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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 3, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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killed 59 people and injured more than 500 others. we are learning more identities of those who were killed including a number of people with ties to the bay area. president trump makes a stop in puerto rico to get a closer look at the destruction from hurricane maria. good afternoon, i'm mike mibach. i'm gas i a. authorities say stephen paddock had an arsenal of guns at the suite of the mandalay hotel including semiautomatic rifles and 19 more at his home along with thousands of rounds of ammunition. investigators also found ammonium nitrate which could have been used to make a bomb. many off duty police and firefighters at the concert. >> we were on the west side of
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the stage closest towards the mandalay bay halfway back. just like everyone else it's the cracks, you think it's fireworks going off. not really realizing the severity of it. after the first rounds, we started to lower down, i told my girlfriend it's fine. it's fine. second round went off that is when i started to hover over her, maybe this is gunshots. that is when i heard my brother say i got hit. so at that point i turned around and i saw my brother spitting out blood. >> his brother was taken to the hospital in critical condition. president trump in puerto rico is scheduled to visit with first responders in las vegas tomorrow. >> we are looking into him very very seriously. but, we are dealing with a very very sick individual. what happened in las vegas is in many ways a miracle, the police department has done such
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an incredible job. >> investigators say paddock's girl friend who was in japan is expected to arrive back in the u.s. tomorrow. she is cooperating with investigators and she will be speaking to police. we have team coverage monitoring the situation there. we are with ali rasmus. >> reporter: we are talking about 50-year-old stacey, her brother-in-law spoke at length here with the media a short time ago about his sister-in- law, one of the 59 people who were killed in this mass shooting in las vegas. he describe stacey as a strong, vivacious outdoors woman, adoring mom to 10 and 13-year- old kids. she went to the concert sunday night in las vegas with her husband, he is a veteran san
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francisco police officer, the couple got separated in the chaos when her husband stopped to help victims around them who had been shot. her brother-in-law says after a barrage of gunfire, that is when her husband tried to render aide to someone who shot. he told his wife and others to make a run for it. al, the brother, stacey's brother-in-law given the kind of person she was, she may have stopped to help others as well, she was a head strong, strong person and that she in his words probably didn't run too far because she was trying to help others. now stacey didn't have her id or phone with her, her husband was not injured but later that night couldn't find her and that's when the brother-in-law, who we spoke with a short time ago, and three other san francisco police officers from the northern station all drove together to las vegas to find her. they visited several hospitals and last stop was the coroner's
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office and that is where they found stacey, one of the victims of the mass shooting in las vegas. the family is angry, he says, obviously understandably. he says her 10 and 13-year-old kids do understand and know what's happened. they explained the situation to them and that going forward they want to have a celebration of her life. in fact they are going to be having a vigil open to the public here in nevado at 7:00. anyone who wants to show their support want to attend, also san francisco set up a gofundme page to help. bay area families are in mourning. 32-year-old michele vogue graduate from independence high school in san jose in 2003. attended uc daves before going to work in has angeles. they -- has angeles. in las vegas a number of vigils have been held to honor
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the victims. >> this video was post today facebook by the canyon ridge christian church, according to their post 3500 people turned out to prey for the victims. >> along the las vegas strip people have been leaving flowers and messages. >> ken wayne joining us live near the belaggio, ken. >> reporter: mike, we are right in front a memorial behind me. he said this was not here last night. so sometime in the early morning hours it appear. he came out at 5:00 a.m. and saw this sign here with the flowers and the candles. this has been getting larger, it's kind of coming in waves, groups of people will come by and stop. will you have 10, 20, 30 people who are signing the board,
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leaving messages, lighting candles and bringing flowers. then people will walk away, another wave will come through. we talked to a couple from manchester, england who stopped to sign this board. and they said they are particularly struck by this tragedy because they were in manchester during the time of the arianna grande concert with the terrorist attack that occurred there. they said they love las vegas and saddened to hear what happened. they were here when this happened, they were not at that concert but their family back home in the uk was desperately trying to find them. because of the time difference they were already asleep and didn't realize what happened until they woke up yesterday morning. they plan on coming back to las vegas, they are not going to let this tragedy stop them. that is the sentiment we are getting from all the people who stop along here and take pictures and sign the board. this tragedy is not going to stop them from returning to las
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vegas and everybody is feeling terrible about what happened. but, is trying to look for ways to stay together and be strong. >> ken, last night, first night in las vegas, you know, after you signed off for our coverage walking through whatever hotel you are staying at, i'm not sure. almost as if the city has calmed down and it's not as noisy as it would be? it is las vegas and it's a city of night. can you describe that feeling of walking through the casinos? >> reporter: yeah, it's -- it is interesting. i haven't been here for a number of years, and the city of course, you know, i remember coming here, i know you have been here, there is a lot of energy in vegas, you can find another city on earth that i think can match the energy and excitement of las vegas. a lot of people here coming for different parties and celebrations, we talked to british couple last night that flew here to celebrate their daughter's 21st 21stbirthday.
