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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 4, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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mornings on 2 continue. thank you for joining us it's wednesday morning october 4.>> we are getting you moving this morning checking your weather steve paulson is in the weather center. looks like a nice fall day. yesterday we had a few upper 40s even into oakland and we are running older warmer. alameda the warmest at 57, 53 berkeley, the system has moved out its northeast of nevada will be on the dryer side. it did increase the fog in san
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mateo. a few 30s to the north and also the santa cruz mountains. windsor 42, mill valley 47 we are still getting a few 30s and there, much quieter up in the sierra and mountains. no fog yet. yesterday we had a lot of fog but so far it looks clear and cool as the system moves out and high pressure slowly building in. 60s and 70s the coast in the bay. i'm looking at highway 24 and 680. they just now have picked up road work, 24 at the 680 interchange. just a few moments ago i saw the trucks back up and open up all the lanes. we also had someone saying that
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-- todd bittner said there was paving and construction work 242 at 680. we are looking at that and the traffic will be okay. we are looking at the tracy commute as well. before we get to tracy i'm going to look at the ropes and stirs -- road sensors. the roadwork 24 at 680 and the other part is 242, this whole stretch is slower than it normally is because of roadwork. looks like they're picking up the cones but the slow traffic is there. let's go back to the altamont pass because we want to mention 580 is slow and so is 205 into livermore. from livermore to dublin it looks okay. today investigators could start to get some insight into a
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possible motive for the las vegas shooting rampage. the girlfriend of the gunmen returned to the united states from the philippines late last night. security was tight and marilou danley was met by fbi agents taken to las vegas where investigators plan to talk to her. they hope that will start this morning. she arrived in the philippines seven days before the shooting. her sister says the gunmen stephen paddock sent her to the philippines on very short notice. they say she did not know what was going to happen. her sisters live in australia and talked with the television station there on the condition that there names and faces would not be used.>> she did not even know she was going to the philippines. his plan was without
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interruptions. only mary lou can maybe help. >> a u.s. official told us that he transferred $100,000 to the philippines. there is some confusion this morning over the death toll of the las vegas shooting rampage. now las vegas police are saying 58 people died. earlier reports and we were saying it yesterday because they told us there were 59 vic thames. las vegas police say they included the gunmen in that member police say he killed himself at the hotel. we are learning more about a woman who
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graduated from san jose independence high school who was killed in the attack she was 32-year-old and yesterday her friends and family talked about her in her life. she is being remembered as a happy person full of life and recently fell in love with country music. her latest adventure was the three-day music and stubble -- festival. her family desperately tried to reach her sunday night and there was no answer until the stranger answered her phone.>> we are hoping she did not feel the fear or the terror. it was a quick and peaceful death.>> she met cody robertson there at the concert he was standing next to her when she was shot. he said she was unresponsive and he tried to shield her from the gunfire as he was loading her into a truck with other shooting victims. he delayed his flight home so
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he could be the to meet her family when they arrived in las vegas and offer them comfort and closure. we are learning about a woman who is preparing to attend the class reunion is among the victims. the family confirmed her death on facebook along with her companion. they lived in southern california and were in las vegas for the concert when the shooting happened. her son says i'm so heartbroken and i love my mother more than anything in this world. a student san jose state was injured but survived the shooting. classmates of the woman have raised $20,000 to help pay for her medical bills family members say she is being treated for a collapsed lung and broken ribs. she is working towards her
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masters degree in social work. last night hundreds of people in nevada attended a vigil to remember a woman killed in the las vegas attack.>> my mom is the fiercest woman anyone has ever known.>> she was remembered as a caring mother of two, a loving wife of a san francisco police officer. her family joined by other family members, friends even strangers. it was at the children's elementary school where she was well known as a volunteer.>> she was super involved with the community and left her kids. i talked to the principal and i wanted to go light on the tragedy.>> to continue stacey's legacy the families asking everyone to live with love and compassion there is also strong show of support from her husband's coworkers from the san francisco police department
