arrived on sunday to kick off san francisco fleet week event. now look a lot worse than plans to have aged police presence in the city this week with no time off given to officers. the deadliest shooting in modern american history has set
6:36 am
historic alert. on sunday evening a solo shooter in las vegas killed 59 people and injured more than 500. law enforcement believe the shooting was especially deadly because the killer positioned himself high above the country music festival in the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. week events are primarily watch along the waterfront and this week and thousands of people will also gather at golden gate park for the bluegrass concert. police will have extra eyes and ears on the streets. they will also have help from outside state and federal agencies. all of our law enforcement agency scenes and the state as well as any feds who may come in because of the large events happening. any intel they have they are sharing with us.>> the mayor says extra private security will also be provided by organizers from the concert. san francisco police are looking to the public as another source to keep people safe. if you see something suspicious
6:37 am
call 911. you are looking at the uss essex. this battleship is going to be open to the public today for tors as well as six other ships open to the public as part of fleet week event and we have already seen a lot of private security and law enforcement out here taking over the security already. again you're going to see a big police presence we are told by the city with offices on motorcycles and offices on horseback as well just to have the extra eyes out here because of what happened is las vegas -- in las vegas.>> as we said earlier federal, state and local law enforcement still looking for a motive behind the mass shooting in las vegas. reporter lauren lantern joins us live with the latest development the story.>> reporter: good morning.
6:38 am
a search warrant has been executed at the home of the alleged las vegas shooter however it is turning out very little new information that gives us a clue into why he did it.>> las vegas police are coming to evidence that has not established a motive for the shooting. aside from nearly 2 dozen firearms they have not said much about what was found in the home of even paddock. authorities know the 64-year- old had literally thousands of rounds of ammunition on him when he started firing from his hotel room at a country music festival.>> the shots just kept coming.>> we ran over a mile to get as far as we could picks the next cell phone video captures a moment people started realizing what was happening in the confusion as many did not even know what to do besides to duck.>> hundreds were wounded and dozens were killed days some of them from the university of nevada las
6:39 am
vegas where a candlelight vigil was held monday night. many attendees were also at the music festival and try to help.>> whether they were dead or alive i carried as many people as i possibly could.>> and president trump has called the shooting and active pure evil picky is expected in this area tomorrow where he will be meeting with first responders, officials, and survivors. >> we understand that you have received -- a statement from the organizers of the festival?>> reporter: yes. this is from the root 91 harvest festival dish it goes on to say they think all the first responders picker course they are devastated by what happened but the really impactful part is towards the end and it is -- we will not let hate went over love, we will not be defeated by senseless violence. we will persevere and honor the souls that were lost because it
6:40 am
matters.>> very heartfelt words from the organizers of the concert where the shooting took place. that such an emotional time. we have heard from many people who say we will continue our lives and not let this change how we live our lives. thank you lauren blanchard for that update.>> time is 6:40. we are also learning allegiant airlines is offering free airlines to affected families to and from las vegas. this is for anyone who has family members affected by the shooting. to get details go and send an email to allegiant airlines is based in las vegas. it has flights out of oakland, san francisco and monterey. several of the big u.s. airlines are letting passages taser flight lands -- change their flight plans and not be penalized. they are offering waivers to
6:41 am
anyone scheduled to fly today. united airlines is offering waivers through friday and they are not making passengers pay the difference in price to get another flight. the oakland raiders who are as you know moving to las vegas and made a $50,000 donation to a fund for the victims of the mass shooting. the proud funding campaign the raiders contributed to has already raised almost $3 million. it was started yesterday by clark county officials to help the victims and their families. amazon shakes things up at whole foods but is it working? coming up how many shoppers are changing their habits? plus teslas and and ambitious goal but could the bay area company delivered? >> using the sun to powertrains. will tell you why a local company is celebrating this morning. good morning. traffic is still doing okay. but it is getting busy on some of the contra costa commits
6:42 am
because of some issues. we will tell you more about it coming up big change compared to yesterday at this time. it a bit apache fog. worse on the san mateo coast. lots of 30s. it will show you more when we come back.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. taking a look at the numbers right now. live look at the dow.