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bachelor and bachelorette parties, what happens here in vegas stays in vegas. there is a certain amount of energy on the street but nothing like the party atmosphere that i'm used to seeing here in las vegas and walking through the casinos. there is still a lot of people here, you just don't have that sense of frantic energy you associate with las vegas going on here, it's like north beach on a friday night if you could compare it to that, it's not quite the same. >> at home we have a couple big events, fleet week, cold play concert. they are talking about beefing up police presence in the bay area, are you seeing much of a police presence on the streets in las vegas or not really? >> reporter: yeah, actually just look right here, we have two units parked here on the sidewalk, last night, you know, those famous pedestrian bridges that cross over the las vegas strip at one point we were standing up there and a bike
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patrol of police officers and there were probably half a dozen of them came riding by with their helmets on, just a striking presence because they have these bright orange shirt that they are wearing as they are on their bikes. and so you can see them from quite a distance away. so, yeah, but there has always been a fairly significant police presence on the strip at least my memory tells me that. but, i haven't ever seen police vehicles parked on the sidewalk on the strip. that is a little bit different. >> ben wayne live in las vegas, we are going to try to bring him back, stay with ktvu with more continuing coverage as we learn more about the victims and the investigation. for more on how you can help the victims go to our website click on the web link section on the top of our home page. president trump touch the
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down in puerto rico. cooler temperatures around the bay area, meteorologist steve paulson is here with details on that. also, he was a singer, song writer, guitarist with a long string of classic rock hits, we look back at the life of tom petty.
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this afternoon president trump is on the ground in puerto rico getting a firsthand look at the devastation left behind by hurricane maria. >> ktvu alex savage from the news room how the president responded to the critics. >> yeah, good afternoon to you, during this visit the president praised his administration relief workers and somewhat complimentary of local leaders in puerto rico who have criticized the federal response to this disaster in the past. we'll show you the scene as air force one landed in san juan. the president and first lady greeted. inside a airplane hanger the president came face to face with his most prominent critic that would be san juan mayor who said in the past that the administration was killing people with its in efficiency.