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and have set up a gofundme page 2 help the family. we have a link to that on our website we are learning more details about the shooting, gunmen and how police reacted the gunfire lasted about 11 minutes.>> las vegas police shared video of officers by the camera footage the night of the shooting. investigators say a hotel security guard and police managed to locate the gunmen inside the mandalay bay hotel stopping the massacre. new video shows the doorway of the gunmen's room, one of the guns visible inside. in chilling detail authorities explained he had positioned two cameras in the food service cart outside his hotel room and went inside the door people to
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watch for any approaching officers.>> the fact that he had the type of weaponry in the room it was preplanned. >> currently 47 firearms have been recovered purchased in nevada, utah, california and texas. the gunmen purchased rifles, shotguns and pistols.>> these are photos of guns found in the hotel room the ats said 12 of them had attachments which allowed rapid fire with high- capacity magazines similar to an automatic weapon but completely legal. >> i hope what they find when they do the autopsy that there's a tumor in his head because if they don't we are all in trouble.>> he graduated from cal state northridge in 1977 with a business degree
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worked as a mail carrier for two years and became an irs agent and later work as a defense department auditor and contractor. u.s. officials have learned he made at least one doesn't gambling transactions each one $10,000 or more. 5:10 am, president trump will fly to las vegas today offering comfort after the deadly shootings in vegas. these are life pictures of air force one, this is at joint base andrews. the plane is due to take off shortly with the president and the first lady. the tramps flew back to washington last night from puerto rico. they saw firsthand the destruction caused by hurricane maria. we will have more on that coming up. the president and first lady due to arrive in las vegas about 9:30 am our time and first will meet with survivors,
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doctors and nurses. later they will meet with civilian heroes as well as first responders. a young woman was also among those injured by the gunfire released from the hospital yesterday. ken wayne reports from las vegas with her story of survival.>> getting shot in the back doesn't sound like being lucky that if you have to get shot, she knows she is lucky.>> it's pretty close to my spine.>> they told me i was very like this make very lucky.>> she was with three friends of sunday night country music concert when the gunfire erupted.>> we heard all these popping noises and thought it was the speaker going out. >> as she ran she felt something hit her in the back.>> it was very hot like pain. like when you hit your funny
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bone and it stings. it stunk so bad and i dropped to my knees.>> a young man next to her, a friend also went down.>> my friends boyfriend. >> she made her way to the mgm and found an ambulance were three other gunshot victims were already inside.>> one man shot in the butt. his wife was in the front seat shot in the foot. next to me in a gurney was a person who was being resuscitated by the time we got to the hospital, they did not make it.>> the hospital was so crowded she was put on a gurney and had to stay in the hallway where the scope of what happened began to sink in.>> when i heard people screaming and crying that's when it hit me.>> later she learned the fate of her friend who went
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down next to her. he did not survive.>> we are all trying to be as okay as we can.>> she leaves las vegas with a friend gone, a bullet in her back. >> i see mgm through the window right now and i get anxiety. that's where i ran to but i'm not going to not come back here. i'm not going to be fearful of what this is or what happened. you just can't let the fear become you. we need to be stronger than that and stand tall.>> she will meet with medical specialists when she returns to the bay area to determine if that bullet should come out. if it's too close to the spinal cord it should come out and doctors may decide it's best to leave it in if that's the case she could be carrying the bullet in the back for the rest of her life. the time is
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5:13 am. yesterday president trump was in puerto rico. up next we tell you details about the trip plus what the president said about puerto rico's $74 billion debt ah, dinner. throughout history, the one meal when we come together, break bread, share our day and connect as a family. [ bloop, clicking ] and connect, as a family. just, uh one second voice guy. [ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi.
