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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 4, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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to be sent to congress to finalize a disaster aid package for hurricane victims. mornings on 2 starts now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning thank you for joining us hire on mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> and steve paulson is here to tell you whether it will be cool for sunny. >> a little chill out there, no doubt about the low. not much moisture with it. much of the santa clara valley produced thunderstorm activity and snow up in the syria. it was ejected out fairly rapidly. did not stick around. now it's too far to the east. but the cool air still in place. 40s and 50s. maybe not as cold as we had
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yesterday. still on observation green is 39. a lot of 40s, 50s. 46 heels burring. there is a breeze -- heelsburg. there is a breeze but nothing like we had yesterday. isolated thunderstorms and some snow in the sear i can't see. fog -- sear i can't say -- sierras. another cool day, a stance i guess day to more sunshine and slightly warmer, 60s, 70s and a few 80s. 4:01. here it is. >> what are we doing here? >> that's a very good question. >> we're over the hump and i have a little bit of slow traffic. westbound on 580 over the
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although mont pass, they were picking up the cones on 580 near north flynn road. they stopped the traffic temporarily to do that and in just a few moments things should be better but traffic is a little bit slow as the construction work is being picked up. if getting on the freeway in livermore looks good to the dublin interchange and all the way out to castro valley. the pictures of clear. not a lot of fog but mr. paul son says to stand -- paulson says to stand by and be careful. no major issues on the way into san francisco. at 402 let's go back to you. the girlfriend of the janine de la vega gunman was met by fbi agents when she landed in los angeles late last night. they hope to get some insight from her into the shooting
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rampage. security was tight when her plane landed at lax. she landed in the philippines 7 days before the shooting. the gunman sent her out of the country on very short notice. she didn't know anything about what was going to happen. the sisters lived in australia and talked with the television station on the condition their names would not be used and faces would not be shown. >> she didn't even know she was going to philippines until he said mary i found you a ticket to the philippines and she said no way. so he can continue the planning without intrepgsz -- intrepgsz. -- -- interruption. only mary lou can maybe help.
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>> a u.s. official told reporters pad dock transferred $100,000 to the philippines in the days before the shooting. the death toll keeps rising from the attack. the death told is 59. we're also learning more about a woman who graduated from san jose independence high school killed in the attack. she was 32-year-old michelle voe. she's being remembered as a happy person. full of life. her family said show recently fell in love with country music. her latest adventure was the 3- day music festival in janine de la vega. she sent this picture to her sister kathy from the festival. it was the last conversation between the two. the family desperately tried to
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reach michelle until sunday night. there was no answer until a stranger answered the phone. >> we're hoping she didn't feel the fear or terror or anything. we're hoping it was a quick peaceful death. >> michelle met cody robinson toe concert. he was standing next to her when she was shot. she was unresponsive and tried to shield her from the gunfire as he loaded her into a truck with other victims. he met the family when she arrived in janine de la vega and give them closure. we're learning a woman who went on to a california high school and was preparing to attend a class reunion was among the dead. denise cohen's death was confirmed along with her companion. her son says i am so very heart
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broken and i loved my mother more than anything in this world. we are all in shock and still trying to process this. a student at san jose state was injured but survived the vegas shooting. classmates of the girl have raised almost $20,000 to help pay for medical bills. family members say janine is being treated for a collapsed lung and broken ribs. she is working towards amassers in social work. hundreds attended a vigil in nevada to honor a woman killed in the vegas attack. >> your mom is the fears woman -- fiercest mom of all moms we'll ever known.
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stacey was a well-known volunteer at a children's elementary school. >> if you look at the out pouring of love from this community it's unbelievable. stacey was an initial part of the -- thread here and she made up the overall fabric of the community. >> to carry on the legacy the family asked everyone to live with love and compassion. there was a strong show of support from her husband's co- workers at the san francisco police department. she had set up a gofundme account to help the family. we have posted a link to that on our website we're learning more details about the shooting, the gunman and how police reacted. ktvu cat cat reports -- jana katsuyama reported the gunfire lasted about 11 minutes. >> reporter: body camera footage was shared last night
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from the shooting.  a hotel security guard and police managed to locate the gunman. stephen kreg pad dock inside the mandalay bay hotel stopping the massacre. new video shows the doorway of the gunman's room. one of the gun's visible inside. in chilling detail authorities explained pad dock positioned two cameras in a food service cart outside his motel room and one inside the door peephole to watch for approaching officers. >> the fact he had type of weaponry and the amount of weaponry shows premeditation. >> the firearms were purchased in nevada, utah and decks text. the gunman purchased rifles, shot guns and tolls. >> these are pictures of the firearms in the hotel room.