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the president and mayor exchanged pleasantries but not much more than that. >> we have a couple broken windows. >> later on the president and first lady toured the storm damage in a town nearly two weeks after hurricane maria landed in puerto rico. many people in rural areas still struggling to get food and fresh water. fema now has more than 10,000 relief workers on the ground in puerto rico, but the president made it clear the help isn't coming cheap. >> now, i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you are throwing our budget out of whack because we've spent a lot of money on puerto rico and that's fine. we save add lot of lives. >> officials say 16 people now are confirmed dead as a result of the hurricane. but the president made it cleared to that he believes the death toll from this category 4 storm could have risen much
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higher than that. the administration working to combat the perception that president trump and the administration felt fully grasped the magnitude of this storm. >> alex savage live in the news room. >> a group of bay area nurses on their way to puerto rico to give medical aide to sick and injured joining a larger group up to 50 volunteer registered nurses across the country. san juan and other local officials asked for their help. they will be there two weeks, focusing on the immediate medical needs in local hospitals, nursing homes and other sites. >> we have close to 1600 that volunteered for this particular mission. so, you know, that said a lot about who we are as nurses and we know that with this huge devastation that is really important, healthcare professionals that we go down and help our, you know, our american brothers and sisters. >> they are members of the
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national nurses united registered nurse response network which has been providing disaster medical aide following global emergencies dating back to hurricane katrina and deadly south asia tsunami. killing morning wakeup call we are end terroristing the warmest part of the day. we are getting close. yes, very cold this morning, coldest we've seen jane while with a number in the 30s. the breeze is strong as well. kate wants to know why such a bumpy ride. it's settled into northern california, even mendocino count -- mendocino county. low dropped in, boy did that drop in the temps. west wind formed some fog. this morning temperatures great
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among others. lakeport 39, boulder creek, upper 30s as well. temperatures around the area right now are -- where are you? you are supposed to be there for crying out loud, not showing up. let's see if the other ones show up. there we go. 60s and 70s on a few temps running cooler than yesterday by far. napa was minus 23 degrees cooler compared to yesterday at this time. things are leveling out, oakland airport is minus is 1. san jose is 10 degrees cooler. bodega bay 52. strong north, northwest wind down the coast. you see the blue giving us the up welling and colder temps. wind is variable, dying down for some. breezy conditions for a few. lots of nice weather, the wind has turned northerly again, yesterday north most of the
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day. now it's picking up again so you can see the northerly freezing coming around. 45 in truckee. 72 ukiah. the low moved in really the east bay, now towards the sierra. a couple inches of snow. 6500-foot level. things developing rapidly. bear valley and i think they will as well throughout tahoe and truckee area. a lot of low clouds. most of that out of the picture. low came in this morning and eject out of here. as it does will start to see warmer conditions. it is going to be another cold morning, more 30s, upper 70s, low 80s, at the end of the week looking warmer. 70s for many today. near average to slightly below. but overall a great visibility, air quality is good. cold tomorrow morning and
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warmer weather will take us into all important weekend. >> all into the weekend. >> yes, sir. music legend tom petty pass admission way leaving fans shocked and saddened. >> reporter michele takes a look back at his life and music. >> 66-year-old rock icon passed away monday, the singer was rushed to a santa monica hospital after being found unconscious in full cardiac arrest at his malibu home sunday night, he was put on life support until monday afternoon. petty along with his famed band the heartbreakers just complete add three day, sold out run at the hollywood bowl celebrating the band's 40th 40th anniversary. the rock 'n' roll hall of famer had a string of singles during the 70s and 80s, selling 80
12:20 pm
million records world wide. in the late 1980s he he cofounded the super group the traveling willburies next to bob dylan, george harrison and jeff flynn. three time grammy winners 13th and final studio album hypnotic eye debuted at number 1. gram mes honored him, a music care person of the year award, a tends spoke about his legacy. >> he had a huge impact, he has his own like version of rock 'n' roll. you know, there is like, you know, metal and everything but tom petty, tom petty has his own sound of rock 'n' roll. >> crossing genres, like really just playing what it is that you feel and it's putting your soul out there regardless what anybody says, renot be put in a b. >> he got in a long lawsuit
12:21 pm
with his record label to fight for his own rights as a musician. a lot of musicians have him to thank for their independence, you know, their ability to make a living, you know, in some ways. kind of an unsung hero that way. >> music fans crossed overall genres of music including john rich of country music's big n rich. >> a lot of country artists will tell you, and i will tell you, when you are a song writer you are making tracks in the studio i can't tell you how many times you know that tom petty song when it has this groove or that feel, yeah, play it like that. >> after nearly five decades of entertaining millions all over the world, tom petty's music will be remembered by many generations to come.: michele
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palino fox news.