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welcome back. the white house sending a $29
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billion disaster aid package to congress. $16 billion used for the government's flood insurance program which is rapidly running out of money to pay for claims from hurricanes harvey, irma and maria. fema will receive $13 billion to continue disaster relief operations. the official death toll in puerto rico has risen from 16 to 34. the announcement came shortly after president trump visited the territory. the president spent time meeting people in san juan where he joined in a few selfies and helped handout some of the daily necessities that have been in short supply. president trump joked that helping puerto rico's costing a lot of money and that remark got him a lot of criticism.>> i hate to tell you puerto rico but you've thrown our budget out of whack because we spent a lot of money on puerto rico and
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that's fine, we've saved a lot of lives.>> mr. president, enough. stop blaming puerto rico for the storm that devastated their shores. i don't remember the president telling texas that they throw budget out of whack.>> during his trip to puerto rico the president suggested the government debt accumulated would need to be wiped out to help the island recover from the devastation caused by hurricane maria. the president told foxnews we will work something out. puerto rico declared bankruptcy earlier this year and has a $74 billion debt. sal castaneda is in his office .>> my office is huge. >> you share with a few people.>> exactly. i can actually speak to a real person to my right. there she is.>> a real
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person?>> my people. good morning everyone. they are my people as far as they are going to give me the snake i after i get done with the traffic report. let's look at the commute. i want to start with concord and walnut creek we had earlier wrote work and this is the second straight day that the road work has made the commute start off slow and it never does recover. we haven't slow this early right when it starts getting better you have all the people coming in from highway 4 and i hope the traffic goes away and it doesn't linger for the entire morning but i have a feeling it will. but i like being wrong about things like that. let's talk about the gilroy commute northbound when i went between gilroy and san jose. no major problems through san jose. traffic in the silicon valley off to a nice start. this is off of two 80 -- 280
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and san jose. the rest of the traffic looks okay. we are 10 minutes out from a big delay from the toll plaza with the metering lights get switched on thank you to you and your people. there's a little chill out there, there are some 30s in mendocino county. not as many as yesterday morning. it's a cooler cold morning running a little bit warmer around the coastal bay. 6070s -- 60s and 70s. a lot of moisture was up in the sierra. the breeze might pick up later but this system is accelerating out of the picture. 40s, 50s, berkeley a 53, 51 san
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jose, 45 palo alto. upper 40s by the concord pavilion, san ramon 45. san francisco 55 that is 4 degrees below average. half moon bay below average, the colder water helps. not much of a breeze onshore. 23 in truckee, lake tahoe 20s and 30s, reno 38 degrees
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thunderstorms popped up some isolated snow showers the fog was a big cool pattern, santa clara valley and san jose but so far looks clear the system moving out and high pressure slowly building in. it setting the stage for what looks to be a nice day. 70s to upper 70s, low 80s. this time of year we see evening out of temperatures. 78 and san jose, 70s on the peninsula, 60s on the coast.>> it's full today after 11:00. yahoo hit by a huge security breach even bigger than first thought. up next with the new owner says after millions of yahoo
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accounts hacked. woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear.
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but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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the energy conscious going whopeople among usle?.. say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. welcome back. it's now 5:25 am happening today google shows off its new pixel smart phones. they are expected to be called pixel 2 and pixel 2 excel. this morning they will be introduced in san francisco. no comment from google about new features but there are reports they will have more
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power, take steadier pictures and the battery life will be longer and water resistant. uber shaking things up. the company agreed to change how they run the company by limiting the power of the former ceo. yesterday the board stripped the ceo and other board members of voting power. the uber board voted to handle a stock sale. that could clear the way for the public offering by the end of 2019. new information about the security breach in 2013 at yahoo. now we are learning all 3 billion accounts were affected. that's triple yahoo's earlier estimate of 1 billion users. it's now called the largest data breach ever.