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some were similar to an automatic weapon but completely legal. his brother says he was a wealth wealthy real estate and real estate man and retired accountant. >> i hope to hell they find there was a tumor in his head or something. if they don't we're all in trouble. >> reporter: he worked autos a mail carrier for two years and then became an irs agent and then became an auditor and u.s. contractor. in the weeks before the shooting he made at least a dozen gm bling transactions. jana katsuyama ktvu 2 news. president trump will fly to vegas this morning. they flew back to washington last night after going to reasoning evening -- puerto
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rico to see firsthand the destruction left behind by hurricane maria. the president and first lady are due to leave washington in just about 30 minutes from right now. they are expected to arrive in janine de la vega at 9:30 our time this morning. they will visit with doctors and nurses and later meet with civilian heros and first responders. a young woman from rohnert park was also among the injured. we have reports from janine de la vega with her story of survival. >> getting shot in the back doesn't sound like lucky but if you have to get shot this woman knows she is lucky. >> it's pretty close to my spine. >> reporter: do you know how close, did they tell you. >> they didn't tell me. they just said i was very lucky it was between the bones that come out of my lower spine. >> reporter: she was with friends at the concert when the
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shooting started as she and her friends ran, she felt something hit her in the back. >> it was very hot like pain. you know when you hit your funny bone, it stings and you can't do anything. >> it stung so bad, i dropped to my knees and i was like 'guys, i can't go'. >> we lost my friend's boyfriend. >> reporter: she made her way for the mgm and found an ambulance. >> one man got shot in the butt. his wife was shot in the foot and next to me, in a gurney was a person who was being resuccess at a time by the time he got to the hospital, they did not make it -- rescusita t
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ted by the time he got to the hospital, they did not make it. >> i would hear people crying that's when it hit me but not so much as to what was going on. >> reporter: later she learns the fate of the friend that went down next to her. he didn't survive. >> we're trying to be okay as we can. >> reporter: she leaves janine de la vega with a friend gone, a bullet in her back and insight uncommon for anyone let alone a 20-year-old. >> i see mgm right through the window right now and i get anxiety. but i'm not going to not come back or be fearful of what this is or what happened. you can't let the fear become you. you need to be stronger than that and stand tall. >> reporter: she will be meeting with medical specialists when she returns to the bay area to determine whether the bullet should come
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out of the back f. it's too close to the spinal cord it should come out. but doctors may decide it's best to leave it in. if that's the case she will be carrying the bullet in her back the rest of her life. ken wayne ktvu news. >> incredible. 4:13. there is a lawsuit claiming california is not doing enough to protect whaelz from a dangerous -- whales from danger off the coast. and what the president told puerto rico about their 74 thousand dollar debt.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 4:16. the white house sending a 29 billion dollar disaster aid to congress. part of the money will be used for the government's flood insurance program which is rapidly running out of money to pay for claims from hurricanes harvey, irma and maria. federal firefighters would get 577 million to replenish accounts after all of the western wild fires. the official death toll in puerto rico from hurricane maria has risen from 16 to 34. that announcement came short of
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-- shortly after president trump visited puerto rico. the president visited san juan where he took part in selfies and delivered supplies. he joked that helping puerto rico is costing a lot of money and that remark got him criticism from democrats. >> now i hate to tell you puerto rico but you've thrown our budget a little out of whack we've spent a lot of money on puerto rico and that's fine. we've saved a lot of lives. >> mr. president, enough. stop blaming puerto rico for our budget because of the storms. president trump told fox news the island's 74 billion dollar debt would have to be cancelled out in the wake of the storm. nurses are head from the
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bay area are headed to puerto rico to provide medical need. the mayor of san juan puerto rico and other local officials asked for their help. the nurses will be there in puerto rico for two weeks to focus on the immediate medical needs and in local hospitals, nursing homes and at other locations. all right. right now it's 4:18 and we want to check in with sal for a look at traffic. anything going on out there? >> we have traffic that's already on the road, pam and dave. good morning to you. northbound 101. traffic from gilroy to san jose. it is not a terrible commute. traffic is moving well heading up into morgan hill and continuing up to hose hose with no major -- san jose with no major issues. if driving northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. this morning's commute will be okay if driving at the bay bridge toll plaza. not a lot going o. we like it