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in the nation's capital former california governor arnold schwarzenegger spoke out against gerrymandering called it affixed system designed by politicians to get themselves
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reelected. challenging the practice which is legislation of districts which gives advantage to one particular party over another. the house of represent tips is expected to vote on legislation that would criminalize late term abortions after 20 weeks illegal. in cases involving rape or incest. similar to legislation that failed in 2013 and 15 but it does have support from the white house this time. the bill is expected to face certain defeat in the senate where it does not have the 60 vote it is would need to pass, equi fax says hackers may have stolen ride fenderrity of 2.5 million people. the additional customers were not victims of a new attack but victims not counted before, he he question fax -- equi fax, he apologized and said human error
12:26 pm
in technology failures allow the data breach. he was forced to resign last week in the wake of the attack. taking a look at the market right now stock indexes inches higher. the dow jones is up 76 points. the nasdaq is up 7 points. tragedy in has very long has has an emotional debate. calling for new camps to gun laws. raising concerns here in the bay area with a couple major events taking place in san francisco this week, what san francisco police are doing to prepare. it's always disappointing, when something gets watered down. at air wick, we believe scent should be experienced
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more now on the coverage of deadly shooting in las vegas, continuing to look for a motive in the shooting. >> why we learned more about the victims, lauren blanchard is in las vegas and joins us live on this part of the story, lauren. >> reporter: yeah, hi, dozens are dead, hundreds are injured and officials say they still don't know what caused 64-year- old stephen paddock to open fire on this crowded country music festival. it's the deadliest mass shooting in american history. and now details are emerging from those who survived the attack. describing a scene of panic and
12:30 pm
horror. >> everybody is running and screaming, i mean there is people trampling people. >> you are out in open. >> the investigation continues into the loan shooter stephen paddock with police and fbi looking into a claim by isis that he had been radicalized. >> we are looking at him very seriously, but we are dealing with a very very sick individual. >> but paddock has no ties to terrorism and no history of violence or mental illness. neighbors say he was a gambler but didn't seem to any major dead. >> he was considered a professional gambler, the gambling cause him to snap? >> meanwhile vigils and prayer rallies were held last night throughout the area. folks coming together to help the victims trying to focus on the positive. >> let's see what we can do as a city, let's come together and work together for the good. >> reporter: organizers of the
12:31 pm
music festival did release a statement this morning thanking those first responders and the fans saying they will try to move forward to honor the victims. >> lauren, just looking here, 10 suitcases filled with guns, ammonium nitrate inside his vehicle, it seems that someone may have known that he was planning this, can you tell us more about the girlfriend, her whereabouts i think she is headed back to the united states, whether or not investigators are looking to question her as soon as he gets back -- she gets back to town. >> now law enforcement tell us that paddock sent wired thousands of dollars over seas just leading up to the other day. so now law enforcement are trying to figure out exactly where this money went, they believe it may have gone to the girlfriend. however they are 100% sure about that. law enforcement are trying to figure out how much money,
12:32 pm
where it went and to who. >> as far as the woman herself authorities have made contact with her, is it true that she is willing to speak with them when she return as soon as. >> reporter: well, law enforcement say they have located her but now the question they said they believe she was in japan but now the question is if she was in the fill loan evens. so law enforcement are working hard to get her back over here in order to question her on a lot of this stuff. >> live in las vegas, thank you. >> law officials are not specifying what type of weapons were being used, the weapons that were used why fully automatic. >> las vegas does produced before 1986. ktvu debra how the shooting is renewing the call for gun control. >> find out who he got the machine guns from. where the hell did he get the
12:33 pm
machine guns. >> stephen paddock was not an avid gun guy at all. >> looking around, average every day joe blow, nobody that stood out, no red flags. >> this utah dealer readies paddock coming in a few times and buying a shotgun. >> and then there is the federal one that go on top of those. and he went past everything. this -- it wouldn't change a thing if he came in today. we he have to confront domestic terrorism, we can't run away from it. >> some in congress after a moment of silence for las vegas. >> prayers alone are not enough. >> are renewing the call for federal gun reforms. >> no person should be allowed to possess a weapon that makes in discripple nattily killing human beings easier. >> words reminiscent of the orlando nightclub shooting or the board office attack san
12:34 pm
bernardino of attack. those who monitor gun law says nevada's is among the loosest. like california no wait period. >> the shooter could have obtained all 19 or however many his weapons the day before. >> with federal buildings lowering flags, the white house rebutted questions about gun control. >> the only person with guns on their hands is the shooter. this isn't time for us to go after individuals or organizations. i think that we can have this policy conversations but today is not that day. >> how many times you say that over and over again, it's not that time. today is that time. >> gabby giffords. >> the nation's counting on you. >> activists say the gun lobby needs to hear from gun owners citing polls that most actually