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this could lead to massive class-action lawsuits against yahoo as well as verizon which just bought yahoo last june. yahoo says it took steps to protect its users last year when the hapless yahoo says it will be sending email note patient to those additional users affected caught in the act. thieves robbing bay area coffee shops and stealing laptops from customers. newly released police by the cam footage of the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. i will have the video coming up. the incredible story --
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welcome back. it is wednesday october 4. our time is 5:30 am and people gathered last night in the east bay for vigil for those killed in the las vegas shooting rampage hoping that someday gun violence will end. it was an interfaith vigil. the people that were there said prayers and they also remembered those that lost their lives and they talked about finding unity in the face of unspeakable violence.>> when we come together and when we support each other and when we showed love for each other, and we do not give up in the face
5:31 am
of this kind of violence and hate, we have changed our world.>> the people who were there talked about politics. they say it's important for everyone to make their voices heard to elected officials to support gun control measures. las vegas police have released police by the cam video of the chaos during the shooting.>> what does that video show us?>> reporter: it's quite horrifying. the video shows from police who were on the ground what they were seen as a gunfire opened up raining down on the crowd. this alleged shooter had almost two dozen guns in his possession when he started firing.>> the las vegas metropolitan police have released by the camera video from the night of the shooting showing officers trying to
5:32 am
figure out where all the bullets are coming from. bursts of gunfire are heard over and over as police tell by standards to get down. stephen paddock had 23 rifles found in his hotel room along with the device that would allow some of them to fire hundreds of rounds per minute. overall the shooter had nearly 50 guns in the room and at two different properties. another part of the investigation is focused on his girlfriend. she had been out of the country but arrived at los angeles airport late tuesday night and was greeted by authorities who are questioning her work stephen paddock's brother doesn't think anyone was involved.>> he had no help. he did not take health.>> stephen paddock changed an entire city single-handedly.>> one moment change the way
5:33 am
people view our city.>> reporter: the president expected here later on today. he and his wife have already left the white house. he is expected to speak with the governor, mayor and local law enforcement.>> what do we know knew about the gunman's girlfriend who fled overseas?>> reporter: this is marilou danley, she was at least in the philippines for the last week. she arrived back at lax airport last night where she was greeted by fbi officials police are saying she is a person of interest but is not under arrest. there hoping she can shed some sort of insight onto what was going on in this guys mind.>> we've heard so much from the sheriff and we know the president will be there later this morning. do you know when we expect any kind of briefing to get an update?>> reporter: the
5:34 am
president just said as he was leaving the white house that they are learning more and that will be released at a later date. police also not giving us much information at this point. we are hoping there will be some sort of new information later today. any time of day you can go to our website, we have a special section therefore the very latest on the investigation. as we get new information we will put it there as well. we also have everything we're learning about the big dems, and local people affected. it is 5:34 am. steve paulson is getting started with the weather. a little cool chill. a few 30s and there but not as
5:35 am
many as yesterday. a nice fall day with lots of sunshine. the low responsible has moved rapidly northeast of nevada. no fog yet, under clear skies. 40s and 50s, 41 on the peninsula, los altos 53. much calmer conditions today compared to the last afternoon and evening when the system did produce pretty good thunderstorms and snow in the mountains. arlo will slowly move out as it does high pressure inches in. 60s, 70s to low 80s.
5:36 am
the roadwork that was in the area has slowed things down even though the cones have been picked up. we are nearby in solano county this time looking at 80 westbound, vacaville, fairfield, you can see traffic is going to be okay. we see a little slowing through vallejo. i did want to mention south bound 242 is very slow to 680 and 680 slow to 24. let's go back to the desk. this is a full scale terrorism drill overnight that happens every year. they conduct an emergency exercise to practice response to a possible terror attack the
5:37 am
exercise includes the care -- the coronation of various agencies. a team of more than 60 volunteers participated acting as passengers some with injuries. last night in oakland one man killed and two other people hurt in three shootings along international boulevard. take a look at a map, we pinpointed each of the shootings. a man killed in the third shooting just before 7:00 last night outside of a jack-in-the- box restaurant on international near 25th avenue. in the third shooting a 911 call came in around 4:39 pm. police did not find anyone there at the scene but later found out he went to a hospital. i want to show you video of the
5:38 am
second shooting happening just before 5:00 p.m. around 14th avenue. one man shot and taken to the hospital. so far no arrests in any of those shootings. the san francisco police department has released by the camera footage of a deadly officer involved shooting that happened on september 24 at an apartment. officers were responding to a domestic dispute when they shot and killed 46-year-old dame ian murray. he was armed and they released photos of the gun recovered at the scene investigators say he was in a fight with his girlfriend and had fired the gun three times before officers forced their way inside the apartment.>> a palm -- upon entering two officers discharged their weapons and he was struck with gunfire.>> he was holding his girlfriend and her two young children hostage. but they were not hurt. over the past three months
5:39 am
there have been several thefts of laptop computers a coffee shop. amber lee was at a coffee shop last night hit by thieves.>> it was a quiet tuesday evening, a patron tells me he shop -- he stopped in to do some work on his computer suddenly a group of teenagers came inside and one approached him.>> he grabbed my laptop and ran away.>> he chased the thief for about a block that he got away. when he got back to the coffee shop he realized his wallet and backpack have also been stolen.>> one guy hit him and the other snatched his backpack.>> one coffee shop employee says this is the second robbery he's witnessed in three weeks. the first time a thief struck a woman sitting outside and ran off with her laptop.>> i'm overwhelmed because it's happened here two times.>>
5:40 am
alameda police released the surveillance video of last nights theft and other coffee shops. on september 4 the stole a laptop at a starbucks. minutes later the same two suspects went to the starbucks of park street and grabbed a laptop from another customer. as of this night please say there have been 11 incidences but the suspect descriptions are not the same in all cases. they are advising patrons to take precautions>> used tracking software so you can find it if it does become lost or stolen.>> the victim in the latest robbery says he was sitting by the front door and distract did.>> i'm definitely going to be more careful.>> police say these are crimes of opportunity.