6:45 am
nasdaq, and the s&p 500 continue their record run. all new gains and new record territory. tesla though has missed his production goal for the new lower price model 3. the electric car maker had hoped to make them in the third quarter of the year but has only made 260. tesla says there are no issues with the car but they have encountered production bottlenecks. elon must says the company has learned from the challenge of rolling out previous vehicles and he expects production to climb to 50,000 a month by the end of next year. gemma mota says it plans to predose alternative fuel vehicles at some point in the future rolling out 20 new fuel cell vehicles in the next 12 years as part of a long-term plan to confer its entire lineup to vehicles that are either electric or hydrogen power. gm did not give a timeline of when the full conversion will take place but it should take
6:46 am
time.>> they are calling it the of trains. a bay area company received a patent on its technology to move its rail system forward. it is called cyber tran using solar technology to power its train and basically how it works is you order a small railcar either in advance or at the station. it takes you directly to your destination. it can go at slower speeds in urban areas, at trail speeds in cities and bullet train speeds between regions.>> a bartering has to go all the way to the end of the line. we can turn around at every station. and it is like your car pulling off to get gas. if you are going down highway five and you need gas and you pull off you are not holding up traffic on the freeway.>> the company says cyber tran is a lot cheaper to build than the bar but getting cyber tran off the ground will not be cheap. the company is trying to get a test track in richmond that
6:47 am
would cost $20 million. the company could start building trains in two years. amazon bought whole foods, already having a big impact on the grocery industry. a new report came out this morning showing whole foods chief rival trader joe's has been hit the hardest by customer defections since amazon started slashing prices at whole foods. several other supermarket chains are also losing business. amazon started cutting ices on selected items at whole foods on august 28. on that very first day, customer traffic at whole foods spiked 31% from a year earlier. >> i noticed more people in whole foods when i go in and less coffee because they lowered the prices of some of the premium coffee. coffee shells are emptying out.>> 6:47. close check in with kathy in the newsroom. >> coming up in minute so many
6:48 am
people turning to tom petty's music upon news of the legendary singer-songwriter dying in his malibu home. many people say his work was a soundtrack of our lives. we are starting to hear from other musicians about how much an influence and inspiration he was and how most say he was a unsung hero. no ticket no problem. you can still get into the oakland a's but there is a catch picked the announcement by major league basket they -- major league baseball.>> back to you. here we are. [ laughter ] >> thank you. happening today in san francisco. fleet week activities continue. today's events include the opening of a veterans art exhibit at the academy of art gallery on leavenworth street. also a veterans service
6:49 am
resource at the marine street. the event includes the big air show featuring the blue angels.>> didn't u.s. navy blue angel c-130 nickname fat albert is grounded for a second year picked the 26-year-old flame was set to returned after undergoing mechanical repairs but its return is being delayed because of a deadly marine c- 130 crash in july. the navy and marines have ordered all similar planes to be grounded until an investigation is complete. the cause of the crash is still unknown. the weather should be nice. sometimes the fog rolls in and you can't really see the show very well.>> let's see what sal sees an hour commute. we have us crash in san jose. and northbound 101 is a big
6:50 am
mess. i want to show you northbound 101 dear de la cruz. look at this. it was only a mild back up at the beginning and now the entire backup from here all the way up to here is going into one long line of traffic. maybe one breaker sell. some people unto 80 instead. they have heard about the motorcycle crash. now people 280 in stead driving around the corner driving on highway 17. the entire set up a commute is slow. very slow also my past because of earlier trouble big south out 680. on the san mateo and martin bridges traffic is monitored. no more trouble on that san mateo bridge. at the bay bridge we have traffic backed up for a 20 minute delay.>> let's go to steve.>> many 30s. we have a rather deep system for this type of you which has settled in near mendocino county and northern lake county.
6:51 am
a little bit apache fog much more extensive on the santa cruz coast but there has been a few patches around the bay kick yesterday was nonexistent. today we have more of a northwest. lovely 48 cool degrees this morning out here on mars creek road. thank you and fisher for that. if your idea of lovely is 38 then you can rejoice. there are many 40s. i can't find a 38 there but i did see some. 45 san ramon. 52 el cerrito. 49 american canyon. lafayette is 45. concord pavilion 45. biggest drop is taking the biggest cool off if you will compared to 24 hours ago. napa airport is 23 degrees cooler. santa rosa is down 15 from this time yesterday. fairfield 70. livermore is off 16 degrees and sfo is off 13.