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nice and quiet. probably won't stay this way but for now you have a decent commute. 4:19 let's bring steve in. thank you. clear skies and breeze has tailed off and now into nevada. it fired up some snow in the sierras. san francisco over to oakland, all 50s. a couple of upper 40s in oakland right now 52 to 58 in alameda. everyone is close. it's moving fast already up into northern nevada. for us on the drier is heed but on the side -- on the drier side but on the side that's a little quieter. yesterday some fog and that made for a cool day. 40s on the temps. 50s, these are running warmer
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as well. 54elsarito. san francisco at 55. but these are a little bit below average. 23 in truckee and 41 you could i ya. lake tahoe, lots of 20. in line village and south lake tahoe at 26 degrees. a lot quieter today. yesterday was a fog day for some. can't find any yet, maybe a little later but a lot quieter today. low dropping in and it was dry for us. sure left behind cool air but will start to get modified here. 60s and 70, upper 70s to low 80s, sunny and nice and warmer into the weekend. pretty nice. maybe patchy fog out befr all temperatures warming up through
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saturday. >> thank you, steve. time to 4:20 after the tragedy in las vegas, parents of small kids maybe wondering what could they possibly say to the children. coming up the advice of a child psychiatrist on how to approach it.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 4:23. google shows off it's new pixel
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smartphones expected to call pixel 2 and pixel 2xl. this morning they will be introduced at the fs jazz center in san francisco. no comment about new feet user on the phones. there are -- fee tours on the phones. there are reports they will have more power and take more pictures and the battery life will be longer and water- resistant. uber the san francisco based company unanimously voted to change how the company is gov earned. -- gov in order -- governed. the board is expected to move forward on a multi- million dollar sale to a japanese company. new information about the security breach in 2013 at yahoo.
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we're learning all 3 billion accounts were affected. that trimz yahoo's estimate of 1 billion users. it's now being called the biggest data breach every. this could lead to a massive class action lawsuit against yahoo as well as verizon which bought yahoo last june. >> the reliability and exposure of having 3 billion accounts hacked is beyond be leaf. i don't know what the financial liability is but certainly -- beyond be leaf. i don't know what the financial liability is but certainly it's beyond be leaf. >> yahoo took action to protect users when the hack was discovered and will be sending e-mail notifications to additional users who are affected. equifax was awarded a government contract to protect
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taxpayer identities and prevent fraud even though they had a hack. 145 million americans were affected. the irs will pay the equifax more than 7 million dollars for the contract. the irs says equifax is the only company capable of providing the service. 4:26. caught in the act. thieves robbing bay area coffee shops and stealing laptops from customers. newly released body cam footage of the deadly mass shooting in modern u.s. history. i'm lauren blanchard in las vegas, i'll have the video coming up. good morning so far so good when it comes to hitting the roads. traffic on the east shore freeway looks pretty good. . well a little chill cool in the morning but slightly warmer today and the pattern looks
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. time is 429 :29 team team -- #350e78 in the east -- people in the east bay gathered for a vigil in honor of the people killed in las vegas. it was held in concord. the people who were there said prayers and had remember answers for those who died and talked about finding unity after unspeakable violence. >> when we come together and when we support each other, and when we show love for each other and we do not give up in the face of this kind of
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violence and hate, we can change our world. >> the people of last night's vigil also talked about politics. they say it's important for people to speak out and make their voices heard to elected officials that they support gun control measures. new perspective of sunday's mass shooting and who police are now talking to in their investigation. >> reporter lauren blanchard is in las vegas with the very latest on that. good morning lauren. >> reporter: good morning pam and dave. new video show us exactly what las vegas officers were seeing when this gunman opened fire, what he had in his possession, almost two dozen guns. las vegas metropolitan police released body cam footage from the night of the mass shooting showing officers [audio not


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