12:35 pm
support base line reforms such as universal background checks. >> urge the nra to represent your views. show them that you mean business by speaking out or even terminating your nra membership, show that you care about your fellow americans, act now, enough is enough. >> debra villa, ktvu fox news. one medical official found out how many people had been hurt in the shooting. blood banks had run out of blood. they put out a call for done ares and hundreds showed up to help. some reporting waiting up to 8 hours. authorities say the outpouring of generosity means the blood bank has enough blood stored for any emergency in the future. expected to play host to tens of thousands of people at fleet week event and bluegrass festival in the wake of the attack in las vegas, san francisco leaders say they are taking no chances. >> lee martinez has more on how
12:36 pm
officials plan to keep residents and visitors safe. >> uss essex is open for tour as part of the fleet week celebration. we are told that every available officer will be working this week. the dead least shooting in modern america history has put all law enforcement on high alert, believing the shooting was deadly because the killer positioned himself high above the country music festival goers inside the 32nd floor of the mandalay hotel. fleet week is watch admission long the waterfront, this weekend thousands of people will gather at golder gate park for the harley stick land bluegrass concert. >> we are used to dealing with big weekends, so for san francisco police officers no discretionary time off is allowed. may navy and marine corps arrived on sunday, military official was not speak on specific security measures but
12:37 pm
say the military has been planning with city law enforcement for months and all service members can jump into action quickly. >> any time we are up here supporting it's all hands on evolution. everybody is supporting in security capacity, tour capacity, making sure everything is moving smoothly. >> reporter: local law enforcement plans to have a major police presence, having extra eyes and ears on the street, extra help from state and federal agencies. extra security will be provided by organizers at the concert. the san francisco police department is also asking for the public's health. if you see anything suspicious call 911. in san francisco, leigh martinez. police in the south bay are reviewing their security plans at a cold play concert tomorrow
12:38 pm
night. >> i can't discuss what plans we have and what we've are going to change or aren't going to change. but our primary goal is to create an environment that is safe for our entire community. >> santa clara's police mike sellers is urging everyone to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity. 40,000 people are expected to attend tomorrow night's show cold play. the oakland city council is scheduled to vote on the police commission, oakland greeters approved creating an oversight commission. the commissioners will be able to make recommendations on the police budget. an even fire the police chief. mayor's nominees for the commission. a selection committee nominated the other commissioners,. santa clara become the
12:39 pm
first county in our state to pass jail bail reforms this copay the way for sweeping changes. bail is used to ensure someone charged with a crime complies with court appearance dates but supervisors says many low risk offenders it it becomes an additional expense so they have to sit in jail costing the county $120 a day. community bail fund and low services. >> we are looking at the community being able to post bail but not just that manage and make sure they come back to court because what the court wants to make sure is make sure people to show up, in the meantime we don't want people to miss working be away from their families. >> looking bringing nonprofit organizations in to watch this. what are their qualification as soon as i mean, we are now in trusting these people to release people out from these jails, put them out on our street that have no training,
12:40 pm
no understanding of our judicial system. >> the board of supervisors voted to phase in the changes. trial of the man charged with shooting and killing kate steinle two years ago, undocumented immigrant garcia has said he found the gun and that it wasn't off accidentally killing steinle in san francisco. yesterday attorneys began calling the first of 1000 potential jurors to the san francisco courthouse to fill out questionnaires. attorneys need to find 12 jurors who can sit through what is expected to be a long trial. san francisco city leaders one step close tore removing historic statue from a civic center after a public out cry. >> alex savage shows us the statue and explains the couldn't vary. >> city official versus taken the first step removing the early days statue part of the larger pioneer monument that sits here on fulton street near
12:41 pm
civic center a tribute to california history. but you can see this particular statue shows a native american man sitting on the ground with a spanish vicarro and missionary standing over him. and critics say the imagery glorifies genocide. at a packed meeting san francisco arts commission voted in favor of removing this statue after hearing from many speaks who said the monument is offensive to native americans. the commission does not have the final say, the historic reservation commission needs to out rise its remove ago. taking down this statue. i asked people in san francisco about whether it should stay or go. >> exactly it should stay. i mean, have you a whole bunch of tourists come out here and take pictures of the statue. you take that away what are they going to replace it with, with something that don't make sense. they should keep that there, it's right next to the library.