6:52 am
very deep low settling in. we will do it. some of the fog you could see forming out through the valley. below continues to retrograde. big northwest wind along the coast has really ramped up the up line. bodega bay 51 in san francisco. now 54 degrees. blue is indicated. l'amour indicated about two weeks ago for sure and we had upper 50s and 60s. now that northwind is translated into northwind for some. watch out for that especially sam mattea. 51 in buchanan. 39 now in lakeport. 33 in sunnyvale. really cool and many 30s in the santa cruz mountains already putting sky valley, felton and boulder creek 42 cool degrees. there is quite the chill here. westwind at san carlos.
6:53 am
there is a west southwest out to vacaville and fairview yesterday. that is a big difference. vacaville and fairfield have an onshore versus north wind. also sacramento we get a good idea of the circulation as it backtracks. northeast california in northern sacramento valley may be a few isolated showers could pop up in mendocino county. probably stay north of the sierra with a few dozens of snow here today and tonight. 60s, 70s i most of these. generally speaking these are cooler than average. tomorrow sunny and warm weather.>> there is a new plan to address the housing crisis in san jose coming up a logistics goal from the mayor and a plan from the homeless days for the homeless plus how the -- and the plan for the
6:54 am
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a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. new this morning, santa cruz police are looking for suspects in a deadly shooting. it happened shortly after 10:00 last night in the area of the san lorenzo levee and the bridge. a man was found lying in the street, suffering from several gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead at the scene a short time later. no word of a motive and police are looking for leads and
6:57 am
witnesses. the time is 6:56. jury selection has started for the trial of the man charged with shooting and killing kate steinly in san francisco who years ago. jose garcia says he found the gun and it went off by accident, killing kate steinly. the first of 1,000 potential jury members were called yesterday to fill out questionnaires. the lawyers need to find 12 jurors to sit through what is expected to be a long trial. state department officials went in and searched the building yesterday. this follows the closure of the russian consulate last month. the trump administration ordered the closure after moscow's decision to expel u.s. diplomatic personnel in russia. the time is 6:57.
6:58 am
police in berkeley released surveillance video of the weekend beating of a cal student. police are looking on information of these three people. you see them walking out of resident hall number 3 on durant avenue. they attacked and beat a male student outside of the residence hall and knocked him unconscious. that student was taken to the hospital but was later released. well, it is day two of the supreme court's new session. and a big rally is planned outside the high court. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger is due to speak about ending partisan jerry man dering. that is a common practice that draws legislative districts giving advantage to one political party. those opposed to the practice will be rallying this morning in front of the supreme court. the cost of renting an apartment here in the bay area keeps going up. in san jose, the average rent,
6:59 am
$2,570 for a two-bedroom apartment. in oakland, two bedrooms goes for $2,240. in san francisco, it costs you $3,080. now, the area with the highest rate, cupertino. two-bedroom costs $5,040. the cities where the represent actually went down include berkeley, daly city and campbell. well, san jose mayor sanely car doe plans to build 25,000 more housing units in the city over the next five year. he has a 15-point plan to deal with the housing crisis. it includes a cap on rent for teachers and nurses. the mayor also wants so-called micro housing built for the homeless near freeways and on caltrans property. and half of the new housing would be built in downtown san jose. jose. >> fundamentally we need to get out of the way at the city and
7:00 am
make sure that those that want to develop and build can do so. >> the mayor says 10,000 of the new units will be classified as affordable. the investigation continues into the las vegas mass shooting. what we know about the gunman and what was inside his hotel room. >> and families are still searching for answers following the mass shooting in las vegas. the victims with ties to the bay area and the latest in the information. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> chilly tuesday morning. >> it is. >> october 3rd. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. gasia is not joking. it is chilly outside our door. and steve has been saying that since early this morning. >> a lot of 30s this morning, you guys. >> really. >> the lowest we have seen in a long time. patchy fog formed. yesterday was all about a north/northeast breeze much today it is about a strong low. not much moisture with it but more of an on shore breeze because it has settled in it looks like in


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