5:41 am
asking anyone who recognizes the suspects to contact them. the time is 5:41 am. the oakland city council adopted a two-year ordinance to move homeless people out of encampments into temporary shelters as they are waiting for permanent housing the ordinance will give the mayor and the city more flexibility to build and provide public facilities for those who are in sheltered. the first of three outdoor locations will shelter up to 40 people in tough shed structures for up to six months they will have affordable -- portable toilets. the city is looking at partnerships with qualified nonprofits, volunteer groups and other organizations to help support the sites. san francisco will become the first in the nation to require large grocery stores to disclose antibiotics and some of the food we eat.
5:42 am
the board of supervisors approved a new law to force stores to report within the raw meat and poultry. the cdc considers antibiotic resistance a major public health problem and it comes from antibiotic treated meat and 2 million americans become infected with bacteria resistant to antibiotics. it could shift groceries to shift toward me not treated with antibiotics. the state of california -- the center for biological diversity filed a lawsuit in federal court yesterday. it argues that the department of fish and wildlife is liable for the surgeon gear tangling endangered whales and sea turtles. the lawsuit says the wildlife department is responsible because it manages fishing operations in the state. whale entanglements of broken records on the west coast in
5:43 am
each of the past three years back this morning we are hearing more stories about survival from the las vegas shootings. coming up you will hear from a nurse who was shot in las vegas. find out how she got out alive. so far so good on bay area bridges. the san mateo bridge does not look to slow. our weather is -- the system yesterday has moved into northeast nevada upper 70s and low 80s for highs today. this is the new comfort food.
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welcome back. with all the pictures and video from las vegas being played over and over it's certainly a little hard for a lot of children to handle>> we talked
5:46 am
with the bay area child psychologist on how parents can talk to kids about what happened>> the horror in las vegas is troubling enough for most grown-ups and for some children's -- some children child psychologist say it could be traumatic.>> the civics parents a lot of other violence it can bring up a lot for them.>> she's a child psychologist and medical director at ucsf hospital oakland. she says parents and teachers should look for signs that a younger child may have trouble processing it.>> for a younger child they will think can this happen again? kennett happened to me?>> she says a child reacts differently to the shooting then a
5:47 am
flooding.>> this is something that's been perpetrated by another human being. >> parents who can keep their own emotions in check will help young ones feel more confident. she says as parents if they suspect their heaven trouble handling with what they are seeing and hearing they should talk to them about it.>> giving them a chance to ask questions. acknowledge bad things happen. it's not something we pretended not happen but bad things to happen and we are strong enough to tolerate it and strong enough to face it.>> children would likely emerge without emotional scars but if signs of trauma last for weeks the advice is to seek professional help. coming up we will have a psychologist in their studio to talk more about how to talk
5:48 am
with their children about these tragic events. the san jose sharks play tonight they're opening their new season at the shark tank against the philadelphia flyers experts say the sharks could be in the mix and could make it back to the playoffs but the entire pacific division is considered tougher this year than it was last year. san jose makes the first push to get into the playoffs -- playoff hunt tonight at 7:30 pm right now 548 and we want to check in sal castaneda. hockey is starting, basketball starting. baseball than football and hockey, 82 games from now we will know what the sharks will be doing you will not be having a lot of fun on 360 unfortunately it's very slow. it's not as slow as it was
5:49 am
yesterday at this time because we don't have major problems or lane blockages. this is run-of-the-mill slow. you will see slow traffic at certain point and it gets better. this is a look at north and southbound interstate 880 at oakland looking very routine. at the bay bridge a little bit of a backup. still some slowing across costa county but all the lanes except for the carpool lanes are crowded. looks like a nice fall day on tap 30s showing up as we head into sunrise. sunny and nice xts, 70s and upper 80s. the influence of the low will still make for near average
5:50 am
temperatures. 40s, 50s and some 30s. in the santa cruz mountains along the russian river in the 30s. 44 santa clara, sam martin 52. half moon bay 57. these are below average for this time of year 47 in monterey. much quieter than yesterday. thunderstorms, pop up showers but that system accelerates so fast it will be sunny and cool and no fog.