12:42 pm
>> keep it or remove it. it's one of those things we are not paying attention. otherwise, you know, i would have to give it more real thought. >> if the historic preservation commission agrees to remove the early days statue it would be extract from the larger monument at a cost of $200,000 in the meantime the arts commission decided to put up a sign next to the statue letting people know about the controversy surrounding this particular monument. opponents say this is in essence san francisco's version of a confederate memorial and now the city is taking steps to bring it down. in san francisco, alex savage, ktvu fox 2 news. it is being call add future of transportation. coming up next, one bay area company's high-tech rail system that is now on the fast track. bringing back steve paulson as the work week is going to warm up just a touch.
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so, it looks like a strippspeaking of hot,ve. how about you strip for me and i'll get your water back on? getting sexually harassed at your rental? it's not always this obvious. sometimes, it can be a bit more subtle. looks like a stripped valve. i can get this fixed next week..or...we can go for a drink and i can get it fixed tonight. contact your local fair housing agency or hud for help.
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trump administration is expelling 15 cube in diplomats from the united states after months of mysterious attacks that have harmed several u.s. citizens at the embassy in havana. announced plans to cut diplomatic presence in cuba by more than half. warned americans not to visit
12:46 pm
the island. 15 cuban diplomats have seven days to leave the country. state department officials went in and searched the building yesterday, following a closure of the russian consulate last month, the trump administration ordered the consulate's closure after moscow's decision to expel u.s. from rush i can't. 10 million people saw ads purchased by russian first time those social media giant shared the potential impact of russian ads posted on facebook. the company says it's possible there are more ads it has not yet found. the revelation came as congress looks at how russian agents tried to sway voters away interest hillary clinton toll president trump. facebook is looking to hire a thousand more people to monitor
12:47 pm
ads on its website coming after the company revealed an organization with ties to russia placed ads during the last election cycle. scored these ads at $100,000 over two years. half of these ads were seen after last year's presidential eagles. google unveiled a new high- tech tool. it's called searching for help and it's designed to help journalists, teachers and researchers better track health problems, it it shows the geographic areas, the searches can help pinpoint problem areas during the rapidly growing search for health related issues. ktvu ken wayne introduces to cyber trend why companies say it's cheaper, faster and cleverer than anything else on rails. >> inside this old shed in
12:48 pm
richmond, is a vision, a future. >> kind of like uber on rail and with zero carbon footprint because it runs on solar. >> dexter has been working to bring cyber tran to reality for year, the idea of a tolar powered train was born in 1990s as a way to move hundreds of employees across the vast expanse of the idaho national laboratory, abandoning the project in favor of more traditional transportation. now that technology is in the hands of viz now. >> democrats, republicans, black, white, rich, poor, i don't care who you are, you are stuck in traffic and we have to do something different. >> cyber tran uses covers to collect solar power. >> this is our answer to traffic congestion. >> it collects more power than it needs so the excess can be
12:49 pm
put into the local power grid. >> we generate a megawatt a mile and it's 8 times more than we consume. >> cyber tran is an on demand system, you order a small rail car during advance or at the station and that car takes you directly to your destination. >> our vehicles pull off the line to pick up passengers. if you are not going to -- if you are on a vehicle and you are not going to that destination, it continues by. >> the cars travel at slower speeds in urban area, accelerates between cities and bullet train speeding up to 150 miles an hour between regions. >> abarth train has to go to the end of the line before it turns around. we could turn around at every station and it's like your car pulling off to get gas, if you are going down highway 5 and you need gas and you pull off you are not holding up traffic on the freeway. >> cyber tran cars are smaller and lighter than bart which
12:50 pm
means less infrastructure and lower costs. >> the oakland airport sector was $5,900,000,000 to go three miles, over $170 million a mile. we're seeing a million dollars a mile. >> still getting cyber tran going won't be cheap. wanting to build a test track and manufacturing center in this 28-acre field at the uc technology campus in richmond, track would cost $20 million, and train cars could be built within two years. a high speed track is planned for uc-daves that would cost $100 million. the company is counting on president trump to follow through on its commitment for major infrastructure spending to get cyber tran rolling. >> the money is there now. the money is there. right now with the president's infrastructure package, you know i think we have -- we are encouraged, encouraged about where we are right now.