5:51 am
you can see the influence and the circulation around that and it covers the entire area. the high pressure will start to build in. 60s, 70s and soft 80s oakland downtown, a rebound on the temps where morgan hill in gilroy. each day we warm-up at least into saturday. it should be nice along the waterfront this weekend.>> looks like it 5:51 am the time the giants season has ended in bruce bocy talks about his health. >> the procedure he is about to have and how long it will take to recover. ah, dinner.
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who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. welcome back. it's now 5:54 am. both jared kushner and ivanka trump had been fined by the office of government ethics for not submitting required financial reports on time it's the second time kushner missed the deadline yesterday they were find $200. they service and paid a two
5:55 am
president trump and listed different values for some of their joint asset. some of the values had discrepancies of hundreds of thousands of dollars. all top officials are required to file personal financial statements outlining their finances. higher pay and better working conditions coming for some people who work for ben & jerry's ice cream. the company has agreed to the pay and working conditions for people who work at farms that provide milk for the company. the company ceo has signed what he is calling the milk with dignity agreement. he says it assures the human rights of the workers and insurers better relations with the farmers. giants manager is about to undergo a heart procedure. yesterday he said he will undergo a procedure to repair an atrial fibrillation.
5:56 am
it is the second time he has had this procedure and it's expected to be more invasive than the one he had in april. it will take place next week in san diego. he calls it routine and says he expect to return to the giants meetings later this month. news that paul to leamy the former ceo of intel passed away he was 66 years old. he led the company for eight years before stepping down as ceo. the company generated more revenue than the eight years he was ceo than the 45 in years. in his last year the company had $53 billion in sales. he died in his sleep. our time 5:56 am, the girlfriend of a las vegas shooter back in the united states and talking to the authorities.
5:57 am
coming up, we tell you nor about what happened before the shooting and where police found inside the hotel room.>> many cities are re-examining how they respond to a crisis. ah, dinner.
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throughout history, the one meal when we come together, break bread, share our day and connect as a family. [ bloop, clicking ] and connect, as a family. just, uh one second voice guy. [ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi.
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good morning, the friend of the las vegas gun is now back in the united states what's happening today and what happened days before the mass shooting. morning and remembering the victims of the las vegas shooting including two women who graduated from the same east bay high school. that story coming up. good morning and thank you for joining us wednesday morning october 4.>> let's talk about your wednesday weather. i know it's cold for some. it will be a nice day. up in the mountains plenty of
6:00 am
30s. alexander valley 36, lower bennett valley 36. in the santa cruz mountains 39. there are bunch of others as well. a lot of 30s, little 40s and 50s. we are going to be warmer than yesterday. 40s and 50s on the temps rebound with 60s and 70s. no fog yet high pressure in chi man which will allow temperatures to be 60s, upper 70s and a few low 80s. we do have a lot of slow traffic out there, i do want to mention that we have a problem now on 580 east bound in the canyon road area. a truck fire blocking the two


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