12:51 pm
>> ken wayne ktvu fox 2 news. if you are in san francisco this weekend take public transportation, very busy, with fleet week, steve. >> lots of pressure on the weather man is what you are saying. >> a lot of pressure. and the raiders are home. cold again tomorrow morning, but this morning we had 30s, also oxi dental, all in the 30s. there were many mendocino county as well, vigorous lull came in, hi a lot of cold air and jet stream support so we've had the northerly breeze kicking in a little bit for some. it looks like snow showers are popping up over the sierra. 60s and 70s, mostly cases are running cooler than 24 hours ago. napa minus 13. oakland at minus 11.
12:52 pm
san jose minus 11. fairfield was off 15 then all of a sudden the north wind kicked in and sent their temperature it up. they were way down early this morning. west, southwest, even out to davis so that has changed, on shore now, northerly breeze out to the valley. ukiah 73, wrapping back into reno, northeast california. up and down the sierra, just surrounding it looks like circling the wagons towards tahoe and truckee. that has since died off, things are popping up big time now as you can see near bear valley, that is going to be a active afternoon as the low moves off toward the sierra. san mateo coast, down to monterey, low dropped in, backtracked into what looks like napa county. neighbor some solano contra costa county. a lot of afternoon lift and
12:53 pm
heating providing good buoyancy, some of those thunderstorms and snow showers up in the sierra. 60s and 70s, temperatures drop off fast tonight at sunset. all signs point toward sunshine and warmer temps. weekend into the all important weekend. beautiful, thank you, steve. you got it. raiders are without their franchise quarterback for a couple games. transverse process fracture in his back on sunday, in denver, head coach jack del rio, the car's injury could play play a role for two weeks, maybe longer. >> just got off the phone with him. he's -- he said he is story. great -- sorry. great kid, he bounced back. i told him that the team will take care of business while he's healing and get healed up and when he can come back he will come back. >> transverse processes are small projections on the vertebrae where soft tissue
12:54 pm
attaches. the oakland a's will have a ticketing system next season which does not need a paper. just swipe the way you use apple pay. coming up, we continue to follow the latest down in las vegas and we are awaiting an up date from investigators scheduled for 1:00. we are also remembering some of the victims who lives were cut short
12:55 pm
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checking stocks, the dow jones is up one 1%, and more bumps for the training session. the bank remains deeply sorry, wells fargo, for its previous practices. from tim sloan, as he is set to appear before the banking committee. more than 3 million accounts were potentially opened with out -- false customer information. the scandal was the biggest in their history. they paid $185 million to regulators and settled a class- action lawsuit for $142 million. amazons purchase of whole foods, has affected the
12:59 pm
industry, several supermarket chains are losing business. they started cutting prices at whole fields on august 28, on that day, customer traffic at whole foods jumped 31% from a year earlier. today's events in san francisco, a veterans art exhibit, at the gallery on leavenworth street. and a fair at the marines memorial club. and later this week, there will be those airshows, featuring the blue angels. you can also go take a tour of one of the ships right now, at pier 30 and 32. the c-130 hercules supply plan, fat albert, grounded for a second year, it was set to return, to undergo mechanical repairs before, but a dead the c-130 crash in july caused all
1:00 pm
similar planes to be grounded until a investigation was completed. back to the coverage of the deadly shooting in las vegas, investigators are looking into the motive into the mass shooting, that left 59 people dead and more than 500 wounded. the shooter, stephen paddock, had an arsenal of guns in his suite, they found 23 guns at the mandalay bay hotel, 19 more at his home, along with thousands of rounds of ammunition. he carried the guns to his suite inside 10 suitcases. investigators found ammonium nitrate in his car, which could have been used to make a bomb. there were a lot of off-duty police and firefighters of the concert, nearly a dozen from southern california are among those injured. we are expecting to get a briefing from officials in


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